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You cannot turn on the television without being blasted with video feeds of Ferguson, MO. Now politicians are sounding off in a highly self-righteous mood condemning the use of military equipment during the riots. I am very aware of posse comitatus which prevents the military from being used in civilian matters. But there needs to be a different point of view in this matter. If the rioters what to act like animals and create a war zone then there needs to be a proper response by the police. Ferguson is not about the First Amendment. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with shooting others, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the police, or anything to do with looting. I hear people talking about the conditions that ‘sparked’ the riots. But what about the innocent store owner who now has their means of survival totally destroyed not by a police officer but because of an animal who used a neighborhood issue as an excuse. There needs to be a real response to the animals. Those who want to have a peaceful protest is a totally different issue. But the animals need to be handled severely and harshly.
It is easy to condemn the police officers if someone has never lived the life of a police officer. I have met good officers and I have met corrupt police officers. There are no rosy red glasses on here. But I do know that living with a job where you are the target in the middle of the night and have a split second to make a life or death decision is not easy. I am also really tired of hearing excuses for people’s actions. I hear how the poor minorities are pushed down and that is why they react and strike back. People need to call the BS meter. I have known wealthy and I have known poor people. It is not a matter of economy but character. When people chose, and it is a choice, to act like animals destroying everything in their path and steal everything they want it is not a matter of economy but a choice to behave without integrity or character. No amount of money will change a person’s character unless there is a desire. If a person wants to be an animal and act like an animal then no amount of money will change that animal. There have been billions spent of many years to change environments with idea that it would result in changing people. It does not work unless there is a desire for change.

In working with people from the military I have heard numerous accounts of where the government and politics would prevent the soldiers from being soldiers for the sake of public opinion. If they are not wanting the military to do what they are trained to do then why involve the military in so many of the world’s situations? Likewise the politics need to get out of Ferguson and allow the police to do their job. Instead the police are being tried and condemned by people who have no idea what they are discussing. The reporter for the Huffington Post who could not tell the difference between foam ear plugs and rubber bullets is a prime example of people making judgment who have no concept as to what they are trying to discuss.

Maybe it is time for the media to all leave Ferguson. Maybe it is time to allow the police to also leave Ferguson. The good people who want to make a statement have left the streets and are back home by dusk. After nightfall what is left are those who have come in from outside areas simply to create trouble. If the animals who want to create trouble want to create a war zone maybe it is time to allow the national guard who are trained for warfare to come in and do what they are trained to do. Enough is enough. It is time to stop playing patty-cake with those who simply want to make trouble for everyone else.