Foreign policy according to Inglorious Bastards

inglorious bastards

For those who may not know, the basic plot of the movie ‘Inglorious Bastards’ is a small group of World War II GI’s who had a single goal of killing as many Nazis as possible.  As I listen to our foreign policy regarding ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists organizations I do believe that we could learn a few things from the foreign policy program as outlined in ‘Inglorious Bastards’.  First of all, regardless as to what this administration might say, radical Islam is not interested in social reform, mainly because they cannot reform.  As indicated by the numbers of Islamic radicals who are released from prison simply to return back to their battles they have no intention on reforming or of any type of change from their murderous ways.  They cannot be taught social justice because they cannot be just.  They cannot be taught social kindness because they cannot be kind.  They cannot be taught social politeness because they cannot be polite.  Regardless what our President and his administration what us to believe, Islamic radicals wish to have nothing to do with social change and everything to do with Islam.

Again gleaning from the plot line of the movie, the best way to deal with Islamic radicals is to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible.  Our administration has been more interested in keeping a positive light with Islam than they are in eliminating Islamic radicals.  We seem to be the only nation that believes that radical Islam has nothing to do with Islam.  Islamic radicals have one goal and only one goal.  That goal is to kill in the name of Islam.  The other countries seem to have the right idea on how to deal with radical Islam.  Other countries bomb them into oblivion.  Our administration talks about social reform in order to change their ways.  These radical Islamic nut-jobs are not interested in social reform.  They have one goal much like the Nazis did during WWII.  That single goal of Adolf Hitler was world domination with the extermination of anyone they did not see fit to allow to live.  The vermin on Islamic radicals behead, butcher, murder and torture men, women, and children based upon their religious beliefs.  With their twisted view of Islam these radical crazies seek to kill anyone and everyone in their path.  If we want to deal with radical Islam then we need to adopt some of the basic approaches outlined in ‘Inglorious Bastards’ and that is to kill as many Islamic radicals as possible.  The news keeps talking about how so many people are being recruited into ISIS.  It is a fairly sure bet that if the ISIS recruits started seeing an onslaught of body bags carrying ISIS remains and those of other Islamic radicals it would not take long for the promise of high pay to lose its sparkle.  If there is an influx of say 500 new recruits per week and there is an ISIS and radical Islamic death toll of 1000 members per week, it would not take long for their numbers to begin to show attrition.

Radical Islam has no interest in social reform, social change, social ethics, or a job market.  Radical Islam is only interested in killing every person who refuses to convert to Islam and they do it in the name of Islam, for the purpose of Islam, for the glory of Islam.  Probably one of the more stupid statements to come out of this White House was that they have nothing to do with Islam and that they have justifiable objections.  America’s leadership needs to get out of the way and allow the military to be the military.  America needs to take a hint from other countries in how they deal with radical Islam.  Stop feeling sorry for the vermin and start eradicating them.  Then, and only then, will the problem of radical Islamic terrorists actually be addressed.


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