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Above the law

democrat party


Anyone who knows the need for a rule of law has been ill watching how Hillary Clinton has been able to establish herself as being above the law.  The FBI reiterated the numerous points where she lied to both them and to Congress all without saying she broke the law.  Then the FBI gives her a pass by simply saying how she is just incompetent in handling sensitive information.  The baffling thing is how this woman still is running for the office of President who will be in charge of all sensitive matters.  The use of the Clinton Foundation as a political pay for play arena has been proven beyond any reasonable contention.  Her incompetents in handling Benghazi were clearly the reason for the deaths of Americans.  Even the swirling rumors surrounding the mysterious recent deaths of people surrounding her email fiasco yet no real investigation will ever be done just like no real investigation was ever done in the death of Vince Foster or the multitudes of people killed or accidentally found dead along the wake of the lives of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Yet she still remains as the media choice for President.  This should make every American question both the media and the system.  Even the primaries where emails proved how the DNC rigged the elections in favor of Clinton against Sanders, still she stands above the law.

This election is not about who will be the next President.  This election is whether there will be an America for the next President.  Hillary has vowed to bring hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country from countries known for terrorism.  It is impossible to vet those numbers leaving America not having immigrants but rather an invasion.  Hillary as made it clear that her agenda will be to disarm the civilian populous.  She does not believe that citizens have the right to bear arms.  It is clear that terrorist in this country and elsewhere have no problems getting weapons meaning that she is going to leave the law abiding people defenseless.  I do not promote violence in this nation.  I simply write what many people think.  America is running out of time and it is time to be blunt.  If Hillary Clinton gets elected President, America will face its second revolution.  Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s policy which has driven race relations back 50 years and a wedge between both classes and races to a powder keg level.  If Hillary is elected America will cease to exist as it has been known.  I regret to state that all reasonable conclusions are that if Hillary is elected that there will be civil war.  I do not want that in my country.  I am not promoting that in my country.  I simply say what I see happening in my country.  We are almost there already.  Personally I believe that if it was not for the election being so close that there probably would be more push back against present policies already.  The America people see election as a sacred trust.  Yet the DNC and Hillary Clinton have already violated that trust by what has been revealed they have done with the primaries.

Under Obama voter fraud has been proven.  It is a numeric impossibility for there to be precincts where not one vote was cast for the opposition.  Yet this last election with Obama this happened in numerous precincts.  People have testified as to how they were approached to create software used to corrupt voting machines.  The DNC has taken the last sacred rites of being an American and have thrown on the trash heap.  Now in this new election two of the major companies which make and operate the voting machines are large Clinton donors.  There has been corruption in the election; there will continue to be corruption in the election.  If the DNS insists on make our election process equal to those of third world countries then they should not be surprised when the citizenry responds to corrupt elections like they do in third world countries.  You cannot have total corruption in the top leadership and not have violence in response by those under those corrupt officials.  I believe the DNC used to express the concerns of average people.  That is no longer the truth.  The DNC has been hijacked by those who have only a goal of total overthrow of the American system and way of life.  The DNC has established itself as being above the law as has been proven by the lack of any consequence of previous actions in the rigged primaries and the multitude of ‘investigations’ or lack thereof into the actions of the Clintons over the years and recent decade.

Our world is already experiencing global conflict.  This means that while our leadership refused to admit it that we are experiencing the early days of World War III.  The world is at war with radical Islam in numerous countries around the globe.  Our present leadership is infiltrated with members of radical Islam or are Islamic sympathizers.  Hillary with her close ties to radical Islam would not fight Islam and simply capitulate as Islam continues to infest all aspects of our nation.  This would leave the average American who refuses to live under Islamic rule with no other option but armed response.  It would be a fight or die situation.  This is the reality of this election.

It is an insult to any thinking American when the media tries to make news over who might be changing their opinion on this or that topic.  The media is an insult to journalism as they try to make news out of which radically inclined multi-million dollar contract sports person makes some stupid protest over what he sees an unjust as he is laughing all the way to the bank.  The media is missing that this election is a referendum over the future of our nation and even to the extent as to whether or not there will be a nation.  There will be a land mass.  There will be something loosely referred to as a nation.  But there will not be a United States of America.



Can’t pound sand



Having had a relationship where I was left with the idea that I could not pound sand out of a boot with the directions written on the bottom, I am getting really irritated at the media.  I was watching CNN and their covering Trump’s trip to Louisiana.  Instead of saying anything positive about his attempts to help people who have lost everything, they were fixating on ‘Trump makes outreach to blacks in a white suburb.’  They forget that maybe all other neighborhoods were possibly flooded.  I have to wonder why so many media sources, politicians, business people and even some Republicans would prefer to see elected a woman who is a known liar, deceiver, purposely left national secrets open to being hacked, and even left our soldiers to die.  She even committed what I would call the greatest and unforgivable offense where she looked a grieving mother directly in the eyes and purposely lied to her.  She is basically a psychotic liar.  I wonder if she is more than just a little delusional as she keeps saying how she has never lied yet seems to forget that everything is on record somewhere.  To say that her health is questionable is to give it a compliment.  Last time the Clintons were in the White House they stole so many things from it that the government had to order them to return hundreds of thousands in antiques, art and other collectibles.  He ‘Foundation’ is under investigation.  She has received millions from countries that kills women like it is some type of spectator sport.  She is open about her desire to eliminate the Second Amendment.  When there is someone so, in my opinion, vile yet where the media is blindly pushing for her election you must ask yourself why.

One thing about this election is that the choices are polar opposites.  Never before has the status quo been more threatened than it is presently.  With the status quo being the driving force to elect Hellary it makes it clear that the election of Hellary is all about power and the retention of power rather than anything good for America.  She has not been shy about her desire to make America an Islamic nation, remove the right to bear arms, and abuse any power she finds.  I believe that is why the media has not even has attempted to be subtle.  Their hypocrisy has been openly flaunted.  Obama has shown utter contempt to those displaced by the flooding in Louisiana while being given a total pass by the media.  He has been increasingly open with his crazed drive for power and his racist agenda with this recent ‘warning’ as to how help is to be administered to the flood victims.  This election is about the powerful being determined to remain in power.  If this election goes to Hellary then there will be no stopping the power hungry.  Hellary has had so many people around her mysteriously die it seems that it would be safer to kiss Typhoid Mary on the lips than it would be to be an associate of Hellary Clinton have find something damming about her.  Trump is correct when he says he is not just running against the Clinton machine but against the media as well. I am glad he has a good security team.

It does not take an Einstein to realize that there is something deadly wrong happening in this election.  The levels of treason are astounding.  Republicans and Democrats who vow to support the Constitution supporting the very person who has openly stated she will attack the Constitution and finish tearing it apart starting with where Obama has left off.

This November is not about an election.  We are at a crossroads regarding the very future of our nation.  I am reminded of the children of Israel who demanded a king.  They were tired of the prophets who lead them and wanted to be like the other nations who had a king.  They got a king and the beginning of misery followed.  Our nation wants to be ‘progressive’ with a woman President.  The liberals want their ‘freedoms’ in the form of not having any God and not having any rules such as even a men’s and woman’s restroom.  Everyone wants their own little safe space where no one says anything that hurts their feelings.  Instead of being the greatest nation in the world we have become the biggest bunch of whiners on the planet.  Instead of a spine it appears that at least our present generation has a noodle.  Hellary is determined to make America into an Islamic state.  Obama has covered the great history of our nation with lies and filth so deep there is hardly any shine remaining.  This election, if it happens and is not corrupted through illegal machine tampering, will represent life or death to America.  I have never seen a time in the life of this nation where total all out civil war has been more of a very real threat.  Obama should be tried for treason and if found guilty treated as per the Constitution.  The same goes for all those in power.  If this administration pulls in the UN to govern our streets then all bets are off.  If Islamic radicals are permitted free run of our streets then all bets are off.  The future of this nation now lies in the hands of the likes of Obama, Lynch, Jarrett and Hellary.  The next move is theirs and I would highly recommend they think about consequences before acting but that has not been their modus operandi.  I try never to be pessimistic but I fear that future generations will look back and in the words of the pilot of the Elona Gay they will instead of see our progress will exclaim ‘what have we done’.




Contrary to popular belief the Ostrich does not actually bury its head in the sand but digs holes for its eggs and uses its head to turn the eggs over.  It looks like it has its head bury being totally oblivious to the world around it but it actually is showing care and concern for its unborn.  Maybe the world should actually learn from the Ostrich.  But there is an action taking place which mimics the Ostrich and the belief of burying its head.

The liberal left has again come unglued at a statement made by Donald Trump.  They have taken his statement regarding the Second Amendment people as promoting an assault upon Hillary Clinton.  I swear they must have an IQ equal to a shoe size.  I watched that comment being made and I truly doubt that anyone other than a paid lefty reporter heard anything other than simply voting and holding her accountable.  But there also is something that the liberal left wants to bury its head in the sand and ignore.  No one wants unrest in this country.  Most people have a respect for the rule of law.  This is why the animals of the likes seen burning down Ferguson and all the hopes and dreams of the business owners or those who destroyed Baltimore are so despised by the majority.  We respect the rule of law.  It is this respect which has kept things quiet and calm during the chaos of the Obama administration.  The liberal left does not want to admit just how far the Obama administration has pushed this country toward armed insurrection.  The liberal left does not want to acknowledge how insanely close Obama and his administration has driven this nation into a powder keg of division.  The radical groups have done basically unchecked.  It would have been one thing if they had been unchecked but under this administration the radical groups have actually been encouraged.  During the Ferguson riots he had the nerve to tell them to keep the course.  Obama openly insults the families of slain police officers by bringing the Black Lives Matter people into the White House as advisors for race relations.  He defiles the honor of the People’s House by having people like Al Sharpton who has proven to be nothing more than a race baiter who has encouraged attacks on law officers.  As someone who grew up during the 60’s and all the race conflicts of that era I can state that the 60’s was peaceful in comparison to what he has done to this nation.  Obama and his administration has pushed race relations in this country back 60 years.  The primary difference is that in the 50’s you could see ‘whites only’ signs where now it is possible to see ‘blacks only’ signs.  It screams of total hypocrisy to oppose one form of racism while promoting another.

What I fear for my nation is that the left has created a form of pseudo-law.  The liberal left has promoted a law which is able to pick and chose who was going to be held accountable and responsible and who was going to be permitted to break the law.  To date nothing has been done regarding the animals that burned lives and dreams to the ground in Ferguson.  Nothing has been done to those who destroyed so much of Baltimore.  If anything they were patted on the back as having ‘made a statement for equality’.  Tell that to those people who lost their life’s savings.  If anyone else would have done what Hillary Clinton did regarding the mishandling of confidential material, a private unsecured server in her bathroom, increasing evidence of misconduct during the election process and a pay for position approach to government they would be under the jail and not just ‘in it’.  She has proven that her word is totally meaningless yet she is still the shining star of the liberal left.  This pseudo form of law is simply being the fuse leading to the powder keg of total frustration with a corrupt system.

I have said for years that Obama wants a national crisis so that he could declare martial law, enact the rules of FEMA and retain power.  My hope is not just to see another election.  I hope to actually see a change of power structure in the Executive branch.  I am not convinced that if Hillary loses that Obama still would not try to maintain powder through martial law and some form of national chaos.

Now before claiming that my tin foil hat is simply on too tight, please ask yourself where we are as a nation.  We have a President who is actually delusional.  He is the open butt of jokes in Russia.  He gets passed up to be greeted while standing in a line of international dignitaries.  Our citizens are getting killed on a regular basis while in other countries.  Yet, he says how he has made America more honored, respected and peaceful than it has ever been in history.  There has never been a sitting president who has attacked the other party’s candidate before like Obama does routinely.  There has never been a president so openly anti-law enforcement or anti-military as Obama.  When the pilot of the Presidential Marine chopper refuses to take off until he goes back out and salutes the Marine on duty outside the door that says just how bad his treatment of the military has become.  It was embarrassing as an American to see our president standing in a line of national leaders chewing gum like some reject from a James Dean imitators contest.

The liberal left is doing everything in its power to provide the only thing remaining for this to explode which is the spark.  As this administration is doing everything in its power and outside of its power to effect this upcoming election, we walk on thin ice.  This administration is releasing and pardoning convicts by the thousands, flooding our streets with illegal persons who have entered this country not all with the best of intentions for a better America and if trying to force tens of thousands of so called refugees into our nation.  I highly doubt that there are not also instructions on how to vote since the left has fought with ever possible lie in the book to keep a voter from needing to show any form of identification.  It is total stupidity for someone to claim that there never has been voter fraud especially when people have bragged about voting democrat multiple times on the same day for the same person.  It is a mathematical impossibility for Obama to have received so many precincts where Romney did not even get one vote unless the machines were rigged to switch a republican vote to democrat.  The technician even testified before the Florida Congress as to how he was approached by a member of the democrat party to create the software to switch votes.

Now, I highly doubt that Donald Trump even had the remote idea that his statement would have been taken by the left to mean that he was supporting anything other than a peaceful election.  But, I would encourage the liberal left to pull their heads out of the sand, or where ever their heads may be placed, and start realizing that if there is anything other than peace in this nation that they are the ones to be blamed.

Trojan horse

trojan horse


The story of the Trojan horse is probably more fable than history.  But the imagery of hidden dangers in seemingly innocent things is very real.  As I listen to politicians and watch the election unfold I see the very real threat of the Trojan horse in words and in practice.  When I was a practicing therapist I would try to get my clients to let go of bitter emotions and resentment but I had to be careful of my terms.  I had to be careful of words such as ‘forgiveness’ because that carried the connotation of letting people ‘off the hook’ for doing bad things.  So I had to be clear that the misnomer of the present use of the word ‘forgiveness’ was incorrect.  It had nothing to do with the other person but had a basic root word meaning similar to the word ‘breath’.  So our word ‘forgive’ was actually a personal action allowing ourselves to ‘breath again’ by removing obstacles in our way. But because the word ‘forgive’ has become so encrusted with religious overtones it now has taken a word which includes the idea of release the other person who committed the offense. This is not the true meaning of the word.  Thus power has been hidden in a word that was never intended for that word to carry.

I hear words such as ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ being bantered around like some sort of mantra for the righteous.  I hear people talk about how we are supposed to be ‘tolerant’ of others and to ‘accept’ people of different beliefs.  Somehow if we are not accepting of everything and everyone then we are the problem and we are racists.  But there is nothing wrong with having a standard.  I am an American.  I believe in the American way of life.  As an American I accept that we in America have a long history of believing in God and Christianity.  I accept that in America we have a long line of people who live off the land and eat meat.  We grill pork, beef, and just about everything that does not move too fast to catch.  We like to be left alone to live in peace.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having a standard that says I will accept others as long as they allow me to live in peace.  There is also nothing wrong which says that I will not accept others who want to come into this country simply to destroy my way of life.  I will not accept others who want to come into my country to try to harm me or my family.  There is nothing wrong with my not accepting ideology that is contrary to the history of my country or that tries to demand how I think.  There is nothing wrong with saying that I will not tolerate anyone trying to force their life style on me.  I do not know that anyone has told anyone that they cannot live as they choose.  I do know that there have been many times that people who have tried to force their lifestyle on others were told to back off.

If I am a racists by demanding that people who want to burn down the shops of hard working people be arrested and held accountable then I will accept the label racists.  If I am a racist because I demand people not to block the freeways where people are trying to get to work, get home, get to needed medical attention or simply trying to make a living then I will accept the label racists.  I refuse to feel pity for people to block on and off ramp who while standing in front of speeding cars gets hit and injured and thus get called a racist then I will accept that label.  If I am ‘intolerant’ because I do not want terrorists in my country masquerading as refugees then I will accept the label as intolerant.  If I am intolerant because I believe that someone who is shooting at innocent people should be shot back at by good people carrying guns then I will accept the label as being intolerant.  There is nothing racist nor intolerant simply for having a brain, having a standard, and having common sense!

The power of the story of the Trojan horse is the idea that hidden threat and dangers can be inside of seemingly harmless items.   The words ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ are innocent enough on face value.  But, when we start using them as blanket terms where common sense and standards are removed, then they carry dangers of unbelievable nature.  It would be foolish to accept a box of vipers inside a nursery.  It would be foolish to tolerate poison to be mixed in orange juice and left around children.  It is equally as foolish to expect people to accept thousands of people who are from the same countries that have been trying to kill us to come into this country without knowing who they are and what is their intent.  These words are now being used as weapons against people who simply want to be left alone to live in peace.  These words are now being uses as a moral standard saying that if you are not ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting ‘of everyone and everything that you are not a good person and are evil in nature.  If that is what it takes now to want to keep America safe, my family safe and myself safe, then I will accept the label of intolerant and un-accepting.  Any so called political leaders who want to demand that we accept everything and everyone and to tolerant any and every behavior has just rejected any basis for calling them a leader.  They are fools and ignorant and only have themselves in mind and the destruction of my country at heart.  My biggest question as I listen to people talk today is wondering when people are going to wake up and actually start thinking again.  There is no such thing as total acceptance and total tolerance.  Somewhere something must become unacceptable and intolerable for life to continue.


Time to choose


When I was a practicing therapist I would tell my male clients that they needed to try and tell their female counterparts how they felt about issues.  So often that was like speaking a foreign language to some men.  But I have tried to practice what I preached.  With that in mind I want to tell people what I am feeling today.  I feel as if we are in the 1930’s and the three branches of our government have been infiltrated with Nazi sympathizers.  There are so many of them that it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad mainly because the good guys either do not speak up or are silenced by the bad.  That is putting things about as blunt as I can image.  Our world is at war with a crazy bunch of religious fanatics and our government from all branches appears to be doing their utmost to protect them.  Our Attorney General threatens to go after anyone who ‘talks’ negatively about the Muslims.  The commander and chief refuses to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as radical Islamic terrorists.  That is as stupid as someone refusing to acknowledge that there are racist anti-Semitic German Nazis.  (I use the present tense because unfortunately they still exist).

There are some things which need to be addressed today.  If you are in the military or in law enforcement you need to settle the issue today if you will obey the Constitution or your superiors.  If your boss tells you to do something contrary to Civil liberties and Constitutional rights what will you do?  Do not think that acceptance of the Unconstitutional actions and by going along with the ‘orders’ that you and your family are safe.  I would like to remind you of an event that happened between June 30 and July 2 1934.  It was called the ‘Night of the long knives’.  It was a time that Hitler’s SS and Gestapo turned against the ‘brown shirts’ or the SA and Ernest Rohm.  Rohm helped form the Nazi party.  He was part of it from the onset.  Yet Rohm and his crew were the ones who attacked the strike breakers and the political gatherings which were being held by those who questioned Adolf Hitler.  It is too bad that there are so many cowards and sheep in the media because people need to be reminded of history.  What is happening today is simply history repeating itself.  The attacks on those attending Trump’s rallies are nothing more than the SA under Rohm did to those who attended anti-Hitler gatherings and political rallies of collective critical thought.  Those in the SA were slaughtered.  I am sure they thought that since they were all supporting Hitler that there were safe.  You might also look at the countless other German citizens as well as others in the Nazi party who thought they were safe because they quietly went along with things.  First they come after those who oppose a particular way of thinking then they come after people for no real reason at all.  That was one reason why the Gestapo was so feared by even those in the Nazi party.  They did not need a reason to execute.

As I have stated in all my writing, I do not want violence.  But as I have been stating more recently is that I do not see any way violence is not being thrust upon us.  I do not think that the people of Germany suddenly woke up one day and found Hitler dominating their known world.  It was not like when the Berlin wall went up where family members might have been spending the night with friends or other family members never realizing that the next morning would be the beginning of decades before they would ever see each other again.  Events in Germany were more like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increasing.  It does not realize it is being boiled until it is too late.  Our rights have been slowly eroded over years.  Our liberties have been decreased gradually over time.  We must stop and realize before it is too late.

Too many well-meaning people think that they will be safe by complying with the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  But the reality is that there is no honor amongst thieves.  As draconian laws are passed the only ones who are going to be safe will be those of the upper echelon making those laws.  Even those people will not be safe if they are not of the select few.  General Petraeus was convicted for ‘improper handling of confidential information’ even though the amount of information he supposedly mishandled was minuscule in comparison to the thousands of confidential emails mishandled by Hillary Clinton.  Some of those emails were so sensitive that they could not even be read by many members of Congress.  It was interesting that although the FBI recognized that she was guilty of improperly handling confidential communications that it was also recommended that no action be taken because ‘no reasonable prosecutor would seek to press charges.  The FBI later also went on to say that the actions taken on the Clinton case did not mean that if someone else would do the same thing that no charges would be brought upon them.  In other words, what the FBI seemed to be saying was that since the prosecutor knew that the case would be tied up in court for an indefinite period of time that it would be better just not to seek charges in her case.  Basically this is saying that our legal system is totally dependent upon how long a person can tie things up in court.

Increasing numbers of members of law enforcement have stated they will not enforce unconstitutional gun confiscations.  Our military has already been polled back in the days of Bill Clinton as to who would fire upon or confiscate firearms from American citizens.  One third said no, one third said yes and one third said that it depended upon the circumstance.  I am hoping that those numbers are better today and that people are beginning to realize that there is no safe place once the government starts imposing its own set of laws upon the people that is contrary to the Highest Law of the Land.


Straight talk

honest talk

I have stated from the beginning that I try to be careful how I word things because I do not care to have people in ugly suit knocking on my door trying to make me a resident of the state because I made a statement not to their liking.  No, this is not paranoia, it is common knowledge that all these social sites are monitored and people have had visits by the FBI and Secret Service agents in the past.  As a practicing psychotherapist I worked with some of those people.  But I also think that it is time for some straight talk concerning some very serious matters.

As a nation we are in serious trouble.  We are entering territory that I never thought I would ever see nor do I want to see.  We have a president who has had a primary goal of ‘radically transforming America’.  His advisors have boasted about their efforts and goals to turn America into an Islamic country.  Key positions in the government are now held by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization labeled as ‘terrorist’ by many Muslim nations.  The president is bound and determine to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this nation even though he has been warned by numerous leaders in law enforcement and others that there are, not might be, ISIS terrorists masquerading as ‘refugees’.  We have already had American blood spilled by Islamic terrorists on American soil.  The government’s response to attacks upon American citizens is an increase to disarm legal citizens.  I wish I never had to say this but if things keep up as they are going Americans are going to be at direct odds with our own government.  It will be a government seeking with force to make America into a Muslim nation verses citizens who want to live in peace with American freedoms in opposition.  I do not want to see the day when citizens have to take up arms against our own government but I am afraid that day is coming.  Our government leaders are being told directly and without mincing words by law enforcement officials that if they start trying to confiscate citizen’s firearms that they will be the ones responsible for the next American Revolution.  I want our so called elected leaders to wake up and pull their elected heads out of their butts and stop the insanity.  Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat party are leading this assault against the American way of life and too many Republicans are walking hand in hand right alone with them.

Sharia law is another point which needs some straight talk.  Sharia law is in total opposition to the American way of life and American values.  In Sharia law a woman who is raped can and will be put to dead because he had sex with someone other than her husband.  Gay and lesbians are to be put to dead.  Liberals what to support the gay community while also saying there is nothing wrong with Sharia law.  People need to read Sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty way of life that has can never be reconciled with American values and the Constitution.

Anchor babies are another issue which needs straight talk.  A Mexican mother is able to sneak into the country to have their child knowing that hospitals cannot turn them away.  Once the child is born due to a twisted interpretation of an amendment which was never indented to be used to support anchor babies is used as an excuse to grant that baby total citizenship.  There is no other country which provides total citizenship just because you happen to be born in that country.  Once the child is born then all the weeping heart liberals scream how awful it is for anyone to try and deport the mother thus ‘breaking up the family’.  Now it is a situation where people scream that the child has rights as an American and so does the mother because of the baby.  This twisted interpretation has been killing America and bankrupting county and states.  Due to the liberal mentality there are billions being spent upon medical, education, social programs and numerous other things providing the families and the ‘new American’ benefits.  When anyone tries to speak out about the financial suicide they are condemned as being racists.  I truly wish people would read the definition of a word before throwing it around.  Everything today is ‘racists’.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now ‘racists’.  Black jelly beans are not ‘racists’.  This word has been so abused that true racism is lost in the maze of phony racism.  It is like the story of the boy who cried wolf so much that when the wolf actually attacked people did not care because they just figured it was another false alarm.

We have traitors to America leading America.  ISIS was the brainchild of someone and I am afraid that someone collects a paycheck from the US taxpayer.  ISIS has declared war against America and Americans.  Our way of life is in direct opposition to their radical Islamic belief system.  They want to kill Americans if for no other reason than our enjoying a bacon-bacon cheeseburger.  I do not know how anyone can call Islam a religion of peace.  Personally I would love for someone to find in the koran anything that talks about loving your enemy; doing good to those who persecute you.  It cannot be done because it does not exist in the koran.  Radical Islam and American values are in total conflict.  American values calls for freedom of thought where radical Islam calls for only one way to think.  American values promote freedom of religion where radical Islam calls for the death of anyone who does not follow their religion.  Those who do not condemn radical Islam is promoting and supporting the end to the America way of life.  These two cannot and can never co-exist because they are in total opposition to each other.

During the Cold War it was feared that the USSR and communism would attack our country and try to take it over by force.  What is happening is a version of Islam is attacking our country using our Constitution and loopholes being led by our own elected politicians.  Our love and engrained desire to protect and provide for the innocent babies is being used to tighten a financial noose around our necks and slowing choking out our ability to take care of anyone.  If things do not change, and change rapidly, America will be a war within itself and on its own soil.

And so it begins



I would not say that Orlando was the ‘shot heard around the world’ but it was definitely the shot heard around the nation.  People and things are becoming clearer.  As Ryan tried to have a moment of silence for those lost in the terrorist rampage certain Democrats walked out of the room.  After the moment of silence Democrats disrupted the order of Congress demanding their votes.  I do not remember that ever happening when Harry Reid was majority leader of the Senate and not one Republican bill was sent to the floor.  The masks are coming off.  If there are any good politicians still in the Democrat party I would recommend that you leave that party or be prepared to be painted with the same brush.  The Democrat party of today is not the party of old.  The Democrat party of today is a mask for socialism and the goal of a quasi-communistic rule of America.  It represents a destruction of the US Constitution as an ‘outdated’ document and a removal of the American way of life for a more ‘socially appropriate’ lifestyle which will not offend anyone.  Do not doubt their primary goal is to disarm Americans because our owning and carrying firearms are considered ‘offensive’ to many and mainly to those who would prefer to see us all dead.  Our freedoms are considered offensive to Islam because we drink alcohol if we desire, we eat pork and are not bothered when our women wear bikinis.  We like seeing the beauty in the female form and do not want them covered in a potato sack.

Do not be surprised as the final push of the Obama administration to remove the American way of life goes full nova.  Obama has stacked the Supreme Court with people who opposed the Constitution as much as he does and expects them to vote in lock and step with the agenda.  We will see bill after bill and executive order after executive order to remove gun rights from citizens.  The total disregard for those who died in Orlando and the complete manipulation of the situation for political has been made clear.  The present Democrat party has no regard for people but merely an agenda.  People like Feinstein is a disgrace who vowed to protect this country and now an active opponent against this country and its way of life.  If anyone in Congress has forgotten their oath they vowed to protect and serve the people and to support the Constitution.  But they now disregard the Constitution and view the people as their subjects.

It should not be a surprise that Obama cannot utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists’.  It is against the koran for one Muslim to speak ill of another Muslim.  Let us get past all the political dog poop.  Obama was raised Muslim, was registered in school as a Muslim, supports Islam, protects Islam, has defended Islam in front of the United Nations and has made the statement that if the political winds turn against Islam that he would support Islam.  He has made the historically incorrect statement as how ‘Muslims have built the very fiber of this nation’ when in reality Islam had attacked this country for decades. Since 1783 Islam has been attacking America, American people, taking thousands of slaves, and killing innocent people.  There should be no question that Obama is a Muslim.  Any first year detective would come up with the same conclusion giving the visible and historical evidence.  Obama has an agenda that is the bread and butter of the Democrat party.  They do not care if they spark the next American Revolution as long as they support their leader’s agenda.  Let us get one thing straight.  Your leader is NOT supporting America, the American way of life, American history, nor even knows anything about American history.  Your leader is a sham, a coward, and ignorant puppet who simply sees the people as a piggy bank to be used and abused.  He has no regard for America, Christianity, or the American way of life.  He knows about as much about the US Constitution as some peasant on the streets of some Muslim country who still considers a plateful of bugs as a delicatessen.

If you do not have a good rifle used for not only self-defense but also national defense the time is now to get one.  Keep it as quiet as possible because it will be a dangerous commodity.  Do not be surprised at the insanity which is coming done the road lead by Obama and the Democrats.  Do not under estimate this nitwit’s agenda, his desire to use every means possible legal and illegal, Constitutional and unconstitutional to mean his agenda and goals.  Stay vigilant and do not believe everything you see.  The media is staying that the Muslim caught with the bomb material in California heading to the gay pride parade and the Muslim who held the hostages at the Texas Walmart are not all connected with the terrorists of Orlando.  Personally I think there is a better chance of winning the Power Ball Lottery than these not being connected. We are not under attack by ‘lone wolf’ terrorists especially when they all vow allegiance to the same group of nut-jobs.  These people are here in America.  The Democrats are determined to bring in more into this country under the guise of refugees.  Do not be surprised as these things increase.  As in Europe women will be under attack.  If your sweetie does not carry encourage her to do so.  The best way to deter rapists is to make sure that he never is able to rape another person.

I am not a man of doom and gloom.  But I am a realist.  I believe in being prepared.  I would rather be prepared and never need what I have than to need it and not have any means to protect myself, my family or my country.  Make no mistake no be deceived.  The present Democrat party is not a party in favor of America or the American way of life.  Islam is not a peaceful religion who simply wants to exist.  I still hold that there might be some within Islam who, in spite of what their religion teaches deep in the koran, simply wants to be left alone in peace.  But do not be deceived that the masses of Islam are here peacefully.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  That is more than a typing exercise.  It is a mandate.  If you have….carry.  If you do not have….then get something that you can legally carry.  If you are not trained….get training.  If you do not have a permit….get one.  Do not be surprised.  It was the armed citizen that deterred Japan from a frontal assault against this nation during World War II.   It is up to the armed citizen to keep defending it in spite as to what the Democrats want to say about the right of the citizen to do so.  Anyone who speaks out against the right to defend one’s self, one’s family, or one’s country must be considered as a traitor to America and the American way of life.  In the words of George Washington:  The only language state sponsors of Islamic terrorism understands is force.