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What does Obama really want?

obama sitting

It is clear from my previous writings that I do not like, appreciate or respect President Obama.  This is my personal opinion and right as an American.  While I doubt his motives and actions I still try to hope for the best somewhere along the line.  In my efforts to honestly try to give the best possible perspective on his actions I must admit that I am totally at a loss.  I look at those he has surrounding him, advising him, that he has placed in positions of significance and this other actions and continually get increasingly bewildered.  What does Obama really want?  What is his end game?  What is he really trying to create?  Where is he going?  Where ever he is going he is taking America so I believe that is a significant question.  What does Obama really want of and from America?  I admit that I am being stripped of every possible conclusion but that President Obama is purposely trying to create a major conflict within America.  I know that this will find harsh reactions from many but I truly cannot come to any other conclusion.  For me to accept any other possible outcome from his actions would mean that I would have to be purposely blind to his actions and decisions.

Obama immediately after entering office created one of the greatest and overwhelming national debts since the time of George Washington.  His stimulus packages placed the national debt into the double digit trillions.  I could possibly see some benefit but it takes a real stretch of the imagination.  He then passes, basically one pass passing, his sweeping health care plan.  Today Obamacare as it is called is being found to have many dark areas and costs that was not revealed at the time of its passing mainly due to the incompetence of our Congressional leaders to pass something they had neither read nor had any true concept of its contents.  We have seen issue after issue of ethic and possibly legal violation of this administration and/or of people within the administration from Fast and Furious with Eric Holder to Benghazi with Sect. Clinton, to the IRS and numerous unrevealed contacts.  They all could be written off as politics but there are too many questions remaining.  It is proven that the IRS was used as a political weapon which is an extreme violation of governmental trust and power to the highest extreme.  As ISIS raised its ugly head we saw a President who appeared to be more interested in golf than a beheaded American.  As ISIS increased what was evident between the President and his staff and the Pentagon was a struggle between destroying ISIS and not insulting Islam.  Case after case when the world would arise to deal with radical Islam our President either remained silent or was outspoken in his concern over not wanting to appear to be in conflict with Islam.  It is his outspoken rule to by no means refer to the terrorists as ‘radical Islamic’ even though they themselves as well as the rest of the world calls it Islam extremism.  Our President says that religion has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS while ISIS destroys priceless and irreplaceable antiquities simply because they conflicted with their religious beliefs.  We see our President under the guise of opening the borders to the ‘undocumented’ as a means of promoting America while Americans are unemployed and while the cost of his amnesty plan has never had a true cost calculation.  We see a President who is more antagonistic towards the Republican Party than he appears to be against ISIS and radical Islam.  We see a President who says he wants cooperation but then immediately goads this opposition.  We see a President who, after failing to get a gun ban, using his pen to strike ammunition under the appearance of wanting to protect law enforcement.  What we keep seeing is a President who repeatedly and consistently keeps chipping away at personal liberties and what appears to be, not only American safety, but at the American core of existence.  America has never been more at risk yet the statements coming from this administration is that America has never been safer.  Americans are unemployed and struggling to live day to day while the President and his family go off on vacation after vacation spending more money of the taxpayer than the average American can make in a lifetime.

There is a deeply disturbing question which arises when there appears to be such a major divide between the administration and seemingly reality.  It appears our President wants to create a major divide within America.  It appears the President is trying to create issues of conflict.  It appears that our President is determined to create crisis.  It appears that our President is purposely doing things and passing his agenda regardless of the will of the American people.  WHEN WILL IT END?  This is greatly disturbing.  If any one single citizen would create this much conflict and encouraging of crisis as the President did with his statements regarding Ferguson and Trayvon Martin he would be on every FBI radar for actions of insurrection.  Again, I do not want to believe that our President is actually trying to create a powder keg within America but the evidence keeps on mounting.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic camps in America.  It has been stated that there are radical Islamic personal in every one of the 50 states.  I am left with the nagging question;  Is Barack Obama setting America up for civil war?  If anyone has another answer I would love to hear.

Black reparations

Often times I hear cries for the federal government to pay the blacks in this country reparations for slavery.  This is a ridiculous idea.  In so many ways you have already been paid.  As I hear these types of calls, usually from radicals within the race, I only get more irritated.  I see the black caucus in Washington that seems to be made up of a secret society of black Democrats who appear to feel that everything should be in favor of the black community or it is racists.  I see a black Negro college fund.  I see black only television.  I see black Miss America.  I see black only magazines.  I see so many things that are solely made for black people.  I see the affirmative action that permits a black person to be hired over a more qualified white person simply because of color.  I see so many things that are just for blacks in the name of ‘progression’ that would only in reality make a person like Martin Luther King vomit!

The black people who scream reparations, it would be my guess, probably do not even have ancestors who were in this country back during the days of slavery.  They say that when they were sold it degraded them.  I am a member of a Native American tribe.  If a person was sold it meant you at least had a value.  My people were killed or taken as a prize.  My people were given blankets to keep us warm during the cold winters that were purposely infected with the small pox virus simply to try and kill us off with biological warfare.  My people were allowed to be slaughtered by whites.  After the Civil War those of my people who were part of the Confederacy was allowed to be slaughtered while under the ‘care’ of the government by those other Natives who favored the North.  My people were moved from reservation to reservation as soon as the worthless land we were forced onto was found to have some value.  My people were shipped off into slavery to other countries as some exotic prize gift.  My people had bounty on their heads paid by how many Indian scalps were brought in.   My people were rejected the right to vote or exist until well after the freed slaves.  My people had their native language beaten out of them.  We did not sing songs in our native tongue out in the open to raise our spirits.  I am a Native American.  DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW THE BLACKS DESERVE REPARATION!

If a person wants to be something they can be whatever they desire.  The blacks and Indians who have made something of themselves in this country have done so because of personal drive.  They found ways to get things done.  At times there were sources of help and assistance.  At times they had to find it all themselves.  But for anyone to think that the government owes them a living because of things their ancestors went through is a sign that people need to grow up and stop whining.  If a person wants to get technical then you must also look at the treatment of the Chinese, Irish and any other group of early immigrants.  Some of my white ancestors were Pilgrims.   Some of them were tried and executed as witches.  The Salem Witch trials were sanctioned by the local government at that time.  Do their descendants deserve compensation?  These people were not slaves or forced to work, they were simply hung to die a slow death.  Early hanging was not a perfected as it is today and the event usually meant a slower death.

Every group and person could complain about their ancestors’ treatments.  It is easy if a person chooses to live in the past.  I choose to learn from the past and to live in the present as I approach my future.  I may be influenced by my past but I chose my present and I basically create my future.  When I hear radical blacks scream for reparations from slavery I actually feel bad for the hard working people within the black community who are striving to build a good family and a better America.  I cannot imagine how embarrassing it must make them feel to hear people who claim to be their representatives whining about things that happened over 150 years ago and more than likely never actually happened to any of their ancestors.  This is my country and this is my life.  I make it want I chose.  I do not choose to live in an era where I was limited.  I chose to live a life of limitless opportunity.    If my ancestors were able to live through all they lived through, all the races which make me up as I am today, then I can take today and run.  There is nothing that can possibly stand in my way of my success but me!

PTSD defense


What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?  PTSD has recently hit the news again as being used for the defense of murder.  Those who live with PTSD find this defense effort insulting.  PTSD is never and excuse.  It is not something that the individual enjoys living with on a daily basis.  PTSD may best be described as a daily war going on between the ears of the individual and the life he or she leads.  PTSD is not a limited condition.  It is not a condition that is limited to combat veterans.  That is the most obvious event where PTSD is concerned.  But PTSD is able to develop where any major personal threat event occurs or when a long duration of personal threat conditions is encountered.  It is incorrect to always expect a single traumatic event to be behind PTSD.   In many cases of PTSD it is the result of a ‘pressure cooker’ condition where the person lives under moderately high to high stress over a long period of time.

I have worked with combat veterans for over 20 years as a counselor.  I also have my own issues of PTSD with which I live.  When many of my veterans would get paperwork from the Department of Veteran Affairs for them to fill out so that they could get service connected disability benefits one of the consistent questions was for them to describe the event which was the precursor for their PTSD.  This question proves the ignorance of the VA’s understanding of PTSD.  In many cases the veteran could have responded with having landed in Vietnam on a particular date and then left Vietnam on such a date.  Even this would not be a completely correct answer.  This is also why so many veterans do not believe that they could have PTSD.  Many believe that if they were not in direct combat that they could not have PTSD.  But this is not true.  One particular veteran that I worked with was with Naval Intelligence.  He was not in combat but when I asked if he was ever in-country I also asked him if he had the same fears as everyone else.  I asked him if he had the same fears regarding an unseen ‘charlie’.  I asked him if he had the same fears regarding all the snakes and other living things over there that could kill as easily as an enemy’s bullet.  I asked him if he knew who and where his enemy was at all times.  He began to see that just because he was not in combat that he experienced many of the same fears.

PTSD is a physical condition created due to the long term exposure of the brain’s limbic system to heavy doses of the bodily chemical called cortisol which is the body’s reaction to stress.  This flies directly in the face of classic belief of PTSD as an emotional or psychological condition.  As the body is saturated with cortisol there eventually begins to be alterations in the limbic system such as the hippocampus and hypothalamus.  These physical changes may be seen in imaging such as MRI.  These changes create alterations in behavior.  But these changes are never an excuse for bad behavior.   Anyone who is a diabetic knows that they are responsible for their diet.  Anyone who is diabetic knows that they must restrict their sugar intake otherwise they will have a negative reaction.  Likewise anyone living with PTSD knows that they will have particular trigger events that they are responsible for avoiding or restricting.  It is the individual who is responsible for their behavior and not some condition.  It is my responsibility to assure that I eat properly.  It is my responsibility to be watchful regarding any alcohol intake.  It is my responsibility to make sure that I take my medications regularly.  It is my responsibility to make sure I get my rest.  It is my responsibility to make sure that if large crowds affect my nerves that I am mindful of those situations.  My PTSD is my responsibility and is never an excuse.

PTSD is never something that is enjoyed and simply kept in the background to be pulled out whenever an excuse for bad behavior is needed.  PTSD is not something that entitles the individual to a sense of uniqueness.  If someone holds the view that unless a person has experienced there particular ‘brand’ of stress that they cannot understand their PTSD then there is a real question as to that person’s desire to truly get help in living with PTSD.  Everyone has unique experiences.  Five people could have experienced the same firefight and have five different reactions.  It is not the event but the reactions of the body to the event.  In many times it is the minds response to the ‘what ifs’ of the event rather than the event.  A teller who lives through an armed robbery obviously has survived the robbery physically as if I never happened but it is the reliving the event in the mind and the ‘what if’ events that create actually more stress than the event itself.  One of my men who lived through the USS Forrestal and the fire that broke out onboard told me that in many cases it was the ‘what if’ events that create more stress than the actual fire.  What if the fire had made its way to the ammunition storage?  What if the fire had made its way to the heave explosives?  What if the fire could not be contained?  These questions were able to cause more stress than the actual event.  A person, who lives through a firefight physical unscathed, be it a foreign soil or local law enforcement, obvious lived through physically as if there had never been an encounter.  But the event and all the elements of the event creates more stress than the actual event. It is also this element that creates the flashbacks of the event.  Once a person experiences that level of total vulnerability they never feel quite as safe.  Once the façade of personal safety is shattered and the reality of one’s mortality is revealed then that person can never go back to the false belief of personal ignorance regarding the evils which surrounds them.  Once a person’s mortality is faced, life changes.

In many ways living with PTSD can be a blessing in disguise.  Once a person’s façade of the world’s condition is broken then they can live in reality more easily.  Once a person is able to accept that the world is not a nice or safe place then they are able to do what they need to do in order to make it safer.  Once a person has faced their own mortality then they are more easily able to live.  Too many people are so afraid of dying that they are too afraid to live.  Those who have faced their own mortality have faced the reality of death.  They have come to terms in many cases with death.  Now all they have left to do is live.  Mentally they have already died.  Now all they have to do is to finish living.  In many cases there is a sense of freedom.  Death has been faced; personal mortality has been accepted, now for the rest of living.  Often the person is left with not so much a death wish for life but a freedom to live life to the absolute fullest for that particular individual.  PTSD is never an excuse for bad behavior.  PTSD is never an absence of personal responsibility.  PTSD is often a war between the ears and something that a person is constantly aware of on a daily basis.  PTSD can also be an opening of life’s views to a door of absolute mental freedom.


buring american flag

It is time that the nation demanded that not one more dime should be sent to any Islamic country that is not openly and purposely fighting against radical Islamic extremists.  America sends billions of dollars to numerous Islamic countries.  Many of these countries are of radical beliefs themselves.  It is treasonous to send money to these countries and then to turn around and to ask our service men and women to fight against the same ideology supported by these countries.  It is my hope that this article get shared enough that this becomes the demand from the people to the administration.  This administration refuses to acknowledge the ideology behind radical Islam.  It is Islam.  It does not matter if it is a corruption of Islam.  It still is Islamic ideology.  It is up to the Islamic nations to stop the corruption of their ideology.  Until our administration admits that it is Islamic in nature we have no business sending personnel or money to these countries.  Until they become active in the fight against radical Islam America should not send ONE MORE DIME.

Our leadership is both stupid and blind if it thinks that this is not a corruption or alteration of Islamic beliefs that is pushing groups like ISIS.  Our leadership is so demanding upon not ‘insulting’ Islam that it has become ridiculously moronic in its actions and philosophies.  Our President is a coward for not acknowledging the realities of radical Islam.  His own religious ideology betrays himself as a religious bigot.  He refuses to personally even acknowledge that ISIS is attacking bases upon a religious stance.  Yes there may have been a written statement saying that the people beheaded were Christians but that does not mean that our President has admitted anything.  It would be his nature to have someone else write it so that he is again insulated.   Our President refuses to admit that there might be anything wrong with Islam and Islamic teachings that may be twisted.  This is not just blind, but shows a radical level of following and devotion to the Islamic faith that threatens his ability as a leader.  When anyone has anything that is able to prevent them from being able to do their job then they need to be removed from that position.  Obama’s blind devotion to Islam has become a treat to America.

Obama wants to support the Islam countries.  But it is also clear that much of our aid donations go to support radical Islam.  We are supporting the very animals who are threatening to kill Americans on American soil.  When does the word treason ever enter into the conversation?  Where is the line drawn between aiding people in need and aiding and abetting our enemy?  When does his blind devotion to Islam stop and becoming the President of the United States begin?  Our nation is under threat.  Our nation is under threat not just from without our borders but also from within.  Radical Islam has known training facilities within our country. Obama and his administration have shown more concern over Ferguson than they have the very fact of radical Islamic communities and training facilities within our country.

It is said that radical Islam must be met by Islamic nations.  This may be true.  But there is not motivation for radical Islam to be met until they do something against other Islamic countries.  After the Jordanian pilot was burned to death then Jordan became very serious in its fight against ISIS.  After ISIS attacks and crosses the line with the other countries is when the other Islamic nations feel a reason to become active in the fight against radical Islam.  American presently has no other influence than money.  America needs to stop funding radical Islam.  America needs to stop sending any further aid to any country that is not active in its fight against radical Islam.  If we continue to fund countries that are not against radical Islam then America is helping to fund radical Islam.  One problem with America not funding countries which support radical Islam is that our President refuses to acknowledge radical Islam.  Therefore, the bottom line is simple.  Our President, due to his devotion to keeping the image of Islam pure, refuses to acknowledge that there are radical factions of this religion.  In refusing to acknowledge that there are radical factions he continues to insist upon billions of tax payer dollars go to fund many of the Islamic countries that are actively supportive of radical Islam such as Sharia Law and other forms of radical belief.  In funding these countries, where other groups such as ISIS and the numerous subgroups of radical Islam are found, America is funding, by the behest of the President, radical Islamic ideology.  THIS IS TREASON!

My fellow Americans

every blade of grass
I know I date myself in that I cannot use that expression without first envisioning Richard Nixon.  But at times that is just the right expression because it does remind us that we are all in this together as fellow Americans.  It does not matter your race, creed, color or religion as along as we are all Americans fighting and striving for a better America.  This is a call out for all fellow Americans.  The slimes of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists have been dishing out their threats again.  This is a call for all properly licensed concealed carry Americans to exercise their right.  I want to make sure that I dot all the right legal ‘I’ and cross all the correct legal ‘t’ so that I do not have unwanted visitors (and that is not paranoia, but a reality that was confirmed when I had one of my clients get visits from monitoring government agencies).  The terrorist group obviously does not fear our government and with really no reason to fear them since our government seems extremely supportive of them even to the point of protecting them.   I know that our government has also been working hard to limit the second amendment but recently we have been seeing evidence as to why we must keep our second amendment.

The Muslim nut-job groups such as ISIS are threatening to attack Americans at malls and shopping centers.  I call upon all who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  If the radical Islamic groups want to attack America then we will defend America.  We as Americans will not show neither mercy nor leniency if any group wants to try and slaughter Americans like they did in the mall in Africa.  We will not sit idly by and see our fellow Americans killed by blood lusting animals.  We will fight back.  We will fire upon the enemy.  We will kill the enemy with total disregard for the enemy.  If ISIS wants to attack Americans on American soil then they will face the historic wrath of Americans.  Our President is unfortunately weak in dealing with this murderous bunch of vermin.  But we will not be so apathetic.  We will kill the enemy and then take their weapons and continue to use them against our enemy.  If ISIS wants to declare war upon Americans by attacking Americans we do not need anything from our government to return the attack.  We will fight and kill all attackers.

I would encourage ISIS to learn from the Japanese during WWII.  They thought better about attacking American mainland.  They knew Americans would be armed.  Just the number of hunters alone in America far outnumbers most third world armies.  Our children have grown up with firearms and many are a better shot than many found in foreign militaries.  To all Islamic radical groups I would advise you that your connections with our President have not endeared you to us.  Rather just the opposite is true.  We have watched as our President has coddled and protected you not wanting to offend Islam.  We have watched as our President would rather play golf than address the problems you have created around the globe.  We have watched as our President would play silly word games as to not offend Islam.  Now we are fed up!  We do not care what our President as to say any more and will take matters into our own hands should you be so stupid as to attack our homeland.  We know you have your sleeper cells in America and we would advise you to allow them to continue to sleep.  Should you disregard all commonsense because you are so stupid, it will not bode well for you.  YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!

Do not go to political sleep

flag and eagle

I know that there are many things that I write which probably go straight into the ‘round file’.  It is clear that I am neither a fan of Barack Obama nor any of his agenda.  I have no problem with those who might be any of his supporters since America is based upon an exchange of thought.  One of the greatest concerns I have regarding this man is his ability to bend the truth and his ability to do so with such a straight face.  There has been so many times that he has been caught in lies.  But let us for the sake of argument say that he did not know many of the later facts as they became known.  Should this be true, many of those around him as advisors should be fired immediately.  But there is a trend that I truly find alarming and concerning.

Obama truly sees right wingers as a greater threat than ISIS.  Keep in mind that there was recently the summit on extremism.  This was not about Islamic extremism so what other types of extremism are there to discuss.  According to Biden, Christians are part of the extremism which must be of a concern.  With right-winged extremists now verbally expressed as a greater threat than ISIS what actions are being planned to curb or restrain those with what might be considered as right-winged extremism.  Keep in mind that this administration has also stated that veterans are part of the right-winged extremists.  What is the definition of ‘right-winged extremism’?  Since there truly is no definition available then it is up to this administration to define it as desired.  This should present a major sense of concern to anyone who is not in the pocket of this administration.

There is the new czar regarding anti-ISIS and anti-Islamic talk.  What are the duties of this person?  Considering that this new czar has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups which have connections to radical Islam, this appointment should raise levels of concern.  Our President has and will be adamant in his position that basically there is no radical Islam.  ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  If there is no radical Islam, who is he expecting to send our troops over to fight?  What will be their objective?  When would their efforts be met or ended?  How will they measure success?  On one hand the President wants to appear to be pro-active against the terrorist who are slaughtering innocent people.  Personally I believe that is because he is being humiliated by other nation’s kings and leaders who are in direct harm’s way and are actively combatting ISIS.  On the other hand our President and his administration are pushing a major agenda of protecting Islam.  Now with the pro-Islam czar who is to monitor the anti-Islam speech, where do our personal liberties fit?  Obama and his administration have been quietly forcing Islam and their Islamic agenda upon America.  He made the statement that America is an Islamic country and has been doing everything in his power to make it so.  We have a problem.  I am critical of hard core Islamic beliefs and believe anyone with at least two neurons should also be critical.  I listened to one of their leaders express how the world does not rotate around the sun.  I was his to next say that the world was flat.  Hard core Islam punishes any woman caught not being ‘properly dresses’.  What does ‘properly dressed’ even mean?  Women are less that property under hard core Islam.  Actually the writings of Mohammad encourage the drinking of camel pee!

I want to be wrong.  If I am right then there are only two ways things can end.  Either there will be a place where personal liberties are dictated and handed rather than see as God given, or there will be rebellion for freedom.  I will not expand on this second alternative because I do not want uncivilized people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  People need to not fall into political sleep.  There is a problem.  We are being manipulated in the worst way.  I know every politician manipulates and lies.  But, this is to an extreme level.  Do not fall into political slumber.  You will not like the America you wake up to.  w that there are many things taht



LD50 is a term which refers to the lethal dose of a particular element in which it kills 50% of the people exposed.  My question after watching this administration, listening to the President, listening to the talking heads of this administration, watching this administration and their reaction or lack thereof to threats and actions of ISIS and the responses of other Muslim countries against ISIS with the lack of support from our own nation’s leadership, are we approaching LD50?

Obama and his people in power refuse to acknowledge that Islam has anything to do with ISIS or the Jihadist mentality.  If it is not Islam I would like to know the correct answer.  We are not at war with Islam, which is correct.  But we are at war with an ideology that sends its followers out to kill innocent men, women and children.  If the driving force behind the butchers is not addressed then military actions is futile.  Obama shifts his verbiage depending upon the purpose.  First he was talking of all the evils done in the name of Christianity and God then says that religion does not have anything to do with evil actions of others.  His blatant protecting of Islam is interfering with his judgments and actions as President.  His key administration personnel are outspoken advocates of Islam and sharia law.  Sharia law and radical forms of Islam go hand in hand.  It is sharia law that promotes the stoning of women, hanging of homosexuals, cutting off hands of females who even are caught using a cell phone because it is modern and western.  For this administration to attack radical Islam it would be attacking itself!

The time is rapidly coming when people of this nation will have to decide how much of Barack Obama and his administration will be followed.  If America cannot get rid of him we will have to decide how many of his laws, edicts, executive orders, demands and writs will be followed.  People such as Eric Holder and his determination regarding Ferguson must be corralled and contained.  Obama is building a situation that may not be able to be contained should the right ignition be forced.  No one wants bad things to happen in this country.  But law enforcement will have to choose between orders from this administration and what is legal and right.  The only way there is going to be a nation available for the next election is if Barack Obama and his power hungry talking heads find their powers limited by the people and courts.  I have no real hope for the court systems anymore because they have proven themselves too many times to be as unconstitutional as Obama.  Will Americans be forced to accept laws, rules, and regulations that our Forefathers strove never to be permitted in this country again?  Will Americans be forced to accept Islam forced upon our school system while there cannot even be so much as a Christmas carol sang?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch millions of illegals become citizens just so they can flood the ballot box with what is nothing more than paid votes and elections?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch one of the most corrupt administrations in history continue unrestrained?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch our beloved nation be torn apart simply because someone knows how to use the Constitution against itself and too many politicians are too cowardly to step up and stop it?

I know that every social media is monitored.  I am never going to say anything that is contrary to the laws of the land.  My concern is since our freedoms and liberties are eroding on a regular basis when will our freedom of speech simply be determined by the opinions of people in authority.  At one time this would have been considered the ranting of a conspiracy nit-wit.  But anyone who has been watching America over the past few years must also acknowledge that there are critical things happening against our America.  People will have to choose.  People are going to have to choose between what is ordered and what is right.  People are going to have to choose between what is safe and what is required.  People are going to have to choose between what is dictated and what is Constitutional.  I want my America back!