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This is my country

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Remember the song ‘This is my country, land that I love’?  I feel like we use the term love so much it has lost its meaning.  We love everything from a spouse to grapefruit.  Too bad in the English language there is only one word used for ‘love’ while in other languages such as Greek there were at least three different words.  One showed a friendship, one was an exotic relationship and one showed a higher for self-sacrificing love.  I think that this was the love meant in that patriotic song.  But has it lost its meaning?

I truly wonder how many people in this country would be willing to be self-sacrificing for anything.  We have become such a nation of whiners and people with a hand out saying how we deserve things.  In reality you deserve nothing except for that which you work for through hard effort.  Everyone needs a hand up now and then which is different from a hand out.  But after that hand up those people are willing to work and give back.  In general terms I see a big hole in this country any more.  We are coming to another Memorial Day.  It is supposed to be a day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.  There is a counterpoint to their sacrifice.  That counterpoint falls upon those who remain.  Those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom have nothing left to give.  Those who are living have everything to give. It is up to us to continue their level of love for this country.  But I need to ask what are we doing lately for our nation?

I see a nation falling apart because we have gotten more worried over offending someone than we are concerned over our nation’s survival.  Our brave Forefathers are left with too many spineless gutless cowards to take care of their great gift of a nation.  We are afraid of offending someone who wants to be a male, dress up in woman’s clothing, whine about feeling more feminine than masculine and let them waltz into the woman’s bathroom while women who act like and dress like women are trying to go pee.  We are afraid of offend a Muslim by calling radical Islam the animalistic murdering savages that they are in reality.  We are afraid of offending people from Mexico by pointing out how so many seem to simply enforce the idea that they are here not to promote a positive image but to destroy.  This is one reason why there is such a gap between Hispanics and Mexicans.  The Hispanics I have known are here legally and want to build a positive nation and are offended by their Latin brothers who are tearing it down.  We are afraid of offending the black community by calling BS on the slavery issue and the whining.  Every race has been used as slaves.  GET OVER IT!  They want to be treated equal while they are rioting and burning down their own communities.  If we want to be anything like our Forefathers we need to grow a backbone again.

Many went off to foreign soil to die.  We stay at home where it is comfortable.  I do not resent comfort.  I rather like it myself.  But are you and I willing to do whatever is needed to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic?  If needed are we willing to defend our homeland at any and all cost?  America is in a bad space.  Sheriffs from across the nation have been calling all legally permitted citizens who can carry a weapon to do so.  They have all but deputized the general population.  If you are legally capable of getting a concealed carry permit or have a permit and are not carrying your weapon I must ask you why not.  If you can and are not then you are not doing your duty to this nation.  You are passing your responsibility for the safety of yourself and those around you on to someone else who has a great sense of personal responsibility.  Now is not the time to shirk our personal duties.

Now is the time for men to be men.  Klinger was more of a man than many males I see walking around today and he wore a dress!  Now is the time for men to stand up and be counted.  If you need to stand guard at the door of the woman’s bathroom while your wife or child is inside then do so.  If your public schools have tried to enforce the unconstitutional order from this administration into accepting ‘open bathrooms’ why have you not spoke out in defense of your children.  Who cares if you offend someone, you are talking about your children.  If you are not willing to defend them you do not deserve to have them.  The whiners out there have gotten their way because too many parents refused to be parents and tell them the word ‘NO’.  Too many of this great nation has allowed the sacrifice of our military men and women to be in vain because they have refused to pick up their mantel.

JK Kennedy once said to not ask what the country could do for you but what you could do for your country.  I ask you what you are doing for your country.  You do not have to do much.  If every person who claims to love this nation would simply take a stand against the apathy, ignorance, whining and those who openly are wanting to destroy this nation then much of it would stop.  Those pitiful pieces of human waste do not want anyone to oppose them.  It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  It is time to stop allowing the sacrifices of others to be in vain.  It is time to truly love our country again.

Fear the people

don't tread on me

America is under attack.  The enemies are coming from both inside and without our own soil.  We are at a position in time in which people need to really start using their heads and not simply little slogans or PC politics.  The individual who sits in the Oval Office and many of his staff are part of these enemies of the people of the United States.  Obama has protected the radical Islamist enemies more than many of the major muslim countries.  He is determined and many of his staff to make America an Islamic country before he leaves office.  Hillary is nothing more than a continuation of Obama.  She has proven that she has no love for the Constitution nor the traditional way of life in America.  While both of these groups rally around and support Islam ISIS and others in Islam plan attacks upon our soil.  Right now there is no need for them to fear any real retaliation from America because our leaders are weak, inept and, basically, support them.  But there is one aspect that is over looked.  That aspect is the people of America.  Personally, I believe that is why there is such a push to disarm the people.  I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is under major attack because the powers that be which prefer to support Islam knows that an armed citizen is the only real threat to radical Islam.

I hate to say it but I truly believe that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the present administration would like nothing more than to see America subject to Islam.  Many of these so called political leaders have surrendered their positions to Islam and are enemies of the state.  These people are traitors and should be tried for treason but because of their political connections and the weakness of our present Congress they never have any real concern over being held accountable for their actions.  We have a war on our police which have had fuel poured on it by the actions of this administration.  We now have the remaining bastion of privacy for girls and woman in the form of the bathroom removed by a stroke of a pen of this administration to where now every wacko who has been waiting to get into the woman’s locker room now has freedom to do so.  All that can truly be said in the light of all that is happening is ‘fear the people’.  Americans are going to be putting their foot down and when they do it will be felt.  We will no longer be allowing what few rights and safeties remaining to be taking away by Obama and his minions.

Obama takes money away from the veterans and gives it to the ‘refugees’ flooding America.  Many of these refugees are known to be nothing more than enemy soldiers looking for an easy route to enter this country.  The hordes of refugees going to countries in the United Kingdom have done little more than rape, pillage and plunder.  Sexual assaults have skyrocketed.  There is one main difference between America and other countries and that is that American women often carry a weapon.  While this administration is determined to disarm our nation and leave it helpless to the bands of those wanting to invade us, we will fight.  Fear the people.  There is no need for ISIS to fear our government.  Our government is more of their alley than enemy.  But the people do not hold the same values as our leaders.  We will fight.  Fear the people.  Obama had an opportunity to take the concerns of families who still have people listed as POW or MIA in Vietnam but he refused to respect or recognize their concern prior to his lifting the arms embargo just like Bill Clinton refused to respect or recognize those same concerns prior to his re-establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  The people are tired of being played as fools.  Fear the people!

No one wants civil war.  This is why this election is so vital.  Anyone who thinks that Hillary should be elected as President simply because she is a female, is a fool.  Clintons have already shown their hand as to where they see the American people and how they see the American people.  We are not important to them.  We are nothing more than low life people who are supposed to obey, follow and pay for their whims without arguing.  I may have some questions regarding Donald Trump  but, I at least feel that Trump is not interested in the American people being his piggy bank.  Trump understands economic and global economics.  Obama is a fool and an egomaniac.  He is a laughing stock globally making America a laughing stock.  The world knows Obama’s agenda for America and the only ones who seem to reject that idea are the Democrat leaders.  The people are tired of having someone embarrassed to represent America.  Obama and the Democrats keep pushing the people.  They keep taking and taking more and more of the common person’s rights away.  We are not stupid as they would like to think.  My advice for them would be to FEAR THE PEOPLE.  If I see a rattlesnake I have a level of fear.  I do not fear that they are going to suddenly rise up and attack my home, but I do respect what might happen should I be foolish enough to poke at it with a stick.  It is this type of fear that I would tell our political leaders to stop poling us with a stick and to FEAR THE PEOPLE.

A realistic perspective

reality check


I like to think of myself as a realist.  I am not a pessimist because I do not see a dark cloud everywhere I go but neither am I an optimist thinking that unicorns are going to bring me cookies and ice cream.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I believe that there are answers to most if not all my issues and problems but I might not like those answers because they might just involve hard work.  I am also a realist as I look at my country and my government.  Let us face some hard facts.  We are a nation divided.  Never have I seen the blacks and whites more at odds and that even includes the 60’s.  Never have I seen the division so encouraged by our government.  As I read threats openly made by Black Lives Matter people and Black Panthers as to how they are going to seek out and kill all white people, white police officers and their families and babies I am amazed as to how our government sits by and does nothing.  Yet if a white person would make such a comment there would be investigations funded by the highest offices.  I watch radical Islam killing Americans in America and our President basically doing nothing.  He does not even acknowledge that it is Islam even though they are screaming about Islam while they are on their rampage.  I see consistently where ISIS flags and materials are being found around the Mexican border in America.  I read where there are ISIS training camps in America and even see maps showing where they are located.  Along with this I see our government doing nothing.  I see planes being blown out of the sky and ISIS and radical Islam taking credit and our government doing nothing.  I see ISIS butchering Christians, women and children and bragging about raping their sex slaves and our government doing nothing.  With all this my realistic conclusion is that our government, at various levels, is ISIS.  We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in numerous places of high security.  Many Muslims nations have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization yet our President consistently appoints them to key positions in our nation’s security and operation.  Our government is in alliance with the enemy of the state and the people of America.  Our government is in support of the enemy and permits the enemy to continue and grow in America without restraint.  Our government knowingly and consistently is and has been placing American lives at risk by their inaction.  Our government has committed treason against the American people through their violation of their oaths to support the Constitution and to defend America.  Where there are parts of Arizona where Americans cannot enter due to Mexican cartel activity is evidence of treason by their permitting a foreign hostile element to invade and occupy American soil.

I also see a President who has been the biggest fraud ever forced upon a people.  This is magnified by the fact that the Democrat Party, or at least some of the higher ups in the party, knew that Barack Obama was a fraud and still forced him upon the electorate and the people in full attempts to overthrow the American way of life.  These people knew that Barack Obama was not an American citizen in that he still has yet to produce a verifiable birth certificate and now even those in power in Hawaii where he claims to have been born have signed affidavits admitting that there has and is no record of his birth in that state.  The media has and is part of this passive overthrow of the America way of life in that they refused to do their duties as journalist and refused to reveal any of the truth regarding Barack Obama and his past.  This man who was trained in Marxism, Communism, and radicalism all of his life was never vetted by anyone.  He has lied throughout his Presidency to the American people.  His administration was one of the biggest frauds in the history of America and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is both trying to detach herself from the administration while also claiming what a great job she did while in the fraudulent administration.

America is at a precipice.   There really is only one of two things that will happen over the next few months as I see it.  One way I see things happening are:  There will be a major civil uprising sparked by radical Islam in this nation, radical blacks and the Mexicans who believe that America belongs to Mexico and that it must be returned at any cost.  This will result in Barack Obama proclaiming a state of national emergency and invoke the powers of FEMA.  As he invokes a state of national emergency then the United Nations in an executive order signed by Bill Clinton would have ‘power’ to bring their forces to bear within America as ‘peace keepers’.  This will only result in major civil war in the streets of America and a nasty gorilla war.  The ‘major transformation of America’ as proclaimed by Barack Obama as his goal for his presidency will be complete.

The second way I see things happen, and I pray this is the reality of the situation, is that the election will precede as planned.  I will go ahead and say it:  and I hope Trump wins the election.  If Hillary Clinton wins the election then there will be nothing more than a continuation of the present course of government.  That which is remaining of the Constitution will be eliminated.  If Sanders wins the election then unicorns will be needed to help out in Congress because he does not seem to be in our present reality.  Sanders and his policies will usher in a level of Communism into this country that would make the old USSR blush.

Americans have been encouraged by sheriffs across the country that if they are legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon to do so.  They have made comments how it will be the armed citizen that will be the front line of defense against terrorist attacks.  It has been pointed out how the terrorist attacks in other countries have been so deadly mainly because those countries to not permit their citizens to be armed.  America has stood because of our right to keep and bear arms.  Now is the time to get your concealed weapons permit if you do not already have one.  Now is the time to make sure that your home is armed and ready if needed.  Now is the time to make sure that you are trained in how to use that firearm.  If you are not trained, DO NOT CARRY!  Get trained.  We do not need people who are not trained shooting at everything that moves.

America is at a difficult time.  I never thought I would ever see my America at this point.  I never thought I would ever see enemies of the nation in public office.  I never thought I would see people who openly oppose everything that our Constitution proclaims.  If America is to stand or fall it will be up to the people.  If you do not want the American way of life there are many countries out there who will welcome you.  DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE AMERICA!  Either support America or leave!  We do not want nor need sharia law.  We like pork, beer, bikinis and western music.  All we want is to live in peace with our fellow Americans.  If the radicals are determined to ‘change America by force’ that will not end well.


This election

white house


People seem to think that this upcoming election is some kind of political game.  They talk about voting for a female simply because she has the correct genitals.  They talk about voting for Sanders because he promises free things that the government is going to pay for not stopping to think as to who is going to give the government to money to pay for everything.  We have three main people running who have more money than the average American could ever imagine.  Trump is the only one who is using his own money.  Hillary and Sanders are getting millions from outside sources while sitting on millions in their own accounts.  Hillary claims to know what the average person is feeling while having multiple million dollar mansions.  Trump has received more votes than anyone in recent history and now the heads of the GOP are talking about running as a third party against him.  When are people going to realize that this election is not just about a Presidential candidate?  This election is about the people taking back this country from the same politicians who stole it from us.  This is not a game.  We are talking about the end of the Republic and the finally shattering of the Constitution in this election.  People need to wake up and get their heads out of their butts.

America is basically hanging on by a few threads.  The Constitution is seen as an outdated document but I have yet to see anyone come out who has enough sense to even interpret that same document.  Americans have lost so many rights over the years and especially the last 8 that we have become numb to our liberties and freedoms.  America is at the brink of civil war and no one seems to even notice.  America is about to lose the very freedoms we fought for in the American Revolution.  We are giving up our birthright for a bowl of promises from the rich who do not seem to have any idea of freedom.  I have nothing against anyone being rich.  I have yet to find a poor man who employed anyone.  I do have a problem with a rich person who forgets that there are those who work for a living.  I see Hillary who has lied so many times that it is more of being news worthy if she speaks the truth.  As it has been said:  If Hillary is able to look a grieving mother in the eye and lie to her about her dead son then Hillary will lie about anything to anyone.  It is clear she has no feelings.  Sanders is in a world all by himself when he talks about taking all the trucks off the road.  How is he planning on items getting to the stores?  Personally I do not believe Sanders can spell the ‘military’ let alone understand it.  Romney and others are talking about running as a third party.  The GOP made a big deal about their oaths and promise report cards when Trump first got serious about running and now that the people seem to have chosen Trump they are breaking their promises and all but burning their promise cards.  If these politicians are able to dismiss their oaths and promises so quickly do we really want them in office?  The GOP was so afraid of Trump running on a third party that they made a big event over making people ‘promise’ to back the person selected by the people and now that it appears that the person selected by the people is Donald Trump they want to weasel out of their promises.

This election is not just about putting someone in the Oval Office.  This election is about putting someone in the office selected by the people.  This election is about putting someone in office selected without games being played in the background and without shady deals.  It is basically clear that the average American is backing Trump and the establishment is having a cow.  They did not think that the people would back Trump.  Now that the people are speaking up the establishment is running scared because Trump is not and has not kissed the butts of the establishment.  Personally, I want someone in the Oval Office who has already been getting the attention of Muslim leaders around the world because I want them to take notice like in the days of Ronald Reagan that America is awake and we are pissed!

We have had such a joke in the Oval Office over the past 8 years and have become such an embarrassment that even the Russians who, as someone remembering the days of the Cold War, is saying that his primary goal must be to destroy America.  Our military is at a level of 1940.  America is in a dangerous place.  We are no longer presently a threat globally because our leaders have hamstrung our military.  Never should a GI have to call in for permission before killing the enemy.  Never should a GI be called into court for punching the enemy in the face after watching his fellow soldier being slaughtered.  Never should a GI be tried by the media of his own country simply for doing the job he had been trained to do.

The establishment is afraid as to what someone who has made it clear that he does not care what the establishment thinks is going to do.  He might make changes.  He might make things actually function and make people start doing their jobs and not just collect a high paying salary.  He might actually make people be accountable.  Our government is way out of control and they are afraid that Trump might just bring them back under some kind of control.  Our government has been robbing the American citizen blind over the past and no one seems to notice or care.  People have become apathetic because there is no recourse against the federal government and Trump represents accountability.  The government has trained, used and abused our military as their own personal grunts and lackeys for so long and then forgets them when then return home less than half the person that was sent out to the field.

Yes, I might have some questions and reservations about Donald Trump, but is stand behind him 100 times more than anyone else I have seen in a position that might actually win the election and actually do something positive for this country.  If this election is not taken seriously this might actually be our last election.

Teaching acceptance in schools



I was at a local diner today and overheard a conversation that was going on in one of the booths.  It was talking about some of the various hot topics going on in the school systems.  It made me start to think about my impression about our educational systems as a whole in this nation.  We have our school systems which has made teaching tolerance to the kids in their care while graduates cannot count nor give out correct change unless a machine instructs them as to how much to give back to the customer.  Kids cannot reason or critically think but are being taught to accept other lifestyle different from their own as normal and correct.  Any objections to these new lifestyles are met with punishment and belittling.  The food police are making sure a child does not eat a piece of bread corner first so that it looks like a gun, or worst yet, the state of Florida.  Schools are teaching tolerance for Islam, homosexuality and transgender while having graduates with an elementary level of reading. The systems are so worried about indoctrinating the children into an acceptance of others that the only thing they are enabling the student to be included in is the welfare system without any truly employable skills.

Administrators who should be concerned about their student’s ability to read and write are more concerned over the supposed race of the team mascot.  The political correctness police have removed disciple from the classroom and have replaced it with permitting the students to walk out to class to protest matters that are approved by the liberal think-tank.  The administrators and leaders of the various school systems bemoan their budget cuts and how the poor little tykes will suffer immeasurable loss if the next tax increase and levy is not passed while ignoring the concerns of the parents over school curriculum and canceling of school holidays over not wanting to offend Islam.  School lunches are being pushed in order to bend to what is nothing more than federal government blackmail while students are being force fed slop not even permitted in the penial system.

The few good teachers are being covered over by those who wave the banner of the politically correct liberal mindset.  There are those who want their students to learn how to function in an independent society but are hamstrung by the restrictions imposed by those who probably have not seen the inside of a classroom since their days in high school.  Girls are forced to permit boys in their bathrooms because they claim to identify as a girl while administration sits back too stupid to remember just how many young boys would admit to anything for an opportunity to be there without fear of reprisals.  Some teachers take their role as a liaison between a mind desiring to learn and a society that will destroy the unprepared yet are limited because of increasing laws, rules and regulations that are not postulated to promote education of the masses but to limit criticism by the outspoken few.

The school systems have failed the students and therefore have failed society.  The school system sacrifices both teachers and students upon the altar of political correctness while demanding increases in money by a union system that is more political than educational.  There are some places in our society where politics should never be permitted.  The school system is one of those places.  Politics only have the goal of appeasement of the masses.  Never should education be used for appeasement which results only in the rusting of minds and goals but rather how a proper education is supposed to stimulate critical thought much as steel sharpens steel.  Children are being forced through a system which has abandoned its purpose.  Teachers are being forced to abandon their reason for becoming teachers so as not to offend either student or parent.  The idea of holding a child back a grade in order to actually teach is viewed as wild racist bigotry.  While appeasement may be accomplished, education has failed.

The reality of the transgender issue


In my opinion, this whole transgender bathroom issue being a matter of civil rights is nothing but a lie.  People who perceive themselves as a female trapped in a male body and have been dressing as a female have been using the woman’s restroom for years and no body either noticed nor cared.  So if a ‘transgender’ has already been using the bathroom of their preference then what is the real issue.  No one would have even seen an issue if certain people within the gay community would not have made things an issue.  Therefore, if the real issue is not transgender people using the bathroom of their choice, what is the real issue?  The real issue seems to be attention.  There are those within the community who simply want attention brought to the transgender community regardless if it actually hurts that particular community.   If a person dresses as a female yet has more facial hair than a member of the Duck Dynasty it needs to be seriously question just how much they perceive themselves as a female.  There are those on the left and liberal side of society that seems to believe that they must get their message out even when they do not have a message.  They create issue where there are no issues only in turn to actually be hurting the very people they claim to be promoting.

It is the mindset of the anarchist that says they have a right to create havoc.  They want chaos.  But it is when people are forcing their particular lifestyle upon others is when there will be pushback.  This is simple commonsense so the question needs to be asked if those pushing the transgender bathroom issue is not in reality purposely attempting to sabotage the transgender community.  Simply pause for a moment and reflect upon the reality that there has not been any conflict regarding the bathroom matter while countless transgender persons have used the bathroom of their choice but not it is a major battlefield.  It is also the role of the anarchist to push matters beyond reason.  As you look at the riots where the paid anarchist are destroying businesses and buildings it is clear that their actions  have nothing to do with making a statement or proving a point but simply to destroy.  As the transgender anarchist have pushed this matter beyond reason to the point where they now are asserting that a ‘transgender’ who is a male feeling that they are a female has the right to the same locker room and shower stall as your preteen daughter.  By pushing the transgender issue into the realm of the absurd they have, in reality, destroyed any possibility of the transgender being accepted in society as a functioning element.  Now the transgender has purposely been made to be seen as an antagonist to proper society and not an asset.

Now as the matter gets forced upon people there is push back.  As the Obama administration now gets involved making matters an issue of ‘civil rights’ all that really is accomplished is civil rebellion.  The transgender community would have fared better if the anarchist and the, for lack of better wording, loud mouthed idiots who simply want to create problems would have shut up and remained silent.  All these ‘activists’ have done is make anything to do with ‘transgenderism’ a hostile issue.  But as things get flaunted in the face of common society is when there will be rebuttal.

This is truly the reality with so much of the ‘social rebellion’ that is going on today.  The radicals whether black, Mexican, transgender, gay/lesbian, or any group damage any and all credibility of that group.  If they want acceptance yet destroy what others have worked hard to create it naturally repels any chance of acceptance.  All they do in the end is to destroy any possibility of their particular group having a viable standing.  With this in mind the reality behind the protest must be examined.  If they know that they are going to destroy any credibility pertaining to their claimed issues and grievances then the reality is simply that they do not care about their ‘issues’ and are simply using them as a smokescreen to cover their real intent of destruction.  Anyone who purposely goes out to burn, destroy, inflame, and nullify any growth of social understanding and acceptance is nothing more than a thug, spoiled brat, arsonist, and domestic terrorist.  They are not as the Obama administration wants to call them ‘justice involved youths’.  They are anarchists and criminals; nothing more and nothing less.  If those within the various sub-cultures had any sense they would purge their communities of these so called activists threatening to tar and feather them if they ever reappear.  But, since so many within these groups wrap their arms around the so call activists with their blessings then the actual motives of the group as a whole must be brought into question.

A look into my crystal ball



crystal ball


As the election comes closer and a real threat to the continued policies of Obama and his administration look like they might be overturned, there are some things that I can easily see happening within the next few months.

  1. Obama will try via executive order to create a ‘fast track’ or even so much as an immediate path to citizenship.  Once the new refugees and ‘immigrants’ are legal citizens then he would be able to stuff the ballot box with votes from people he would have been able to get into the voting booth.
  2. Obama will try via executive order to do everything to finalize his goal of gun confiscation and extreme gun restriction. There have been some trial balloons set up already regarding attempts for confiscation using the Department of Veteran Affairs and State governments.
  3. Obama will try to find a reason to enact a state of national emergency with the goal of delaying the election. The path has already been set through executive orders signed by Bill Clinton permitting the UN to be used on US soil in the case of a national emergency or crisis.
  4. Obama needs his thousands of refugees in this country to aid in creating the national crisis much like they have done in Europe.
  5. Do not be surprised as the radicals unit in anarchy. They are being paid by key people of the left and have been proven.  They have admitted and bragged about being paid to riot and protest.  These are going to be Obama’s army to create chaos in America.

Somethings that our Congress needs to keep in mind is that the general public and the silent majority are no longer silent.  We the people have just made it extremely clear that they want Donald Trump as the next Republican nominee.  There has never been such a landslide for any candidate and especially for one who was not a sitting politician.  Congress needs to wise up because if they try to permit Obama to pull his fast tricks during his remaining time in office then those politicians will be removed and unemployed.  The people are sick and tired of being played as fools.  We are awake and we are pissed!  Congress will never be able to stick the Genie back into the bottle.

Obama and his crew are going to fight for ever inch they believe they can still gain over these next few months.  Do not expect it to end after the election.  I do not trust Obama.  He has proven himself, in my humble personal opinion, to be nuttier than bat crap!  Do not be surprised if after the election, and if Trump wins, that there is some national emergency that Obama tries to use to stay in power.Keep in mind that ‘power’ is the key word.  Obama loves power.  He seems to have the idea that he is king and can rule.  He wants his ideas and his agenda rather than an American agenda.  This he has proven over the years.  Our nation is not out of the woods by any means.  Do not be surprised if over the next few months until January that the ‘doo doo does not fly into the windmill’.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.