Monthly Archives: July 2014


Writing a daily blog about an issue is not as easy at many might think. Anyone can sit down and write ‘stuff’ but to actually make it meaningful means it must first run through the writer before it can be written. I have been writing about my country and its present condition. That means I must first sense, feel and then try and process the realities that I perceive regarding the present condition of my country prior to being able to write them down in a blog. It has been relatively clear that I am not a supporter of our present political administration. I see Obama as a calculating individual with a direction for America that any American would have avoided had they truly realized the meaning behind his words ‘radically transform America’. I am not a political scholar and neither do I propose to be one. I am simply an American who loves my country and try to observe things around me.

It is my understanding that the Matterhorn is blown to warn people about the possibility of avalanche. This method of writing is my Matterhorn. I am blowing this Matterhorn in an effort to warn people about the upcoming avalanche that will affect my America. We have increasing numbers on government payroll both employed in public service as well as government aid. We have a decrease in employment. Anyone who wants to claim that employment is increasing needs to drive through the small towns and just see how many closed shops and stores litter the neighborhoods. We have a major drug problem in America that is only being made more complex as millions waltz across our borders without any concern. Many of these are gang members, drug dealers, drug mules, and cartels. They are pumping untold recruits into their drug business here in America. Our leaders are whining about care for the poor children fleeing from oppression while doing nothing to weed out the MS13 and other murderous gang members who are hiding amongst the children. We have people in power with the IRS purposely targeting and being bias against conservatives. We have people in Congress purposely interfering with getting the real truth as to why Americans died in Benghazi. We have an Attorney General who has yet to be honest regarding how American weapons got across the border into the hands of drug cartels to murder Americans.
But I must say that while these things bother me they are not nearly as concerning as the next issue. We have our greatest ally, Israel, fighting for its existence. We have Hamas holding up in hospitals and houses directly putting innocent lives in the line of fire. We also have an administration that seems to be blaming Israel for defending itself. Likewise when Hamas succeeds in getting children killed they are paraded around blaming Israel. I have never known an American leader to hold as much contempt for Israel as I see in Obama. So far Americans have rung their hands regarding Obama, some have said a few things, some have defended him, and others have ignored the whole matter. I am very concerned as to what might be the next step.

What will we do as Americans if Obama tries to call up our military to intervene between Israel and Hamas? Will any of our troops take arms against Israel? Before anyone just says that will never happen I would like them to ask themselves how many things have happened thus far under this President that if you would have been told about earlier would also have simply responded with ‘it would and could never happen’. I never thought I would ever see a President as openly divisive as we presently have in office. I never thought I would ever see a Benghazi and the level of opposition to finding the truth. I never thought I would see the IRS to be used as a political weapon to target those who held contrary point of view then the President. I never thought I would see a President more interested in playing golf than to address issues facing a troubled world, or to visit wounded soldiers, or to even go a few more miles and see what the farmers along the southern border face on a daily basis. I never through I would see a President who plans his schedule around fundraising events.

The Matterhorn is sounding. Now the question is: Who will hear