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Does faith matter?


As Americans we hold freedom of religion in extremely high regard.  America has always stood as a beacon for those who wanted the ability to worship according to one’s own conscious.  For many when the first questions pertaining to Obama’s childhood teaching in Islam began to surface it was seen as an attack against the First Amendment.  His faith and religion was off limits to comments and attacks.  But should there be a different standard for an average person versus the leader of the free world?

What are the differences between Islam, Christianity and Judaism as they relate to their influences upon political leaders?  Each religion has their own primary scripture source.  Islam has the Koran, Christianity has the Bible and Judaism has the Torah.  Christianity and Judaism have a similar base in that the Torah is also found in the Bible as opposed to the Koran which might reference both the Torah and the Bible but not be found in complete in either.  Each religion is able to have its own apologist aspiring the merits of each.  Therefore I choose to look at the practices of each religion.

Today we have Islam shoved in our faces.  Things being done in the name of Islam on an alarmingly regular basis include honor killings where a parent kills their children for disobeying the Koran or doing something which might insult their religion.  Those who practice the religion openly call for the death of all who do not believe their religion or who even draws a cartoon related to their faith.  While there are aspects within the Koran which superimpose a sense of good works and care for others, the overall theme seems to be intro-centric.  The idea seems constant that when the believer does things it is to insure his or her position in the afterlife versus caring for others in this life.  As the radical Islam movement known as ISIS rapes young girls who are captive they are told that by doing it the individual insuring his place closer to allah.  It has nothing to do with the care or wellbeing of the female but solely the need of the individual who is committing the criminal act of rape.

As the radical Islamic follower kills innocent women and children by yelling the name of allah he is to assure his place with allah.  Again, there is no regard for others in the practice of this religion.  Those of this religion are only concerned with the promoting of Islam over the needs and concerns of those who chose not to believe.  There is no freedom of choice.  There is no message of loving the unbeliever.  Anyone who espouses Islam must also embrace the concept of the proliferation of Islam.  It is at this point that religion becomes a concern for a governmental leader.  Decisions must never be made regarding the proliferation of a religion over what is best for the country.  Obama’s childhood training has clearly been a major influence in his decisions.  He has appointment numerous followers of Islam who also have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which has been determined by numerous Muslim countries to be a terrorist organization.  As Americans on both foreign as well as home soil have been victims of radical Islam Obama has taken the stance that those who committed the acts were not followers of Islam since their actions did not portray a good image of Islam.  The religious teachings of Obama has colored his opinions to the point that he refuses to recognize anything negative regarding Islam even though people are being butchered all in the name of allah.

Christianity and Judaism have a major component within their core belief systems of love towards the non-believer.  Within hard line Judaism there is a practice of shunning those who choose to leave Judaism but they are never encouraged to kill their child simply because they leave the ‘faith’.  This same shunning may also be found in hard line Christianity even though it is never taught within the scriptures.  While there are those opponents to these faiths which like to use ancient practices of killing the non-believer I again choose not to utilize their ancient practices as much as present day behaviors.  In Islam there is murder and rape being practiced today with the expressed idea that it is supposed to draw the killers and rapists closer to their allah.  Today in practicing Christianity and Judaism there is constant outreach to others in times of need and emergency.   In Christianity and Judaism there is constant practicing of inclusion of others while Islam is consistent in excluding those who do not believe.  I Christianity and Judaism there is more of an air of accepting when things do not coincide with their believe values while in Islam there is rising and consistent demands for things to change in order to meet their religious views.

Within the precepts of Christianity and Judaism there is a concept of making decisions based upon what is good for mankind.  Within Islam is the ruling condition that all decisions will promote Islam regardless of impact upon mankind.  Within the corners of Christianity and Judaism is an acceptance of people who chose not to believe in a like manner.  Within Islam is the call to behead all who do not believe and the modern day practice of that command.  While there are those who want to call all religions equal the modern day practices of these three religions prove that they are not all equal.  Every religion has radicals.  But not every religion has radicals who rape and murder on a regular basis all in the name of their religion.  I do not want to discuss the Crusades because it is critical to keep things within our time line.  This is not the period of the Crusades.  We are talking present day issues.  While there might be a radical nut-job who bombs an abortion clinic in the name of Christianity this is more of a rarity than a common place event.  With Islam there are crimes against humanity which are happening while this article is being typed.  Likewise, according to hardline teaching of Islam on believer cannot harm another believer or insult another believer.  This has devastating impact upon national defense.  While America has the greatest military in the world they are incapable of delivering consistent strikes to ISIS due to the inability to determine ISIS and radical Islam as the enemy.  The hardline religion and their followers sit back while innocent lives are slaughtered in the name of their religion protecting those who rape and murder under the mask of Islam.

It is important what faith a person claims to follow.  It is critical regarding how a person was raised because that faith upbringing will be an influence upon that person.  Does a person’s faith matter?  The answer is yes.  Within Islam there appears to either be those who are Muslim in name only who follows some of their beliefs and who would be considered apostates by others in the religion and the hardliner who are unable to make any decisions contrary to Islam and the promoting of Islam regardless of the present facts.  Hardline Islam demands a pair of ‘rose colored glasses’ which makes it impossible for any serious leadership or decision making.  There have been many great leaders who have followed Christianity as well as Judaism and who have promoted freedom of choice and care for all people.  American politics is unique.  It must have a leader who is inclusive.  According to the very doctrine of Islam, that would rule out any President who embraces the teachings of Islam.

Muslim verses Jew

Muslim and Jew

In the court of public impression and presentation I find these two religions interesting in their comparisons and contrasts.  In many ways they are much alike.  The primary ways in which they are different is the manner in which they express themselves to the public.

Muslims and Jews both have dietary restrictions as per their religions.  Neither eats pork or pork products.  Both require items that are prepared in a particular manner.  One is halal and the other is kosher. Neither celebrates Christmas nor traditionally see Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind.  Both have a sacred scripture where one as the Koran and the Torah.  These are just some of the most cursorily similarities in their religions.  Both believe they are correct in their interpretation of the Holy Writ and are following the instructions of God or Allah.

What I find most different is the manner in which they address their particular aspects of their faiths.  Recently there are events in the news where the Muslims are demanding that food banks have halal produced foods.  Particular restaurants that serve pork or pork products have come under extreme fire by the Muslims to change or remove those offensive items from their menus.  On the other side of the issue I find that if the Jews do not find what meets the dietary requirements of their religion instead of demanding that others change to please them they make those items available to the members of their communities themselves.  They seem more determined to be self-sufficient to their unique aspects rather than to demand that outsiders supply for their needs and demands.  Restaurants that serve items found offensive to the Jew simply are not purchased nor consumed.  The restaurant is left alone permitting it to operate as an independent business as the owner desires.

Another point of difference between the Muslim and the Jew is how they approach the public schools.  The Muslim communities have been demanding that the public school cease to celebrate Christmas in that it offense the Muslim and is contrary to their beliefs.  Contrarily the Jew has found that they simply do not have to take part in things they find in contradiction to their beliefs while permitting those who believe in Christmas to continue to enjoy their season.  I have yet to read about Jews throwing rocks at Christians as they are leaving a church service.  I have yet to read about Jews killing people because they spoke negatively against the Torah.  I have yet to see Jews behead anyone because they refuse to turn to Judaism.  What I find is a great deal of demanding done by the Muslims while I see a great deal of tolerance by the Jews.  The Muslims claim they are a religion of peace.  Likewise, according to many teachings by the Muslims the Jews do not have a reason to exist and needs to be removed from the face of the earth.  What I see verses what is said, the Muslims appear to be the religion of war and conflict while the Jew seems to be the religion of peace and tolerance.

If the Muslim does not like this impression or opinion of their faith then they need to start being active in portraying it in a different manner.  If they do not want to be seen as the religion or war and conflict then they must step out from among the chaos and speak out against those who wish to insult Islam by their actions.  It is not the ‘infidel’ that insults Islam.  It is those within Islam which insults Islam.  It is those who claim to be part of the religion of peace yet keep demanding that everyone stop their way of life and bow to what they want and need.  It is those who demand that their way becomes the ways of all instead of allowing the same freedom of religion which they demand.  If the Muslims want to be half the religion of peace that the Jews have presented themselves as being through the years they need to start speaking out against the hatred and killing which is being done in the name of their Allah and start emulating peace and tolerance for others.