Where does the loyalty of Obama lie?

Obama 2015

It is beyond time for the people of America to question the loyalty of Barack Obama. This individual who has found his way into the White House has openly raised more questions regarding his devotion to American than any other President during recent time. Everyone has various interests. Everyone has different things to which they are loyal. But, once a person steps into the White House and especially the Oval Office there should be only one thing to which that person should have as a priority. That one thing should be the wealth, health and safety of America. There is nothing else that should supersede that in their minds. It is not Africa or it is not any other country. It is America. I use the example of Africa since our President has made the statement that he feels obligated to the welfare of Africa.

People often respond to complaints against Obama as being political or racist. I have no loyalties to any political party and I do not care what color or race a person is when it comes to my country. I base my objections to Obama not on rumor or politics but what I have watched him do and not do. I have watched him give kudos to athletes who have ‘come out of the closet’ as being gay. I have listened to him give the congratulations to newly elected Islamic leaders. I have watched as he traveled to Africa for a memorial service or Mandela during a time when America was supposed to be broke. I have watched him having vacation after vacation all on the dime of the American tax payer. I have watched him and his wife travel to the same location at the same time in different airplane all at the expense of the American tax payer. I have watched as he has snubbed one of the greatest allies America has had being Israel. Now as the Prime Minister of Israel has been reelected Obama has as of yet to send any personal congratulatory remarks. Obama’s actions toward Israel over his time in office borders on anti-Semitic.

I have watched this administration add fuel to the fire of Ferguson riots as Obama tells them to ‘stay the course’. I have watched as Obama bashed the police stating how racism in the police departments is a ‘nationwide problem’. I have watched as Obama added to the racial tension of Travon Martin with his comments of ‘if I had a son he would look like Travon’. As the Black Panthers call for the killing of police officers I hear total silence coming from Obama in opposition.

I have watched as Obama has been slow to non-existent in his responses to the blood bath of ISIS against innocent men, women and children. I have listened as ISIS beheads people simple because they are Christians and Obama having the nerve to say that ISIS is not attacking any religion. I watch as ISIS and radical Islam destroys priceless artifacts simply because they do not compliment Islam and then having Obama say that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS and radical Islam. I have read and listened as Obama does more to defend Islam while he lambasts anything that is possibly Republican. I just would like to see Obama half as furious against ISIS and radical Islam as he is towards the Republicans.

As a simple American watching my nation in what is more conflict then it has been in my life time, I am tired of watching a President add more to the conflicts than he has to help resolve them. I am fed up with someone who is supposed to be a President who is too busy playing golf than he is to deal with animals who are beheading Americans. I am hoping that there are enough people with ethics and patriotism who are willing to oppose any orders Obama gives which might represent harm to Israel or a threat to America. I do not trust Obama by any means and fear for my country for the next few years until he is out of office. I hope that there are patriots who are willing to oppose Obama in the military as well as law enforcement as he keeps a prime agenda to disarm Americans as permitted by the Second Amendment. I am hoping that there are enough politicians who believe more in this country than they do their own careers and power that are willing to opposed Obama’s executive orders which are going to end with the total bankrupting of America financially. I hope that there are enough people in power who are enough patriots who will protect this country while Obama seem only interested in power, position, votes, and protecting Islam. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!


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