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Nothing wrong with Indiana


America is the land of liberty and freedom.  People are allowed to make their own choices.  It is not needed for those choices to be approved by others or even popular.  The only real need for restrictions is when those choices invade upon the liberties of others.  Recently there have been a number of cases where homosexual couples who are getting married and Christian business owners who do not support homosexuality have clashed.  When this clash occurs typically it is the business owner who receives the brunt of the conflict.  There are so many ‘rights’ in favor supporting the homosexual agenda and lifestyle.  But where are the ‘rights’ of the religious choices for the business owners?

There are numerous accounts where in one fell swoop a Christian business owner is bankrupt or out of business because they felt it would violate their religious beliefs to support a homosexual marriage.  There is no need to enumerate them here since it is a simple matter of a basic internet search.  The couple is not prevented from getting married; they just simply have to find their products from another supplier.  This is an action that is commonplace to anyone who has ever planned a wedding.  But the problem seems to be viewed as an action of civil rights violation of the homosexual couple as the business owner refuses to violate their religious beliefs.  There are so many concerns over the civil rights of the homosexual couple that no one seems to care about the civil rights of the business owners.

But this issue goes deeper than just the religious rights of a business owner not to be forced to do that which they believe would violate their particular values.  In America today there seems to be a war on Christianity.  Schools are forced to no longer have ‘Easter’ break because it is seen as a Christian holiday so it has its name changed to ‘spring’ break.  Christmas carols are no longer permitted in many schools since they are seen as being Christian in nature.  It does not matter that these carols have been a traditional part of the Christmas celebration for centuries.  Christmas is under attack as seen as a Christian holiday regardless of its global celebration.  Bible studies are being canceled because they are Christian.  Gideon’s are not permitted in many school districts to pass out New Testaments being seen as a violation of the civil rights of those who do not believe in God.  There is even growing number of cases where private gathering are being forced to have permits even in private homes.  Where are the protections of the civil rights for Christians?

What I seen happening in Indiana is a governor who is finally willing to take a stand against the tide.  Someone is finally standing up for the civil rights of the Christian business owner.  If an Islamic group protests the selling of bacon there is no governmental organization or civic rights groups telling them they are violating the civil rights of anyone.  If an Islamic group forces a school system to change things because it violates their religious beliefs there is no voice screaming how their religious beliefs needs to take a back seat to the civil rights of the students.  But if a Christian group wants to take a stand for their religious beliefs then suddenly they are seen as violating people’s civil rights and must be forced to change.  This is not a civil rights issue.  This is a war on Christianity issue.

The Christian business owner has the right to run their business as they deem fit.  They have a right not to be forced to change those values just to satisfy others.  There is also an expectation on the couple who wants to get married.  If they know a business hold Christian values contrary to homosexuality they really should have better sense than to go into that business demanding they meet the needs of the wedding and then get upset when those demands are not met.  Anyone can go into any business and purchase anything they want at any time that business is open.  But if I want that business to provide something different than what I can openly purchase, or need to have made especially for my event then I am entering an agreement where I am now asking that business to do something above what is regularly available.  It is an experience that countless people who have planned any major event has experienced where you are working out details on how things are going to be finalized that that not all the details are meeting the expectations of the couple.  Instead of making the business do what they normally do not do, usually the couple simply finds another provider for those services.  This may be the typical response for everything except where Christian values are concerned.  Somehow when it is a matter dealing with Christian values it has become commonplace for the couple to be allowed to scream and yell discrimination and how the business is now violating their civil rights.  Where is the common sense needed for the couple to first take a closer look at the business and find out the products they typically produce like most couples are forced to do with any other business?

People who are elected into office of political leadership are elected because they are supposed to be leaders.  Leadership is supposed to be something that takes courage.  Personally, I think it is about time at least one of our political leaders decided to show some courage and take a leadership role in protecting the civil rights of Christian business owner.  Thank you Indiana!

The Iran plan

scorpion on a turtle

I cannot fully say that Obama would never have had nuclear talks with Iran that Iran would never be able to get a nuclear weapon.  They have lied their way through the sanctions and have hidden reactors and other sites for years.  Even without a nuclear agreement with Iran I believe they would have had a nuclear weapon within our lifetimes.  What I do believe the agreement talks have done has been bringing their nuclear process more out in the open and are being given a ‘blessing’ of the United States.  It is commonsense that if Iran agrees to a few hundred reactors that they will be secretly building a few thousand.  What any agreement with Iran has done is have given Iran the ability to get a nuclear weapon probably within this decade.

There is no real question within the minds of open and critical thinkers that Obama does not favor Islam in most any form and is not favorable towards Israel.  I never thought I would see the day that a US President would act so hostile towards Israel as Obama.  I also never thought I would see the day when an American President would be so openly and purposely blind to the actions of radical Islamic factions as Obama.  His ties with questionable groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood are truly an insult to the image and reputation of the United States.  He behaves himself in an arrogant fashion which makes America look like a laughing stock and fools on a global stage.  His gum chewing and other social blunders has been a social disgrace to other nations who pride themselves on proper dignities.  It is difficult to know if he truly believes what Iran says when they ‘promise’ never to build a nuclear weapon or if he at some level wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  If he believes Iran he must be so naïve to be on some level psychotic.  If he does not believe Iran then he is a fool to allow them open reactors.  Either way it does not look good for society as a whole.

It does not take a political expert to understand that Iran’s ability to eventually have a nuclear weapon will not passively sit well with the rest of the Middle East.  This area is a powder keg just waiting for the right spark.  Now just imagine this area as a nuclear armed area.  It is not hard to picture suicide bombers carrying dirty bombs rather than TNT.  It does not take a stretch of the imagination to picture plane carrying nuclear explosives.  These are the realities of a nuclear Middle East.

Even more alarming than the idea of a nuclear Middle East is the idea of a sitting US President who has all the outward appearance of being either mentally or emotionally unstable.  It actually is painful to write that statement because of the high regard that there normally is for a US President.   I truly do not know which direction this President is taking America.  The problem is also that where ever this President takes America the rest of the world will tend to also go.  There has been created a huge void in the world political arena which was normally filled by America.  America has stepped aside from that position creating an open area that has been a major global structural support column.  The key opening has seen the rise of Russia being a land hungry bear and ISIS a blood lusting animal.  In reality the fate of America is yet to be written and likewise that of the world.  It is not that Barack Obama is so powerful as to alter the state of global events.  But an impotent American President who observes more than acts can allow in motion events that can alter the lives of many.

It is not that America is taking a passive role regarding Iran but has actually been fostering a friendly relationship with Iran.  There is an old proverb about a scorpion which was stranded on land and was about to die if it could not cross over a lake onto safety.  The scorpion asked a turtle to please ferry it across.  After so many times of the turtle expressing his concern about the scorpion stinging and killing him the scorpion devoutly promised not to sting the turtle.  To which the turtle agreed to ferry the scorpion to safety.  Once on the other side of the lake the scorpion promptly stung the turtle.  As the turtle was dying he asked the scorpion why he stung him after he promised he would not do so.   To this the scorpion replied:  I am a scorpion and scorpions naturally sting.  I only did that which was natural.  I fear with all the promises Iran makes not to get a nuclear weapon while also shouting death to America and to wipe Israel off the face of the earth that Iran is only waiting to get on the other side into safety before it does that which seems so easily to come naturally to Iran, and that is to lie.

Is it time?


How many times do things need to happen to start seeing a pattern?  How many people need to die before steps are finally put in place to prevent future deaths?  How many people must die before political correctness gets placed aside and preventative steps enacted?  In the news there have recently been three significant cases of airplane crashes.  According to a 20/20 report the chances of dying in a commercial airliner crash is 1 in 15 million.  Take that and calculate the odds of having three jetliners crash in less than six months.  Now add one more factor into the mix.  What are the odds of having three commercial jetliners crash in six months with one thing in common in each flight?  After a while a person no longer needs to be a rocket scientist to see a unique pattern that raises suspicion.

In many cases there are still investigations which are ongoing.  But there have been enough discoveries into the crashes to raise serious suspicion.  The Mozambique fight that disappeared was piloted by Herminio dos Santos Fernandes who was a Portuguese convert to Islam and who kept his original name.  AirAsia flight QZ8501 was piloted by Captain Iriyanto an Indonesian who was a devout Muslim.  Malaysia flight 370 was piloted by Fariq Abdul Hamid and Zaharie Ahmad both Muslim converts.  Royal Air Maroc Flight 630 Younes Khayatia was a Moroccan Muslim.  Now there are some reports based upon social media information gleaned from the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that Andreas Lubitz had recently converted to Islam.  There begins to be a pattern.  Three of these air accidents occurred within less than six months’ time.

I know right about now that there are some with blood running from their ears because their head has just exploded.  I hear the cries of racism and Islamophobia.  I do not care what religion a person chooses but when it comes to affecting the lives of innocent people who had entrusted those lives into the care of pilots of aircraft, religion and everything else regarding that person becomes an issue.  The odds of even three airliners to crash in six months’ time all having pilots of the same religion are extremely small.  While I do not know the exact figure I would tend to assume that I would have a greater chance of winning the Lotto, being struck by lightning, and having a Killer Whale drop on my house all within two hours of each other.

All I am saying in this article is that this is something worth discussion and seeking further discoveries.  The prime new media will never discuss the similarities of the pilots and their religious preferences.  But there are undeniable facts through recent history of radical Islam calling for the slaughter of innocent people in the name of Islam.  Police officers have been attacked simply because a radical convert to Islam was told to do so.  Suicide bombers go into cafes where women and children are enjoying a time away never to go home again.  If anything was learned from 9/11 is that anything can happen.  Radical Islam has been and is increasing in being a major problem for the world population.  In the name of their religion they kill for the sake of killing and earning some kind of points in their afterlife and their 72 virgins.  The hold that radical Islam has and its brainwashing which is able to take what appears to be sane people and turns them into mass murdering monsters needs to be examined.  I am not saying that all who practice Islam are monsters set to slaughter the innocent.  I am sure that there are some who follow the teachings of Islam who simply want to practice the religion they are familiar with in peace.  But what I am saying is that maybe it is time for religion to be examined in these recent air tragedies.  Likewise maybe it is time that there is never only one person allowed to be in the cockpit of an airliner at any one time.  Additionally, as in the case of Malaysian flight 370 maybe it is time that there will never be two converts to Islam allowed flying together.

I know this is not what people want to hear.  Basically that is just too bad if it offends anyone.  If I was a family member of one of those killed in the recent airliner disasters I would be demanding answers.  I would not care if it offended anyone or not.  I would not care if it stepped on religious toes or not.  I would DEMAND to know why my family member got on an airplane in good working condition and was murdered by a pilot or copilot who simply seemed to decide one day that he was going to fly his plane and all those depending upon him for a safe flight into the ground.  I would not care about political correctness.  I would not care who I offended.  I would want answers.

Radical Islam has created this mess.  Radical Islam has been the ones who have made people suspicious of them and their motives.  Radical Islam has been the ones who have put into motion any concern for the life and well-being of non-Muslims who are in their care.  This is not the result of hatred for a religion.  This is not the result of people who want to burn crosses on front lawns.  This is not the result of some kind or racism.  This is the result of watching untold numbers being slaughtered in the name of Islam by idiots who think that by killing innocent people that their god is going to give them some blessing.  This is a result of watching fathers kill their daughters in the name of Islam because they dated or looked at the wrong person.  This is a result of a religion that acts more like 1015 than 2015.  This is a result of watch a perversion of what some may call a peaceful religion, and maybe very much be at its core, and take off their heads with a sadistic glee.  This is a result of watching radical rabid animals in the name of Islam do that which even rabid animals would have more dignity than to do.  Do not blame society for questioning Islam.  Blame those radicals in Islam for what they have done to society.  Maybe it is time to seriously question Islam.

United we Stand!

united we stand

After 9/11 the motto of ‘United we stand’ took on a special meaning.  We stopped momentarily being different races, creeds, histories, and became Americans.  There was a pride in America and in being an American.  We stopped for a while being separate entities and become a whole unit.  It was interesting to read an article recently stating where the Crips and Bloods have temporally formed a pseudo-peace in order to unite in fighting ISIS and radical Islam.  While I could hear the screams and cries of horror from my old English teacher as the representatives of both Crips and Bloods were expressing in words only they could understand the need for them to unite against these foreign threats, the significance of their actions was clear.  People must unite in the face of the foreign threats that America faces.  IF, and the operative word is IF, Americans can unite and get over our various differences then ISIS and radical Islam WILL face a force they could never imagine should they ever make the mistake of attacking American homeland.

I am confident that there are those in America who follow the teachings of Islam who are not radicals and simply want to enjoy a religion they are familiar with in peace.  That does not mean that I do not also believe that there are radicals of Islam in America who want nothing more than to see America fall under the hand of radical Islam, sharia law forced upon everyone and the Constitution shredded.  I also see a nation where every effort appears to be taken to divide it leaving it vulnerable.  I see a nation where our leadership is so blindly dedicated to the protection of Islam that it is willing to jeopardize the safety of America through their refusal to see any legitimate threat.  By refusing to acknowledge that radical factions of the religion of Islam exists our government is also refusing to acknowledge that there may be any risk of internal attack by radical Islam as being seen in other countries.  According to the mentality of our President and this administration if there are pockets of ‘Islam’ in America then they are only peaceful and present no threat to America.  This level of total denial is equal to a person arrested on their 10th DUI, having an open jug of whiskey in their car, blood alcohol level five times the legal limit, long history of jobs and relationships lost due to their drinking, multiple physical problems due to alcohol, yet still holding to the defense that there is no problem.  It baffles the rational mind as to how this administration can possibly truly believe there is no such thing as radical Islam.

Since it is clear that America cannot depend upon our present administration or its leadership to defend America’s homeland, it is up to Americans to do it themselves.  We must stop any forms of division.  White, black, red, brown, yellow; the colors must stop existing and must be meaningless.  Nations of origin must cease in importance as we all become one America.  Unit we will stand.  It is up to the people to defend our country.  Anyone who keeps the divisions tearing at the core of any sense of unity must be seen as part of the problem and part of the threat.  Either people are a part of the unifying elements within America facing internal threats or they are part of the threat itself.  Those who want to hold that ISIS is welcome on their university campus have declared unity with ISIS and radical Islam.  They have joined themselves with the threat and the enemy.  Anyone who wants to take those who are striving to keep America safe such as our police or military and compare them to ISIS have just declared their position against a unified America.  They have just declared themselves as loyal to ISIS and radical Islam and therefore have declared themselves as part of the enemy.  There must be a distinct and clear line drawn.  Either a person is part of a unified America against ISIS and radical Islam or they are against America and part of ISIS and radical Islam.  There is no middle ground.  If the gang members of the Crips and Bloods are able to recognize that in a divided America there will not be many survivors, then every rational individual within the shores of this nation should be able to do the same.

It is time to stop the insanity.  Iran must NEVER get the nuclear elements required to build a nuclear weapon because in spite of all the wonderful words and rhetoric expressed by the leaders of their nation and ours, America and Israel WILL be the recipient of that nuclear weapon.  Radical Islam must be identified, recognized and removed.  If radical Islam continues to be ignored due to blind obedience and devotion to the religion of Islam by our President and other political leaders, there will be wholesale slaughter in America at the hands of radical Islam.  America cannot be fighting radical Islam while denying the existence of radical Islam.  America cannot be fighting radical Islam while funding the nations that support radical Islam.  There MUST be a change in policy of America regarding these threats.  Since there does not appear to be any desire for change on the part of our political leadership then it is up to the people of America.  United we WILL stand!

Pardon me if you are offended

flag and eagle

There is so much being said about not offended people.  From school dances being cancelled to shirts portraying flags being banned, the emotions of others seem to be the priority of those in authority.  While this appears to be wonderfully full of butterflies and unicorns it also if completely full of horse kaka!

I do not care if we are America, France, Great Britain, Mexico or any other country which could be named, there will be national pride.  You go to a country and you will see the national flags.  You go to any country and you will see THAT country being promoted and exonerated.  You go to any country and you will be EXPECTED to follow the laws of that country.  You go to any country and you will have better be aware of the particular nuances of that country, its values, standards, and its customs.  Do not expect that country to change simply because you are a foreigner entering its borders.  Do not expect that country to understand if you break any of its laws that you are a foreigner in that country and were ignorant.  Do not expect that country to readily forgive if you break social protocol simply because you are from another country.  Yet all of these things are expected of America.

America is a great country with a great heritage.  It has stood the gap between dictators and tyrants for decades.  It has fed friends and enemies alike.  It has poured billions of tons of food into countries to feed to poor and hungry even though their governments may have sworn to kill America.  There is no other country that has given more money or food around the world than America.  It is this unique pride in America that has set America apart from all other countries around the globe making it an example of life and liberty.  My roots go deep into America and this land.  My ancestors fought in the American Revolution setting this nation free from England rule.  My ancestors were early immigrant settlers fleeing religious persecution to a new land.  My ancestors roamed the lands and hunted as Native Americans before the first settlers set foot on the new soil.  My roots run deep in this land.  I make neither excuse nor apology for my pride as an American!

It is time that the newbies to this country begin to change and not the country change for the newbies.  If a person comes to a country there is something about that country that draws them.  If they do not like the uniqueness of that country then there is no reason for a foreigner to come here.  This is America.  Expect to see the flag flown on streets, buildings and clothing.  Expect our laws to stand as the supreme rule of governing.  Expect our Constitution to remain the final authority for our nation.  Expect freedom to be for everyone and that no one party or group is going to be permitted to run rough shod over anyone else.  This nation was formed on Christian principles.  This is fact and only needs a basic review of historical fact in order to see its reality.  Expect that America will have Christian holidays and festivals.  Do not even begin to think about changing it.  Any foreigner coming to America does not even have a beginning of a right to expect that they should be able to change these basic points of life in America.  They need to remember that they chose to come to America.  America did not force them to come here; they chose to come here on their own free will.

If this is found offensive the reality is that this IS America.  America has stood for centuries as America.  It has not stood because it changed at every whim of those who have come to our shores.  America has stood because of its pride.  Americans are proud of what our flag represents.  Our flag has stood against the blood lust of others.  Our flag stood to mean a force with which the enemy knew would not back down nor give up.  From the Alamo to the hills of Afghanistan our flag represented a power that was not going to stand for oppression.  To many that may be offensive.  If that is offensive I make no apology!

Our roots run deep.  Our pride runs even deeper.  Never expect Americans to change just to please the foreign masses.  There are many within our government who are doing everything in their power to reduce, diminish, and even eliminate the core of America in an effort to make us more ‘pleasing’ to others.  Never mistake our meekness as weakness!   There are those who have actively sworn to destroy America.  There is an account of a Prisoner of War in Vietnam who was able to hide a small American flag.  He knew the power of that flag.  Even if the flag is destroyed be completely assured that no one, no power, and no authority will ever destroy the flag that every American keeps hidden within.  Do not ever underestimate the power of that flag which lies within the soul of every American.  Should there ever be a power, force, religion, or leader who tries to oppress America and make the mistake of attacking our shores, there will be a force with which would demand a reckoning.  There will be an underground network of opposition that would be the absolute nightmare of any attacking and oppressing force.  Be assured that our liberties have been honed for many generations and so have our ability to fight for them.

Many have made ovations to change America.  Many have made remarks and boasts about changing America by force.  Others have yelled and screamed how America must change just to please them because they are offended.  I would highly encourage these people to walk carefully.  You are in MY country.  I assure you that your accolades will only be tolerated for a time.  Your threats to ‘take back’ this country; boasts about destroying America; claims about how America must change because it does not comply to someone else’s rule of law; and even the desires of some nations to kill America and its allies simply because of our faith and liberties; I truly would encourage you NEVER to act upon your statements.  You may talk but I would recommend it end there.  This is America.  We will NOT go away.  We will NOT change to please you.  We will NOT be ashamed of our flag, liberties or heritage.  We will NOT hide our pride.  WE ARE AMERICANS!

Please explain

nuclear Iran

Khamenei just called again for death to America.  Iran has been making these calls and demands against America as well as for Israel to be wiped off the face of the map.  I would like to have someone please explain why Obama is planning to transfer close to $12 Billion from the US to Iran by July.  As taxpayers, this is our money that is being sent to the very people whose hands are covered in American blood and who seeks the destruction of both America as well as Israel.  We deserve answers.  We DEMAND answers.

Iran supports terrorism.  It has been proven that many of the IEDs experienced by our troops in Iraq were made in Iran.  Iran may appear to be ‘friendly’ as they are fighting against ISIS but do not be confused.  Iran is neither our friend nor ally.  Secretary Kerry and President Obama are bound and determined to secure a secret nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama states that after the deal is signed that it will be then that he will speak to the American people about the details.  We are talking about a nation that consistently has called for the death of America and Israel.  We are talking about a nation that has been breaking agreements for years.  We are talking about a regime that has a proven record of not being trustworthy.  Now our top leaders are saying that we can trust Iran in an agreement that ultimately will be placing them on the road, if they are not there already, to obtain nuclear weapons.  This is insanity!

Where are the rest of America’s elected leadership?  Treason is supposed to be a crime where someone supports the enemies of America.  Giving aid and support to the enemy was also supposed to be a crime.  This is the same Iran that held Americans hostage for over a year.  This is the same Iran who has been holding an American pastor as prisoner simply because he is a Christian pastor for over a year.  This is the same Iran that abuses, tortures and kills women under sharia law on a regular basis.  This is the same Iran who views stoning women as a regular spectator event.  This is the same Iran who hangs people for being homosexual.  This is the same Iran that is guilty of systematic abuses of human rights.  Yet Obama and Kerry praise Iran for their advancements.  This is beyond any comprehension.

Our Congressmen and women know what Obama is attempting to do with this nuclear deal with Iran.  They know that Iran has given no reason in the past to be believed that they ONLY want peaceful usages of nuclear power.  Our Congress people know that Iran has backed terrorism and still calls for the death of America and Israel.  The blood of every American or Israeli that is killed by any weapon made by Iran, and even a fool has to know that much of the $12 Billion that is going to Iran will be used for making weapons, is on the hands of every Congress person who does not do everything in their power to stop Obama’s plan.  As Iran obtains nuclear weapons the blood of every global citizen will be on the hands of the Congress person who has not done everything in their power to stop Obama.  Our Congress people know what is happening.  Our Congress people are to be held accountable.  People know that Iran WILL get nuclear weapons regardless of all the claims Iran makes regarding their innocence.  The blood of each and every victim of Iran today and in the future falls upon the hands of OUR Congress for not stopping Obama and his plans.

What has happened?

what has happened

Secretary of State John Kerry praises Iran with the advances they are making towards an agreement regarding allowing them to continue with their nuclear program the same day when the leader of Iran calls for the death of America.  Valerie Jarrett is proud to be a follower of Islam and friend of Louis Farrakhan a leader of the radical Islamic group the Nation of Islam while ISIS and other radical Islamic groups target our service men and women along with their families.  Obama makes the statement how there is no such thing as radical Islam all the time while priceless historical artifacts are being destroyed solely because they are not in according with their teaching of Islam.  There are so many things happening in this administration that are more than questionable.  Hillary Clinton deletes messages from a questionable private server because she deems them as personal and unimportant.  Eric Holder protects Black Panthers who were clearly intimidating voters at a voting booth.  Marxist and Communists proudly march through the White House unembarrassed at their political views and more than glad to share their ‘advance political beliefs’.  Where does the insanity end and treason begin?  What has happened to loyalty, devotion, truth, and responsibility?

I would tend to put forward that if someone was taken from the 1980’s America and suddenly dropped into present day America they would swear they were in a foreign country.  Things are happening that was never even considered able to happen in America.  I see a President who is standing in a line of dignitaries in Japan chewing gum looking more like a James Dean impersonator at a high school prom than the President of the greatest nation on earth.   Absolute lies and garbage are being spread as fact such as the statements of America being a Muslim country and that Islam has always been a part of American history.  There is no factual basis for this statement yet it comes from the President of the United States.  It is not uncommon for politicians to lie to the American people, which would have been grounds for that politician to have severe repercussions if our Forefathers would still be around, but the statements coming from Obama is utter flights of fantasy.  Either Obama is total delusional, which is a scary prospect knowing the power he is supposed to hold, of he is total insane, which is even more of a scary proposition if he truly believes some of the statements he makes.  What has happened to the office of the President?

I listen to some of our Congress people make statements such as how they are afraid the presence of the Navy is going to make Guam tip over, someone else is going to ‘set herself on fire if Obama does not get his way’, and another who seems to historically have the Democrats confused with the Republicans regarding who supported the black population after the Civil War.  I listen to Pelosi with her ‘we must pass it to know what is in it’ and then watch her run across the floor of Congress because a speaker said something she did not like some school yard bully who has just targeted their next mark for someone’s lunch money.  I listen to anti-gun arguments of how background checks will keep illegal people from getting illegal guns much like making the Black market illegal was supposed to stop the flow of arms and goods.  I hear how guns kill people, then extra magazines kill people, then how certain ammo kills people, all the while the gun, magazine and bullets just sit on the table never jumping up to attack.  What has happened to our elected leaders needing to be smarter than a box of rocks?

I see Russia attacking the Ukraine and threatening Danish ships with nuclear weapons.  I see Jordan, a Muslim country, taking a leading role in the war against radical Islam while America tries to figure out if radical Islam even exists.  I see an American President backing the enemies of Israel and openly snubbing one of the greatest allies America.  Healthcare is available to a few who could not get it before because they fell through some of the cracks in the system because others who had good health care and lost it due to the Affordable Health Care act lost their coverage and are forced to pay more for their new coverage.  I see billions of US taxpayer dollars wasted on corporations that have no basis for support and go bankrupt, or go towards nations which opposed America and the American way of life and instead promote the very mentality that have been killing innocent men, women and children based solely on their religion, or I see millions of taxpayer dollars spend to allow the President to have a ‘date’ with his wife in a different state or go for more vacations around the globe than most Americans have in a lifetime.  Where does the insanity end?  Right is now wrong.  Up is now down.  Racism is based upon what color of jelly bean a person eats.  As the song used to say:  Stop the world I want to get off!  What has happened to accountability, ethics and common sense?

At our present rate, IF America makes it to the next election we probably only have ONE more shot to get things right.  This insanity must cease.  Accountability for what our elected officials say, believe and do must be reinstated.  Yes, America is a melting pot of ideas but not when those ideas are the same philosophies that run contrary to the very core of American values are they permitted in our governmental leaders.  People must be removed from office that makes statements that are so farfetched as to baffle an intelligent mind.  These people who act and talk like they should not be allowed to roam the streets alone should not be allowed to make laws that govern a nation.  America must have direction again.  America is seen as a boat floating along on a lake with no paddle, rudder or means of propulsion.  America is going to be held accountable if things do not change for sitting back while innocent people are being butchered simply because of what they believe.   What has happened to my country?