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Not the Democrat Party of your grandfather

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I believe that originally the Democrat Party originally, while still somewhat sketchy, had good intentions for the country.  I do not believe that originally the Democrat Party was any more crooked than the Republican Party.  But over the years the party has become hijacked.  Those of us who were of the 50’s generation remember many things that the present millennial generation cannot even fathom.  When and if they see the clips of students being taught to duck under their desk for safety during a nuclear attack they laugh.  Granted that desk would only serve to possibly identify any remains, but it was something that we lived with and knew that at any time the world as we knew it could come to a crashing end.  One main memory of my childhood was the riots.  In my opinion, these riots were nothing more than weak minded people who were easily swayed by paid communist agitators.   These people knew that they could create problems with the intent of cracking the core of America.  The biggest thing these riots accomplished was extending the Vietnam War for years and the hell endured by our POWs.  We grew up knowing that there were spies in America sent by Russia to promote communism and to attempt to bring down America and the American way of life.  For those who are screaming McCarthyism at your computer, history has proven McCarthy to have been correct!  The approach could have used some tweaking.

Today’s Democrat Party is best described by Obama’s latest comment of ‘capitalism, communism, socialism whatever floats your boat’.  The present Democrat Party sees no difference.  Never would there have been outspoken socialist in your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  Today’s Democrat Party is an insult.  It used to be that there were at least educated people in the party.  Now you have people like Maxine Waters who declares that a person is racists if they do not support sharia law.  Or Sheila Jackson-Lee who thinks she is a princess while dressing like a pimp and giving us the mind-blowing statements as how murder is the greatest form of homicide in America today.  And let us not forget the insightful words of Hank Johnson as he shares his fear that the presents of the Navy in Guam was going to make the island tip over.  I truly do not know how these people dress themselves in the morning.  Leading the Democrat Party is Obama who while berating business for spending money outside of the United States recently purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in Dubai.  Two things raise questions.  The first is that Dubai does not have extradition to the US.  The second is that it is a Islamic country during a time when Islam is being radicalized and slaughtering countless people in their path.  In my own opinion, the lies told by Obama and the Democrat Party to the people of America are going to be coming to such light that even the most liberal of minds would not be able to deny their reality.  I believe this will give Obama the perfect opportunity to openly be Islamic and after the evidence of treason comes to light he would be able to thumb his nose at the American legal system knowing the he cannot be touched.

Now the Democrat Party is fully coming out of the closet with outspoken socialist.  Both Sanders and Clinton are proud to be socialist.  As if being socialist should not enough to have blocked them from their position in politics, Sanders has yet to come up with a plan to actually pay for all his free things and Clinton just hopes to say out of the way of the FBI as her emails keep nibbling at her heals.  She has lied so many times that anyone else would have been labeled pathological by now. People also need to know that Marxism is normally the initial stage of the big three:  Marxism, socialism and communism.  Communism is the final stage.  I cannot understand how our political system has gotten so far removed from our Forefathers that these people are not representing the Democrat ballot.  We have gone to war to stop these ideologies and now we are voting on which one of its proponents will be on the ballot for the office of President.  I am hearing the words of Stalin when he made the declaration that America would fall without a shot being fired.

I am not saying that Democrats are bad people.  I am saying that Democrats, like everyone, must start looking beyond their party.  If they vote simply based upon a party affiliation they have abandoned the basic principles upon which America has been built.  Anyone who votes simply based upon a party spits upon the graves of those who died to create liberty in this country.  Use your brains before it is too late!  I do not care which party the candidate is associated with, whenever I hear anyone being referred to as the Messiah for America I cringe.

I believe this very much could be America’s last election.  I am not a doomsayer.  I am a realist.  If the people or a corrupt ballot system sees either Clinton or Sanders in the Oval Office, America will be America in name only.




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While our government will not say that we are at war with Islam, commonsense declares it from the mountain tops.  Now, do not get me wrong.  I still believe that there are some people who are in the Muslim religion who simply want to be left alone to live a peaceful life.  I must say that I also believe that these people exist in spite of their religion and not because of their religion.  I listen to the Imams and their crazy calls for the death of everyone who is not willing to bow down to Islam and Mohammad.  Well figure it out.  There are many people who see Mohammad as a nut-job pedophile and will NEVER bow to his memory.

I know that our government has done more to promote ISIS and to protect radical Islam than anyone and has not just bordered but has exceeded the normal rules of treason.  But there is still one thing that Islam and the stupid radicals of Islam have not calculated.  We know there are huge Islamic populations in America.  It only takes a small investigation to understand that there are more than likely terrorists training cells in those populations.  But Islam needs to keep one simple thing in mind.  Americans are different.

Granted Americans have become soft.  There are many idiotic people in America who wants to scream and cry about how bad they have had it in their lives rather than to actually do something about their condition.  These people do not count and really are just scabs on the arms of America and Lady Liberty.  There are enough people in America who are really tired of your crap!  We are really waiting for you to do something really stupid here on our homeland because we are ready for you.  Do not fear our government.  We are so embarrassed by our government it makes us want to vomit.  But we are the real power behind America.  You, ISIS and radical Islam, could not hold a military candle to Japan.  They would have walked over your carcasses in less than a month.  But they respected the armed American citizen to the point that they never attacked our mainland soil.  We the people are waiting and ready.  There will be no rules of engagement.  Our rules will be to find the enemy and kill the enemy.  Our rules will be not to allow you a chance.  We will not talk.  We will not discuss.  We will not negotiate.  We will simply kill you.  Case closed!

The new nuclear weapon



After World War II the world rapidly became unified under trade.  More than what affects a country militarily seems to be what affects a countries economy.  The power of the economy was observed in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.  In the future global economy will become the new ultimate power.

I find this election interesting.  If a person has anything favorable to say about a particular candidate then you are seen as a stanch supporter of that candidate and hostile to everyone else.  I always thought that a good mind was an open mind and was able to view issues rather than people.  In this election I see four main players:  Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders.  From what I hear from Clinton and Sanders I believe a person would write all that these two people truly understand about global economy on the back of a cereal box and have plenty of room left over.  Being outspoken socialists proves that these two have no real concept of history, society, human nature or economy.  Listening to Clinton speak is mind numbing in trying to keep track of what was said one moment yet contradicted another.  What is more amazing than anything else regarding Hillary Clinton is that people who are supposed to be able to tie their own shoes support her.  Then compared to Sanders Hillary is a whiz kid.  Now we look to Trump and Cruz.  I believe Cruz has a considerably better view of overall economics than either Hillary or Sanders.  Comparing Cruz to either of those two in economics would be like comparing a Formula One race car to a golf cart.  Trump is now left.  Trump has all appearance of having the best grasp of global economics of the others.  Trump has proven himself to have a strong grasp of economics and how it all interacts.  Perhaps this is why the rest of the media and others in politics oppose him.  I cannot say that I agree with everything Trump has on his platform but I am simply discussing economics.  With probably the greatest understanding of global economics makes Donald Trump the greatest threat to many and the greatest resource to even more.

If there is anything that this election is showing the people of this nation is just how fickle the party process truly is.  When party speakers dare to make a claim that the delegates do not have to worry about the will of the people and that the people do not select the delegates that the party does proves that the general populous has a right to distrust the political arena and politicians.  The hypocrisy of the media is glaring as they try to rally against Trump yet remained silent regarding Obama.  The media still has not investigated Obama nor has truly tried to uncover his past or records or associates.  I also find it interesting as to just how stupid some people are in their voting.  I hear ‘conservative’ voters who say they would NEVER vote for Trump.  If they are planning to sit this election out they might as will vote for Hillary or Sanders.  By voting for no one through the act of omission they are voting for the very people they claim to oppose.  You are going to be voting FOR someone the only question remaining is whether or not it will be through the act of omission or the act of commission.

I do not remember a time when the leaders of other nations were so involved in our election process.  You also notice who is being opposed to Trump.  The nations who have been able so syphon money off of America by the millions if not billions over the past few years are the ones screaming the loudest against Trump.  Domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter are threatening massive riots if Trump gets elected.  Considering what Black Lives Matter has been able to accomplish in the scope of domestic terrorism, blocking good people from getting to work and emergency vehicles this is more of an endorsement for Trump than a push against him.  I believe it is possible to learn more about a person by understanding who opposes him or her rather than those who give their support.  As it is getting leaked that Rahm Emanuel the Mayor of Chicago had supposedly given an order that no one was to be arrested at the riots which happened in Chicago during the planned Trump rally, it again gives the impression that maybe negative people are opposing Trump because maybe he is worthwhile.

I hear people scream and yell against Trump but I fail to hear them say as to who they support and why.  By all practicality there are four people from whom the next President of the United States will be chosen.  It is fine to be for or against anyone since that is part of the American way of life.  But, we also have everything in the balance in this election and I would encourage people to think.  If you are going to support voting for Hillary because she has a vagina then support voting for one of the others because they have a penis.  If you are going to be critical of Trump or Cruz because of things they might have done or said then be equally as critical of Hillary because of things she has done or said as Sanders as well.  Hillary has lied to the American people so much over this election process as yourself that if her last name was not Clinton if you would still vote for her.  Ask yourself about Benghazi.  Ask yourself about what being a socialist means.  Ask yourself when was the last time that Clinton actually was caught ‘telling the truth’ which would be much harder than when the last time she was caught telling a lie.  Ask yourself if anything Sanders says is workable in this realm of reality.  Be as critical towards all the candidates as you are towards those opposing your normal party preference.  America has too much to lose in this election to simply vote because someone is a part of a political Party or has the right internal plumbing.




Our Forefathers knew what was important.  They did not start the Constitution with a discourse promoting political parties; they did not rave about the virtues of an established protocol of leaders; they did not even expound the importance of experience; they started the Constitution with ‘we the people’.  We the people was seen as such a foundation to the birth of the new nation that it was the beginning phrase to the greatest document ever written by man and the key concept which runs as a primary thread throughout its entirety.  Where did we as a nation slide off the rails?

We have ‘super delegates’ now that does not have to answer to the will of the people as to whom they support for election.  It appears as if the RNC was making the asinine statement that all delegates are super delegates and does not have to answer to the will of the people.  We have two people running on for the nomination of the Democrats who, being outspoken socialists, are promoting everything contrary to the capitalism which built out nation.  These people proclaim themselves as educated yet do not understand how socialism has never, can never and will never succeed.  It simply does not work.  You run out of other people’s money and then things must be rationed.  We have a society of spoiled brats who have never been told to go out and work for something if they want something new merely to expect someone else to hand it to them.  If it is not freely handed over then they scream racism or some other mantra crying how under privileged they are and demand that things be given and quickly.  What is even more amazing is that people continue to support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Continuing on the idea of being entitled to things Hillary seems to feel that she is entitled to votes from the women because she has a vagina.  With that logic Sanders should expect to be supported by males because he has a penis.

I listen to people, media and various talking heads discuss this election with the same sense of urgency needed to decide between a cheeseburger verses the chicken.  While 3rd party candidates are always on the ticket, the elections normally come down to a Democrat or Republican.  As mentioned on the side of the Democrats who two people who either do not appear to be rooted in any realm of reality or have a chronic history as a pathological liar.  Either way, Clinton or Sanders represents the death to what is remaining of the Republic.  On the Republican side is what is rapidly closing in to either Trump or Cruz with Cruz needing nothing short of a miracle in the realm needed for Sainthood for him to secure the nomination.  With this being said, as the talking heads slam Trump they are in essence promoting one of the remaining two who will destroy what is left struggling for air of our great nation.

It is beyond time for people to wake up.  It is almost too late for people get actually care about the future of America.  Now with the rhetoric of how delegates do not need to represent the will of the people the very fiber of our nation is being shredded even more.  I know it is a foolish question to ask but:  Do people not care about America anymore?   Do people not realize what will happen if Clinton or Sanders get the Oval Office?  Have people had their liberties and freedoms for so long that they just assume that they will always be there?  Are our elected officials so arrogant and stupid as to think that the people will simply remain quiet as they kill off the remaining right of the ballot box through end runs and political fast maneuvers?

Obama stated that he wanted to radically transform America.  He has done everything but destroy America.  It does not take much of a look to Europe to see just how well the ‘refugee’ issue has done over there.  Rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed.  It is foolish to offer a ‘class’ on how not to rape someone.  As long as the radical realms of Islam see women as property and nothing more than something to be used for their sexual enjoyment then there will continue to be sexual assault.  This is going to be America’s future under Obama and then if continued with Sanders or Clinton.  The difference is that Americans will not tolerate this behavior and will start eliminating the problem.  The final ‘radical transformation’ will be completed with a second American Revolution.  It is beyond time that the talking headers shut up long enough to listen to what the will of the people is trying to say.





I read a lot regarding politics, the election, candidates, Obama and where he is going to live after the election, and who said what about whom.  The majority of what I read amounts to nothing more than people scurrying around to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or being over concerned whether or not their nice Roman pot looks good on the mantel while Nero is fiddling and the flames are gathering all around.  Do people live in a different reality than most of us or did somehow a parallel universe suddenly develop and envelope most of the talking heads out there.  Let’s cut through all the fat and get into the reality zone.  We have now basically two people running for the next Presidential election.  On the Democrat side unless Hillary gets her well-deserved striped pantsuit from the FBI she will be the Democrat nominee.  On the Republican side, unless Cruz gets a major miracle Trump will be the nominee.  This is the reality of the situation.  I hear people who are supposed to be strong Americans and stanch conservatives blasting Trump.  Wake up people!  If you turn the populous against Trump you are helping Hillary get elected.  I do not know about the rest of the world but I do not see that as a great future for my country.  Whatever Trump might be he is probably better for America than Hillary.  I do not care if it is the lesser of two evils or that people see Trump as the greatest thing since the invention of white bread, the alternative is that Hillary gets the White House.  People need to get off of their high horse and look at the simple reality of the matter.

Hillary has lied so many times to the people that she has become basically synonymous with not being truthful.  Her husband has got on her bandwagon with the same routine of one lie after another.  Listening to him talk about Benghazi he calls the grieving families liars and that his wife suffered as much as the men did during the attack.  I do not remember her being tortured and killed but maybe that happened during the time she ‘run while under sniper fire’.  In my opinion, the only reason the FBI has not arrested her yet for her extremely inappropriate handling of highly sensitive matters is because of her last name.  I honestly do not know how anyone could remotely support this woman.  Obama has done more to shred the Constitution than anyone else prior.  In my opinion, he has done more to destroy America than any previous power foreign or domestic.  Now Hillary waits in the wings to finish the job.

I wonder when these people are so adamant against Trump if their real issue is Trump or their real issue is that the people are revolting against the political machine.  The people are behind Trump, I believe, not so much because he is a great politician but because he is not a politician.  He is not politically correct and the people are sick and tired of having political correctness shoved down their throats.  The people have seen political correctness kill this country.  Now we have men who because they think they are women are going into the woman’s locker rooms.  We have children who have not even yet begun to discover their own sexuality saying how they are transgender.  These kids are so young they cannot even spell ‘transgender’. Like the proverbial Rome America is burning.  These talking heads need to deal with the issue of saving what is left of America and not worrying about whether Trump has offended a former President of Mexico.  It is simple.  It is black and white (no that is not a racist expression).  It is not rocket science.  America is hurting and bleeding to death.  Our talking heads need to either get behind the people and help heal America or shut up.  I have not figured out how they think by blasting Trump they are helping America.  If they worked as hard revealing the truths about Hillary as they do trying to destroy Trump there would not be an issue in this election.  But just like the media did in the Obama election by not dealing with the real issues surrounding Obama they are not dealing with the real issues surrounding Hillary.  Now the media is all in arms over an illusion Trump made between his hands and supposedly his penis yet most of Hillary’s campaign has been about her vagina and nary a word is spoken.

I am not a blindly loyal Trump supporter.  But I do see only two choices for America.  I do not see a future for America under Hillary Clinton.  I do see a very bleak future for our nation and the final death of the Constitution under her.  She is a dangerous woman and is not to be trusted.  She has proven how little she truly cares for the common person and is more than willing to allow people to die to protect her reputation as she did in the Benghazi situation to keep the secret gun running quite.  I found it interesting how about a year prior to Fast and Furious coming to light how she was saying how 90% of the guns going to Mexico were coming from the US and so America must have tighter gun laws.  She was right about guns coming from America because they were the ones sending them.

Wake up people.  America’s future is a stake.  Our future is at stake.  These talking heads in this country need to put their egos aside and actually start getting behind the country.  If the election is going to be Trump versus Hillary then stop supporting Hillary if you really claim to be pro-America and pro-Constitution.  People need to set aside egos and agendas and actually start supporting this country again.  If America goes away, personally I doubt if it will ever fully be regained.  We are at a severe crossroads in our nation.  Wake up America.  It is time to set everything else aside and take a strong stand for our nation.  I know Trump may not be the best thing that ever came our way but he will a far cry better than putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.  Stop worrying about the deck chairs.  We are sinking fast and need a miracle if we are to survive.


I believe what we are seeing in the present election process is a second American Revolution and it is blowing the minds of the status quo.  The populous have had to listen to the elected leaders speak to us as if we were ignorant children.  We have had to sit and be still as they have corrupted the greatest government system in the world.  We have had to sit and be quite as our government has turned into simply big business with the citizen seen as nothing more than a piggy bank to fund their whims.  The people are speaking and it is rattling the cages of the establishment!

Trump is not a politician.  He does not care who has the most money because he does so he is not open to bribes.  He does not care about political correctness and neither does the average citizen.  Actually the average citizen is sick and tired of political correctness and has seen it do nothing more than destroy what was once a beautiful and productive nation.  The people are speaking out against the years of the establishment through their support of Trump.  The administration and the status quo had better start listening again to the people.  I doubt that things will go back to the way things were before because the people have risen up in the manner that our Constitution permits.  Our Constitution permits a bloodless coup every four years.  Now is the time for that coup.  The Republicans and the Democrats on both sides of the aisle had better get their heads out of their butts and start listening, REALLY LISTENING, to the people or they will be unemployed.

The status quo is trying to fight this revolution.  But this revolution is people stimulated, people lead, and people driven.  People are tired of being minimized by our elected leaders.  People are tired of being mistreated by our elected leaders for the sake of a select few.  It is time that that silent majority step out and be counted.  The people have risen.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor Admiral Yamamoto made his famous quote after some of his colleagues were bragging about how they were able to hurt the great United States.  His response was:  I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.  Guess what political status quo; YOU HAVE AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT!