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No rose colored glasses


I must admit that I am basically in a state of shock.  I never thought I would see the day when the things happening today would be routine.  The elephant of the GOP has become like the cartoon character of a fluffy Dumbo like creature with an umbrella in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  The Democrat donkey has become nothing more than a great big jackass.  Socialism is an accepted characteristic for presidential candidates.  We have an administration that is not even attempting to hide the corruption of padding the ballot box with the influx of illegals.  The Constitution has never been used against itself to a greater extent in history than it is presently.  The right to keep and bear arms has never been under greater attack.  Our elected officials have never been able to get away with making absolutely stupid statements before like they do today…(no Guam will not tip over due to the presence of the Navy).  We have an administration that is openly Muslim, proud of it, and are very active in making America an Islamic nation.  Government leaders are leaving the founding beliefs of this nation and have abandoned any and every reference to God because it might offend someone somewhere.  We do not have leaders.  We have power hungry and greedy pussies that have rejected the will of the people.

I wonder if today is something like it was during the late 1700’s.  I wonder if people who watched England become increasingly more power hungry and greedy at the expense of the people sat back hoping that maybe something would change and that people would actually change and start listening to reason again.  I wonder how many kept believing that the system would kick start back into a working government.  I firmly believe that it is the purpose of this administration to break America and to create civil war.  If there is civil war then there will be martial law and the rule of FEMA who supersedes the Constitution and personal rights.  I believe it is the goal of this administration to bring so many radicals from the south, Middle East, and Europe into this country so that Obama would have his private civilian army that he has been wanting since the first day of his presidency.  I firmly believe that it is the goal of this administration with the help of the Democrat party to disarm every civilian.  I firmly believe that the average person does not matter to the majority of our elected officials which is why people like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls.  The American people do not trust politicians and for good reason.  Present day politicians see the average American as a piggy bank to be used to fund whatever they please.  They travel around the globe without giving a second thought at the lives of the average American.  They have life time income and complain they are still not getting enough money while they are receiving 4-5 times what the average American makes a year with an expense account that is staggering.   We have people running for president who has already been caught in so many lies that the average person would be in prison.  Our government needs to wise up.

There will be changes in office.  I do not know if it will be before or after the election.  I am hoping that there will be peaceful changes from the ballot box.  But I see overt actions on the part of many in the Democrat party to corrupt the election by permitting non-Americans to vote.  The number of people who have voted for the Democrat party who have been deceased, in prison, cartoon characters, and even non-existent names is amazing.  People have bragged about voting numerous times in the same election.  Voting machines have been caught switching votes.  If there is one thing that those in the political arena better not do and that is corrupt the ballot box.  It is the ballot box that is the ONLY thing which makes America different and which has keep America peaceful.

I hope that there is a new President with a brain and who will listen to the voice of the people.  I hope that there is a new President who will return America to its basic Christian roots.  We are not, never have been and never will be an Islamic country.  I hope that there is a new President who will lead America back to a position of strength again.  America, presently, is laughable in the eyes of the global governments.  I want a President who is proud to be the President of the United States of America.  I am so tired of a doofis who goes around bowing to everyone saying how bad America is and how it needs to change.  If I had an employee who kept going around saying how bad my company was I would fire him on the spot.

There will be change.  There will be a difference in the government.  I just hope it is a peaceful change.  But of what I see this President and his administration doing, along with the support of a complacent, power hungry and greedy Democrat party, I am having my doubts.  I hope I am wrong.  But what I see happening is setting America up for a big event.  What I see is setting America up for a major clash between radical foreign invaders and ideologies and the classic American way of life.  All I can say is that if you are not prepared you better be.  Have you scoped out your area regarding food and water?  Have you a means to protect yourself and your family?  Have you a plan should things go bad?  Have you thought about where you will go?  Have you a plan to get with other family members so that you are a greater number than just yourself?  Have you contemplated alliances?  No, my tin foil hat is not fitting too tight.  I just do not have rose colored glasses on anymore.


Dear elected leaders

civil war black

I have a Confederate flag belt buckle. I wear it proudly. I refer to it as my IQ test for people I meet. If someone is dogmatic about it being a racist symbol then I know that person is basically too stupid to be able to hold a conversation. Where has our country gone? What are we doing? We have schools and government buildings where people are evidently too confused to know which bathroom to use to they have it where they are gender neutral bathrooms. I guess as they say: Any port in a storm will do. Schools are teaching about transgender to children because I guess they do not have enough commonsense to know what sex they are any more. When people go to fill out an application or get a driver’s license and they have the boxes you check for gender are they going to have a third box labeled ‘don’t know’? If we cannot know what gender we are then I guess we are in a mess. I used to be back in the Stone Age that knowing what gender you were was something that was a fairly simple question. It is kind of like asking: Are you a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’ when you have to go pee.
There was the murder of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien. The President is blaming the Republicans. The city is a Sanctuary City which means illegals can run there and the city has agreed to not enforce any immigration laws evidently. Are we now at a place where we pick and choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore? This is insane. What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? I want to stop this crazy train and get off! When there is a shooting the shooter is considered just a mentally disturbed individual overlooked by the system and the gun is blamed for the deaths. A child plans and murders another child and instead of being called a murderer he is seen as a poor innocent victim of a society that has enforced poverty. Somehow in our nation up has become down, right has become left, and right has become wrong. I had the privilege of working with Vietnam veterans during my time as a therapist. Many of them went to war leaving one nation and returning back to a totally different nation. What they saw then is exactly what we are seeing today. The only difference was that they had the change thrust upon them become home stood still in time in their eyes while gone and they suddenly saw the rapid changes where those of us here have been seeing things change more gradually. It is now just blaringly obvious and it is shocking.
The IRS, politicians and government officials get away with total and complete lawlessness while the average citizen has to fear being called in for an audit and forced to pay whatever the IRS happens to say that you owe. Police officers have to worry about being arrested for doing their jobs and arresting people. Criminals are able to burn down cities, loot stores and destroy other’s hopes and dreams while being called an oppressed people. Our President appears to be more interested in his golf game than the thousands being forced into life as a sex slave by radical Islam and ISIS. Our military has to go through a litmus test before being able to shoot at the enemy while our governmental leaders say that our forces are unable to defeat ISIS. I am totally confused as to just how our nation is able to dress itself in the mornings.
We have people in Congress who are afraid that the weight of the Navy is going to make Guam tip over. We have others who dress like some kind of 70’s pimp and they actually think they look classy. Others make statements along the line of: Who do you think I am…I am a queen. We have a President and First Lady who spends taxpayer money so quickly that they make King George and Marie Antoinette look like friends of the working class. Now people want a Constitutional Convention where they can have the power to change and rewrite the Constitution? I would not trust these people to fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oops I guess that is now also considered racist, let alone touch the Constitution.
What is it going to take to restore sanity? How do these seemingly crazy idiots keep getting re-elected? At one time we use to have highly literate and well-read individuals in Congress but any more I believe our Congressional leaders need to put down their Archie and Jughead and pick up The Federalist Papers only I am afraid they would not understand the big words in the Federalist. Before these legislatures start making decisions to remove the Confederate flag because it is a divisive symbol of slavery they need to read up on REAL history and some of the soldiers of the south such as “Black Southerners in Gray” edited by Richard Rollins which speaks about the black men who proudly took up arms against the North. Before anyone calls Stonewall Jackson a racist needs to learn that he had over 3000 well equipped black troops under his leadership at Antietam. Issues such as people getting all emotionally worked up and then telling others what is right and wrong was what the Civil War was about and is happening all over again.
There has got to be good people who are willing to run for political office. There has got to be answers yet unseen that would help resolve the total stupidity that is evidenced by the ‘great minds’ which lead us today. There has got to be some way to resurrect commonsense. It is a sad day when a former Russian KGB agent such as Putin tells the world that America has abandoned God. Someone who has a gender change is labeled as brave while our servicemen and women barely make enough money to survive. We send our soldiers off to war to fight the enemy and then after they return they have to fight their own government to get the benefits promised to them. Government shells out countless millions to house illegals while veterans sleep on park benches and in cardboard boxes. I know that all sources of social media are monitored under the name of national security. So I try to be careful how far I push issues. I do know that something has to be done and be done soon. Our leaders with need to get their heads out of their butts and start acting like American leaders who have made an oath to protect the nation and the Constitution. Our leaders need to start acting like leaders and not like spoiled bratty children. Our leaders need to start acting at least like 4th graders which would be a major increase from what they are presently representing. There are plenty of tired and fed up Americans who can at least identify their own gender, know how to basically live within a budgeted and limited income, and who truly love and care about our country who demand that people grow up and start acting like leaders. King George learned that he could only push people so far. He learned that you can only ride on one’s high horse so long before getting knocked off of that horse. The people have shown great restraint thus far. Please, dear supposed leaders of this nation, learn from history!

Time to rise and shine


Ever wonder what happened to our world?  Ever feel like we must be in some kind of a bad dream from which eventually we might wake up?  I watch things evolve and wish it was as simple as a bad dream.  What has happened to our America?  What has happened to the Constitution as the highest law of the land?  What has happened to plain dignity?  What has happened to commonsense?  I watch our nation in big trouble.  I see a President who, by all observation, is totally and completely delusional.   Our nation is in the toilet so far we are smelling methane.  Our national debt is greater than all the previous Presidents combined and will never be paid off because it grows by millions every day in interest.  All the programs of debt reduction that talks about how billions will be saved over so many years are a joke because they would not even cover the interest from the national debt.  It would be one thing to have a debt that gave America something but I still cannot find where the trillions which this President has spent have actually gone to do any good.  America is constantly being threatened by ISIS and radical Islam while our President seems more concerned about the image of Islam than he is those who are being butchered by the radicals.  He does not even acknowledge that radical Islam exists.  We have no idea what we are doing in dealing with the international threat ISIS and radical Islam poses while they behead, drown, burn, blow up, and simply are more barbaric than any army in history.  We have our national leaders pushing to legitimize the nuclear program of the leader in world terror activity Iran.  At ever remote opportunity the right for legal citizens to keep and bear arms as granted by the Constitution is under attack by our President to where if he cannot get it through Congress he undermines the Constitution through executive orders.  We have an amnesty program via executive order that promises to break the established systems of law enforcement, medical services and public services via a massive influx of people drawing on those services which are not set to carry such weight.  We have a President who wants a federal police force where all law enforcement is under federal supervision.  Crime, corruption and scandal are the normal orders of the day in politics and they do not even try to hide it any more.  Politicians are more concerned over the Confederate flag than they are what national leaders are doing in secret.  While the Confederate battle flag is seen as offensive to where it is being hidden in museums, people are allowed to walk on the US flag at will and if a person speaks out against the gay lifestyle flag flying they are seen as homophobic.  Black jelly beans and peanut butter is seen as racists and farfetched nicknames for dinosaurs are opposed as being demeaning.

Now comes time for a new election.  Obama has shoved America into the toilet and people are praising Hillary as being the new hope for the next President.  While Hillary is nothing more than another Obama and people refuse to face reality.  She has numerous scandals already yet she is still being viewed as the Democrat front runner.  She has proven herself as unable to be believed by the multiple times she has already been found to lie to the American people.  She has proven she is unable to handle major crisis as she allowed people to die in Benghazi what appears to be in an effort to keep CIA arms running covered up.  She has proven she has lied regarding emails.  If she is unable to govern her emails how is she going to govern a nation?

Terrorist are able to come and go at will via our southern border.  America sends billions in aid to countries who have vowed to destroy our way of life.  Israel, our greatest ally, is openly insulted.  Our military is hamstrung so that we do not offend the Muslims while radical Islam butchers innocent men, women and children.  In the face of insane people under the flag of a wacko religion marching across the lands of people who are just wanting to live, our Pentagon is given orders that their primary concern is now to be global warming while global warming is being disproven on a regular basis.  America has numerous terrorist training camps on American soil while the Attorney General is more concerned about possible racism.

Is America being led by the ignorant or that apathetic?  Has the America voter just proven Jonathan Gruber to be correct?  What is happening?  Personally, I wonder at what time the military is going to just ignore Presidential orders and start doing what is necessary for America.  I wonder at what time good people are just going to start ignoring Presidential executive orders and just live their lives as the Constitution permits.  I wonder at what time law enforcement are going to say that they refuse to enforce any and all orders which contradict the Constitution and American way of life.  I wonder at what time the American citizen takes matters into their own hands regarding the cartels and drug runners who are presently claim large sections of Arizona as off limits to Americans.  I wonder at what time the American people will take charge of America’s security.  I wonder at what time Americans will wake up and vote out of any and all offices elected leaders who prefer to support Sharia law over the Constitution.  I wonder at what time Americans will get their stomach full of all the crap that is being shoved down our throats and start removing people from office.  When will the silent majority stop being silent!  When will the American people start removing liberals from office so that police are able to do their jobs without fear of being charged with crimes because they may have to use force to arrest someone?  It is beyond time for people to wake up!  Any more it is up to the people to make the changes.  Either wake up and get active or be willing to accept the consequences.

Learn from history

hitler and obama

There comes a point in time in which a person must seriously look at Barack Obama and wonder what side of America he is on.  This man has shown actions which seriously draw into question any form of ethics.  He has an agenda and nothing is going to get in the way of that agenda.  He has proven that he is willing to use anything to push that agenda.  He made promises to the more conservative Democrats in order to get them to vote for his Affordable Health Care Act merely to break those promises immediately after the bill was passed.  He has a clear agenda to promote and support Islam at all cost even to where an Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood is called workplace violence.  A woman is beheaded at the food plant where she worked by an Islamic convert simply because she refuses to convert to Islam and again it is called workplace violence.  While this act was solely because she was a Christian and did not want to become a Muslim it was never called a hate crime.  Obama has an agenda of promoting black issues even if it goes against law restrictions as he encourages the rioters of Ferguson to ‘hold the course’.  Obama also uses any and all major and emotionally charged shooting events to push his anti-gun agenda.  As America is under threat from terrorists both within our shores as well as abroad, Obama still drives his anti-gun push to disarm law abiding citizens.  Personally, I cannot remember neither during my life time nor in my study of American history, any President that was more divisive to America or that sought to erode America’s safety.  This President appears to want American totally dependent upon the government for all acts of safety and security.  Any preliminary review of history should see major danger signs over this type of thinking and actions by a political leader.  I have compared Obama to Adolf Hitler many times.  There are those who immediately dismiss this comparison but historically it must be reviewed.  Germany was a government elected by the people.  Hitler did not take over the government by force from a nobody to being the dictator he became.  But he used the system to his advantage.  He removed the element of private gun ownership where a citizen could own firearms.  This was not the practice prior to Hitler getting into power.  It was again something that was eroded away with time a little bit at a time.  It was done in a manner in which the people welcomed it as a sign that people would now be safer without private firearms.  In so many ways Obama is taking plays directly out of the Adolf Hitler play book.

Americans must wake up to Barack Obama.  He has been open to his plans and agenda but the media has failed their oath and the people by not doing their jobs and bringing things to the surface.  Obama has made it clear in his books that his plan is total socialism and communistic government.  He is a racial radical and made it open in his writing.  He was openly admitted as a foreign student yet nothing was made of this which would have disqualified him from the office of the President.  This is important because if the Constitution is able to be by-passed in this matter then the Constitution becomes null and void.  Obama has made actions to open the doors for the millions of illegals in this country which would basically open the borders.  This action has never been reviewed regarding cost or effect upon America.  The only actions regarding critical thinking is to demonize those who are opposed to the plan as being racists.  America is in a very dangerous position.  With the flood of millions of illegal immigrants into America poses a major threat of a collapse of multiple systems from law enforcement to social programs to medical availability.  Once the local systems fail then the door is wide open for federal programs to take over.  History is posed to repeat itself.

People need to rapidly wake up to the truth that they have been sold a bill of goods and that those presently in power do not have America’s best in mind.  They have an agenda and that agenda is not in America’s favor.  The present Democrat party has been taken over by major players in socialism and Marxism and has a goal to make America into a socialist country.  The problem with socialism is that it does not work.  People must start thinking for themselves.  The present political arena is not the politics of our grandfathers.  While I am not excited about any party and believe that a good and ethical politician is basically a death wish because the corrupt system cannot survive with an ethical leader, it is clear that the present day Democrat Party does not have American interest at its core.  People must wake up before it is too late.  If we do not learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it.

Just a fed up American

flag and eagle

As a proud American and one who has roots in the American dream going back to its formation and having numerous ancestors who fought in the American Revolution, I have a huge stake in the future and security of my nation.  Under the shadow of the Forefathers I look at our present administration and am disgusted and fed up with our elected leaders.  Our Forefathers viewed government service as a service freely given to the nation.  It was never seen as career where a person could be in office for over a decade and be paid hundreds of thousands each year.  I listen to some of the comments coming out of the mouths of some of the elected leaders and I hear things like:  If Obama does not get his amnesty plan I am going to set myself on fire; or Guam is going to tip over because of the weight of the Navy. I have heard more intelligence out of 3rd graders than I have out of some of our elected leaders.  I see a President who appears to be openly racists and bigoted.  When commissioned police officers get murdered in the streets he remains silent, when Christians are being slaughtered in droves by the ISIS butchers he remains silent, when radical Islam attacks Americans on American soil he remains silent; yet if a black person gets murdered such as Travon Martin or Michael Brown Obama goes on television to express his outrage.  Americans get beheaded and Obama finds his safe place on a golf course while the murderers brag about their actions.  I see ISIS marching through countries while our President puts the brakes upon our military because of the possibility of collateral damage even though many of the ‘innocent’ civilians are part of ISIS.  I am fed up with what has happened to my country.

History speaks about a nation that wanted to get away from a king.  America has a king and queen who seem to see the taxpayer as nothing more than a piggy bank.  The first family travels at will all on the taxpayer’s back.  They have spent more money on world travel than any other Presidential family.  Personally I do not care if the Obama’s are having marital trouble and want to be separated.  They need to do that like everyone else in this country and do it on their own dime.  Obama is saying that he paid for the expense of his latest elite party held at the White House.  Did he also pay for the massive amounts of security occurred because of this party?  Did he also pay for the huge staff required for anything in the White House?  Did he pay for the expense of the White House?  Obama lives in the People’s House and has turned it into a party house.  He spends millions in travel to raise funds for the Democrat party.  This should be seen as embezzlement of taxpayer funds.  Taxpayers did not pay their taxes to raise funds for the Democrats.

America has lost its position as a world leader.  The only one who seems to not realize that America has lost its position as a world leader is the leader of America.  Obama has slapped the faces of our allies.  He was unable to attend the funeral of the great Margaret Thatcher but was able to spend considerable time in Africa after the death of Mandela.  Leaders of other nations have taken the reigns in the fight against ISIS because America has no idea as to what they are doing in the fight.  He has insulted Israel which has been a major support of America for many years.  He has gone out of any reasonable measures to get a nuclear agreement with Iran which would solidify and approve their nuclear program and plan them directly on the path towards a nuclear bomb places squarely in the hands of the leader of world terrorism.

As with many families in this country, there are many of my family members who have lost blood or lives to save and build this great nation.  I set back now and see my nation being sold to the highest bidder and having every effort to have its precepts and heritage erased from history.  History is being actively rewritten to be politically correct rather than being accurate.  Our children are being spoon fed lies in order to indoctrinate them towards a preset way of thinking.  Much of the media has become nothing more than a propaganda source for liberal politicians.

In the wings for the next election I see Hillary Clinton who has increasing baggage and scandal trailing her.  She has been caught in so many lies it is amazing that anyone who want to think of her as the next President.  If she is incapable of handling her own emails in an ethical manner how is she capable of running a nation?   The three things which seem synonymous to the Clintons are money, power, and scandal.   It would appear that the American people have had enough of this type of politics.  The ‘Chicago style’ of corrupt politics which Obama has openly brought to this nation should be making people sick by now.

I ask my fellow American:  When is enough going to be enough?  When are you going to honor the courage of our ancestors and put your foot down?  When are you going to stand up against corruption and demand change?  When are you going to grow up and develop a back bone?  When are you going to want your country back?

The hijacking of America

crying eagle

The Democrat Party has been hijacked by utopia minded Marxist and Communists who seem to believe that the world would be more peaceful and full of unicorns if everyone would simply sit down over herbal tea and cookies.  Their ability to rewrite history to suit their purposes are unrivaled by the masses while their delusional mindset is led by the icons who has given the world:  “We must pass it to know what is in it”; “Guam is going to tip over because of the Navy”; “I’m going to set myself on fire if Obama does not get his amnesty bill passed”; and “there is no such thing as radical Islam”.  Likewise, the Republican Party has been usurped by other great minds that see politics as more beneficial than a backbone as indicated by the supporting approval of another left wing radical to the office of Attorney General.

I try to be an optimist as much as possible.  But I even more desire to be a realist.  I try very hard not to ever take the position of Chicken Little with the cries of how the sky is falling and we all need to run lest we be crushed.  But I also admit that presently I have been having a great deal of difficulty being very optimistic regarding the world status while Russia is licking its chops like a ravenous bear drooling over the Ukraine. While Russia is looking to devour the old USSR, radical Islam is beheading anything standing in its path in the Middle East and making such asinine laws such as how pigeon farming is now illegal because looking at bird genitals is deemed offensive.  I guess they have not thought of putting a little pair of pants on the birds as of yet.  I’m wondering what sicko has been picking up the birds to stare at them in the first place!  With all this going on as a backdrop we have the Obama administration bent upon normalizing the nuclear program of the world leader in international terrorisms all the time there is being a highly suspicious sound reminiscent to the old Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In and the character with his long drawn out ‘trust me’ ending with an evil grin.  Ever wonder if maybe somewhere along the line you were picked up by aliens and transferred to some foreign planet void of all commonsense or just lost in a very long and disturbing dream that you desperately are hoping from which you will awaken?

Somewhere along the way the America of my ancestors has been taken hostage.  I do not know when or why but I know it is not the America in which I was raised and in which my ancestors fought to form.  Here is where I can return to being a realist.  I know that I cannot save the world and cannot even save my nation.  But I can take care of myself and my family.  People have become overly complacent. They have their nice little homes and neighborhoods with their PTA meetings and homeowner’s associations.  Lawns are all kept neat and trimmed with all the dogs on a leash.  They also have no idea of the storm that is coming.  I would rather prepare for the unforeseen and be considered a fool by the public than to ignore the warning signs and my family suffers and is taken by surprise.  This does not mean that I have a storage unit full of MREs and ammunition.  But it does mean that I try to think outside the box.  Every home should have an emergency kit including some blankets, extra water and food, means of communication, means of heat, and first aid.  These things are just good common sense items to have around.  People need to have a few days of extra food supplies.  This does not mean that you have 7 years of storage, but it does mean that if you are stuck for a few days that you are prepared not to be chewing your neighbor’s arm off out of hunger.  If things ever do go sour there will be those who have never began to think in terms of survival that are going to panic and try to take away from those who have prepared.  In these cases you better have some means of defense if you want your family to survive. These means of defense can also be invaluable in securing food if things go longer than expected.  America has plenty if a person is looking and not picky.  While I have never eaten it I understand that there can be some pretty tasty ways to cook squirrel.

I cannot blame the entire world’s present situation upon our administration but I do consider it a major player who stuck a huge fuse inside the powder keg of the global situation.  America was a major stabilization factor upon the world stage. America has been removed from that position.  America has been the alarm which would be sounded in the face of such global threats such as radical Islam and ISIS but our present administration openly refuses to even admit that radical Islam exists.  Now America is being attacked from within by this same radical Islam with attacks being seen upon local law enforcement.  The rest of the nation must understand that after these nut jobs finish trying to kill armed police officers that they will not have one moment of hesitation in killing an unarmed citizen who stands in their way. Our administration is doing everything by hook or crook to disarm the American citizen when we are at a point in which what is needed is just the opposite.  Instead of disarming Americans the citizenry needs to prepare themselves to take action when the time demands.

Our political parties have been taken over and ran by deranged monkeys who cannot even agree on the definition of a banana.  If America is to survive it must be through the people.  The people have been asleep at the wheel too long and it is time to wake up.  It is not too late for our great nation IF the people of our great nation are willing to fight to keep our great nation. If anything happens to our America, while the government would be held in total incompetence and in being totally complacent with the enemy, the real shame of the fall would land upon the people for not wanting it bad enough to keep it.

The problem with politics

Noah's ark

Today’s politics are not real politics.  The concept of politics goes back to ancient Rome.  There is a concept of the voice of the people as included in the word ‘politic’ itself.  Today’s politics is more of a high brow game of money, power, deceit and overall showmanship.  Very little today really has anything to do with the representation of the people or the actual voice of the people.  This is across the board and is not limited to any one party.  I believe the parties of today have nothing but a set of window dressings to make people think they are actually doing something.   If I would give myself a label I probably would be a conservative independent.  Two of the greatest men I know, one of whom I never had the opportunity to meet and the other was my hero, were my grandfather and my father.  They both worked in the coal mines in southern Indiana.  My father later became a Salvation Army Officer working with the poor.  I can easily see them having voted Democrat at some time in their lives.  As things changed I could easily have seen my father voting Republican because of the right to keep and bear arms which he was a strong believer in and knew first hand their ability to keep good people safe.  But today I believe both parties have become exactly what the Constitution wanted to warn against.

In today’s politics the idea that a career politician is able to understand and relate to the common person is laughable at best.  These people have given up the ‘commonness’ and have become an elite group unto and answerable completely unto themselves.  We have kings and queens and little demigods who like to strut around like some peacock in full plumage trying to convince the populous of their humility.  Then if there ever is a politician who actually has and remembers their common humble roots it makes it twice as hard for them because of the frustration experienced by not having people believe you when you are honestly speaking the truth.  So many of the politicians who spend more money on an election than the average American makes in a lifetime wonder why people do not want to believe them then they get up and act like the person next door when the truth is that the individual spent more money on their last haircut than the average American’s weekly salary.  If we question this reality all America needs to do is to look at the present occupant of the White House as see an individual whose spending can actually make King George look frugal.

America is floundering.  America is a float somewhere without a paddle or a rudder.  America has been removed from the plush yacht it might have once been on and has been dispatched to occupying the dingy while the fat politicians usurp control over the ship.  Donkeys and elephants protrude out of every window and porthole of the great yacht much like a luxurious Noah’s ark while America bops aimlessly along untethered and unnoticed.  If America makes it to the next election and actually has enough form and focus to have an election it will take nothing less than a major act of God.  If America makes it to the next election without civil war and blood in the streets will also take a major act of God.  I remember listening to chat discussions regarding Islam while Obama was still an unknown on the political scene, not even considered for a Presidential run and just an Illinois senator.  Even then he was seen as an individual who had an Islamic agenda for America.  Since this was a time prior to the need to hide all his beliefs things were more out in the open and his Muslim faith was common knowledge.  Now the man who claimed would have the most open and transparent of all administrations appears to have his past sewn up tighter than the head of a drum.

If America is to survive it is up to the people.  The people must decide which laws and rules they are going to obey and which ones they are going to choose to politely choose to disobey.  There is a place for proper civil disobedience.  Members of the armed forces and law enforcement communities will have to choose which orders they will obey and which once violate their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  America must return to being owned and operated by the people.  The people truly do not need the government.  The government needs the people.  The people must resume the primary role of protectorate of the homeland.  ISIS wants to threaten anyone who disagrees with them.  It is almost impossible to listen to the news without some new threat from radical Islam wanting to kill someone because they insulted their faith.  It is up to the people to defend the homeland.  If ISIS and radical Islam ever want to attack the homeland it must be up to the people to make it extremely clear that it was the greatest mistake they could have ever made.  If there is ever an attack on the homeland then there is no mercy for ISIS or radical Islam.  There would only be one rule of engagement and it would be to see the enemy and to kill the enemy.  There would be no mercy, there would be no quarter given, and there would be no prisoners taken.

People need to stop being the proverbial frog in the pan of increasingly heated water.  People need to stop being complacent believing the tasty ‘kool-aid’ of the liberal media and spokespersons telling the nation that all if fine and the government is here to help you.  The people need to wake up.  The government is supposed to be OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.  But the people have turned it into something that is TO the people, AT the people and AGAINST the people by refusing to look with a critical mind towards the actions of the government and the politicians.  In many ways the only ones the people of this great nation have to blame for our own naivety is ourselves.