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I am going to stick my neck out here and hope I don’t get my head lopped off.  The feminist actions of late have been, at best, humorous.  I was watching someone with their vagina hat today.  It looked like someone tried their hand at knitting a pita pocket.  It is really irritating to watch the ‘community organizers’ have all their little minions marching along making all their little chants and posting signs for a wide variety of things, most of which are totally void of anything that has to do with their present march.  In reality the recent marches have had very little if anything to do with woman’s rights or promoting any female cause.  I believe the last ‘march’ had one leader that had terrorist ties and another who was a male.

I would like to challenge the women out there who feel they are oppressed and need to protest something.  Do something that might actually accomplish something.  Stop whining about some questionably perceived injustice and protest something that is real.  Why not take a stand that could possibly make a difference.  Women all around the world are being sold into sexual slavery by Islam.  Women who have suffered rape are being stoned to death, beaten or beheaded because Sharia Law demands it while their male assailants walk free.  Or how about the woman who are forced to where a full dark Burka regardless of outside heat while the males wear whatever they choose.  Also those same women are tortured should they not wear the full burka.  Now I can hear some of the liberals defend these things by using the excuse that it is their religion.  But I doubt that they would use that same answer if it involved any other religion other than Islam.

If the radical women here in this country wanted to do anything other than simply make a scene and beat their chests in some Neanderthal manner they would actually be a voice for the voiceless.  If they really wanted to do something that actually had some meaning and value they would take up the defense for the innocent children who are forced to marry come dirty old purvey man who not only has sex with the child but does irreparable damage to her physically.  If the child refuses to have sex with some old guy who forces himself upon her she runs a risk of being killed, having members of her family killed, her body to be genitally mutilated, her face carved up, her nose cut off or have acid thrown in her eyes.  This does not even touch upon the so called ‘honor killings’ where in the name of Islam and praise to allah the male members of the family can freely run over with their cars, behead or kill in a wide variety of manner for no other reason but that the daughter or granddaughter wanted freedom in whom they choose to love and marry.  Maybe the reason why these protesting feminists do not want to actually do something worthwhile such as defend the helpless is that it does not fit into their silly little political niche.  So, in other words, these people do not care about women, they just want to make a political name for themselves at the expense of real women who face death for having committed no other crime other than being born a female into Islam.


Tempest in a Teapot



I have always thought that expression was interesting.  Can’t you just imagine all that happens in that tiny little teapot when it starts to boil?  The water churns and steam rises.  I guess if you are sitting inside that teapot in a little tiny rowboat it would be a major issue and huge matter.  But since we are not inside the teapot all the hustle and turmoil happening inside there is really not big matter.  I see all these protesters today.  Now I want to differentiate between the morons who are organized by a Marxist and funded by a Nazi simply to cause total chaos in an effort to destroy the nation verses a lawful, peaceful standing up for simply what a person believes is morally or ethically wrong.  I am speaking here about the former who simply have an agenda to try and break this nation.  Regarding those protesters, basically I see a bunch of spoiled brat children who have never been told no nor made to pay for anything they broke.  I remember when my son got mad and slammed the doorknob through the drywall.  I had him get is money and he and I went down to the hardware store and he bought what was needed to fix the matter.  Then when we got back home I gave him the tools and watched him fix the wall.  I don’t think he ever did that again.  Maybe if these protesters were ever made to pay for what they broke they might think twice before throwing a brick through a window.

What I see in these protesters are people who want an excuse to destroy.  They are nothing but domestic terrorists as they burn things, break things and beat upon innocent people.  People need to start being made to pay for bad behavior.  Then some idiots in Congress say that the protests were a beautiful thing.  I would love to see their opinion if it was their private property the protesters were destroying.  And now there are some of these morons who are calling for armed revolt.  Please keep in mind that many of these people are the same ones marching in the gay pride parades wearing tutus and pink hair….and those are the guys.  These are also some of the same people who protest against firearms so I would love to see what they were going to use as weapons in that armed uprising.  I know that some of the same fruitcakes protest guns with dildos so maybe they are going to somehow use them as their weapon of choice.

These people have gotten away with their behavior because they have not met real resistance.  But the patience of the masses is growing thin.  Keep in mind that if you remove the illegal votes cast Trump won majority vote.  This is not even worth arguing because voter fraud in favor of Clinton has been proven and documented.  All that the recounts accomplished was shining more light on voter fraud.  That means that before the fruitcakes of this nation want to try and pick up arms and start an overthrow of our nation they need to remember that not only is the military greatly in favor of a President who actually supports them but there are also millions of people who supported him because he supported the right to keep and bear arms.  The domestic terrorists need to keep two things in mind.  First is that we will without hesitation protest ourselves, our families and our nation.  The second thing is that we will without hesitation meet any efforts to harm or overthrow our President, a man who actually loves this country, or our nation with unrelenting power.  We will defend our home, land, and President with such force that they cannot even comprehend.  Should they be so stupid as to push things to this level we will take no prisoners, show no mercy and give no quarter to the enemy.  Maybe it is time that we actually did clean house and got rid of the infiltrators and traitors.  I hope that it does not come to this but if it does, I think I know which side is going to win.

Sub contractor or employee

Thousands of people turned out to march against President-elect Donald Trump in Denver, Colorado.


Does anyone else wonder about all these people who never seem to have to go to work yet have all the time to protest our newly elected President?  I have found that the more a person claims to be open minded and liberal that in actually are the nastiest ill tempered people that I have ever met.  They scream how they want justice and kindness yet have never permitted the new President elect one once of kindness or justice.  All these people seem to know is hate.  Yet someone is paying these people.  These people admit to answering a Craigslist offer to be paid to protest Trump.  I wonder who must be scared of Mr. Trump to try and sabotage his efforts even before he gets into office.  I believe that a politician who cannot be bought must be the scariest thing for many of the established cronies in politics.

With there being the ad for protesters then there is someone who is bankrolling this whole operation.  These protesters are either an employee or they are ‘self employed’ sub contractor protesters.  If they are employees then someone must be paying employee taxes on them.  If they are sub contractors then someone must be keeping records.  Do these protesters have Labor and Industries or L&I insurance?  There are some things that must be followed by someone.  If they are sub contractors then these protesters must have their own business license.  If they do not have their own business license then they are not permitted to be a sub contractor protester.  If they are sub contractors then they are responsible for their own taxes on what they are being paid as a protester.  Are they getting a 1099?  Do those who are paying them as a sub contracting protester keep a record as they are required by law?  If the protesters are volunteers for someone then who is bankrolling their expenses as a volunteer is still required to cover them with L&I.  I have heard various brags about who is covering all the expenses for these protesters.  But the person or organizations which are covering all the expenses for the protesters are still required by law to provide certain things, pay certain things and maintain certain things.  Do to do so is punishable by law.

I believe that if the money being used to fund the protesters would dry up then these people would fade into the woodwork.  I also believe that if law enforcement wanted to end all this foolishness then they need to attack the source.  Just like the police of Chicago took down Al Capone via the IRS it might be possible to take down the protest the same way.  The IRS is losing tons of money by not collecting taxes from the self employed protesters.  Some state is losing untold amounts of money by not collecting L&I.  And if these people are employees then there are unimaginable amounts of taxes not being collected from their employer.  According to federal law in order to be a subcontractor they are told what the goal is of the job or duties to be performed but are left on their own to determine how to accomplish these goals.  It sounds like these protesters are told where to protest, how to protest and when to protest.  This would remove them from the rolls of sub contractors and into the realm of employees.  It sounds like the IRS needs to have a long talk with someone for back employee taxes.