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Taqiyya is an Islamic term used to grant permission for the individual to be exempt from any ethical or moral restraint from lying thus permitting a person to boldly and frequently lie for the advancement of Islam and Islamic principles.  It is with much regret that I must admit that lying seems to have become part of the political process.  This is a reality that must cause our Founding Fathers to roll over in their graves.  But our present administration seems to have taken lying and has turned it into an art form.   As I listen to the various talking heads of our government I see where the truth has become like Silly Putty to be molded and formed into whatever shape is deemed necessary at that present time and for current events.  In order to justify making a trade agreement for Bowe Bergdahl with the Taliban government media preventatives simply stop calling them terrorists and thus is able to remain within the standing of ‘never negotiating with terrorists’.  Does history simply disappear to the political talking heads?  I seem to remember countless acts of terrorism done by the Taliban and Al qaeda.  The radical Islamic ‘religious’ group referred to as the Taliban butchered, mutilated, and did unspeakable atrocities in the name of Islam.  Yet our leadership has the gall to say they are not a terrorist group?  I happen to remember them being formally referred to as a terrorist organization by others.  Or is there a difference that a group is able to perform acts of terrorism yet not be a terrorist organization?  At what point does truth die?

If you remember the first Gulf War it is easy to remember ‘Baghdad Bob’.  His ability to hold on to truth was like being able to catch a greased pig.  Baghdad Bob was especially known for his denial of any American tanks in Iraq or Baghdad while the sounds of their engines were able to be heard in the background.  Has anyone else noticed how our government is the only government IN THE WORLD that does not refer to ISIS as a form or branch of Islam?  Our government is able to put Baghdad Bob to shame in the way they are able to bend truth and outright lie in order to protect Islam.   Their rational is that since those doing terrorist acts are not behaving according to how a follower of Islam is supposed to act then therefore they are not Islam and should not be called Islamic.  Our government is now the religion police.  If they are screaming that what they are doing is being done in the name of allah, quoting the koran while performing their actions of terrorism, and calling themselves by the name Islam; they are ISLAMIC whether or not our government want to agree.

Our present government has taken lying and has elevated it to never before seen new heights.  Government leaders are supposed to be men of trust and honor.  I know those are old fashion terms that seem to no longer matter in politics.  Has our governmental system so abandoned the principles set forth by our Fore Fathers that honor and integrity no longer are characteristics sought by those elected by the people to lead?  It is now common place for the politicians to openly lie to the people to protect and promote their individual party.  Now it is common place for our President and his talking heads to openly lie and twist the truth in order to protect Islam.  When does it become too much?  At what time do people become required to be accountable for their actions?  I am proud to be an American because of the deep character of our Founding Fathers and the sacrifices they willingly made to build this nation.  I am ashamed of our government because too many have completely abandoned all principles set forth by those Founding Fathers in order to pursue and keep power, wealth and influence.

If I am to condemn our elected leaders I must also condemn those who keep electing them.  Too many people elect people to lead simply because of promises they make to grant benefits.  People seldom seem to vote according to principles but vote according to what they are able to get from the politician.  Promises are made during campaigning and promises are broken once they get in office.  No one seems to be held accountable for not keeping their word and they get re-elected and keep promising more.  I do not know the answer.  All I know is that the cycle must stop if America is to continue.  I do know that the answer must come from the people because I doubt most highly it will ever come from the politicians.  We must stop voting because of our wallets and what might make our wallets fatter and start voting according to character and principles.  In the old days a politician who promised to make your wallet fatter was referred to as ‘buying votes’.  Now it just seems to be called ‘spreading the wealth’.

If the system is ever to reform it must start with the people.  If good people are to be placed into leadership and corrupt ones are to be removed it must start with the people choosing to elect good people and not people who simply say what people want to hear.  People of character must be willing to confront people of power.  People who value accountability must be willing to hold people of office accountable.  The people must find their voice again.  I am foolish enough to believe that the spirit of people like Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington is still able to be heard if people of today are willing to speak and demand truth in politics.  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST TRUTH; WE THE PEPOLE WILL DEMAND TRUTH!  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST CHARACTER; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEMAND CHARACTER!  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REQUEST THAT OUR LEADERS BE PEOPLE OF INTRIGITY; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DEMAND OUR LEADERS BE PEOPLE OF INTRIGITY!