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The people’s business


A Nazi war survivor was asked about Trump being like Hitler.  The media did not like her answer.  She said that the problem is not Trump.  From what she lived through her opinion was that the liberal left was acting more like Hitler in their behaviors and actions.  I noticed the liberal left doing a book burning of materials written by Trump.  It was similar to Hitler’s book burning to ban books he disagreed with and wanted to keep those thoughts out of the minds of others.  We mock the early church as they did book burnings to keep ‘secular’ materials away from the innocent minds. I remember hearing about conservative churches doing ‘record burning’ where they would burn the ‘evil rock and roll records or demon music’.  People are upset but they are not upset over Trump.  They are upset over no longer having free reign and being able to do whatever they wanted without consequences.  The people of America voted in Donald Trump to make significant changes to government, Washington D.C. and to America.  We were fed up with a President and a government what seemed to cater to everyone except Americans.  We were fed up with a government that was synonymous with corruption.  Donald Trump is simply doing what the people hired him to do!

What is really happening in our society is nothing more than a spotlight being shown upon just how far we as a nation have fallen.  As I see the ‘old guard’ such as Pelosi, Waters, and McCain coming unglued it tells me that their reign of power is threatened.  We had a revolution to stop being under the hand of a monarchy and have turned our Congress into nothing more than a massive monarchy of people who remain in power year after year doing the same old nothing that they did before.  I ask myself what the Congress has actually done in the past ten years of any significance that was not totally partisan.  I cannot answer the simple question.  There are some who would scream Obamacare.  But let’s be honest.  That program might have some merit somewhere but in its present form it is a total fiasco.  The cost versus befits are completely out of proportion and its overall good is far too minimal in comparison to its downside.  It was nothing more than a political act of pure partisan politics.

Over the past few days much has been revealed about our government.  We have found spies in the government who have been accessing confidential and sensitive information without need.  We have had information leaked of sensitive matter.  And we have seen just how far people have been placed in our government in order to undermine our own safety and security.  The noisy left is getting revealed and having their toes stepped upon.  It is about time.  Now while these people love to create chaos they need to also remember that it was the mass Americans who placed Trump in office.  It will be the mass Americans who will stand behind our President.  The left can yell, holler, burn and protest but if push comes to shove they will lose.  I am simply giving a friendly warning to them.  There is a lot of talk about their using force.  I grew up around Chicago as a kid.  I have found that many people have nothing but talk and when it comes up to actually putting their money where their mouth is they have nothing.  I wish to simply give a friendly warning.  We will support our President should anyone be so stupid as to think that they could ever produce an armed insurgency.  For decades our government has permitted people from the outside to infiltrate key significant positions.  Now they are coming to light.  Maybe it is time we actually cleaned house.

I would say that the conservative population has been more than patient.  It is so ironic that the left claims that the conservatives are gun hungry and blood thirsty maniacs.  If we were as depicted there would not be any left liberals remaining.  We want peace.  We love our country.  We support our military and police forces.  I truly do not know why anyone would do the contrary.  We support freedom of speech and all of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.  We love our Forefathers and the dream of the new world of liberty.  We believe in God.  We are willing to fight for these rights not just for ourselves but for everyone.  I really do not know why this seems so odd to the liberal left.  We do not oppose their right to their freedom of speech.  But for too many of the liberal left it does not stop there.  I honestly feel bad for those of the left who simply believe differently than me.  They have their rights and I do not deny this because it is the core of what I believe which is freedom, liberty and personal rights.  It is unfortunate that there are so many of the liberal left that overshadows the more moderate left.  There is a whole section of the left who does not promote riots or burning buildings.  In all reality it would be to the moderate left to start putting the radical left in their place.  The moderate left are workable people.  But the radical left are the ones who are setting the stage for what they call armed insurgency.  This is the most asinine idea the left ever produced.  The radicals really are their own category.  I do not know if they truly fit in the realm of the liberal.  These are the people who are more Marxist.  The have their own agenda and government which they want to install.  These people do not want a nation of liberty and freedom.  These people want a nation completely different than our Forefathers envisioned and outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is these people who pose the threat.  These are the ones who could spark a major problem under the mask of the liberal left.

What we are seeing in our country right now is the result of many years of planning.  Marxist, radicals and other forms of subversives have infiltrated every aspect of our government and all levels for decades.  No one has had the nerve to oppose them because no one could go nose to nose with their structure and machine.  It has been this machine that has placed extremely powerful people in extremely high positions.  It is a machine that is highly funded and has no problem using that money to completely destroy any opposition.  If the average person tried to oppose this machine they would simply disappear and never be found again.  This machine is deadly and has no regard for anyone or anything.  If you get in the way of their agenda the average person would not have a chance.  Then comes a man like Donald Trump.  He does not need their money.  He has his own machine and structure which is equal if not greater than those who have been in power for decades following the present agenda of infiltration.  Trump represents their worst nightmare because he does not simply go away.  This threatens the machine and they are showing their true colors.  Those who have quietly infiltrated our government are coming unglued and showing who they truly are and their motives.  The machine is being shaken at its core.  The shadow group is having a major spotlight shown upon it and it is threatened.  They seek to bring their agenda to fruition.  They also totally discount the average person.  They are not used to anyone actually opposing them.  Donald Trump is doing just that and has the backing of the people.  It is going to be interesting to see how the Marxist and radical machine fares against an equally powerful individual who also has the support and backing of our military and one of the largest armed populations in the world; the average American.


Sub contractor or employee

Thousands of people turned out to march against President-elect Donald Trump in Denver, Colorado.


Does anyone else wonder about all these people who never seem to have to go to work yet have all the time to protest our newly elected President?  I have found that the more a person claims to be open minded and liberal that in actually are the nastiest ill tempered people that I have ever met.  They scream how they want justice and kindness yet have never permitted the new President elect one once of kindness or justice.  All these people seem to know is hate.  Yet someone is paying these people.  These people admit to answering a Craigslist offer to be paid to protest Trump.  I wonder who must be scared of Mr. Trump to try and sabotage his efforts even before he gets into office.  I believe that a politician who cannot be bought must be the scariest thing for many of the established cronies in politics.

With there being the ad for protesters then there is someone who is bankrolling this whole operation.  These protesters are either an employee or they are ‘self employed’ sub contractor protesters.  If they are employees then someone must be paying employee taxes on them.  If they are sub contractors then someone must be keeping records.  Do these protesters have Labor and Industries or L&I insurance?  There are some things that must be followed by someone.  If they are sub contractors then these protesters must have their own business license.  If they do not have their own business license then they are not permitted to be a sub contractor protester.  If they are sub contractors then they are responsible for their own taxes on what they are being paid as a protester.  Are they getting a 1099?  Do those who are paying them as a sub contracting protester keep a record as they are required by law?  If the protesters are volunteers for someone then who is bankrolling their expenses as a volunteer is still required to cover them with L&I.  I have heard various brags about who is covering all the expenses for these protesters.  But the person or organizations which are covering all the expenses for the protesters are still required by law to provide certain things, pay certain things and maintain certain things.  Do to do so is punishable by law.

I believe that if the money being used to fund the protesters would dry up then these people would fade into the woodwork.  I also believe that if law enforcement wanted to end all this foolishness then they need to attack the source.  Just like the police of Chicago took down Al Capone via the IRS it might be possible to take down the protest the same way.  The IRS is losing tons of money by not collecting taxes from the self employed protesters.  Some state is losing untold amounts of money by not collecting L&I.  And if these people are employees then there are unimaginable amounts of taxes not being collected from their employer.  According to federal law in order to be a subcontractor they are told what the goal is of the job or duties to be performed but are left on their own to determine how to accomplish these goals.  It sounds like these protesters are told where to protest, how to protest and when to protest.  This would remove them from the rolls of sub contractors and into the realm of employees.  It sounds like the IRS needs to have a long talk with someone for back employee taxes.

They played us for fools



The Democrat Party of today has played the American people for fools.  Any member of this party from days gone by is probably rolling over in their graves.  I believe there were good well meaning people who were part this party who might have actually cared for America but I do not believe that is the case today.  The Democrat Party had to have known that Barack Obama was not American born.  The only birth certificate which passed any scrutiny was the one handed over from the government of Kenya.  Obama’s own grandmother says he was born in Kenya.  If his grandmother says he was born in Kenya then I believe he was born in Kenya.  The Democrat Party in their ruse regarding Obama showed total contempt for the Constitution, American values, American history and the American people.  As the Democrat Party was pushing Obamacare they again played the people of this nation for fools.  Even those who were the mind trusts behind the program admitted how they were able to lie to the people because of the ‘stupidity’ of the American voter.  Obama has lied to the people repeatedly.  It is so obviously clear that he does not care for the people that only the hard fast Democrat supporters who would support the Democrat regardless of actions continue to sing his praises.  There are those who are so determined to see a female in the White House just like there were those so determined to see a ‘man of color’ in the White House that they are willing to sell the very soul of this nation in order to see this happen.  Hellary has lied to the people for years.  She has treated the American people as fools regarding her server, her emails, her lack of consideration for the lives of those involved in confidential communications and those around her.  The DNC convention was a star studded array of people who hate law enforcement and the rule of order.  One of the key speakers who was supposed to produce crocodile tears as to how his Muslim son died for his country was nothing more than a paid spokesman bought by the Clinton Foundation.  Yes he might have been a father who lost a son but he was also an insult to every Gold Star family that has lost family members by permitting the death of his son to be brought out and paraded around like a prize calf at a State fair for a price.  Likewise at the convention it was not until people complained that only then did they trot out a few flags for decoration.

This party is an insult to the history of our nation and the future of the generations.  You cannot have a government where the government views the people as fools and morons to be toyed with and manipulated.  It is bad enough that we have so many in politics with that view of the American people.  But why keep putting more people in office with that mindset.  The Democrat Party has already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their disdain for the American voter.  They are blatant in their disregard for the rule of law as they continue to block any real investigation regarding the Clinton Foundation and Hellary.  The Attorney General, another bought and paid for representative of the Democrats refuse anything to do with investigating Hellary regardless of the requests by the FBI.  Even the very words of the FBI director admit that Hellary lied and that lying to the FBI yet nothing was done.  As there is one set of laws for the common person and another set of laws for the elite then there are no laws and anarchy is the only deserved outcome.  If America votes in Hellary Clinton then American must brace for what is coming.

All America needs to do regarding the refugee matter is to look at France and Germany.  Hellary and Obama want to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  America will be like France and Germany.  The only difference is that Americans shoot back.  This is why the Democrat Party is pushing so hard to disarm the average person.  People cannot be this naive or stupid.  Yet the Democrats are banking on that very thing.  They do not want people to think.  There has never been such an onslaught of attacks against anyone running for office like there has been against Trump.  Trump is a threat because he wants people to think.  He has to keep his record clean because the media is out with every possible magnification tool available to find the smallest bit of flaw.  Yet these same people refuse to see the elephants sitting in the Clinton living room.  Lies, deception, deceit and a real strong possibility of even murder sit in every corner yet no one seems to care.  What is it going to take to get people to wake up?  There is a saying which goes:  fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.  How many times must the Democrat Party play the American people for a bunch of fools and morons before they begin to wake up and realize the deceit?

Trump’s right



I am writing this not because I am 100% convinced about Trump but I am 100% disgusted with how the media has betrayed the American people.  At one time being a journalist was a noble occupation.  They sought out the truth regardless of personal repercussions.  They went where no sane person would go to find out the secret realities behind important issues.  Now they, seemingly for the most part, are nothing more than propaganda forces for the liberal left parroting key talking points.  The people of this nation should be infuriated the way the media has been treating us as nothing more than a bunch of morons.

I listen to and read the news from a variety of sources in an effort to keep informed regarding my world.  It is my conclusion that the majority of the media sources at least of the main stream must be on the payroll of the Democrat Party.  The media says basically nothing about the leaked emails from Hellary’s server (spelling intentional) stating how help was ready for those in Benghazi and she refused to permit them to go.  The media is silent about how her emails refers to Mexicans as ‘taco bowls’.  The media is silent about the mysterious deaths of 4-6 key personal of the Democrat Party all who have had extensive knowledge of Hellary’s server and emails.  The media is silent about how the FBI stated all the confidential emails they found on Hellary’s server to which she continues to deny were present.  The media is silent about any potential health conditions which could greatly affect Hellary’s ability to perform as President.  The media is silent about her outspoken intent to remove the Second Amendment.  The media is silent about all the times arms, money and other supplies ‘accidently’ fell into the hands of ISIS under her and Obama’s watch.  The media is silent about how during her time as Secretary of State ISIS formed and grew.  The media is silent about the scandals of the Clinton Foundation.  The media is silent about how the government had to force the Clintons to return hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of antiques, art and other valuables after they left the White House.  The media is silent of software experts who have stepped forward with the startling claim that he was requested by a member of the Democrat Party to create software which could switch votes on the voting machines.  The media is silent regarding the mathematical impossibility of Obama getting so many precincts where not one vote for his rival was apparently cast or the cries coming from so many common people about voter fraud in her run against Sanders.  The media got suddenly silent regarding the emails which revealed how the Democrat Party threw Sanders under the bus rigging the election for Hellary.  Yet the media are like rabid bulldogs regarding anything Trump might say regardless of content or context.  The media is doing everything in their power to throw this election for Hellary through propaganda.  The media has failed the people of this nation and is an insult to the title of journalist.  The media knows that the average person will not think independently.  This makes many people the prime target for a propaganda source capable to telling people how and what to think. The media loves issues where ‘blacks’ are or have possibly been unfairly targeted.  Yet they media remains silent regarding how their present political maps show Trump taking the popular votes yet potentially Hellary taking the Electoral College.  It is interesting how the media probably does not even know how the EC was formed because of not believing the general population was capable of electing a leader.

Being a student of history I am greatly concerned when I see the media being used as nothing more than propaganda.  Hitler and Nazi Germany was able to convince the masses how it was right to put millions of people to death because of their beliefs.  Goebbels knew the power of the media.  He knew that if you told a lie loud enough and long enough that the general public would believe.  Goebbels should be a lasting lesson on the dangers of a media in the pocket of the government and especially a questionable government.  People must not be a sponge just accepting what is said as true.  People must begin to think.  People need to look at facts and not just statements.  The reality is that Hellary was investigated by the FBI.  The reason a person would be investigated by the FBI would be regarding a strong possibility of being involved in a federal crime.  Do your own research.  I do not care if people agree with me or not, that is not my purpose.  I want people to think.  We must never permit the media to be used for propaganda ever again.

The question is simple

hillary vs trump

Over the years I have taken pride in an ability to cut through a great deal of fat and reveal the core of a concept.  Many time complex ideas can be presented rather simply if a person is willing to cut through the ‘intellectual fat’.  This election is really no different than any other concept.  I hear the pundits try and make things complicated with Trump’s business bankruptcies and Hillary’s email debacle.  Everyone has their one pet to discuss and present.  But for me it is really simple.  Do we want to be a Muslim country or a free nation?  We cannot be both.  A Muslim country would force and mandate obedience to Sharia Law which would nullify the Constitution.  The two laws cannot coexist in that they are in stark contrast with each other.  Hillary has taken millions if not billions from Muslim countries.  You know they are not giving this money out of the goodness of their heart.  She has supported Obama’s Islamic push and promotes with through the use of her own headscarf.  There is a difference between being respectful of a different religion and submitting to it.  I have not found any example in her time as Secretary of State where she was not submissive to Islam and was consistently favorable towards Islam even to the point of danger to Americans.  The Benghazi crisis is a good example.  Instead of forcing Islam to bear the responsibility of murdering Americans she put the blame on America with the video hoax.  I do not see a Presidency under Hillary being anything different than it has been under Obama.  I do not see any reason to believe that she would not continue to increase submission to Islam.  She is already promoting the tens of thousands of ISIS infiltrated refugees she is planning to bring into the country.

I hear people question if Trump is racist or anti-woman or anti-Bible.  Personally I do not believe he is any of these things but the other side is quick to keep hammering upon anything and everything that might cloud the issue.  The bottom line of this election is whether or not we want to become a Muslim country.  Personally, my ancestors fought to create a Republic and I prefer it to remain that way.  People need to review Sharia Law if they have even the most remote of thought that it is just a ‘religious’ view.  In Sharia Law there will be no GLBT movement because they will all be executed.  In Sharia Law there will be no woman’s rights because the female HAS no rights under Islam.  (Review the passage in the Koran where the man is admonished to ‘beat his wife softly’.)  Under Sharia Law there is not acceptance of any other religion except for Islam and calls for the death of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  Now for those who might say that ‘not all followers of Islam are beheading people’.  I would have to admit that you are correct.  But at the same time I would have to point out that as Islam becomes the main religion in America that now we are going to be just like the other Islamic countries with wholesale slaughter in the streets as one sect of Islam tries to kill off everyone who is not of that particular sect.  There will be no religious tolerance in an Islamic nation.  Even in the Islamic nations which were moderate are being torn apart due to ISIS as they seek to force their beliefs upon innocent people.  In these kinds of situations there are only ISIS and the dead; there is no room for innocent anything.

So the question regarding this election is simple.  Again, I am not complete a ‘Trumpite’.  But I do not America to be lead any further down the path of becoming an Islamic nation.  I do not want America to be lead down the path of shredding our Constitutional liberties any more than they have been already.  I do not want terrorist killing innocent by-standers to become the news of the day.  I do not want Christians and Jews to be attacked as they return from their worship.  I do not even want members of the GLBT community to be harmed by those who have the level of intolerance found in Sharia Law simply because they have a lifestyle with which I might disagree.  For me this election is already settled.  I will not vote for Hillary because of what I believe it would mean to the future of the Republic and Constitutional rights.  Trump might not be perfect but at least the Constitution has a better chance of remaining intact under a Trump presidency than it does under Clinton.  Putting it quite succinctly, in my opinion, anyone who votes for Hillary has no regard for the Republic, the Unites States Constitution, Constitutional Rights or Constitutional liberties.

Words matter

words matter


In contrast to Obama’s comments regarding his refusal to use the expression ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ words do matter and have significant meaning and intent.  When I tell someone ‘good morning’ I am showing interest in their well-being and my intent in wanting to do my part in helping them have a ‘good morning’ where I am concerned.  When I tell my wife ‘I love you’ I am showing meaning that I care about her more than myself and my intent in being willing to do anything and everything possible to make her feel warm and secure.  If I tell someone that I would highly advise them NOT to enter my home uninvited I am showing a significant meaning that I will protect my home from intruders and my full intent to stop them from trying to rob me and invading my home.  Words have meaning and show intent.  They also show identify a particular issue or problem.  As a retired shrink I worked with numerous mentally ill clients.  None of these people went out with a high powered rifle to climb a clock tower anywhere that I am aware.  But when I worked with the criminally insane those words identified a particular sect in the mentally ill population who would most likely be the kind to climb that clock tower to do criminal acts against innocent people.

This administration wants to pull words such as jihad, sharia, and radical Islamic terrorists out of use.  But these words identify the problem and specify the sector needing to be watched.  Jihad is what these radical loons are trying to do.  They do not want peace; they want to attack for some twisted religious goal.  That religion is Islam.  That is not attacking all who follow Islam but it is identifying a particular problem with Islam and those within its followers who want to kill and attack innocent people.  Sharia identifies again a particular problem with Islam.  It identifies the core of their beliefs which have evil intent upon the general population who do not desire to follow their religion.  As sharia law wants and calls for the murder of any and all who refuse to follow Islam then it becomes the core to the evils which the world is seeing imposed upon it and the peaceful innocent people around the world.  The term ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ identifies the particular problem the world is facing.  It is not the average person on the street.  It is not a radical group of religious people because it is not identifying a radical group of Baptist running around with a garden hose wanting to baptize people against their ill.  It is identifying people of a radical mindset within Islam who are terrorists.  It is not even identifying all of Islam.  It is specific in identifying terrorists within Islam.

In Obama’s refusal to use the term ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ he is leaving all of Islam open for attack.  His refusal to say anything remotely contrary to Islam may be his particular belief system but it is not leadership.  He talks about using the military but the military is useless unless there is an identified enemy.  Who are the military supposed to attack?  Obama refuses to identify the enemy.  In so doing Obama is protecting those who are slaughtering untold numbers globally.  There is no place for these types of actions coming from any leader of any type or nation, let alone from the supposed leader of the free world.  As the rest of the Democrats in Congress follow Obama’s example of refusal they become part of the problem.

It is time people cut through all the fat and got directly to the meat of the issue.  America is at war.  We did not want this but it has been imposed upon us.  America has had members of radical Islamic terrorists come to our soil and kill Americans.  Our pansy leadership refuses to acknowledge the facts and wants to divert attention upon everything other than those particular people who are attacking the US.  We are not under attack by a gun.  We are not under attack even by an ideology.  We are under attack by a group of people who follow an ideology.  These people who follow this twist ideology are making life miserable for innocent people.  You cannot fly in a plane without wonder if there is some nut job in the cockpit that is going to crash your plane because he is part of the twisted ideology of jihad and sharia that calls for the murder of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  You cannot go into a mall and not wonder if there is a wacko who is a follower of jihad, sharia and radical Islamic terrorist mentality who is going to try and kill as many innocent people because they do not fit into their vision of Islam.  As long as any of the political leaders refuse to specifically identify the enemy they are part of the problem.  They are giving aid and assurance to the enemy as well as protect.  As long as they refuse to specifically address the enemy then they are part of the enemy.

Our gutless, spineless, cowardly political leaders are not providing leadership.  These milk toast politicians are nothing more the your typical ‘politician’ who just wants to bleed the people and the system of all the benefits they can muster.  They have no internal fortitude and therefore make no statements of any substance.  They are adding to the problem and need to get out of the way so that people who have the capabilities to lead can actually lead.  These people are an insult to the courage of the Forefathers and are taking America so far away from the Constitutional nation they formed that it is becoming unrecognizable.

It would be nice if there would actually be someone in the Democrat party who would actually speak the truth about radical Islamic terrorists.  There are a number of people from the Republican side who might use those words but lack all intent.  To use words without intent is like asking someone ‘how are you doing’ while walking away from them.  You had no intention or even care about how they were doing and simply magnified your own hypocrisy by the empty action of asking.  People also need to make no mistake regarding Hillary Clinton.  They need to listen not so much what she says but to what she refuses to say.  She is as much of the problem and Obama and the rest of the Democrat sheep.  She is no different from the Republicans who use terms without meaning or intent.  The only life words have is through action.

I may not be completely sold on Donald Trump.  But I know what I do not want in the leadership of this nation.  What I do not want is more spineless hypocrisy.  We have too many cowards who are afraid to use words of meaning.  We have too many pansies who are cowering afraid to make any real stand against those who have declared war upon America and the American free way of life.  We have too many foolish people who blame a thing such as a gun and not the nut-job pulling the trigger.  America is at war with ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ who have declared ‘jihad’ to enforce ‘sharia law’.  Our leaders need to SAY IT, AND MEAN IT!  Identify the problem then give life to your words by acting upon them and eliminating those who want to kill Americans.

Racist or realist

la raza


If I was in a legal battle as a light skinned male against a radical black youth and I had a reputation of being out spoken against the radical black youths who burned down Ferguson, and had a judge who was black and connections to the Black Panthers, I would be screaming a real need for a change of venue.  I believe it would be realistic to assume that the judge might be bias against me in the case regardless of the facts.  In the case of Donald Trump he has been outspoken against the radical Mexicans who have come into the country, not to become Americans building a better nation but to tear down America and live off of the taxpayer system.  Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of LA Raza Lawyers.  People need to do some simple research on groups like LA Raza, MEChA and other so called cultural or ethnic based organizations.  In many ways these groups are nothing more than a Mexican, Chicano, or Hispanic version of the radical black group of the Black Panthers.  I would not go quite so far as to also include the radical Islamic group of ISIS but that is simply because I have not heard of them burning people alive yet.  These groups support the idea that America belongs to Mexico and should be returned to Mexico at any cost including violence.  Of what I have seen of these groups they do not care about the law and are only interested in supporting and promoting anything and everything Mexican or Latino.  Trump is correct in his questioning of this judge presiding over anything to do with Trump University.

People must eventually get their heads out of their politic ally correct butts and start looking at reality.  Just because someone is opposed to radical groups does not make them racist.  Just because someone questions the ability of a member of some of these groups to be impartial is not racist.  People need to start separating racism from realism.  You can be a realist and realize that there are those out there who are not impartial and prejudice and not be racist downing a whole race of people.  To make anyone who can see that a member of a group with radical connections might not have an unbiased opinion of a matter a screaming racist is not just unrealistic it is rather stupid!  As a light skinned male I would not be comfortable in front of a black judge with Black Panther ties.  I do not know of any light skinned individual with even a couple brain cells who would deny that feeling.  How many black skinned individuals would feel comfortable standing in front of a white judge with ties to the KKK?  Instead of climbing on the anti-Trump wagon people need to start looking more at this judge and groups such as the LA Raza Lawyers and ask the simple question:  What is there purpose?  If an attorney or judge is supposed to be impartial and follow the rule of law why would they want to affiliate with a group that is rooted in radical views?  What would a person do if a judge or attorney was a member of the KKK?  There could be an argument held that the KKK is just a social group promoting the white culture.  Now, I do not believe that last statement for a minute but neither do I believe that LA Raza and such groups are culturally based organizations.

In our country presently it is socially accepted to degrade anything to do with being white but extremely protected regarding Mexican or other races.  I listen to the extreme threats coming out of the Black Panthers to kill all whites and nothing legally happening against them.  A primary examination of those who are actively pelting people with eggs at the anti-Trump riots will find members of La Raza at the center.  It is beyond time for people to start looking at the reality as to where we are in this country.  Our country is slipping away and it is primarily because of politically correctness has blinded people to reality and has made them afraid to look at thing in their entirety.

Racism has become the latest tool to try and silence people.  Everything is racist today.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racists.  Black jelly beans are racist.  Haircuts and hats are racist.  Where will it end?  It is all insanity and is blinding people to reality and making them afraid to speak the truth.  Maybe it is time to start thanking Trump for have the ‘huveos’ to speak reality.