Beyond time for silence to cease

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This is a wonderful country.   I take being an American very personally in that my ancestors fought to form this nation, I have ancestors where were here as Pilgrims, as well as American Indians where were here long before the immigrant ships were ever seen.  I have seen America weather significant storms during my lifetime.  I have heard of and read of America braving harsh times and being a lifeline to the rest of the world.  It is very troubling to think of what the world situation would be like if there was no America.  But right now America is in very deep trouble.

I have been watching as our President and his administration has simply gotten out of hand.  Talking heads of the administration have gotten to the place where even the silent media has been taking note as to how they distort, avoid, and even outright lie when asked questions.  Increasingly this administration has been caught in one lie after the other.   While being a complete insult to our Founding Fathers, politicians have been equated with bending the truth and not being ethical in their responses.  But this administration seems to have gone beyond the normal and have been caught in complete and deliberate lies to the American people.  In many cases there is harsh evidence of purposely misleading the American people in order to create conclusions and situations much like a puppeteer uses a marionette.  The opinions of those who have worked closely with this administration have not been shy in their extremely low opinion of the average American.

At the center of this administration sits a President whose life remains an unprecedented secret.  For this the general media must be blamed for failing the American people.  They have failed to ask the important questions and have accepted a role of lapdog.  The President revealed in his own words his Islamic background, his radical mentors, and his surrounding himself with Marxists, Communists, and racial radicals.  We have had basically forced upon Americans a health care bill that was passed by one party, without proper representation of the American people, that has been plagued with one problem after the next because it was never read nor understood prior to its acceptance.  For this the Democrat Party must accept full blame and responsibility since they were the ones who passed this bill.  We see actions towards Israel, a long standing ally of America and an invaluable key stabilizing factor in the middle of a powder keg Arab world, more hostile than can be remembered in most recent times to the point that is raises sincere questions bordering upon anti-Semitism.  There have been billions of US dollars channeled to Islamic countries that have been proven to fund and support the very organizations who have been murdering innocent men, women and children often based solely upon their religious convictions.  This has escalated to the point when the word treason must begin to enter into the conversation.  Money by this President for personal usage at the taxpayer expense has been astronomical.  With constant trips simply to raise funds for the Democrat Party, pushing personal agendas as well as the plethora of personal vacations all at taxpayer expense that any other corporation would be investigating claims of financial embezzlement.

All this seems to pale at the lists of executive orders such as the general amnesty other actions of the President.  While others do not call it ‘amnesty’ there is no real reason to parse words because the final end result of this action is general amnesty.  The President has been working a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions.  This deal has been so secretive that the President wants to wait until the deal has been made prior to telling the American people what the deal includes.  This is a regime that has had consistent American blood on their hands and has a track record of agreeing to many things while at the same time violating all agreements.  The President has in the plan a supposed 10 year moratorium on Iran’s ability to enrich uranium.  All this means is that, even if Iran follows all that the plan permits, as revealed thus far, that there is nothing to stop them from obtaining nuclear weapons after those 10 years.  By permitting any nuclear program in Iran all that has been accomplished is that the destruction of the Middle East has been given a deadline.  This President has been clear on his devotion to Islam to the extent of blind dedication.  This President refuses to even acknowledge the existence of radical interpretations of Islamic teachings keeping the idea of a pure and peaceful Islam.  He has been dedicated to avoiding any and all references which might be insulting to Islam while snubbing Israel.

Now the President is floating ideas of a mandatory vote requiring everyone to participate.  While this might seem on face value as a beneficial idea there is the total rejection of the concept of a free America where people are able to make personal decisions.  The President is also floating the idea of removing the holiday of Thanksgiving for an ‘immigrant’s day’.  Any outsider who would be watching behavior of this person and not aware that it is the President of the United States would probably conclude that these things are being done by an individual with not only an excessive view of self to the point of an extreme narcissistic personality disorder.  The way the President rants against any who opposes his views is very disturbing.  The President uses more of a hostile rhetoric against the Republican Party than he does against ISIS and radical Islam.

The problem is that we as Americans seem stuck.  We cannot remove the President until after his term is completed.  At the present rate there is a real and disturbing question regarding the future of this great nation.  America is facing financial ruin in the light of future costs for the Affordable Health Care bill and the executive order of amnesty.  America has real and present threats from radical Islamic organizations which have taken root on American soil.  Racial tensions appear greater now than in decades with groups such as the Black Panthers openly encouraging the killing of police officers with apparent immunity from the Department of Justice.  The one answer that is available is the court of public opinion.  If anything will get politicians to stand against the actions of a President who appears to be completely out of control will be the tide of public opinion.  The truths regarding this administration and the stands which this President makes must be public knowledge.  People must speak out.  Enough is enough.  It is beyond time for silence to cease.


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