Time to fire the advisors


I was surprised to find out that a Presidential Cabinet member makes around $200,000.00 per year.  The President has 15 Cabinet members who act as his advisors.  The President also has approximately 15 non-Cabinet members who also act as advisors.  I believe it is time to fire all the advisors since it seems like the President gets all of his updated information from cable news.  It is interesting how many times the President has made the statement that he has learned about a critical event such as the IRS targeting conservative groups or the Hillary Clinton issue of using a private email address for government business ‘the same way everyone else has learned of it’ and that being the news media.  America is supposed to be having difficulty meeting all of its financial obligations so if all the advisors were fired and the cable news input to the White House was increased then there could be a savings of 6 million dollars per year!

It is somewhat alarming to think that the President of one of the most powerful nations on the earth gets his update of intelligences through cable news!  Why are there all the advisors if he simply turns on the television for his intel update?  In all honesty, please Mr. President do you really think that Americans are that stupid?  Do you actually believe that we really think that you ‘just learned about’ something that you have been having direct contact regarding over months and never realized what it was?  Either you are totally stupid, unconscious of the world around you, or you completely underestimate the intelligence of the American people.  This explanation for lack of knowledge of things is really growing thin.  Regarding the Clinton email issue, the administration does not even seem to agree on when or if the President sent and received emails.  One says he had sent emails but never connected the server as personal address while another says he never received any emails.  I do not believe that I am any more observant that the average person but when I send or receive an email, even if I am just clicking ‘reply’ I notice the address.

Things are getting to a point where it is just insulting to the American people.  I want to respect our President but time after time he does things that nullify any budding respect that might be trying to survive.  We are not a stupid nation.  The people do not accept that Benghazi was first learned about via the news.  The targeting of the IRS towards innocent citizens who petitioned for a non-profit status and who were conservative was first made aware to the President through the news media?  Is there any wonder why there are so many Congressional inquiries going on at the present time?  People are getting so gas lighted that it baffles the mind.  It is time this administration stopped acting like it thinks it is talking to a 4 year old who is able to make him or her believe that they actually took their nose.  It is rapidly getting to the place where it is hard to understand how anyone can actually stand by this administration and claim to have the IQ higher than a shoelace.  Please Mr. President, Americans are not stupid so please do not patronize us anymore and please stop acting like you truly believe that Americans are as dumb as a box of rocks.


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