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Will the real Barack Obama please stand up


I try not to critical of Obama just for the sake of being critical. I read many articles and do not simply take things at face value. If there is any possible way to make sense of the things he does I try to give the benefit of the doubt to Obama. I admit that it is getting increasingly harder to see anything positive or to give a positive twist to things without sounding like Obama’s media talking head. It is no secret that Obama loves his golf. There is even a real question as to what Obama loves more; his golf or his office as President. Recently he spent one of his golf games with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I admit there is nothing unusual for one head of State to have a relaxed time with another head of State. For many people it is just like getting together over a cup of coffee to build relations and discussion business. But there is a problem with appearance that our President seems to be totally ignorant regarding. I cannot truly think he is totally stupid therefore I am left with the conclusion that he simply does not care about appearance. Based upon other behaviors such as casually chewing gum while calmly strolling into the dinner hosted by Japanese dignitaries it is clear that he does not regard public opinion as important.

Normally this would not be an issue. For the average person on the street there are more things between Heaven and Hell to worry about than what someone else thinks about you. But the President of the United States cannot be completely disconnected from this issue. He cannot be complete disconnected because he represents a nation. He represents us, the United States citizenry. As he is chewing his gum while standing in line to meet with dignitaries during a World War II ceremony at Normandy, he makes America and Americans look sloppy and rather ignorant. The image portrayed is more than simply making Americans look like a bunch of doofs who would incapable to putting a simple sentence together with proper grammar. He actually insults the image of America. But, then again, this does go right along with his message from the beginning of how America is an arrogant nation needing to humble itself in the eyes of the world. Personally I vehemently disagree with this concept but at least he is being true to his perception.

I also wonder what his deep and abiding love for all things Islam says to the men and women killed or crippled while fighting against Islamic dictators and terrorism. As he sends billions of US dollars over to these countries which for decades have made hating all things America its mission, I cannot help but feel a sense of total betrayal. It would take a fool to think that all this money actually goes to the poor and hungry in these countries and not into the same pockets as those who support those killing Americans. As he meets with those on extreme friendly terms with those who are pushing for Sharia Law which promotes the extreme physical abuse and sexual exploitation of women, I cannot help but see a man who is denouncing the very people he claims to want to protect and serve as President.

I have always believed that the truth of a person is not seen in what they say but in what they do. I hear a great deal of talk from this man. I hear all the right words. I hear all the right phrases. I hear all the right verbiage. I see totally hypocrisy. I see a man who has turned his back on the very people who pay his salary. I see a man who supports the enemies of America and those who have killed American military and civilians. I see a man who spends an extreme amount of time making excuses for those who butcher innocent people in the name of Islam. I see a man who gets more upset over the possibility that someone might be insulting Islam than over those who are slaughtering Christians by the score as well as beheading innocent women and children. I hear a man who says he supports America yet I see a man who betrays America.