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Trojan horse

trojan horse


The story of the Trojan horse is probably more fable than history.  But the imagery of hidden dangers in seemingly innocent things is very real.  As I listen to politicians and watch the election unfold I see the very real threat of the Trojan horse in words and in practice.  When I was a practicing therapist I would try to get my clients to let go of bitter emotions and resentment but I had to be careful of my terms.  I had to be careful of words such as ‘forgiveness’ because that carried the connotation of letting people ‘off the hook’ for doing bad things.  So I had to be clear that the misnomer of the present use of the word ‘forgiveness’ was incorrect.  It had nothing to do with the other person but had a basic root word meaning similar to the word ‘breath’.  So our word ‘forgive’ was actually a personal action allowing ourselves to ‘breath again’ by removing obstacles in our way. But because the word ‘forgive’ has become so encrusted with religious overtones it now has taken a word which includes the idea of release the other person who committed the offense. This is not the true meaning of the word.  Thus power has been hidden in a word that was never intended for that word to carry.

I hear words such as ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ being bantered around like some sort of mantra for the righteous.  I hear people talk about how we are supposed to be ‘tolerant’ of others and to ‘accept’ people of different beliefs.  Somehow if we are not accepting of everything and everyone then we are the problem and we are racists.  But there is nothing wrong with having a standard.  I am an American.  I believe in the American way of life.  As an American I accept that we in America have a long history of believing in God and Christianity.  I accept that in America we have a long line of people who live off the land and eat meat.  We grill pork, beef, and just about everything that does not move too fast to catch.  We like to be left alone to live in peace.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having a standard that says I will accept others as long as they allow me to live in peace.  There is also nothing wrong which says that I will not accept others who want to come into this country simply to destroy my way of life.  I will not accept others who want to come into my country to try to harm me or my family.  There is nothing wrong with my not accepting ideology that is contrary to the history of my country or that tries to demand how I think.  There is nothing wrong with saying that I will not tolerate anyone trying to force their life style on me.  I do not know that anyone has told anyone that they cannot live as they choose.  I do know that there have been many times that people who have tried to force their lifestyle on others were told to back off.

If I am a racists by demanding that people who want to burn down the shops of hard working people be arrested and held accountable then I will accept the label racists.  If I am a racist because I demand people not to block the freeways where people are trying to get to work, get home, get to needed medical attention or simply trying to make a living then I will accept the label racists.  I refuse to feel pity for people to block on and off ramp who while standing in front of speeding cars gets hit and injured and thus get called a racist then I will accept that label.  If I am ‘intolerant’ because I do not want terrorists in my country masquerading as refugees then I will accept the label as intolerant.  If I am intolerant because I believe that someone who is shooting at innocent people should be shot back at by good people carrying guns then I will accept the label as being intolerant.  There is nothing racist nor intolerant simply for having a brain, having a standard, and having common sense!

The power of the story of the Trojan horse is the idea that hidden threat and dangers can be inside of seemingly harmless items.   The words ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ are innocent enough on face value.  But, when we start using them as blanket terms where common sense and standards are removed, then they carry dangers of unbelievable nature.  It would be foolish to accept a box of vipers inside a nursery.  It would be foolish to tolerate poison to be mixed in orange juice and left around children.  It is equally as foolish to expect people to accept thousands of people who are from the same countries that have been trying to kill us to come into this country without knowing who they are and what is their intent.  These words are now being used as weapons against people who simply want to be left alone to live in peace.  These words are now being uses as a moral standard saying that if you are not ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting ‘of everyone and everything that you are not a good person and are evil in nature.  If that is what it takes now to want to keep America safe, my family safe and myself safe, then I will accept the label of intolerant and un-accepting.  Any so called political leaders who want to demand that we accept everything and everyone and to tolerant any and every behavior has just rejected any basis for calling them a leader.  They are fools and ignorant and only have themselves in mind and the destruction of my country at heart.  My biggest question as I listen to people talk today is wondering when people are going to wake up and actually start thinking again.  There is no such thing as total acceptance and total tolerance.  Somewhere something must become unacceptable and intolerable for life to continue.


Idiots and fools


I wonder what it feels like to be a parrot.  (Yes, I did say parrot and not parent.)  I listen to the media today and have come to the realization that most of the media is run by idiots and fools.  Some of the early journalistic publications such as ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine, the New England Courant, Publick Occurrence and the various writings of Benjamin Franklin are all a far cry from the bought and paid for writings of many of today’s so called journalist.  Much of what is passed off as journalism today is nothing more than blatant propaganda for the Democrat party.  I make that statement not because of any loyalty to any particular party that I might have but simply because of observation.  Over three quarters of the general population of Americans feel that politics and politicians are corrupt.  The blame for this situation falls directly at the doorstep of journalism and the media.

It was the media that failed the American people by not vetting Barack Obama during the earlier election.  The media failed to ask about his radial background that he had spoken so freely about in his books.  The media failed to ask about the radical mentors that Obama spoke so loving regarding in his writings.  The media failed to explore why Obama was incapable of presenting a birth certificate that would be able to withstand even basic 101 level of analysis.  It was the media that failed the people by not asking the director of the FBI who made open statements about Hillary Clinton making what later was proven to be false statements to both Congress and the FBI why she was not indicted.  It was the media that failed to ask about the tens of thousands of correspondence between Hillary Clinton and higher levels of government.  It was the media that failed to ask any questions to Eric Holder about the gun running program Fast and Furious that permitted illegal firearms under the supervision of the office of the Attorney General to go into Mexico and to later be used in terrorist acts and the murder of Americans.  It was the media that failed to pursue any discussion regarding radical Islam and the total denial of our government regarding the matter.  It was the media that failed to explore the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico and any connection that Harry Reid might have had to a corrupt land grab.  It was the media that failed to ask Harry Reid why he did not permit any bills from the other side of the aisle to reach the floor of the Senate.  It was the media that never held member of Congress accountable for such stupid statements such as Guam was going to tip over because of the Navy and Pelosi’s ‘we must pass it to know what is in it’.  The media has failed the people by not asking Hillary Clinton about her ‘found’ emails where Mexican voters are referred to as ‘taco bowls’.  Yet the media latches on to Trump asking Russia if they have any more emails to release them because he would be interested in seeing them.  The problem was the Trump in intelligent enough to enjoy satire and the media has a typical IQ of a shoehorn.

I listen to the media and they are nothing more than parrots echoing the classic talking points of the Democrat party.  It would be nice if the media would actually do some journalism and not be a propaganda force for politics.  Americans should not only be infuriated over the media becoming the lapdog for the liberal left but also scared spit less.  Adolf Hitler used the media as his propaganda source because he knew that it had the power of a huge audience.  The written word was supposed to carry truth and weight.  The people believed and followed anything that they were told because Hitler knew that if he told a lie big enough and often enough that people would begin to believe it.  This is exactly what today’s media has been doing for the liberal left.  Evan after the media gets caught they still continue the same story line as before and nothing is done about their misuse of the public trust.  Global warming has been proven to be false.  It is not happening.  The data used to support it has been refuted.  All the claims about the world being under water by 2016 are not true.  Yet, the general media continues to echo how global warming is the reason for terrorists and evils around the world.  Yet whenever Obama rehashes the old claims of global warming the media laps up every word and republishes it in spite of truth or reality.

Even if the media was incapable of actually producing a preliminary level of journalism it would be at least nice if they would be unbiased.  Again, I am not taken a political side, I am simply making observations.  I have watched the media give journalistic birth to a wild buffalo over statements made or even some not made by conservatives but ‘supposed’ to have been made while totally being blind to outright lies made by the liberal left.  The media refuses to do any real research into the murders of police officers by the Black Lives Matter people yet are unrelenting if an officer shoots a person of color.  It somehow becomes main news if a Christian pastor wants to burn a Koran while the same media is silent regarding the so called honor killings when a Muslim father murders his daughter for talking to a non-Muslim boy.  A Church where the pastor has been guilty of not paying taxes becomes prime time news while a Mosque which has housed not only terrorist for also arms is swept under the rug.  The media today is an absolute insult to journalism and is not worthy of the blood of our Forefathers who fought that the media could be free to present truth to the common person.  Journalists today normally do not speak of the Constitution.  I wonder if they have even read the Constitution.  I would advise them to not be so quick to endorse those who also are ignorant of the Constitution or are willing to abdicate removal of the Constitution or Bill of Rights the way many of the liberal left lean.  It is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which keep the media alive.  The more they become the lapdog and servant to a politician the less free the media actually becomes and the more subservient becomes their place.  I believe the greatest fear that the media faces is that the people might one day wake up and begin to independently think.


The liberal argument

hillary vs trump


I must find it amusing to read the liberal argument against Trump and in response to his speech.  While, yes, I am a Trump supporter I am not writing this as someone who ‘must take action to protect me candidate’.  I do not think Trump needs my defending him.  I am writing this because of the total lack of logic on the part of those who like to attack anything conservative.  I read articles and comments such as how ‘fact checkers’ have analyzed the speech and find it wanting in reality.  Funny how those same fact checking experts are blind when it comes to speeches given by Obama, Hillary (or as I like to write it:  Hellary), or anyone else from the liberal left.  I have read articles and remarks ranging anywhere from Trump flat out lying, anonymous ‘sources’ coming out of the wood work with accusations about Trump, to how his son ‘killed an elephant’ and did not eat it for food (which I really do not know how they would know if he did or did not have it consumed or gave it to a tribe for food) all the way to where I am expecting someone to pipe up over having seen Donald Trump buy foreign made ice cream!

Please, just for a moment, let us stop and actually use the intelligence the Good Lord gave a slow thinking crowbar.  Instead of examining every letter of parsed sentence, please may we think for a moment and look at the content.

-Is there or is there not (ack, I’m beginning to sound like Chris Christie) not a problem with untold numbers of illegals flooding this country:  yes or no

-Is there or is there not a huge difference between those who enter this country by any means who actually want to become Americans and have a better way of life verses those who simply want to create trouble and illegal activity:  yes or no

-Is there or is there not a problem with terrorists coming into this country under the mask of refugees who have been ‘vetted’ such as the San Bernardino terrorist:  yes or no

-Are there terrorists entering countries under the mask of refugees in other countries and creating blood flowing in the streets:  yes or no

-Are our police officers being targeted and killed in unprecedented numbers:  yes or no

-Are politics and politicians out of control and drunk on power:  yes or no

-Has our military been stripped down to dangerous levels yet still expected to police the world:  yes or no

-Does America have a national debt of over 19 trillion dollars:  yes or no

-Has ISIS and radical Islamic terrorist been slaughtering innocent people by countless numbers around the world:  yes or no

-Is ISIS a problem:  yes or no

-Do we need to start supporting our law officers more:  yes or no

-Has Black Lives Matter been chanting to kill law officers:  yes or no

-Do things need to change from the present status quo:  yes or no


I honestly believe that people no longer really want to think.  It is easier to attack rather than reason.  It is more convenient to bash rather than reason.  Instead of asking if there might be any merit to what was said it is easier to parse out each and every word, sentence and phrase to find fault with what was said.   There are some who might say that I am too critical of people.  I simple say that I am sick and tired of people trying to run this country who rather destroy and attack rather than think.  If you disagree with Mr. Trump that is your Constitutional right.  But, before you simply stop at attacking, actually find out where you disagree and ask yourself if you disagree because he is wrong and why he is wrong or if you disagree because he is a conservative and your problem is not with Trump but with Conservative ideas.  Maybe the problem is not Mr. Trump but yourself.  I am amazed as to how many liberals scream against discrimination and closed mindedness yet are the most hostile close minded people on the planet.  If you attack someone not because of what they say and are screaming how they are wrong yet have never truly open mindedly examined what they say, they you are the bigot and not them.  Everyone has a right to their ‘opinion’.  That is what makes America free.  I would just like to see the ‘experts’ who are taking a position to be honest enough to label it as ‘their opinion’ rather than ‘these are the facts’ when they have never examined the facts.

Stop with political correctness  

mein kampf


What would be the proper response?  Imagine the year was 1939 and there were pockets of people in the United States who swore allegiance to the philosophies found in Mein Kampf.  Would it be more proper to allow them to stay in America?  Would it be more proper to establish a round table to set down with these people and try to understand their beliefs better?  Would it be more proper to force them to leave the country?  Would it be more proper to keep them and all their associates under watch?  Would it be more proper to worry about not violating their particular rights?  People need to stop lying to themselves and this nation.  AMERICA IS AT WAR!  Our leaders are too spineless to admit this reality.  It is important that we admit this reality otherwise what is the response.  Right now liberals are so worried about protecting the ‘rights’ of those who have declared war against America and Americans.  These same people have declared war not only against America but against the world.  Innocent people are being slaughtered by countless numbers.  It is infuriating that some people proclaim that these people have a right to be protected because of their ‘freedom of religion’.  We need to get one thing straight.  When these people start slaughtering innocent people in the name of their religion they lose ALL rights associated with freedom of religion.  It is no longer a religion and is a bloodthirsty cult.  There are no freedoms of religion for radical Islamic terrorists.  When a mosque starts hiding weapons for terrorists and becomes the nucleus for terrorist cells it loses all rights and liberties associated with freedom of religion.

The liberal left can ignore and deny the reality of this new world war all they desire but it will not change the reality that it exists.  The only way to stop a world war is to attack it with full force.  Our national leaders are guilty of treason and are siding with the enemies of the people.  There is a perfect opportunity for the world to come together against a common foe.  Russia has openly attacked and vowed to destroy ISIS and all its elements.  Other nations have openly attacked and are seeking the utter destruction of ISIS.  America is the only power country that seems to be playing finger games during this time of global threat.  There is no doubt that our President is either Muslim or a strong Muslim sympathizer.  It is the radical Muslims who are attacking the world.  What would be the proper response if during the late 30’s if our President was either a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer?  Our nation must wake up to the fact that this administration is not American or pro-America.  This administration is pro-Muslim and wants America to be an Islamic nation.  They will allow any and all crisis to occur in this country in order to promote their agenda.  They seem to want America to come to a state of crisis where martial law and UN ‘peacekeepers’ are our law enforcement.  I am amazed at the total stupidity of the Attorney General and Vice President promoting a national police force.  It worked so well for Adolf Hitler.  Are we so stupid in leadership that we have forgotten everything about history?  It is so arrogant to think that those in power can simply ignore facts of history that does not fit their agenda.  They do not like the facts that the Confederacy was NOT all a racist bunch or nut-bags killing every black man they encountered.  In many ways the leadership of the South was more aware and compassionate of the needs of the black man than many of those in leadership of the North.  This is simple historical fact.  The leadership of this nation wants to ignore that a nation prospers when people are allowed to work without so many regulations.  They want to ignore the facts that our nation did well during a people where the people was allowed to keep their wages and not have to spend nearly 30% in taxes.  They want to ignore that fact that people want criminals to be held accountable.  They want to ignore the fact that if you pay people to riot and destroy communities that it is a criminal offense such as what George Soros appears to have done with Ferguson.  They want to ignore the fact that people who are attacking innocent citizens simply because they are attending a political rally which is contrary to what they promote are doing nothing less that was done by the ‘brown shirts’ during the days of Nazi Germany.  Our leadership is killing America.

I am glad when people speak out against the terrorists and actually use common sense wording.  Political correctness will never solve anything.  Sitting down over tea and cookies will never resolve terrorism.  Killing the enemy will at least reduce their numbers enough that there will not be the numbers of terrorists.  If the terrorists are afraid to die then they will not be so bold in killing scores of innocent people.  You might not be able to wipe out all terrorists or terrorism but you can reduce their numbers enough that it will cut into their recruiting.  If there are more terrorists leaving in body bags then are marching in then the numbers will reduce.  But with our Muslim sympathizing leadership America will never have a strong offense against Islamic terrorism.

I think the America people themselves are getting sick and tired of the whiny, milk-toast approach of our so called elected leaders where Islamic terrorists are concerned.  I think the American people are about ready to take matters into their own hands.  If Islamic terrorists want to attack our homeland I think most Americans are ready to shoot back.  I think most Americans are about ready to tell our elected leaders who are too cowardly or treasonous to stand up against Islamic terrorists to go, (I am really trying to find the proper “G” rated terms to use here), jump off a cliff.  Maybe this is part of Obama’s plan.  I have come to believe that he has no positive goal for America and is nothing more than a narcissist nut bag who thinks that he is God’s gift to humanity.  He promotes the Black Lives Matter groups while attending a memorial for slaughtered police officers.  As long as Black Lives Matters groups promote the stoppage of freeways keeping emergency vehicles from getting to emergency rooms and fires they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they chant death to the police, they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they encourage harm they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  And, as long as Obama meets with these people and keeps them in his inner circle he is nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer.  The new Black Panther movement is no different than the old Black Panther movement.  These people are nothing more than radicals who think that the world owes them a living and that they should be allowed to have their way.  These idiots love to think they are all big and bad but have no idea of what is about to fall upon them if they keep up their stupidity.

People are fed up!  I cannot begin to understand why anyone in their right minds would vote for Hillary Clinton in that she is part of the same group that has created this problem.  I do not care if Donald Duck was on the other ticket; it is beyond asinine to vote for the same group that has brought America to the brink of civil war.  Hillary Clinton was bragging about how she established ‘communication’ with the different groups.    That is a big part of the problem.  The liberal left wants to think that you can sit down over tea and crumpets and chat with the terrorists.  She has even made the stupid statement as to how we need to understand them more.  All I understand is that if someone wants to murder me or my loved ones that I will shoot back.  Personally, I think anyone who supports Hillary Clinton needs a reality check.

I personally believe that our leadership does not ignore nor even deny the reality of Islamic terrorism.  Personally, I believe that our administration promotes it.  I do not believe our leadership will ever speak our strongly against radical Islam because our leadership is part of Islam and has strong close ties with radical Islam.  Our elected leaders have betrayed us.  I have looked at the enemy and behold, the enemy was us.

FBI under scrutiny


As I listened to the FBI director James Comey answer questions to the Congressional committee the only thing that was obvious was that he was lying as much as Hillary Clinton.  Actually I do not know if it was so much that he was lying as much as he just did not care when he was caught in contradictions.  He stated that there was either no or questionable intent regarding Clinton’s actions which is why he made the recommendation of no charges to be brought.  Yet as he answered questions he, himself, would be bringing charges upon the average person who did the same things laid out before the committee.  Intent was proven.  Intent to cover up was proven.  Intent to deceive was proven.  Intent to high evidence was proven.  He even stated that if someone was working for the FBI did the same things that they would be reprimanded.  He admitted repeatedly to the times that Clinton gave false testimony to the FBI and that lying to the FBI was a crime.  Yet again nothing is recommended regarding charges.  The bottom line after listening to the discourse between Comey and the committee was simply that Hillary Clinton got a free ride.  She received treatment that no one else in her situation would have received.  She broke the law yet was not subject to the law.  I do not know how many times I have heard the statement that we are a nation of laws.  This might be true but there are separate rules regarding punishment for breaking those laws.  The FBI is a guilty as Hillary Clinton in breaking the law only no one will be ever held responsible.

We as a nation should fly our flags at half-mast because today the rule of law has died.  It has been proven today that certain people are too big to be held accountable.  Today it has been proven that there are people who are above the law.  Ever law officer from the days of the Wild West to present age should turn in their badges if this is now just how much we are a nation of laws.  Gowdy asked Comey direct questions.  Repeatedly Comey answered affirmatively regarding occasions where Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.  When Representative John Mica asked Comey if Clinton was under oath when being interviewed by the FBI, Comey admitted that she was not.  It is strange that the FBI also did not tape any interviews with Hillary Clinton so there truly is no record of anything she said while being questioned.  This seems too convenient.  Comey piped up and seemed so proud to remind Mr. Mica that it was still a crime to lie to the FBI so it did not matter that Clinton was not under oath.  This just condemned Comey even more in that not that much earlier he admitted repeatedly to Gowdy the numerous times the Clinton did not tell the truth.  Now I know I am just a country rube but I was taught that not telling the truth was in fact, lying.  So according to the director of the FBI Hillary Clinton did in deed not tell the truth to the FBI yet there was no basis for charges to be brought against her.  There is an old saying that mentions something about a skunk being in the woodpile.

I am personally very tired of our government having separate standards for certain people while the ‘commoners’ have another standard by which they must live and be accountable.  I am sick and tired of watch a so called President making rules at whim like some rejected king of a third world country.  I am sick and tired of watch members of Congress get away with double standards.  I am sick and tired of watching members of Congress get up and self-righteously demand that evil guns be outlawed or highly regulated and then leave with their heavily armed security details.  I remember others who tried doing this very thing to the people of this land.  It was King George.  That did not turn out too well.  King George and his cronies had separate rules and laws by which they were able to live while demanding high accountability from the average citizen.  I believe too many people of our ‘elected leaders’ are dumber than a box of rocks if they think that we are going to sit back and allow this to continue.

It is at this point that I need to pull back in my horns just a little bit before I say something that will get people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  Yet this fear which is common to many who speak their minds is just one more indicator that we are no longer living in the America our Forefathers envisioned.  I want to be careful so that I cannot be accused of ‘threatening’ anyone.  After all, we common people seem to have a tougher standard by which we must live.  But, being a student of human nature and psychology, I would highly ‘recommend’ to our ‘leaders’, and I use that word loosely, to shape up.  You can only push people so far until they start pushing back.  This upcoming election has never been more important.  The power of the ballot box has been the only thing keeping America safe.  We are able to have a bloodless coup every four years.  Hillary Clinton has consistently acted more than questionably during the election process thus far.  Voter fraud has never been a greater concern than it should be for this next election.  My fear is that if we do not get people elected who would begin to demand change in our elected officials that Americans will be forced to challenge the government on a major scale.  I do not want to see that because the way the laws have been established, for the average person to try and change things by force would only result in a bloodbath.   Under Bill Clinton an Executive Order was signed permitting the UN to be used on American soil for the sake of keeping peace during a national emergency.  Again, I hope never to see shiny blue helmets on our streets because that will not go over too well.  It did not work well for those with the pretty red coats and it will not work well for those with the pretty blue helmets.

Storm clouds are gathering and it is not across the seas this time.  Storm clouds are gathering over our nation.   Many of our elected officials are too stupid, and I use that word purposely, to realize that they are the problem.  They keep taking and taking with no regard for the American people.  It was a real insult listening to some of the Democrat leaders self-righteously talk about the waste of taxpayer money to hold the hearings.  Yet these same elected officials say nothing to the millions of dollars Obama and his family spend routinely in world travel at the expense of the taxpayer.  These people say nothing about the extreme waste of taxpayer money as Obama travels do nothing more than fund raising for the Democrat party AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!  Either our elected officials get their proverbial heads out of their backsides or any blood spilled by people who are just too tired of being pushed to be pushed any more will be upon their hands.

I grew up respecting the law.  I have two brothers who are retired police officers.  I volunteer at the local police department when I am able.  But today law died.  Today was proof positive that there are two sets of laws.  There is one set of laws for the average person and one set of laws for the elite.  I guess I have always known that but did not want to believe it.  Today denial has been stripped away.  Truly, I have no idea what is now going to happen in this country.  I want peace.  I want peace but I also prepare for war.

Time to choose


When I was a practicing therapist I would tell my male clients that they needed to try and tell their female counterparts how they felt about issues.  So often that was like speaking a foreign language to some men.  But I have tried to practice what I preached.  With that in mind I want to tell people what I am feeling today.  I feel as if we are in the 1930’s and the three branches of our government have been infiltrated with Nazi sympathizers.  There are so many of them that it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad mainly because the good guys either do not speak up or are silenced by the bad.  That is putting things about as blunt as I can image.  Our world is at war with a crazy bunch of religious fanatics and our government from all branches appears to be doing their utmost to protect them.  Our Attorney General threatens to go after anyone who ‘talks’ negatively about the Muslims.  The commander and chief refuses to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as radical Islamic terrorists.  That is as stupid as someone refusing to acknowledge that there are racist anti-Semitic German Nazis.  (I use the present tense because unfortunately they still exist).

There are some things which need to be addressed today.  If you are in the military or in law enforcement you need to settle the issue today if you will obey the Constitution or your superiors.  If your boss tells you to do something contrary to Civil liberties and Constitutional rights what will you do?  Do not think that acceptance of the Unconstitutional actions and by going along with the ‘orders’ that you and your family are safe.  I would like to remind you of an event that happened between June 30 and July 2 1934.  It was called the ‘Night of the long knives’.  It was a time that Hitler’s SS and Gestapo turned against the ‘brown shirts’ or the SA and Ernest Rohm.  Rohm helped form the Nazi party.  He was part of it from the onset.  Yet Rohm and his crew were the ones who attacked the strike breakers and the political gatherings which were being held by those who questioned Adolf Hitler.  It is too bad that there are so many cowards and sheep in the media because people need to be reminded of history.  What is happening today is simply history repeating itself.  The attacks on those attending Trump’s rallies are nothing more than the SA under Rohm did to those who attended anti-Hitler gatherings and political rallies of collective critical thought.  Those in the SA were slaughtered.  I am sure they thought that since they were all supporting Hitler that there were safe.  You might also look at the countless other German citizens as well as others in the Nazi party who thought they were safe because they quietly went along with things.  First they come after those who oppose a particular way of thinking then they come after people for no real reason at all.  That was one reason why the Gestapo was so feared by even those in the Nazi party.  They did not need a reason to execute.

As I have stated in all my writing, I do not want violence.  But as I have been stating more recently is that I do not see any way violence is not being thrust upon us.  I do not think that the people of Germany suddenly woke up one day and found Hitler dominating their known world.  It was not like when the Berlin wall went up where family members might have been spending the night with friends or other family members never realizing that the next morning would be the beginning of decades before they would ever see each other again.  Events in Germany were more like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increasing.  It does not realize it is being boiled until it is too late.  Our rights have been slowly eroded over years.  Our liberties have been decreased gradually over time.  We must stop and realize before it is too late.

Too many well-meaning people think that they will be safe by complying with the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  But the reality is that there is no honor amongst thieves.  As draconian laws are passed the only ones who are going to be safe will be those of the upper echelon making those laws.  Even those people will not be safe if they are not of the select few.  General Petraeus was convicted for ‘improper handling of confidential information’ even though the amount of information he supposedly mishandled was minuscule in comparison to the thousands of confidential emails mishandled by Hillary Clinton.  Some of those emails were so sensitive that they could not even be read by many members of Congress.  It was interesting that although the FBI recognized that she was guilty of improperly handling confidential communications that it was also recommended that no action be taken because ‘no reasonable prosecutor would seek to press charges.  The FBI later also went on to say that the actions taken on the Clinton case did not mean that if someone else would do the same thing that no charges would be brought upon them.  In other words, what the FBI seemed to be saying was that since the prosecutor knew that the case would be tied up in court for an indefinite period of time that it would be better just not to seek charges in her case.  Basically this is saying that our legal system is totally dependent upon how long a person can tie things up in court.

Increasing numbers of members of law enforcement have stated they will not enforce unconstitutional gun confiscations.  Our military has already been polled back in the days of Bill Clinton as to who would fire upon or confiscate firearms from American citizens.  One third said no, one third said yes and one third said that it depended upon the circumstance.  I am hoping that those numbers are better today and that people are beginning to realize that there is no safe place once the government starts imposing its own set of laws upon the people that is contrary to the Highest Law of the Land.