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Racism and atheist


I believe it is possible to tell weak arguments by their level of desperation. When a person starts to intellectually flay like a boxer caught in a windstorm the weakness in their position become evident. Racism has become a catch all for those who really have nothing else to say. When someone is caught having no further basis for defending their stance they simple scream racism. We have seen it recently in politic to the point where if a person disagrees with President Obama the Democrats scream racism and that the only reason why a person dislikes the actions of the President is because he is black. This is the defense of an intellectual empty well; No contents, just a hole in which their logic sinks. It is truly amazing how many people turn to racism as their last, if not only, defense. From politicians to supposedly educated television icons, racism is their fallback defense mode. Of course, it is also their seeming contention that the only people capable of racism are white people. The absurdity of the racism cry is being seen in what all is now being called racism. The song and television special White Christmas is now seen as racism. Children nursery rhymes are seen as racists. Even white bread is seen as racist. When will this all end? I have wondered by White Christmas is seen now as racists but Black Friday is not? When people start becoming so removed from any level of rational in their arguments it is really difficult to take them seriously. It is when they really have nothing else to say that they call out the race card. At this point you begin to feel like you are trying to duel with an unarmed opponent. It reminds you of kindergarten when the final argument is ‘oh yeah..well so are you’.

Atheists are another group who seems to lose the contest of wits based upon their true lack of rational. First of all, why spend so much energy defending themselves against something they do not believe exist? I have never understood that one! Their position really shows weakness as they seem to banish all rational behavior around Christmas time. Anything that supports Christmas is seen as a target for their wrath. Unfortunately they do not have enough ammunition for the fight they are trying to pick. They are opposed to Christmas trees because it represents Christmas and Christmas represents the birth of Christ. They are opposed to Christmas decorations because Christmas decorations represent Christmas which represents the birth of Christ. This goes on and on and on. I do not see them as getting upset with Christmas gifts which represent Christmas. The stores to not have ‘holiday sales’ they have Christmas sales. The stores do not have holiday music they play Christmas music because it gets people in the mood to buy ‘CHRISTMAS’ gifts. I do not see them getting upset at Santa or reindeer. Santa would be unemployed if it was not for Christmas. Santa is not there for any other festivity but Christmas. Reindeer would be nothing more than something to be made into jerky if it was not for Santa, which is only there because of Christmas. Sleigh bells are there because of their connection to Christmas. This can go on infinitum.

When you take a person’s argument and extend it to the fullness that it represents, such as the atheist opposition to Christmas not including Santa and his reindeer, there real argument becomes clearer. The same thing can be applied to the race card as it includes White Christmas but not Black Friday. The argument of the atheist is not with Christmas. Their argument is not even with Christ. Their argument is with the concept that there might be a Supreme Being. If there is a Supreme Being then they are accountable. So many people do not want to be held accountable to anyone or anything. Be it the legal system or a Supreme Being, there are those who feel that they are above all accountability and are a law unto themselves. They resent the idea that they cannot do as they please and that they are not fully in control of all aspects of their lives. They opposed any idea of needing to answer for their actions. They reject any concept of morality or rules of behavior and basically demand the rule of ‘if it feels good, do it’. They reject the concept of consequences. They opposed the idea that there are things in this world they cannot see, understand or make captive in a test tube. They are offended by any idea that they are finite. Their argument is not with Christmas but is with God. Stop taking it out on everything else. The problem is not with Christmas but with themselves and the idea that there might be a God to whom they are accountable for their actions. But sense they refuse to admit that they may be held responsible for their actions someday, they proceed to make the lives of everyone they contact in this life as miserable as possible directing any twinge in their conscience away from their own mortality and to attack everything else that is within range.

The racist does the same thing. As the target for their wrath seem to all have one thing in common the basis for their argument becomes clear. The list as to what the race baiter opposes includes: White Christmas, white bread, anything commonly associated with white people. These people are not against racism. They are against the color white. During the Ferguson riots whenever white people would join in the riots on the side of the black rioters they were given specific rules. These rules stated that they were not to ever talk to the media; they were never to take the limelight from a black person, etc. The rules made it clear that it was not a morality issue but rather a media moment. If the race card holders really were interested in race relations then they would be calling out other races which also were biased against a person regardless of color. The race argument has nothing to do with race. It is solely against white people. When a celebrity makes the statement that the only way racism is going to end is when particular generations of white people die off clearly rejects the idea that anyone other than a white person can be racist. That is a clear beacon of their own racism. Those who love to attack white people over racism always seem to go to slavery. This is getting old and tiring because of the insanity of the argument yet people still buy into it. This argument makes as much sense as trying to buy ocean front property in Iowa. There were black slave owners in the south! The Native Americans held slaves. There were even white slaves in the south. You never hear about these things because the argument really is not even about slavery. The argument is against white people. There are those who hate white people. There are those who are so bigoted against white people because, like with racism, they are different from the ones hating them. Yet if there can be anything to mask their own racial hatred then it becomes less obvious that they, too, are nothing more than bigot racists deserving of the label. They use the mask of slavery to cover their own hypocrisy. They cannot accept the reality of their own hatred toward another race. They refuse to admit that they are nothing more than just another racist.

Everyone has faults. Everyone has bias. I would even go so far as to say that everyone has some levels of racism. It is not the existence of these things that is the problem. It is the refusal to admit that we are not perfect and that we have flaws. I would rather be an imperfect person who is trying to deal with my issues than someone who must live every day lying to myself, wearing a mask, and living in utmost hypocrisy. I am not a perfect human being but I at least try to be a honest one.