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Frankenstein’s monster


George Soros has apparently made the statement that Trump will win the popular vote and Hillary will win the Electoral College.  Let’s just pause for a moment and think about something.  It has been proven through emails which have been hacked that Hillary rigged the primaries against Sanders so she would win.  It has been proven that there was voter fraud during the last major election.  It has been proven that the machines are easily rigged to switch votes and even the person who wrote the codes has come out and said that he was requested by a member of the Democrat Party to create the codes.  He created them believing that it was to show how to write codes to secure voting integrity after they saw how to created codes to corrupt voting integrity.  It has been proven that Hillary and her team has lied repeatedly to Congress, the FBI and to the American people.  What if Hillary wins the Electoral College by manipulation?  What are we going to do?

Americans will be left with a critical choice.  If she wins the Electoral College then by the Constitution and a rather antiquated election system of the Electoral College she would technically be our President.  But we also know that she is going to do everything in her power to dismantle the Constitution and bring in hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ in to this country who could not possibly be vetted regarding terrorism.  Our country under Hillary Clinton has truly no option but to burn to the ground under Islamic terrorists because they have made it clear that they will attack America.  Hillary Clinton would have given them an open door to do whatever they wish and probably with governmental protections.  If Trump wins the popular votes, and especially if he wins a strong part of the popular vote, he would have been elected President by the voice of the people.  People need to take this possibility seriously because it has happened in some states as pertaining to a Governor vote.  In Washington State a governor was elected who lost the majority of the state but won the election because of winning two key counties.

Our government is corrupt.  This is so commonly accepted as fact that it is even the butt of many jokes.  I just wish it was more of a laughing matter and not such a threat to our way of life.  For those who say that winning the ‘election’ is all that matters needs to remember that Adolf Hitler also was the legally elected leader of Germany.  Is it right to accept a corrupt leader simply because they are ‘elected’?  By all reasonable and acceptable lines of judgment Hillary Clinton should have been arrested by now.  When the FBI director Comey finished his discourse by concluding that Hillary Clinton was basically just incompetent in her handling of confidential and classified information, he nullified the law.  As the Attorney General Lynch has refused to take any steps in investigate the Clinton Foundation she also has nullified the rule of law and is guilty of protecting a potential felon.  Our system has become so corrupt with protectionism that the old Chicago Mafia would even be amazed.  That which once was on a local level has now been welcomed with open arms to the highest level of government.  So, we go back to the original question of ‘what do we do’ as a nation?

I do not want violence.  I do not want strife in our country.  I also know that things have been permitted to go on too long and now we are looking at a giant snowball that is about to hit.  Our rule of law has become so loose as it applies to an elite few that we have lost the rule of law.  There have been those who have sought to create this position in which we now find ourselves.  I do not believe that even they have the least of an idea what is about to happen.  They have worked hard to create a liberal creature to do their political bidding only the creature has been turning into a monster.  Just as in the story of Frankenstein’s monster, the creature is about to turn upon its creators in destruction.


They played us for fools



The Democrat Party of today has played the American people for fools.  Any member of this party from days gone by is probably rolling over in their graves.  I believe there were good well meaning people who were part this party who might have actually cared for America but I do not believe that is the case today.  The Democrat Party had to have known that Barack Obama was not American born.  The only birth certificate which passed any scrutiny was the one handed over from the government of Kenya.  Obama’s own grandmother says he was born in Kenya.  If his grandmother says he was born in Kenya then I believe he was born in Kenya.  The Democrat Party in their ruse regarding Obama showed total contempt for the Constitution, American values, American history and the American people.  As the Democrat Party was pushing Obamacare they again played the people of this nation for fools.  Even those who were the mind trusts behind the program admitted how they were able to lie to the people because of the ‘stupidity’ of the American voter.  Obama has lied to the people repeatedly.  It is so obviously clear that he does not care for the people that only the hard fast Democrat supporters who would support the Democrat regardless of actions continue to sing his praises.  There are those who are so determined to see a female in the White House just like there were those so determined to see a ‘man of color’ in the White House that they are willing to sell the very soul of this nation in order to see this happen.  Hellary has lied to the people for years.  She has treated the American people as fools regarding her server, her emails, her lack of consideration for the lives of those involved in confidential communications and those around her.  The DNC convention was a star studded array of people who hate law enforcement and the rule of order.  One of the key speakers who was supposed to produce crocodile tears as to how his Muslim son died for his country was nothing more than a paid spokesman bought by the Clinton Foundation.  Yes he might have been a father who lost a son but he was also an insult to every Gold Star family that has lost family members by permitting the death of his son to be brought out and paraded around like a prize calf at a State fair for a price.  Likewise at the convention it was not until people complained that only then did they trot out a few flags for decoration.

This party is an insult to the history of our nation and the future of the generations.  You cannot have a government where the government views the people as fools and morons to be toyed with and manipulated.  It is bad enough that we have so many in politics with that view of the American people.  But why keep putting more people in office with that mindset.  The Democrat Party has already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their disdain for the American voter.  They are blatant in their disregard for the rule of law as they continue to block any real investigation regarding the Clinton Foundation and Hellary.  The Attorney General, another bought and paid for representative of the Democrats refuse anything to do with investigating Hellary regardless of the requests by the FBI.  Even the very words of the FBI director admit that Hellary lied and that lying to the FBI yet nothing was done.  As there is one set of laws for the common person and another set of laws for the elite then there are no laws and anarchy is the only deserved outcome.  If America votes in Hellary Clinton then American must brace for what is coming.

All America needs to do regarding the refugee matter is to look at France and Germany.  Hellary and Obama want to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  America will be like France and Germany.  The only difference is that Americans shoot back.  This is why the Democrat Party is pushing so hard to disarm the average person.  People cannot be this naive or stupid.  Yet the Democrats are banking on that very thing.  They do not want people to think.  There has never been such an onslaught of attacks against anyone running for office like there has been against Trump.  Trump is a threat because he wants people to think.  He has to keep his record clean because the media is out with every possible magnification tool available to find the smallest bit of flaw.  Yet these same people refuse to see the elephants sitting in the Clinton living room.  Lies, deception, deceit and a real strong possibility of even murder sit in every corner yet no one seems to care.  What is it going to take to get people to wake up?  There is a saying which goes:  fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.  How many times must the Democrat Party play the American people for a bunch of fools and morons before they begin to wake up and realize the deceit?

Can’t pound sand



Having had a relationship where I was left with the idea that I could not pound sand out of a boot with the directions written on the bottom, I am getting really irritated at the media.  I was watching CNN and their covering Trump’s trip to Louisiana.  Instead of saying anything positive about his attempts to help people who have lost everything, they were fixating on ‘Trump makes outreach to blacks in a white suburb.’  They forget that maybe all other neighborhoods were possibly flooded.  I have to wonder why so many media sources, politicians, business people and even some Republicans would prefer to see elected a woman who is a known liar, deceiver, purposely left national secrets open to being hacked, and even left our soldiers to die.  She even committed what I would call the greatest and unforgivable offense where she looked a grieving mother directly in the eyes and purposely lied to her.  She is basically a psychotic liar.  I wonder if she is more than just a little delusional as she keeps saying how she has never lied yet seems to forget that everything is on record somewhere.  To say that her health is questionable is to give it a compliment.  Last time the Clintons were in the White House they stole so many things from it that the government had to order them to return hundreds of thousands in antiques, art and other collectibles.  He ‘Foundation’ is under investigation.  She has received millions from countries that kills women like it is some type of spectator sport.  She is open about her desire to eliminate the Second Amendment.  When there is someone so, in my opinion, vile yet where the media is blindly pushing for her election you must ask yourself why.

One thing about this election is that the choices are polar opposites.  Never before has the status quo been more threatened than it is presently.  With the status quo being the driving force to elect Hellary it makes it clear that the election of Hellary is all about power and the retention of power rather than anything good for America.  She has not been shy about her desire to make America an Islamic nation, remove the right to bear arms, and abuse any power she finds.  I believe that is why the media has not even has attempted to be subtle.  Their hypocrisy has been openly flaunted.  Obama has shown utter contempt to those displaced by the flooding in Louisiana while being given a total pass by the media.  He has been increasingly open with his crazed drive for power and his racist agenda with this recent ‘warning’ as to how help is to be administered to the flood victims.  This election is about the powerful being determined to remain in power.  If this election goes to Hellary then there will be no stopping the power hungry.  Hellary has had so many people around her mysteriously die it seems that it would be safer to kiss Typhoid Mary on the lips than it would be to be an associate of Hellary Clinton have find something damming about her.  Trump is correct when he says he is not just running against the Clinton machine but against the media as well. I am glad he has a good security team.

It does not take an Einstein to realize that there is something deadly wrong happening in this election.  The levels of treason are astounding.  Republicans and Democrats who vow to support the Constitution supporting the very person who has openly stated she will attack the Constitution and finish tearing it apart starting with where Obama has left off.

This November is not about an election.  We are at a crossroads regarding the very future of our nation.  I am reminded of the children of Israel who demanded a king.  They were tired of the prophets who lead them and wanted to be like the other nations who had a king.  They got a king and the beginning of misery followed.  Our nation wants to be ‘progressive’ with a woman President.  The liberals want their ‘freedoms’ in the form of not having any God and not having any rules such as even a men’s and woman’s restroom.  Everyone wants their own little safe space where no one says anything that hurts their feelings.  Instead of being the greatest nation in the world we have become the biggest bunch of whiners on the planet.  Instead of a spine it appears that at least our present generation has a noodle.  Hellary is determined to make America into an Islamic state.  Obama has covered the great history of our nation with lies and filth so deep there is hardly any shine remaining.  This election, if it happens and is not corrupted through illegal machine tampering, will represent life or death to America.  I have never seen a time in the life of this nation where total all out civil war has been more of a very real threat.  Obama should be tried for treason and if found guilty treated as per the Constitution.  The same goes for all those in power.  If this administration pulls in the UN to govern our streets then all bets are off.  If Islamic radicals are permitted free run of our streets then all bets are off.  The future of this nation now lies in the hands of the likes of Obama, Lynch, Jarrett and Hellary.  The next move is theirs and I would highly recommend they think about consequences before acting but that has not been their modus operandi.  I try never to be pessimistic but I fear that future generations will look back and in the words of the pilot of the Elona Gay they will instead of see our progress will exclaim ‘what have we done’.

No rose colored glasses


I must admit that I am basically in a state of shock.  I never thought I would see the day when the things happening today would be routine.  The elephant of the GOP has become like the cartoon character of a fluffy Dumbo like creature with an umbrella in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  The Democrat donkey has become nothing more than a great big jackass.  Socialism is an accepted characteristic for presidential candidates.  We have an administration that is not even attempting to hide the corruption of padding the ballot box with the influx of illegals.  The Constitution has never been used against itself to a greater extent in history than it is presently.  The right to keep and bear arms has never been under greater attack.  Our elected officials have never been able to get away with making absolutely stupid statements before like they do today…(no Guam will not tip over due to the presence of the Navy).  We have an administration that is openly Muslim, proud of it, and are very active in making America an Islamic nation.  Government leaders are leaving the founding beliefs of this nation and have abandoned any and every reference to God because it might offend someone somewhere.  We do not have leaders.  We have power hungry and greedy pussies that have rejected the will of the people.

I wonder if today is something like it was during the late 1700’s.  I wonder if people who watched England become increasingly more power hungry and greedy at the expense of the people sat back hoping that maybe something would change and that people would actually change and start listening to reason again.  I wonder how many kept believing that the system would kick start back into a working government.  I firmly believe that it is the purpose of this administration to break America and to create civil war.  If there is civil war then there will be martial law and the rule of FEMA who supersedes the Constitution and personal rights.  I believe it is the goal of this administration to bring so many radicals from the south, Middle East, and Europe into this country so that Obama would have his private civilian army that he has been wanting since the first day of his presidency.  I firmly believe that it is the goal of this administration with the help of the Democrat party to disarm every civilian.  I firmly believe that the average person does not matter to the majority of our elected officials which is why people like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls.  The American people do not trust politicians and for good reason.  Present day politicians see the average American as a piggy bank to be used to fund whatever they please.  They travel around the globe without giving a second thought at the lives of the average American.  They have life time income and complain they are still not getting enough money while they are receiving 4-5 times what the average American makes a year with an expense account that is staggering.   We have people running for president who has already been caught in so many lies that the average person would be in prison.  Our government needs to wise up.

There will be changes in office.  I do not know if it will be before or after the election.  I am hoping that there will be peaceful changes from the ballot box.  But I see overt actions on the part of many in the Democrat party to corrupt the election by permitting non-Americans to vote.  The number of people who have voted for the Democrat party who have been deceased, in prison, cartoon characters, and even non-existent names is amazing.  People have bragged about voting numerous times in the same election.  Voting machines have been caught switching votes.  If there is one thing that those in the political arena better not do and that is corrupt the ballot box.  It is the ballot box that is the ONLY thing which makes America different and which has keep America peaceful.

I hope that there is a new President with a brain and who will listen to the voice of the people.  I hope that there is a new President who will return America to its basic Christian roots.  We are not, never have been and never will be an Islamic country.  I hope that there is a new President who will lead America back to a position of strength again.  America, presently, is laughable in the eyes of the global governments.  I want a President who is proud to be the President of the United States of America.  I am so tired of a doofis who goes around bowing to everyone saying how bad America is and how it needs to change.  If I had an employee who kept going around saying how bad my company was I would fire him on the spot.

There will be change.  There will be a difference in the government.  I just hope it is a peaceful change.  But of what I see this President and his administration doing, along with the support of a complacent, power hungry and greedy Democrat party, I am having my doubts.  I hope I am wrong.  But what I see happening is setting America up for a big event.  What I see is setting America up for a major clash between radical foreign invaders and ideologies and the classic American way of life.  All I can say is that if you are not prepared you better be.  Have you scoped out your area regarding food and water?  Have you a means to protect yourself and your family?  Have you a plan should things go bad?  Have you thought about where you will go?  Have you a plan to get with other family members so that you are a greater number than just yourself?  Have you contemplated alliances?  No, my tin foil hat is not fitting too tight.  I just do not have rose colored glasses on anymore.

Political correctness paving the way for the destruction of the Constitution

non-citizen voting

As obvious to those who have been following my various articles I view the Constitution of the United States as the highest law of the land.  Without the Constitution the United States becomes nothing better than any other country in existence and falls into the same levels of tyranny as those countries.  Yes, I do believe America is better than any other country in existence despite the words of our President.  America has been the back bone of freedom and liberty since its beginning.  It was America that turned the tide during the WWII.  Great Britain was at a breaking point when America came into the war.  America has never had the intensity of terrorist action even with the inclusion of 9/11 that other countries have experienced.  America has not had a bloody coup since the establishment of the Constitution because inside its wisdom is the setting for a bloodless coup every few years through the vote to change the government.  It has been the Constitution which has provided the groundwork to keep the government OF THE PEOPLE under the control BY THE PEOPLE.  Yet due to illegal actions of local governments trying to be politically correct the very fiber of that Constitution is threatened.

According to the Constitution the right to vote is limited to citizens.  It is not granted to non-citizens.  Yet in the framework and the mask of political correctness illegals and non-citizens are being given the right to vote in many municipalities.   I know there are those who want to plead the cause of the non-citizen saying how everything that affects a person should be allowed a voice of those people.  There may be numerous heart wrenching stories of how the lowly non-citizen is important and has a voice which needs to be heard.  All these wonderful heart tugging tales are very probably correct, but they are in violation of the Constitution.  The Constitution does not stutter on this point.  The vote is for American citizens.  This limitation granting the right to vote solely for citizens is a vital safeguard preventing the corrupting of the sanctity of the vote.  This prevents outside countries and influences from flooding the voting box in order to corrupt the American vote.

People know that this has been already happening.  After the elections it gets uncovered that millions who are incarcerated, dead and even fictitious such as cartoon characters have voted.  It is already known that non-citizens are voting even though it is not legal.  This is why there is a major need for voter identification.  But if the dam is allowed to break and non-citizens are allowed to vote openly then the sanctity and safety of the voting booth collapses.  The government would no longer be of the people or by the people but rather determined by the country or person with the most money and influence.  We know that there is already corruption.  But presently the corruption has to be somewhat covert.  If the limitation of the vote being solely for the citizen is eroded then voting corruption will become as rampant in America as it is in other countries.  In so many countries the vote is a farce and if the vote is open to non-citizens then it will be nothing but a farce in America as well.

There is enough threats and erosion being done to the Constitution.   There must be a stopping somewhere.  The law of the land must be recognized.  Any vote in which non-citizens are allowed to vote is non-binding and must be seen as void and ignored.  Any laws passed in which the vote openly includes non-citizens must be seen as illegal and therefore ignored and not obeyed.  There must be a line drawn in the sand regarding the Constitution.  This is not saying that a non-citizen is a non-person.  The non-citizen is simply a non-citizen.  If I would visit another country I would not expect to be able to vote in their elections.  Political correctness is now at the very door of our liberties and freedoms.  If the Constitution falls then so does America.

It’s a Constitution thing


I find it interesting how increasingly more people from outside our country are more interested in where Obama was born than Americans.  In order to keep the issue quiet at home the protectors of Obama have done a wonderful job of humiliating anyone who questioned Obama being born in America as being a ‘birther’ and some type of nut-case who sits in their mother’s basement wearing tin foil hats.  Evidently people of Kenya and Great Britain did not get the memo.  From some of the archives in Great Britain to Ambassadors in Kenya and other highly educated people in that countries leadership all support Obama being born in Kenya.   A Kenyan birth certificate bearing all the proper marks and signatures support the President being born in Kenya while the provided birth certificate from Hawaii has been analyzed and deemed a poor mock up and forgery.  Student ID for the President had him listed as a foreign student and records have listed him as receiving aid as a foreign student.  All these things combined with the question as to why the President is using the social security number of a dead man would normally place the average person in front of a judge.

This is not a Democrat or Republican thing.  This is a Constitution thing.  It truly does not matter if a President or politician follows the rules or regulations or their party or even of the law.  I say that last part reluctantly because if every politician was to follow the law as the average person is expected to do there would be no politicians which is a sad state of affairs for our political leadership.  The back room deals, kickbacks, shady maneuverings, payoffs and winks by law officials are so common place it is sickening.  Even the term ‘politician’ is by its very nature associated with corruption.  But the question regarding the validity of the increasing number of claims of Obama being foreign born supersedes all of the above.  This singular question tears at the very fiber of the Constitution.  If one factor of the Constitution is able to be ignored then the whole becomes in jeopardy.  If the claims by leaders of Kenya itself is true than those in high positions within the Democrat party are guilty of a case of fraud against the American people so grievous as to boggle the mind.  If this is true then those in the Democrat party who promoted and pushed the election of Barack Obama would have defrauded the American people out of billions of dollars given in support, billions of dollars spent under this administration and billions of dollars yet to be spent due to bills passed under this administration.  This is not simply a Democrat and Republican thing.  This is an American thing.  This strikes at the very heart of our nation.

Personally I do not care for either party because I believe for too long both parties have lied to the people and have let them down.  Too many politicians across the board have been sworn in with fingers crossed knowing they had no intention of doing anything more than passing a personal agenda and cashing a paycheck which would last the rest of their lives.  Whenever a person takes this topic it feels like being a baggage boy on the Titanic; no one really cares what you are saying nor are paying attention.  You are actually considered rather odd for even caring about the matter.  But the Constitution is not a bunch of independent articles like a newspaper all able to be cut out and taken as a separate item.  They are fibers in a tapestry.  They interlink and together form a whole.  For me this is more than politics.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to form this nation.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to keep this nation.  To tear at the fiber of the Constitution is to tear at the very fiber of our nation.  It is the Constitution that has separated America from all other countries and has allowed for peaceful changes in leadership as opposed to the bloody takeovers of other lands.

America and Americans deserved better than our leadership turning a blind eye towards significant questions.  There is no situation in which if there was this much mounting evidence pertaining to a civilian legal matter that there would not be a significant investigation.  American deserve at least as much from our political leadership, to whom a lifetime paycheck and benefits is guaranteed along with a job with an expense account that is more than the average American makes in a year and the safety of constant security and aids seeing to their every need, as they would expect from our common law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis for less money than the politician probably pays an aid.


Allow me to start off by saying I know there is a major difference between civil disobedience and civil unrest.  So for any Feds who might be monitoring these blogs I am not promoting nor have I ever promoted civil unrest.  Now, with that out of the way, I wonder what would happen if enough people decided to inform the government that they could make all the stupid laws, rules, regulations, degrees, executive orders, and edicts that they want but that we will ignore them?  I think that even the most liberal among us, who has at least two neurons to rub together; will have to agree that our government is out of control.  We have a President who makes rules and orders at will as if he is King George.  Congress is by-passed.  Even if Congress is involved we have a wall between the House and Senate called Harry Reid who refuses to bring anything presented by the Republican House to the floor for a vote.  We have Senate leaders standing up and saying how wonderful the new Affordable Health Care bill is doing when they totally overlook the cost factor verses outcome benefits.  I was amazed as to how well the website worked for other things yet was supposed to be the most powerful government from one of the richest nations in the world could not produce a website.  Next time, if they really want a good website, have Publisher’s Clearing House make the site.  They did a really good job!

We have a government that is trying every possible avenue to rid America of firearms under the guise of mental health, children, health care, and who knows what all they want to use as a label.  I am amazed as to how many law enforcement officers are going on record as not being willing to enforce gun confiscation.  What if all Constitution believing law enforcement officers simply refused to follow any anti-gun regulation as simply being un-Constitutional?  I remember some of the sappy movies that I have watched over the years.  In so many of them there is the wimpy kid who gets picked on.  Finally the wimpy kid stands up to the bully.  Of course he gets smacked a couple of times but this time he gets back up repeatedly.  Finally, one by one the by standers begin to move.  The bully starts seeing the reality that he is not simply going to deal with the wimpy kid but now everyone else.  People think:  If I don’t do what they say they will arrest me.  Those who want to break the Constitution cannot arrest the whole nation.  We are Americans.  We are known worldwide for the people with the backbone. We might be unorthodox but we get the job done and we do not stop in the fact of adversary. 

Our government is trying to tell us what kind of light bulbs to buy, what kind of car we should have, not to use salt, not to buy sodas, not to eat this or that, what our kids are to have in their lunches, pushing ‘fruits and vegetables’ and no chocolate milk, and so many things it makes your head swim.  Maybe it is time we simply said:  NO.  Thank you Nancy Reagan for giving us the answer:  Just say NO.  No, I will not stop flying my flag regardless of some home owner’s association rules.  No, I will not bow to anyone else’s religion.  I will respect your right to believe as you want but if your religion tries to force itself upon me or make me remove my flag or change my menu to please it, the answer will be NO.  No, I will not allow your religion to be taught in school unless ALL religions are taught.  No, I will not allow you to tell me how or what to eat.  No, I will not give up my V-8 auto unless I WANT TO GIVE IT UP.  No, I will make the decision as to what my child has in his lunches.  No, I will not sit by and have any school district tell me what to feed my child.  No, I will not stop wearing a shirt with a flag on it because it might ‘offend’ someone.  If they do not like my shirt then don’t look at it!  No, I will not honor your dumbass sign that says I cannot carry a concealed weapon in your restaurant.  If I have a license by the State, I will carry wherever I dang well please.  It is called a ‘concealed weapon’ for a reason.  No, I will not give up remembering what happened on Sept 11, 2011 because it might make someone feel bad.  If you feel bad or you think I don’t like a certain group because of what happened:  DEAL WITH IT!  That is YOUR problem and not MINE. 

I love my country.  My country is in critical condition.  There is a storm on the horizon.  I do not know the answer.  But I do know that if Americans do not find their backbone soon we will no longer be the America we have come to take for granted.