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I’m offended!  I am of Welsh decent.  My roots go deep into England and then to Norsemen.  I see things such as teams named “Vikings’’ and the ‘Raiders’.  I am offended.  I want the government to get involved and stop this offensive racism against my heritage and background. 

Sounds stupid?  Of course it is.  It is totally ridiculous.  As someone with my heritage I accept the time and realities in which they lived.  I am also mixed race with at least four different Native Amercan tribes.  Of what I know about Native American tribes my ancestors had a lot more to worry about then if some day there might be a sports team called the warriors or that they might use a tomahawk gesture.  The tomahawk was a feared weapon and in the hands of a skilled warrior it was extremely deadly.  It represented power over their enemy.  They were proud to be called warriors.  People need to get their emotions off of their sleeves and their heads out of wherever they last placed it.  A fish called the ‘Asian Carp’ is as offensive as a Chinese restaurant.  What’s next?  Are we going to stop saying that we are going out for ‘Mexican’ food and now label it ‘Latin American’ food?  We have dove into the realm of the stupid.  I use that term specifically because this is totally stupid.  There is no ending once this mentality is permitted.  Everything will or can be offensive. 

I hope that I am slowly getting the reputation as someone who says what needs to everyone else wishes someone would say.  I try to speak bluntly and clearly.  In some schools the kids are not allowed to wear clothing with the American flag on it because it might be ‘offensive’ to students of other nationalities.  BIG DEAL!  If they are in America expect to see American flags.  Some Muslim groups are offended because some fast food places sell pork.  BIG DEAL!  You are in a country that eats pork.  Expect to see pork sandwiches.  If you in a country that eat horsemeat you would expect to see horse sandwiches and no one would give a rats’ left butt cheek if you were offended.  My father fought in World War II against Japan.  Why can’t I say I am offended to see a Japanese flag? 

 I have one simple question.  Why is it that the only people who cannot be offended by things, regardless how offensive they may be, are white heterosexual Americans?  I would love to have someone please explain that one to me.  Does this group of people not have any rights?  Does this group of people not have any say?  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  As a child I remember hearing my elders tell me when I would be whining to GROW UP.  Maybe that is what Congress needs to do is to GROW UP.  Maybe that is what some of these people who are so invested in racism that they must keep it active need to do.  Common sense needs to be resurrected.  It is time people stopped whining and grew up.  As a kid we played cowboys and Indians.  At times the cowboys won and at times the Indians won.  The Lone Ranger was not seen as offensive.  Zorro was not seen as racist against the Spaniards.  Westerns which had a ‘China Town’ were not seen as stereotyping.  I think that as a kid we were more grown up than our present adults.


Political correctness has gone from destructive to the realm of stupid.  It has the mentality of those little signs you see on suckers that say ‘no not put this in your eyes’; or ‘this coffee is hot’ (I hope so because I do not want to pay for cold coffee); or ‘do not use this electric hair dryer in the shower’.  I expect there to have been a warning label of ‘do not try this at home’ should Wild E. Coyote would have been running after the roadrunner today.  But this is our government today.  Our government finds it justifiable to mock at steps to find out where the IRS got orders to attack private Americans as a political tool yet finds it serious to say that the name ‘Asian Carp’ is offensive to Asians and needs to be changed.  Or Harry Reid who is incapable of bring bills sent from the House to the floor of the Senate yet is willing and able to use his power to try and force a logo of a national football team to be removed because it is ‘offensive’.  My question is why is the only ones who cannot be offended are ‘white people’?  I look at a box of ‘Cracker Jack’ with the picture of a white sailor on the front.  Why can I not be offended?  One Californian legislator is pushing to get retribution paid to those who ‘suffered’ from slavery.  To begin with I wonder how many who are ‘suffering’ from slavery has ever taken a history course because that or the media would have been the only ways that they would have known about slavery.  Does this retribution include those of us who are ‘white’ but have some degree of mulatto in our lineage?  How about retribution for the Native American?  Our government tried to kill off the Native American through germ warfare by giving them blankets known to have been infected by small pox.  And would this retribution include all Native Americans?  I have four different tribes in my family history but due to federal regulations I cannot prove my heritage; which actually unless your grandmother was at least half of a particular tribe no one probably is able to pass federal regulations. 

Our government needs to pull their heads out of their proverbial butts and start working on things of true importance.  We have Islamist who are threatening to ‘see us in New York’ referring to bombing on our own soil.  Yet our government is too busy worrying about offending a particular group not to use the term Muslim and terrorist in the same sentence.  Our country is a laughing stock amongst other nations because we are seen as weak and impotent.  Our laws are seen as of non-effect because of not being able to enforce them for fear of appearing racist if they arrest a black man and not an equal or greater number of white people.  Even our schools are getting government pressure not to punish black students when they disrupt classes.     

Enough is enough.  I am coming to believe that for the most part our Congress is full of the stupidest people God has ever given breath.  I see us as having one chance and that is the election in November.   If we do not change things in November then I am afraid that America will receive that which it seems it has been requesting for a long time.  May God have mercy upon us if that happens.


It’s difficult to write lately.  Between family health issues, personal emotionally issues (Father’s Day is always a difficult time for me), disgust issues with everything I have been reading lately, and just life itself, it has just been difficult to get the ‘ommph’ needed to write.  But, it is time.

It is quite obvious now to anyone who has a couple neurons that they take out and play with, that our government is trying to force us into civil unrest.  You do not have to be a conspiracy junky to think that something is being rigged.  There are more people flooding into America from Mexico than there are people going to the bathroom during a Justine Bieber concert.   More people are being put on the American roll dole than ever in history and the public piggy bank is being drained faster than toilet paper at a 7 year old birthday party.  It is being said that the only ones who care about ‘liberty’ are 3% of the general population so who really cares about them.  Well, guess what?  The remaining 97% is made up of probably 90% who only cares about receiving a free ‘hot and cot’ and once that is threatened they will be abandoning the ranks of the remaining 97.  That will leave the social order manipulators with 7%.  Most of those have never left their office or classroom and would fill their drawers at the first sound of gunfire coming their direction.  That will leave basically 2% (maybe) against the 3% who now are really ticked off.  Of that 2% there will be a portion who cannot move quickly because their pants are down around their knees and who will be trying to shoot sideways.  The Social Manipulators forget one simple thing.  Americans do not like being told what do to.  Bottom line is that we are not like other societies.  We have had a history of independent thinking and plan to keep it that way.  Yes, the Social Manipulators may be able to blow up society but it will more than likely blow up in their own faces.

Secondly is all the cry of racism.  I am so tired of this issue.  There will always be racism as long as there is race.  Basically, ‘big deal’; Deal with it!  If two people are talking and one says ‘I’m Black’ and the other says ‘I never noticed’…..someone is lying. I have enjoyed working my genealogy.  There are many English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and German royal families who have been on this land we call America since the 1600’s.  Included in my tree are at least four known Native American tribes, some black, and even someone with last name of ‘Chinn’.  When it gets to the government list of race I need another box marked ‘all of the above’.  I truly doubt anyone has a ‘pure’ race.  Somewhere along the way there was someone who woke up on the wrong side of the teepee, had an admiring early European explorer, or other source of clouding of the pure race.  And for those who trace their ancestry pure and unclouded into the jungles of Central America, South America or Africa there was probably an infiltration of Caucasian DNA even if it was in the form of ‘lunch’ at some time.  For those who right now are screaming that I am a racist for what I have just said my reply is ‘deal with it’ because you know it is probably true.  Society has evolved to such a degree that we have intermingled the races thoroughly.  As race becomes a non-issue then racism will decrease.  There are those who must have racism as an issue in order to have something to give them a sense of importance.  If they did not have racism to scream about they would cease to exist and simply fade into the sunset. 

I will never control my government from its social experiment.  I cannot stop my government liberals from trying to rewrite my Constitution or control their actions.  I cannot stop those who must cry racism.  I cannot stop those who think they have all the power in life.  But, I can control myself.  I can choose to live in peace personally regardless of their actions.  Living in peace does not mean living in the absence of hostilities, it means leaving in spite of them.        


Dear Mexico:

You have one of our own.  You are presently holding a Marine.  I cannot say an ‘ex’ Marine because everyone knows once a Marine, always a Marine.  You are holding Mr. Andrew Tahmooressi and we want him home.  Now, I’m not one to get all gushy and throw flowers at you to encourage you to do the right thing.  I am also not going to drown you in statistics as to how you need US a lot more than we need YOU.  So I am going to do what I do best and that is to talk straight with you. 

You like to have your military come across our borders at times and have done so without incidence.  If we do not get our Marine home anything to do with your military coming across the border will be seen as an act of aggression.  Now I know you do not fear our President or government.  I must admit that I do not know of anyone who should fear our President except for those who do not agree with him in our own country.  But you need to fear the people.  There are enough ‘good ole  boys’ around to make your military look rather sickly and I would encourage you to rethink anything that might involve the people of this country in a negative engagement.

You like to have the money sent from your illegals that are in this country back to your economy.  If we do not get our Marine back home we will enact such a lock down on the border that a Mexican Fruit Fly without the proper papers will not even be able to get across.  Then you will not only have to deal with all the people you are trying to get rid of by sending them over here, you will also not have any money earned in the US.  Likewise all tourism into Mexico will stop.  Anyone not smart enough to stay out of Mexico at this point should be seen as a form of Darwinism and certain ones being weeded out of the population because we all know the sky rocketing levels of homicides in Mexico.  But even those not so bright as to possibly still thinking of going into Mexico will be discouraged. 

While you might put up a good front on wanting to stop the drug cartels from doing business your reality tends to show through.  It is hard to imagine a country that truly wanted to stop the flow of drugs not being able to do more than the government has done thus far.  Likewise, the level of corruption in your military and law enforcement is legendary.  Therefore, if we do not get our Marine back home we the people will enforce our laws.  Any drug cartel, mule, or dealers seen on our soil will be open game.  I can guarantee that our boys are a lot better shot than yours for one simple reason. We never hold a gun sideways.  I can assure you that you do not want us to start enforcing our anti-drug laws.

Lastly, if we do not get our Marine back home you have received your last shipment of guns from America.  I know that you have enjoyed a flow thus far from our government, much to the disgust of the American people.  Well, you can kiss them all goodbye. 

Now that I have your attention what will it be?  Our Marine or do we have to start getting upset.  Before you answer that question please allow me to remind you of another country who was afraid that they were about to awaken a sleeping giant!


Allow me to start off by saying I know there is a major difference between civil disobedience and civil unrest.  So for any Feds who might be monitoring these blogs I am not promoting nor have I ever promoted civil unrest.  Now, with that out of the way, I wonder what would happen if enough people decided to inform the government that they could make all the stupid laws, rules, regulations, degrees, executive orders, and edicts that they want but that we will ignore them?  I think that even the most liberal among us, who has at least two neurons to rub together; will have to agree that our government is out of control.  We have a President who makes rules and orders at will as if he is King George.  Congress is by-passed.  Even if Congress is involved we have a wall between the House and Senate called Harry Reid who refuses to bring anything presented by the Republican House to the floor for a vote.  We have Senate leaders standing up and saying how wonderful the new Affordable Health Care bill is doing when they totally overlook the cost factor verses outcome benefits.  I was amazed as to how well the website worked for other things yet was supposed to be the most powerful government from one of the richest nations in the world could not produce a website.  Next time, if they really want a good website, have Publisher’s Clearing House make the site.  They did a really good job!

We have a government that is trying every possible avenue to rid America of firearms under the guise of mental health, children, health care, and who knows what all they want to use as a label.  I am amazed as to how many law enforcement officers are going on record as not being willing to enforce gun confiscation.  What if all Constitution believing law enforcement officers simply refused to follow any anti-gun regulation as simply being un-Constitutional?  I remember some of the sappy movies that I have watched over the years.  In so many of them there is the wimpy kid who gets picked on.  Finally the wimpy kid stands up to the bully.  Of course he gets smacked a couple of times but this time he gets back up repeatedly.  Finally, one by one the by standers begin to move.  The bully starts seeing the reality that he is not simply going to deal with the wimpy kid but now everyone else.  People think:  If I don’t do what they say they will arrest me.  Those who want to break the Constitution cannot arrest the whole nation.  We are Americans.  We are known worldwide for the people with the backbone. We might be unorthodox but we get the job done and we do not stop in the fact of adversary. 

Our government is trying to tell us what kind of light bulbs to buy, what kind of car we should have, not to use salt, not to buy sodas, not to eat this or that, what our kids are to have in their lunches, pushing ‘fruits and vegetables’ and no chocolate milk, and so many things it makes your head swim.  Maybe it is time we simply said:  NO.  Thank you Nancy Reagan for giving us the answer:  Just say NO.  No, I will not stop flying my flag regardless of some home owner’s association rules.  No, I will not bow to anyone else’s religion.  I will respect your right to believe as you want but if your religion tries to force itself upon me or make me remove my flag or change my menu to please it, the answer will be NO.  No, I will not allow your religion to be taught in school unless ALL religions are taught.  No, I will not allow you to tell me how or what to eat.  No, I will not give up my V-8 auto unless I WANT TO GIVE IT UP.  No, I will make the decision as to what my child has in his lunches.  No, I will not sit by and have any school district tell me what to feed my child.  No, I will not stop wearing a shirt with a flag on it because it might ‘offend’ someone.  If they do not like my shirt then don’t look at it!  No, I will not honor your dumbass sign that says I cannot carry a concealed weapon in your restaurant.  If I have a license by the State, I will carry wherever I dang well please.  It is called a ‘concealed weapon’ for a reason.  No, I will not give up remembering what happened on Sept 11, 2011 because it might make someone feel bad.  If you feel bad or you think I don’t like a certain group because of what happened:  DEAL WITH IT!  That is YOUR problem and not MINE. 

I love my country.  My country is in critical condition.  There is a storm on the horizon.  I do not know the answer.  But I do know that if Americans do not find their backbone soon we will no longer be the America we have come to take for granted. 


Wherever you are at look around and find 10 people.  If you are not around people, think of 10 names of people you know.  Now imagine that within the next few hours only 2 will remain.  This was what it was like for the first wave of soldiers who stormed Omaha Beach.  I had the opportunity recently to watch the movie ‘Stand by me’ for the first time.  In it one of the characters brags about how his father ‘stormed Normandy’.  His father was also supposed to be in an insane asylum for behavior which included almost burning his son’s ear off by holding it against a hot stove.  The 6th is the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion.  As the years progress people forget the total impact of this invasion and the events of Omaha Beach.  Ask yourself how you would feel if you were part of the first wave on Omaha.  Would you be even willing to be part of the first wave?  Many did not even make it to the shore as their craft sunk or was hit by a mortar.  Most of the tanks did not even make it to land.  Many soldiers drowned as soon as they stepped out of their craft.  This is not to rain on anyone’s parade.  But it is supposed to bring things back into perspective that has been lost over the decades. 

If modern media and the liberal mindset were around during the time of the Normandy invasion there would be such a cry of the ‘insanity’ of the invasion and how ‘we need to give diplomacy another chance’.  The list of the dead would be on every newscast.  The evils of war would have been proclaimed from the rooftops.  But, gratefully, they were not present.  Yes there were losses not able to be imagined by the common mind.  And, yes, Nazism was stopped.  Ever stop to imagine a world if Adolf Hitler would have succeeded?  But he was stopped.  People who were scheduled for extermination were freed.  Towns laid waste by the ravages of war were rebuilt. 

I remember an expression from one of the men with whom I worked.  It was simple:  Don’t pole-vault over mouse turds.  What are the priorities of today?  Do our elected officials even have a priority other than to get re-elected? People are worrying about our children getting chocolate milk in school because ‘it is not healthy’ while our veterans get forgotten.  Recently one veteran received his GI benefits from being in WWII.  Within the past 10 years a WWII veteran received his purple heart from being in the Bhutan Death March.  I have worked with veterans who have had claims for benefits take over 5, and sometimes 10 years, to get approved.  Sometimes they die before their cases are approved.  Yet the government has millions they are able to give to study how fish swim and how flies mate. 

I cannot make my government do the right things.  Americans have lost total control over their government.  I cannot tell any of our elected officials to sit down, shut up, and listen.  But I can affect me.  I can make sure that every veteran that I meet on the street has been told thank you.  I can make sure there every veteran I meet has been told ‘welcome home’ regardless of the ear they served. I can make sure that someone shakes their hand, looks them in the eye and shows gratitude.  I can make sure that some old timer who sacrificed for our country gets his coffee paid for by a passing stranger.  If I am in line and there is a WWII veteran in front of me and he has just a few items I can tell the clerk to put his bill on mine.  I can be appreciative of what they did for me, long before I was even born.  This includes all veterans but especially those who literally saved the world. 

America was great.  It fought and won two wars on opposite halves of the world at the same time.  I love my country.  My dad was one of those who fought in the Pacific and my uncle fought in Europe.  He was one who went into the death camps to liberate the prisoners.  I dare anyone to try and tell me that the Holocaust did not happen.  Right now America has lost its position in the world.  I cannot change the world or my government.  But I can change one thing at a time.  I can change me.  I can pray for my country.  I can make sure I support those who defended my country.  I can make bloody sure I fire those who harm my country.  God bless America and thank you beyond words to all those who have defended her and especially those of you remaining from World War II.