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Black lives matter


Allow me to be blunt.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing but a joke created by what appears to be nothing more than race baiters and anarchists.  If the Black Lives Matter people really gave a rat’s left butt cheek about black lives that are dying then they would be protesting in the streets of Chicago in the black neighborhoods where blacks are slaughtering blacks on a daily if not hourly basis.  Instead of doing something that might actually impact black deaths they do stupid things like trying to shutdown Graceland because of ‘income inequality’.  Please describe income inequality while standing at the mansions of Prince, Michael Jackson or some of the currently living black entertainers.  Maybe the person they are saying was poor did nothing to change his status in life where Elvis did something.  Do not complain of being poor if all you really want to do is to sit on your butt and expect life to get better.  If you are not out there making a better life, then being poor is your fault and the responsibility falls upon no one else.

All the Black Lives Matter movement has been able to do is to push the race relations back decades.  When people see Black Lives Matter people blocking freeways where people are trying to get to and from work, to fire and other emergencies or trying to get to a hospital, you are not helping your cause.  All people are seeing anymore now are a bunch of radical blacks who are using their blackness as an excuse to be a pain in the butt to society.  They know that they have most of the politicians who are afraid to do anything that might cost them votes and so many law officials who have been bullied into being afraid of the media will not really do anything of consequence for their illegal blockades.  Good black people who are proud of this country must be so embarrassed at the jackasses who keep trying to group all blacks as nothing more than a bunch of America hating radicals.

The Black Lives Matter movement has descended into nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization that has the President’s blessing.  He has encouraged them to ‘keep the course’ as they burned down Ferguson MO.  These radicals have targeted police officers and have murdered them as they have tried to do their jobs.  Do not have any question in your mind.  If these radicals are willing to murder an armed, trained and commissioned police officer they will have no reservation to kill anyone and anything that stands in their way.  These low life morons have no importance today and simply want to kill and destroy.  They are a joke to the black community because they only have been hurting the black community.  The hypocrisy of this movement is outstanding.  Where are they when blacks are slaughtering blacks?  One answer is that they are as far away from any real danger as possible.  They are not willing to place themselves on the line where real change might happen.  These cowards do not care about making real change.  These domestic terrorists only are interested in creating as much chaos as possible.  These people want civil war.  They seem to want race war.  I grew up with the fear of the ‘zebra’ wars that were being pushed by the Black Panthers in Chicago.  Now the difference is that they have the blessing of this administration.  Obama has done nothing positive for America.  His goal seems to have always been civil war so he can ‘radically transform America’.  The media has been stupid enough to follow Black Lives Matter because there is a ‘story’.  There is no story.  There is only irritation of the rest of the nation and the media is fueling it.  I believe that if the media would stop following Black Lives Matter protests that the ‘movement’ would die out as quickly as it formed.  It only wants the limelight.

Every time the Black Lives Matter people are blocking a freeway or protesting it should be a call from the mountain tops that something in our political arena must change.  We must get back to a rule of law.  The Black Lives Matter now has people run through their lines on the streets as they try to form their little blockades.  People are realizing that they cannot stop a car or truck.  Of course the Black Lives Matter people are screaming racism as they are getting ran over.  First of all, if you do not want to get hit by a car do not stand in the middle of the road.  Secondly, they have created this problem.  People have stopped just to have their cars attacked.  Remember during the Rodney King protest where a trucker stopped due to one of their little road blocks and he was beaten to death.  I do not blame people for running their blockades and not wanting to stop.  They created this atmosphere of fear to where people are afraid to stop.  They want to call everything racism.  All they have done is be the proverbial boy who cried wolf to where no one will listen to them if there really is racism.  It is not racism to eat black jelly beans.  It is not racism to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I expect them to cry racism when people separate the colored clothes from the whites in order to do laundry.

Our nation is a powder keg.  These people know it.  Personally I believe this is all part of the plan.  Civil war would mean a national crisis which would mean martial law.  There is one problem with this plan.  The average person, who out numbers the radicals, are fed up.  I would not bode well for the radicals should they succeed in pushing armed conflict the way they seem to be going.  With the Black Panthers running around their neighborhoods with semi-auto rifles trying to look all badass, all they are doing are making the calm people irritated.  They are pushing for armed conflict.  Obama and his administration are encouraging these black groups by saying how they are just ‘expressing their First Amendment rights’.  I easily see armed conflict.  This administration has pushed for extremists to enter this country by the droves.  ‘Refugees’ have flooded our nation with the blessing of this administration and the Democrat Party.  They know included in the refugees are un-vetted Islamic extremists looking to attack America and Americans.  This is treason in the highest form.  The back room deals being made between this administration and the UN ‘peacekeepers’ will not prevent a bloodbath.  It is beyond time that this administration pulled their heads out of their backsides and stopped the full ahead of steam towards race war.

Black Lives Matter is its own hypocrisy.  Black lives do not matter to them.  Media coverage and however much money they must be getting from somewhere seems to be their goal.  You know that it cost a lot to keep their protests going.  These people obviously do not have jobs because they seem to have all the free time they want to allow them to protest.  If Black Lives Matter people really cared about black lives then they would do something to clean up Chicago.  I am sure the police of Chicago would welcome their assistance.  Instead the Black Lives Matter people are nothing but cowards staying as far away from danger under the protection of the same police they are trying to kill.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than a dangerous hypocritical JOKE!

Straight talk

honest talk

I have stated from the beginning that I try to be careful how I word things because I do not care to have people in ugly suit knocking on my door trying to make me a resident of the state because I made a statement not to their liking.  No, this is not paranoia, it is common knowledge that all these social sites are monitored and people have had visits by the FBI and Secret Service agents in the past.  As a practicing psychotherapist I worked with some of those people.  But I also think that it is time for some straight talk concerning some very serious matters.

As a nation we are in serious trouble.  We are entering territory that I never thought I would ever see nor do I want to see.  We have a president who has had a primary goal of ‘radically transforming America’.  His advisors have boasted about their efforts and goals to turn America into an Islamic country.  Key positions in the government are now held by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization labeled as ‘terrorist’ by many Muslim nations.  The president is bound and determine to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this nation even though he has been warned by numerous leaders in law enforcement and others that there are, not might be, ISIS terrorists masquerading as ‘refugees’.  We have already had American blood spilled by Islamic terrorists on American soil.  The government’s response to attacks upon American citizens is an increase to disarm legal citizens.  I wish I never had to say this but if things keep up as they are going Americans are going to be at direct odds with our own government.  It will be a government seeking with force to make America into a Muslim nation verses citizens who want to live in peace with American freedoms in opposition.  I do not want to see the day when citizens have to take up arms against our own government but I am afraid that day is coming.  Our government leaders are being told directly and without mincing words by law enforcement officials that if they start trying to confiscate citizen’s firearms that they will be the ones responsible for the next American Revolution.  I want our so called elected leaders to wake up and pull their elected heads out of their butts and stop the insanity.  Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat party are leading this assault against the American way of life and too many Republicans are walking hand in hand right alone with them.

Sharia law is another point which needs some straight talk.  Sharia law is in total opposition to the American way of life and American values.  In Sharia law a woman who is raped can and will be put to dead because he had sex with someone other than her husband.  Gay and lesbians are to be put to dead.  Liberals what to support the gay community while also saying there is nothing wrong with Sharia law.  People need to read Sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty way of life that has can never be reconciled with American values and the Constitution.

Anchor babies are another issue which needs straight talk.  A Mexican mother is able to sneak into the country to have their child knowing that hospitals cannot turn them away.  Once the child is born due to a twisted interpretation of an amendment which was never indented to be used to support anchor babies is used as an excuse to grant that baby total citizenship.  There is no other country which provides total citizenship just because you happen to be born in that country.  Once the child is born then all the weeping heart liberals scream how awful it is for anyone to try and deport the mother thus ‘breaking up the family’.  Now it is a situation where people scream that the child has rights as an American and so does the mother because of the baby.  This twisted interpretation has been killing America and bankrupting county and states.  Due to the liberal mentality there are billions being spent upon medical, education, social programs and numerous other things providing the families and the ‘new American’ benefits.  When anyone tries to speak out about the financial suicide they are condemned as being racists.  I truly wish people would read the definition of a word before throwing it around.  Everything today is ‘racists’.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are now ‘racists’.  Black jelly beans are not ‘racists’.  This word has been so abused that true racism is lost in the maze of phony racism.  It is like the story of the boy who cried wolf so much that when the wolf actually attacked people did not care because they just figured it was another false alarm.

We have traitors to America leading America.  ISIS was the brainchild of someone and I am afraid that someone collects a paycheck from the US taxpayer.  ISIS has declared war against America and Americans.  Our way of life is in direct opposition to their radical Islamic belief system.  They want to kill Americans if for no other reason than our enjoying a bacon-bacon cheeseburger.  I do not know how anyone can call Islam a religion of peace.  Personally I would love for someone to find in the koran anything that talks about loving your enemy; doing good to those who persecute you.  It cannot be done because it does not exist in the koran.  Radical Islam and American values are in total conflict.  American values calls for freedom of thought where radical Islam calls for only one way to think.  American values promote freedom of religion where radical Islam calls for the death of anyone who does not follow their religion.  Those who do not condemn radical Islam is promoting and supporting the end to the America way of life.  These two cannot and can never co-exist because they are in total opposition to each other.

During the Cold War it was feared that the USSR and communism would attack our country and try to take it over by force.  What is happening is a version of Islam is attacking our country using our Constitution and loopholes being led by our own elected politicians.  Our love and engrained desire to protect and provide for the innocent babies is being used to tighten a financial noose around our necks and slowing choking out our ability to take care of anyone.  If things do not change, and change rapidly, America will be a war within itself and on its own soil.

Facing hard realities

hard realities

When I was a practicing counselor people knew that, although they might not like to hear it but, I would tell them the truth.  At times those truths included hard realities but I felt that I was doing them an injustice not to tell them the truth as I saw things.  I am seeing some hard truths regarding where we are going as a nation.  For numerous reasons rioters are being permitted to attack innocent people who are expressing their freedom of speech.  The only thing they are doing is going to hear someone speak whom the rioters do not like.  I would imagine these things happening more during the time of Martin Luther King and people being pelted with raw eggs as they would go to listen to him speak but I do not remember this happening even then.  For whatever reason these rioters are permitted to attack innocent people while law enforcement stands by and watches.  San Jose was a disgrace.   Each time the rioters are not stopped in encourages their actions and those people who are getting paid to riot and protest are seeing $15.00 as easy money.  Here is the hard reality of what is going to happen if things do not change.  If things do not change, then those same rioters will be at the Republican National Convention in full force.  They will make the electoral system a shambles.  Innocent people will be hurt.  It will only take one time for someone who does not care to be beaten by someone waving a Mexican flag and burning an American flag to fight back or, worse yet, defend him or herself with lethal means.

Law enforcement is often controlled by the political powers over them such as the governors.  Against San Jose was a disgrace and all those in the political chain of command deserve to be sued to their last dime.  There is a plethora of non-lethal means by which law enforcement is able to disrupt a riot.  Mainly all they need is permission by their superiors to do so.  But every time the political powers refuse to do so whether it is because of political correctness, they do not want to offend the Mexicans or Muslims, they oppose Donald Trump or they simply have a liberal agenda, the riots increases in personal power.  America is a nation divided.  The radicals, leftists, liberals, radical Mexicans, radical Muslims, radical blacks are all on one side with the liberal Democrat agenda and the conservatives who want America back to being America and the Constitution and citizen’s rights on the other side.  America is being set up for a sucker punch.  If we are not careful and the rioters are forced under some form of control, the RNC and the resulting riots by the liberal radicals will result in a state of national emergency.  Barack Obama would have his reason for martial law and United Nations to be used for ‘peacekeeping’.  Bill Clinton already signed into Executive Order the use of the UN for ‘peacekeeping’ purposes in the US.  If people think that Obama is going to fade out peacefully they do not understand his mentality.  He is a raving egoist.  If he is given an opportunity to maintain power he will take it.  Hillary is nothing more than an extension of Obama.  If he feels that the liberal agenda of the leftist Democrat/Socialist ideology is in jeopardy he will create a situation to maintain control.

America is on the cusp of civil war.  Personally, I believe this has been the agenda of this administration from the beginning.  It has been this administration’s goal to ‘radically transform’ America.  From the beginning race has been pitted against race, black has been pitted against white; Christian has been pitted against Muslim; all with the goal of division.   Over the course of time things have moved from being very subtle to open attacks against whites, Christianity and law enforcement.  Comments made by people in this administration brag about their efforts to turn America into a Muslim country.  As a nation we now have multiple members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions of our national security.  All this has been happening over years and no one dare call it treason.

If American law enforcement does not regulate the protests and rioting someone will.  This is what is concerning.   We are a nation of laws.  Yet those in charge of protecting those laws have corrupted those laws in their enforcement.  The enforcement of those laws has not been bent necessarily if a person has money or not.  The corruption of the legal system has been towards those with the most political power.  LA Raza is numerous immigrant workers but with a political agenda of returning the south-eastern portion of the United States to Mexico at any cost.  It is the political power of the politically correct mentality which desires a unified North America and the power and money which that represents.  The Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of our grandfathers.  What is the Democrat Party of today is a usurping of a traditional political party by the Socialist/Marxist/Communism of yesterday.  Those parties have and always have had the goal of domination.  Their ideas are not sound and cannot withstand critical analysis.  For this reason outspoken critics of their ideologies must be silenced by any and every means possible.  Lenin said that America would fall without a shot being fired through the use of 26 tin soldiers referring to the alphabet.  Hillary Clinton represents the power of not only a unified North America but also of a unified global economy under a limited ruling party.  Now I am not going to get into the ‘Illuminati’ and all the rest of the conspiracy theories, but I do believe there is a primary push for global power.

I do not know how much can be done to stop this direction America is headed but I do know what will happen if nothing is done to intervene.  If the protest and riots are not stopped or met with legal opposition then the results are relatively clear.  What will happen next will depend solely upon how much the surviving populous wants to live as free men and women.

Why I support the ‘stars and bars’

sons of confederate veterans

Believe it or not but I have been called a racist simply because I have the ‘stars and bars’ on my car and on Facebook.  I find it interesting when the character of a person can be judged by a thing.  Usually these self-righteous pee brains go running to the argument of the swastika.  First of all I am not one to be playing around with where the swastika is concerned because I had an uncle who was in the units who liberated the camps and saw what the swastika stood for during WWII and my father was in the Pacific theater and also knew what would happen to the world if the swastika and Japanese imperialism was not defeated.  There is no remote connection between the swastika and the ‘stars and bars’.  A simple bit of individual research would be extremely helpful to these semi-experts who think that if they push harder on topics that they are supposed to know more than the average person.   Another point that the experts forget about is that there were many Confederate flags.

Those who want to scream that anything to do with the Confederacy is racist have no concept of history and the Confederacy.  There were many blacks who willingly and proudly fought under the various Confederate flags.  I am of Cherokee decent and there were many Native Americans who fought under a Confederate flag.  My particular tribe was originally denied federal recognition as a tribe solely because the tribal leader was a general in the Confederate army.  We are still trying to get federal recognition since shortly after that denial Congress basically closed the door to tribal recognition apart from a long and drawn out process with mounts of paperwork.

A little bit of history regarding the ‘stars and bars’ would go a long way for the ‘experts’.  The Confederate flag referred to as the ‘stars and bars’ goes back to the Scottish flag.  This, in turn, goes back to the St. Peter’s cross because St. Peter was supposed to have been crucified upside down on an ‘X’ shaped cross.  It is a symbol of courage, steadfastness, determination, and a willingness to stand or die for one’s beliefs.  It has nothing to do with racism.  I doubt most highly that any Jew ever willingly fought or defended the swastika but many blacks were proud to wear the Southern Gray.

It would also be nice if these experts did a little research into the Civil War.  Slavery was not the primary cause of the Civil War.  The North and the money people were concerned about the South seceding from the Union.  The federal government was getting more and more demanding in what was expected or demanded from the States and the South valued the idea of State’s sovereignty so they left the Union as opposed to just doing as a federal government expected.  With the South leaving the Union many of the money people were concerned about the sea ports which were largely located in the South.  They knew that people would not want war over sea ports so they took some of the abuses of slavery which were happening in the South and amplified them to get the emotions of the people behind the idea of a now noble war.  It must be kept in mind that many of these abuses did not happen.  Many slaves were treated as family and did not want to leave after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.  In reality there were very little differences going on between the black slaves in the South and the child labor and immigrant labor which was going on in the North.  Additionally, it might be notable to include that there were black slave owners and many black well to do business men.  Being black in the South did not automatically mean you were sold and beaten.

If anyone or anything is to be blamed for the abuses done to the blacks in the south it is neither the ‘stars and bars’ nor the Confederacy which should be held responsible.  It is ironic that many who are screaming racism the loudest belong to the very group that amplified the anti-black movements of the South; the Democrat party.  Prior to the infiltration by various trouble seeking Democrats after the Civil War, the Klu Klux Klan actually had black members.  This is a point of history that can be easily researched.  After the trouble makers infiltrated the organization was when it became a domestic terrorist group.  The Democrats or the ‘Dixie crates’ as they were called worked hard to keep the black from becoming an American, have the right to vote, or to have their babies seen as Americans (yes, that is where the 14th amendment comes from and not from Mexico.  It is also worth noting here that many who came to America through Ellis Island and had babies were never given immediate citizenship).  If anything is to be seen as a symbol of racism it is not the ‘stars and bars’ but rather that dag burn donkey!

Is the Vietnam Monument next

Vietnam monument

By act of the United States Congress soldiers from both sides of the Mason/Dixon line are American veterans.  It does not matter if they were Confederate or Union they are now recognized as American veterans.  Now because a bunch of whiners who are offended because of their view of the Confederacy is not seen as politically correct they are demanding that all monuments dealing with the Confederacy are threaten with being torn down.  In reality is nothing different than ISIS going into an area and destroying all of history that does not align with their preapproved records and views.

If these whiny liberals get their way and destroy all, or even any, of the Confederate monuments what is going to be next?  I remember the ruckus that was here in the States during the Vietnam War.  Many people did not like the War.  They have their view as to what the war was about while others have a different view.  Many have a perverted view of the war which is largely held by the liberal masses that were never in the war nor even bothered to truly learn about the war from those who were there.  If the whiny liberals get their way over the Confederate monuments will the Vietnam Wall be next?  What about the Korean War monument or other war monuments?

There is a movement in the nation presently that pushes if something is seen by a group that is able to whine the loudest as not being politically correct then it can be deemed as evil and therefore removed.  Again, this is the same mentality as ISIS as it takes hammers to priceless historical artifacts.  History does not care if you like it because the facts are that you must accept it.  Just because someone wants to destroy any connection to a historical fact does not remove it.  Their efforts will only drive the dedication of those who are connected with that point of history deeper.

This constant recognition of the whiny side of the liberal forces has given rise to street gangs pushing anarchy.  There are groups of black youth thugs beating on old people just because they are white and nothing is being done to protect the elderly.  When did our laws lose their ability to be color blind or worse yet, become racist in protection one race while ignoring actions and harm done to another?  Other groups of mental midgets, no offence intended to real midgets, are invading private property to remove the Confederate flag simply because they do not like it.  What if someone did not like your Ford or Jeep?  Would they be allowed to go onto your private property to destroy it?  This must stop before someone gets killed!

Our Presidents, many of his appointees, many of those in Congress, and other political figures lead the pack of the whiners.  They are offended at anything and everything.  It is time that people grew up.  It is time that people stopped carrying their emotions on their sleeves where every time the wind blows there is something else that offends them.  When my generation was growing up and we whined about this person or that person saying something that bothered us the reply was to grow up and deal with it.  Our liberal leaders need to grow up.  They need to shut up.  They need to learn to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to bow down to them and kiss their feet.  They need to learn that history does not care if they like it.  History is the trump card.  History is never going away.  History stands and towers over the whiny liberals in total domination because history will always stand long after the whiny liberals have returned to dust.

Witch Trials of 2015

salem witch trials

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 resulted with 19 men and women being hung, one pressed to death and others condemned under the accusation of witchcraft.  Many of the accused were upstanding citizens of the community and leaders in both commerce and the church.  These trials were based upon the testimony of children who were ‘acting differently’ and who claimed that they had witnessed the various accused for being a witch.  There was no real evidence except for the testimony that the accused had ‘caused great hurt’.  It did not matter what the accused had to say because the minds of the courts were already made up regarding the decisions.  It was the belief of the courts that the ‘children’ would not and could not lie therefore they must be speaking the truth.

What we are seeing today is nothing more than a repeat of the Salem Witch Trials.  The only difference is that instead of being accused of being a witch people, places and things are accused of being ‘racist’.  It does not matter what the truth may be because the ‘courts’ have already decided.  The rational is that because there was slavery in the south therefore anything and everything associated with the Confederate States must be therefore pro-slavery and anti-black.  Anything and everything remotely associated with the south must therefore be racist.

It did not matter that the children may have been acting differently because of bad rye.  Mold may be found in some rye breads like those eaten in the 1600’s.  This mold is called ergot and contains some of the same chemical compositions as those used in making LSD.  This mold is able to produce convulsions, nervous disorders and hallucinations.  But the people of the 1600’s were ignorant to the true reason why their children might be acting oddly.  Therefore they simply took what the children said as true.  Today we know better yet our society still accepts what a particular portion says as true regardless of the real facts.  As in the Salem Witch Trials it does not matter what the accused has to say since the minds of the courts of public opinion have already decided their fate.  Much like the accused of the Witch Trials, the accused of today are dead and gone and cannot speak for themselves but as in the trials it would not matter what the accused might say because no one cared to listen.

History can and does speak against this craziness that is sweeping our nation.  History will speak to the defense of many of the Confederate leaders as not being the racist animals which organizations such as the NAACP wants to portray.  These organizations which promote segregation through its own separatist movement as seen through the Miss Black America Beauty Pageant, the United Negro College Fund, and black television networks are the ones screaming racism.  Just like the child witnesses of the witch it is easier to focus the charge upon others in an effort to defocus inspection of themselves.  In order to not have to answer difficult questions which might implicate their own questionable actions, which is most highly probable that the child witnesses were not as innocent as portrayed, the organizations and people of modern society which must keep racism alive in order for them to have any meaning and existence.

People like the mayor of Baltimore, the Al Sharpton clones, the Black Panthers, the NAACP and many who fly the banner of the Democrat Party have the blood of racism on their hands yet try to stand as innocent witnesses crying against the evil characters of the Confederacy.  Just like during the days of the Witch Trials the voices of the witness falls upon the ears of the ignorant and those more than willing to execute regardless of the facts.  Just like in the Witch Trials fear of ever having their own sins found out makes them only scream louder whenever there is any light shone upon their own guilt.

During the days of the Salem Witch Trials there does not have to be any proof of any injury only the accusation of being ‘hurt’.  Today it seems like everyone is ‘offended’ by something.  During the Witch Trials the children were seen as the innocent of incapable of telling a lie.  Today, the loudest voices providing witness of being ‘hurt’ come from radical members of the black community.  There is a mentality that a ‘black’ witness must be speaking the truth.  It does not matter what anyone else may be saying or doing.  If the witness is black and is speaking of hurt and racism then it must be true and nothing else matters.  No other voice is to be heard.  No other race can experience racism.  No other race is capable of racism except for white people.  It is a one sided court and the decision has been made regarding the guilt of the accused.  Bones are being dug up, signs removed, names changed, and statues defaced and even private property stolen because the court has made up its mind.

Just as society looks at the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and wonders how a group could be so ignorant as to murder innocent people over corrupt witnesses, society will one day look at the events of 2015 with the same amazement.  They will one day wonder how people could be so ignorant as to be led against racism by those saturated in the blood of racism.  One day society will look upon the actions of today and cry out against the bigotry and prejudice which denied history and facts because their minds were made up and closed to any real thought and critical consideration.  One day the actions of 2015 will be seen as a great scar upon the face of a nation and a people just like the Salem Witch Trails will be seen as an action of fear, ignorance and hatred for anything which might be different.  The only real question which remains is whether or not that society would be the one in which we live.

Stars and bars versus Swastika

swastika and souther flag

I am beyond tired of hearing stupid people spout off stupid things.  This emotional witch hunt surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag (it is not the Confederate flag; it is the Confederate BATTLE flag).  People are as caught up in an emotional purge as the Pilgrims were in Salem to purge their society of what they saw as witchcraft.  What is happening has not real basis in reality or even history.  Yet a few spokes people who are able to hook into the emotions of the less learned have been able to whip up hysteria.

The Confederate side of the Civil War was there because of the federal government telling the States what they will and will not permit.  I have heard some of the more self-righteous explain how that the federal government was trying to stop was the State’s practice of slavery and not State’s Rights.  But, the States had a right to self-govern as per the Constitution and THAT was the issue.  I know that the liberal side of things do not like hearing the word Constitution, but it exists, has existed and hopefully will continue to exist.  For the liberals to want to remove the Constitution is much like the brat in school who wants the big kid removed because of some silly reason not realizing that the big kid was the only reason why the rest of the kids in that class have not pummeled the brat kid into non-existence.  The Constitution is the only thing which keeps America free of the same civil wars and unrest the other countries experience on a regular basis.  I would highly advise the liberals to LEAVE IT ALONE.

I hear people get up and call the flags by the wrong names. This to many might be a small matter but if these so called experts are going to stand before America and spout their words and wisdom and knowledge then they need to not be ignorant and not sound like a complete moron.  Stop calling it the Confederate Flag.  The Confederate Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag are two completely different things.  This emotional hype must stop.  People are now going on to private property to remove private property such as personally owned flags.  Someone is going to get hurt or killed.  If you see someone on your property approaching your home in the middle of the night you have no idea their intention and will defend your home.  If someone is seen approaching your truck or car in the middle of stopped traffic do not be surprised if someone puts it in reverse and runs them over and then takes off because in today’s society you have no idea their intent.  The blood of these stupid people will be on the politicians who are engaging in this dumb game.  People must use their heads although I know that is almost impossibility to many of our elected officials.

I have heard of idiots comparing the Stars and Bars to the Swastika.  This is ridiculous.  There were thousands of black men who proudly served in battle hardened fully equipped units under the banner of the South.  I dare anyone to show me any Jews who served under the banner of the Swastika.  This is infuriating because it just goes to show the level of total ignorance and complete stupidity of those who are pushing this agenda.

I am surprised how many who are part of this witch hunt are self-righteous Democrats.  Before going off on a crusade to dig up all the members of the Southern leadership for being racists, be willing to start digging up every Democrat prior to 1900.  The Democrat Party of the Civil War time was an extremely racist party.  It was pro-slavery and opposed everything to do with the freeing of the slaves.  There was no Democrat support for freed slaves neither to become citizens nor to have a right to vote.  The Democrats infiltrated the KKK and used them to terrorize blacks and anti-slave whites in the area.  These are facts.  History does not care if you like it or not because all that concerns history is that you must accept it.  The sanctimonious talking heads who want to remove any leaders of the Confederate States must also be willing to remove from all schools, street signs, cities, counties, public parks, every cemetery and form of mental memories every remnant of Democrat Presidents such as Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Grover Cleveland, every States person, every governor, every party leader, every business person and every political figure associated with the Party because they also would be even more deeply ingrained with a racist movement.  At least in the South there were many who cared for their black fellow Southern.  I cannot find too many in the early Democrat movement who had any positive regard for the newly freed black person.  For those involved with this so called movement against racism, I find their complete and all-encompassing hypocrisy sickening.

I had hoped that our society had grown beyond the Salem Witch Trails but I guess I am mistaken.  These emotional puppeteers simply lead a few and the rest of the sheep follow.  I also had hoped that there might be a few in leadership positions who have at least a couple neurons that could fire off some kind of mental functions.  But again I stand amiss.  I am ashamed of how gullible this nation has become.  We were the greatest nation in the world and to have descended to the level where all it takes it a good snake oil sales person and slick words and the people run in mass to buy their bottles.  What are we doing?