Monthly Archives: January 2016

I’m so tired


Those who appreciate the classics have a special place in their hearts for Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing saddles’.  As Madeline Kahn poured out her heart with her rendition of ‘I’m tired’ it found a place forever in the souls of the fans.  I can relate with at least one aspect of the lyrics because I am so tired.  She is tired of being the goddess of desire; I am so tired of being the target of a liar.  The police officer in Baltimore was attacked by a man who made the direct claim that the attack was done in the name of allah and Islam.  He meant to kill the office in obedience to Islam.  He attempted to assassinate the police officer out of allegiance to ISIS.  Yet the spokesperson for the White House says that they are still investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who protects the enemy.  I am so tired of a president who calls everything workplace violence.  If someone is attacking a police officer in the name of ISIS which is a terrorist organization then it is an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who plays politics with American lives.  I am so tired of a president who blames the guns used by the Islamic terrorist rather than the terrorists.  I am so tired of a president who is so quick to release captured terrorists from Gitmo just so they can return to the battle field against Americans.  At what time and what is it going to take for this president to finally be called down for treason?

This president is forcing the hands of Americans.  No one wants internal conflict.  This man seems to have civil war as his agenda for America.  He is determined to have law enforcement remove legally owned guns by legal gun owners while he is purposely ignorant regarding the growth of ISIS in America.  In my opinion, this man who sits presently in the Oval Office has a goal of turning America into an Islamic nation and to completely ignore the will of the people.  Obama has armed himself with an Attorney General who appears to be equally as racists and pro-Islam.  He has strategically placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations.  It is my perspective that this man and his administration is doing everything possible to set our nation up for a major conflict between Islamic radicals and the rest of the nation.  It also appears he wants to edge his bet by attempting to remove legally owned firearms from the general population knowing that radical Islamic terrorists will give no regard to the law.

It is now time for law enforcement and the rest of the populous of this nation to settle the issue regarding civil disobedience.  Law enforcement has learned the hard way that this administration does not have their backs.  This administration, I believe, is more than willing to make all the unconstitutional rules and then to sacrifice our police officers by sending them in to confiscate the firearms from legal gun owners.  I can easily see this administration calling in their ‘civilian army’ during a stage of national emergency.  I am not a pessimist.  I do not wear a tinfoil hat.  I am simply a man who is willing to read the reality of our present situation.  I refuse to bury my head in the sands of denial.  We are in a major and dangerous situation.

We have sheriffs from numerous states throughout the country that recognize that America is in a dangerous situation and that the armed citizen is going to be the answer.  Terrorism wants to invade our nation.  Islamic radicals want to spread their slaughter across our land.  But the armed American has and will continue to make a difference.  Germany has found that there is a place for the individual carrying a sidearm.  Countries are learning that disarming the people does not make them safe.  Any more as this administration continues to make its moves toward disarming the people and denying the role of Islam in the increased global attacks, it has to be done with purpose and full intent.  It cannot be done any longer under the mask of ‘not wanting to jump to conclusions’.  To deny the role of radical Islam is deliberate.  To disarm the populous has to now being an action done with the full intent of leaving good people to the actions of murderous intent of the bad.

As my daddy used to say:  Enough is enough.  This administration has pushed the good people of this nation enough.  There has been enough of the defending of Islam that we are tired of having it shoved down our throat.  This administration has drawn the line for the American people.  Americans have never been known to simply lie down and roll over.  I doubt that we are going to start now.