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Got your six

thin blue line

Our politicians have thrown our police under the bus for the sake of votes.  Many have abandoned the very people who protect them for the sake of power and position.  The war on law enforcement continues with the blessing of groups like Black Lives Matter as they make the chants against law enforcement and people such as the various race baiters who would go broke if race ever ceased to exist continue to fan the flames of hate against the police.  There is something that these people have failed to take into consideration.  That is the common citizen.  There are many of us who are armed, trained, willing and ready to watch the backs of those who risk everything every day.  If a person thinks this war on the police is a race thing they are a fool.  If they think that it is just a police thing then they are more stupid than a box of rocks.  Let us get one things very clear.  Anyone who is willing to attack an armed and trained uniformed police officer will not hesitate one second to kill and unarmed untrained citizen who happens to get in their way.  This is why this war on the police must stop.  The only way any war stops is when the enemy fears their opponent.  Only then will this war cease.  Those who want to harm law enforcement must be made to fear those of us who will back our law enforcement.

This is a call for all citizens who love life and being able to live without fear from some moron who wants to demand his or her way through threats and intimation to step up and be noted.  If you can carry legally then do so.  If you see a law enforcement officer gassing his rig, out to eat or doing something that might pose a threat, pause and make sure they are safe.  If someone tries to hurt them, help them.  If that officer does not go home that night and you had an opportunity to aid him or her and you did not, then the harm that came upon that officer and their family is on YOUR head.  I do not tell anyone to do anything illegal because I do not want someone in an ugly suit knocking on my door.  What I will say is that whatever it takes for that officer to be able to go home at the end of their shift is fine by me.

The only thing that stands between anarchy and you is that officer.  If that line is breeched, the citizen will feel its effects.  If you do not care about yourself then realize that your parents, siblings and children will feel the ramifications.  Anyone willing to harm a police officer will harm a civilian.  There is no honor in harming a police officer.  There is no nobility in the riots.  There is no dignity in the protest that attack innocent people and destroys their property.  If a person wanted truly to simply protest something they can do so without destroy of property or threats to others.  I call upon every law abiding citizen to be the unseen eyes and ears for law enforcement.  I call upon everyone who loves to live in peace to be vigilant for those who are there to protect you.

I get so irritated at the critics of law enforcement.  Now I am not naive.  I know there are some bad officers because I carry some emotional scars from them.  But while I have never been a commissioned law officer I have been behind a badge and a warehouse at zero dark thirty looking for people who had not regard for others.  I have had positions where my cargo made my life not even worth the papers my name was written upon.  I know what it is like to know that the only thing standing between you coming home and not coming home is being a little crazier than your opposition and those who would do your harm.  I would love to stick some of these nitwit politicians who have no greater threat during the day than possible heartburn from eating too rich of foods, out with a target on their chest in the middle of the concrete jungle to see how long they would last.

I do not care if you are democrat, republican, white, black, brown or pink; the bullet that the thug will send the direction of a police officer would be just as easily sent in your direction.  It is time that the enemy feared good people again.  It is time that a line is drawn and this time when a line is drawn it means NO MORE.  We WILL have the backs of law enforcement.  We WILL watch out for them.  We WILL attack those who seek to do them harm.  We WILL with full vengeance and rightful anger be the unseen guardians for those who risk everything for an ungrateful people.  The politicians have made it so that the criminals do not fear the law so it is time that the criminals feared the people.  WE WILL STRIKE BACK!   We are armed; we are trained; we are willing; we are capable; we WILL HAVE THE BACK OF ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT.  ANY AND ALL WHO SEEK TO HARM LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE!


When is it treason

Obama and japan

Growing up during the Cold War era there were many very real threats to America and the American way of life.  It was a time between the United States and the USSR of intense tension.  We wondered about the threat that was posed of outside forces infiltrating America and corrupting society slowly eroding the way of life that Americans had become to take for granted.  I remember the threat of nuclear war and our being told to ‘take shelter under our desk’.  Knowing what we know now about nuclear war all hiding under out desk would accomplish might be easier identification of our remains.  Our nation survived the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam riots, civil unrest, various wars and international conflicts, recession, housing market crash, unemployment and more things than could be printed in this simple space.  But I believe that Barack Obama has done more to destroy the American way of life and to threaten the future existence of the Republic more than any foreign nation or foe.

Our nation has gone from a world leader to a global embarrassment.  National leaders refuse to shake the hand of the US President and no longer go out of their way in order to meet with him.  Our President stands in line to greet Rulers, Kings and Presidents chewing gum like a stand in for the movie Grease.  News headlines are no longer how America placed a man on the moon but rather how America now glorifies open genderless bathrooms permitting any male who claims to identify as a female to use the woman’s restroom.  A gorilla that gets shot in an effort to protect the life of a wondering child gets more air time than a juvenile delinquent who was caught driving through a military memorial.  News media do nothing regarding Obama’s refusal to attend a memorial service for the Normandy landing or the funerals of people like Nancy Reagan or Margaret Thatcher but makes big news of the Supreme Court promoting gay marriages.  Obama even lights up the White House in the colors of the Gay movement in support of this decision while doing nothing about the homeless veterans who line our city streets.  In some twisted belief system Obama seems to think he is doing America a favor by going from country to country saying how bad America is and apologizing for its very existence even to the point of calling the Atom Bomb an act of ‘evil’ even though it saved millions of lives by ending the Second World War.   During the Cold War the fear was that outside spies would infiltrate key positions of our government.  Under Obama members of the Muslim Brotherhood are placed in key positions purposely.  America is one of the few nations not listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  Obama shows off agreements with Iran regarding nuclear arms while admitting that some of the billions of dollars America is now pumping into Iran will be used to support the very forces that is murdering Americans world-wide as well on our own soil.  Obama consistently sends billions to Muslim nations knowing that those same nations support ISIS and threatens the lives of our military personnel.  He lies to the American people on a regular basis from issues regarding ‘Obamacare’ to the role of Islam in American history.  He stands in front of the United Nations saying how the future cannot belong to those who insult Islam.  Anyone other than the President of the United States would be simply considered as a charlatan and written off as nothing more than a common snake oil salesman who has no concept of history, American or otherwise.  But this, in my opinion, buffoon stands before the world as an example of what can be done in America with the right campaign and public relations resources with enough power to seal records and silence voices that are able to project questions and contrary light upon that candidate.

Members of Congress were supposed to be major factors in the checks and balances of our government.  But too many of these members of Congress appear as nothing more than bumbling ignorant mouthpieces for their particular political party.  Too many of these elected people while appearing to be dumber than a box of rocks makes millions off of their power and position.  These so called political leaders have the stupidity to publically proclaim as to how Guam is going to tip over because the US Navy is present on the island; the Declaration of Independence is racist even though there were people of color in leadership under that same Declaration; Senator Feinstein’s latest example of idiocy in her statement that all veterans were mentally ill; and the one statement which proves that Congress has not the most remote concept of business when Pelosi stated how a multi-billion dollar bill had to first be passed prior to them or the America people knowing what was in the bill.   These bastions of the superfluous are supposed to be standing guard between the people’s trust and tyranny.  Instead they stand in moronic silence as the dream of the new nation burns under the shadow of a 21st century Nero with a golf club in his hand.

Never has the Constitution and especially the First and Second Amendments been under such threat of extinction.  Christianity is under attack while anything to do with Islam is protected by federal watchdogs.  The right to own and bear firearms seems under constant attack and any opportunity where a nut job takes a gun and shoots an innocent unarmed person is taken and twisted as rational for disarming the general populous.  I believe the time is come a long time ago to ask the probing question regarding the future of America.  We have an election coming this year but has the stage been so set by radical elements promoting unrest in this nation that a peaceful change of leadership is no longer the goal?  It is becoming impossible to even have a peaceful political rally without foreign invaders and factions burning police cars, waving every flag except for the American flag, beating supporters of independent political ideology and forcing people to literally run a gauntlet in order for them to simply enjoy their Constitutional right of freedom of speech and the right to assemble.  These same radical factions receive support from the President in his accolades to ‘stay the course’ and how they are simply ‘expressing their right of free speech’.  The Attorney General makes public comments as to how they will prosecute those who speak ill of Islam or of the President’s pet project of global warming.  The President is silent against those who riot in the streets, attacking and murdering police officers and burning down cities yet is outraged because someone dares to stand in the way of an obvious male trying to gain access to the woman’s restroom.  On his own he is releasing known terrorists with the full reasonable expectation that they are going to return to attacking Americans.  Obama’s oath of office has been violated a long time ago.  He took this oath using a name that appears to have been changed with no documentation that it was ever formally changed back to Obama and uses the social security number of a dead man.  The list can continue.  But more important than all the additional things which might be written is the simple question:  When is it treason?




Beyond time for silence to cease

screaming eagle red white blue

This is a wonderful country.   I take being an American very personally in that my ancestors fought to form this nation, I have ancestors where were here as Pilgrims, as well as American Indians where were here long before the immigrant ships were ever seen.  I have seen America weather significant storms during my lifetime.  I have heard of and read of America braving harsh times and being a lifeline to the rest of the world.  It is very troubling to think of what the world situation would be like if there was no America.  But right now America is in very deep trouble.

I have been watching as our President and his administration has simply gotten out of hand.  Talking heads of the administration have gotten to the place where even the silent media has been taking note as to how they distort, avoid, and even outright lie when asked questions.  Increasingly this administration has been caught in one lie after the other.   While being a complete insult to our Founding Fathers, politicians have been equated with bending the truth and not being ethical in their responses.  But this administration seems to have gone beyond the normal and have been caught in complete and deliberate lies to the American people.  In many cases there is harsh evidence of purposely misleading the American people in order to create conclusions and situations much like a puppeteer uses a marionette.  The opinions of those who have worked closely with this administration have not been shy in their extremely low opinion of the average American.

At the center of this administration sits a President whose life remains an unprecedented secret.  For this the general media must be blamed for failing the American people.  They have failed to ask the important questions and have accepted a role of lapdog.  The President revealed in his own words his Islamic background, his radical mentors, and his surrounding himself with Marxists, Communists, and racial radicals.  We have had basically forced upon Americans a health care bill that was passed by one party, without proper representation of the American people, that has been plagued with one problem after the next because it was never read nor understood prior to its acceptance.  For this the Democrat Party must accept full blame and responsibility since they were the ones who passed this bill.  We see actions towards Israel, a long standing ally of America and an invaluable key stabilizing factor in the middle of a powder keg Arab world, more hostile than can be remembered in most recent times to the point that is raises sincere questions bordering upon anti-Semitism.  There have been billions of US dollars channeled to Islamic countries that have been proven to fund and support the very organizations who have been murdering innocent men, women and children often based solely upon their religious convictions.  This has escalated to the point when the word treason must begin to enter into the conversation.  Money by this President for personal usage at the taxpayer expense has been astronomical.  With constant trips simply to raise funds for the Democrat Party, pushing personal agendas as well as the plethora of personal vacations all at taxpayer expense that any other corporation would be investigating claims of financial embezzlement.

All this seems to pale at the lists of executive orders such as the general amnesty other actions of the President.  While others do not call it ‘amnesty’ there is no real reason to parse words because the final end result of this action is general amnesty.  The President has been working a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions.  This deal has been so secretive that the President wants to wait until the deal has been made prior to telling the American people what the deal includes.  This is a regime that has had consistent American blood on their hands and has a track record of agreeing to many things while at the same time violating all agreements.  The President has in the plan a supposed 10 year moratorium on Iran’s ability to enrich uranium.  All this means is that, even if Iran follows all that the plan permits, as revealed thus far, that there is nothing to stop them from obtaining nuclear weapons after those 10 years.  By permitting any nuclear program in Iran all that has been accomplished is that the destruction of the Middle East has been given a deadline.  This President has been clear on his devotion to Islam to the extent of blind dedication.  This President refuses to even acknowledge the existence of radical interpretations of Islamic teachings keeping the idea of a pure and peaceful Islam.  He has been dedicated to avoiding any and all references which might be insulting to Islam while snubbing Israel.

Now the President is floating ideas of a mandatory vote requiring everyone to participate.  While this might seem on face value as a beneficial idea there is the total rejection of the concept of a free America where people are able to make personal decisions.  The President is also floating the idea of removing the holiday of Thanksgiving for an ‘immigrant’s day’.  Any outsider who would be watching behavior of this person and not aware that it is the President of the United States would probably conclude that these things are being done by an individual with not only an excessive view of self to the point of an extreme narcissistic personality disorder.  The way the President rants against any who opposes his views is very disturbing.  The President uses more of a hostile rhetoric against the Republican Party than he does against ISIS and radical Islam.

The problem is that we as Americans seem stuck.  We cannot remove the President until after his term is completed.  At the present rate there is a real and disturbing question regarding the future of this great nation.  America is facing financial ruin in the light of future costs for the Affordable Health Care bill and the executive order of amnesty.  America has real and present threats from radical Islamic organizations which have taken root on American soil.  Racial tensions appear greater now than in decades with groups such as the Black Panthers openly encouraging the killing of police officers with apparent immunity from the Department of Justice.  The one answer that is available is the court of public opinion.  If anything will get politicians to stand against the actions of a President who appears to be completely out of control will be the tide of public opinion.  The truths regarding this administration and the stands which this President makes must be public knowledge.  People must speak out.  Enough is enough.  It is beyond time for silence to cease.

Israel in America

flag and eagle

I listen to people from our Congress to individual individuals complain about how much aid the US gives to Israel.  Yet these same people seem to have no problem with all the billions given to Islamic countries.  To Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and India alone America have over 9 billion dollars to last year.  This is only to four countries and there are many more than receive American taxpayer money.  To Israel last year a little over 3 billion was given.  You can hardly turn on the news and not hear of more people who have been recently killed by radical Islam.  The body count of Americans killed by radical Islam is difficult to calculate.  Americans have been beheaded on our own soil recently by radical Islam.  I have yet to hear of one American beheaded by Israel.  I have yet to hear of Israel going into peaceful gatherings of people who have not done anything negative to anyone and killing randomly.  After Netanyahu spoke to Congress I listened to the responses of the Democrats who were not at the meeting.  For people who supposedly did not listen to his speak they seemed to have a great deal to say.  Their responses ran from the ridiculous to the absurd.  Never before has the Prime Minister of an alley nation ever been treated to such disrespect as some within the Democrat Party showed towards the Prime Minister of Israel. 


Within our present administration there seems to be a line drawn between Islam loyalties and our political relationship with Israel.  Our President is either purposely blind to the American history of Islam, purposely lying about the historical influence of Islam in America or is a complete and total moron regarding the matter.  Never has Islam been positively influential in the history of America.  Islamic pirates learned early on the America was not a place of easy pickings.  Early American Forefathers warned American leaders about Islam and the destruction they have seen it sow in other countries.  There may be some very good Muslims living in America but they would have to be much in the order of a “jack” Muslim much like a “jack” Mormon may be a Mormon but does not accept as valid all the teachings and principles of the Mormon church.  True Islam has never been a major part of America and can never be a major part of America.  True Islam has at its core teachings and principles which more align with Sharia Law than they would the US Constitution.  True Islam teaches the superiority of Islam and all other beliefs are to be destroyed.  True Islam teaches the complete and total subjection of the female to the point of death for her offenses.  In true Islam the female can and will never be an equal to anyone and no one is the equal to a Muslim male.  Islam has always supported the taking of slaves and does so to this day.  The idea of everyone being made equal will never be a part of Islam. 


There is an intense wave of invading anti-Semitism creeping into America.   While Islam has never been a part of American history Judaism has been with America since the beginning.  It was a millionaire Jewish man named Haym Salomon who gave his fortune to fund the American Revolution.   In respect of his sacrifice the 13 stars on the back of the dollar bill is arranged in a Star of David.  Within the 13 folds of the American flag the 11th fold represents Israel.  Yet with this rich heritage of Israel in America Liberal Democrats keep screaming how we are giving too much money to Israel and need to cut them off.  These same Liberal Democrats are also the same ones who have no problem with our giving billions to countries who burn the American flag in public, kill our men and women, torture men, women and children simply because they disagree with their religion, and practice genocide against all who do not share their same religion.  This is an insult to the history of America, the principles of our Forefathers, and everything that is humane.  America should never be the supporter of imported slaughter.  Islam has always been the importer of slaughter from the beginnings of their Jihad.  They carried Islam throughout the Middle East butchering as they went.  I hear people try and compare the Islamic Jihad to the Crusades.  The ignorance of this argument is not worth discussing in that the Jihad covered numerous nations while the Crusades were few and did not happen until after the Islam hordes began their Jihads.  Additionally, Jihad continues to this day as Islam tries like locust to spread across nations killing everything in its path.


At present the level of stupidity that this administration spouts its pro-Islam agenda mounts to nothing less than having become a propaganda tool for the religion.  This is largely because the media failed and betrayed the American people.  The media has become complacent with the ‘Islamification’ of America and has become deaf to the lies being spread in the name of Islam.  Our government has become an accomplice in the betrayal of American roots by permitting a double standard pitting Islam against American Christian roots.  For those who like to try and dispute America’s Christian heritage must disregard scores of records, testimonies of contemporaries of the Forefathers, writings of our Forefathers and their very lives and their personal living testaments.  It is questionable as to what is actually worse.  It is too bad that people are trying to twist and corrupt the history of America by calling good bad and bad good.  But what is worse is that this corruption of history is coming from elected leaders in our own American government.  It is easy to see where a common individual may be incorrect in their understanding of history and historical facts.  But for people in extreme leadership of America who wants people to follow their leadership and instructions to be so ignorant of true American history is beyond the pale.  It demonstrates either extreme ignorance in which their leadership is not worthy to be followed or heeded or it shows a willful intent to purposefully deceive and mislead the American people in which they have just forfeited any right to expect people to want to follow their leadership.   


What does Obama really want?

obama sitting

It is clear from my previous writings that I do not like, appreciate or respect President Obama.  This is my personal opinion and right as an American.  While I doubt his motives and actions I still try to hope for the best somewhere along the line.  In my efforts to honestly try to give the best possible perspective on his actions I must admit that I am totally at a loss.  I look at those he has surrounding him, advising him, that he has placed in positions of significance and this other actions and continually get increasingly bewildered.  What does Obama really want?  What is his end game?  What is he really trying to create?  Where is he going?  Where ever he is going he is taking America so I believe that is a significant question.  What does Obama really want of and from America?  I admit that I am being stripped of every possible conclusion but that President Obama is purposely trying to create a major conflict within America.  I know that this will find harsh reactions from many but I truly cannot come to any other conclusion.  For me to accept any other possible outcome from his actions would mean that I would have to be purposely blind to his actions and decisions.

Obama immediately after entering office created one of the greatest and overwhelming national debts since the time of George Washington.  His stimulus packages placed the national debt into the double digit trillions.  I could possibly see some benefit but it takes a real stretch of the imagination.  He then passes, basically one pass passing, his sweeping health care plan.  Today Obamacare as it is called is being found to have many dark areas and costs that was not revealed at the time of its passing mainly due to the incompetence of our Congressional leaders to pass something they had neither read nor had any true concept of its contents.  We have seen issue after issue of ethic and possibly legal violation of this administration and/or of people within the administration from Fast and Furious with Eric Holder to Benghazi with Sect. Clinton, to the IRS and numerous unrevealed contacts.  They all could be written off as politics but there are too many questions remaining.  It is proven that the IRS was used as a political weapon which is an extreme violation of governmental trust and power to the highest extreme.  As ISIS raised its ugly head we saw a President who appeared to be more interested in golf than a beheaded American.  As ISIS increased what was evident between the President and his staff and the Pentagon was a struggle between destroying ISIS and not insulting Islam.  Case after case when the world would arise to deal with radical Islam our President either remained silent or was outspoken in his concern over not wanting to appear to be in conflict with Islam.  It is his outspoken rule to by no means refer to the terrorists as ‘radical Islamic’ even though they themselves as well as the rest of the world calls it Islam extremism.  Our President says that religion has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS while ISIS destroys priceless and irreplaceable antiquities simply because they conflicted with their religious beliefs.  We see our President under the guise of opening the borders to the ‘undocumented’ as a means of promoting America while Americans are unemployed and while the cost of his amnesty plan has never had a true cost calculation.  We see a President who is more antagonistic towards the Republican Party than he appears to be against ISIS and radical Islam.  We see a President who says he wants cooperation but then immediately goads this opposition.  We see a President who, after failing to get a gun ban, using his pen to strike ammunition under the appearance of wanting to protect law enforcement.  What we keep seeing is a President who repeatedly and consistently keeps chipping away at personal liberties and what appears to be, not only American safety, but at the American core of existence.  America has never been more at risk yet the statements coming from this administration is that America has never been safer.  Americans are unemployed and struggling to live day to day while the President and his family go off on vacation after vacation spending more money of the taxpayer than the average American can make in a lifetime.

There is a deeply disturbing question which arises when there appears to be such a major divide between the administration and seemingly reality.  It appears our President wants to create a major divide within America.  It appears the President is trying to create issues of conflict.  It appears that our President is determined to create crisis.  It appears that our President is purposely doing things and passing his agenda regardless of the will of the American people.  WHEN WILL IT END?  This is greatly disturbing.  If any one single citizen would create this much conflict and encouraging of crisis as the President did with his statements regarding Ferguson and Trayvon Martin he would be on every FBI radar for actions of insurrection.  Again, I do not want to believe that our President is actually trying to create a powder keg within America but the evidence keeps on mounting.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic camps in America.  It has been stated that there are radical Islamic personal in every one of the 50 states.  I am left with the nagging question;  Is Barack Obama setting America up for civil war?  If anyone has another answer I would love to hear.

My fellow Americans

every blade of grass
I know I date myself in that I cannot use that expression without first envisioning Richard Nixon.  But at times that is just the right expression because it does remind us that we are all in this together as fellow Americans.  It does not matter your race, creed, color or religion as along as we are all Americans fighting and striving for a better America.  This is a call out for all fellow Americans.  The slimes of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists have been dishing out their threats again.  This is a call for all properly licensed concealed carry Americans to exercise their right.  I want to make sure that I dot all the right legal ‘I’ and cross all the correct legal ‘t’ so that I do not have unwanted visitors (and that is not paranoia, but a reality that was confirmed when I had one of my clients get visits from monitoring government agencies).  The terrorist group obviously does not fear our government and with really no reason to fear them since our government seems extremely supportive of them even to the point of protecting them.   I know that our government has also been working hard to limit the second amendment but recently we have been seeing evidence as to why we must keep our second amendment.

The Muslim nut-job groups such as ISIS are threatening to attack Americans at malls and shopping centers.  I call upon all who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  If the radical Islamic groups want to attack America then we will defend America.  We as Americans will not show neither mercy nor leniency if any group wants to try and slaughter Americans like they did in the mall in Africa.  We will not sit idly by and see our fellow Americans killed by blood lusting animals.  We will fight back.  We will fire upon the enemy.  We will kill the enemy with total disregard for the enemy.  If ISIS wants to attack Americans on American soil then they will face the historic wrath of Americans.  Our President is unfortunately weak in dealing with this murderous bunch of vermin.  But we will not be so apathetic.  We will kill the enemy and then take their weapons and continue to use them against our enemy.  If ISIS wants to declare war upon Americans by attacking Americans we do not need anything from our government to return the attack.  We will fight and kill all attackers.

I would encourage ISIS to learn from the Japanese during WWII.  They thought better about attacking American mainland.  They knew Americans would be armed.  Just the number of hunters alone in America far outnumbers most third world armies.  Our children have grown up with firearms and many are a better shot than many found in foreign militaries.  To all Islamic radical groups I would advise you that your connections with our President have not endeared you to us.  Rather just the opposite is true.  We have watched as our President has coddled and protected you not wanting to offend Islam.  We have watched as our President would rather play golf than address the problems you have created around the globe.  We have watched as our President would play silly word games as to not offend Islam.  Now we are fed up!  We do not care what our President as to say any more and will take matters into our own hands should you be so stupid as to attack our homeland.  We know you have your sleeper cells in America and we would advise you to allow them to continue to sleep.  Should you disregard all commonsense because you are so stupid, it will not bode well for you.  YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!



LD50 is a term which refers to the lethal dose of a particular element in which it kills 50% of the people exposed.  My question after watching this administration, listening to the President, listening to the talking heads of this administration, watching this administration and their reaction or lack thereof to threats and actions of ISIS and the responses of other Muslim countries against ISIS with the lack of support from our own nation’s leadership, are we approaching LD50?

Obama and his people in power refuse to acknowledge that Islam has anything to do with ISIS or the Jihadist mentality.  If it is not Islam I would like to know the correct answer.  We are not at war with Islam, which is correct.  But we are at war with an ideology that sends its followers out to kill innocent men, women and children.  If the driving force behind the butchers is not addressed then military actions is futile.  Obama shifts his verbiage depending upon the purpose.  First he was talking of all the evils done in the name of Christianity and God then says that religion does not have anything to do with evil actions of others.  His blatant protecting of Islam is interfering with his judgments and actions as President.  His key administration personnel are outspoken advocates of Islam and sharia law.  Sharia law and radical forms of Islam go hand in hand.  It is sharia law that promotes the stoning of women, hanging of homosexuals, cutting off hands of females who even are caught using a cell phone because it is modern and western.  For this administration to attack radical Islam it would be attacking itself!

The time is rapidly coming when people of this nation will have to decide how much of Barack Obama and his administration will be followed.  If America cannot get rid of him we will have to decide how many of his laws, edicts, executive orders, demands and writs will be followed.  People such as Eric Holder and his determination regarding Ferguson must be corralled and contained.  Obama is building a situation that may not be able to be contained should the right ignition be forced.  No one wants bad things to happen in this country.  But law enforcement will have to choose between orders from this administration and what is legal and right.  The only way there is going to be a nation available for the next election is if Barack Obama and his power hungry talking heads find their powers limited by the people and courts.  I have no real hope for the court systems anymore because they have proven themselves too many times to be as unconstitutional as Obama.  Will Americans be forced to accept laws, rules, and regulations that our Forefathers strove never to be permitted in this country again?  Will Americans be forced to accept Islam forced upon our school system while there cannot even be so much as a Christmas carol sang?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch millions of illegals become citizens just so they can flood the ballot box with what is nothing more than paid votes and elections?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch one of the most corrupt administrations in history continue unrestrained?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch our beloved nation be torn apart simply because someone knows how to use the Constitution against itself and too many politicians are too cowardly to step up and stop it?

I know that every social media is monitored.  I am never going to say anything that is contrary to the laws of the land.  My concern is since our freedoms and liberties are eroding on a regular basis when will our freedom of speech simply be determined by the opinions of people in authority.  At one time this would have been considered the ranting of a conspiracy nit-wit.  But anyone who has been watching America over the past few years must also acknowledge that there are critical things happening against our America.  People will have to choose.  People are going to have to choose between what is ordered and what is right.  People are going to have to choose between what is safe and what is required.  People are going to have to choose between what is dictated and what is Constitutional.  I want my America back!