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If you want respect then give it

gay white house

The gay community received a major victory from the Supreme Court.  They have been pushing to be treated as a regular classic marriage.  They demand respect.  If they want respect then they better be willing to also give respect.  If they want to have Gay Pride Parades then be willing to watch as straight people have a Straight Pride Parade.  If they want to harass straight people for being straight then expect the same response.  If they want to insult and torment people who do not believe in the gay lifestyle then they need to be willing to accept the same actions towards those who do not believe in the straight lifestyle.  It is time that the double standard stops.  What I have seen is like the brat child in school wants to bully everyone else but then gets all whinny when he gets a taste of their own medicine and treated like they treat others.

A primary principle of America is freedom.  A person is free to believe as they want to believe.  A person is free to live as they want to live.  But with freedoms comes responsibilities.  If the gay community wants freedom to live as they choose then they must also give the same respect to those who do not choose the same way of living.  Likewise, if you say you believe something then you must be willing to back that belief.  It is classic for those who are more liberal in their political views to be those more supporting of those who choose the gay lifestyle.  But it is also classic behavior for the more liberal person to be more inclined to want to pick and choose what they believe.  If a person says they believe something then it must be believed down all the way and not just a pick and choose approach.  An example of this is that if a person says they believe the gay lifestyle then they cannot support radical Islam and ISIS.  It is not unusual for those who are more liberal in their politics to be silent if not even supportive of radical Islam as ‘their right to use violence’.  Some liberals have even incorrectly called them ‘freedom fighters’.  But radical Islam and ISIS openly and without any hesitation hang gays and throw them off of tall buildings.  If they survive the fall then they are stoned at the bottom where they land.  Iran gives no second thought to hanging anyone even suspected of being gay.  For a liberal to say that they support the gay lifestyle and not to be totally opposed to radical Islam and ISIS is a direct contradiction and proves that they are lying either about supporting gays or Islam.  They are not being honest.  Either chose one or the other but either way make an honest choice.

Likewise if a person wants to support the gay lifestyle and wants to insult people who are not gay then they need to not be so thin skinned if they get insulted in return.  I am not supporting insults.  This reduces discussion to a 3rd grade level.  But either side of the discussion needs to be willing to receive the same behaviors they wish to dish out.  If they want respect then they must be willing to give respect.  I have heard people demand:  They must respect us first.  It is time for people to grow up because life does not work that way.  If you want respect then offer respect.  If those of the gay community want the rest of society to honor their Gay Pride Parade then they must be willing to support a Straight Pride Parade with an equal level of response.  Not agreeing with the gay lifestyle does not make a person ‘homophobic’ any more than not agreeing with the straight lifestyle makes a person ‘hetrophobic’.  If one group is willing to give the label to the other then be willing to accept the same label.

If the gay community really wants the recent court ruling to be more than a political action then they must be an honest community offering the same things they feel like they had to fight to receive.  The gay community must be willing to offer mutual respect to the straight community.  The gay community must be willing to offer the same support to the straight community.  The gay community must be willing to be honest with their own beliefs opposing all religions which oppose their beliefs.

ISIS threat over the holiday weekend

right to bear arms.

There is a great deal of talk and concern that there seems to be a viable ISIS threat against America over this Fourth of July weekend.  ISIS wants fear.  ISIS wants to paralyze society and to keep people from their normal routines.  ISIS also likes to deal with unarmed people.  Maybe the proper response for Americans to offer ISIS and radical Islam over this holiday weekend is some of the same attitude that the holiday represents.  Maybe what Americans need to do in response to radical Islam and ISIS shooting off their mouth so much about wanting to harm Americans on American soil is to have every legal American citizen arm themselves over this weekend.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attempt to harm Americans maybe what Americans need to do is to shoot back.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attack Americans then maybe what Americans need to do is to show no mercy to those who want to see American destroyed.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attack then maybe what they need to find is a nation that is more than willing and capable of defending their homeland.

ISIS and radical Islam likes to attack unarmed people such as colleges, schools for females, religious institutions, malls, and children.  ISIS and radical Islam has proven they are cowards who love to show off their brutality to prisoners who are hogtied or locked in cages.  But when faced with real opposition they have also proven their extreme willingness to run like scared puppies.  Americans need to show no mercy to radical Islam and ISIS.  Americans need to stop worrying about taking prisoners when it comes to ISIS and racial Islam.  Americans need to treat ISIS and radical Islam like they would a rabid dog.

Americans need to go about their normal business and enjoyments over this weekend.  If anyone starts trouble for people then they need to be met by a people who are fed up with the threats.  Americans have a Second Amendment and know how to use that Constitutional right.  Japan did not attack American homeland because of that Second Amendment Constitutional right.  Now it is time for radical Islam and ISIS to learn about America’s Second Amendment Constitutional right.

Watch out for the puppet masters. 

puppet master

In my opinion, anyone who has lived in this country since the Civil War time and before should be infuriated by the actions of our government.   People who know anything about the Civil War knows that brother fought against brother.  They keep making a big deal over slavery when slavery was not the key issue.  The key issue over the Civil War was State’s rights as per the Constitution.  The federal government was seen as over reaching its power by telling the States that they will not have slaves.  It was up to the States to decide what they wanted to do but the federal government was using slavery as the issue of emotional fire to prevent the States from separating from the Union.  The federal government must learn from the Civil War before they repeat the same actions of this era.  The States will not allow the federal government to strip them of their rights to self-government.  These ridiculous actions of attacking the Confederate Battle Flag, removing names of Confederate leaders from street signs or taking down statues is just the same emotional spark plug to keep people’s emotions from interfering with their brains that the North used slavery during the 1800’s.  Much of the evils portrayed of slave owners were not true.  Yes there were some who abused their slaves.  But many saw the slaves as basically employees.  In many cases the slaves were better off than the employees of the sweat shops of the North.  Many of the employees who were immigrants and children received such minor pay they were barely able to buy food.  Many had to live in places which would make the slave’s quarters look comfortable.  Yet the minds of the North needed an emotional fire to get people riled up and used many fabricated stories of abuse and rape which were not happening.

If a person was part of this nation since the early 1800’s you had ancestors who were part of the South.  Many people who started in the New England states migrated south and west.  It was the land of opportunity.  The south had many people already moving into that area and so it was logical to go where people had already moved.  According to the mentality of the present government, all those ancestors who were part of the south were brutal, sadistic slave enthusiasts and totally worthless void of all moral good.  This type of insane thinking is what is taking root in our country.  It is not only foolish but ridiculous to accept this frame of thought.

People must start looking at what is happening and stop being led by emotional puppet masters.  Things are happening in the courts and Congress that must be watched.  Our President has proven himself not to be trustworthy.  Anytime there is an emotional upheaval is the time to be more attentive to governmental actions.

Obama legacy

obma smirk

There are some things that will go down in history as the legacy of Obama and his administration.  Some of these things are:

  • One of the most openly gay civilizations since probably the Roman Empire. Some people may view this as a good thing while other will view it as a bad thing.  I prefer to look at history.  This period in the time of the Roman Empire was a major precursor to the fall of that Empire.
  • The rise of ISIS and radical Islam

Obama had his opportunity to destroy ISIS and curb radical Islam in the homeland as well as abroad but refused to take action.  He still refuses to take action while people are being slaughtered on a regular basis.  His hypocrisy regarding slavery makes him nothing but a laughing stock as he permits through his inaction the taking of slaves for sex by ISIS.  He has shown himself to be more concerned about the image of Islam than he has the image of the United States and of not wanting to offend Islam regardless of the countless people they murder. Obama even denies the existence of radical Islam.

  • Obamacare

This is a bill which was passed by one party.  This is an action our Forefathers warned us about ever allowing to happen.  This bill has costs the taxpayers in excess of $2.4 trillion, has opened the door to over 700 bogus websites which have been able to hack people personal information, (something which as promised would never happen), over $1 billion in the creating of a failed website, and as of 2013 each person enrolled has cost the taxpayer $14,000.00.  Millions have been kicked off of insurance they were pleased with just to find that they are paying in some cases over 100% for insurance with thousands in deductible.

  • Iran nuclear deal

While there is no deal as of the time of this article the Pandora’s Box of the Iranian nuclear program has been opened.  This program now has a level of legitimacy which was not present prior to Obama’s push for a nuclear deal.  Now, regardless of a deal or not, Iran is on the road to a nuclear weapon despite all the claims to the contrary.

  • History has been removed

History is history whether it is pleasing or not.  Yet, to this administration any part of history that is not what is desired is to be removed and ignored.  History has been rewritten so that the truths about things such as slavery will simply be what the liberal mentality desires people to hear and learn.  The South is to be demonized regardless of the freedoms that many black people enjoyed even during the Civil War.  Blacks were in leadership positions of the country and business yet the liberal mind wants people to believe that every black person in the south was a beaten slave.  This is not true.

  • Parties and world travel to extravagant levels

I do not believe anyone would begrudge the President and his family to travel and have fun in the White House.  But this President has done so to levels unknown by any previous President.  During times when the nation had its veteran’s sites closed due to ‘budget restrictions’ the President and his family traveled the globe.  The figures spent by this President and his family are staggering and probably could never be truly calculated because there are so many tentacles from security details, fuel, vehicles, as well as the cost to the locations where the Secret Service bars the locals from entering thus shutting down local business and tourist trade for that time period.

  • America has slipped internationally

The only one who seems to not see that America is no longer an international leader is the leader of America.  America is the point of mocking and joking by other countries regarding our inability to figure out what to do with radical Islam.  America has taken the position of leading from behind and now no longer even leads.  America’s credit rating has also fallen from its previous position.

  • Racism is worse than it has been in decades

Personally I cannot recall a time where so many racial riots were the norm.  Cities are torn apart and locations burned to the ground.  People openly target the police with death threats.  The President himself encourages the actions through statements such as ‘stay the course’ as he speaks to rioters.  Obama and his administration have made racism a major issue to where actions done against blacks are investigated by the Attorney General while crimes against whites are ignored.

  • Scandal

It is common for any administration to have scandal.  But this administration has been rocked by matters of deadly importance as well as Constitutional attack.  The deaths of four, including an Ambassador, were brutally murdered without any significant investigation by this administration.  The IRS was used to attack citizens solely based upon their political beliefs.  Veterans were allowed to die while waiting for care at numerous VA hospitals.   Guns were run by a program approved by the Attorney General and other leaders straight into the hands of Mexican cartels and used against American law enforcement.  These are merely a few of the multitudes of scandals from this administration.  At each time the President would get up in front of the people and express his outrage, and then do nothing.  The amount of times this President has openly lies to the American people cannot be counted.

These are merely a few of the points of legacy which fall at the feet of Barack Obama.  I just hope we have enough of a Republic left to hold another election.

Time to rise and shine


Ever wonder what happened to our world?  Ever feel like we must be in some kind of a bad dream from which eventually we might wake up?  I watch things evolve and wish it was as simple as a bad dream.  What has happened to our America?  What has happened to the Constitution as the highest law of the land?  What has happened to plain dignity?  What has happened to commonsense?  I watch our nation in big trouble.  I see a President who, by all observation, is totally and completely delusional.   Our nation is in the toilet so far we are smelling methane.  Our national debt is greater than all the previous Presidents combined and will never be paid off because it grows by millions every day in interest.  All the programs of debt reduction that talks about how billions will be saved over so many years are a joke because they would not even cover the interest from the national debt.  It would be one thing to have a debt that gave America something but I still cannot find where the trillions which this President has spent have actually gone to do any good.  America is constantly being threatened by ISIS and radical Islam while our President seems more concerned about the image of Islam than he is those who are being butchered by the radicals.  He does not even acknowledge that radical Islam exists.  We have no idea what we are doing in dealing with the international threat ISIS and radical Islam poses while they behead, drown, burn, blow up, and simply are more barbaric than any army in history.  We have our national leaders pushing to legitimize the nuclear program of the leader in world terror activity Iran.  At ever remote opportunity the right for legal citizens to keep and bear arms as granted by the Constitution is under attack by our President to where if he cannot get it through Congress he undermines the Constitution through executive orders.  We have an amnesty program via executive order that promises to break the established systems of law enforcement, medical services and public services via a massive influx of people drawing on those services which are not set to carry such weight.  We have a President who wants a federal police force where all law enforcement is under federal supervision.  Crime, corruption and scandal are the normal orders of the day in politics and they do not even try to hide it any more.  Politicians are more concerned over the Confederate flag than they are what national leaders are doing in secret.  While the Confederate battle flag is seen as offensive to where it is being hidden in museums, people are allowed to walk on the US flag at will and if a person speaks out against the gay lifestyle flag flying they are seen as homophobic.  Black jelly beans and peanut butter is seen as racists and farfetched nicknames for dinosaurs are opposed as being demeaning.

Now comes time for a new election.  Obama has shoved America into the toilet and people are praising Hillary as being the new hope for the next President.  While Hillary is nothing more than another Obama and people refuse to face reality.  She has numerous scandals already yet she is still being viewed as the Democrat front runner.  She has proven herself as unable to be believed by the multiple times she has already been found to lie to the American people.  She has proven she is unable to handle major crisis as she allowed people to die in Benghazi what appears to be in an effort to keep CIA arms running covered up.  She has proven she has lied regarding emails.  If she is unable to govern her emails how is she going to govern a nation?

Terrorist are able to come and go at will via our southern border.  America sends billions in aid to countries who have vowed to destroy our way of life.  Israel, our greatest ally, is openly insulted.  Our military is hamstrung so that we do not offend the Muslims while radical Islam butchers innocent men, women and children.  In the face of insane people under the flag of a wacko religion marching across the lands of people who are just wanting to live, our Pentagon is given orders that their primary concern is now to be global warming while global warming is being disproven on a regular basis.  America has numerous terrorist training camps on American soil while the Attorney General is more concerned about possible racism.

Is America being led by the ignorant or that apathetic?  Has the America voter just proven Jonathan Gruber to be correct?  What is happening?  Personally, I wonder at what time the military is going to just ignore Presidential orders and start doing what is necessary for America.  I wonder at what time good people are just going to start ignoring Presidential executive orders and just live their lives as the Constitution permits.  I wonder at what time law enforcement are going to say that they refuse to enforce any and all orders which contradict the Constitution and American way of life.  I wonder at what time the American citizen takes matters into their own hands regarding the cartels and drug runners who are presently claim large sections of Arizona as off limits to Americans.  I wonder at what time the American people will take charge of America’s security.  I wonder at what time Americans will wake up and vote out of any and all offices elected leaders who prefer to support Sharia law over the Constitution.  I wonder at what time Americans will get their stomach full of all the crap that is being shoved down our throats and start removing people from office.  When will the silent majority stop being silent!  When will the American people start removing liberals from office so that police are able to do their jobs without fear of being charged with crimes because they may have to use force to arrest someone?  It is beyond time for people to wake up!  Any more it is up to the people to make the changes.  Either wake up and get active or be willing to accept the consequences.

A different view of the Civil War

civil war

There are major aspects of the Civil War that will never be taught in schools that people today need to realize.  The role of slavery in the Civil War was not that important in the overall reality of the matter.  Some in the North knew that they needed an emotional spark plug to rally people in support of the war.  The main importance was the ports of the south.  If the south was able to secede from the Union then the ports would represent a major loss for the northern industries and the boom being experienced by those industries.  But the people would not necessarily support a war based upon the economy factors of the ports.  So there was a need for an emotional rally point to get the general populous of the north in support of the war.  In order to find this emotional point many exaggerated and at times totally fabricated issues of slavery and the crimes against humanity that was reported in some cases regarding slavery.  This is not to say that there were not evils portrayed in some cases of slavery but it was not nearly as widespread as the abolitionist were want people to believe.

Slavery was a hot topic button for many years.  There were many purist movements such as wanting to drive out ‘demon rum’ and whiskey as well as slavery.  The abolitionist movement was making major waves and wanted to see slavery completely removed.  Slavery was not as popular or as practiced in the north so it was not an economic issue for the north.  But the south was a different story.  The south had practiced used slaves for decades.  It was a major part of the economy and was essential for getting in crops.  Likewise, it was not the evil that the north tried to portray it as being with constant crimes against humanity.  In many cases, if there would be a comparison, the evils of slavery in the south would not be any more an action against humanity than the child labor of the north.  Children and ethnic groups were being used in inhuman settings for many years by northern industries.  They were cheap and seen as expendable.  The main difference was that in the north they were called employees while in the south they were called slaves.  Many slave owners viewed their slaves as part of their families.  There were many occasions where the slave intermarried with their slave owners out of love as contrary to the present view that if a slave owner had sex with a slave it was rape and not mutual love.

Many of the slaves did not want to be freed under the Emancipation Proclamation.  The slaves were provided for and cared for so they were comfortable and did not want to leave.  In many cases where the slave owner had no choice but to release their slaves the slaves were turned out into the streets where they had no job, no prospects, no education and no home.  In many cases the slaves were worse off after the Proclamation than they were before.  The issue that is understated regarding the Civil War was that of State’s Rights.  As the north and the abolitionist were making their cries and demands more heard the pressure was being forced upon the south to end slavery.  The right for the State to define its own course of action was being eroded by what was seen as a federal government which was trying to expand its control where the Constitution did not allow.

The methods and procedures used regarding slavery are the same methods and procedures which are being used today regarding many of the federal programs that the government is trying to establish.  Regarding slavery the image was being presented that every slave was being beaten on a regular basis, women were being raped daily and children were being sold away from their parents being snatched away as the baby was still trying to suckle.  In today’s arena there are the stories which try to get people to think that there are millions of people dying every day being denied lifesaving health care while the fat cat insurance executives are chewing their big cigars rolling their fat carcasses to the bank with hundred dollar bills falling out of their tailor made suitcoats.  The government is being presented as the white knight riding in on his horse defeating the soulless insurance companies to offer healthcare to all.  The States, as with slavery, are being presented as being incapable of managing their own affairs and needing the federal government to know what is best for all mankind.  The will of the federal government is to be imposed upon the States regardless of the wishes or consideration of the State.  There are other issues which are also being presented from the federal government to be accepted by the States such as gun rights or gun control, amnesty, and restrictions pertaining to local law enforcement.  The truths of the Civil War are issues which are directly being faced by the States today but the federal government wants to keep the Civil War solely about slavery.  This is an area of history where either the people learn from it or are doomed to repeat it.  The government want to keep the area of slavery and now the Confederate flag as smoke screens so that people could not being able to see through the lies.  The demand to keep emotions in an uproar is the same today as it was in the middle 1800’s.   The government uses the red herrings of gun violence, racism, and other issues while all the time they are trying to dismember State’s Rights as granted in the Constitution.

The Civil War is a school teacher which needs to be considered and reviewed.  The voice of the Civil War must be adhered to today as much as it was yester-year.  The lies of the few in order to enrage the masses are as deceptive today as it was over a century ago.  The primary difference is that the stakes are higher today than it was during the Civil War.  If the federal government is able to force its will upon the States and the people of those States then it effects more today such as transportation, communication, internet, and mass media.  Instead of drinking the political ‘kool-aid’ concerning the Confederate flag it would be more wise to learn from the meaning of the Jolly Roger and the warrior spirit it represents.

The future rests with the people

flag Imo Jima

This administration is dead set upon getting guns restricted and removed from the general populous.  I believe you can expect new anti-gun executive orders to come done the line pretty soon.  Obama knows he only has less than two year left.  It is time that the legal gun owners made up their minds as to which side of the law they are going to rest if Obama makes his orders.  An unarmed America is a dead America.  Right now America has the best armed and best trained military force in the world in the numbers of the armed hunters.  You throw into that mix the uniformed military and America is still a forced with which to be reckoned.  Obama believes he can control the military but I personally believe that if push comes to shove and America is under attack that the military would probably tell Obama where he could stick his executive orders and come to the unbridled aid of the country.  This is why it is critical for the armed citizen to remain armed.

If ISIS tried to attack the United States right now they know that they would face a blood bath and the reality of what the Japanese feared during World War II.  Obama and his crew are working hard to remove the weapons from the citizenry.  This is why it is critical for law abiding citizens to cross the line if Obama makes keeping your firearms illegal.  It is essential for good people to keep their guns.  Radical Islam wants Americans disarmed.  Obama, in my opinion, has betrayed America to radical Islam.  But since Obama denies that radical Islam exist he is able to deny betraying America to it.  The radical factions exist in many forms.  The primary hope for America’s defense is not found in anything other than the armed citizen.

Good people need to be carrying their weapon with them at all times.  Between radical Islam and nut-jobs like Roof who shot up a prayer meeting, good people must be prepared at all times to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Americans must be willing to take action at any time in the present state of affairs.  Obama and his crew believe that a simple stroke of the pen and people would be willing to lay down their personal arms.  This is where doing what is right might conflict with doing what is legal.  Obama cannot take away our Constitutional right.  He might think he can make it illegal but it is still our right.  No law can supersede the Constitution.  No person can make a ruling which supersedes the Constitution.  If an executive order is signed which conflicts with the Constitution then it is the duty of every America to not comply with that executive order.  Besides, if any President wants to attempt to make a ruling or law that conflicts with the Constitution then that President or political figure has just acted in a treasonous manner against the United States.  No one is greater than the U.S. Constitution.

The fate of America does not rest with its leadership but with the people.  The future of America is in the hands of the people.  The leadership only has as much power as the people are willing to grant them.  It is up to the people to demand that the Constitution be followed and it is up to the people to refuse to obey any law which contradicts that Constitution.