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No rose colored glasses


I must admit that I am basically in a state of shock.  I never thought I would see the day when the things happening today would be routine.  The elephant of the GOP has become like the cartoon character of a fluffy Dumbo like creature with an umbrella in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  The Democrat donkey has become nothing more than a great big jackass.  Socialism is an accepted characteristic for presidential candidates.  We have an administration that is not even attempting to hide the corruption of padding the ballot box with the influx of illegals.  The Constitution has never been used against itself to a greater extent in history than it is presently.  The right to keep and bear arms has never been under greater attack.  Our elected officials have never been able to get away with making absolutely stupid statements before like they do today…(no Guam will not tip over due to the presence of the Navy).  We have an administration that is openly Muslim, proud of it, and are very active in making America an Islamic nation.  Government leaders are leaving the founding beliefs of this nation and have abandoned any and every reference to God because it might offend someone somewhere.  We do not have leaders.  We have power hungry and greedy pussies that have rejected the will of the people.

I wonder if today is something like it was during the late 1700’s.  I wonder if people who watched England become increasingly more power hungry and greedy at the expense of the people sat back hoping that maybe something would change and that people would actually change and start listening to reason again.  I wonder how many kept believing that the system would kick start back into a working government.  I firmly believe that it is the purpose of this administration to break America and to create civil war.  If there is civil war then there will be martial law and the rule of FEMA who supersedes the Constitution and personal rights.  I believe it is the goal of this administration to bring so many radicals from the south, Middle East, and Europe into this country so that Obama would have his private civilian army that he has been wanting since the first day of his presidency.  I firmly believe that it is the goal of this administration with the help of the Democrat party to disarm every civilian.  I firmly believe that the average person does not matter to the majority of our elected officials which is why people like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls.  The American people do not trust politicians and for good reason.  Present day politicians see the average American as a piggy bank to be used to fund whatever they please.  They travel around the globe without giving a second thought at the lives of the average American.  They have life time income and complain they are still not getting enough money while they are receiving 4-5 times what the average American makes a year with an expense account that is staggering.   We have people running for president who has already been caught in so many lies that the average person would be in prison.  Our government needs to wise up.

There will be changes in office.  I do not know if it will be before or after the election.  I am hoping that there will be peaceful changes from the ballot box.  But I see overt actions on the part of many in the Democrat party to corrupt the election by permitting non-Americans to vote.  The number of people who have voted for the Democrat party who have been deceased, in prison, cartoon characters, and even non-existent names is amazing.  People have bragged about voting numerous times in the same election.  Voting machines have been caught switching votes.  If there is one thing that those in the political arena better not do and that is corrupt the ballot box.  It is the ballot box that is the ONLY thing which makes America different and which has keep America peaceful.

I hope that there is a new President with a brain and who will listen to the voice of the people.  I hope that there is a new President who will return America to its basic Christian roots.  We are not, never have been and never will be an Islamic country.  I hope that there is a new President who will lead America back to a position of strength again.  America, presently, is laughable in the eyes of the global governments.  I want a President who is proud to be the President of the United States of America.  I am so tired of a doofis who goes around bowing to everyone saying how bad America is and how it needs to change.  If I had an employee who kept going around saying how bad my company was I would fire him on the spot.

There will be change.  There will be a difference in the government.  I just hope it is a peaceful change.  But of what I see this President and his administration doing, along with the support of a complacent, power hungry and greedy Democrat party, I am having my doubts.  I hope I am wrong.  But what I see happening is setting America up for a big event.  What I see is setting America up for a major clash between radical foreign invaders and ideologies and the classic American way of life.  All I can say is that if you are not prepared you better be.  Have you scoped out your area regarding food and water?  Have you a means to protect yourself and your family?  Have you a plan should things go bad?  Have you thought about where you will go?  Have you a plan to get with other family members so that you are a greater number than just yourself?  Have you contemplated alliances?  No, my tin foil hat is not fitting too tight.  I just do not have rose colored glasses on anymore.


Myth of gun loopholes

gun control

I have been purchasing firearms for many years.  I have also sold many firearms over the years so I am familiar with present changes in the laws as well as the realities of firearm purchasing.  I am a federally licensed firearms dealer and have sat down with ATF to discuss the laws regarding gun purchasing.  I do not know where the government comes off on saying there are gun loopholes.  They do not exist.  Too many times there is the pushback by the anti-gun community that if you are speaking out against additional gun laws then you promote gun violence.  The family members of those who are going to bury their children in Roseburg Or are speaking out against gun control laws.  My family has experienced gun violence when my Aunt was murdered by her second husband in a murder/suicide crime.  I would venture a more accurate statement that if you are for more gun control then you are not and probably have never been a gun enthusiast, hunter, in to self-protection, or have even seriously studied the American Forefathers and the Constitution.

I have heard the opposition scream about how a person can go on to and purchase a firearm.  Yes, this is true, but you have to have that gun shipped to a FFL holder who must by law do a background check on the buyer before granting them their firearm.  In Washington State it has even gotten to the place where two friends or family members cannot give a gun without first going through a FFL holder and have a background check done on the person who is to be the new owner.  This also technically means that I could not give a gun to my son without first going through a background check.

Now before the anti-gun people start singing the praises of these laws there is a major problem.  We are law abiding people.  Therefore we would obey the law.  But people who are not interested in obeying the law, those who probably needing to keep gun out of their hands, are not going to obey the law and will not get their guns through a local FFL dealer.  What does this mean?  It means that all these additional gun laws are nothing but foolish additions to the already reams of gun laws that are on the books and not being enforced.  Additional background checks, waiting periods, fingerprints, etc. will not stop the bulk of the criminal element from not getting a firearm.  It might find the periodic person who at some time in their lives did something stupid and now has a record.  But these laws will not ever stop the criminal from getting a gun.  I do not know how many times it needs to be said but the anti-gun group does not care about common sense.  They have one agenda and that is to disarm the common person.  This idea has worked so wonderfully for Great Britain and Australia.  Crime rate in these countries have skyrocketed since the common person has been disarmed.

It is totally unimaginable how stupid people must be to believe that gun laws will stop the criminal from getting a gun.  It is right up there with the idea that gun free zones will stop people from entering to shoot up innocent bystanders.  It is equal in stupidity as to think that if cars were more heavily regulated that DUI deaths would stop.  It is equal to thinking that making guns illegal to criminals would keep them off the streets (that idea has worked so well with heroin and cocaine).  The real crime regarding all these gun laws are the imposition it forces upon the officers who are trying to enforce the laws.  Politicians who have no concept of what they are voting upon vote to pass bills which are supposed to give them more of a voter, and therefore power, base.  Most of these politicians never even read the bills.  If I had an employee who constantly keep signing contracts for my business without reading the contract they would be fired.

There are not too many more laws that can be forced upon a legal gun owning community.  As politicians continue to try to dream up new gun control laws there will be change.  That change will probably come in the form of the people seeing how the politicians do not care for the Constitution and therefore are not going to care about the politicians.  The politicians might pass all the laws they want but they will be ignored.  All that the anti-gun politicians will accomplish would be finally making the law abiding gun owning citizen a criminal.  As the politician ignores the people so will the people ignore the politician.

Carson was right


Ben Carson is taking heat from the media for a statement he made regarding the mass shootings.  His statement included that he would not want to just wait to be murdered but would encourage mass action against the attacker.  I remember someone else who did this and was proclaimed a hero but since Carson is not politically correct and outspoken he is attacked.  The other person who held the same mentality was the individual was Tom Burnett on United flight 93.  Our society has indoctrinated too many people into a passive non-resistance mentality.  But the best way for a society to be dominated by a tyrant is when the society does not resist.

People are being taught that if someone attacks or assaults you that the best defense is not to resist.  Stores are taught to simply comply even to the point that if the clerk resists in any fashion he or she is fired after the hold up.  Schools are no longer places where people are taught to think but HOW to think.  The goal is not to stimulate mental growth but how to regurgitate that which has been spewed by the instructor.  Our society has been indoctrinating our children for the past generations on how to be taken over by a government with no concern for the people but who simply has ideals of power and control.

I do not see this in our Forefathers.  At times I think if our Forefathers would see what America has become that they would have voted to let England simply keep us.  We had a revolution to be free.  Now we have given up our freedom to simply accept.  We accept what is taught.  We accept what is given.  We accept what the government will throw our direction.  We accept what our so called leaders say without demanding any proof.  We accept that our elected leaders lie to us on a daily basis.  We accept that Americans have become sheep and not the sheep dog.  We accept when others tell us to line up so that we can be shot one by one.

I have the highest regard for those who lost their lives in Oregon.  I feel for those families.  It took extreme courage to tell an insane murderer that you were a Christian and proud to be one knowing that you were going to die for your faith.  My argument is with the society that has taken away the fighting spirit that once was the hallmark of Americans.  Schools are taking away ‘contact sports’ because it teaches aggression.  Children are being kicked out of school for teaching a pop tart half way making it possibly look like a gun.  I am surprised they do not kick kids out for drawing Texas, Idaho and Florida.  The bottom line is that Ben Carson was right.  If you are going to die, make your attacker work for it.  If he only has three bullets left and there are twenty of you there is less of a chance that he would be able to hit anyone if he is under pressure having the mass attack turned against him.  If the attacker is able to walk one by one aim and fire then you know you are going to die.  But if your attacker is under pressure with the sheep now turning upon him and rushing him there is much less chance that there would be as many dead.

It is up to the good people within society to teach our children how to live and not how to become victims.  It is up to the good people in society to teach our children how to critically think because the schools will only teach them how to return information as it was given.  It is up to the good people of society to teach our children how to stand for what they believe and not be politically correct not standing for anything out of fear you might offend someone.  I can assure that there will always be someone somewhere who will be offended by something.  Growing up in the Stone Age we were taught to deal with it and not to wear our emotions on our sleeves.  We were taught to not let everything little thing bother us and to be bigger than the whiners.  But society and our elected leadership does not want historical Americans.  Our society and our elected leadership want sheep that are able to be led passively accepting whatever is passed their direction.  It is time we took our Forefathers off of the shelves and started seriously looking at their examples.  It is time we stopped being a passive nation and started acting like Americans again.  Tyranny, whether on the individual insane person level or the power crazed government level, only can exist with a passive and accepting society.  It is time we stopped being the sheep and took back our position as the sheepdog.

Now hear this

thin blue line

My dad used to have a saying of:  enough is enough and too much is right down nasty.  I know I might only be one small person but I have come to the realization that I have a huge audience of readership.  I am beyond fed up with the level of disrespect given to our law enforcement.  I am from a law enforcement family with two brothers who are retired police officers.  People who are not part of a law enforcement family cannot comprehend how every day you fear that dreaded phone call telling you that your loved one has died in the service to their community.  I am calling upon all those reading this article to start putting your money where your mouth is.  Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts, Waffle House, Starbucks and any place out there that wants to disrespect our law enforcement must begin to feel the effects of their actions.  I call upon any and all of these places to be boycotted until they come to an open and honest accounting for their actions.

I do not care if your cause if ‘black lives matter’ or unicorns for president, it has no place in disrespecting law officers.  If you are so worried about black lives then protest how many of the black murders are done by black people.  If you do not care about the police because of your ‘black lives matter’ cause then next time you need a cop call Al Sharpton.  I am sick and tired of law enforcement officers putting their lives on the line for people who do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about their lives or families.

These businesses think they can have total immunity.  But it is the people who will decide if they remain open or closed.  Maybe these business need to be more careful who they hire.  If they do not want a reputation as being disrespectful to our military and police then the responsibility falls upon the management of those businesses to screen prospective hires better.  It is these people who are going to place a shadow upon their business.  If you want to remain open then start screen your employees better.

We vote with our wallets.  It is time we put our money where our mouth and values are now and in the future.  Businesses have gotten away with extreme acts of disrespect and it is time for accountability.  This is not just another angry rant over the actions of a stupid employee.  This is a call to action.  This is a call for accountability.  I am stating here and now for businesses to decide which side of that blue line where our law enforcement is concerned and green line where our military is concerned (and while you are at it include the firefighters and medical providers because anyone who is out there risking their butts for an ungrateful society deserves to be treated with respect and dignity) you choose to stand.  Either you are for us or you are against us.  There is no middle ground.  There is no place for apathy.  There is no place for silence.  While the businesses might think this is an awfully big order from a simple writer I have realized that over time I have a few hundred thousands who read my articles and many who feel as I do.  I am calling upon anyone reading this to vote with your wallet.  I am calling upon them to directly ask the businesses they patronize where they stand and when was the last time they did some tangible to show their support for these people who risk everything to serve.  To those who chose to support our law enforcement, military and those who serve their communities may you prosper and grow.  To those who chose not to openly and clearly support these people in the Name of God and all that might be remaining right and good in this world may you lose money and close.  It is up to you to decide.

The type of control our nation needs


There is a type of grief that is basically impossible to understand.  It is the type of grief which comes from sending a loved one off to do something so simple as to go so school, the store, out for a burger, or something else that is routinely seen as safe and never to have them come home again.  This is the type of grief experienced by the families whose loved ones were murdered in Oregon.  This is the type of grief experienced by the family members of those murdered at the military recruitment center in Tennessee, New York, Arkansas, and Washington D.C.  This is the type of grief experienced by the families of those murdered at Ft Hood.  This is the type of grief experienced by the family of Coleen Hufford when she went to work at the food processing plant in Oklahoma.  It was the type of grief experienced by the thousands of families who lost loved ones on 9/11.  The list goes on and many times unreported.  What this nation needs is not gun control but Muslim control.

I know that right about now there are countless liberals who have lost their minds with my last remark and are gathering torches to burn me at the stake.  But it is time that America faces facts.  While our President refuses to acknowledge radical Islam is a major threat to this nation, people still are dying at the hands of Islam.  Our President wants to compare the numbers of people killed in gun violence such as the school shootings to those killed by Islamic terrorists and 3000 dead in the Twin Towers seems to be a good number to start off the comparison.  Gun control does not work.  It takes a real idiot to think that anyone who wants to commit crimes with firearms is going to worry about getting them legally.  Cocaine is illegal and people do not seem to have a problem getting that item.  In most states prostitution is illegal and it only takes a drive down any major city street at night to see its availability.  Rioting and burning buildings are both illegal and in Baltimore and Ferguson they were seen as ‘expressions of speech’.  The only people affected by gun laws are those who do not need gun laws because they obey the law.  Our politicians need to follow the ATF around for one month.  During that time maybe they will begin to see the rat’s nest of rules and regulations that they have chained to these agents.  It is impossible for any ATF officer to truly do their jobs completely because of all the stupid rules, laws, and regulations placed upon the public by people who have no idea regarding what they are passing.  Any politician who passes a law while not having any idea what the law says or means should be fired on the spot.

Until our government accepts the reality that Islam is not a religion of peace we will see more killings done in the name of religion.  This is not saying that all who follow Islam are murdering savages.  There are many who are not nut cases but simply wanting to live peacefully.  But Islam itself teaches extreme violence as per the Koran.  The Oregon murders were nothing less than hate killings done in the name of Islam against Christianity.  Obama did not seem too concerned that Christians were being singled out but was in arms over guns.  The gun did not kill anyone.  The idiot Muslim on the end of the trigger did the killing.  America is seeing on a daily basis what Islam is really like as we look at France, Great Britain, Germany and Holland.  Food is being protested because it is coming from the Red Cross.  If you are really hungry you eat the food and not protest.  I cannot feel pity for the so called refugees when I see boxes of apples left to rot by the side of the road.  It is infuriating seeing roads turned into dumping grounds by people who supposedly left with nothing and leave tents and countless numbers of items tossed around like a landfill.  As people riot because they do not think they are getting treated good enough and they are the ones wanting in to a country that tells me that they do not care about assimilation but seek domination.  These are the people this administration wants to bring into this country by the tens of thousands.

America needs Muslim control and not gun control.  America needs Muslim control and not mental health regulations over gun purchases because our politicians have proven themselves not to be smart enough not to include everything from total psychosis to seasonal depression, post-partum depression, or mood swings into the list of reasons to deny a person the Constitutional right to own a firearm.  When it comes to guns and the general public our gun controlling elected leaders are idiots.  Those who demand gun control consistently blame the gun while making excuses for the savage who did the murdering of innocent people.  Personally I do not care if someone was abused as a child, had bad grades and could not cope, or had horrible hygiene and therefore became overpowered by a handgun and went on a rampage.  It is time to blame the person.  It is time to regulate the one who does the slaughtering.

America has a Muslim problem and it is not going to get any better under this administration.  The world has a Muslim problem and other world leaders are getting tired of Obama’s excuses and are telling him the truth regarding the reality of this problem.   If you really wanted to stop the gun violence, allow more good people to be armed.  These cowards like soft targets so remove soft targets.  Remove ‘gun free zones’ since all they do is point out the soft target.  Personally, I believe that the reason this administration is pushing so hard for tight gun control and disarming the American people is so that when the Islamic terrorist and rioting mobs start here in our streets this administration want to protect them from harm.