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Irony of BLM

black protest

It is time to be honest and no longer politically correct.  Whether we want to admit it or not people have stereotypes for different races.  The classic stereotype for a black person is lazy, troublesome, avoiding fatherly responsibilities and basically no good.  Now before I get lynched for stating this, I know firsthand that there are many who are insulted by this stereotype and are nothing like it.  I have black relatives (I cannot say African American because they have never traced their background to Africa).  I have some relatives who are able to trace their lines back to slaves and probably have slaves in my direct lineage since we have been here since before the 1700’s and are also Native American and there were many who intermarried.  I also remember an elderly black lady who used to work for my parents when I was just a kid.  Her mother or grandmother was a nanny and a slave.  Each generation had a goal of bettering the next and this lady, her name was Annie Brown in East Chicago Ind, had the goal of her daughter going to college.  I have no doubt that this was accomplished.

The Black Lives Matter movement which is supposed to promote the betterment of the black community and their treatment has done nothing to counter the stereotypical image of a black person.  They have done nothing to counter the black on black murders in Chicago.  They have done nothing to ease the suffering of those in black communities caught in the floods.  They have done nothing to merit any positive considerations from any race.  All they have done is promote the image of the radical black person who has not regard for anything, wants a handout and is ungrateful when people try and help their lot in life.  The majority of black people in this country should be infuriated at the BLM movement.  Obama has also done nothing to promote positive changes in the black community and has instead encouraged the radicals who burned down Ferguson and Baltimore.  He has done nothing but stokes the fires of hatred between the radical blacks and the police and has the blood of many police of all races dripping from his hands.  He is a disgrace not only to Americans in general but to the black community specially.  It is ironic how the radical blacks sing the praised of the Democrat party when even Malcolm X said how they where stupid to follow the deceitful leadership of the Democrats and were should be ashamed of themselves and black people.  The BLM sing the praised of the Democrats while the Democrats sing the praised of Planned Parenthood, an organization formed by a woman who saw black people as weeds which should be exterminated.

I do not understand why more black people do not come out against BLM.  They are an insult to any intelligent black person who is willing to understand the truth of the matters.  I have no problem with a black person who chooses to be a Democrat but I do have a problem with anyone who promotes something totally contrary to everything in which they say they believe and hold dear.  It is not turning their backs on their ‘race’ or ‘people’ to speak out against BLM.  I am proud to be of Indian heritage and lineage.  But being of this lineage I also have a strong connection with the land and nature.  Therefore I am infuriated as I watch some fellow Native Americans kill a deer and only take the choice cuts of meat.  There is supposed to be a respect for the kill and to use every part of the kill.  I also oppose those tribes who scream about their rights to so much shellfish yet pollute the very waters they seek to harvest with human sewage.

The BLM people have taken the police departments as their scapegoat.  In many of these communities the police risk their lives merely to drive through because the leadership and adults have abandoned their duties.  Men have become cowards running from their responsibilities to lead while teenage girls think it cute to get pregnant by someone who is going to run like a scalded dog the minute the pee stick shows positive.  The expected leaders of these communities expect the police to defuse explosive situations which the communities themselves have created and then blame the police when bad things happen or the situation do not resolve in an expected manner.  The BLM voice protest against the police while at the same time being too cowardly to take charge of their own problems.  This type of behavior should be an insult to every hard working responsible member of the black community.  But as long as the supporters of the BLM insist on living in an imaginary past of abuse and that the world owes them a living the black communities will never advance.  Every society has experienced slavery.  The greatest hypocrisy is any and every member of the BLM movement who stand arm in arm with Islam because Islam still believes in slavery and buys and sells human being to this present day.  BLM is not opposed to slavery.  BLM is opposed to responsibility.



It’s an ugly word.  No one really wants to use it.  No one seems to have the nerves needed to apply it.  Yet it continues.  Our global community is under attack by radical Islam.  People are being slaughtered on a daily basis and just making the news.  People are being taken as slaves on a daily basis yet the news seems to fall deaf upon the ears of those who yell the loudest about slavery back in the 1800’s.  Our veterans are dying at an alarming rate.  Many are homeless who faced death for our nation.  Basic health care for these veterans tends to be more of a joke than a medical reality.  Yet our government has millions to spend upon art work and ‘refugees’ and other illegal persons flooding our nation.  Our government appears to be one of the few nations still refusing to call the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  Maybe that is because we have so many of them in key positions throughout our government and in elevated security positions.  While France is in a state of basic civil our nation plans to opening up the gates to welcome them all here.  Islamic refugees riot in the streets because in the streets of France there was a café where the patrons were able to get alcohol.   Germany is realizing that they have created a nightmare when they opened the doors to the refugees to the expense of their own citizens.  With all this, the Department of Homeland Security plans to issue more than one million green cards to ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries including those known for terrorist activities.

Obama recently had the worst case of timing as 400 million dollars arrived in Iran in wooden crates in an in conspicuous plane just before prisoners and military persons were released.  The White House later goes to admit that ‘some’ of that money has funded terrorism.  Billions were released to Iran at the close of the ‘nuclear deal’.  During the last election there were numerous precincts where Romney did not appear to receive one single vote.  This is impossible except for voter fraud.  Multiple voter areas have a history of 150% voter ‘turn out’ while the democrats fight voter ID.  The democrats keep screaming how voter ID is racist yet forget how Mandela pushed for voter ID in Africa.  While the democrats yell how voter ID is discriminator to the poor they forget how in Indonesia voter ID is required and the average salary is only approximately $400.00 per month.  The democrats want to say how voter fraud is non-existent.  Yet recent revelations from released Clinton emails show how the DNC basically threw the election against Sanders.  This corruption in the voting system was so clear that the head of the DNC was forced to resign from her position merely to immediately receive a post in the Hillary campaign.  This administration has run guns to Mexico and has issued stand down orders to our border patrol.  Hillary Clinton has been shown to have been moving arms through Benghazi yet silenced those on the ground to keep everything quite.  Our government lies so much to the people that it has become commonplace.  Billions of dollars are sent to nations who support Islam while in America schools are banned from singing Christmas carols.  It is quite clear that this administration supports Islam.  It is also quite clear that this administration has numerous people in it who are devoted to Islam.  The problem comes in that these same people are not devoted to America.  They want to change America into an Islamic country.  It is also quite clear that this administration as well as the Clinton administration if she is elected are going to flood America with Islamic refugees, many of whom have and will never be vetted regarding terrorist ties.

Our government is guilty of treason.  Our government has sold out the people of this nation.  Our government is selling us out now.  Our government is setting up for civil war as they flood terrorist connected radicals into our streets.  Our government is making quiet little deals with the UN regarding peacekeeping in our streets.  Our government is making back room deals to keep their quiet little parties and secret money pacts together.  Our government is guilty of treason.  Many of our elected officials should be tried for treason will never happen because our government no longer supports the Constitution which calls for the execution of traitors.  Many of our elected officials are guilty of illegal activities, illegal pacts, blood on their hands from little dirty deals which sold out American veterans so that the same officials could keep getting elected and in power, and our elected officials are often even guilty of murder in order to silence opposition.  Our government has becoming nothing more than a ‘B’ rated movie with a tired script of sex, crime, corruption, power and deceit.

The FBI sat in front of Congress agreeing as to how Hillary Clinton made repeated statements which proved not to be true (AKA lied) yet also continued how they were not recommending any prosecution.  It also came out as to how there was no record of the questions, no taping of the session and never put her under oath.  I used to laugh at those into conspiracy theories only now the theories are proving to be true.  So many people who have crossed paths in a negative fashion with the Clintons have been found dead with the only common denominator being the Clintons.  At one time a person was considered naïve to buy into the various conspiracies.  Now a person has to be willfully in denial to refuse that there are some truths to those theories.   Obama recent sending of 400 million dollars to Iran in unmarked wooden crates has a major problem.  The President does not have the power to draw money from the treasury.  From where did the money originate?  One must ask how many people were in on retrieving this much money.  Again, there seems to be more fact to conspiracy theories these days than they are rebuttal.

Our Forefathers probably are ashamed they ever broke with England by the way we have treated their gift of a new nation.  We sit back and complain about how bad things are and then re-elect the same corrupt people that were in office before the election.  We complain about politicians and keep electing career politicians who have been in office for 10-30 years never truly accomplishing anything.  We shake our heads at the stupid comments the different politicians say such as “Guam will tip over because of the weight of the US Navy”, and keep electing the same idiots time and time again.  It seems like the payoffs and kick backs have been so accepted as political lifestyle that we keep electing people whose husbands and wives makes millions off of government contracts while the average America has to cut things to the bone to have a contract accepted.  We keep electing people who do not read bills and promote it as actually doing their job such as Pelosi’s famous “we must pass the bill to know what is in the bill”.  That had to be the most ignorant statement and a complete violation of taxation without representation as it obligated Americans to pay fees, taxes, and fines previously unknown.

Our government is guilty of treason.  Our Forefathers meant for it to be a dirty word with a heavy penalty.   They knew that if people were permitted to openly be guilty of treason against the nation that there would be nothing more evil that could possibly infest our government.  People who were guilty of treason were traitors to the core of our nation and our heritage.  This evil would infest every aspect of our government and like bugs that would eat up a summer’s crop would leave the nation hungry and destitute.  Our government is guilty of treason.  It does not fear this word nor its punishment because there are so many who openly practice this evil act.  If there is to be any hope for our nation there must be fear again for this word.  The halls must be cleansed.  The offices must be purged.  Our government is so far out of control that this election very well could prove to be our last election.  If this election is rigged the way that some of the elections in the past have been rigged, and it takes someone of intense denial to not realize that they have been rigged, then I fear for the streets of our nation.  If refugees are allowed to invade America like they have in Europe I fear for our communities because unlike Europe Americans fight back and shoot back.  I believe this is why this administration is trying every trick in the book to disarm the citizenry.  If rumor of backroom deals with the UN to undercut or ‘supervise’ our law enforcement are true then I fear those pretty blue helmets will be nothing more than bright targets as they roam our towns.  Personally, I believe Obama has had the goal of civil war in our streets ever since he was in office.  He has now placed his people with the same agenda in key positions.  They are actively seeking to make any actions against Islam illegal in spite of our Constitution which gives us the right to free speech and protection.  I cannot express the importance of this election in strong enough terms.  I believe this election will determine whether or not the Grand Experiment of a free people, free nation and a free land will live or die.

Stop with political correctness  

mein kampf


What would be the proper response?  Imagine the year was 1939 and there were pockets of people in the United States who swore allegiance to the philosophies found in Mein Kampf.  Would it be more proper to allow them to stay in America?  Would it be more proper to establish a round table to set down with these people and try to understand their beliefs better?  Would it be more proper to force them to leave the country?  Would it be more proper to keep them and all their associates under watch?  Would it be more proper to worry about not violating their particular rights?  People need to stop lying to themselves and this nation.  AMERICA IS AT WAR!  Our leaders are too spineless to admit this reality.  It is important that we admit this reality otherwise what is the response.  Right now liberals are so worried about protecting the ‘rights’ of those who have declared war against America and Americans.  These same people have declared war not only against America but against the world.  Innocent people are being slaughtered by countless numbers.  It is infuriating that some people proclaim that these people have a right to be protected because of their ‘freedom of religion’.  We need to get one thing straight.  When these people start slaughtering innocent people in the name of their religion they lose ALL rights associated with freedom of religion.  It is no longer a religion and is a bloodthirsty cult.  There are no freedoms of religion for radical Islamic terrorists.  When a mosque starts hiding weapons for terrorists and becomes the nucleus for terrorist cells it loses all rights and liberties associated with freedom of religion.

The liberal left can ignore and deny the reality of this new world war all they desire but it will not change the reality that it exists.  The only way to stop a world war is to attack it with full force.  Our national leaders are guilty of treason and are siding with the enemies of the people.  There is a perfect opportunity for the world to come together against a common foe.  Russia has openly attacked and vowed to destroy ISIS and all its elements.  Other nations have openly attacked and are seeking the utter destruction of ISIS.  America is the only power country that seems to be playing finger games during this time of global threat.  There is no doubt that our President is either Muslim or a strong Muslim sympathizer.  It is the radical Muslims who are attacking the world.  What would be the proper response if during the late 30’s if our President was either a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer?  Our nation must wake up to the fact that this administration is not American or pro-America.  This administration is pro-Muslim and wants America to be an Islamic nation.  They will allow any and all crisis to occur in this country in order to promote their agenda.  They seem to want America to come to a state of crisis where martial law and UN ‘peacekeepers’ are our law enforcement.  I am amazed at the total stupidity of the Attorney General and Vice President promoting a national police force.  It worked so well for Adolf Hitler.  Are we so stupid in leadership that we have forgotten everything about history?  It is so arrogant to think that those in power can simply ignore facts of history that does not fit their agenda.  They do not like the facts that the Confederacy was NOT all a racist bunch or nut-bags killing every black man they encountered.  In many ways the leadership of the South was more aware and compassionate of the needs of the black man than many of those in leadership of the North.  This is simple historical fact.  The leadership of this nation wants to ignore that a nation prospers when people are allowed to work without so many regulations.  They want to ignore the facts that our nation did well during a people where the people was allowed to keep their wages and not have to spend nearly 30% in taxes.  They want to ignore that fact that people want criminals to be held accountable.  They want to ignore the fact that if you pay people to riot and destroy communities that it is a criminal offense such as what George Soros appears to have done with Ferguson.  They want to ignore the fact that people who are attacking innocent citizens simply because they are attending a political rally which is contrary to what they promote are doing nothing less that was done by the ‘brown shirts’ during the days of Nazi Germany.  Our leadership is killing America.

I am glad when people speak out against the terrorists and actually use common sense wording.  Political correctness will never solve anything.  Sitting down over tea and cookies will never resolve terrorism.  Killing the enemy will at least reduce their numbers enough that there will not be the numbers of terrorists.  If the terrorists are afraid to die then they will not be so bold in killing scores of innocent people.  You might not be able to wipe out all terrorists or terrorism but you can reduce their numbers enough that it will cut into their recruiting.  If there are more terrorists leaving in body bags then are marching in then the numbers will reduce.  But with our Muslim sympathizing leadership America will never have a strong offense against Islamic terrorism.

I think the America people themselves are getting sick and tired of the whiny, milk-toast approach of our so called elected leaders where Islamic terrorists are concerned.  I think the American people are about ready to take matters into their own hands.  If Islamic terrorists want to attack our homeland I think most Americans are ready to shoot back.  I think most Americans are about ready to tell our elected leaders who are too cowardly or treasonous to stand up against Islamic terrorists to go, (I am really trying to find the proper “G” rated terms to use here), jump off a cliff.  Maybe this is part of Obama’s plan.  I have come to believe that he has no positive goal for America and is nothing more than a narcissist nut bag who thinks that he is God’s gift to humanity.  He promotes the Black Lives Matter groups while attending a memorial for slaughtered police officers.  As long as Black Lives Matters groups promote the stoppage of freeways keeping emergency vehicles from getting to emergency rooms and fires they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they chant death to the police, they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they encourage harm they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  And, as long as Obama meets with these people and keeps them in his inner circle he is nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer.  The new Black Panther movement is no different than the old Black Panther movement.  These people are nothing more than radicals who think that the world owes them a living and that they should be allowed to have their way.  These idiots love to think they are all big and bad but have no idea of what is about to fall upon them if they keep up their stupidity.

People are fed up!  I cannot begin to understand why anyone in their right minds would vote for Hillary Clinton in that she is part of the same group that has created this problem.  I do not care if Donald Duck was on the other ticket; it is beyond asinine to vote for the same group that has brought America to the brink of civil war.  Hillary Clinton was bragging about how she established ‘communication’ with the different groups.    That is a big part of the problem.  The liberal left wants to think that you can sit down over tea and crumpets and chat with the terrorists.  She has even made the stupid statement as to how we need to understand them more.  All I understand is that if someone wants to murder me or my loved ones that I will shoot back.  Personally, I think anyone who supports Hillary Clinton needs a reality check.

I personally believe that our leadership does not ignore nor even deny the reality of Islamic terrorism.  Personally, I believe that our administration promotes it.  I do not believe our leadership will ever speak our strongly against radical Islam because our leadership is part of Islam and has strong close ties with radical Islam.  Our elected leaders have betrayed us.  I have looked at the enemy and behold, the enemy was us.

Aiding and abetting


I am going to stick my neck out and be blunt.  Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy.  The Attorney General has ordered that the transcripts regarding Orlando be scrubbed of any reference to ISIS and Islam.  The terrorist gunman made it very clear that his motive was that he was a soldier of ISIS and was dedicated to Islam.  It would not normally matter what religion the gunman was following but in this case he made it his motivation.  I do not believe that if the gunman kept proclaiming extreme dedication to Christianity and that he was a soldier of some anti-gay movement that these statements would be scrubbed.  But because our government is bound and determined to protect Islam at all cost they have removed what amounts to evidence of a federal investigation from the investigation.

ISIS and radical Islam cannot stand anything to do with homosexuality.  Radical followers of Islam are throwing homosexuals off of the tops of buildings.  A simply basic look at recent history has had the radical Islamic countries hanging homosexuals in public and other forms of execution.  Yet it is mind boggling how the liberals who are major supporters of the homosexual movement can also support Islam.  It is like someone who is supposed to be a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement while also sending billions of dollars to support the KKK.

ISIS has declared war against America.  Our governmental leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact because they are determined at all cost, and that includes American lives, will protect Islam.  Our government has hamstrung our soldiers in their efforts to fight the ISIS problem while countless lives are being sold in slavery, butchered and executed in the most hideous manners.  This administration refuses to acknowledge facts.  This administration is a muslim administration and/or consistent muslim sympathizers.   It was refreshing when Scott Baio came out and made the comment that Obama was either stupid, a muslim or a muslim sympathizers.  What was feared during the McCarthy era pertaining to Communist is now fact regarding Islam.  While it normally would not matter what ‘religion’ a person would follow in this case the ‘religion’ is the problem because the ‘religion followers’ are at war with America and are killing Americans in the name of their religion.

Our government and the Attorney General are trying to hide evidence because that evidence is damming to Islam.  Islam is trying to ride the fence using our Constitution as protection.  Islam is a religion while also a political philosophy.  It is a way of life and a standard by which the force others to follow.  There is not difference between Islam and the way they force their standards upon others to the extent of executing those who refuse to accept their full way of life and any other tyrant in history.  Pol Pot slaughtered millions because they refused to blindly follow and dared to ask questions.  Adolf Hitler slaughtered millions because they refused to accept the Nazi regime and beliefs.  The list can go on but the truth is that Islam is doing the exact same thing as the other tyrants only Islam is to cowardly to have anyone stand up and say that they are the ones demanding the murder of innocent lives.  Islam is putting that on God and saying He is responsible for their actions.  The followers of Islam are not even capable of accepting the responsibility for their own actions.

Our government is trying its best to force Islam upon this nation.  They are sterilizing and sanitizing the blood off of the hands of Islam in an effort to keep it acceptable and appealing.  They have basically done nothing in the battle to stop the slaughter and enslavement of countless lives while at the same time moaning and whining about black slavery during the early years of American history.  The hypocrisy of this administration is blinding!  A radical mentality of Islam has taken hold of the leadership of this country.  I am just hoping that we can hang in there until the election and Trump wins.  I am not completely sold on Donald Trump so please do not take this as a total and complete endorse of a candidate.  But our nation is at stake.  Hillary Clinton has sold herself to the highest bidder.   In this case Islam has taken the lead and is evident by the ‘donors’ to her foundation.  Personally I do not want to live in an Islamic nation.  I want to live in a free nation where a person is allowed to choose their religion.  Is we are forced to become an Islamic nation we will lose that freedom and we will see sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty set of rules that is in total and complete contrast to the Constitution.

Our leaders are guilty of treason and complacently accepting the rules, orders and demands of a corrupt administration.  From Fast and Furious to the Iran Nuclear deal this administration has lied to the people and has placed lives in danger.  Now they are scrubbing a Federal investigation of evidence regarding an action of terrorism against the American people.  I am just hoping that we will have enough of a Constitutional Republic to have an election in November and a new President in January but at this rate I am having my doubts.

A realistic perspective

reality check


I like to think of myself as a realist.  I am not a pessimist because I do not see a dark cloud everywhere I go but neither am I an optimist thinking that unicorns are going to bring me cookies and ice cream.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I believe that there are answers to most if not all my issues and problems but I might not like those answers because they might just involve hard work.  I am also a realist as I look at my country and my government.  Let us face some hard facts.  We are a nation divided.  Never have I seen the blacks and whites more at odds and that even includes the 60’s.  Never have I seen the division so encouraged by our government.  As I read threats openly made by Black Lives Matter people and Black Panthers as to how they are going to seek out and kill all white people, white police officers and their families and babies I am amazed as to how our government sits by and does nothing.  Yet if a white person would make such a comment there would be investigations funded by the highest offices.  I watch radical Islam killing Americans in America and our President basically doing nothing.  He does not even acknowledge that it is Islam even though they are screaming about Islam while they are on their rampage.  I see consistently where ISIS flags and materials are being found around the Mexican border in America.  I read where there are ISIS training camps in America and even see maps showing where they are located.  Along with this I see our government doing nothing.  I see planes being blown out of the sky and ISIS and radical Islam taking credit and our government doing nothing.  I see ISIS butchering Christians, women and children and bragging about raping their sex slaves and our government doing nothing.  With all this my realistic conclusion is that our government, at various levels, is ISIS.  We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in numerous places of high security.  Many Muslims nations have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization yet our President consistently appoints them to key positions in our nation’s security and operation.  Our government is in alliance with the enemy of the state and the people of America.  Our government is in support of the enemy and permits the enemy to continue and grow in America without restraint.  Our government knowingly and consistently is and has been placing American lives at risk by their inaction.  Our government has committed treason against the American people through their violation of their oaths to support the Constitution and to defend America.  Where there are parts of Arizona where Americans cannot enter due to Mexican cartel activity is evidence of treason by their permitting a foreign hostile element to invade and occupy American soil.

I also see a President who has been the biggest fraud ever forced upon a people.  This is magnified by the fact that the Democrat Party, or at least some of the higher ups in the party, knew that Barack Obama was a fraud and still forced him upon the electorate and the people in full attempts to overthrow the American way of life.  These people knew that Barack Obama was not an American citizen in that he still has yet to produce a verifiable birth certificate and now even those in power in Hawaii where he claims to have been born have signed affidavits admitting that there has and is no record of his birth in that state.  The media has and is part of this passive overthrow of the America way of life in that they refused to do their duties as journalist and refused to reveal any of the truth regarding Barack Obama and his past.  This man who was trained in Marxism, Communism, and radicalism all of his life was never vetted by anyone.  He has lied throughout his Presidency to the American people.  His administration was one of the biggest frauds in the history of America and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is both trying to detach herself from the administration while also claiming what a great job she did while in the fraudulent administration.

America is at a precipice.   There really is only one of two things that will happen over the next few months as I see it.  One way I see things happening are:  There will be a major civil uprising sparked by radical Islam in this nation, radical blacks and the Mexicans who believe that America belongs to Mexico and that it must be returned at any cost.  This will result in Barack Obama proclaiming a state of national emergency and invoke the powers of FEMA.  As he invokes a state of national emergency then the United Nations in an executive order signed by Bill Clinton would have ‘power’ to bring their forces to bear within America as ‘peace keepers’.  This will only result in major civil war in the streets of America and a nasty gorilla war.  The ‘major transformation of America’ as proclaimed by Barack Obama as his goal for his presidency will be complete.

The second way I see things happen, and I pray this is the reality of the situation, is that the election will precede as planned.  I will go ahead and say it:  and I hope Trump wins the election.  If Hillary Clinton wins the election then there will be nothing more than a continuation of the present course of government.  That which is remaining of the Constitution will be eliminated.  If Sanders wins the election then unicorns will be needed to help out in Congress because he does not seem to be in our present reality.  Sanders and his policies will usher in a level of Communism into this country that would make the old USSR blush.

Americans have been encouraged by sheriffs across the country that if they are legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon to do so.  They have made comments how it will be the armed citizen that will be the front line of defense against terrorist attacks.  It has been pointed out how the terrorist attacks in other countries have been so deadly mainly because those countries to not permit their citizens to be armed.  America has stood because of our right to keep and bear arms.  Now is the time to get your concealed weapons permit if you do not already have one.  Now is the time to make sure that your home is armed and ready if needed.  Now is the time to make sure that you are trained in how to use that firearm.  If you are not trained, DO NOT CARRY!  Get trained.  We do not need people who are not trained shooting at everything that moves.

America is at a difficult time.  I never thought I would ever see my America at this point.  I never thought I would ever see enemies of the nation in public office.  I never thought I would see people who openly oppose everything that our Constitution proclaims.  If America is to stand or fall it will be up to the people.  If you do not want the American way of life there are many countries out there who will welcome you.  DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE AMERICA!  Either support America or leave!  We do not want nor need sharia law.  We like pork, beer, bikinis and western music.  All we want is to live in peace with our fellow Americans.  If the radicals are determined to ‘change America by force’ that will not end well.


I’m so tired


Those who appreciate the classics have a special place in their hearts for Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing saddles’.  As Madeline Kahn poured out her heart with her rendition of ‘I’m tired’ it found a place forever in the souls of the fans.  I can relate with at least one aspect of the lyrics because I am so tired.  She is tired of being the goddess of desire; I am so tired of being the target of a liar.  The police officer in Baltimore was attacked by a man who made the direct claim that the attack was done in the name of allah and Islam.  He meant to kill the office in obedience to Islam.  He attempted to assassinate the police officer out of allegiance to ISIS.  Yet the spokesperson for the White House says that they are still investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who protects the enemy.  I am so tired of a president who calls everything workplace violence.  If someone is attacking a police officer in the name of ISIS which is a terrorist organization then it is an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who plays politics with American lives.  I am so tired of a president who blames the guns used by the Islamic terrorist rather than the terrorists.  I am so tired of a president who is so quick to release captured terrorists from Gitmo just so they can return to the battle field against Americans.  At what time and what is it going to take for this president to finally be called down for treason?

This president is forcing the hands of Americans.  No one wants internal conflict.  This man seems to have civil war as his agenda for America.  He is determined to have law enforcement remove legally owned guns by legal gun owners while he is purposely ignorant regarding the growth of ISIS in America.  In my opinion, this man who sits presently in the Oval Office has a goal of turning America into an Islamic nation and to completely ignore the will of the people.  Obama has armed himself with an Attorney General who appears to be equally as racists and pro-Islam.  He has strategically placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations.  It is my perspective that this man and his administration is doing everything possible to set our nation up for a major conflict between Islamic radicals and the rest of the nation.  It also appears he wants to edge his bet by attempting to remove legally owned firearms from the general population knowing that radical Islamic terrorists will give no regard to the law.

It is now time for law enforcement and the rest of the populous of this nation to settle the issue regarding civil disobedience.  Law enforcement has learned the hard way that this administration does not have their backs.  This administration, I believe, is more than willing to make all the unconstitutional rules and then to sacrifice our police officers by sending them in to confiscate the firearms from legal gun owners.  I can easily see this administration calling in their ‘civilian army’ during a stage of national emergency.  I am not a pessimist.  I do not wear a tinfoil hat.  I am simply a man who is willing to read the reality of our present situation.  I refuse to bury my head in the sands of denial.  We are in a major and dangerous situation.

We have sheriffs from numerous states throughout the country that recognize that America is in a dangerous situation and that the armed citizen is going to be the answer.  Terrorism wants to invade our nation.  Islamic radicals want to spread their slaughter across our land.  But the armed American has and will continue to make a difference.  Germany has found that there is a place for the individual carrying a sidearm.  Countries are learning that disarming the people does not make them safe.  Any more as this administration continues to make its moves toward disarming the people and denying the role of Islam in the increased global attacks, it has to be done with purpose and full intent.  It cannot be done any longer under the mask of ‘not wanting to jump to conclusions’.  To deny the role of radical Islam is deliberate.  To disarm the populous has to now being an action done with the full intent of leaving good people to the actions of murderous intent of the bad.

As my daddy used to say:  Enough is enough.  This administration has pushed the good people of this nation enough.  There has been enough of the defending of Islam that we are tired of having it shoved down our throat.  This administration has drawn the line for the American people.  Americans have never been known to simply lie down and roll over.  I doubt that we are going to start now.

Radical Islam is not a social condition

isis and hitler

In the Elvis Presley song ‘In the Ghetto’ the lyrics include:

People, don’t you understand
The child needs a helping hand
Or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
Are we too blind to see,
Do we simply turn our heads

It is a song which depicts a young black man in the inner city of Chicago struggling with racism, limited options and making poor decisions of turning to violence in his attempt to escape his present situation and dying in the streets face down in the snow.  It is a song which tries to depict a social condition.  Obama made the following statement regarding radical Islamic extremists:   “Groups like al-Qaida and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives.”  According to Obama, the butchery of these terrorist is due to a social condition.  It is very difficult to wrap an intelligent mind around this level of voluntary ignorance.  President Obama is determined that ISIS and the actions of terrorism in the name of Islam has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a social condition.  With all due consideration to the President I cannot understand how any semi-intelligent individual can be so stupid as to honestly believe this is the reasoning behind terrorism.

It is the classic approach of the social scientists of Chicago that the incubator of racial violence in areas of Chicago is that the black communities are run down and need a major social improvement.  Cabrini-Green housing community in Chicago is an excellent example of this mentality.  Cabrini-Green was a housing community of over 3607 apartments.  Gang violence was so sever in that area that even the Chicago police did not want to enter.  The social scientists of Chicago had the idea that if they made Cabrini-Green a better community that the people would enjoy a better way of life and therefore act accordingly.  They pumped millions of dollars into improving this area.  This housing community was finally torn down in 2011.  Millions of dollars wasted.  Obama is approaching the problem of ISIS as a Chicago community organizer and not as a President of a military.  ISIS is NOT a social issue.  ISIS is a radical religion and religious issue.  ISIS and their ilk were filmed as they arrogantly destroyed priceless historical artifacts solely because they did not correspond with their religious views.

The voluntary blindness by which Obama is intent upon viewing the issue and threat of ISIS and al-Qaida will get innocent people killed!  There can never be a social answer to radical nut-jobs intent on killing innocent people simply because they do not agree with a religious interpretation.  Radical Islam is a radicalized view of the Islamic religion regardless as to what President Obama wants to believe.  The problem is that his interpretation of the matter is supposed to guide the military in their approach to the situation.  You cannot have a military response to a social condition.  But ISIS is not a social condition.  These people are not trying to storm across the Middle East much like Hitler and his troops across Europe because of a social condition.  They are storming the Middle East because they want to force the world to accept their particular version of Islam.  This has nothing to do with getting all the religions of the United States together singing KumByYa.  This has everything to do with a military organization fueled and directed by an insane religious ideology.

This twisted religious motivation behind wars is nothing new.  In a real sense this was also the ideology behind the Nazis.  They were determined to bring in the utopia of society through a perfect race of people which would also result in the ‘millennia’ or the 1000 years of peace as described in the Bible.  They were going to bring this ‘peace’ through eugenics and creating a perfect race of people but unfortunately that also included the elimination of everything and everyone they viewed as being imperfect.  Just like Hitler was determined to make everyone the perfect race, ISIS and al-Qaida groups and their associates are determined to make everyone into their brand of Islam.  YES MR. PRESIDENT, ISIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION AND ISLAM!  If it was not for a twisted view of Islam there would be no ISIS or al-Qaida.

If our President cannot change the way he views ISIS and the al-Qaida like organizations then he needs to get out of the way and allow others with a clear and unfiltered view of the matter to take over and lead.  Obama’s Islamic upbringing and his loyalties to the religion is clearly a barrier to him seeing these radical organizations for their true nation.  Unless he is able to lay aside his loyalties to Islam he has no business sending anyone to war because he will be having a soft approach to the enemy and a soft approach to the enemy gets our service people killed.  If you are going to send troops to fight ISIS then you send them to utterly destroy the enemy and not to offer a new social program.