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Taqiyya is an Islamic term used to grant permission for the individual to be exempt from any ethical or moral restraint from lying thus permitting a person to boldly and frequently lie for the advancement of Islam and Islamic principles.  It is with much regret that I must admit that lying seems to have become part of the political process.  This is a reality that must cause our Founding Fathers to roll over in their graves.  But our present administration seems to have taken lying and has turned it into an art form.   As I listen to the various talking heads of our government I see where the truth has become like Silly Putty to be molded and formed into whatever shape is deemed necessary at that present time and for current events.  In order to justify making a trade agreement for Bowe Bergdahl with the Taliban government media preventatives simply stop calling them terrorists and thus is able to remain within the standing of ‘never negotiating with terrorists’.  Does history simply disappear to the political talking heads?  I seem to remember countless acts of terrorism done by the Taliban and Al qaeda.  The radical Islamic ‘religious’ group referred to as the Taliban butchered, mutilated, and did unspeakable atrocities in the name of Islam.  Yet our leadership has the gall to say they are not a terrorist group?  I happen to remember them being formally referred to as a terrorist organization by others.  Or is there a difference that a group is able to perform acts of terrorism yet not be a terrorist organization?  At what point does truth die?

If you remember the first Gulf War it is easy to remember ‘Baghdad Bob’.  His ability to hold on to truth was like being able to catch a greased pig.  Baghdad Bob was especially known for his denial of any American tanks in Iraq or Baghdad while the sounds of their engines were able to be heard in the background.  Has anyone else noticed how our government is the only government IN THE WORLD that does not refer to ISIS as a form or branch of Islam?  Our government is able to put Baghdad Bob to shame in the way they are able to bend truth and outright lie in order to protect Islam.   Their rational is that since those doing terrorist acts are not behaving according to how a follower of Islam is supposed to act then therefore they are not Islam and should not be called Islamic.  Our government is now the religion police.  If they are screaming that what they are doing is being done in the name of allah, quoting the koran while performing their actions of terrorism, and calling themselves by the name Islam; they are ISLAMIC whether or not our government want to agree.

Our present government has taken lying and has elevated it to never before seen new heights.  Government leaders are supposed to be men of trust and honor.  I know those are old fashion terms that seem to no longer matter in politics.  Has our governmental system so abandoned the principles set forth by our Fore Fathers that honor and integrity no longer are characteristics sought by those elected by the people to lead?  It is now common place for the politicians to openly lie to the people to protect and promote their individual party.  Now it is common place for our President and his talking heads to openly lie and twist the truth in order to protect Islam.  When does it become too much?  At what time do people become required to be accountable for their actions?  I am proud to be an American because of the deep character of our Founding Fathers and the sacrifices they willingly made to build this nation.  I am ashamed of our government because too many have completely abandoned all principles set forth by those Founding Fathers in order to pursue and keep power, wealth and influence.

If I am to condemn our elected leaders I must also condemn those who keep electing them.  Too many people elect people to lead simply because of promises they make to grant benefits.  People seldom seem to vote according to principles but vote according to what they are able to get from the politician.  Promises are made during campaigning and promises are broken once they get in office.  No one seems to be held accountable for not keeping their word and they get re-elected and keep promising more.  I do not know the answer.  All I know is that the cycle must stop if America is to continue.  I do know that the answer must come from the people because I doubt most highly it will ever come from the politicians.  We must stop voting because of our wallets and what might make our wallets fatter and start voting according to character and principles.  In the old days a politician who promised to make your wallet fatter was referred to as ‘buying votes’.  Now it just seems to be called ‘spreading the wealth’.

If the system is ever to reform it must start with the people.  If good people are to be placed into leadership and corrupt ones are to be removed it must start with the people choosing to elect good people and not people who simply say what people want to hear.  People of character must be willing to confront people of power.  People who value accountability must be willing to hold people of office accountable.  The people must find their voice again.  I am foolish enough to believe that the spirit of people like Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington is still able to be heard if people of today are willing to speak and demand truth in politics.  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST TRUTH; WE THE PEPOLE WILL DEMAND TRUTH!  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST CHARACTER; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEMAND CHARACTER!  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST THAT OUR LEADERS BE PEOPLE OF INTRIGITY; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEMAND OUR LEADERS BE PEOPLE OF INTRIGITY!


Who is a Patriot?


Who are these people referring to themselves as Patriots?  Who are these people who keep insisting on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Liberals present them as people who are just interested in their own twisted priorities.  Media portrays them as deranged gun nuts only interested in the Second Amendment.  Progressives present them as radicals who need to be watched.  But who really are these people who call themselves Patriots?  If more people would be willing to ask this simple question maybe there would be more peace and productivity in our nation.  A Patriot is a person who looks at pictures of Auschwitz and remembers that good people can be lead to do bad things.  A Patriot is a person who looks at the early 13 colonies which existed under England and realize that a good idea can become twisted whenever power precedes people.  A Patriot is a person who understands that there are things more important than life and profit.  A Patriot is a person who looks at history and sees where good governments can become bad governments leading leaders to be tyrants.  A Patriot looks at the precepts set forth by our Founding Fathers and realizes that there was a system set in place allowing the individual to become anything the individual had the drive and desire to become.  A Patriot does not look at barriers but possibilities.

A nation cannot exist without Patriots.  Without the Patriot who has their eyes on what can be and what should be is essential to keep a balance by reminding people what might be should good men become bad.  Patriots are not pessimists but realists.  Throughout history there have been Patriots, not only in the 1700’s but in the 1800’s, 1900’s and still today.  Patriotism is not earned by slogans quoted but by principles believed.  All races, creeds, colors and religions may be Patriots.  Patriots place the freedoms of others ahead of self and one’s preferences.  A Patriot believes in accountability for one’s self, one’s actions, and one’s future.

One Patriot is a threat to 100 tyrants because that one Patriot knows the desire and power of 10,000 free men and women.  A Patriot hears the shouts of those who have gone on before in the striving for freedom and personal liberty.  A Patriot is one who is willing to pick up the mantel of a fallen fellow Patriot that the message and dreams of the individual right to exist may continue to be heard.  The tyrant and those who oppose personal individual liberty cannot stop the Patriot therefore they feel they must discredit the Patriot.  If the Patriot can be presented to the rest of society as a lunatic, a radical without focus or purpose, a selfish detractor, or a cancer wanting to infect the rest of a workable body with their destruction; then the Patriot has been made null and void.

Who is a Patriot?  A Patriot is anyone who believes that the individual is the greatest number and the most unlimited source.  A Patriot is a person who never underestimates the power of one individual and who believes in the right to exist combined with the drive to fulfill their dreams in spite of consequences.  A Patriot has no minimum or maximum age.  A Patriot must have the heart of a dragon and the gentleness of a dove, plus the wisdom to know which is best to be used.  Who is a Patriot?  I am a Patriot.



While the Red Army was liberating the prisoners held at the Auschwitz death camp, my uncle was part of the teams that liberated other Nazi concentration camps.  The sights and memories haunted him the rest of his life.  He shared many of his memories with my father who served in the Pacific theater at the same time.  The world looks on as survivors of the death camp returns for the 70th year anniversary of being freed.  The whole idea of Auschwitz baffles the mind.  No one will ever fully understand the how’s and why’s of the atrocities forced upon innocent men, women and children by the Nazis.

It is hard to remember how not all Germans were Nazis.  But it is also hard to understand how the Nazi machine was allowed to form and become the evil that the name itself represents.  What went wrong in the typical political processes of Germany?  How was Adolf Hitler legally elected to office?  How did any check and balance system within the government fail?  Can it happen here in America? Auschwitz is a major wakeup call to all societies.  It did not happen overnight.  It did not happen all at once.  But the question still remaining is ‘how did it happen at all’.

Germany was ripe for a hero or savior type person and personality.  The economy was in deep trouble.  The people needed relief.  Hitler had all the right words.  He had all the right persona.  He knew how to manipulate people and their emotions so that they would increasingly trust him.  But the question still remains; how was the machine that fed his limitless power able to be put into place.  I know that there are many historians out there who can detail events regarding the Nazi takeover of Germany.  But my questions rest with the individual German during this time.  Could the people of Germany have stopped Hitler early before all the evils and the machines were in place?

There must never be a time when the people feel in such a need for a politician to rescue them.  The people must never forget that THEY are in charge of the government.  That is a nice idea but it is almost impossible to implement once a corrupt government official has been allowed to be put in place.

I believe there are more good people than bad.  I believe that it is possible for people to reason and think.  I also believe that these are dying ideas that must never be allowed to be extinguished.  I also believe it is up to the people to keep our politician accountable.  We do this by removing bad ones and electing responsible ones.  We do this by legal civil protests that do not result in burning down a city.  We do this by making sure dirty little secrets of people in power are brought to light so that nothing is allowed to fester and grow.  We do this by not being silent.  We do this by taking risks.  We do this by making sure that light is shown in the dirty little corners of our politicians.  We also do this by never fully trusting the politician apart from our control.  Politics means power.  Power corrupts.  Power does not rest with the politician unless the people submit their power over to the politician.  We must never become apathetic.  Checks and balances are only too late if the people permit it.

Americans must be concerned about things in our present government.  The IRS has too much power.  They have the power to seize and remove anything and everything they deem necessary to ‘pay the tax’.  This is far too reminiscent of King George and their ability to simply tax and take without regard for the people.  Our Congress has become a cesspool of people not listening to those who elected them and many who appear to not have enough sense to get out of the rain.  Some of the statements which come out of the mouths of our elected officials baffle the mind.  They cannot be that stupid.  But they keep getting re-elected.  They fight over the most ridiculous items such as the type of cutlery to be used in the cafeteria but do not really do any business to advance the nation or the people.  They forget the nation and live for their party.

If the political officers which are elected to promote the country and the Constitution which protects the nation do not act in accordance with the Constitution it is up to the people to no follow those rules or laws.  If the federal government fails then it is up to the local governments to follow the proper rule of law.  Government edicts are only as powerful as the people allow them power.  State government and law enforcement must decide if they are going to enforce the federal government or the Constitution of the United States.  There may come a time when a politician or law enforcement individual might have to decide between doing what they are told verses doing what is right.

Auschwitz happened.  This is fact.  But what is even more important than the fact that this happened is the demand that this never happen again.  Auschwitz was allowed to happen.  Not that anyone could have stopped the building of Auschwitz but at one time something could have been done to have prevented Auschwitz.  The German people were no different than the American people today.  If it was able to happen once it could happen again.  The change in values and priorities did not happen overnight for Germany.  It was slow and insidious.  Are we as Americans on the same road as Auschwitz?

Obama and Antisemitism

obama sitting

I know any more a person has to be very careful what they say and how they say it because the idea of free speech is very much under scrutiny.  You are able to speak freely as long as you say the right things and things that are approved.  Last I knew a person was still able to have their own opinion.  In my opinion, personally, I believe Barack Obama, the President of the United States is a bigot, racists, and anti-Semite.  While he uses all the right words his actions prove otherwise.  Personally I believe his priority lists begins as thus:

  1. Islam
  2. Democrat party
  3. Himself
  4. Money
  5. Power
  6. Sports

And then somewhere way down the line is America, the Constitution and doing things that are right but just not on his list.

Obama has made the statement how Neytanahu would pay for accepting the invitation to speak at the US Congress it made me wonder what would have been the reaction if that same statement would have been made toward a black national leader.  It would have been met with so many cries from the liberal left a person’s ears would be ringing for months.  But for Obama to make that statement towards the leader of the Jewish world the liberals are silent as usual.  Obama’s feeling toward Israel is clear via his actions.  He has snubbed Neytanahu and other leaders of Israel repeatedly.  He has chosen to not go to the 70 anniversary of the closing of the Nazi death camps.  He is not even sending Biden.  This is a slap in the face of Israel as well as the survivors of the Nazi death machines.  Instead he is going to the funeral of King Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia.  It is interesting that this was the king that Obama bowed to on one of his first world tour visits.  Granted this man and Saudi has been a longtime ally for the US but so has Israel.

It is interesting who Obama and his administration choses to honor.  At the funeral of Michael Brown, a felon, thug, and bully; at least three from the administration were in attendance.  Nelson Mandela, the late President of South Africa, received a presidential attendance.  This one is understandable for the appearance of Obama but what was disturbing was that Obama did not give the same thought to the death of an American hero, Neil Armstrong who walked on the moon.  Obama failed to attend the funeral for Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England who has stood by America through World War II and other wars since then.  There is no rhyme or reason to where Obama goes or who he chooses to honor.   If I may be so bold as to offer an observation.  The funerals he sees fit to honor are those of black people or Islamic leaders.  While there are those who are screaming that I am being racist I would like them to explain why Obama would send a delegation to the funeral of a criminal shot while attacking a police officer yet miss the funeral of Lady Thatcher.

Repeatedly Obama has taken the side of the black individual even without knowing any facts of the situation.  Obama stoked the tensions regarding Trayvon Martin with his statement of if he had a son it would be like Trayvon.  He stoked the tensions in Ferguson by his statement to stay the course of those protesting and burning the city to the ground.  He stoked tensions between blacks and the police by his comment how the police acted stupidly when Henry Louis Gates was arrested by a white policeman simply doing his job.  Martin Luther King wanted to see the day when a person would be treated by the character within and not the color of his skin.  Obama has done all he could to amplify the color of the skin and reduce the sound of the character within.

With Obama’s most recent act of what has all appearance of ignoring the millions killed by the Nazi Auschwitz and the Holocaust as showing the world that the millions of lives lost has no significance.  This is an insult to all the lives, which included all races and nationalities, those who fought and died to stop the slaughter, and the lives that continued to do great things with their freedom.  There is an interesting component that seems to fit in with Obama’s priority list.  Obama has made it obviously clear that not insulting Islam is a top priority for him.  Along with typically the idea of not insulting Islam is the removal of anything to do with the Holocaust.  My question is whether Obama actually believes the Holocaust of if he is simply like so many who promote the Islamic agenda just another one who wants that scar on world history ignored.

It is not easy to think that the leader of the free world is a bigot, racist, and anti-Semite.  This man represents America.  I am so embarrassed at this gum chewing example of the greatest nation in history.  America has two more years under his hand.  I fear for the future of my country.

Better not forget Israel


There are many things happening in our country that has me concerned.  From the national debt being at a level that any concept of paying it off is nothing more than a mockery since it increases a few million every hour to international terrorists living on our soil probably drawing benefits paid by US taxpayers there would be a plethora of issues which could keep a person awake at night.  But there is one issue that is not being addressed by any media or even seen as a concern by most people but it needs to be in the forefront.

There are not many issues that might typically be referred to as a ‘religious’ matter that gives me too many concerns.  Most matters of this realm are personal and up to the particular individual.  But there is one subject that I feel America has overlooked to our loss.  That matter is our relationship with Israel.  Many people may think that Israel needs to be separate from America and that American needs to allow Israel to handle its own problems.  But Israel and America are more closely associated than people might realize.  During the Revolutionary War George Washington approached a wealthy Jewish man for financial assistance.  This individual would be equal to or exceed any of the big money names of today.  He gave his fortune which totaled in the millions.  Keep in mind that we are talking millions back in the 1700’s.   When this man died he had no money of which to speak but he was able to live and die in a free country.  Many people do not realize that when the American flag is being folded that each one of those folds have a meaning.  One of those folds stands for Israel.  While President Obama makes claim that America is a Muslim country with Islam as having a major part in its formation the reality is that Israel holds the crucial point in America’s formation and history.

I am not a Bible thumper by any means.  I believe what I believe but I do not smack anyone over the head with a Bible.  There is one main thrust in the Bible that I do take to heart very seriously.  A very strong theme in the Bible is Israel.  The Bible states how God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.  Now for those who hold there is no God I know that I lost you but if anyone wants to be that closed minded when all around them screams that intricate design demands a Designer, I am not too worried about losing them as a follower of my writing.  I doubt that they would be able to understand most of what I write any how if they are that narrow minded and, basically, ignorant.  President Obama was able to give an hour interview to ‘YouTube’ celebrities.  I use that term ‘celebrities’ in the broadest of definition.  I have difficulty picturing anyone whose claim to fame is sitting in a bathtub filled with milk and Fruit loops eating her way out of the tube as a real media leader.  While our President is able to grant an hour interview with these media giants he gives no thought to snubbing the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.  I have watched on numerous occasions this President snub Israel.  Not only has he snubbed Israel but has insulted them by promoting Hamas, Palestine, and others who threaten their very existence.

It truly baffles the mind to watch this administration’s utter disregard for Israel and how our government keeps siding with those who have openly called for the death of Israel.  Our leadership gives all the right words publically in support for Israel but our actions deny all those wonderful words.  Our leadership cannot be so completely incompetent and utterly stupid as to think that Iran is seeking peaceful usage of nuclear power.  When has Iran sought anything for peaceful means?  With all that is going on in the world today America needs to strengthen its association with Israel and not weaken it.

The bottom line of matters for me is simple.  Maybe my bottom line is that I am a simple individual but that is fine with me since life can get way too complicated if permitted.  My bottom line is that if the Book says to support Israel then I plan to support Israel.  I would hope that eventually our government will get back to supporting them also before it gets too late.

It’s a Constitution thing


I find it interesting how increasingly more people from outside our country are more interested in where Obama was born than Americans.  In order to keep the issue quiet at home the protectors of Obama have done a wonderful job of humiliating anyone who questioned Obama being born in America as being a ‘birther’ and some type of nut-case who sits in their mother’s basement wearing tin foil hats.  Evidently people of Kenya and Great Britain did not get the memo.  From some of the archives in Great Britain to Ambassadors in Kenya and other highly educated people in that countries leadership all support Obama being born in Kenya.   A Kenyan birth certificate bearing all the proper marks and signatures support the President being born in Kenya while the provided birth certificate from Hawaii has been analyzed and deemed a poor mock up and forgery.  Student ID for the President had him listed as a foreign student and records have listed him as receiving aid as a foreign student.  All these things combined with the question as to why the President is using the social security number of a dead man would normally place the average person in front of a judge.

This is not a Democrat or Republican thing.  This is a Constitution thing.  It truly does not matter if a President or politician follows the rules or regulations or their party or even of the law.  I say that last part reluctantly because if every politician was to follow the law as the average person is expected to do there would be no politicians which is a sad state of affairs for our political leadership.  The back room deals, kickbacks, shady maneuverings, payoffs and winks by law officials are so common place it is sickening.  Even the term ‘politician’ is by its very nature associated with corruption.  But the question regarding the validity of the increasing number of claims of Obama being foreign born supersedes all of the above.  This singular question tears at the very fiber of the Constitution.  If one factor of the Constitution is able to be ignored then the whole becomes in jeopardy.  If the claims by leaders of Kenya itself is true than those in high positions within the Democrat party are guilty of a case of fraud against the American people so grievous as to boggle the mind.  If this is true then those in the Democrat party who promoted and pushed the election of Barack Obama would have defrauded the American people out of billions of dollars given in support, billions of dollars spent under this administration and billions of dollars yet to be spent due to bills passed under this administration.  This is not simply a Democrat and Republican thing.  This is an American thing.  This strikes at the very heart of our nation.

Personally I do not care for either party because I believe for too long both parties have lied to the people and have let them down.  Too many politicians across the board have been sworn in with fingers crossed knowing they had no intention of doing anything more than passing a personal agenda and cashing a paycheck which would last the rest of their lives.  Whenever a person takes this topic it feels like being a baggage boy on the Titanic; no one really cares what you are saying nor are paying attention.  You are actually considered rather odd for even caring about the matter.  But the Constitution is not a bunch of independent articles like a newspaper all able to be cut out and taken as a separate item.  They are fibers in a tapestry.  They interlink and together form a whole.  For me this is more than politics.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to form this nation.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to keep this nation.  To tear at the fiber of the Constitution is to tear at the very fiber of our nation.  It is the Constitution that has separated America from all other countries and has allowed for peaceful changes in leadership as opposed to the bloody takeovers of other lands.

America and Americans deserved better than our leadership turning a blind eye towards significant questions.  There is no situation in which if there was this much mounting evidence pertaining to a civilian legal matter that there would not be a significant investigation.  American deserve at least as much from our political leadership, to whom a lifetime paycheck and benefits is guaranteed along with a job with an expense account that is more than the average American makes in a year and the safety of constant security and aids seeing to their every need, as they would expect from our common law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis for less money than the politician probably pays an aid.

Interpol recommends private carry


One of the best cures for liberalism is a good dose of reality.  I cannot imagine an organization more acquainted with reality than Interpol the international police organization commonly associated with tracking international criminals and terrorists.  In one of their latest interviews they make the statement that there are only two ways to basically deter radical terrorists such as the Islamic terrorist attacks seen in Mumbai and France are to either have a secure perimeter around areas such as ‘soft targets’ or areas normally considered as public areas and not typically armed, or to allow people to carry weapons.  They also go on to state how the police cannot be expected to be everywhere all the time.  Therefore, the primary conclusion of Interpol is that the best way to deter international terrorism is to encourage the people to be armed.  An armed civilian population, what a novel idea!  It is interesting how the top police organization against international crime and terrorism says that an armed civilian population would reduce the impact and deaths caused by terrorists.  It would be nice if the liberal politicians in America would just listen.

So many of the liberals in America have never had any real concerns about personal safety since they are surrounded by armed guards 24/7.  It is easy to lose all concept of reality when you live in a pseudo-reality as these big money business tycoons and politicians reside.  But those who live in the real world and have seen first-hand the realities of the evils one human being is able to force upon another have a simple solution.  That solution is the power of the individual being armed and trained to protect themselves and others.  It seems at times that the rest of the world is beginning to advance while America slips backwards.  It was this concept that originally formed this nation and created the independence from an oppressive king.  The idea of the armed populous was what broke the hold that England had over the colonies.  It was this idea that kept Japan from invading the homeland of America during World War II.  It is this idea that is one of the most sacred of rights provided for in the Constitution.  It is this idea that our Forefathers viewed as imperative to the health of a live and continuous nation.  It seems so odd that this concept is viewed as the paramount means for protecting oneself and one’s nation against those radicals who would destroy the lives and freedoms of others except for those in power of the nation that first viewed it as a God given right of self-protection and national defense.

The liberals do not want to acknowledge that the slaughter in France was done in a country where there is no right of concealed carry.  The liberals do not want to admit that weapon bans never have and never will work to reduce crime, terrorism, or death at the hands of an assailant.  Liberals do not want to recognize that those who are bent upon wreaking havoc upon others will always be able to get their weapons regardless of laws, rules and regulations.  Liberals do not want to recognize that laws are only followed by those who are law abiding and are not a threat to society.  There has never been a time when the right and the need for private carry of a firearm were ever more obvious than it is today.