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Do not watch the hands of the magician


At times I honestly wonder just how stupid people are verses how stupid the media and politicians desire us to be.  I read various reports of Kerry trying to sell his Iran deal.  First it should make everyone’s head explode when Kerry plays the veteran card.  Yes he did serve in the military.  But he also knew how to get out after three ‘purple hearts’ which was not necessarily because he was shot or wounded by the enemy.  After he got out he basically spit upon every Vietnam veteran.  He threw them under the bus by calling them nothing but murderers.  I have cousins on the Wall and a person like Kerry sickens me and he has the gaul to try and brag about his time in the service.  Now this semi-idiot, in my opinion, does not even know how to parse words.  When someone says they are going to kill you or death to America it seems pretty clear what is meant.  But somehow simplicity seems to fail this man.  Maybe if he was not so concerned about insulting those he included in his daughter’s wedding list he would be able to understand how Iran has not been real friendly to America for a long time and maybe he could remember basic things like the S.S. Cole, The Twin Towers, Libya and the marine barracks.

In addition to Kerry’s memory issues he also states how he does not know if Obama will obey the law if Congress defeats the Iran deal.  That alone should be reason to defeat the deal.  I would be amazed at this statement if it was not for the total lack of respect Obama has had for both Congress and our legal system.  I thought Obama was supposed to support the laws of the land and not pick the ones he wanted to support.  If Obama chooses to go directly against Congress and the American people with the Iran deal he would have just gone full dictator on this nation.  (There is another word which comes to mind when I think as to how Obama has been doing to this nation but I decided to include the ‘tator’ in order to keep things family oriented).  I truly, personally, believe Obama does not even begin to think before he picks up his famous pen except for what might produce more Democrat voters in the next election.  I wonder if there will be enough of a Republic left after Obama to even have another election.

Now we have Planned Parenthood caught on tape talking about how they sell baby body parts like an auto chop shop.  Livers and organs are parsed out for payments like the local meat market selling pork chops.  In addition to the tapes which have been coming to the surface has also been quotes from the founder of Planned Parenthood and how her purpose was to kill off as many black babies as possible because it was good for the country.  How can anyone remotely still stand behind Planned Parenthood.  As long as I remember PP has been nothing short of a mill for abortions.  I truly do not remember anything dealing with them other than a simple way for someone to end a pregnancy easily and quickly.  Now it seems like the world knows what PP has been doing with all those dead babies.

As I was listening to the spokesperson for the White House I find myself trying to keep my blood pressure at bay.  The man truly has not even been a good liar lately.  I would not want his job for any salary.  Some time you have got to stop and look yourself in the mirror.  I do not know how anyone could keep feeding the party line as much as he does and sleep at night.  I am reminded of another famous political party who every time negative things would surface they would counter with telling the people how it was all lies.  Everything heard out there was lies.  The leader was seen as great and his vision for the country was perfect and inspired.  People need to just trust them more and give the leaders more power to do more things.  Must I keep reminding people what the name of that party was all the time?  Do people really have that short of memories?  Are people really that ignorant?  People are more concerned over the death of a Lion than they are the death of our nation.  People are more worked up over the idea that a confederate flag flies somewhere than they are our nation’s image has taken a dive.  People are being shown a sideshow and they are watching the pretty ball and not the magician’s hands as he is doing his trickery.  It is not absurd to compare present day America with Hitler’s Germany of the 30’s.  We have already passed the USSR of the 60’s.  It used to be that America was a nation based upon Christian values where people prayed and worshipped openly.  Now it is Russia which is open while more and more Christian activities are targeted and shutdown.  Christianity is targeted while Islam is protected and promoted.  Now in America people have to be concerned about what they say and do in private because the government is watching and listening.  Now in America people are taxed beyond their abilities.  Now in America unemployment is sky rocketing.  Now in America the elected leadership is so corrupt it makes the mob leaders of old Chicago look like Sunday school teachers at a summer picnic.  As you listen to the few remaining survivors of Hitler’s Germany they speak in fear remembering what it was like growing up under Hitler and seeing history repeating itself.

People need to wake up and wise up.  I love it when people attack my work.  They do not know that I do not write anything that has not been researched or already proven.  FEMA is able to take over and set the Constitution aside under national emergency.  Obama has set things up for national emergencies on every side.  People need to take time to read and think for themselves.  America has been great.  I just hope that the old Lady Liberty still has enough kick left in her breeches to keep going for a few more years.  It is time to hitch up your skivvies and get ready because I am afraid the doo doo is about ready to hit the fan.



America needs to get its priorities back in line.  There are so many issues facing America today that admittedly it is difficult to sort them all in some degree of order.  There is the economy which is still reeling in unemployment.  Security is upside down.  Environmentalists are able to push regulation and legislation that drives businesses to close or form in other countries because it cost too much to remain in America.  Minimum wage is being raised and benefits forced to be paid by employers to where the small business person is forced to close their doors.  The IRS gets away with targeting citizens over political beliefs.  Veterans die while waiting for care in the Veteran’s Administration system while illegal immigrants are able to go to the emergency room of their choice knowing there would be full payments made for their care.  The border is as porous as a sieve.  Iran is now looking at having an approved nuclear program.  Racial relations in America are worse than they have been in decades.  ISIS and radical Islam are issuing new threats it seems like on a weekly basis.  Our service men and women are being gunned down while on base and recruitment centers while the Pentagon just tells them to not wear their uniforms and keep the blinds pulled shut.  Our Constitutional system is being used against us by people who have studied it more than most of the people sitting in Congress.  Our national debt is now virtually untouchable with it increasing by millions each week in interest alone.  Our administration openly promotes the very religion that is killing innocent people by droves across the globe yet all the time refusing to admit that it has anything to do with religion.  At times I wonder if there has actually been a Zombie Apocalypse because the only logical conclusion is that the people in charge have lost their brains somewhere in the crisis.

As a problem solver one basic exercise was to outline which things were connected and which ones had a cause and effect element so that you could begin to form some sort of a flow chart.  If there were some issues which created a deeper concern by creating a greater problem then those issues needed to be addressed first.   Race relations have been thrust into the forefront due to politics.  The problem with race relations is that there are so many people who want to destroy America and Americans that these idiots who think that they have been so abused over the decades need to realize that if groups like ISIS and other radical Islamic factions get their way in the homeland that the murdering butchers are not going to feel sorry for anyone.  The radical groups are going to be killing everyone in their path.  So racial issues need to take a back seat and people need to just grow up regarding these things because if the terrorists have their way there will be no more racial tensions because there will be no more race.  The goal of the radial is to kill everyone who does not agree with them.  This usually does not leave too many people to experience racial tension afterwards.

Environmental concerns are important because there must be clean air to breath and water to drink.  We only have one environment and have not quite mastered the art of creating a new one yet.  Environmental issues are significant for many things but personally I have yet to see a salmon pay one bill or turn on my lights.  I would therefore have to place environmental issue below the direct people issues.  The environment is important but if there are no people the environment does not mean very much.  The economy is a major concern because if people do not have jobs then they do not have money.  If they do not have money then people do not eat nor do they have means by which to pay rent, etc.  So the economy is fairly high on the list of importance.  But security seems to take lead in the list.  While the economy is figured extremely high on the priorities, if the nation is in total turmoil or civil war or under terrorist attack either foreign or domestic, it really does not matter if there is a working economy because the number one prior for everyone will be survival.  Personally, if I were to create a list of national priorities I would have to place national security as number one.

Political jabber mouths love to talk about national security for hours upon end yet actually say nothing of substance.  This is where it is good to get rid of the political idiots who have their fancy degrees in political science, something which in my thinking is about as beneficial as an utter on a boar hog, and we need to talk to people with a doctorate in common sense.  If you want to protect your home you do not leave the front door open when you are away.  You do not allow just anyone and everyone to come in at all hours day and night.  You also usually have some sort of deterrent set up for those who want to violate the rules of your home, who wish to take advantage of your home or harm you while in your home.   Last I knew lecturing someone about how it would harm their reputation if they robbed and killed you was not a great defensive strategy.  Practical common sense says that national security must be addressed with direct attention towards protecting the homeland.  The border must be secured.  This is not to keep people for whom America was formed away.  This is not to keep those who seek freedom and a safe home from coming in.  But there must be some way to keep the murdering gangs and cartels out.  Another form of common sense thinking says that law enforcement cannot be everywhere for everyone.  I cannot depend upon being able to call 911 if I have someone kicking in my door.  I am my first line of defense.  America was never built upon the idea of having someone else doing everything for you.  Americans were always pro-active.  It is only recently that Americans have been brain washed into thinking that we have to sit back while waiting for someone else to take care of us.

The government has proven that it is incapable of taking care of national security due to its being too deep in political concerns over who is or is not going to vote a certain way in the next election.  The government has betrayed the people.  The present government is no longer worthy to be called the American government or the government of the people.  It sends billions of tax payer dollars into countries that support the same mentality as those who are sending weekly death threats to our nation.  Our government appears more concerned with protecting Islam, which is the core of the radical butchers, than it is protecting innocent lives.  Our government talks about needing to send forces to fight groups like ISIS, while also including such a prohibitive set of rules and regulations that the soldier must first ask permission to kill the enemy.  The same government that was once formed to be a service and sacrifice has become a parasite drawing from the people rather than representing the people.

At times in establishing priorities it is best found to seek the simplest solution.  Security is obviously a priority without which all other issues become mute.  It has become clear that the Pentagon is no longer representing the needs of the soldier by their great words of wit and wisdom of just keep the blinds shut so that no one will shoot at you.  The government has proven to be at best treasonous towards the nation, the people, national concerns and issues, and the American way of life.  Therefore the simplest conclusion might be the best conclusion.  If there is to be national security it is up to the people.  During World War II the Japanese never attacked our shore because they knew that every American was going to be armed.  We must return to this mentality.  In many locations it is the average American who is taking up arms to defend the military recruiting centers because the Pentagon have failed to do their duties due to politics.  In many cities where concealed carry weapons have increased crime has decreased.  It was not the overworked law enforcement which accomplished this fact but the presence of an unseen firearm that makes the bad guy think twice before doing something stupid.  If there is to be an increase in national security it must be up to the people.  It will be the average American citizen who will provide that security.  It will be up to the armed American who will be the deterrent for groups like ISIS and radical Islam.  It will be the armed citizen who will be the front line of defense against the radical and nut job who wants to shoot up a mall in the name of their religion while waiting for law enforcement to be able to respond.  It will be the armed citizen who will slash the numbers of those who have been able to be hurt by the radical as opposed to what it would have been had there been to resistance.

There is an old adage that simply says:  If it is to be, it is up to me.  Never has this been more true than it is presently in the light of the priority need of national security.  A concealed weapon is called ‘concealed’ for a reason.  It is nothing that is to be displayed, nor is it to be a topic of discussion.  It is a concealed weapon.  The only time that a concealed weapon should no longer be a concealed weapon should be when the bad guy has forced the issue.   Personally, I know there are signs everywhere saying how this place and that place is a ‘gun free zone’.  We have also seen how well those signs have worked in keeping the bad guys with guns away.  Personally, I would rather be safe than sorry.  I would hate the idea that a member of my family was killed because I allowed a sign stop me from doing my duty of protecting them.

Dear Pentagon


I have read your reply regarding the present movement of American armed citizens guarding Armed Forces Recruitment Sites.  I have read how you are opposed to such things.  I have read your negative response.  But I also have seen your inability to protect our service men and women.  You talk a real good line about protecting and caring for the service person yet you lie through your teeth.  Many of us have seen indirectly if not directly how well you stood behind the service person during Vietnam.  Many of us have seen in one way or another how many of the noble employees of the Pentagon sacrificed soldier after soldier in order to get extra spaces on their resume.  Many of us remember just how bloody those resumes were and the lack of any military conscious by those who carried said resumes.  You want to throw our service men and women again under the military bus for the sake of political correctness only the American people are not going to tolerate it this time.  As long as recruitment sites are on public lands there will be private citizens there to protect our service men and women because they do not represent statistics and numbers to us.  They represent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.  They are not just a commodity to be thrown about and if it is spilt then it gets cleaned up like a call for a mop on isle 13 at some supermarket.  We care about our service people where it has been made clear that the Pentagon is simply interested in the orders from a treasonous administration which cares more about the enemy than it does its own people.

The American people have no more toleration for those of the Pentagon who want to order our men and women to simply not wear their uniforms.  They joined the military because they were proud of that uniform.  You who make the decisions at the Pentagon are nothing more than disgusting nauseating politicians willing to sacrifice the blood and bone of our young for your soft offices.  You may not care about the threat level seen against our service people but the average citizen does and we do not care about your opinion.

You may yell, scream, call us names, and do whatever you are going to do but you are going to find that your power is diminishing.  The citizenry of this nation is fed up with you and your political games.  Your inability to stand up for what is right has been noted.  Your inability to tell others who would threaten this nation that they are on notice is also on record.  Many of you are an insult to the uniform you wear.  I dare you to get out of your wonderful air-conditioned offices and put yourself back in the line of fire and see how long you remain politically correct.

Is the Vietnam Monument next

Vietnam monument

By act of the United States Congress soldiers from both sides of the Mason/Dixon line are American veterans.  It does not matter if they were Confederate or Union they are now recognized as American veterans.  Now because a bunch of whiners who are offended because of their view of the Confederacy is not seen as politically correct they are demanding that all monuments dealing with the Confederacy are threaten with being torn down.  In reality is nothing different than ISIS going into an area and destroying all of history that does not align with their preapproved records and views.

If these whiny liberals get their way and destroy all, or even any, of the Confederate monuments what is going to be next?  I remember the ruckus that was here in the States during the Vietnam War.  Many people did not like the War.  They have their view as to what the war was about while others have a different view.  Many have a perverted view of the war which is largely held by the liberal masses that were never in the war nor even bothered to truly learn about the war from those who were there.  If the whiny liberals get their way over the Confederate monuments will the Vietnam Wall be next?  What about the Korean War monument or other war monuments?

There is a movement in the nation presently that pushes if something is seen by a group that is able to whine the loudest as not being politically correct then it can be deemed as evil and therefore removed.  Again, this is the same mentality as ISIS as it takes hammers to priceless historical artifacts.  History does not care if you like it because the facts are that you must accept it.  Just because someone wants to destroy any connection to a historical fact does not remove it.  Their efforts will only drive the dedication of those who are connected with that point of history deeper.

This constant recognition of the whiny side of the liberal forces has given rise to street gangs pushing anarchy.  There are groups of black youth thugs beating on old people just because they are white and nothing is being done to protect the elderly.  When did our laws lose their ability to be color blind or worse yet, become racist in protection one race while ignoring actions and harm done to another?  Other groups of mental midgets, no offence intended to real midgets, are invading private property to remove the Confederate flag simply because they do not like it.  What if someone did not like your Ford or Jeep?  Would they be allowed to go onto your private property to destroy it?  This must stop before someone gets killed!

Our Presidents, many of his appointees, many of those in Congress, and other political figures lead the pack of the whiners.  They are offended at anything and everything.  It is time that people grew up.  It is time that people stopped carrying their emotions on their sleeves where every time the wind blows there is something else that offends them.  When my generation was growing up and we whined about this person or that person saying something that bothered us the reply was to grow up and deal with it.  Our liberal leaders need to grow up.  They need to shut up.  They need to learn to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to bow down to them and kiss their feet.  They need to learn that history does not care if they like it.  History is the trump card.  History is never going away.  History stands and towers over the whiny liberals in total domination because history will always stand long after the whiny liberals have returned to dust.

How important is a President

white house

I have heard it said that the office of the President is a figurehead position.  I would highly disagree.  The office of the President is extremely influential in nature if nothing else.  If the President is corrupt then all of his appointees will be corrupt.  If the appointees are corrupt then the Supreme Court Justices will be corrupt.  If the Supreme Court Justices are corrupt then decisions will be made not according to law or the Constitution but according to a preset agenda and predetermined direction of decision making.  If appointees are corrupt then the Attorney General will be corrupt.  If the Attorney General is corrupt then there will be both pressure as well as direct instructions that investigations and direction of focus will be according to a particular goal.  Some things will not receive proper attention because it is contrary to that goal while other things will receive extreme scrutiny until enough evidence is found or twisted in order to support a predetermined outcome.  The needs of the public will not be served and a particular course of interest will be established.

How important are the beliefs of a President?  It has always been the thought that the personal beliefs of a President are private and are not the interest of the general public.  But that is not the case.  If the beliefs of the President are so strong that he establishes his agendas, goals, and priorities above all else then those beliefs are a priority concern.  Many Presidents have had strong belief systems but they were, if anything, helpful in providing guidance to the President’s decisions.  If the President has a belief system that shuts out all other priorities besides this beliefs then he is no longer the President of the United States but rather has become the leader of that particular group and is forcing the rest of the nation to follow.  If the President has a personal belief which promotes power rather than humility then that President is going to seek to dominate rather than to lead through humble example.  A President who seeks to dominate eventually tries to force his will upon others create an air of dictator rather than a leader.  A dictator is not a leader.  A dictator does not desire to lead.  A dictator simply desires to tell others what to believe and how to act.  There is no leading required if the power of the President comes from orders from a sense of superiority rather than humble reflection upon the needs and concerns of the people.  A dictator tells the people what their needs and concerns should be rather than listening.  A dictator sees no need to listen since they believe they already know what is best for the people.

America has had some of the greatest leaders in history.  They have led by example in the battlefield.  They have led by example through humility.  They have led by example through listening to the average person.  They have led by example through having struggled themselves to become the person of greatness that others have recognized.  America has lost that cornerstone.  America, for the first time no longer has a President of honor, of the people, of humility, of a listening ear, or of compassion.  America has a President who is determined that he knows what is best for the nation regardless of the desires of the people or their concerns.  His agenda is established by a select few who has a predetermined goals as to what American shall become.  For the first time it appears that America no longer has a President but a dictator.

Polite civil disobedience


First of all I want to establish that I have extreme respect for all the laws of our land.  I have two brothers who are retired law enforcement and volunteer at the local police department myself.  I do believe that our legal system has been hijacked by politics.  This hijacking has left our military at home sitting ducks with a law which strips our military on base and off base locations such as recruiting offices unarmed.  These are people who have been highly trained in firearms but somehow seen as incapable of handling a one at certain times and locations.  The recent murder of our servicemen and the attack which left even more fighting for their lives has thrown this issue into the limelight.

People are angry over Obama’s inability to connect the actions of the Kuwaiti born gunman to terrorism.  Obama has consistently remained protective towards Islam denying even the very existence of radical Islam and refusing to admit that Islamist murder in the name of Islam.  It is time to stop expecting what is never going to happen.  Our President will continue to protect and bow to please Islam.  Obama’s statement praising the end of Ramadan on the very day that a madman with Islamic connections attacks Americans on American soil simply goes to show his priorities.  Whether this administration ever acknowledges the existence of radical Islam or not is truly no longer an issue for public safety.  It is up to the people and the people know that radical Islam exists and has vowed to kill Americans.

There is a major difference between polite civil disobedience and anarchy.  Anarchy has no regards for anything or anyone.  Anarchy only has the goal to destroy.  Polite civil disobedience can actually be accomplished with no one even knowing that it is happening.  I am referring to gun free zones and the use of concealed carry weapons.  The term concealed carry means that it is not seen or even known that a person is carrying a firearm.  A gun free zone sign is nothing more than a banner declaring that an area is an open soft target unprotected and vulnerable.  A number of the gun free zones might have a security guard for an appearance of safety but for the most part that security officer is also unarmed.  Additionally even if he is armed, one person against an armed assault probably will not mean too much if a young and untried security guard freezes under attack.

The time has come for all good people to carry their firearm with them anywhere and everywhere they go.  The media talking heads wants people to think that the more people who are carrying weapons will only result in more accidental shootings.  I truly think that if these people would ever know just how many people in southern territories were carrying a concealed weapon without having an accident it would make them soil themselves.  It is time for both the North and the South to join forces because the Mason/Dixon line is no respecter of terrorism.  It is time for legal gun owners across this nation to carry their firearm.  Keep in mind that it is called ‘concealed carry’ for a reason.  This means you keep it covered, out of sight unless it is desperately needed, and you do not talk about your weapon.  If a person cannot keep their mouth shut regarding having a firearm on them then they have no business carrying a firearm.  To those people a firearm is still a giggly little toy that you snicker about having with your friends in the corner of the recess yard.  To them it is a kin to a 3rd grader who has slipped dad’s Playboy under his coat before running off to school so that he could appear bigger than life to his little friends.

A concealed weapon may be likened to the Scottish Sgian Dubh.   The Highlanders would wear a small knife concealed in the top of their sock to be used as a last ditch weapon.  A concealed carry firearm is only to be used if there is a direct threat to the owner’s life or the lives of those in his presence.  I believe it would be safe to say that 99.9% of the time that the weapon would never be removed from its holster.  It is that .01% of a time that makes that firearm a requirement.  There are many businesses that hold a dogmatic opinion against firearms.  In the case that a person is required to use his or her concealed carry firearm to stay alive, there is a strong possibility that the person will be fired from that company.  A good question is whether or not that employee really wants to remain employed in a company that holds such a low opinion of the lives of their employees.  Any company that holds any real concern for their employees should permit legal concealed carry.  This is a Constitutional right which is often joined with a State provided permit signed by the local law enforcement authorities.  The concealed carry individual has been vetted more completely than most of the people who go into the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It is time for polite civil disobedience.  It is time for certain laws to be ignored.  It is time for the people to start taking more active action rather than to simply be a sitting duck for the next madman.  Law enforcement is unable to protect against actions of terrorism and radical Islam since there is no warning given.  It is time for the public to prepare for these attacks.  Only if the public is armed and ready to defend against the terrorist madman will law enforcement even have time in which to intervene.  It is up to the public to provide that front line of defense.  It is up to the public to provide the opportunity for the initial response time which law enforcement must have if they are to be able to do their sworn duties.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times.  This is impossible.  But if there are trained people with legal concealed carry firearms then there is an opportunity for law enforcement to be able to respond.  The front line of national defense is not the government, not the military, not the National Guard, and not local law enforcement; the front line of national defense is the general public.

Witch Trials of 2015

salem witch trials

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 resulted with 19 men and women being hung, one pressed to death and others condemned under the accusation of witchcraft.  Many of the accused were upstanding citizens of the community and leaders in both commerce and the church.  These trials were based upon the testimony of children who were ‘acting differently’ and who claimed that they had witnessed the various accused for being a witch.  There was no real evidence except for the testimony that the accused had ‘caused great hurt’.  It did not matter what the accused had to say because the minds of the courts were already made up regarding the decisions.  It was the belief of the courts that the ‘children’ would not and could not lie therefore they must be speaking the truth.

What we are seeing today is nothing more than a repeat of the Salem Witch Trials.  The only difference is that instead of being accused of being a witch people, places and things are accused of being ‘racist’.  It does not matter what the truth may be because the ‘courts’ have already decided.  The rational is that because there was slavery in the south therefore anything and everything associated with the Confederate States must be therefore pro-slavery and anti-black.  Anything and everything remotely associated with the south must therefore be racist.

It did not matter that the children may have been acting differently because of bad rye.  Mold may be found in some rye breads like those eaten in the 1600’s.  This mold is called ergot and contains some of the same chemical compositions as those used in making LSD.  This mold is able to produce convulsions, nervous disorders and hallucinations.  But the people of the 1600’s were ignorant to the true reason why their children might be acting oddly.  Therefore they simply took what the children said as true.  Today we know better yet our society still accepts what a particular portion says as true regardless of the real facts.  As in the Salem Witch Trials it does not matter what the accused has to say since the minds of the courts of public opinion have already decided their fate.  Much like the accused of the Witch Trials, the accused of today are dead and gone and cannot speak for themselves but as in the trials it would not matter what the accused might say because no one cared to listen.

History can and does speak against this craziness that is sweeping our nation.  History will speak to the defense of many of the Confederate leaders as not being the racist animals which organizations such as the NAACP wants to portray.  These organizations which promote segregation through its own separatist movement as seen through the Miss Black America Beauty Pageant, the United Negro College Fund, and black television networks are the ones screaming racism.  Just like the child witnesses of the witch it is easier to focus the charge upon others in an effort to defocus inspection of themselves.  In order to not have to answer difficult questions which might implicate their own questionable actions, which is most highly probable that the child witnesses were not as innocent as portrayed, the organizations and people of modern society which must keep racism alive in order for them to have any meaning and existence.

People like the mayor of Baltimore, the Al Sharpton clones, the Black Panthers, the NAACP and many who fly the banner of the Democrat Party have the blood of racism on their hands yet try to stand as innocent witnesses crying against the evil characters of the Confederacy.  Just like during the days of the Witch Trials the voices of the witness falls upon the ears of the ignorant and those more than willing to execute regardless of the facts.  Just like in the Witch Trials fear of ever having their own sins found out makes them only scream louder whenever there is any light shone upon their own guilt.

During the days of the Salem Witch Trials there does not have to be any proof of any injury only the accusation of being ‘hurt’.  Today it seems like everyone is ‘offended’ by something.  During the Witch Trials the children were seen as the innocent of incapable of telling a lie.  Today, the loudest voices providing witness of being ‘hurt’ come from radical members of the black community.  There is a mentality that a ‘black’ witness must be speaking the truth.  It does not matter what anyone else may be saying or doing.  If the witness is black and is speaking of hurt and racism then it must be true and nothing else matters.  No other voice is to be heard.  No other race can experience racism.  No other race is capable of racism except for white people.  It is a one sided court and the decision has been made regarding the guilt of the accused.  Bones are being dug up, signs removed, names changed, and statues defaced and even private property stolen because the court has made up its mind.

Just as society looks at the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and wonders how a group could be so ignorant as to murder innocent people over corrupt witnesses, society will one day look at the events of 2015 with the same amazement.  They will one day wonder how people could be so ignorant as to be led against racism by those saturated in the blood of racism.  One day society will look upon the actions of today and cry out against the bigotry and prejudice which denied history and facts because their minds were made up and closed to any real thought and critical consideration.  One day the actions of 2015 will be seen as a great scar upon the face of a nation and a people just like the Salem Witch Trails will be seen as an action of fear, ignorance and hatred for anything which might be different.  The only real question which remains is whether or not that society would be the one in which we live.