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Chirstmas tree 2014

As I look over this passing year there are things that I must admit I never thought I would ever see in my country. I wish I could have a different analysis of the year as it end but facts stand. I see a nation more divided than ever in my life. I grew up with the idea of zebra wars. A ‘zebra war’ was a war specifically between whites and blacks. While the wars never broke out the tensions were clearly seen and felt. But what I see today makes those days look like a Sunday School picnic. I see a nation on a powder keg while the Presidents claim that the nation has never been more racially united. I do not know which rock he must be living under in order to be able to make that type of claim. If there is any uniting in the races it is in the cases where whites and blacks are protesting and stopping traffic together. Having racially united anarchists does not make me look positive towards a united nation.

I see a President who thinks that Africa is as much his responsibility as America. Last I knew Africa was not paying his salary. I see a President more interested in playing golf than in leading this nation into prosperity. I see a nation where the President is more concerned with the feelings of Islam than he is of Americans in general. I see a President who is more concerned with fighting Republicans and making sure that anything passed is something he likes rather than being willing to adjust what he likes to find a better plan. I see a President who thinks he has the ultimate answer and that he is always right. This is not a President, this is a dictator. I see a President who has abandoned American safety such as the southern border for the sake of politics and more Democrat voters. I see a level of corruption in politics never before public or seen as commonplace. I see a President who has finally come out of the closet regarding his own religious beliefs. He has denied being a Muslim but his actions and his companions state otherwise. Personally I typically could not care less what a person’s religious beliefs may be because that freedom of religion is what America is based upon. But it is clear that this man’s religious beliefs place protecting Islam above protecting the nation. Based upon reports from interactions with the President and military leaders as the ‘war’ on ISIS continues and his hostility towards anything that might put Islam in a bad light; his reactions to Islamic radicals who have murdered American servicemen and women upon their own base; his reaction to radical Muslims who have butchered innocent people by cutting their heads off because they would not change to Islam; his apologized to the mosques where the murdering radical attended while ignoring the suffering family of the murdered; his continued insistence upon sending billions of dollars in aid to countries dedicated to Islam and the very principles against which our service men and women are going to war; all these make a stout argument that our President is clearly a dedicated follower of Islam to the point that Islam is the baseline of what is really important to this man and not the country which had elected him as President. I have never seen a man so dedicated to the removal of firearms from the general populous, attacks upon individual freedoms and liberties through the use of IRS and NSA to track and attack people with different political opinions from him. I have never seen a man so open to protect his political cronies and to reward their allegiance through tax payer grants. I have always known unfortunately that politics were corrupt but I have never seen a level of corruption so blatant as this administration.

I have never seen a year where our men and women in blue were so openly and viciously attacked by politicians. I never would have dreamed of a time where people could openly call for ‘dead cops’ and not be arrested. I never thought I would ever see a time where someone like Al Sharpton and his demonizing of our police officers would be given any credence. I was raised to respect the police. I have two brothers who are retired police officers. I cannot express how deeply this matter sickens my soul as I see our officers made the enemy by the media. I call for all good Americans to stand with our police officers. I call for all good Americans to rise to assist our police officers any time we see one in need. It is time for all good Americans to stand up and rise against the tyranny of the low life good for nothing idiots who are calling for harm to come to our police officers. I know there are those who point out the few bad officers. To those people I call out and I dare you to put on the badge. You go out there with the officers and see how well you fair. You go out in the middle of the night against invisible enemies and see how long you last. You go out knowing how little you are paid to put your life on the line to bring in those who make many times over what you make with little to not risk. Just see how long you remain so righteous.

I want my country back. I hope that 2015 returns America to me. My ancestors helped form this country. I miss it. I want my America back.