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Tis the season to forget

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In the Eagle’s song ‘Hotel California’ there is a phrase which goes: some dance to remember, some dance to forget. This is so true and both are normal. I have known so many people who feel that just because they are not a bubbly pool of pudding during the holiday season that there must be something wrong with them. But it is highly understandable why there is so much depression during this time of the year.

What do you normally see when you turn on the television? There are sappy specials about everyone coming home for the holidays. There are the sappy specials about the one child who is so entrenched in work they forget everyone else until that wonderful moment during the holidays when they realize the importance of family. There are the sappy specials where divorced parents realize their undying love for each other and reconcile. PUKE! You might as well go back to the day when Lassie sees Timmy in the well drowning up to his neck and goes to warn farmer Jones about it and they all rescue little yet klutzy Timmy at the very last moment. By the time the seasons are over it is amazing that no one has put a contract on the fat man in the red suit, blew up a turkey, and burned down a Christmas tree!

The reality is that life continues even during the holiday season. There are also very bad memories which many people life with even during the holidays. I remember talking with a survivor of the Vietnam hill 875. During 1967 in Dak To there was a massive 110 hour fight to obtain what someone in ‘leadership’ thought was an essential hill. After a bloody battle they reached the top of the hill. Once they got there they realized two major things: one was that there were no enemies on the hill that they had all escaped through tunnels; two was that it was Thanksgiving. The military in their typical amazement at that time sent in a classic Thanksgiving meal to men who had not been able to clean the mud and blood off them and had no utilizes. Many ate out of their helmets with their hands. Another wonderful memory which many of our Vets have about this season is how they had a ceasefire but the enemy never received the memo so they are out in the bush, supposedly at a peace time, hoping not to be killed by the enemy or a booby-trap. Even apart from the military there are hundreds who live in lower than poverty conditions when the dream of the TV specials is nothing more than a cruel mocking. There are those who live in fear on a daily basis having domestic violence as their own holiday special events. Some just remember the holidays as just another reason for their parents to get staggering drunk and have just one more fight all with holiday cheer.

I do not want to take away from the wonderful time of the year which for many is truly special. But it is also time for those who do not feel the joy and excitement to not believe they are odd or abnormal. The mind is a strict time keeper. It does not forget things simply because it is Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Years. If anything somethings are remembered because of their association with this time of the year. Maybe if we want to do gifts and special things for people it is time to do something special personally. Maybe it is time to accept that you are perfectly normal for not feeling all warm and fuzzy during this time of the year. Maybe it is time to accept yourself for your own realities that may not be shared by everyone. Maybe it is time that you stopped trying to be ‘just like everyone else’ and simply accept who you are in reality. Your past makes you who you are today. We are not controlled by our past but our past does influence who and what we are very strongly.

If you feel like taking part in the ritualistic killing of a Christmas tree where you bring something living in the wild into your home, decorate it with bright colors and then wait watching all the needles fall off, then do it. If you do not care to decorate then don’t do it. We do not decorate simply because it is too much effort and we know we have to put everything back away in a couple of weeks. The very thought makes my back ache! Whatever you choose to do this holiday season be true to yourself. If you do not want to do anything that is also permissible. If you have someone special to be around, enjoy their company. If you do not have anyone then fix yourself a nice cup of hot coco or a steaming hot toddy and enjoy you own company. Relax and simply learn to be yourself because you are accept just the way you are.

ISIS versus Unity

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It has been stated by someone who had been a hostage of ISIS that they do not fear our power nearly as much as they fear our unity.  Perhaps they need to take a closer look at America.  American do not seem to get scared nearly as much as they get angry.  There are those in the States whom, I believe, are nothing more than ISIS plants and sympathizers.  They get small minds in the universities riled up so they start riots and problems while the small group of instigators move on to another location.  This is nothing new.  This was a major tool used by the communist sympathizers and plants during the Vietnam War.  The FBI tracked these people and was able to record them at the various university and colleges prior to major riots.  This was their job.  So Americans see these university riots who are proclaiming how abused they have been more as fleas who like to bite and annoy.  It might be taken more seriously if these ‘abused’ people did not have the latest cell phones, expensive clothes, or in some cases, come from homes worth millions.


But, going back to ISIS, the core of America see the attacks on our friends in France and the innocent people of Russia simply traveling back home and we listen to the threats of attacking America and we get angry.  An angry American is not a good person to have coming at you.  We are used to fighting in any way needed to get the job done and to win.  We do not care about your god because we already have One.  We are united against your laws because we already have our own.  We stand united against anyone and anything trying to destroy our American way of life.  As free Americans we have gotten used to going where we want and doing what we want when we want and not having anyone trying to tell us we cannot do what we want.  To those who think they might attack America and take away our way of life you will find a united front.  The North and the South are no divided.  Races will join together.  If ISIS wants a real bloodbath then try and attack America.


ISIS likes to brag about having over 70 soldiers in America.  America has over 8 million firearms and over 100,000 well trained hunters.  That is just ONE group in America who will be faced by ISIS.  We have 12 year olds who are probably better trained with a firearm than many ISIS fighters because they grew up with one and it was not forced upon them like ISIS does their children.  I know of rednecks who think of Hoppe’s Gun Oil as aftershave.  Americans loves their guns and we know how to use them.  There is one thing that we can promise ISIS and that is IF you are stupid enough to attack Americans on American soil there will be no one in any office, of any power, who will be able to save you.  You will have just declared open season on any and all of your kind.  There will be no government official or political leader who would be able to keep Americans from killing you.  If you fear us united, just try and attack us and just see how united Americans can be.


World at war



Whether we like to admit it or not or whether our politicians like to admit it or not, the world is at war.  Russia, France, and supposedly America are all bombing ISIS.  Additionally, regardless of our spineless political leaders, we are at war with radical Islam.  We are not at war with a nation like Germany or Japan.  We are not at war with an ideology such as communism in the 50’s.  We are at war with a perverted religion called Islam.  Islam has throughout the millennia sought to spread their religion worldwide through the sword, violence, slaughter, slavery and murder of innocence lives.  They have been marching through the Middle East creating a river of blood and barbarism which would make the Nazis of the 30’s pale in comparison.  Our leadership does not want to admit that the enemy is radical Islam but it is impossible to have a war without first identifying the enemy.  By refusing to identify the enemy our political leaders are trying to pretend that there is none.

The terms ‘radicals’ and ‘terrorists’ are generic terms with no specific target or categorization.  We presently have radicals holding many college campuses hostage because spoiled brats are upset because they are not getting their way, someone has at some time said something to them that upset them and they are too immature to know how to deal with things (in which case they should not be at a college) or the feel offended because of some immaterial issue that gives them media coverage.  While these are often crazies they are not shooting up the campus.  We have terrorists all around us through the form of PETA who throws paint upon people’s clothing, ELF who burn down expensive houses because they used too much wood (I guess they are not bright enough to figure that they are just going to rebuild and thus use MORE wood), yet these crazies are not shoot up concert halls.  The crazies who attacked France were of a specific brand.  As they yelled praises to their god as they were slaughtering innocent people they were specifically identified as radicals and terrorists of Islam and the Islamic religion.

People try to say that we cannot use the term Islamic radicals because it will insult all of the followers of Islam.  Personally I do not care if I offend them.  If they are different then they need to come out and be heard.  The radicals of Islam murder in the name of their god; rape and take slaves in the name of their god; believe that every time they kill an innocent person whose only crime is that they do not want to be forced into any religion that they are closer to their god; if this is the same god of the ‘moderate’ Muslims then there is no difference.  Why would anyone want to be part of a religion that can be so consistently perverted into a religion of blood?  I heard the masses already screaming the Crusades.  Please keep your arguments in this century.  Islam is taking slaves today.  Islam is burning people alive today.  Islam is slaughtering innocent people today.  Christianity is not.  Buddhism is not.  Shintoism is not.  Judaism is not.  Islam is currently as we are writing this killing innocent women and children simply because they are not Muslims.

I have much respect for people like the King of Jordan who is showing that he does not believe as the radicals.  I can have great respect for a person such as that regardless of any religious label.  But it is the people who sit quietly back either through apathy or fear who simply go to prove my point and who deserve to all be painted with the same brush.  This is why it is prudent for the governors to refuse to accept the refugees until they have at least some degree of vetting.  Some of the dead Islamic terrorists from France were ‘refugees’ while others were nationals who had been radicalized.  What is happening presently has all appearance of our government laying America wide open for the same type of attacks as has happened in France for the sake of votes.

Like it or not, this is our present day America.  The only difference for America and France is the right to carry a weapon.  Interpol acknowledges that the greatest deterrent for terrorism is personal carry.  Even the crazies of the pervert religion of radical Islam know that they will have more opposition in America.  This is a big reason why the soft targets such as the ‘gun free zones’ need to be ignored.  Keep in mind that it is called a ‘concealed weapon’ for a reason.  Anyone who is legally capable of getting a concealed carry permit should do so.  If people live in an area where open carry is common, do so if comfortable otherwise carry concealed.  It is time to bring back the fear that Japan had in knowing that behind every blade of grass would be a citizen with a rifle.  Radical Islam needs to know that the people of America are not the milk toast of our political leadership.  We will fight.  We will kill you if you try to harm us or our families.  We will show no mercy.  We will not worry about politics while we are firing back at you.  We do not ever really care if our political leaders like us doing so or not because we care more about our liberties, freedoms and our way of life.  Like some told me a long time ago when I was kicking at the nest egg of a corrupt police chief in a little Podunk town here in Washington State:  If you have, carry.

Porky’s:  DoE edition


Most redblooded young men from my generation can remember the iconic movie Porky’s.  The shower scene where the young boys had found a peephole in the girl’s shower room will forever remain a classic.  Now evidently according to the Department of Education to a school in the Chicago area that is now more than just a movie and a peephole.  It appears as if this one school must permit young boys who identify themselves as girls into the girl’s locker room and shower.  I remember a number of boys in high school and junior high that would gladly dress up as a girl if it gave them direct permission into the girl’s shower room.  I guess is you are not able to figure out which sex you are it is possible now for you to just pick one.

Maybe in our internet generation and all the complicated aspects of our society that people have become confused.  Therefore allow me to simplify matters.  If you have a ‘whinky’ and sit down when you pee then the answer to the question of your sex is:  boy.  If you do not have a ‘whinky’, have an innie instead of an outie down there and sit down to pee then the answer to your sex is:  girl.  On your driver’s license where it ask ‘sex’ the ‘M’ does not stand for ‘maybe’, ‘much’ or ‘mucho’.  On your license ‘M’ stands for ‘Male’.  On your license ‘F’ does not want for ‘frequent’, ‘frigid’ or ‘forget it’.  The ‘F’ stands for ‘Female’.  This is not difficult.

This so called sexual revolution that seems to be making the political waves is nothing more than a ridiculous excuse for people to do things now in public that before would have been grounds for arrest.  Parades where grown men are able to prance around in little more than a thong in public is not a public expression of sexuality but rather nothing more than an excuse for sickos to expose themselves to innocent children.  With the threat of losing federal funding the Department of Education thinks they are now able to order a school to allow boys into the girl’s shower room simply because the boy dresses like a girl and might have given himself a cute little girly name.  If he has a penis he has no business in the girl’s shower especially if girls are present.  The federal government is out of control.  They now think that they have the right or power to order schools to do things regardless of the safety and well-being of the young girls who are present.  If this school gives in to the government’s demands every parent of every child in that school would be within their rights to withdrawal their child from that school.  Allow the school to keep their federal funding just do not let them have any children.

The discussion regarding homosexuality is one worth having between questioning minds.  If someone chooses to live the homosexual lifestyle, that is their choice in a free society.  But when people are permitted to invade the lives of the majority because of a choice then a line must be drawn.  Never were the freedoms of others to be set aside because of the freedoms of a few.  There are no laws saying that if that boy wants to think he is a girl that he is forbidden from doing so.  But as a man with a daughter I would have a serious one directional discussion with the school officials if they even thought of allowing a boy regardless of his ‘preference’ to be in the same shower as my daughter.  If a baker does not want to support the gay lifestyle then they should not be forced to do so.  If a minister does not want to support it he or she should not be required to do so.  But in our present government arena the truth is not about gay or straight, homosexual or heterosexual; it is an attack against Christian principles and the Christian lifestyle.  For those who think my tin foil hat is too tight or that I am a raving Conservative, those who know me would be able to tell you just how far from either of those ideas that I am.  But I would pose the question how many people really think that there would be one issue if a Muslim refused to support a gay wedding.  How many people think that there would be even talk of a law suit if a Muslim refused to permit their Mosque to be used for a conference of pork farmers?  This administration has a primary goal to drive America away from being a Christian nation and towards being an Islamic one.

Gays, liberals and others who are cheering the shift in society and the mocking of Christian beliefs and basis need to education themselves regarding Islam.  Right now America is in transition.  The gays, liberals and those antagonistic towards Christian principles will be finding themselves in a very bad position should Islam be allowed to take root.  Islam supports and promotes the killing of all homosexuals and the slaughter of anyone not embracing Islam.  While these people might presently feel that Christianity is not being friendly to those who hold other beliefs will soon find that Islam is the nightmare of intolerance.  Christian principles might ask a homosexual not to be so open in front of the children regarding their life style.  Islam will kill you and not even bother asking.

The Dream Team

dream team

I am not a major political expert nor am I an economist, but I believe I do have some common sense.  As an average person I see numerous ways that Obama and his administration as tanked this nation.  Race relations have been set back decades, there is a war on police that is unprecedented, our position globally has sunk to where we appear to be totally floundering, our military has been hamstrung in their efforts against global terrorism, what once was a great health care system has become a logistical nightmare and the economy is in the toilet.  I also believe that many of these issues can be linked under a couple of headings.

A nation that has a strong economy is a powerful nation.  If we are strong within ourselves we become strong globally.  A nation that is strong globally is powerful globally.  In many ways a nation’s power is not seen any more in just the military and how many times it can blow up the world but how it is able to control facets of global economy.  Money talks and globally it screams hysterically.  Another major facet is healthcare.  In many ways the present debacle of health care is nothing regarding health nor care but power and control.  Obama has been, in so many ways, all about power, control and unions.  He and many of his cronies have corrupted the original idea of unions helping the average worker and has taken them as power centers funding and supporting his agenda.  This has bit the unions in the backside after support Obamacare and then finding that the Pandora’s Box has more snakes in it than promises.  America had the health care that people from other countries would travel to in order to get procedures done under.  With the passing of Obamacare many good medical providers have dropped from the medical field simply because it was no longer cost efficient to remain.  There is now a minefield of bureaucracy standing between the patient and the doctor who knows the patient’s needs better than a government agency.  The bureaucracy also comes with the cost of billions of dollars.  The other matters will be addressed as America is able to get an Attorney General who follows the law and not a political agenda.

Perhaps America might be looking at a dream team.  I see two people running for the office of President who have expertise in these two areas.  Trump is, hands down, an economic master.  He has proven himself capable of making and keeping billions personally.  He is not invested to anyone from this campaign in that he is using mainly his own money.  A president should not come with payback obligations.  He is a tried negotiator and knows international business.  He knows the power of the economy on an international basis.  He knows that he who is able to cast the sword of economy rules the world.  The other part of this ‘dream team’ is Carson.  This is a man who knows health care inside and out.  He is more versed in this issue than anyone.  This is a man who knows what it is like to come from absolutely nothing into a position of power, money and influence.  This is a man who the radicals who want to wave the ‘I’m a poor black man therefore I can demand my rights and riot’ would not have a leg to stand on.  Carson is a man whom, I believe, would be able to take the nightmare this administration has created and reform it into something that works.

I like that both of these men are not politicians.  They are not part of the old mentality.  I believe that America has gotten to the point that they basically equate politicians with liars and cheats.  This is too bad because I also believe that there are a few politicians who are still good and who are in that arena because they actually care about America.  Maybe we are looking at a dream team that would actually be able to make America great again.