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War on police

Peoria police volunteer

There is an obvious targeting going on against our uniformed police forces across the nation.  Right now there are many idiotic smug anarchists who are snickering.  But who do these morons believe are going to be coming to their aid after the racist thugs finish shooting the police?  It is beyond comprehension that there might be people out there so stupid as to honestly believe that after the murdering racist baiters are willing to kill armed uniformed officials that they are not going to come after anyone and everyone who disagrees with them as well.  People need to wake up!  If there is to be a war on police officers then it better needs to be seen as a war on humanity in general.  These animals are not going to stop with killing police officers.  If they are willing to murder armed trained individuals they will see unarmed common citizens as sitting ducks.  It is time for the common person to start carrying a concealed weapon and start having the backs of the law enforcement.  There must be a line drawn in the sand for these idiots to know that if you take on the police you take on all law abiding citizens!

It is hard to understand a mentality out there that is able to twist this animalistic behavior into something that they try to defend.  These savages who freely murder police officers have a mentality where life is meaningless.  Don’t bother with the ‘black lives matter’ BS because these racist anarchists are killing police of all colors.  The only color that matters to them is ‘blue’.  As long as they are wearing blue then they are open game.  Well, for the record:  Blue lives matter!  The race baiters are doing everything they possibly can to justify this warped behavior being carried out my murderous thugs who have no respect for any life.  People need to get it through their thick heads that these animals WILL NOT STOP WITH SIMPLY KILLILNG POLICE.  THEY WILL BE COMING AFTER YOU NEXT!  This is why there must be an alliance between the common law abiding citizens and the law enforcement communities.  Take on one of us and you take on ALL of us.

Every blade of grass

every blade of grass

I try to be a realist.  I detest alarmist who run around screaming the sky is falling because I believe more people have died from panic than from actual bad situations.  I also find the liberal who wants to live with their heads buried in the sand and deny things that are biting them in the butt extremely repulsive.  I look at the global and national state and believe that the people need a heavy dose of reality.

It is difficult to truly tell what our Congress is doing in that some are too busying trying to secure themselves a pay raise not being able to live on a salary of over $100,000.00 per year.  Harry Reid is still protesting against the name ‘Redskins’.  Elijah Cummings is upset because Baltimore has not been represented by Congress when he is the representative of Baltimore.  Democrats are worried that the Republicans might do something that makes them look good in the public eye and Republicans seem to be aligning themselves with the most liberal President that has ever invaded the Oval Office.  Russia has all but formally declared war upon the Ukraine.  Radical Islam is making the Middle East into a bloodbath.  Radical Islam is inside the United States threatening to attack at any time key cities.  Obama is trying to open the floodgates for every illegal that has ever set foot in or want to set foot in America with a welcome mat greeting them at the border.  The Democrat front runner for the 2016 Presidential race has ran more guns through Benghazi than Holder did through Mexico and has been caught in so many lies that she appears personally incapable to tell the direct and straight truth.  America probably has more members of the Muslim Brotherhood in our leadership positions than any Muslim country or combination of Muslim countries in the world.  Our President consistently portrays our law enforcement as a bunch of racist bigots who dish out ‘old west’ justice with a KKK style lynch mob mentality while many within his administration keep seeking to bring law enforcement under the control of the federal government totally forgetting how wonderfully well that went for the citizens of Germany under the Schutzstaffel or, as commonly known, the SS.  All this happening as Obama sends one of our most elite fighting forces into Africa to combat a contagious outbreak of Ebola, a disease which in all honesty no one really knows how it is spread.  All this happening while our President openly denies that radical Islam exists, seeks UN support in his anti-gun agenda, and openly makes remarks as to how the world will never belong to those to insult Islam.

There has to be a few sane people still moving around in all this mix.  Our government is clearly blind to reality and deaf to the voices of the people.  All that is really left for the safety and future of the nation is the people.  We cannot control the world.  As Obama has pushed his nuclear agreement with Iran, the world leader in international terrorism, he has started in motion the wheels of a nuclear arms race amongst some of the most unstable nations in the world.  Some of the world leaders who have nuclear weapons do not have the commonsense the Good Lord gave to a mentally challenged duck.  All we really can hope for is to keep our homeland safe and pray that everything survives.

America must return to the mentality of World War II.  Japan did not attack our homeland because they knew that ‘behind every blade of grass would be a citizen with a rifle’.  We must return to that state.  These people who are screaming gun control in today’s present status should be tried for treason.  They are acting against the safety and welfare of the nation during an extreme time of threat.  The only thing that gun control will accomplish would be to make it easy for outside forces to walk across our nation from ocean to ocean without resistance.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to arm themselves.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to carry if able to do so.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to start thinking in a military manner and not in some naïve state waiting for unicorns to come to the rescue.  An unarmed citizen is a target.  Every home should have at least a handgun for defense, long gun for both defense and hunting and a quite mode of hunting should it need to be done without giving away one’s position.  These are not the rambling of a manic but the result of deep and critical thinking.  Our world has been taken over by people who have abandoned the critical mind.  The only hope for America is the critical mind.  People must begin to think for themselves again.  There will come a time where our law enforcement and military will have to decide between following orders verses defending the Constitution and obeying their oath.  Our government has failed the people.  The people can no longer depend upon the government to keep America safe.  That responsibility now falls back upon the people.

Watchman on the wall

horn of warning

In ancient times it was common for there to be a watchman on the city wall.  He would sound his horn to warn of approaching danger and attacks so that the people could defend themselves.  It is beyond time that the warning horn to be sounded loud and long in America.  We are in danger both from within and without and the people are being told that all is well and fine.  All is not well and all is not fine.  America is in deep trouble.  America is in danger.

America has its danger coming from outside of our nation as well as from within.  The head of Homeland Security sees his goal to be the voice for Islam.  Our government has numerous members of the Islamic Brotherhood, a group that is deemed as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations, holding significant rolls in high positions.  Our President has made it clear that he does not believe in radical Islam and therefore does not see radical Islam as a threat.  Our President has made it clear that he is not interested in the long standing alliance with Israel and is determined to formalize the nuclear program of the leading terrorist nation of Iran.  Nuclear talks towards of legitimization of the Iranian nuclear program continue in spite of threats from Iran such as how ‘Iran would welcome a war with the United States’ and how Iran continues to fire upon peaceful ships.  ISIS has made itself known in Texas by trying to pull their classic attack and kill maneuvers merely to be met with American resolve that they will not succeed as they have done in other countries.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations claiming how they have the sleeper cells in numerous states and are planning to attack America from within.  All the time while this is happening, the President and other liberal leaders are pushing to limit gun ownership and the purchase of ammunition for the common citizen.

Obama is seeking to open the floodgates to foreigners without background checks and limiting, if not fully preventing, deportation of criminals.  His amnesty plan cannot be sustained in the American economy and threatens to shut down all social infrastructures through massive overload.  During this time traitors in Congress are supporting and pushing the President’s plans through like men driving cattle towards the cliff’s edge.  Many of our Congress men and women, elected by the people to serve their nation, have become so wrapped in the carb of greed, power and liberalism that they have forsaken the very people who pay their salaries and have joined in the banner pushing for the destruction of the very Constitution and way of life which they have sworn to uphold.

Racism has become a weapon openly and freely used not as a cry of inequality but as an excuse for burning down cities, destroying buildings and life’s dreams of others, and murdering innocent bystanders whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Members of radical and domestic terrorist groups such as the Black Panthers openly call for the murder of police and any and all white people while our Attorney General is too busy investigating things that have the appearance of being just but with her foot squarely on the throat of Lady Liberty.

America has had so many issues of criminal behavior over the past few years that it baffles the mind.  As a person looks at what has been happening in Congress, Secretary of State offices, the White House, Office of the Attorney General, Internal Revenue Services and other key government agencies and it appears more like a scene from an Al Capone movie rather than the sacred offices of our elected leaders.  It is time for the horn to sound loud and clear.  It is time for good people in government, military, law enforcement and other agencies to take a stand for the Constitution and for the liberties of the people and against what the trend and orders from superiors seem to be.  It is time for the liberties of our land to become a significant driving force and not political correctness.  It is time for good people to arm themselves in order to defend their land against any and all forces who seek the downfall of the American way of life.  It is time for a line to be drawn regarding obedience to government or obedience to the Law of the Land.  It is time to aid the old typing exercise of:  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  It has been made clear that America cannot depend upon our government to protect the homeland from terrorist invaders.  It is up to the people to do what the government has refused to do.  It is clear that our President is a weak and impotent leader more interested in the causes of Islam than he is the protection of America.  It is time that the people protected the people.  The Southern border is a security joke.  Our military has been compromised by people who seem more interested in advancement than the oath taken to uphold and defend the Constitution.  Our President has proven himself antagonistic towards any real military.  Others in political leadership have followed suit in their weak kneed approached to American’s defense.  Nations which once respected America now basically laugh at our incompetence as our foreign policy has the direction of the Keystone Cops.

America is in trouble.   Our elected leadership is turning on the very people who elected them to serve.  We are stuck.  All we can hope to do is to defend that which we have and to refuse to allow anyone to take it away.  It is time for Americans to pull their heads out of the sands and to see the reality of our threat.  This is not a very bad dream.  This is our reality.  America is in trouble and it is up to the people to take care of ourselves.  It is up to the person to defend, prepare, and protect all that is held dear.  Our government has betrayed the values and principals of the American way of life.  It is time for the watchers to sound the horn of warning.  The enemy is within the gates.

Our Forefathers


I keep thinking that one day my writing is going to get me in trouble with our government.  But I also believe it is worth the risk.  I was just thinking about our Forefathers.  Yes, while many people think about the sunshine and trees, etc., I like to think about our Forefathers and what got us to where we are presently.  I also think that the rumblings that have been felt in different areas of the country are not earthquakes but our Forefathers rolling over in their graves.  I think that many of those who gave up so much for the founding of our nation looks at things periodically and asks themselves the simple question:  I gave up what for who?

There are many who still keep the vision of our Forefathers alive and well.  Maybe actually more than what the media actually would like people to believe.  One thing that our Forefathers definitely would not tolerate would be cowards.  Unfortunately we have too many cowards in our government.  Let’s name a few names.  John Kerry is a bought and paid for coward.  He was when he turned his back on his fellow Vietnam veterans and is still nothing more than a political call girl for the highest bidder.  Obama is his present ‘John’ and is paying him to betray this country and to sell it over to Iran in the form of a nuclear deal.  Kerry, I believe, is too stupid to understand that Iran is getting and will get a nuclear bomb and will use it against the world.  It will not just be against Israel and the US; the world will feel the effects.  The bimbos who stand in front of the televisions as spokes people for this administration insults airheads.  Whoever made the wild eyed statement that you cannot kill your way out of ISIS and into peace and that you need to give them jobs should really sign up for the Darwin awards program.  Please, would someone bleach the gene pool now and then?  Pelosi and her wise words of: you must pass it in order to know what is in it; take the leading role in the local theater production of ‘The Dunce and I’.  Following Pelosi as the leading lady would be people such as Shelia Jackson Lee, Patty Murray, Elijah Cummings and Hank (Guam is going to tip over) Johnson as backup singers with the Harry Reid and the Nit-wit four.

Our Forefathers would be most entertained with Hillary and have probably had to keel-hauling a ship somewhere on her way over to England for what she has done against this union thus far.  And then there is Obama.  Where do I begin and I am sure that our Forefathers would have also wondered where to begin with Obama likewise.  This man is a traitor to this nation.  He is an insult to the office of President.  George Washington would not waste good horse poop on Obama.  He has taken the office of President and has used his powers to set up America for probably the greatest fight for existence since the 1700’s.  If America makes it to another election is yet to be seen.  The chapter is not written.  Obama has thrown everything and continues to throw all he can in opposition to the greatest experiment ever to be attempted in the history of mankind.

I hope it never comes to anything near what our Forefathers had to face to give birth to this great land.  All I can hope is that if it does that there will be another band of faithful who would be willing to make something near the same sacrifices that our Forefathers did in order to give this nation a beginning.  It is up to us to keep it going.  Which side of history would you be listed?

Forced Mexicanization

wedding candle cerimony

I remember hearing stories of people who came to America as immigrants.  In many families they were not permitted to speak their old language outside of the home, and in some cases not to use the old language at all, because the parents wanted their children to become ‘full’ Americans.  They wanted them to learn English because that was part of becoming American.  The parents felt that if their children were to be able to take maximum advantage of the hope and future that America represented regarding jobs, works and success that their children need to know the language.

English has always been the language of America.  But there are disturbing changes coming to this land.  Recently there have been cases of people coming from Spanish speaking countries who have not been able to find work because they do not speak English and were able to get Social Security Disability.  While it was not mentioned often one of the Jet Blue airliners which crashed in the swamps was found to have been due to a simple fact that the mechanics who installed the air canisters installed them upside down since the instruction manual was in English.  Exit signs, emergency manuals, emergency equipment is all written in English.  So why are children being taught Spanish before being taught English?

I have no problem with any student being taught Spanish.  I have made numerous attempts to try and learn the language myself with varied success.  My problem with the matter comes when it appears to be getting forced upon America rather than being a choice.  It truly bothers me to be in a store and have the announcements in English and Spanish.  If you go to another country you do not have the option of having things given in English and the language of the land.   You either learn the language or you struggle.

I believe that this simple issue is an indicator of a deeper problem.  No country can be divided.  America is being divided into a Spanish America and an English America.  If we are to succeed we need to be a single America and then people can learn whatever they choose.  But to be a divided America does not bode well for the future of the land.  Eventually there will be one group which will become dominate.  Our politically correct mentality seems to be that anything English represents ‘white’ culture.  If it is white is it wrong.  This insane mentality has infiltrated everything in society and has turned right and wrong upside down.  Like so much in the politically correct arena the idea of teaching a child to speak Spanish is innocent and positive.  So if a person disagrees with teaching a child Spanish there can be a wide array of attack by those in favor of it.  But it is more than just teaching a child Spanish.  There is a deeper mentality that most people do not see simply because most people do not deal in deeper matters.  Most people are quite satisfied to simply accept a face value and surface level of issues and matters.

America is, if not has, losing its direction.  Who are Americans?  What are Americans?  What is America?  Where is America heading?  What is the identity of America?  Everyone seems to want their particular culture and idiosyncrasies to be dominate.  But America was originally meant to be a melting pot.  In a melting pot that which is placed inside it melts and becomes one with the other elements placed inside.  If you put butter and lard into a pan after they melt you cannot separate the butter from the lard.  You cannot put one on one side of the pan and the other on the other side of the pan.  They melt together forming one element.  If you melt a lead toy soldier and a lead fishing weight they do not remain separate.  They form one unit.  The melting pot is America.  The form and fashion is supposed to be America.  There is not supposed to be multiple fashions or components in the melting pot.  Yet with the politically correct mentality of everyone being Asian-American, Italian-American, Polish-American, African-American, Mexican-American, and everyone else-American, the concept of a melting pot disappears.  The product becomes fractured.  Just like a metal that does not blend well is easily cracked and destroyed so is the threat to America as the concept of a single unit dissipates.

When I was performing marriages I would encourage my couples who wanted to use a unity candle not to blow out the two side candles after lighting the unity candle.  I would tell them that they remained individuals while they also are making a signal unit.  It seems like people believe that if they ever make a signal nation that they might lose their cultural uniqueness.  Just the opposite happens.   By making a single unit, or a single nation or culture they do not lose that which they add to the country.  It is by the uniqueness people make a great nation.  But by the resistance to want to form a single nation they never light that center candle.  They never form a single light because they prefer to remain separate and unique.  Instead of their unique characteristics adding to the building of the nation they actually divide the nation into little separate groups fighting for recognition and separate identity.  Instead of building a strong America they splinter it into small pieces bent upon a selfish identity.  They insist upon something that never has been, never could be, and never was intended to be America.

Why do the blacks complain?

baltimore black riots

The purpose of this article is to ask simple questions dealing with fact and not emotion.  It is possible to do so and not be a racist.  I am so fed up with the term racist that I personally believe Martin Luther King would have been giving his donations to the sewer gods by now.  I believe he would be sick at the misuse of the term.  Everything is not racism.  I listen to the media and basically all I am hearing is excuses for bad behavior.  The riots of Baltimore are because the blacks are oppressed and not heard or understood.  The riots of Ferguson were because the blacks are oppressed and not heard or understood.  Excuse me but I don’t buy it!

I can hear the liberals about now going into shock at such a statement.  But as I look at the data I do not see support for their excuses.  I am tired of their excuse that whites have all the privileges.  White people are not the only race capable of racism.  Living in Chicago during the 60’s and 70’s I remember hearing about the kids being shot on the basketball court by Black Panthers simply because they were white.  I remember my brother being harassed by the black kids simply because he was the new white boy in the junior high school.  I remember the fear in his eyes when I was beginning to roam around with a group of kids at a convention in the heart of Chicago and he told me to get back to the hotel.  He knew more first hand of the kids in his school that had been shot because they were white.  I have worked in environments when I was the only ‘white’ person on the American Indian reservation and I was blamed for everything from Custer to Columbus.  All the while knowing I was more ‘Indian’ than my blonde haired blue eyed antagonist.  Everyone who has ever done anything outside their comfort zone knows harassment and racism.  It is not something especially unique to black people.

I hear how the blacks have so many problems with the educational system not bending or making things so that they are able to fit into the vernacular and traditions of the black youth.   But the school system is attempting to teach that youth the correct way to speak in a world where people are supposed to act professional.  It is such a breath of fresh air when I hear leading people in the professional black community speak out about how a black youth will never get a job as long as he wears his pants around his ankles and tries to talk like an illiterate thug. I hear the excuses for the bad behaviors of some of the black youths as a result of police bias.  Incarceration rates of blacks are at approximately 22% within the prisons while the Hispanic rates are at approximately 9%.   The blacks say that the high incarceration is because they do not have an opportunity for education, jobs, family breakdown and poverty.  The Hispanic communities have a dropout rate 32% higher than the black communities and a higher teen pregnancy rate of 42% versus 39% yet the Hispanics receive approximately 11% less federal funding and have a significantly lower incarceration rate.

It is time to strip away excuses.  It is time to strip away all the other so called reasons for bad behavior.  It is time to take away the ‘poor me’ mentality.  Over the years every race has had abuse.  People do not hear about the abuse against the Japanese or Jews in this country.  This is mainly because both of those social groups have decided they would not allow certain behaviors to identify them.  They chose to succeed.  There comes a point in time when society must look at reality and facts.  There are some black youths who choose to succeed and do so.  They are not defined by a group of peers but choose to be unique and come out from the shadows and be productive.  They do not want to be defined by either a victim mentality nor do they want to be defined by a mentality of dependency.  They see opportunities and they take them.  This is again another reason against the idea that the poor black teen is a victim of his environment and held down by the masses.  There comes a point in reality where people must begin to see that many of these black youths are held down by their own choices.  They are their own worst enemy.  They are the product of their own making.  It is not ‘the man’ or society that has trapped them into a culture that has a downward spiral but themselves.  They have become their own worst enemy.

As long as there are no negative consequences for riots, burning other people’s property, destroying other people’s businesses, or attacking authority figures such as police, this type of behavior will continue.  As long as there are the Al Sharpton’s among us who make excuses for the bad and criminal behavior under the guise of a ‘poor me’ mentality these actions will proliferate.  As long as the media will pick up the mantle of the black youth and make him or her an example of martyrdom there will never be change.  Only as the black youth takes charge of their own behaviors and situations will there ever be change in the black communities.  Only as they choose to make change will there ever be change.  The enemy of the black youth is the black youth.