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2016 and the 60’s

60sFor those of us where were in the States during the 60’s the primary icon of the day would have been chaos.  Riots were common in the universities and would spill over onto the local communities.  I remember as a kid growing up in the Salvation Army watching my parents making hundreds of sandwiches to help feed the sheriff’s department and National Guard that had been called in due to rioting in Des Moines, Iowa at the Northern Illinois University.  There were paid professional ‘rioters’ who would go from university to university creating discord and flaring up violent riots and then quietly move on to another university during the cover of chaos.  Today is no different only instead of the Vietnam War being their ‘cause’ the key point of today are ‘feelings’, ‘sensitivities’, and race.  But just like in the 60’s, never just trust your eyes to what is being placed before you as the whole truth.  If this administration has taught us anything over the last few years it has been never to trust what you see as the whole truth.  Do not completely trust the hands of the magician.  The shiny coin in the hands of the magician is not actually as it seems.  The riots of today have nothing to do with race relations, racial equality, or even social betterment.  The riots of today are merely to keep society off course just enough to distract from the hands of the magician.  Just like the real magicians use scantily clad beautiful women to distract with their sensual movements while the real actions are being manipulated these rioters are a diversion from that which is truly happening behind the veil.

America is being set up to where our Constitution is being both ignored as well as used against us.  People need to look at the facts real quick before America goes into free-fall.  Anyone who votes today for a politician because of a particular party is a fool.  The Democrat Party of today is NOT the Democrat Party of your grandfather.  I have written to my legislators numerous times and each time I get a reply that has been sanitized and censored by their party as the ultimate answer which truly says nothing of substance.  We have rising before us Hillary Clinton as the Democrat front runner for the Presidential election.  Anyone else except for Clinton would have been indicted by now because of all the lies and deceit she has done in her handling of confidential and top secret material.  She is being pushed for President not because of her character but because of her genitals.  But her genitals will not be making the decisions if elected.  Her extremely questionable character will be what would be in power.  Voter fraud has been a proven problem in the past elections.  Party minions have met with people behind closed doors with absentee ballots helping them fill them out.  People whom, according to the Constitution, should not be allowed to vote are voting under false names through not being required to show any form of identification.  Showing identification does not have anything to do with race or economic standing.  I hear such ridiculous arguments against requiring any form of identification that it is mind boggling how sane people actually can allow themselves to believe the excuses.

This administration is flooding America with all forms of ‘immigrants’.  I use that word cautiously because most of them really are not immigrating from anywhere.  Many are simply invading.  An immigrant comes to America to become an America.  I know there are some who are here illegally who actually just want a chance.  While I reject the idea of coming to America in the back of a Chevy hidden under old blankets I also applauded every time someone would escape from the old soviet communist USSR in search for personal freedom.  But I also believe that these people are in the extreme minority.  I believe that the majority of those flooding the shores of this nation today are not here to build a better life or become American.  I believe that the majority are here for one purpose at that is to create discord and division.  Personally, I believe that the vast majority of the ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ are nothing more than a calculated effort to flood the next election with paid voters.  With no forms of identification being required to vote the door is wide open for fraud.  Additionally, I would not be surprised to see efforts to ‘fast track’ citizen status of many of these new comers.  Likewise, this administration knows how to use the Electoral College to its benefit and our demise.  It does not worry about the real people.  It targets the areas of highest concentration of a particular mindset.  In Illinois, the rest of the state basically goes as Chicago goes.  In Washington it is King and Pierce County which determines what really is accepted regardless of the will of the rest of the State.

We the people have been the proverbial frog in a pot of slowing warming water.  The water warms so slowly around us that we do not realize that we are being boiled.  America is at war.  America has had war declared upon us and this administration has been consisting siding with our attackers.  Radical Islam has declared war by consistently attack us on our own shores.  Yet this administration refuses to admit that there even is such a thing as radicalized Islamic factions.  Numerous law enforcement officials have recognized that America is under attack and has encouraged licensed people to carry a weapon.  There has recently been numerous occasions with a private carry individual have thwarted the efforts of would be assassins.

If this administration is able to pull off the invasion it is seeking under the guise of refugees our nation will be in serious trouble.  All anyone needs to do is to look to the UK.  Rape, murder and rioting are through the roof.  Americans are a different lot than many other nations.  When the citizenry draws a line, it is kept.  Should the same things happen in this country as happening in the UK then this administration will have the national crisis it needs to invoke the State of Emergency clauses disrupting all personal rights as per FEMA and the powers the many past Executive Orders have given to it during national crisis.  A simply examination of these powers is a sobering reality into the present situation.  But, I highly doubt that the majority of Americans will take the new powers lightly and willingly.  We as Americans love our freedoms and liberties and see them as our line in the sand.  I truly believe that this administration underestimates the power and will of the people.  I believe they expect that the people will simply follow and obey.  As a nation we did not form that way and have never lived that way.  I am reminded of a former relationship I was in.  She was used to abusive men.  She seemed to live life in crisis and only listened once a person reached a certain level of frustration.  I told her I have never been that kind of man and refuse to ever become that kind of man.  As Americans we have never been the kind of people to accept our liberties being taken away and I do not foresee us as ever becoming that kind of nation.  I know that this administration is continuing its efforts to ‘radically transform America’.  But I hope they realize all the consequences to them should they try to ‘transform’ too much.  Once the push back starts, it is not going to stop with simple changes in status quo.  I believe that once the push back starts it is not going to stop until ALL those who have proven weak towards our liberties, freedoms, rights, Constitution and efforts to simply live a better life will feel its effects.  I believe once it starts the effects will be felt from the IRS, Congress of every State, Supreme Court, the ‘Fed’, numerous law enforcement agencies that have been in the pocket of the politicians and even the White House itself.  My advice to this administration is to be careful.  YOU ARE PLAYING WITH MEASURES BEYOND YOUR KIND OR RECOGNITION.  PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AT YOUR OWN RISK AND PERIL.  No body that I know wants war in our streets.  Most people I know are willing to accept it if that is the ONLY way to keep America free and its Constitutional liberties intact.






America needs to face facts.  We are in a load of hurt.  We have been sold out.  The political parties we presently have are not the parties of our grandparents.  The Democrat party has basically become the old Communist party of the 60’s and the Republican Party has basically become the old Democrat Party.  The present Democrat Party has forced upon America the greatest scam of all time.  While knowing that Barack Obama was not permitted as president as per the US Constitution they helped bury all his records and created an excitement because of a color.  They are doing the same thing now with Hillary Clinton because of her genitals.  Neither of these people should have been or be President of the United States but they fit the agenda and are being covered with such a smoke screen to prevent their realities from showing.  While many of key Islamic nations describe the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization Obama keeps placing them in key positions.  Valerie Jarrett has been open and proud of her Islamic faith and as how they are proceeding in using the Constitution and our sleepy media to form America as an Islamic nation.  Obama continues to stack the deck of his administration with more and more radicals who push the pro-Islamic agenda.  He has proven himself loyal to Islam and not to the historic America and America way of life.  He has made it clear he has a primary goal of disarming Americans.  He has been caught in one lie after the other.  There is very little room left not to accept that he is a loyal Islamist follower who also accepts the principle of taqiyya or the permission found in the koran for a follower of Islam to lie and use deceit in order to promote the cause of Islam.

I listen to some of the comments which come out of the mouths of many congress persons.  I would recommend that anyone who wants to be in congress to be able to pass an IQ test but from what I have heard I doubt that many of them could even spell ‘IQ’ test.  Too many of those in congress are in for power and money.  They have expense accounts greater than many Americas make in a year.  I draw social security disability, which is NOT a hand out from the government but something I paid into while I was WORKING much like an insurance policy, and after Medicare got its cut I have a whopping 2% increase which amounts to approximately $25.00 increase.  Yet, somehow our government has the ability to spend countless millions on ‘refugees’ whom have already proven themselves not to be truly vetted or cleared in any sense of the word as evidenced by how well the wife of the San Bernardino radical Islamic terrorist was ‘vetted’.  The more that is investigated the more it proves how non-existent their ‘vetting’ process truly is.

I wonder when people will start seeing Obama as the Islamic plant that he obviously must be and his role in the destruction of America.  He made his position clear when he said that if the winds shift he would stand with Islam.  The media fail and betrayed America.  Liberals were excited about a person of color they did not care about his goals, beliefs or agenda.  Now it is up to the conservatives of this nation to pick up the pieces.  It is up to us to start carrying a concealed weapon like in the old days of this nation because we have the enemy among us.  We have been infiltrated by those who want to kill us and take away our freedoms and way of life.  It is up to the conservatives to start politely disobeying all the un-Constitutional laws that Obama and his crew is trying to pass.  We will not obey.  We will not follow.  We will not bow.  Islam, or at least many in Islam, has proven that they want a fight.  If radical Islam wants a fight then a fight they shall receive.  We will not have rules of engagement.  We will not have concern for the enemy age nor gender.  They have proven that the children and women are equally as brainwashed to slaughter all who do not accept Islam.  We will show no mercy.  We will give no quarter.  We will take no prisoners.  I would encourage our military not to take prisoners because Obama has proven that he does not care about our military nearly as much as he does Islam and will release them to return to killing Americans.

America is in a load of hurt.  The enemy has infiltrated this nation at the highest levels. When the Attorney General supposedly came out with the threat to prosecute anyone speaking out in a ‘violent’ manner against Islam that should have sent shock waves through the nation but it did not.  Is the nation so blind to what is happening? I watch all these silly protests by spoiled brats who complain because they have been offended or mistreated.  If they do not pull their heads out of their butts soon what lies ahead will make their ‘mistreatment’ seem like a Sunday School picnic.

Obama’s grand backfire


executive orders


Obama has been consistent in his protection of Islam.  He is insistent in not using the term ‘radical Islam’.  He says that the term of radical is insulting to the other Muslims of this country who do not want to have any association with ISIS.  But through his extremely view of not permitting some terms in order to protect others of Islam Obama has accomplished just the opposite.  But his refusal to acknowledge that there are those within Islam who have a murderous view of the world and a bloodthirst interpretation of the koran he has forced the issue of all Muslims to be painted with the same brush.

Through Obama’s refusal to identify that there are different factions within Islam he has created a ‘one Islam’ interpretation of the religion.  He seems to be the only one, except for some of the clones in the Democrat party, who refuses to see that there are evils being done in this world in the name of Islam.  He purposely is closing his eyes to the reality that there are those who are killing innocent people in the name of their allah.  One must ask what level of blind obedience to Islam with which Obama has been indoctrinated.   It is clear Obama is loyal to Islam.  He has made his loyalty to Islam above any and all other religions and philosophies.  He has yet to denounce anything which might be wrong with Islam.  With ISIS even though the first letter in ISIS stands for ‘Islamic’ Obama refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Regardless of Obama’s overt loyalty to Islam, the rest of the world sees the different sects within Islam.  Even Islamic countries recognize the different sects.  Perhaps, there is something more to Obama’s blind obedience and protection of Islam besides not wanting to insult followers of Islam.  By not admitting that there are bad players who are also followers of Islam Obama is seriously threatening national security.  Either he is purposely throwing open the doors of America for those who have the full intention of entering in order to do terrorism or he is completely beyond stupid.  Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Obama may not be the brightest bulb in the lamp, his handlers know exactly what his actions will accomplish.  A person must wonder just how deep the strings of his handlers must go in American society.  Obama seems enamored with himself, power, influence and money.  He goes from one fund raiser for the Democrat party to the next all at tax payer expense yet nothing ever seems to be said.  No President has traveled as much as he has on tax payer expense with the primary purpose of raising funds for his political party.  Yet nothing ever seems to be said.  He appears to be absent of all emotion except when speaking against the Republican Party.  He appears void of emotion as he went from a short announcement of Americans being beheaded and straight to the golf course.  In a very real sense he has all the outward appearance of someone completely psychotic and anti-social with a mentality that laws are for everyone else but him.

As Obama refuses to address the idea that bad followers of Islam exist and that they seek to enter the country dressed as refugees he purposely places this nation at risk.  This is treason at the highest level but again, nothing is being done.  Our media has abandoned America through their love lust with Obama.  You need to ask the question how much money has been exchanged between the Democrat Party and the media CEOs to buy such blind reporting.  I believe the only real hope for America will be through the people of America; the average person who loves the American way of life and freedoms.  Regardless what Obama may or may not want, his administration, Attorney General, and other plants which have been set in high places within this administration; it is the people who will have the last word.  I am glad when I read of another law enforcement head telling those who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  I am glad when people start speaking out sounding the horn of warning.  I am glad when the people awaken.  Obama does not want the people to come alive.  I actually believe he thinks that the people will simply accept anything and everything he says as the truth with blind obedience.  There are a few things that are clear:  1. All good people who can must carry concealed because it will be up to the people to shoot back at the terrorist.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time.  2.  It is time to clear House, Senate and White House of any remaining stench of liberalism.  People must be removed from office and every America must vote them out.  3.  Every America must prepare for the worst case scenario.  Obama’s plan only results in one thing and that is a major civil war within this nation.  There is no other conclusion.   As thousands of radicals regardless if from Syria, Middle East, Mexico or Central America are allowed to freely enter this country there will be war.  There is no other alternative.  America is not at war with radical Islam and radical ideology.  Radical Islam and radical ideology is at war with America.  We either fight back or roll over and I do not see the latter as an option.


Shores of Tripoli

shores of tripoli


I feel it would be safe to assume that most people do not know that the line in the Marine’s hymn of ‘to the shores of Tripoli’ actually refers to America’s first war with Islam. For many years during the early time of our nation Tripoli and Islam thought that America represented an easy target. Muslim pirates targeted many of the ships that were first flying under the protection of the new nation. The Islamic empire of Tripoli had begun imposing a ‘fee’ upon the new nation and had been gaining alliances with some of the surrounding Muslim countries in their brazen acts against America. Many of the ‘political leaders’ of the day viewed Islam as a religion which could be negotiated and appeased. So they paid the extortion. When Thomas Jefferson became President Tripoli’s president decided to extend the extortion with a massive fee upon America plus annual fees. Up to this time the new military of the new nation was limited to issues not extending beyond the shores. But Jefferson realized this would not suffice. He sent the newly formed navy to Tripoli. As soon as the allying nations saw the timid new nation bear its teeth they backed down leaving Tripoli to fight on its own. After a war of a few years Tripoli realized that America was never going to be an easy target again. Until now this has been the case.

Down through the years the great leaders of America and England have agreed that Islam is a dangerous religion and only interested in domination. People who have been part of Islam have echoed these same feelings regarding the religion. It appears that everyone except for the present administration agrees that Islam is dangerous to global peace. I no long accept the idea that Islam is a religion of peace. I accept that there might be those Muslims who want to be left alone to live in peace, but I no longer accept that Islam is a religion of peace nor that the Koran is a book of peace. Yet, in spite of global events our president and his administration continue to try and force Islam upon the people of America and call any push back as racisms and intolerance. It is time that the people set the record straight.

We have not nor will not be an Islamic nation. The only intolerance is found in Islam trying to force its ways and religion upon the people of this nation. We have our ways of life, our religions, and our beliefs. If Islam does not like America as it is then the question must be raised as to why Islam is here. Obama and his administration are going to passed multiple laws and orders in order to weaken America for their Islamic allies and agendas. The people will not obey. We will not give up our firearms regardless of what ever laws or orders are signed. We refuse to obey his orders and edicts. We do not have a dictator and refuse to follow one. Obama can either come in step with the Constitution or accept that Americans will oppose him at every turn. Our political leaders need to understand that we hired them and will fire them. If they do not start obeying the Constitution we do not need them in office. Basically, you wanted this rebellion and have fertilized it with all your horse pucky and NOW YOU GOT IT!

Our government cannot be trusted to defend the people against the Islamic terrorist. Our government refused to even acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorists which simply goes as proof that our government leaders have sold out America to the enemy. If the government will not defend us then WE WILL! America has a greater armed populous them many nation’s armies. We will take care of business regarding protecting the people and our homeland. We are seeing the Mafia working together with law abiding citizens in New York in protecting the people and business against ISIS. We are seeing the North and the South unifying against ISIS. Black and white, Hispanic and Asian all understand that radicalism wants everyone dead regardless of your color. Catholic, Jew and Protestant are understanding that Islam will murder them if they do not convert to Islam.

Our government and the agencies which blindly support our political leaders and the Obama administration must decide upon which side of the fence and which side of history they chose to stand. They are either for the safety of the people and the American way of life or they are part of the problem. Our political leaders have one option: Either become part of the solution and stand with America or GET OUT OF THE WAY!