Washington State

Bio: I admit that I have had a colorful work history. I have worked armored car and held my own security company. I have had a successful private psychology practice while also working as a bouncer. I was a counselor for veterans for about 20 years, worked in chemical dependency for over 10, and grew up working in the Salvation Army Men's Rehabilitation center where my parents were the directors. I have lived in Chicago as well as small towns. I have had the pain of divorces as well as finally finding the perfect mate for me. Academically I hold a Master of Divinity, Master of Science in Psychology, Doctor of Religious Philosophy and was at the dissertation stage for a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology when I ran out of student loan and had to stop. I watched my life go from walking in to a room where people would immediately make me a path to learning to walk again and not look like the town drunk after a major auto accident. I went from being totally independent to be fully disabled not being able to do any of the things I used to enjoy. I know change. I know life cannot fit into a test tube. Life cannot be confined. Life must be experienced. If you like what you read here please check out my books located on lulu.com.

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