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Dictatorship of the offended


America is at a precipice of a sociological nightmare.  This started a few years ago when people were permitted to demand other people change simply because they were ‘offended’ by the actions, opinions, statements or beliefs of others.  This later progressed to where people were permitted for the first time in history the typical respect for the national anthem was discarded and people were not only permitted to defy the anthem and flag by refusing to stand in a respectful manner but was socially awarded for so doing.  History, religion, American culture and historical perspectives are removed and altered not because of any factual evidence but simply because it was found to be offensive. Persons who refused to accept the new changes were demonized and ridiculed.  While anyone who refused to accept the changes where met complete opposition, there ‘presence’ of those changes were hailed as accepting and progressive.  Acceptance and understanding were only permitted for those who sought change and nothing for those who preferred to maintain the historical beliefs.  People were permitted to violently attack those who held historical positions or any beliefs that anyone might deem offensive.

As people are forced to make changes of age old beliefs, cultures and actions the goal is presented as an effort to make a more open and sensitive society.  The reality of the matter is that is it purely an effort to control others.  At the core of the demand to change due to someone becoming offended is the complete opposite of what historically been the foundation of America.  Basic human rights and the simple concept of one’s right to make personal decisions is denied the individual as the ‘offended’ party is able to force others to change.  Americans would never accept a totalitarian form of government yet they are embracing as socially acceptable being forced to accept the demands of others.

This invasive cancer has the primary goal to infest and destroy America from within.  It is touted under the banner of the left, liberalism and the modernist movement.  There is an answer but it is not a comfortable one nor one that is readily going to find a following in modern society.  The answer is to be found in people rebelling and refusing to accept the idea of an offended society as having the ‘right’ to demand change.  This is not meaning that people should not be willing to be inclusive but it also requires that the same level of inclusion be imposed upon the offended.  There is also a role of morals to be re-identified and returned.  Discipline must also be returned. One other aspect of this rebellion against this cancer includes the right to self defense even if it includes the use of lethal force.  No one has the right to attack another person who is simply wanting to peacefully attend a political gathering simply because they do not ‘like’ whom that gathering supports.

Until such time that people start accepting personal responsibility for personal actions America will never return to its basic principles.  If someone who is hydrophobic goes to a Baptist church and is offended because they use water in their worship needs to accept personal responsibility for their actions.   Commonsense would have made it clear that a Baptist church would probably have water.  The fault is not in the location but in the individual’s foolish actions  A person who has a belief system that does not believe in the global holiday of Christmas and purposely migrates to America which, has as long as there has been Europeans on the soil has celebrated Christmas, should not have a ‘right’ to demand that Christmas not be observed since it was their personal actions which created their being ‘offended’.  Today people’s bad behavior, riots, rudeness, illegal activities and even murder is blamed upon others, some syndrome or other excuses other than personal choice.  As a child we were told to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility.  From people in political office to kids in elementary school there is no accepting of personal consequence for one’s own actions.  People look for reasons to be offended.  If people can be fired from their jobs because they used the ‘wrong pronoun’ regarding someone’s gender which seems to change on an hourly basis; or demand 100+ year old statues be torn down; history changed, songs removed or other things destroyed simply because someone’s feelings were ‘hurt’ then we no longer have freedom and liberty but have surrendered unto a social dictatorship.

This liberal leftist agenda of always being offended will never end because there will always be something that someone somewhere finds offensive.  Everyone is permitted to be offended except for the conservative.  We are falling into the hands of the Hitler era Brownshirts who beat people into submission if they believed anything other than that which was promoted by Adolf Hitler only the Brownshirts today are wearing the cloak of the ‘social warrior’ and political correctness.  In America today there is one of two things which WILL happen.  Either people will rise up against social/political correction ideology and stop giving it power to demand that things change to please the few or our liberties will cease.