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Lives matter

Deputy Darren Goforth is pictured in this undated handout photo provided by the Harris County Sheriff's office, August 29, 2015. REUTERS/Harris County Texas/Handout via Reuters

My daddy used to have a saying of ‘enough is enough and too much is right down nasty’.  We have heard this administration with its racism stoking with the representatives sent to the funerals of thugs and hoodlums while remaining silent on white people killed by illegal aliens or when a crazy black person kills two white people on television.  The administration has been silent as the racist group Black Panthers have called for the deaths of all whites and police officers.  This administration has remained silent as Obama’s friend and Muslim racist Louis Farrakhan calls for the deaths of all white people.  Now we are having police officers ambushed like the old Wild West.  These people want to complain about supposed police brutality.  These people are killing police officers for fun on a regular basis.  They want the police to be for ‘people friendly’.  These people have sabotaged their own ‘movement’.

Keep in mind that if these people are willing to gun down armed and trained police officers then they would not think twice about gunning down any innocent person who stands in their way.  Do not question for one minute that these people have brought a war to the streets of America.  Do not question for one minute that the blood of these police officers also cover the hands of Obama and his administration.  This administration blew a chance for helping real change in Iran when the people were protesting in the streets of Iran and wanting change while this administration remained silent not wanting to offend Islam.  This administration encouraged the rioters of Ferguson when they should have remained silent and now must share the blood of the animals that are gunning down law officers.

People have had the veil of naivety stripped away.  The only ones who are able to still possibly think that the ‘black lives matter’ movement is really about promoting lives and that anyone who is not part of the movement are in jeopardy must be living with their heads buried in the sands.  People need to have no question about reality.  These people have brought a war onto the streets of America.  People must also have no question regarding the reality of the situation.  There is no longer any room for fence setters.  Choose which side you are to be a part or it will be chosen for you by people who do not care if you live or die.

For me I chose the side of the Blue Line where good at least has a chance.  I chose the side where people at least want there to be life.  I chose the side where white and black and all other colors wear blue and bleed red.  I chose to stand with law enforcement.  If that put me in the crosshairs of nut-jobs and racist wackos so be it.  They need to be aware that I have no Maranda rights that I must give them.  I have no rules of engagement.  I have no regulations by which I must behave.  If they threaten my life I will, by rule of law, kill them and then go out for a cup of coffee afterwards with no remorse.  I will stand with and defend law enforcement.  I do not desire to harm anyone.  But if these animals want war then there is only one way that I know to have a war and that is to show no mercy, take no prisoners, and give no quarter.  If I have anyone threatening me or my family the bullets in my gun are not racists.  They do not care if they are black or if they might have had some slightest background of slavery in their family lines.

These animals also have the nerve to dare to call on law enforcement when anyone offends them.  They cannot have it both ways.  If they want to threaten and gun down law enforcement do not be surprised if they are going to be slow to respond to their calls for help.

Offended by the offended

cry baby

I am sick and tired of constantly reading how another muslim is offended by something in America.  They are offended because women wear bikinis; they are offended because food banks do not have halal meats; they are offended by Christmas; they are offended by Christians; they are offended because we eat bacon; they are offended at pig roasts; they are offended at pig farmers; they are offended at restaurants that serve pork; they are offended at other religions; the list can go on and on.  I am offended at people who come to this country just to find fault with it and try to change it!  If you do not like America and its traditions then why would a person want to stay in America?  I have worked hard all my life not to be bias or racist.  But I must admit I am losing that fight.  I am no longer going to be tolerant.  I am no longer going to be tolerant towards people who want to come to America just to complain.  If I went to any other country I would be expected to keep my mouth shut and obey their laws and honor their customs.  Only in America do we allow people to come here and mess things up.  I have never known of any other group other than the group of muslims which have been recently coming to our shores to be so ungrateful and complaining.

America has its own laws.  America does not need sharia law.  If someone wants to live under sharia law there are numerous countries in which they may live which abides by sharia law.  America has its laws and it is not sharia law.  I do not know any civilized person who would want to live under sharia law, especially female.  Sharia law is barbaric to say the least.  It is interesting how many liberals scream in favor of muslim rules and sharia law while all the time being so pro-gay lifestyle.  The liberals need to read sharia law and comprehend how under the commands of sharia law the gays are being beheaded or thrown off of buildings.  But liberals are not known for really knowing that of which they try to speak!  Our laws officers enforce ONE set of laws for all people.

America has its flag.  If that flag is offensive then I would recommend that person go to a country with a less offensive flag.  America has its liberties.  One of our liberties is to go to the beach.  If someone wants to wear less then someone else at the beach that is their right as an American.  Now if the muslims really want to start a problem in America they can just keep on trying to outlaw bikinis.  They are going to have a fight on their hands that they have never seen before!  America has its food.  Pork is part of American food.  Bacon is a staple in America.  Jews do not eat bacon or pork and I have never heard them raising a fuss.  But according to the koran the Jews are supposed to be vile people.  Maybe the muslims needs to be a little bit more like the Jews and less offensive and offended.  America has it traditions.  If you do not like our traditions I am sure there are places without those traditions.

I know that our political leadership has paved the way of muslims to be more outspoken since they have been given leadership positions in our government.  But we are still America.  I hope that once we get the present leadership out of office that America might return to normal where people who want to hate American way of life simply fade away to countries more of their liking.

Illogic of atheism

atheist logic

It is not going to be long until we are going to be hearing the rants and whines of atheist over Christmas trees.  So many atheists want to come across as being too intelligent to believe in a Supreme Being.  But if you take time to look at the behaviors of those who call themselves atheists it does not make much sense and lacks in any logical understanding.

Atheists seem to be the only people who work so hard to disprove what they do not believe exists. Most people really do not care if someone believes in something they do not exist.  Why would they worry about what someone else chooses to believe especially if they do not believe it exists at all?  Some people do not believe in Bigfoot while others believe he is an unknown biped.  I do not see them spending their lives attacking those who believe through law suits and constant hostility.  All reason and logic flies against the atheist and this behavior.  Why worry if someone believes in something that truly believes does not exist?  It has no basis unless the atheist actually does believe that God exist and wants to prove themselves wrong rather than proving other people to be wrong.  If there believe at any level that there is a Supreme Being then they must also be accountable to that Higher Being.

Why do atheists worry about Christmas if it was not because they cannot stand the word Christ?  Again, it seems more like it is a personal problem than a religious issue.  Christmas has been a tradition that has been around for centuries.  The Christmas tree is a tradition that has been around for centuries.  If the atheists want to drum out either because of Christ they need to do their research on the histories of these traditions.  The atheists are actually giving more credence to the religious importance of these traditions than actually history is able to give.  So again this all leans to the concept that the atheist is having more of a personal problem with God than with the traditions of Christmas or the Christmas tree.

To devote one’s life to the removal of something that is supposed to not even exist is probably the most illogical actions imaginable.  But the actions of the atheist do not support the idea that their argument is with God but rather with Christianity.  I do not hear them saying that allah does not exist.  I do not hear them saying that any other term of a deity does not exist.  I only hear them screaming how God does not exist.  Again, if there was a problem with a supreme being then there are many out there worshipped by other people and religions.  Their only problem seems to be with Christianity.  Again, this action seems to give credence to the idea that they must have some deep seated conviction that there is a Supreme Being to which all mankind will be answerable.   I might recommend that instead of making millions of other people miserable that they simply deal with their own issues.  Likewise, it would also be advisable that society does not give in to whining of a select few who does not want to change their own lives because they are obviously feeling guilty over something.

Additionally, a so called atheist is claiming to know exactly what is beyond the realm of what is seen.  It has been proven that there are many things which exist which cannot be placed in a test tube.  One question I like to ask those who think that everything is supposed to be held and measured is: where is the mind?  I am not talking about the brain.  I am talking about the mind.  You cannot show anyone a mind but it exists.  Likewise, for those who pride themselves on being super logical I would like to ask the question regarding why the universes appear to be in reasonable and logical organization.  Organization demands an organizer.  Also, if everything is as ancient as they claim why did Neil Armstrong step into a ¼ inch of lunar dust?  Armstrong was supposed to have sunk in to the lunar dust.  (I guess the maid came.)

Whether someone chooses to believe in God or not is their choice.  But it would highly be recommended that before they take offense with the hypocrites of the church who says one things and acts in a contrary fashion, that they get their own lives in order.  Stop saying one thing and then fussing over something that contradicts your beliefs.  If there is not God then what is the fuss about?  If there is a God, and they know it, then that is a different matter.


ISIS destroying history

Let me begin by assuring people that I do not believe the NAACP is beheading innocent people.  But there are aspects of NAACP that is exactly like the general mentality of ISIS.  ISIS goes into areas and anything that does not agree with the beliefs of ISIS and radical Islam they destroy it.  This means untold value of history is smashed, blown up, bulldozed and hammered into oblivion.  They cannot stand anything that does not agree with their agenda to survive.  NAACP is doing the same thing regarding the Civil War.  This was a part of history and has been so corrupted by liberal mentality.  What is being taught about the Civil War and the South is not true.  Yet the liberal mentality and NAACP does not seem to care about truth.

There is a close affiliate of the NAACP that brings this organization a little too close to ISIS for most people’s comfort.  I do not believe anyone will believe that the NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are totally and completely separate without influence between the two groups.  The mentality of radical Islam, Nation of Islam, and radical black anarchist seems to infiltrate all these particular exclusive black groups.  People like Louis Farrakhan have yet to be rebutted by the NAACP and his call for all blacks to start killing all whites.  Farrakhan and his call for the 10.10.15 demand for ‘justice’ and his repeated call for violence has never been rebutted by NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are proven to be leaded and greatly influenced by the Nation of Islam and radical Islam.

I know that what I am saying is probably going to be attacked as being racists.  I am not a racist.  I am a realist.  I speak that other people are thinking.  I am simply putting down in writing what is obvious to anyone who wants to listen and truly watch what is happening in our world.   One huge problem that American is facing is that our present administration and governmental leadership has all appearance as being totally engulfed in the beliefs of radical Islam.  Our president has been referred to as a close friend of Louis Farrakhan and pictured with him.  He has also been referred to as the Messiah by Farrakhan.  Please keep in mind that this is a man who calls for the destruction and elimination of all white people.  He has been calling for race wars for years.  Farrakhan, being a strong muslim, would never have those words for anyone who was not a brother muslim.  I highly doubt that he would ever have those words for people like Ben Carson or Herman Cain.  We have a president and his primary advisor who is outspoken in their love for Islam.  We are watching a group of radical Islamist called ISIS that started as a small flea on the back of the world and it grew.  America needs to be careful.  America, under the protection of this administration, a group that is bent upon the total eradication of history that does not fit its agenda and a radical group calling for total violence and racial wars which gets fueled by this anti-white mentality.

The real insult of what is happening is that it is a complete insult to the black people on this nation who simply want to live, let live, be left alone, and build a good family and nation by building good people.  It is an insult to their hard efforts to teach and do the right things in life.  There are probably more black people in this nation who have no intention to harm anyone than there are those who are planning race wars.  Yes, I use the term ‘black people’ not because I am racist but because not all darker skinned people are from Africa.  There are many from the islands who are offended if you refer to them as African-Americans because they are NOT from Africa.  It is rather stupid to assume that everyone who is dark skinned is from Africa.  I guess if you want to be literal than everyone has roots in the Macedonian valley.  Not everyone wants to be referred to as African.  Likewise not every black person in America has roots in slavery.  It would be interesting to do genealogy studies on many of those who are screaming about slavery to see if they have roots in America and slavery.

The bottom line is that America has sown some seeds.  Just like ISIS started as a small seed of radical Islam and was allowed to grow, so does America have some seeds of extreme radicalism that is being permitted to grow and protected from being pulled up.  It is time to wake up and stop thinking that everything is rosy and being politically correct is the plan for the future.   People, mentalities, organizations, and agendas which were previously untouchables need to be examined with a critical mind and people need to start speaking the truths regarding what is really happening within these groups.



There is an event that has been planned and which threatens America.  The media has ignored this issue.  The Attorney General seems to have ignored this threat.  Radical Islamists in America such as those who listen to Louis Farrakhan are threatening a major attack on America on 10.10.15.  They claim this will be greater than 9/11.

Now I know there will be those who say that I am delusional or that my tin foil hat must be too tight.  But I am willing to look at possibilities that current events seem to give illumination.  America needs to take a serious look at its present government.  If the current political leadership was in office 40 years ago they would have been taken out of office for treason.

We have the Iran deal.  What kind of international deal is done that is supposed to be so great for the world where there are so many ‘secret’ side deals?  We are talking about giving a green light to the nuclear program of the world leader in international terrorism.  The only reason I can personally imagine why Obama and Kerry want this deal approved is that they are in total cooperation with what Iran stands for and desires to accomplish worldwide.   The media has not done their job nor fulfilled their obligation to the American people by not investigating this ‘deal’.  The connection between Kerry and Iran leadership was made clear by those who attended his daughter’s wedding.  Obama’s connection with Iran and radical Islam has been clear ever since his childhood training.  Obama has been, in my opinion, notably more concerned with promoting Islam than he has in promoting America.  He has operated under a social security number of a dead man from the east coast and has had legal experts say that his supposed birth certificate is not only a fake but a poor fake.  There needs to be serious investigation of these two men regarding criminal activity and treason.

People like Farrakhan and the Black Panthers have been getting away with making open threats against the government, nation, law enforcement and all white people.  They have called for killing of all police officers while this administration has remained silent.  This leaves the question about collusion between the government and these groups.  There is a strong tie between these groups and many within this administration.  That tie appears to be Islam.  Our administration has numerous people in key positions that have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Islam and racial radicalism is a disease which has impregnated this administration.

If there is a key event on 10.10.15 there are things which could be seen happening between now and then.  Obama and those who seem to support radical Islam know that within America is one key defense that is not found in other countries.  Within America is the historical Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  One of the first things that will need to happen would be a total disarming of the general populous.  It will be interesting to see what is going to happen between now and October regarding gun rights.  A primary element in disarming the general population would be martial law.  There have been many rumblings regarding September as being a key month.  I am not creating ‘conspiracy’ events.  I am simply trying to connect dots.

Regardless what happens the remainder of this year the facts remain that America is in a load of hurt.  Never have the Black Panthers in recent years been able to get away with open threats upon law officers.  Never have radicals such as Farrakhan in recent years been able to get away with seeming total immunity to make open threats upon a complete race.  Radicals have become totally emblazoned in their boldness.  There is a consistent threat which keeps all these radical groups connected and that is Islam.  Radical Islam is taking hold in America.  With Islam come threats.  It is clear that Islam will remain protected by this administration.  It is also clear that this administration cannot be relied upon to protect America from radical Islam.  If there is to be any protection for America it must come from Americans.  It must come from the people.  If it takes disobeying ‘executive orders’ that Obama might sign which tries to disarm the general population then civil disregard to those orders are expected.  If Americans are able to continue to defend themselves, their families and their homeland then radical Islam needs to reconsider their threats.  While there were many who supported the American Revolution only 3% of the general population actually fought in the American Revolution.  Today people are fed up with all the threats.  I believe that there are considerably more than 3% who would be capable and willing to defend their homeland against both foreign and domestic terrorists.  Maybe the greatest question for today is not what might happen in the future but what side of the conflict will YOU stand?

Hillary grow up


Hillary needs to stop acting like a noob.  A noob is someone who is new to playing video games.  The investigation which is going on regarding her server and emails looks as if it is being approached by Hillary and her camp like it is some kind of a game.  When she replied to the question if she ‘wiped’ her server by saying ‘like with a rag’ was an insult to the legal system of this country.  I remember watching the bratty kids when they were caught doing something they should not have been doing by the teacher and their response being real snotty and arrogant.  We are not talking about taking a postage stamp from your employer; we are talking about classified and sensitive information that would easily have been picked up by anyone with an ability to hack a computer.

There are no excuses for Hillary regarding government communications.  She is not some newbie to the system.  She was the First Lady, and in the opinion of many, more the Commander in Chief than her husband.  She was a Senator.  She was the Secretary of State.  She knew the law.  She knew what a sensitive communication was and how it was to be treated.  Her staff was familiar with sensitive communications.  Hillary and her staff must stop playing games.

Her flippant attitude towards the investigation which was started not by Congress but by the FBI is a serious matter.  She reduces the legal system to a joke.  She acts like it is not a big deal to be investigated by top officials.  The very thing that she apparently has been found doing involving scores if not hundreds of emails is the same thing that others have been convicted for doing.  General Petraeus is just the most notable.  But there have been numerous people sacked for mishandling classified and confidential emails.  Hillary is trying to play word games.  Her defense is that ‘it was not labeled’ as classified.  Someone with her experience in dealing with classified, secret and top secret communications removes her excuse of playing ignorance.  Her present game playing is an insult to the American people.

Hillary wants to be the next president.  In the eyes of many she has proven that she cannot be trusted with sensitive emails.  How is she going to prove that she is able to be trusted with the presidency?  Her attitude is contradicting her words regarding how much she can ‘relate’ to the common person.  The common person would be trying to do everything possible to stay out of prison.  The common person does not have an army of attorneys at their disposal.  The common person would not dare make a mockery of the Congress with flippant answers.  Personally, in my own opinion, I find her attitude regarding this whole matter completely nauseating.  In the past Hillary has made comments supporting different approaches to government and in opposition to the present and historical way of life in America.  We have already had almost eight years of opposing mentalities and actions against the traditional American way of life.  If American makes it to the next election is yet to be seen.  If we make it to the next election America might as well write its own tombstone if another term of ‘Obama like’ establishment is voted into office.  America and American values and traditions will not survive another President like the one we presently have in the Oval Office.

I am tired of having people elected into leading position who play games with their offices, their oaths, and their obligations.  I am tired of people elected into office who just want power, money, and position.  I am tired of people elected into office who have not the foggiest idea of our Forefathers, their values, their sacrifices, or their visions.  I am tired of people elected in office who have no idea what is in the Constitution or its values.  I am tired of people who are elected by the people just to become the voice of a select few.  I am tired of people elected into office who kiss up to the average person with smiles and buying fast food as if that is some writ of passage into the land of the common person just to have a total ‘screw you’ mentality once they get elected.  I want someone who would have stood with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Adams and others who had courage to believe in the American dream without receiving a dime for their sacrifice.  It is time that the electoral pool got bleached.

Our vet’s widows in crisis


Losing one’s spouse is listed as one of the most stressful events a person may experience in their lifetime.  Imagine if possible the losing of a spouse and all that is involved with dealing with the death, medical expenses, funeral arrangements, a gigantic list of extra costs, and the removal of a life partner whom, in many cases, was such a deeply entwined part of your life that life stopped really having meaning.  The average cost of a funeral runs $7000.00-$10,000.00.  The Department of Veteran Affairs pays a lump sum ranging from $300.00 if death was due to non-combat related issues and $2000.00 if death is due to combat related issues.  Social Security death benefit is around $225.00.  Now add to the widow’s stress the unexpected realization that all the wonderful promises from the Department of Veteran Affairs that there would be survivor’s benefits should the veteran die before the spouse were nothing but fabrications that are able to be swept away based upon carefully written documentation.  In addition to all this, also add as the Department of Veteran Affairs contacts you informing you that the last benefit payment received by the veteran now has to be returned.  This is exactly what widows and widowers of our service men and women around our nation are experiencing on a regular basis.  All the wonderful promises made to the spouses of our veterans are being found to be nothing but political rhetoric full of nothing but hot air and no substance.  In other words, all these promises are being found to be nothing but lies.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has become the experts in word manipulation.   They are able to deny payment to a surviving spouse by definition as to what is a service connected death.  An example might be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I am not sure as to what the VA would determine a proper death due to PTSD.  Alcoholism is a common comorbid condition secondary to PTSD.  But a recent Vietnam veteran who died of liver issues and who was a heavy drinker diagnosed with PTSD was not seen as having died of a service connection disability and the widow was denied any survivor’s benefits.  While many Vietnam veterans live with Hepatitis C directly related to their tour of duty in Vietnam, the VA has denied this diagnosis to many.   Another diagnosis of the VA was ‘brain syndrome’.  Since ‘brain syndrome’ does not exist in any diagnostic manuals every time the veteran would seek emergency medical assistance for depression or anxiety it was denied by the VA leaving the veteran with a huge medical bill.  Likewise, it would be impossible for any surviving spouse to ever receive benefits since this diagnosis could never be the ‘cause of death’.  There was another situation where the veteran had been wounded on Guadalcanal.  PTSD was not recognized yet by the military as was evidenced by Patton’s memorial slapping of a broken veteran in an effort to get him to face his fears and get back into the fight.  The wounded veteran eventually died of stress related events and causes.  Since there was no diagnosis of PTSD there were no survivor’s benefits for the widow.  The VA is not known for assisting the veteran in getting a full understanding and diagnosis of conditions experienced by the individual.  If a veteran has issues which are not advocated for on the behalf of the veteran, there normally are no attempts by the VA to see that the veteran is covered and therefore, no survivor’s benefits will be paid.  This is commonly experienced by many veterans who were purposely exposed to chemicals and radiation while in the service in efforts for the military to understand the reactions of the human body to certain exposures.  Many times benefits have been died due to carefully written time constraints in which the veteran must have submitted a claim even though symptoms might not have been experienced yet by the veteran.

In many cases it does not matter what the facts might be nearly as much as what is the agenda for the VA in their diagnosis.  I have seen many cases when the records might be clear but the agenda of the VA to keep either issues or a person’s duties quiet has overshadowed doing what was right where the disability benefits of the veteran is concerned.  Many veterans will testify as to how they were exposed to chemical warfare during the Iraqi war but since it was a high priority to keep this information quiet, no claims were ever recognized so far as are known.  During Vietnam while Agent Orange might have finally been recognized there were many other ‘agents’ of numerous color codes.  Each of these chemicals has affected the veteran in their own unique ways.  Since many of these agents were classified, claims were denied.  Many DD214’s or the discharge paperwork for the veteran have had incorrect and even false information thus denying the veteran the benefits due them.  It is not uncommon for veterans to die before the veteran gets recognized for their service and receive benefits promised.   Our government is quick to send our men and women into countries for clandestine missions and equally as quick to deny any responsibility should they get hurt.  One young man who suffered a broken neck while behind enemy lines during the Korean War recently died of complications to his neck affecting his airways.  Since the government did not want any information of having sent him behind enemy lines, there were no benefits paid during the life of the veteran and likewise no survivor’s benefits.  Situations involving rape of male veterans by male veterans, abuse by superiors, or other situations deemed to negatively affect the image of the military are often denied or placed in a revolving door of increasingly needing more documentation thus denying benefits and thus denying survivor’s benefits.

In many cases the veteran has an additional diagnosis of un-employability.  The VA promises that the surviving spouse will receive payments from this un-employability but fail to explain that the couple must be married 20 year after the time in which the diagnosis has rendered.    This means that a couple could have been married for a total of 50 years.  If the veteran was married while in the service and was a ‘lifer’ giving 20 years of service to the military and did not seek any assistance in dealing with issues until 25 years after getting out of the military, his or her spouse could be denied benefits if they were not married for 20 years AFTER the diagnosis of un-employability has been accepted by the VA.  The VA has found numerous loop holes in which they are able to deny any responsibility to take care of the veteran’s surviving spouses.  It is unfortunate that the organization which has promised to care for those who have served our county and their families have become nothing more than a snake oil salesman peddling a pocket full of lies.

Another wonderful surprise which awaits the surviving spouse is that if the veteran dies prior to 0001hrs of the following month that all the benefit received for the previous month is to be returned.  This has to be one of the top ten idiotic expectations of our government.  Who normally keeps a check untouched for 30 days just in case they die during that month?  This I have found to be true because it happened to me.  I was asked by a veteran I knew if I would be willing to take care of any expenses after his death since he did not speak of any family members.  I did as requested after he died.  Shortly thereafter the Department of the Veterans Affairs demanded from the bank the full refund of all funds since the veteran died prior to the end of the month.  The bank then came after me since the VA did not have my information and I was the last to access the veteran’s funds.

Veteran spouses are being forced into situations during probably the worst time in their lives where they are looking at losing their houses and land because not only has their mate’s income stopped but also all the promises from the VA regarding survivor’s benefits has been found to be nothing by lies.  It is unfortunate that the organization which was formed to serve our service personnel has in many cases degenerated into nothing more than a group of sleazy paper pushers who has perfected the art of double talk in order to get out of paying promised benefits.