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Rioters only prove Trump to be right

trump riot


As I sat down this morning with my coffee to brief myself on the current events of the day I was slapped in the face by the protesters in California who tried to disrupt the Trump rally.  I am so sick and tired of seeing these worthless punks rioting in our streets destroying cop cars and keeping them from being able to take care and protect good productive people of their society.  As I watched the protesters waving the Mexican flag and bemoaning the fact that Trump wants to do something about the non-existent Southern border security my blood pressure wanted to rise.  These protesters do not realize that all they are doing is proving Trump to be RIGHT!

Now it might be giving the protesters too much credit to think that they actually have the physical capacity to think and reason, but you might come to the conclusion that at least their handlers might have a brain cell or two.  But again, I think that might be giving too much credit to the wrong people.  Maybe the reason Trump is rolling across America like a non-political steamroller is because the silent majority of Americans are also sick and tired of watching our great nation fall apart.  We are tired of watching low life criminals riot in Baltimore and Ferguson because they feel they are ‘abused’.  We are sick and tired of watching them burn the businesses of good people down to the ground after looting them of everything they might have to sell and ‘EARN’ a living. (Everything except for work boots you notice)

There is a major reflection going on where people are recalling the same type of protesting happening in Germany during the 1930’s.  Likewise, there were organized protesters who rioted and disrupted the political party meetings which were formed against the Nazi party.  What the protesters of today do not realize is that at least some of us know our history.  We refuse to allow the Nazi party or anything like it to form again.  The Nazi party was the socialist party.  The socialist of today do not want Trump as President because he is going to bring back a sense of law and order into America.

Here is just a friendly bit of advice to the protesters.  The police have rules they must obey otherwise they will be hung by the media.  The police must be careful what they do during these temper tantrums being done in the streets by good for nothing low lifes who have never been told the word NO.  But the average American does not have the same rules.  We are fed up with having our nation ripped apart.  We are fed up with this Marxist crap that Obama and his crew has been spreading like manure on to a farm field.  We are fed up with the garbage that the so called left wing media is pushing as news.  We are fed up with having good for nothing low lifes destroy the hard work done by good people to build up a meaningful life in an effort to provide for their families.  We are fed up with the stupidity of these protesters who block our roads to keep good people from going to and from work and the sick from getting to medical care.  I am not encouraging violence.  I make this direct statement because I do not want to have someone in an ugly suit knocking on my door saying that I advocated violence or some other kind of censuring garbage.  But what I will say is that the protesters need to start their whining now because the average American is also fed up and tired.  Do not be surprised when they drive through you little protests.  Do not be surprised when you get hurt as you tried to stop a car from driving through you line.  When you are stupid enough to chain yourself together, do not be surprised if you find your little chain community being carried along by an 18-wheeler down to his next stop.  Do not be surprised if the next person you think you are going to attack and mug because they are expressing their God given right to freedom of expression in attending a Trump rally is not armed and shoots your miserable butt (I am really trying hard to keep things clean).  Do not be surprised when the next business you think you are going to burn to the ground is protected by armed guards.   Do not be surprised when the police might be slow to respond to calls for help from your neighborhoods when you were the ones stomping on police cars the night before.  We have ways to get back at your little protest and we plan to use them.  We have ways to stop you from hurting good people and we plan to use them.  The police have ways to protect themselves from being ambushed and they will use them.  WE AS AMERICANS ARE GOING TO TAKE BACK OUR STREETS AND OUR NATION.  The only thing these brainless protesting animals have done is proven that DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT!



Why I support Trump


I do not expect everyone to agree with my statements nor even to understand some of them, but my support for Donald Trump as President has not come lightly.  After what I would deem consistent examination of the various facts of this election and the present state of America I have come to support Trump for the following reasons:

  1. I am from an extremely long line of people fighting for personal freedoms and smaller government control.  My ancestors go back to the American Revolution and even to the Magna Carta in England.  I cannot see supporting Hillary or Sanders who are openly supporting more and expanded government influences in the lives of people.
  2. I am from a strong military family. While I personally was never in boot camp I am a retired counselor for veterans and a life time member of the Vietnam Veterans of America as an associate member.  My father and uncle fought in World War II against socialism and fascism.  My brother and many cousins fought in Vietnam against communism and I have many cousins on the Wall who were killed by the communist and, in many minds, murdered by our government and its soft approach to communism and appeasing the enemy rather than killing the enemy.  I cannot agree to vote for Hillary or Sanders who are outspoken in their support for socialism/communism, the very ideology that sought the death of my family members.  I can accept the idea of Sanders being a ‘conscientious objector’ but not protesting against his nation and not supporting those who chose to go to war.
  3. I believe the only war to win a war is to kill more of the enemy than they do of your army. I do not believe that sitting down and ‘understanding’ your enemy when they want to kill you and your family is any way for peace.  I believe Sanders and Hillary want to ‘talk’ with the enemy to understand them better while Trump wants to kill the enemy.  Vietnam lasted for years and thousands of lives because our government wanted to ‘appease’ the enemy.  You kill the enemy then you no longer have an enemy.
  4. I believe America does not need another hand-out but a hand-up. Create jobs so that Americans become independent and earn money.
  5. I strongly support my right to own and carry a firearm. I believe that a vote for Sanders or Hillary is a direct vote against my right to firearms.
  6. In my opinion, America has not standing of honor or respect in the eyes of world governments. I believe Sanders and Hillary will continue that global position.  America once was a strong and respected nation.  Governments looked up to America while some feared America.  Now our enemies are licking their lips waiting to devour America.
  7. I believe Trump actually wants to do something to help the veteran. Any nation that abandons their veterans and their military will fall.  Hillary abandoned Benghazi.  Sanders appears to be another universe where the military is concerned.  What is so difficult to understand that our military is what is, has, and will keep America safe?
  8. Political correctness is killing our nation. We have become so worried about being politically correct that now helping people know which bathroom to use is a hot button topic!  How in the blazes can we dream about growing a country when it seems like we cannot figure out how to pee?
  9. This final point is personally my position. America was built upon Christian principles and doctrine.  America believed in God as the Ultimate Authority.  America has all but abandoned any resemblance of that origin.  Under Sanders and Hillary I see America no longer have any vestige of Christian roots.  I believe there is at least a chance that under Trump that America might return to some of its beginnings such as God and the Constitution.


Never forget never forgive



I locked horns with someone whom I had the utmost respect for over this statement as it pertained to the 9/11 attackers.  I still hold that opinion at least regarding the attackers.  Our society has forgotten what it means to be attacked.  Our society has forgotten what it means to defend itself.  Our society wants the world to be full of buttercups and daisies.  Whenever anyone does something bad we are to forgive and forget.  Life does not work that way.  I may not allow someone to rent space between my ears or allow them to keep me up at night over seething hatred, but that does not mean that I buy into ‘the forgive and forget’ mentality.  I will never forget watching those towers fall on people whose only crime was going to work that day.  Our PC world wants people to forget the screams and wants us all to play ‘nice nice’.  I think it is beyond time for people to remember the cries.  I think it is beyond time for people to be uncomfortable.  Yes, I hate every anniversary of the disaster because I do not like watching those towers fall.  But people have forgotten that we were attacked by radical Islam.  People forget about the USS Cole and the attack by radical Islam.  People forget about the first attack on the towers by radical Islam.  Just because our gutless President and his administration do not want to admit that there is radical Islam does not mean that radical Islam does not exist.

Our men in Benghazi died due to radical Islam.  Christians are being slaughtered in genocidal numbers at the hands of radical Islam.  Americans have been butchered and killed even on our own soil at the hands of radical Islam.  It is time that people stop trying to forget and forgive that actions of radical Islam and start demanding that they change according to OUR laws and not that we change according to theirs.  If they want their laws then they need to go back to where they live under their laws.  I am personally tired of people wanting to think that by compromising that they would stop wanting to kill us.  Radical Islam, and actually Islam as per the koran, must be radical and bloody.  It does not allow love for thy enemy.  It does not allow for differences to live together in harmony.  It does not allow for the ‘Holy Spirit’ to change a personal slowly.  According to Islam there MUST be radical change in a radical fashion.  It is time that people realize that Islam and a peaceful world cannot live together not because the world does not want Islam around but because Islam cannot accept anyone else but Islam to exist.

We will never make any true headway against ISIS as long as Obama and his administration is in power.  They will continue to protect and finance their movements and actions directly and indirectly as they have been doing for years.  Only after they are no longer in power will there ever be a chance to remove this cancer called ISIS.  Hillary is another extension of Obama.  Sanders is another extension of Obama, especially where Islam is concerned.  It takes a special kind of fool to think that people like radical Islam actually wants to talk and find peace apart from total domination of all opposition.  Only as ISIS is sent home in body bags and the rest of the world watches as fighter pilots exterminates the columns of caravans will there be a change with ISIS.  Only as there is death without any sense of remorse to any and all who wears the flag of ISIS will there be a change in the world situation.  Only as radical Islam is acknowledged and recognized for the bloodthirsty cult that it truly is will there ever be a chance for peace.

I like watching TV programs about snakes.  I basically hate snakes and feel that the only good snake is a hatband.  I have watched rattlesnakes kill its prey.  If I see a rattlesnake I refuse to forget what I have seen.  I also refuse to forgive that snake for doing what snakes normally do and that is kill.  Will I lose sleep over that snake, not expected.  Will I go out of my way to find a rattlesnake to kill it, not necessarily.  Will I kill that snake if I see it anywhere around my family and posing a threat, guaranteed.

Islam needs to be a bit more Jewish



I am really tired of hearing how superior Islam is supposed to be over everyone else in the world.  But I believe that the ‘proof is in the pudding’.  Show me someone’s actions and I will show you the true character of that person.  I watch Islam and I see honor killings, I see stoning of innocent women, I see sexual slavery of women and children, I see marriages of little girls to old crusty men, I see the so called moderates sitting back nice and quiet, and I see brutality that would make the Nazis look like Sunday School teachers.  I hear people complain because they do not like this holiday or that school event.  I hear Muslims complain because the free food at the food bank does not meet their standards.  I hear religious nut-jobs complain because they cannot wear this or that or the job wants them to wash their hands and it is against their religion.  I hear wackos complain because they refuse to sell booze or bacon to a customer.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  Islam love to slam Jews and Christians and according to their book the koran Jews and Christians do not deserve to live.  Well I have a news flash.  Maybe Islam needs to be a bit more Jewish.  I do not hear a Jew complain about selling someone pork.  I do not hear a Jew complain because someone wants a beer.  Maybe this is because Jews and most Christians believe that a person should have the freedom to make personal choices.  Maybe they have a sense of personal liberty that those who follow Islam can only dream about and never experience.

I also think that most of Islam could use a lesson in history.  Their faith goes back to Ishmael who was a son of Abraham.  Guess what?  Isaac was also a son of Abraham.  This makes Isaac and Ishmael half-brothers.  So in reality those of Islam who are trying kill all the Jews are killing off their own relations.  They are killing their own relatives.  To make matters worse, radical Islamic followers have the same DNA flowing through their veins as the Jews.  HA, guess they never saw that one coming!  Islam wants to teach that Mohammad was a descendent of Abraham.  The truth to this statement is questionable but let us just play along for now.  This also means that Mohammad has the same DNA in his veins as the Jews have in theirs.  This is really a fun fact considering how so many follows of Islam go totally bat crap crazy over anything Jewish or Christian.

This is a problem which usually bites most people who try to have a superior attitude over others.  There are always uncomfortable facts that disrupt their little superior meetings.  Life tends to bite certain people harder than others and this is especially true when people create a target on their backs.  Be careful about claiming yourself better than others.  You might just not know what is behind door #1, #2, or #3 when it gets to family history.

Physician heal thyself

heal thyself


This is one of those posts that is going to have some liberal who living in the basement of his or her parent’s house writing opposition posts to anything conservative going bat crap crazy.  It is clear and obvious that America has a huge problem with minorities.  Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gay and Lesbian issues; these all are critical explosive points.  But one thing that most people are too afraid to say is that if there are to be resolutions where people live in peace these groups are going to have to start policing themselves better than they have in the past.  I watch young black college students going totally out of their minds because of a ‘wall’ that has pro-Trump writing on it.  I see university students being ‘afraid’ over chalk.  I see mass groups of blacks blocking freeways interrupting the life’s flow of everything from simply wanting to go either to work or home from work to emergency services trying to get someone to a hospital to save their lives.  I see Hispanic groups who are not here wanting a better life making it impossible for those who did simply come to America, legal or otherwise; just to have a fighting chance at a better life.  I see Muslims killing their children in the name of honor killings expecting the world to simply accept that their god approves of running their children over with a car because they looked at a non-Muslim male.  I see some Gay Lesbians who simply want to be left alone to live life and they choose while others are demanding to be allowed in the locker rooms of little girls simply because they ‘feel’ themselves to be a female in a male body.  This is totally ridiculous.  If there is ever to be answers it must come from inside these groups themselves.  If they cannot control their own people who is going to?  If the police get involved then they scream discrimination.  If others step up and speak out they whine about racism.  So if you do not want others to get involved they had better get off the dime and start doing something themselves!

When I owned my own security company I had a Hispanic who was my business partner.  We worked well together and watched out for each other.  In him I saw the meaning of family for a Hispanic person.  Yet as we worked the various clubs and parties I was disgusted at watching the celebration for their 15 year old daughters becoming nothing more than an excuse to get drunk, sell drugs and have gangs come in to start fights.  I was so tired of watching children in strollers being in a building at 1 AM where the music was so loud it hurt MY ears.  If people are going to claim to be family oriented then protect the family.  The ‘black lives matter’ group is another example of contradiction.  They scream how black lives matter yet they are doing nothing to stop black violence.  All they seem to want to do is protest anything that might ‘hurt their feelings’.  It is beyond time for these various groups to grow up!  They need to either put up or shut up.  I would begin by advising them that if black lives really mattered that they get off the freeway.  If black lives mattered then stop making black lives into road pizza.

In France it was determined that only 30% or less of the Muslim community would report violent extremist behavior of other Muslims to the authorities.  This means that 70% of the Muslim communities did not care if innocent people died at the hands of extremist as long as they were able to protect fellow Muslims regardless of their intent.  Is there any wonder why people do not trust Muslims?  Yet when you talk in this manner then you are ‘Islamophobic’ which really is not a word.  If they are not willing to control and change their own people then they have no room to complain when others step in to protect the innocent.  They have no room to complain when communities step up and say that they do not want Muslim populations.  They have created the problem and they need to either deal with the problem or get out of the way while others remove the threat.  This is equally as important for the Gay and Lesbian communities.  Now I do not believe that everyone who is Gay or Lesbian is a child molester.  That would be like saying everyone who wore a black hat was a villain.  But there are some common sense things which must be observed.  If you are a male with male parts, regardless what you might think yourself to be, you do not belong in the locker room of a 6 year old girl.  If you are a male with male parts most men are not going to sit idly by while you follow their wives into the bathroom.  This is just plain and simply common sense.  If these groups are not willing to keep those who very possible do have ulterior motives under control then they also have no basis to get upset when people step up to protect their loved ones.  If someone was protesting because he was not permitted into a child’s locker room or shower of the opposite sex, there probably is reason to deeply question that person’s motive.

What I am saying here is not radical.  It is just simple and practical.  It is reasonable and rational but that is the problem.  Today’s society is not reasonable and has no concept of rationality.  They want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’.  They do not want to control their own groups yet they want to reserve the right to get all upset when someone else steps up and says something.  Growing up if there was a brat child and the parents were standing by watching their little darling tear things up at someone else’s house or in public, it was not uncommon for someone else to step and say something to that child.  As a security office I often would have to tell a parent to take their child outside because they were misbehaving and being destructive.  Maybe that is a big part of the problem.  These groups that scream the loudest of family and community have forgotten that community includes discipline.


Insulting our Forefathers



Our Forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  They fought, sacrifices everything they had and many died to give birth to a new nation where people could be free, live free, and government themselves freely.  Our present system is not only a joke but an insult.  Our two parties have taken things to the point where our Forefathers would be rallying the troops if George Washington would still be in charge.  I am ashamed of our present system and the image we portray.  We pride ourselves on the freedom of the voting booth yet when that process does not go according to the plans of the big two parties then they have to maneuver and change things in order to keep things going their way.  Our political party leaders are nothing different from the whining crybabies found at the universities wanting their safe spaces because someone looked at them wrongly.  I am so tired of my country being run by spoiled brats.  Hillary loses state after state yet somehow still is ahead in ‘delegates’.  Trump is crushing things in the popular vote yet trickery seems to be done in efforts to keep the voice of the people from being heard at the national convention.  If the caucus does not mean anything anymore then why have it?  Do the DNC and the RNC simply think they are going to anoint someone to be the candidate apart from the will of the people?  I would advise these two groups to do a quick lesson in history.  Do not think that the will of the people to make major changes in this country is over.

The biggest thing that I see happening in this country is that the government leaders and political leaders have been pushing the people more and more over time and the people are sick and tired of being played for a bunch of idiots.  The political power houses think that the people will simply continue to be manipulated and never do anything about it.  These same political powerhouses feel that if the people ever got out of line that they have the law enforcement, IRS, and the military to arrest, intimidate and terrorize the people back into submission.  I think the people are tired of being threatened.  Law enforcement has increasingly been seeing where the government has been using them as a bully force and has started declaring where they will refuse to inforce any laws which are unconstitutional.  The IRS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar so many times that even the politicians are realizing that they either have to abandon the IRS or start taking flack themselves.  Now one corrupt politician is being caught shedding light on other corrupt politicians making it harder for them to keep their stories straight.  Hopefully, the house of cards that the politicians have been building will begin to tumble allowing for freedom of speech and the will of the people to again become a ruling force.

I have always viewed this election to be critical for the future of our nation.  It is hanging on with little more than tape and gum.  But this election is beginning to be much more than expected.  This election also represents a removing of the mask off of both parties.  The realities of the parties are being seen.  Both parties are no longer the parties for the people but rather BOTH PARTIES are being little more than a stage and window dressing for their own manipulated will to be imposed upon the people.  No wonder people have no trust nor faith in politics or politicians.  No wonder Congress is a joke.  Our Supreme Court is being seen as nothing more than a legal hit squad which could be stacked and packed by whoever is in the Oval Office.  The Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land but our politicians evidently see the Constitution as a barrier to be removed or skirted.  No longer is the action of our government measured by the letter or even the spirit of the Constitution and the will of our Foundering Fathers.

There is a strong inference due to the actions of both parties that neither is innocent.  Both parties appear to be in bed with each other trying to create a pseudo-Constitution.  Both parties are guilty of allowing the present mess our country faces.  Both parties are guilty of treason.  There is an influx of illegals into this country, many of whom are entering at the invitation of our political leaders, with the sole intent to destroy the vote.   The Constitution calls for the vote to be done by citizens of this nation.  Both parties are guilty in allowing situations to get so far out of hand that people have been permitted to skirt proper protocol regarding citizenship.  I have truly tried not to say anything which would permit the powers that be that monitors our freedom of speech to come knocking on my door.  I have tried not to give any reason for those who scrutinize the written word to consider me to be anything more than a patriot loyal to my country and to my Constitution.  I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution with ancestors who helped found this great nation.  I hope to continue to be free from censors and those who would prefer to limit freedom of speech.  But I cannot help but fear what is going to happen should our political talking heads not pull their own heads out of their own butts.  The people are sick and tired of people trying to change this country into something it is not and never was supposed to be as per our Founding Fathers.  The will of the people must come back and will return one way or another and I hope that those in political power take a reality check.  You will be able to stop some of us but you will never be able to stop all of us.  ALL WE WANT IS OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY BACK AND WE WILL GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!



Liberal education versus critical thought



I recently had a less than comfortable discussion with one of my nieces regarding slavery.  Since I was not willing to damn all slave owners into the lowest pits of Hell I must therefore be the rope salesman who supplied the needed equipment for every lynching that has ever happened across the four corners of the compass.  It is interesting how the liberal mindset and education has taken bright people and has turned them into nothing more than parrots spewing forth ideas of principles that are truly not rooting in history nor fact.  These same ideas are echoed by some of our more liberal politicians, which unfortunately is becoming an increasingly larger population, such as Sander’s cries for the nation to apologize for slavery and to grant reparations.  It is interesting that the main people I hear screaming for reparations and calling for an apology for the existence of slavery are coming from northern states.  These northern states which represent probably the lowest possibility of having mass decedents from slaves in comparison to southern states are crying the loudest.  Has anyone stopped to ask a few basic questions such as what about the creole communities?  Many of them were from mixed races which intermarried with slaves.  How about the Native American communities which often intermarried with slaves?  How about those who were off-springs from love marriages between slave and slave owners?  It is Hollywood that presents any sexual relationship between a slave owner and a slave as being rape and not history.

Liberals are very possibly the largest group of complete hypocrites that have ever been assembled.  If the issue is slavery then why are they not screaming in the streets about the abuse of the Irish who were sold into slavery prior to the influx of black slaves in American and whose treatment was lower than that of the black slave.  How about the Native American who was sold into slavery in America or taken to England as a slave?  In truth their issue is not about slavery but rather nothing more than climbing on the emotional and political bandwagon of the uninformed because it makes them sound sympathetic.  If the issue was the treatment of the black person then answer the questions regarding the black slave owners, the black wealthy businessmen and the blacks who sold their own people into slavery.  If their issue was the mistreatment of a group of people then they must either also address the women and children in the north who work in factories where the injury or death of an employee was considered just another day on the job or those immigrants who worked in the mines where a mule had more value than a human being since a mule cost money and human lives were a dime a dozen, or admit to their own ignorance of the issues spawned by a political agenda.  If the liberal truly was interested in the mistreatment of people then why is their cry silent regarding the small pox infected blankets given to the American Indian by the government, the death marches and the straight out massacres of a people?

Truly this whole ‘black lives matter’ hoopla and the ‘cries regarding the evils of slavery in the south’ are nothing more than a soapbox for the uninformed and the politically oriented.  It is not rooted in history nor in truth because it falls apart once it becomes critically examined.  That is part of the problem.  Today’s generation, in blanket terms, does not think critically.  It does not like to critically analyzed situations nor thought.  This generation seems to be marked by cowards who prefer a ‘safe spot’ on a university campus where people are supposed to be in the process of manhood and womanhood but instead prefer to whine and whimper over politically approved meaningless topics.

Now before people start planning my own lynching, I am not saying that there were not atrocities done to many black people under the yoke of slavery.  But I am saying that if we are going to be self-righteous over ‘slavery’ then be honest in what the issues truly are in reality.  If all America has to look forward to from the majority of this present generation is emotional babble without critical thinking then may God have mercy upon this country.