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Dear Mr. President


obama sitting

You say you are going to ‘dismantle organizations of hate’.  Your definition of ‘organizations of hate’ based upon statements you have made previously include the Christian church because of the ‘crusades’ and their ‘vicious’ attacks against Islam.  You seem to include veterans in terrorist labeling even though these people lay down their lives in fights against terrorism.  You also seem to include the NRA as well as the whole Republican Party in your ‘organizations of hate’.  Please allow me to be blunt since you do not seem to understand any form of subtlety.  GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD THAT THE ONLY ‘ORGANIZATION OF HATE’ THAT IS KILLING PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE IS ISIS AND RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!  You seem too dense to be able to understand that it is ISLAMIC TERRORIST and not the NRA that is bombing airports.  You seem to be too dense to be able to understand that it is not the Republican Party that is shooting people up at bars and other ‘gun free zone’ gatherings.  IT IS RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WHO IS THE ENEMY!  I have been taught to respect people and if I cannot respect the person then to respect the position.  I have no respect for you Mr. President because you have perverted the office of President into your own piggy bank and seat of tyrannical power.  You have no right to make the decrees you are trying to impose upon the American people and if the media was not so far up your backside they would have dug a little bit deeper into your own words and have made how dedicated you are to Islam more of an issue as well as would have done at least preliminary journalism into why you were never capable of providing a proper birth certificate.  You, sir, are a fraud; a charlatan; and a phony.  You are nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the world see it.  The problem is that there are still too many people in this country who are blinded because you are part black.  They do not care of your character, simply of your color.

I am proud to be a member of the Sons of the American Revolution as well as the Southern Cherokee of Kentucky.  The first membership means that I have traced my lineage to people who fought along side of those such as George Washington in forming this country.  The second means that I have traced my lineage back to those who were on this soil long before it was ever thought of as a nation.  I sit back and watch as Islam is being forced upon the free people of this land.  Some of the things that the Catholic Church did in its ignorance of the Native ways of life look like a fun time at a pow wow in comparison to the blood lust of Islam against people who do not believe and they dictate.  Our political leaders have failed us.  They have abandoned their oaths of office.  They have abandoned their promises to their people for the sake of money and power of political office.  Americans of ALL RACE, COLORS, AND CREEDS must unit.  It is time for militiaman and hippy to find common ground in that if things do not change and Islam continues to gain ground in America that there will be no room or permitted place for either.  Islam will demand full obedience to Sharia Law which removes our Constitutional rights and liberties.  Democrat, Republican and Independent better get their heads out of the sand, or wherever they have it placed, and see the future.  Look at the other Islamic countries and see if that is what you want as your status quo.  It only takes a brief look at France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany to realize that the refugee influx is not about people fleeing the ravages of war but a camouflaged invasion of Islamic warriors.

I have never promoted violence in any of my writings.  But I am a realist and can see that violence is coming because it is being thrusted upon us.  Our nation is at stake.  Our liberties are being threatened.  This administration refuses to even acknowledge that radical Islam is the global problem.  With that in mind they are bound to open wide the doors of America with no regard of the effects.  I hate to admit it but I would have to have my head so far into the sand as the left wing liberals no not see that all indicators scream that this is the plan of Obama and his administration.  I would have to close my eyes to too much not to be willing to say that I must draw no other conclusion but that this administration wants civil war on our soil.  This administration is determined to make America into an Islamic nation regardless of the human cost.  I want to be wrong.  I want someone to be able to step up and give me a reasonable, rational and logical explanation of Obama’s actions.  Until such time I am left with my conclusions that America is being sold out and unless something major changes real soon that there will be blood on the horizon.

The question is simple

hillary vs trump

Over the years I have taken pride in an ability to cut through a great deal of fat and reveal the core of a concept.  Many time complex ideas can be presented rather simply if a person is willing to cut through the ‘intellectual fat’.  This election is really no different than any other concept.  I hear the pundits try and make things complicated with Trump’s business bankruptcies and Hillary’s email debacle.  Everyone has their one pet to discuss and present.  But for me it is really simple.  Do we want to be a Muslim country or a free nation?  We cannot be both.  A Muslim country would force and mandate obedience to Sharia Law which would nullify the Constitution.  The two laws cannot coexist in that they are in stark contrast with each other.  Hillary has taken millions if not billions from Muslim countries.  You know they are not giving this money out of the goodness of their heart.  She has supported Obama’s Islamic push and promotes with through the use of her own headscarf.  There is a difference between being respectful of a different religion and submitting to it.  I have not found any example in her time as Secretary of State where she was not submissive to Islam and was consistently favorable towards Islam even to the point of danger to Americans.  The Benghazi crisis is a good example.  Instead of forcing Islam to bear the responsibility of murdering Americans she put the blame on America with the video hoax.  I do not see a Presidency under Hillary being anything different than it has been under Obama.  I do not see any reason to believe that she would not continue to increase submission to Islam.  She is already promoting the tens of thousands of ISIS infiltrated refugees she is planning to bring into the country.

I hear people question if Trump is racist or anti-woman or anti-Bible.  Personally I do not believe he is any of these things but the other side is quick to keep hammering upon anything and everything that might cloud the issue.  The bottom line of this election is whether or not we want to become a Muslim country.  Personally, my ancestors fought to create a Republic and I prefer it to remain that way.  People need to review Sharia Law if they have even the most remote of thought that it is just a ‘religious’ view.  In Sharia Law there will be no GLBT movement because they will all be executed.  In Sharia Law there will be no woman’s rights because the female HAS no rights under Islam.  (Review the passage in the Koran where the man is admonished to ‘beat his wife softly’.)  Under Sharia Law there is not acceptance of any other religion except for Islam and calls for the death of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  Now for those who might say that ‘not all followers of Islam are beheading people’.  I would have to admit that you are correct.  But at the same time I would have to point out that as Islam becomes the main religion in America that now we are going to be just like the other Islamic countries with wholesale slaughter in the streets as one sect of Islam tries to kill off everyone who is not of that particular sect.  There will be no religious tolerance in an Islamic nation.  Even in the Islamic nations which were moderate are being torn apart due to ISIS as they seek to force their beliefs upon innocent people.  In these kinds of situations there are only ISIS and the dead; there is no room for innocent anything.

So the question regarding this election is simple.  Again, I am not complete a ‘Trumpite’.  But I do not America to be lead any further down the path of becoming an Islamic nation.  I do not want America to be lead down the path of shredding our Constitutional liberties any more than they have been already.  I do not want terrorist killing innocent by-standers to become the news of the day.  I do not want Christians and Jews to be attacked as they return from their worship.  I do not even want members of the GLBT community to be harmed by those who have the level of intolerance found in Sharia Law simply because they have a lifestyle with which I might disagree.  For me this election is already settled.  I will not vote for Hillary because of what I believe it would mean to the future of the Republic and Constitutional rights.  Trump might not be perfect but at least the Constitution has a better chance of remaining intact under a Trump presidency than it does under Clinton.  Putting it quite succinctly, in my opinion, anyone who votes for Hillary has no regard for the Republic, the Unites States Constitution, Constitutional Rights or Constitutional liberties.

Aiding and abetting


I am going to stick my neck out and be blunt.  Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy.  The Attorney General has ordered that the transcripts regarding Orlando be scrubbed of any reference to ISIS and Islam.  The terrorist gunman made it very clear that his motive was that he was a soldier of ISIS and was dedicated to Islam.  It would not normally matter what religion the gunman was following but in this case he made it his motivation.  I do not believe that if the gunman kept proclaiming extreme dedication to Christianity and that he was a soldier of some anti-gay movement that these statements would be scrubbed.  But because our government is bound and determined to protect Islam at all cost they have removed what amounts to evidence of a federal investigation from the investigation.

ISIS and radical Islam cannot stand anything to do with homosexuality.  Radical followers of Islam are throwing homosexuals off of the tops of buildings.  A simply basic look at recent history has had the radical Islamic countries hanging homosexuals in public and other forms of execution.  Yet it is mind boggling how the liberals who are major supporters of the homosexual movement can also support Islam.  It is like someone who is supposed to be a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement while also sending billions of dollars to support the KKK.

ISIS has declared war against America.  Our governmental leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact because they are determined at all cost, and that includes American lives, will protect Islam.  Our government has hamstrung our soldiers in their efforts to fight the ISIS problem while countless lives are being sold in slavery, butchered and executed in the most hideous manners.  This administration refuses to acknowledge facts.  This administration is a muslim administration and/or consistent muslim sympathizers.   It was refreshing when Scott Baio came out and made the comment that Obama was either stupid, a muslim or a muslim sympathizers.  What was feared during the McCarthy era pertaining to Communist is now fact regarding Islam.  While it normally would not matter what ‘religion’ a person would follow in this case the ‘religion’ is the problem because the ‘religion followers’ are at war with America and are killing Americans in the name of their religion.

Our government and the Attorney General are trying to hide evidence because that evidence is damming to Islam.  Islam is trying to ride the fence using our Constitution as protection.  Islam is a religion while also a political philosophy.  It is a way of life and a standard by which the force others to follow.  There is not difference between Islam and the way they force their standards upon others to the extent of executing those who refuse to accept their full way of life and any other tyrant in history.  Pol Pot slaughtered millions because they refused to blindly follow and dared to ask questions.  Adolf Hitler slaughtered millions because they refused to accept the Nazi regime and beliefs.  The list can go on but the truth is that Islam is doing the exact same thing as the other tyrants only Islam is to cowardly to have anyone stand up and say that they are the ones demanding the murder of innocent lives.  Islam is putting that on God and saying He is responsible for their actions.  The followers of Islam are not even capable of accepting the responsibility for their own actions.

Our government is trying its best to force Islam upon this nation.  They are sterilizing and sanitizing the blood off of the hands of Islam in an effort to keep it acceptable and appealing.  They have basically done nothing in the battle to stop the slaughter and enslavement of countless lives while at the same time moaning and whining about black slavery during the early years of American history.  The hypocrisy of this administration is blinding!  A radical mentality of Islam has taken hold of the leadership of this country.  I am just hoping that we can hang in there until the election and Trump wins.  I am not completely sold on Donald Trump so please do not take this as a total and complete endorse of a candidate.  But our nation is at stake.  Hillary Clinton has sold herself to the highest bidder.   In this case Islam has taken the lead and is evident by the ‘donors’ to her foundation.  Personally I do not want to live in an Islamic nation.  I want to live in a free nation where a person is allowed to choose their religion.  Is we are forced to become an Islamic nation we will lose that freedom and we will see sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty set of rules that is in total and complete contrast to the Constitution.

Our leaders are guilty of treason and complacently accepting the rules, orders and demands of a corrupt administration.  From Fast and Furious to the Iran Nuclear deal this administration has lied to the people and has placed lives in danger.  Now they are scrubbing a Federal investigation of evidence regarding an action of terrorism against the American people.  I am just hoping that we will have enough of a Constitutional Republic to have an election in November and a new President in January but at this rate I am having my doubts.

Straight talk

honest talk

I have stated from the beginning that I try to be careful how I word things because I do not care to have people in ugly suit knocking on my door trying to make me a resident of the state because I made a statement not to their liking.  No, this is not paranoia, it is common knowledge that all these social sites are monitored and people have had visits by the FBI and Secret Service agents in the past.  As a practicing psychotherapist I worked with some of those people.  But I also think that it is time for some straight talk concerning some very serious matters.

As a nation we are in serious trouble.  We are entering territory that I never thought I would ever see nor do I want to see.  We have a president who has had a primary goal of ‘radically transforming America’.  His advisors have boasted about their efforts and goals to turn America into an Islamic country.  Key positions in the government are now held by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization labeled as ‘terrorist’ by many Muslim nations.  The president is bound and determine to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this nation even though he has been warned by numerous leaders in law enforcement and others that there are, not might be, ISIS terrorists masquerading as ‘refugees’.  We have already had American blood spilled by Islamic terrorists on American soil.  The government’s response to attacks upon American citizens is an increase to disarm legal citizens.  I wish I never had to say this but if things keep up as they are going Americans are going to be at direct odds with our own government.  It will be a government seeking with force to make America into a Muslim nation verses citizens who want to live in peace with American freedoms in opposition.  I do not want to see the day when citizens have to take up arms against our own government but I am afraid that day is coming.  Our government leaders are being told directly and without mincing words by law enforcement officials that if they start trying to confiscate citizen’s firearms that they will be the ones responsible for the next American Revolution.  I want our so called elected leaders to wake up and pull their elected heads out of their butts and stop the insanity.  Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat party are leading this assault against the American way of life and too many Republicans are walking hand in hand right alone with them.

Sharia law is another point which needs some straight talk.  Sharia law is in total opposition to the American way of life and American values.  In Sharia law a woman who is raped can and will be put to dead because he had sex with someone other than her husband.  Gay and lesbians are to be put to dead.  Liberals what to support the gay community while also saying there is nothing wrong with Sharia law.  People need to read Sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty way of life that has can never be reconciled with American values and the Constitution.

Anchor babies are another issue which needs straight talk.  A Mexican mother is able to sneak into the country to have their child knowing that hospitals cannot turn them away.  Once the child is born due to a twisted interpretation of an amendment which was never indented to be used to support anchor babies is used as an excuse to grant that baby total citizenship.  There is no other country which provides total citizenship just because you happen to be born in that country.  Once the child is born then all the weeping heart liberals scream how awful it is for anyone to try and deport the mother thus ‘breaking up the family’.  Now it is a situation where people scream that the child has rights as an American and so does the mother because of the baby.  This twisted interpretation has been killing America and bankrupting county and states.  Due to the liberal mentality there are billions being spent upon medical, education, social programs and numerous other things providing the families and the ‘new American’ benefits.  When anyone tries to speak out about the financial suicide they are condemned as being racists.  I truly wish people would read the definition of a word before throwing it around.  Everything today is ‘racists’.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now ‘racists’.  Black jelly beans are not ‘racists’.  This word has been so abused that true racism is lost in the maze of phony racism.  It is like the story of the boy who cried wolf so much that when the wolf actually attacked people did not care because they just figured it was another false alarm.

We have traitors to America leading America.  ISIS was the brainchild of someone and I am afraid that someone collects a paycheck from the US taxpayer.  ISIS has declared war against America and Americans.  Our way of life is in direct opposition to their radical Islamic belief system.  They want to kill Americans if for no other reason than our enjoying a bacon-bacon cheeseburger.  I do not know how anyone can call Islam a religion of peace.  Personally I would love for someone to find in the koran anything that talks about loving your enemy; doing good to those who persecute you.  It cannot be done because it does not exist in the koran.  Radical Islam and American values are in total conflict.  American values calls for freedom of thought where radical Islam calls for only one way to think.  American values promote freedom of religion where radical Islam calls for the death of anyone who does not follow their religion.  Those who do not condemn radical Islam is promoting and supporting the end to the America way of life.  These two cannot and can never co-exist because they are in total opposition to each other.

During the Cold War it was feared that the USSR and communism would attack our country and try to take it over by force.  What is happening is a version of Islam is attacking our country using our Constitution and loopholes being led by our own elected politicians.  Our love and engrained desire to protect and provide for the innocent babies is being used to tighten a financial noose around our necks and slowing choking out our ability to take care of anyone.  If things do not change, and change rapidly, America will be a war within itself and on its own soil.

Words matter

words matter


In contrast to Obama’s comments regarding his refusal to use the expression ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ words do matter and have significant meaning and intent.  When I tell someone ‘good morning’ I am showing interest in their well-being and my intent in wanting to do my part in helping them have a ‘good morning’ where I am concerned.  When I tell my wife ‘I love you’ I am showing meaning that I care about her more than myself and my intent in being willing to do anything and everything possible to make her feel warm and secure.  If I tell someone that I would highly advise them NOT to enter my home uninvited I am showing a significant meaning that I will protect my home from intruders and my full intent to stop them from trying to rob me and invading my home.  Words have meaning and show intent.  They also show identify a particular issue or problem.  As a retired shrink I worked with numerous mentally ill clients.  None of these people went out with a high powered rifle to climb a clock tower anywhere that I am aware.  But when I worked with the criminally insane those words identified a particular sect in the mentally ill population who would most likely be the kind to climb that clock tower to do criminal acts against innocent people.

This administration wants to pull words such as jihad, sharia, and radical Islamic terrorists out of use.  But these words identify the problem and specify the sector needing to be watched.  Jihad is what these radical loons are trying to do.  They do not want peace; they want to attack for some twisted religious goal.  That religion is Islam.  That is not attacking all who follow Islam but it is identifying a particular problem with Islam and those within its followers who want to kill and attack innocent people.  Sharia identifies again a particular problem with Islam.  It identifies the core of their beliefs which have evil intent upon the general population who do not desire to follow their religion.  As sharia law wants and calls for the murder of any and all who refuse to follow Islam then it becomes the core to the evils which the world is seeing imposed upon it and the peaceful innocent people around the world.  The term ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ identifies the particular problem the world is facing.  It is not the average person on the street.  It is not a radical group of religious people because it is not identifying a radical group of Baptist running around with a garden hose wanting to baptize people against their ill.  It is identifying people of a radical mindset within Islam who are terrorists.  It is not even identifying all of Islam.  It is specific in identifying terrorists within Islam.

In Obama’s refusal to use the term ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ he is leaving all of Islam open for attack.  His refusal to say anything remotely contrary to Islam may be his particular belief system but it is not leadership.  He talks about using the military but the military is useless unless there is an identified enemy.  Who are the military supposed to attack?  Obama refuses to identify the enemy.  In so doing Obama is protecting those who are slaughtering untold numbers globally.  There is no place for these types of actions coming from any leader of any type or nation, let alone from the supposed leader of the free world.  As the rest of the Democrats in Congress follow Obama’s example of refusal they become part of the problem.

It is time people cut through all the fat and got directly to the meat of the issue.  America is at war.  We did not want this but it has been imposed upon us.  America has had members of radical Islamic terrorists come to our soil and kill Americans.  Our pansy leadership refuses to acknowledge the facts and wants to divert attention upon everything other than those particular people who are attacking the US.  We are not under attack by a gun.  We are not under attack even by an ideology.  We are under attack by a group of people who follow an ideology.  These people who follow this twist ideology are making life miserable for innocent people.  You cannot fly in a plane without wonder if there is some nut job in the cockpit that is going to crash your plane because he is part of the twisted ideology of jihad and sharia that calls for the murder of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  You cannot go into a mall and not wonder if there is a wacko who is a follower of jihad, sharia and radical Islamic terrorist mentality who is going to try and kill as many innocent people because they do not fit into their vision of Islam.  As long as any of the political leaders refuse to specifically identify the enemy they are part of the problem.  They are giving aid and assurance to the enemy as well as protect.  As long as they refuse to specifically address the enemy then they are part of the enemy.

Our gutless, spineless, cowardly political leaders are not providing leadership.  These milk toast politicians are nothing more the your typical ‘politician’ who just wants to bleed the people and the system of all the benefits they can muster.  They have no internal fortitude and therefore make no statements of any substance.  They are adding to the problem and need to get out of the way so that people who have the capabilities to lead can actually lead.  These people are an insult to the courage of the Forefathers and are taking America so far away from the Constitutional nation they formed that it is becoming unrecognizable.

It would be nice if there would actually be someone in the Democrat party who would actually speak the truth about radical Islamic terrorists.  There are a number of people from the Republican side who might use those words but lack all intent.  To use words without intent is like asking someone ‘how are you doing’ while walking away from them.  You had no intention or even care about how they were doing and simply magnified your own hypocrisy by the empty action of asking.  People also need to make no mistake regarding Hillary Clinton.  They need to listen not so much what she says but to what she refuses to say.  She is as much of the problem and Obama and the rest of the Democrat sheep.  She is no different from the Republicans who use terms without meaning or intent.  The only life words have is through action.

I may not be completely sold on Donald Trump.  But I know what I do not want in the leadership of this nation.  What I do not want is more spineless hypocrisy.  We have too many cowards who are afraid to use words of meaning.  We have too many pansies who are cowering afraid to make any real stand against those who have declared war upon America and the American free way of life.  We have too many foolish people who blame a thing such as a gun and not the nut-job pulling the trigger.  America is at war with ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ who have declared ‘jihad’ to enforce ‘sharia law’.  Our leaders need to SAY IT, AND MEAN IT!  Identify the problem then give life to your words by acting upon them and eliminating those who want to kill Americans.

Where are the brains?



This administration is famous for the saying ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.  I listen to those who are diving on the gun control issue like a buzzard on a dead zebra.  It is such a simplistic mentality that says that if a ‘thing’ is banned then the problem is solved.  If this was the case then banning all cars would stop the millions from dying at the hands of a drunk driver.  I wish these people would stop and think for a change and not just pound for an agenda.  Americans are proud of their right to keep and bear arms.  That is probably the single most important right that we have as Americans and is probably the single right which has aided the most in keeping the other rights.  Other countries have not attacked American soil because they know we, unlike other countries, are all armed citizens.  The anti-gun people consistently refuse to accept facts and data which consistently proves that where there is firearms that crime is reduced.

America does not have a gun problem.  We need to get that statement out there first.  America DOES NOT HAVE A GUN PROBLEM!  America has a PEOPLE problem.  But that is something that the liberal left refuses to recognize.  The liberal left does not like to blame the person for anything.  If a person is unemployed it is because society has made them ‘oppressed’ and that is why they are unemployed.  The liberal left refuses to acknowledge that some people are unemployed simply because they are too lazy to go out and get a job.  If a person riots and burns down their community it is not because they are thugs who need to be imprisoned it was because they were ‘oppressed’ and were acting out of their oppression.  It is time that we learned that people must bear responsibility for their own actions.  It was not the ‘pressure cooker’ that was responsible for the bombing in Boston but two thug terrorists who simply wanted to kill people.  It was not the underwear that was responsible for the ‘underwear bomber’ a few Christmases ago who tried to blow up a plane, it was the nut-job who set himself on fire in his efforts.  It was not the gun what killed the people in Orlando; it was the radical Islamic terrorist who killed them.  But the liberal left must blame the thing and not the person.  If people begin to be blamed for their own actions then we are saying that people are accountable for their actions and this is something the liberal left can never acknowledge.

The CIA came out today saying how ISIS and other groups have never posed a greater threat to America than they do today.  Yet the liberal left is pounding their chests in self-righteousness screaming how we must disarm people to make them safer.  In this day of international threat to America any call to disarm the citizens of this nation should be seen as an act of aiding and abetting the enemy.  All the liberal left intends to do is to leave the good people unarmed and defenseless.  This is not going to happen.  The only results of the liberal left will be that the bad guys will have guns and the good guys will become criminals because we will keep our firearms even if it means that we will be tried in a court of law after we defend the lives of our love ones.

If there are real criminals it is the liberal left.  These are the ones who have hamstrung our police forces by enforcing ever increasing rules and regulations for engagement.  These are the ones who have made our military into international criminals as they kill the enemy and maybe slugs a terrorist in the mouth after he bragged about killing someone’s buddy.  These are the ones who keep the ability to defend oneself out of the hands of good people while making it easier for those who commit crimes to get plea deals.  These are the ones who make prisons into places where criminals are able to recruit and not have to fear.  These are the people who encourage people’s lack of personal responsibilities.  THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE PROBLEM!

America is being run by loonies who have as much of an understanding of the human element as a brain damaged duck.  I would also love for those who are so outspoken about firearms to at least know what they are saying with at least SOME degree of information.  Would someone, ANYONE, please define an ‘assault’ rifle!  If I am being assaulted by a rock then that is an ‘assault’ rock.  I figure an ‘assault’ weapon is any weapon I am having used against me in an assault.  I watch some of these nit-wits in Congress holding their exhibits and most if not all of them are violating the first rule of gun safety by having their finger on the trigger.  I wonder how many of these legislative morons have ever fired a weapon let alone ever needed one for personal defense or protection.  If guns are so bad then disarm their security details!

The unfortunate bottom line is simple.  Our elected officials are no longer listening to the people.  Personally I do not think it pays to call our elected officials even though I still do.  I like what Allen West said recently regarding Obama’s desire for gun bans.  In basic terms he told Obama ‘don’t do it’; ‘don’t even think about it’.  The media likes to project ‘preppers’ as wackos who are preparing for a zombie apocalypse.  A prepper is simply someone who prepares for the unexpected.  As a Boy Scout we were told our motto was ‘always be prepared’.  In one sense all Boy Scouts are ‘preppers’.   With our liberals in the White House and their love affair with the UN and the liberals in Congress and their love affair with stupidity, I do not know what to expect.  Therefore, we prepare.  We prepare for the unexpected.  We prepare for the possibility that should the executive orders that Obama has been signing are ever enforced that food resources could be limited.  So we prepare ourselves by having extra food on hand.  We do not know what might happen as our once premier medical programs going into confused disarray under government regulations so we prepare.  We prepare by understanding emergency first aid, having medical supplies and increasing our knowledge of natural remedies, herbs and plants.  After all, basically every common medicine originated from a plant in the beginning.  Since we do not know when some radical Muslim not-job is going to try to kill us simply because we are enjoying a bacon-bacon cheeseburger, we prepare.  We prepare to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those around us whether it is a ‘gun free zone’ or not.  If that little sign would have made any difference there would have not been the mass shootings of the past.  Ever stop to realize how many mass shootings have happened in ‘gun free zones’ yet the liberal left insisted on believing that more laws restricting guns is the answer to stop gun crime.  If you want to stop gun crime, shoot back.  It is time we took the Boy Scout motto to heart:  ALWAYS BE PREPARED.


And so it begins



I would not say that Orlando was the ‘shot heard around the world’ but it was definitely the shot heard around the nation.  People and things are becoming clearer.  As Ryan tried to have a moment of silence for those lost in the terrorist rampage certain Democrats walked out of the room.  After the moment of silence Democrats disrupted the order of Congress demanding their votes.  I do not remember that ever happening when Harry Reid was majority leader of the Senate and not one Republican bill was sent to the floor.  The masks are coming off.  If there are any good politicians still in the Democrat party I would recommend that you leave that party or be prepared to be painted with the same brush.  The Democrat party of today is not the party of old.  The Democrat party of today is a mask for socialism and the goal of a quasi-communistic rule of America.  It represents a destruction of the US Constitution as an ‘outdated’ document and a removal of the American way of life for a more ‘socially appropriate’ lifestyle which will not offend anyone.  Do not doubt their primary goal is to disarm Americans because our owning and carrying firearms are considered ‘offensive’ to many and mainly to those who would prefer to see us all dead.  Our freedoms are considered offensive to Islam because we drink alcohol if we desire, we eat pork and are not bothered when our women wear bikinis.  We like seeing the beauty in the female form and do not want them covered in a potato sack.

Do not be surprised as the final push of the Obama administration to remove the American way of life goes full nova.  Obama has stacked the Supreme Court with people who opposed the Constitution as much as he does and expects them to vote in lock and step with the agenda.  We will see bill after bill and executive order after executive order to remove gun rights from citizens.  The total disregard for those who died in Orlando and the complete manipulation of the situation for political has been made clear.  The present Democrat party has no regard for people but merely an agenda.  People like Feinstein is a disgrace who vowed to protect this country and now an active opponent against this country and its way of life.  If anyone in Congress has forgotten their oath they vowed to protect and serve the people and to support the Constitution.  But they now disregard the Constitution and view the people as their subjects.

It should not be a surprise that Obama cannot utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists’.  It is against the koran for one Muslim to speak ill of another Muslim.  Let us get past all the political dog poop.  Obama was raised Muslim, was registered in school as a Muslim, supports Islam, protects Islam, has defended Islam in front of the United Nations and has made the statement that if the political winds turn against Islam that he would support Islam.  He has made the historically incorrect statement as how ‘Muslims have built the very fiber of this nation’ when in reality Islam had attacked this country for decades. Since 1783 Islam has been attacking America, American people, taking thousands of slaves, and killing innocent people.  There should be no question that Obama is a Muslim.  Any first year detective would come up with the same conclusion giving the visible and historical evidence.  Obama has an agenda that is the bread and butter of the Democrat party.  They do not care if they spark the next American Revolution as long as they support their leader’s agenda.  Let us get one thing straight.  Your leader is NOT supporting America, the American way of life, American history, nor even knows anything about American history.  Your leader is a sham, a coward, and ignorant puppet who simply sees the people as a piggy bank to be used and abused.  He has no regard for America, Christianity, or the American way of life.  He knows about as much about the US Constitution as some peasant on the streets of some Muslim country who still considers a plateful of bugs as a delicatessen.

If you do not have a good rifle used for not only self-defense but also national defense the time is now to get one.  Keep it as quiet as possible because it will be a dangerous commodity.  Do not be surprised at the insanity which is coming done the road lead by Obama and the Democrats.  Do not under estimate this nitwit’s agenda, his desire to use every means possible legal and illegal, Constitutional and unconstitutional to mean his agenda and goals.  Stay vigilant and do not believe everything you see.  The media is staying that the Muslim caught with the bomb material in California heading to the gay pride parade and the Muslim who held the hostages at the Texas Walmart are not all connected with the terrorists of Orlando.  Personally I think there is a better chance of winning the Power Ball Lottery than these not being connected. We are not under attack by ‘lone wolf’ terrorists especially when they all vow allegiance to the same group of nut-jobs.  These people are here in America.  The Democrats are determined to bring in more into this country under the guise of refugees.  Do not be surprised as these things increase.  As in Europe women will be under attack.  If your sweetie does not carry encourage her to do so.  The best way to deter rapists is to make sure that he never is able to rape another person.

I am not a man of doom and gloom.  But I am a realist.  I believe in being prepared.  I would rather be prepared and never need what I have than to need it and not have any means to protect myself, my family or my country.  Make no mistake no be deceived.  The present Democrat party is not a party in favor of America or the American way of life.  Islam is not a peaceful religion who simply wants to exist.  I still hold that there might be some within Islam who, in spite of what their religion teaches deep in the koran, simply wants to be left alone in peace.  But do not be deceived that the masses of Islam are here peacefully.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  That is more than a typing exercise.  It is a mandate.  If you have….carry.  If you do not have….then get something that you can legally carry.  If you are not trained….get training.  If you do not have a permit….get one.  Do not be surprised.  It was the armed citizen that deterred Japan from a frontal assault against this nation during World War II.   It is up to the armed citizen to keep defending it in spite as to what the Democrats want to say about the right of the citizen to do so.  Anyone who speaks out against the right to defend one’s self, one’s family, or one’s country must be considered as a traitor to America and the American way of life.  In the words of George Washington:  The only language state sponsors of Islamic terrorism understands is force.