Radical Islam is not a social condition

isis and hitler

In the Elvis Presley song ‘In the Ghetto’ the lyrics include:

People, don’t you understand
The child needs a helping hand
Or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
Are we too blind to see,
Do we simply turn our heads

It is a song which depicts a young black man in the inner city of Chicago struggling with racism, limited options and making poor decisions of turning to violence in his attempt to escape his present situation and dying in the streets face down in the snow.  It is a song which tries to depict a social condition.  Obama made the following statement regarding radical Islamic extremists:   “Groups like al-Qaida and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives.”  According to Obama, the butchery of these terrorist is due to a social condition.  It is very difficult to wrap an intelligent mind around this level of voluntary ignorance.  President Obama is determined that ISIS and the actions of terrorism in the name of Islam has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a social condition.  With all due consideration to the President I cannot understand how any semi-intelligent individual can be so stupid as to honestly believe this is the reasoning behind terrorism.

It is the classic approach of the social scientists of Chicago that the incubator of racial violence in areas of Chicago is that the black communities are run down and need a major social improvement.  Cabrini-Green housing community in Chicago is an excellent example of this mentality.  Cabrini-Green was a housing community of over 3607 apartments.  Gang violence was so sever in that area that even the Chicago police did not want to enter.  The social scientists of Chicago had the idea that if they made Cabrini-Green a better community that the people would enjoy a better way of life and therefore act accordingly.  They pumped millions of dollars into improving this area.  This housing community was finally torn down in 2011.  Millions of dollars wasted.  Obama is approaching the problem of ISIS as a Chicago community organizer and not as a President of a military.  ISIS is NOT a social issue.  ISIS is a radical religion and religious issue.  ISIS and their ilk were filmed as they arrogantly destroyed priceless historical artifacts solely because they did not correspond with their religious views.

The voluntary blindness by which Obama is intent upon viewing the issue and threat of ISIS and al-Qaida will get innocent people killed!  There can never be a social answer to radical nut-jobs intent on killing innocent people simply because they do not agree with a religious interpretation.  Radical Islam is a radicalized view of the Islamic religion regardless as to what President Obama wants to believe.  The problem is that his interpretation of the matter is supposed to guide the military in their approach to the situation.  You cannot have a military response to a social condition.  But ISIS is not a social condition.  These people are not trying to storm across the Middle East much like Hitler and his troops across Europe because of a social condition.  They are storming the Middle East because they want to force the world to accept their particular version of Islam.  This has nothing to do with getting all the religions of the United States together singing KumByYa.  This has everything to do with a military organization fueled and directed by an insane religious ideology.

This twisted religious motivation behind wars is nothing new.  In a real sense this was also the ideology behind the Nazis.  They were determined to bring in the utopia of society through a perfect race of people which would also result in the ‘millennia’ or the 1000 years of peace as described in the Bible.  They were going to bring this ‘peace’ through eugenics and creating a perfect race of people but unfortunately that also included the elimination of everything and everyone they viewed as being imperfect.  Just like Hitler was determined to make everyone the perfect race, ISIS and al-Qaida groups and their associates are determined to make everyone into their brand of Islam.  YES MR. PRESIDENT, ISIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION AND ISLAM!  If it was not for a twisted view of Islam there would be no ISIS or al-Qaida.

If our President cannot change the way he views ISIS and the al-Qaida like organizations then he needs to get out of the way and allow others with a clear and unfiltered view of the matter to take over and lead.  Obama’s Islamic upbringing and his loyalties to the religion is clearly a barrier to him seeing these radical organizations for their true nation.  Unless he is able to lay aside his loyalties to Islam he has no business sending anyone to war because he will be having a soft approach to the enemy and a soft approach to the enemy gets our service people killed.  If you are going to send troops to fight ISIS then you send them to utterly destroy the enemy and not to offer a new social program.


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