Learn from Obama

obama sitting

I hope that America learns from Obama.  I do not believe any party really has the best plans for America in mind but I do hope that America has learned never to allow the media to drool over themselves regarding any politician.  If the media is considering a politician as the next best thing since the invention of peanut butter the people need to be extremely skeptical regarding that person.   I also hope that Americans have learned that a person’s religion does matter.  With Mr. Obama with his Islamic background and upbringing has colored his outlook on all matters regarding radical Islam.  He has become so purposely blind to radical Islam that he has become a danger to America, American military and to American homeland by refusing to investigate to take action against the training camps of radical Islam here in our homeland.  He has been favoring Islamic nations financially to the point that treason really should be considered because by his actions the very forces that our troops are to be fighting have been emboldened.  His actions regarding nations such as Iran is so blind to their past record as to be humorous if it was not involving a future nuclear weapon.  The nation of Iran has been hiding nuclear plants from inspection for years.  Why would anyone possibly begin to think that they can suddenly be trusted now?  Obama and his actions toward Israel borders on the anti-Semitic the way he has ignored, snubbed, and even insulted the very core of Israel by his actions at the UN.  His initial statement as to how the future must not belong to those who insult Islam stated at the beginning where Obama stood regarding Israel and Islam.

Now with another stroke of his infamous pen Obama wants to force Christian held businesses to not discriminate against gays and lesbians in hiring because of their life style choices.  This is saying that religious preferences are null and void.  Will this also apply to the pig farmer who wants to rent a facility owned by a Muslim?  Will this same protection be for the individual who is not going to abide by Sharia law and wants to hold an activity around or in a mosque?  Is this going to affect those who believe in Islam or is it only to affect those who believe in Christianity?

Mr. Obama needs to remember that people do not like being told what to do.  We have not liked that since the beginning of our nation.  We have been told what kind of light bulbs to have in our houses.  We have been told who we should hire.  We have been told that we MUST have health insurance.  We are being told that we will allow millions of illegal immigrants into our country with open arms while no one has even considered how much this welcome wagon was going to cost the taxpayers.  We are being told that Mr. Obama might just tell us which holidays we may or may not enjoy.  Mr. Obama needs to remember that Americans are a stubborn people and WE DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO!  You are a President and NOT a king.  That type of behavior did not bode well for King George.

I, personally, am tired of a President who is so arrogant and egotistical that he has forgotten his place.  His place is to obey the law, obey his oath of office, do his job, shut up and listen to the people.  He is to be an honor to the people of America as he travels abroad and not a total embarrassment.  He should have enough sense NOT to give the heads of state of foreign countries CD copies of his lectures.  He should have enough intelligence to know that when the Queen of England stands up to shut up and let the national anthem play uninterrupted as is their tradition and that it is not background music for his lecturing toasts.  He should have enough brains to know NEVER to bow to another leader.  He should have enough couth not to be chewing gum everywhere he goes and while he is standing in a line of dignitaries.

I hope that America has learned.  Democrats should take Obama as a serious threat to any future Democrat to hold office.  Personally, I think Obama should be the last Democrat President ever to hold office.  He should most definitely be that last Muslim to hold office.  I know there are those who are screaming he is not a Muslim.  If a person is to go by how a person acts, Obama is purely Muslim.  Obama should be the absolute person to hold office where the Constitution is not held as the plumb line standard for their candidacy.  Mr. Obama, you have been an insult to our great nation and one of the greatest threats America has faced foreign or domestic.


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