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Storms are coming


There are storms heading the direction of our nation and our political leaders are more concerned with the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Are leadership have lost all vision of what it meant to be a leader in America.  With the recent declaration of an upcoming opening in Congress there are many who are instead of wondering who can best lead are licking their lips wondering how they can best use the opening for the most power.  I am so tired of these traitors.  But these people are also too stupid to realize that if they do not get their acts together that the coming storm, which is of their own making, will remove the need for their leadership.  Obama’s goals from the beginning included having a civilian army equal to the military in equipment.  He has been in the process of ‘radically transforming America’.  Now we have an amnesty plan which would open the gates for millions of undocumented aliens into the systems if they have not been there already.  There are plans to bring tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  Many of these people are turned away by their own Muslim countries.  The question begs to be asked then why is Obama throwing open the doors of America.  Look at Denmark and Germany and you begin to get an idea what these so called refugees are about.  Look at France and you get to see a good idea of the world of Islam as it invades your shores.  Obama does not want freedom for the world, he want Islam for America.

Anyone who thinks that once these people get to America that they are going to be passive new immigrants is a fool.  Anyone who thinks that Obama has the best interest in mind for the American way of life is also a fool.  It does not take much to realize that there is a major band of storms heading our way.  Our political leaders seem too stupid to realize this concern.  They are sure that giving Iran an open nuclear program that the world is going to be safer.  They think that Islam is a religion of peace and that if only more people had jobs then they would not want to become suicide bombers.  I cannot believe how many idiots we have running this country.  Back in the day we used to call these people Communist because it was the Communist were trying to over throw our nation.  I know that term is not popular but it is true and the best one I can think of to describe the actions and goals of these people.

People need to keep in mind that Americans are different from most all other countries.  We were born out of revolution and we have kept our freedoms through fighting for them.  The only way the government will be able to not have total rebellion as these masses hit our streets with the same mayhem shown in other countries would be for them to round up the conservative citizens who will not idly by and allow chaos to consume our nation.  I truly do not believe our governmental leadership is taking these matters seriously.  I, personally, think they are more interested in how much power they are able to grab and their next unearned pay raise.  It is not a matter of if there will be total chaos but when it will happen.  If the government is permitted to bring these so called refugees into this nation and they begin their riots because Islam is not seen as important enough, then there will be pushback.  In this country all religions are permitted but all religions are seen as equal and no religion is permitted to attack another physically.  No religion is permitted to riot making demands.  America has its holidays and if you do not like them then simply do not come to America.  We have Christmas here.  If you have a problem with Christmas either do not come here or keep you dang mouth shut from October through January.

Once the doodoo hits the proverbial fan things will be in survival mode.  There will be no funding for Planned Parenthood because there probably would no longer be a Planned Parenthood.  The conservative people are tired of watching this liberal chop shop continue with tax payer money.  There will no longer be interest in Democrat or Republicans because they both have abandoned their reasons for existence.  There will only be people who want to enslave and people who want to be free.  There will be no talking over beer sessions because the ones who want to enslave will never give up their goal of enslaving and those who want to be free will never give up their desire to live free.  Our leadership has permitted snakes to invade the house.  Once they start laying eggs or having life births the only thing left is to burn the house and rebuild.  Congress is full of snakes.  The White House is full of snakes.  States congresses have too many snakes.  Liberal cities are spawning grounds for snakes.  Now before I get people in ugly suits knocking on my door I want to stress that I do not want to see anything negative happening in my homeland.  I am just saying what I see coming because of the goals and directions of our leadership.  It is happening.  We see it in every other country where these masses have been able to group.  Our present substructures are already overwhelmed.  It is obvious that the goal of our present leadership is to crack our substructures.  If this is the case and our leadership is wanting to lead America into becoming nothing more than just another Islamic state where people are forced to become Muslim or die, where rioting in the streets are commonplace because Islam is just making another demand because something somewhere insulted them, then I am hoping that there is enough American spirit remaining in this country to possibly bring it back home one more time.

Treason by way of the Constitution


It is time to stop being careful about what is being said.  Our government is using the Constitution against the people of America.  There are people making decision in this country who have no business in leadership.  In my opinion, when Kerry turned his back upon his fellow Vietnam soldiers, many of whom were being killed and tortured by the Vietnamese at the time he was condemning his fellow soldiers, he gave up all rights to lead this country.  His appointment to the position of Secretary of State was nothing more, again in my opinion, that a reward from Obama for supporting his positions and a way to use him as an international puppet.  This puppet fulfilled his role in getting Iran, a leading Muslim terrorist nation with hands dripping with American blood, a deal where it has an internationally recognized nuclear program and billions of dollars which has already been acknowledged by our leadership will be in part used to support international terrorism.  By our government’s recognition that the money will more than likely be used to support international terrorism, our elected leaders who vote to support this bill are knowingly supporting terrorism.

As if they are making a statement for which they all should be proud, this administration announced now they are planning to bring 85,000 of the ‘refugees’ into this country this year and 100,000 more next year.  As I look at the pictures of the ‘refugees’ my primary question is where are the women and children.  If these people are fleeing death and persecution you would think that there would be relief in their eyes and gratitude in their actions.  I look at Denmark and see these people destroying cafes and marching demanding Islamic rights.  These are not the actions of people fleeing for their lives.  These are not the actions of people who are begging to enter your country so they can have a place to call home.   These are the actions of people who are staging an action so that they can invade without using weapons.  These are the actions of people who are planning on becoming sleeper cells once allowed citizenship.  These are not the actions of human beings but rather animals that plan destruction rather than assimilation.

The Constitution and the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion have been used in manners against this nation which were never even contemplated by our Founding Fathers.  I cannot picture our Patriots ever thinking that there would be masses allowed into this country who would be permitted to demand their rights over the rights of others.  I cannot picture any of the greats such as George Washington or Benjamin Franklin ever seeing the day when the President of the United States would be allowed to place in high positions people who are associated with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood which is deemed a terrorist organization by numerous Muslim countries.  I cannot picture that any of our great leaders would have even contemplated that there might be the day in which America’s greatest threat would come from within our own elected leadership.  I cannot imagine that they ever thought that our leadership would ever be the spineless, gutless, greedy, corrupt people we as a nation pay millions to in salaries and benefits over their ‘career’ as a politician.  I believe our Forefathers had more faith in the people and their desire to remain free than the people we have become who have been more than willing to sell our freedom for a simple bowl of porridge.  I cannot see our leaders of old who fought so that the people of this nation would no longer have to settle for the crumbs which might fall from the table of English kings and monarchs ever seeing the people of this great nation being willing to give up their freedoms and settle for the crumbs of government checks and benefits.

Now with this administration wanting to allow tens of thousands of ‘refugee’s into this country, this on the heels of Obama’s amnesty allowing millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens, the collapse of our nation’s substructures is almost assured.  Obama and his administration are throwing our country into a level of internal turmoil never before experienced.  Our nation will become a nation under martial law.  If the actions of this administration are permitted to happen then Americans will be seeing riots in their streets never before imagined.  Our electoral process which is the only thing allowing a peaceful coup in governmental leadership for our country will become so corrupt it will become worthless, meaningless and nothing more than am exercise without real purpose.  Freedom of religion will become like that which is seen in so many third world countries where one religion uses every means at its disposal for the eradication and removal of all other religions other than its own to the point where there is no longer left even the smallest reminder of any other religion.

Our Constitution is being used by people who should be tried for treason against our nation.  Our freedoms are being turned against us.  This present government, across the board, is a stain upon the history of his country.  Our elected officials of both parties, led by the present Democrat party, is such a bunch of treasonous traitors that even many Democrat of old such as John F. Kennedy who believed in a strong and brave America are rolling over in their graves.  Khrushchev made the comment that America would fall without a shot being fired through the means of 24 tin soldiers.  He was referring to the alphabet and the written word.  Our Constitution has become instead of the guiding light of freedom the roadmap of destruction.  The legal system has become instead of great minds to keep the Constitution properly applied through the years nothing more than a system of puppets to tear at the very fiber of the freedoms in order to insert their own laws and applications for special interest.

My ancestors fought for this nation.  I am proud to be a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.  I am proud of my heritage as a decedent of Patriots as well as an American.  But I am ashamed of our leadership and the shortsightedness which now seems to mark our nation.  If we do not cherish our freedoms we will lose them.  Nothing is permanent unless it is maintained.

Brought to you by…..

lion and lamb

The election is getting all heated up over who says what, what was said when, and basically things that if we were kids back in the 50’s we would be told to grow up and get over it!    The question about this election should be basically simple and a no-brainer.  Look at who we presently have in the Oval Office.  We have Barack Obama.  We have a man who is using the social security number of a recently deceased individual from the East coast, his finally surrendered birth certificate was so embarrassing that a basic level forensic specialist is able to prove it to be false, he has lied more times to the American people than Richard Nixon, has reduced the American image in the global eyes to a laughing stock and viewed as inept, has insulted American history and the military by being the first President never to attend a Normandy ceremony honoring those who brought the beginning of the end to the rule of Adolf Hitler, created a national debt over 17 TRILLION dollars, has pushed American race relations back at least 60 years, and who has all the general appearances of a raving narcissist.   This man was brought to you by the Democrat Party.  Now ask yourself, if you had any brains at all why would you ever want to trust the Democrat Party for another President?

If I went to a dealership and bought a car that was promised to be the next best thing since the invention of white bread but shortly after getting it off the lot starting having problems you would take the car back.  Now imagine every time you took the car back complaining about the way it was running you were berated by the dealership as to how it must be YOUR fault the car was running poorly and that if you were only more careful with the car it would be running in top condition.   Repeatedly the car would act like you bought a lemon and each time you complained you were belittled as to how you must be doing something wrong because the car was so good and the perfect color for you.  Eventually you would stop ever going to that dealership.  America was sold a lemon.  That dealership which sold us that lemon keeps blaming America for the problems of that lemon.  I am tired of being told it is my fault when I did not do anything!  Facts are we have a bad President.  Facts are we were lied to by the Democrat Party regarding this lemon.  If he was truly born in America then there would never have been an issue over his birth certificate.  They created that mess and then blamed it on anyone who questioned their answer.  This is important because of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!  They had to have known about his social security number not being issued to him.  They had to have known of his history and how much of a druggie he was in college and high school.  They had to have known of his mentors.  They had to have known about his radical views and intentions.  They, therefore, have had to have given their blessing upon anything and everything Barack Obama was going to do to his nation.  If they knew of all these things then the Democrat party would be guilty of high crimes against this nation.  HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN WE EVER TRUST THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR A CANIDATE AGAIN?

Now I know many good people who vote Democrat.  The ones I blame are those in high positions in the party who doing everything in secret and scheme.  I blame the politicians who are evidently too stupid to do their own homework regarding their party.  They scream racism while supporting the very group that amped up the racism in the south.  These people, the politicians, either must not be too smart or just do not care.  Their very party fought against freed slaves ever being American citizens with the right to vote.  Their very party fought against the Asians from having proper recognition and rights as workers in the country.  Their party created the domestic terrorist organization within the KKK.  This is the party that bought you:  It must be passed in order for us to know what is in it.  This is the party that brought you:   Isn’t there a threat that Guam will tip over because of the presence of the US Navy?  This is the party that has brought you the Iran Nuclear deal granting billions of dollars to go to Iran which is known that it will go directly into terrorism therefore this is the party that is knowingly SUPPORTING TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA.  Do these people even care about this county?  They give a good stance towards unions which, personally having ancestors and relatives in the coal industry I can relate to, can be a good thing.  But today seems more of an interest in the big unions who take members money to give to the Democrat party regardless of the preferences of the members.  This is the party that still sees Planned Parenthood as a good thing even though this organization has been caught selling baby parts which is illegal like car parts out of a chop shop.  The Democrat party is in trouble but it is up to the American people to get their heads out of the sand and to admit it.  It is up to the American people to start demanding accountability of our public officials.  It is time for the American people to demand things to change.  People will get away with murder if no one stands up and calls the police.

I am from Chicago and one unfortunately thing Chicago is known for is apathy regarding getting involved.  I do hope that has changed.  But one thing that anyone in basic psychology takes is a class that examines human behavior.  One example used in the class is an event from Chicago where a woman was being beaten and raped.  Her cries rose throughout the area but people closed windows and turned up the television instead of getting involved.  America is in a critical state and it is essential that Americans no longer be apathetic about politics.  It is time that the people DEMAND:   enough is enough!  It is clear that bad things and inappropriate things happened in Benghazi.  It is clear that inappropriate things happened with Clintons handling of classified matters.  It is clear that Obama has been extremely bigoted in his handling matters from the pulpit of the White House.  It is clear that America has members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization, in key positions of this administration.  WHERE ARE THE CRIES FOR CHANGE?

If America survives it will be up to the people.  It will be up to people willing to get their heads out of the sand and get involved.  It will be up to the people willing to demand change.  It will be up to people willing to demand that the Constitution be enforced.  It will be up to the people to demand ethics from our politicians.  It will be up to the people to hold politicians accountable.  It is up to you and me if America stands or falls.  It will be up to the people if America stands or is eaten.

Why I support the ‘stars and bars’

sons of confederate veterans

Believe it or not but I have been called a racist simply because I have the ‘stars and bars’ on my car and on Facebook.  I find it interesting when the character of a person can be judged by a thing.  Usually these self-righteous pee brains go running to the argument of the swastika.  First of all I am not one to be playing around with where the swastika is concerned because I had an uncle who was in the units who liberated the camps and saw what the swastika stood for during WWII and my father was in the Pacific theater and also knew what would happen to the world if the swastika and Japanese imperialism was not defeated.  There is no remote connection between the swastika and the ‘stars and bars’.  A simple bit of individual research would be extremely helpful to these semi-experts who think that if they push harder on topics that they are supposed to know more than the average person.   Another point that the experts forget about is that there were many Confederate flags.

Those who want to scream that anything to do with the Confederacy is racist have no concept of history and the Confederacy.  There were many blacks who willingly and proudly fought under the various Confederate flags.  I am of Cherokee decent and there were many Native Americans who fought under a Confederate flag.  My particular tribe was originally denied federal recognition as a tribe solely because the tribal leader was a general in the Confederate army.  We are still trying to get federal recognition since shortly after that denial Congress basically closed the door to tribal recognition apart from a long and drawn out process with mounts of paperwork.

A little bit of history regarding the ‘stars and bars’ would go a long way for the ‘experts’.  The Confederate flag referred to as the ‘stars and bars’ goes back to the Scottish flag.  This, in turn, goes back to the St. Peter’s cross because St. Peter was supposed to have been crucified upside down on an ‘X’ shaped cross.  It is a symbol of courage, steadfastness, determination, and a willingness to stand or die for one’s beliefs.  It has nothing to do with racism.  I doubt most highly that any Jew ever willingly fought or defended the swastika but many blacks were proud to wear the Southern Gray.

It would also be nice if these experts did a little research into the Civil War.  Slavery was not the primary cause of the Civil War.  The North and the money people were concerned about the South seceding from the Union.  The federal government was getting more and more demanding in what was expected or demanded from the States and the South valued the idea of State’s sovereignty so they left the Union as opposed to just doing as a federal government expected.  With the South leaving the Union many of the money people were concerned about the sea ports which were largely located in the South.  They knew that people would not want war over sea ports so they took some of the abuses of slavery which were happening in the South and amplified them to get the emotions of the people behind the idea of a now noble war.  It must be kept in mind that many of these abuses did not happen.  Many slaves were treated as family and did not want to leave after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.  In reality there were very little differences going on between the black slaves in the South and the child labor and immigrant labor which was going on in the North.  Additionally, it might be notable to include that there were black slave owners and many black well to do business men.  Being black in the South did not automatically mean you were sold and beaten.

If anyone or anything is to be blamed for the abuses done to the blacks in the south it is neither the ‘stars and bars’ nor the Confederacy which should be held responsible.  It is ironic that many who are screaming racism the loudest belong to the very group that amplified the anti-black movements of the South; the Democrat party.  Prior to the infiltration by various trouble seeking Democrats after the Civil War, the Klu Klux Klan actually had black members.  This is a point of history that can be easily researched.  After the trouble makers infiltrated the organization was when it became a domestic terrorist group.  The Democrats or the ‘Dixie crates’ as they were called worked hard to keep the black from becoming an American, have the right to vote, or to have their babies seen as Americans (yes, that is where the 14th amendment comes from and not from Mexico.  It is also worth noting here that many who came to America through Ellis Island and had babies were never given immediate citizenship).  If anything is to be seen as a symbol of racism it is not the ‘stars and bars’ but rather that dag burn donkey!

The set up

con artist

Anyone who is ever partially familiar with a con or con artist knows that the most important part of any con is the ‘set up’.  That is when you have the mark so into your word and ‘honesty’ that you can finish your con and walk away with all their money.  America has been in a ‘set up’ stage over the past number of years.  The actual number is truly debatable but the facts still stand that it has been happening.  Obama has been caught in so many lies from Fast and Furious, Obamacare and his ‘you can keep your doctor’, through the IRS issues where he learned about things through cable news, Benghazi,  and the list goes on.  While details may differ the reality is that the American people have been lied to by the President and numerous members of Congress across both sides of the aisle.    America is deep in the set up stage of this con.

It is not even debatable by anyone with an open mind that Obama is a devout Muslim.  For those who cry that it does not matter it only takes a moment to look at his record of defending America, which his oath commands, and see how little he has done against a global threat called ISIS and radical Islam.  There have been more sorties done during the first day or two of the Iraq war than during all the campaign presently against ISIS.  Obama and his administration helped fund and build ISIS and now the demon has come home to roost.  Now this administration wants tens of thousands of refugees in America.  Many of these refugees are Muslims.  One must ask why the Muslim countries do not want to house their own people.  I am not saying there are no good Muslims.  Many are Muslim in name only.  I knew many years ago a person in Turkey whom I enjoyed chatting with who was Muslim simply because she lived in a Muslim country but otherwise was as far from Islam and a pork butcher.  But it is commonly accepted that within these tens of thousands of supposed refugees will be numerous members of radical Islam also will be entering the US.  Obama and this administration, as well as some Republicans, knows that Iran will use a good portion of the billions of dollars being released under the nuclear agreement for terrorism.  This means they are willingly giving their approval for the funding of acts of war to be done against Americans and American targets.  This is treason!  They are also giving their blessing upon Iran moving from having an illegal nuclear program to having an open and accepted nuclear program.  It takes a fool to believe that they will not make nuclear weapons.  It also takes a fool to believe that have not already been working in that direction.

Obama and his administration have basically neutralized security on the southern border.  It is common knowledge that ISIS flags have been found in Texas as well as members of radical Islam with intent to destroy America.  There is no telling the numbers in California.  In Texas the radicals stick out like a sore thumb while in California they could run for public office and be seen as normal.

Obama and his administration have looked the other way while Christians by countless numbers have been slaughtered.  He continues in defending Islam by saying that ISIS, which has Islam as the first part of their name, has nothing to do with Islam.  Radical Islamist have killed and even beheaded Americans simply to have it called work place violence or any other explanation other than Islamic terrorism.  Despite what Obama may say, America has never been and will never be an Islamic country.  America was built upon strong Christian principles with an extremely close tie to Israel.  We have never been an Islamic country and the only real contact America has had with Islam was when they tried to attack us via pirates and we handed them their butts on a platter back to them.

We have morons with money buying legislation to regulate gun ownership.  This during a time of national and international threat should be seen as an act against the nation and they should be labeled as traitors to the nation.  But they have the money, the power and too many politicians in their pockets to ever be found guilty.  Obama, this administration, and many in Congress on both sides are pushing America into civil war.  Radical blacks who openly call for the murder of all white people, all police officers and even the beheading of white babies are doing so with immunity.  Radical Islamists are attacking American targets and are being called everything but Islamist terrorists.  Often they are being defended by people in this administration as poor people who simply need jobs to deter them from their evil ways.  (what a bunch of horse pucky!)

America is being sold out and set up!  I am not one to sit back and wring my hands saying:  oh me, oh my, what shall we do.  I hate to say it but we pretty much are assured under this President, this administration and our present Congress that this will happen.  The only question is to the timing.  I am hoping that America still has enough backbone left to take the needed stand.  I truly do not believe these idiots have calculated the American spirit.  We have not been broken.  We have not been silenced.  We have not disappeared!  We are still here and we will be a force with which to be reckoned.  It was the American spirit which deterred the Japanese army from ever doing a frontal assault upon American soil.  I believe that it had been the American spirit which kept America safe from frontal assaults from that time until 9/11.  I believe that the radicals of Islam had an ‘oh crap’ moment after 9/11 realizing that was not such a good idea.  Now we are letting them into this country and basically paying them to do so.  But we will not be silent!  I am not calling for war by any means.  But if it comes I want Americans to be prepared.  If you do not have any means of personal defense, I would call you a fool and highly recommend that you get something.  For those who believe that prayer is all they need I like to remind people of the simply phrase:  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.  If you have not prepared any source of food and water, do some serious thinking on that matter.  Now is not the time for wienies.  Now is the time to dig deep and find what part of the American spirit is still residing in your soul.  Now is the time to sink deep inside your inner self and find that part of you that says you will defend your spouse and family at any and all costs.  Now is the time to draw a line in the sand and say that ‘YOUR LIFE MATTERS, YOUR COUNTRY MATTERS, AND THAT YOUR AMERICAN WAY MATTERS!’  If we lose our freedoms we have lost our nation.

My father fought in WWII.  It was driven into us kids what the world might have been like under Hitler or under the Japanese regime.  Within the past 40 years we can look back to PolPot and see a life under a regime that does not honor life or freedom with the millions killed many simply because they wore glasses and were considered critical thinkers because they did so and thus a threat to the regime.  Look at the Christians being driven to the hills to starve to death by ISIS or those drowned or burned to death simply because they do not believe a certain way.  Do not begin to think that would never happen in America.  It is happening one by one.  Our political system has been turned against us.  It is up to the people to prepare to take it back.

Is passion waning? 


The other day I was listening to a presentation by an individual from our State Grand Lodge regarding the ‘six steps of initiation’.  I never want to appear disrespectful towards anyone from Grand Lodge but I also know that if I did not speak up if I disagreed with someone just because of a title or position that not only would my father find a way to rise from the dead to have one of his ‘chats’ but also his father and so forth back at least six generations.  There was a great deal of good information given in the presentation but there seemed to be one major element missing which separates someone from entering Masonry and a fraternity of the local university.  That element was passion.

The motto for Freemasonry has been: 2b1ask1.  But, unless my life exhibits passion for both life and Freemasonry, about what are they to be asking?  I know there must be steps for initiation into Freemasonry, but steps, rules, exercises and being able to memorize things; while being good things, are also dead things.  They are often found in numerous organizations, church groups, and social clubs.  But Freemasonry is not an ‘organization’.  Freemasonry is an organism.  It is not a static group or gathering but is a living, energy producing organism.  You never hook up a battery powered piece of electrical equipment to a power source with lower energy than it has within itself.  You never hook up a dead or dying battery to a low powered or dead battery.  You hook up a cell phone, car battery or anything that needs recharging to a greater source of power.  If I want to bring a brother into the family of Freemasonry I must be that ‘greater power source’.

I have always been extremely humbled by the ‘greats’ of Freemasonry.  People like George Washington, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, the numerous Presidents, the countless military leaders, people of the caliber of John Wayne and Red Skelton.  One thing all these people had in common was extreme passion.  If I had never had any previous knowledge of Freemasonry except for the lives of these men I would be hungry to know what it was that made such a difference in their lives.  No one would have to seek me out; I would be clamoring at the doors to know more about that common denominator in their lives:  Freemasonry.

Prior to the ‘six steps of initiation’ I believe there must be ‘three steps of the initiator’.  First is that I must be living a life worthy of talking to someone else about theirs.  Freemasonry has the motto:  making good men better.  Does my life exemplify that of a ‘good man’?  Do I live in a manner that once that person discovers that I am a Mason is my life style an asset or detriment?   Second would be: Do I have a passion for Freemasonry.  That new person is going to need that greater power source if I want them to also become passionate about Freemasonry.  If I am not passionate about Masonry, all am really attempting to do is to add numbers to a cause.  I am not bringing new life into the organism.  If I am not passionate about Freemasonry myself, then I must ask why ‘I’ am a Mason.  I cannot truly understand the history of Masonry and not be passionate about it.  If I am not living, breathing, and expression the core of what it means to be a Mason I have missed something that our Forefathers had in their lives as Freemasons.  Lastly is the question:  Am I proud to be a Freemason?  If I am a proud Freemason then I will be picky whom I allow into my family.  I would want the best for my family.  My life would draw men to that which is so vitally important to me.  If I am not ‘busting at the seams’ with pride over being a Mason then I need to read the histories of our Forefathers again.  I cannot be a proud American and not be a proud Freemason.  It is this which gives the living element to the organism called Freemasonry.

Again, I show no disrespect to anyone or anything coming out of Grand Lodge.  I do find it troubling that so many meetings are stagnating and that many lodges have diminishing numbers.  I also believe that the answer to this problem is not necessarily to be found in someone who is able to memorize the best or who simply wants to join a fraternity.  The answer is to be found in making sure that the passion of our Forefathers is rekindled.  It is to be found in the passion that drove men of wealth to give up everything for the purpose of forming a new nation which was founded upon the principles of Freemasonry.  It is to be found in finding the passion which drove men to become great leaders worthy of being followed into combat.  It is to be found in the passion which helped create men who decades after their deaths can still stir the hearts, minds and souls of the general public.  Without passion there is no life.  Without life there is no organism.  Without the organism all Masonry becomes is just another organization of good men.

Call to arms

thin blue line

There used to be a typing exercise which went like:  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  This is no longer just an exercise but a command.  We are seeing animals running the streets chanting for the death of police officers.  In my opinion, they have been surgically instructed where to attack in order to create the most chaos in the quickest manner.  This would create the need for both federally controlled police organizations as well as martial law.  By attack law enforcement these animals are attacking the very central core of the American way of life.  America is a land of law and order.  By attacking law and order they are seeking to create chaos and disorder.  They are not just attacking police.  These animals are attacking America.  These animals are attack you and me.  Now is the time for it so stop!

So many people sit back and wring their hands saying things like:  oh me, oh my, what can I do because I am just one person.  The ‘we the people’ is not a corporate statement.  ‘We the people’ is not a statement made up of single individuals who act in a uniformed manner.  It is the ‘we the people’ that these animals is not expecting.  These animals bank on chaos and division.  But we are not going to take their bait of stupidity.  I propose four easy steps by which we can make a difference in the war against the police and put a major crimp in the efforts of these animals.  I call them animals because they are no longer human beings when they go hunting down our police officers.  They are nothing but animals and should be treated as such.  No respect should be given to these animals.  They have no cause.  They have no right or purpose except to create problems.  They hide under the mask of ‘caring for the black man’ while doing nothing about the intense numbers of blacks being murdered by blacks.  These four simple items can put a major wrench in their machine of destruction.

First item is to start thanking a police officer.  Duh!  When you see a police officer politely go up to them and tell them thank you.  Shake their hand and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.  Many of us have had to call upon the police during our lifetimes and have appreciated them for their help.  If you see a police officer on the street politely and carefully so that you do not appear to be a threat, approach him or her just to say thank you.  Go to your local police or sheriff office and just tell them you appreciate their work and their sacrifice.  Remember, while you are enjoying Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners they are working.  When you are sound asleep they are working.  When you are enjoying time with your family in the evenings, they are working.  Let them know you realize what they do for you.  Unless you are a police family you do not understand what runs through the hearts and minds of the family members.  Every day a police family member fears that phone call.  Every day you hope they make it home.  Every day you silently pray they are safe.  Not too many other occupations include this element.

Second item is to have a pro-police rally.  These animals who have their signs saying how ‘police are nazis’, (which really show how stupid these people are and little they know of WWII), and chant ‘pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon’ (which is coward code for wanting police in coffins), and these animals love to have their anti-police rallies.  They problem with these animals is that the poles which are holding up their signs have a higher IQ than most of them at the protests!  Have a pro-police rally with pro-police banners and signs.  Let the community know that there are people out there who appreciate law enforcement.  Remember, if the only thing many people see are the animals then that is the impression they will be having regarding the matter.  Too often the media is able to skew things into whatever direction they desire.  They are able to have the camera in such a position to capture a single protester with a few people behind them and make it look like mass numbers.  Do not let the liberal media or the animals have the last say regarding our police officers.

The third item is to have fund raisers for your local police department.  Unfortunately many city governments treat our local police departments with much the same level of disrespect as these animals.  Unfortunately many city governments are more concerned with the pay raise of their executives than the police budget.  In many cities where politics is the name of the game and they are more concerned with who is sleeping with whom in order to get what promotion and more interested in self-importance than right and wrong.  A good police department who is not politically driven, and yes there are many out there, is an insult to the politically driven city politicians who think that just because they hold such and such an office that they are above the law.  Many of these departments will be see a cold day in Hell before their budget increases are ever passed.  Allow the police to by-pass city politics and help them raise the money needed for special items.  Remember, whatever the police get will probably circle around and be to your best interest sometime in the future.

The final item is personal.  These animals want to harm or kill our law enforcement officers.  But what they are not expecting is the general population to stand up in their defense and yell:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  If they want to harm our police and other law enforcement personnel it is time that the animals realized that they will have to go through us and there are many more of us than of them.  If you see a police officer getting beaten up by some of these animals I encourage you to open a case load of ‘whoop ass’ upon their miserable souls.  Be there when our police are alone and watch out for them.  Show them they are not alone nor forgotten.  We are a massive army for good and we will not be silent any longer!

If we do not do these things then as the chaos continues the door is open for politicians who want a federal police force to walk in.  Remember how well a federal police force worked for Hitler.  It worked out great for him but lousy for the people.  These animals think that the people will stand idly by and not interfere with their plans.  These animals are instructed because most of them are too stupid to think for themselves.  But someone knows that by attacking the heart of the American way of life that they can eventually cause massive bleeding in the American body.  The police have been there when we needed them and now is the time for us to be there for them.  Now is the time to stand with the ‘thin blue line.   WE THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT!