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Dictatorship of the offended


America is at a precipice of a sociological nightmare.  This started a few years ago when people were permitted to demand other people change simply because they were ‘offended’ by the actions, opinions, statements or beliefs of others.  This later progressed to where people were permitted for the first time in history the typical respect for the national anthem was discarded and people were not only permitted to defy the anthem and flag by refusing to stand in a respectful manner but was socially awarded for so doing.  History, religion, American culture and historical perspectives are removed and altered not because of any factual evidence but simply because it was found to be offensive. Persons who refused to accept the new changes were demonized and ridiculed.  While anyone who refused to accept the changes where met complete opposition, there ‘presence’ of those changes were hailed as accepting and progressive.  Acceptance and understanding were only permitted for those who sought change and nothing for those who preferred to maintain the historical beliefs.  People were permitted to violently attack those who held historical positions or any beliefs that anyone might deem offensive.

As people are forced to make changes of age old beliefs, cultures and actions the goal is presented as an effort to make a more open and sensitive society.  The reality of the matter is that is it purely an effort to control others.  At the core of the demand to change due to someone becoming offended is the complete opposite of what historically been the foundation of America.  Basic human rights and the simple concept of one’s right to make personal decisions is denied the individual as the ‘offended’ party is able to force others to change.  Americans would never accept a totalitarian form of government yet they are embracing as socially acceptable being forced to accept the demands of others.

This invasive cancer has the primary goal to infest and destroy America from within.  It is touted under the banner of the left, liberalism and the modernist movement.  There is an answer but it is not a comfortable one nor one that is readily going to find a following in modern society.  The answer is to be found in people rebelling and refusing to accept the idea of an offended society as having the ‘right’ to demand change.  This is not meaning that people should not be willing to be inclusive but it also requires that the same level of inclusion be imposed upon the offended.  There is also a role of morals to be re-identified and returned.  Discipline must also be returned. One other aspect of this rebellion against this cancer includes the right to self defense even if it includes the use of lethal force.  No one has the right to attack another person who is simply wanting to peacefully attend a political gathering simply because they do not ‘like’ whom that gathering supports.

Until such time that people start accepting personal responsibility for personal actions America will never return to its basic principles.  If someone who is hydrophobic goes to a Baptist church and is offended because they use water in their worship needs to accept personal responsibility for their actions.   Commonsense would have made it clear that a Baptist church would probably have water.  The fault is not in the location but in the individual’s foolish actions  A person who has a belief system that does not believe in the global holiday of Christmas and purposely migrates to America which, has as long as there has been Europeans on the soil has celebrated Christmas, should not have a ‘right’ to demand that Christmas not be observed since it was their personal actions which created their being ‘offended’.  Today people’s bad behavior, riots, rudeness, illegal activities and even murder is blamed upon others, some syndrome or other excuses other than personal choice.  As a child we were told to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility.  From people in political office to kids in elementary school there is no accepting of personal consequence for one’s own actions.  People look for reasons to be offended.  If people can be fired from their jobs because they used the ‘wrong pronoun’ regarding someone’s gender which seems to change on an hourly basis; or demand 100+ year old statues be torn down; history changed, songs removed or other things destroyed simply because someone’s feelings were ‘hurt’ then we no longer have freedom and liberty but have surrendered unto a social dictatorship.

This liberal leftist agenda of always being offended will never end because there will always be something that someone somewhere finds offensive.  Everyone is permitted to be offended except for the conservative.  We are falling into the hands of the Hitler era Brownshirts who beat people into submission if they believed anything other than that which was promoted by Adolf Hitler only the Brownshirts today are wearing the cloak of the ‘social warrior’ and political correctness.  In America today there is one of two things which WILL happen.  Either people will rise up against social/political correction ideology and stop giving it power to demand that things change to please the few or our liberties will cease.

Fish or cut bait


Growing up there was an expression of ‘fish or cut bait’.  It was a challenge to either start doing something or stop talking about it.  There were other more colorful expressions which included a bodily function and a toilet but I think you get the message.  With slam in the news so much lately religion itself has been brought into the spotlight.  People look at Islam with their ‘honor killings’ and rightfully scream about the hypocrisy which seems to only place all religions on the examination table.

I am a Christian.  I am not a shining example of one but I try to be an honest one.  Now there are those you can ask about me who would be glad to tell you just how I am on the fast track to Hell in the handbasket due to my immoral past and my unsaintly like present.   I am bothered by the ease that so many fellow believers can through around the idea of Hell and not bat an eye.  There are some I have met who seem to be so relieved after a person dies that I am shocked that they do not throw in a bag of marshmallows and a package of hot dogs into their casket before it gets closed.  I remember reading where Jesus wept over Jerusalem because it did not comprehend what it was missing.  I have an acquaintance who recently found a friend of his after she had hung herself.  He calls his daughter who is supposed to be so wonderfully righteous for some moral support and who in turn has no time for his interruption into her life.  Now I know that my acquaintance can be draining and emotionally demanding quite often, but there is a time when if you care at all about anyone you come to their aid.  I have had people ask me why I would spend so much time on this guy.  I remember hearing my dad who was an old preacher talk about how you do things for some people who are entertaining angels unaware and also the verse he would use about ‘in so much as you have done it unto the least of these my brothers you have done it unto me’.  Like I said earlier, I am not a perfect example of a Christian but I try to be an honest one.

America is going through massive changes presently.  If America ever needed Christians to be Christians it is now.  America needs Christians who will not talk religion but act like Christ.  Now also keep in mind that Christ did not simply sit back and pray about everything whining about how bad society had gotten.  There was a time and place where Christ also drove with a handmade whip the money changers out of the Temple.  Now is the time for Christians to ‘fish or cut bait’.   Either put up or shut up!  Either start acting like you say you believe or change your religion.  I am sure that even God Almighty gets sick and tired of the bad advertising that has been going on in his Name.  If you are going to spout how wonderfully Christian you are then live it!  That means ever caring for those people who are less religious than you.  I means caring for those you do not like.  It means getting your heads out of your butt and actually live Christianity.

There are those who are probably thinking that the only one who would write something like this is a goody two shoes who is expecting points from God.  More times than not I believe my cosmic calling is to be God’s piñata and I feel like that red-haired child in a family of tow-heads (who those too young to know that expression it is an extremely fair haired individual).  I am just really tired of watching people say one thing and live another.  Our nation has enough phonies in politics we don’t need them in our churches as well.  I have seen people who live under such extreme rules and regulations of behavior, dress, entertainment and about every other factor of life imaginable.  They dot all the ‘I’s and cross all the ‘T’s but somehow forget how to implement the content.  I have seen people get all excited about ‘missionary work in Africa’ but are blind to people sitting next to them or those who have ‘fallen from grace’ and are now just an embarrassment.

There are so many challenges going around on the internet from ice buckets to erasers.  I give anyone reading this a challenge.  That challenge is simple.  I challenge you to be real.  If you are going to say you believe in something, then live it.  I challenge you not to say one thing and do the other.  I challenge you to put your ego aside and start caring about others if you truly say that you are supposed to care about people.  I challenge you to either fish or cut bait.

The real issue

professional protester


I have been around for a few years and have seen a fair share of elections come and go.  I have never seen anything like what has been happening in my country.  There has always been a party that won and a party that lost the election.  But I have never seen so much effort which supersedes the election and go directly into undermining the overall government system.  This is not a democrat or republican thing.  This is at the point of a treason thing.  Personally, I know a few democrats who I would doubt would be supporting all the actions that are happening in the name of progressiveness and the democrat party.  I have never seen a ‘dark state’ before.  I even had to look it up to even know to what it was referring.  ‘Dark state’ is just a fancy was to say treason.  It is a calculated effort to undermine the government.  I am angered as I see leading Republican elected leaders as part of this movement.  I am angered as I see what once were news stations trying to be subtle in their support of the efforts.  It is growing more evident that the former President did actually wiretap the opposition which was Donald Trump.  I remember when a republican wiretapped something and all hell broke loose resulting in his resignation.  But Obama is seeming to be a pass just like he did throughout his presidency as is now becoming increasingly evident he ran weapons through Benghazi to rebels which fell in the hands of ISIS as well as millions of dollars in funding from the US.

What is happening to my country?  My ancestors were part of the American Revolution and things are getting to the point where there is little resemblance to those days.  We have college students who are supposed to be adults needing ‘safe space’ because words written on the sidewalk in chalk disturbed them so badly they could not continue.  We have elected school leaders taking the side of an illegal who had been deported on numerous occasions who was also guilty of raping a 13 year old girl.  We have school districts having a fit over ‘dodge ball’ because it is too violent.  Now we have these same, and I know some will be offended, pansies who are leading the way in the revolt against our government.  They oppose a man whom they have never met nor have given a chance to prove himself.  They were opposing Trump as President before he was ever President.

I do not know what is going to be the answer.  I just sit back am watching people who just want America to grow again be pushed and pushed relentlessly.  I watch the anarchists setting the work of good people on fire.  I hear Black Lives Matter people call for the deaths of all white people and law enforcement not being able to do anything.  I watch the FBI director make statements to Congress that even a non-police officer listens to and knows it is full of horse pucky.  The noble agency of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been humiliated by its own leadership as it has become a front for protecting political elite.  The Internal Revenue Service has becoming nothing more than a ‘hit squad’ for political elite and political ideology as it has been used to target those of opposing political views.  The Central Intelligence Agency has been corrupted to where it is now used not just to gather intelligence regarding enemies abroad but also regarding regular citizens who have no political agenda but simply to be a good American living in his homeland.  If Donald Trump has done nothing else he has shown a spotlight upon the total and absolute corruption that has infected this nation and its leadership.

In many ways we have become 1920 and 30’s Germany.  The government has developed secret pockets with the single goal being dominance and power.  We have become over the years a corrupt society that needs to be purged.  I do not want violence.  Let me get that out there plain and clear.  I also know what happens when people who have no regard for the average citizen pushes them too far.  I know what happens when people who have no law try to corrupt the legal systems for their own use and ends.  I know what happens when good people are subjugated by evil people.  I know what happens with elected leaders become so corrupt they abandon all values.  Let me be blunt.  These people who protest our President at every turn are promoting and forcing civil war.  They think they can simply force their will upon people and make people who want America to be a good place to live and a place where Americans are recognize and promoted be silenced.  I think most people are sick and tired of seeing Mexican flags waved while they are spitting upon someone going to a Trump rally or while BLM thugs are stomping on the flag or police cars.  I think most people are fed up with watching people riot and burn buildings because they do not like what someone else might say.  I think most people are fed up with so called educators who do not have the sense the Good Lord gave a slow crowbar.  I think most people are at or getting rapidly to the point where they are about to say:  THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO FIGHT TO KEEP IT!  Our Forefathers set up the Constitution to have peaceful transitions of power.  These radicals and anarchists have totally disregarded the peaceful transition of power and simply want to demand their own way.  That is not going to happen.

I do not know how many people read my works.  So it might just be me blowing off some steam.  But here goes:  Dear idiot rebels and rioters;  We the people are tired of  your temper tantrum.  We are tired of your big mouth always running.  Now either put up or shut up.  We have a political system and Donald Trump is our President.  If you want to harm him you would be firing a shot heard around the world.  You do not listen as we try to peacefully discuss matters.  You do not listen as we try to tell you we are tired of your actions.  You do not listen as we try to have open dialogue.  Now you are out of time.  Get out of our way.  I would highly, HIGHLY advise you to shut up and put your little signs away and go back to your ‘safe spaces’.  You talk about wanting things to go violent.  You have no idea of which you speak.  We are fed up with you and should you be so stupid as to push for violence we will have you for lunch.  You would have no idea what would be coming down your way.  Shut up and get out of our way.  America is going to grow either with or without.  It is going to grow either around you, through you or over you.  I am trying to be honest in telling you what is going to happen while at the same time keep people in ugly suits from knocking on my door because unfortunately in this America at the present honest discourse is not permitted unless it promotes ‘safe spaces’ buttercups and unicorns.  DO NOT SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED!



I am going to stick my neck out here and hope I don’t get my head lopped off.  The feminist actions of late have been, at best, humorous.  I was watching someone with their vagina hat today.  It looked like someone tried their hand at knitting a pita pocket.  It is really irritating to watch the ‘community organizers’ have all their little minions marching along making all their little chants and posting signs for a wide variety of things, most of which are totally void of anything that has to do with their present march.  In reality the recent marches have had very little if anything to do with woman’s rights or promoting any female cause.  I believe the last ‘march’ had one leader that had terrorist ties and another who was a male.

I would like to challenge the women out there who feel they are oppressed and need to protest something.  Do something that might actually accomplish something.  Stop whining about some questionably perceived injustice and protest something that is real.  Why not take a stand that could possibly make a difference.  Women all around the world are being sold into sexual slavery by Islam.  Women who have suffered rape are being stoned to death, beaten or beheaded because Sharia Law demands it while their male assailants walk free.  Or how about the woman who are forced to where a full dark Burka regardless of outside heat while the males wear whatever they choose.  Also those same women are tortured should they not wear the full burka.  Now I can hear some of the liberals defend these things by using the excuse that it is their religion.  But I doubt that they would use that same answer if it involved any other religion other than Islam.

If the radical women here in this country wanted to do anything other than simply make a scene and beat their chests in some Neanderthal manner they would actually be a voice for the voiceless.  If they really wanted to do something that actually had some meaning and value they would take up the defense for the innocent children who are forced to marry come dirty old purvey man who not only has sex with the child but does irreparable damage to her physically.  If the child refuses to have sex with some old guy who forces himself upon her she runs a risk of being killed, having members of her family killed, her body to be genitally mutilated, her face carved up, her nose cut off or have acid thrown in her eyes.  This does not even touch upon the so called ‘honor killings’ where in the name of Islam and praise to allah the male members of the family can freely run over with their cars, behead or kill in a wide variety of manner for no other reason but that the daughter or granddaughter wanted freedom in whom they choose to love and marry.  Maybe the reason why these protesting feminists do not want to actually do something worthwhile such as defend the helpless is that it does not fit into their silly little political niche.  So, in other words, these people do not care about women, they just want to make a political name for themselves at the expense of real women who face death for having committed no other crime other than being born a female into Islam.

Be careful for what you wish


I have never been one to promote or call for violence.  One reason is that it is not my nature.  The other reason is that I know that until our present judicial system is changed people like Lynch and Soros will get by without a question but some little person like me would have people in ugly suits beating down my door.  I have taken some time away from blogging for a while but things are at a point where something needs to be said.  I read and listen to the idiots of our day no longer just being satisfied with riots and burning of innocent people’s businesses.  Now they are calling for ‘blood’ and ‘death’.  Various groups such as the Nation of Islam and Black Panthers have been calling for the deaths of all white people for as long as I can remember.   Now Ms. ‘Has been’ Loretta Lynch is chiming in.  One of the problems is that most of the left anarchists are rather too stupid to realize that the same people calling for death, blood and more intense riots are the same people with protection details and are safely behind closed doors and their quiet homes.  They send others out to the danger zones.  As I view many of the protesters who are nothing but paid puppets you quickly realized that most of these people would not be able to tie their own shoes.  I would love to see someone tell them that there was some ‘major damming evidence against Trump in the corner of a round room and see how long they keep looking for the corner.

I do not consider myself to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can see what these people are attempting.  We have a President who is none conformist.  Politicians hate someone who will not conform and who thinks independently.  They especially hate someone who cannot be bought.  Before someone starts trying to attack me for my ideas please ask yourself if these people were so opposed to Trump and his policies why were they rioting BEFORE he was ever President?  These yahoos do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about his policies.  These people do not like an independent thinker who might just return the power to the people and apply consequences to bad behavior.  Now I can just hear some of the advocates of the left ask ‘what is bad behavior’, ‘is there good behavior’, ‘aren’t you just being moralistic’.  Bad behavior is when you burn down the property of innocent people, beat people because they have a difference of opinion, and destroy thousands if not millions of dollars in property simply because you want to ‘make a statement’.  These people think that if they keep enough pressure on society that society will crack and they will get their way.  First of all these people have no idea what they are going to do with society if it cracks.  Secondly these people have the wrong idea of Americans.  In other countries bad behavior has been allowed to grow unhindered.  In America we are different.  Our country was built upon people standing for their own rights and liberty.  Why do you think the left works so hard to remove the Second Amendment?  They know that as long as Americans are able to defend themselves that their little government overthrow will never happen.

It does not take someone with a degree in counter terrorism to also see where radical Islam is playing in all of this mess.  Lynch has not be quiet of her support of Islam as with most of Obama’s administration.  Numerous people in the riots have their little signs promoting Sharia Law while obviously not having the smallest of understanding regarding it.  (Dear idiot, under Sharia Law you would be publically stoned or thrown off of a rooftop just for your little riots).  Under Obama Islam was given a pass.  His loyalty to Islam was never a real question.  Normally I would not give a rat’s butt about a person’s religion except when it starts to invade my country with a rule of law that openly promotes death, slavery and abuse of women.  People have cows over the idea that 150 years ago there was slavery in the south yet close their eyes to the fact that Islam promotes slavery today with active slave trade.  These women who are marching for their rights need to shut up a minute and listen to the fact that Islam promotes as an essential demand that men beat their wives.  It is listed in the koran as a command that ‘men beat your wives softly’.  Somehow ‘beat’ and ‘softly’ does not seem to blend.

It is time for a simple reality check.  IF the left and promoters of Islam think they are going to overthrow our government they need to go back to whatever country from which they came because they are going to be disappointed.  We will fight them in manners in which they have no concept regarding.  Millions of Americans supported Trump as President.  We still support him.  We love our country.  We are proud Americans.  We represent the largest standing armed populace in the world.  Do you even think that we are going to sit idly by and let you take our country?  I do not want blood in the streets.  I do not want revolution.  But it these people think they are going to be able to walking in and just take over with their demands they are going to be in for a major surprise.

There was a quiet revolution in America this last election.  The people took a stand against corruption in politics, favoritism in the rule of law, and passivity regarding terrorism.  Americans are fed up with watching the terrorist wackos butcher people, cut off their heads, burn them alive and all the other ways they find to kill innocent people who want their own religion and way of life.  We are tired of wondering when the next time would be that we go to the mall with our family and some nut-job starts yelling something about allah while shooting up the store.  I personally think one thing that has kept a great deal of that at bay is that most of them know Americans are carrying a concealed weapon more these days.  Their low life minions who could not out think a box of rocks are the ones who follow orders and become moving targets.

Let me be totally blunt.  We, or maybe I should just say I, would not worry about taking out a radical Islamic terrorist who is trying to kill me, my family or those around me any more than I would worry about killing a rabid dog trying to attack me.  I have the feeling that most Americans share that same feeling.  If Lynch wants ‘blood in the streets’ then they should demand that she lead them in their armed march against Americans.  Soros should put his money where his mouth is and get out of his mansion and take point.  These people who are calling for armed resistance and violence need to be careful what they wish for because they might just get it.

Liberal Left


I am confident that there are those read my blogs and think that I must be the biggest conservative dillweed (keeping it family friendly) that ever lived.  I know that there are some on Facebook who hold that opinion.  But I have my reasons as to my opinions as they pertain to various liberal agendas.  Now I know that there are those who are more on the left than I who simply have a different opinion of life.  I have no problem accepting that concept.  I would recommend that if they did not want to be painted with the same brush that they speak out against the wackos just as they would expect me to do the same regarding some of the far right-wingers who might be living in homemade bomb shelters in their backyards and try to force it upon others.  My problem with the liberal left is mainly with those who refuse to actually use the commonsense the Good Lord gave a duck and simply run on emotion.  There is a plethora of areas where this is the rule of law:

Deportation of illegals:

I have no problem with a person who simply wants a better life for themselves and their families.  I would probably do the exact same thing if I was living in Mexico and my family was seeing people beheaded on a daily basis.  I have no problem with someone here who may have gotten here illegally but who are trying to make a safe living.  I truly do not believe our government has any problem with them either.  What we are seeing are those who have committed felonies AND are here illegally getting deported.  If they came here and did what they were supposed to do there would not be an issue.  It is not the smartest person in the world go be somewhere illegally AND go out and draw attention to themselves by committing acts of violence.  You must really question just how much of a better life they were serious about having.  I hear people scream about ‘breaking up the family’.  I do not hear those same people complain about when a citizen breaks the law and goes to jail.  What about their family?  If someone commits a felony then they are not serious about a better life.

Planned Parenthood:

Oh how the masses moan about this one.  Everyone screams about freedom of choice.  Where does maturity come in to play?  I you want to enjoy one of the most mature acts of life, the act of procreation, you better have already made up your choice.  The time for choice is before the pregnancy, not afterwards.  If you want choice then choose between which forms of birth control you wish to use and do not use abortion as your birth control option.  I hear people talk about abortion in the case of incest and rape.  I would also love to know just how many cases Planned Parenthood addresses regarding incest and rape.  It is my understanding that many if not most Planned Parenthood clinics do not provide prenatal care, only abortions.  Planned Parenthood loves to brainwash people into thinking that they are the savior of young girls who are approaching the age of child bearing and are there to protect them.  Get the facts.  You can get sex education and birth control from numerous agencies.  Planned Parenthood is known for ONE thing and that is abortions.  Planned Parenthood’s founder was also known for ONE thing and that was to kill off as many black babies as possible because she viewed them as weeds (her words not mine).  Please do basic research before wishing to protest and sing the praised of Planned Parenthood.

Protests and riots:

This seems to be the area for which the liberal left is best known.  Growing up in the 60’s this is a sensitive subject for me.  I watched the riots over Vietnam knowing that there were young men and women dying, my cousin included, while there were self-righteous people protesting in the streets against them and spitting upon those lucky enough to return home in an upright position.  I watched as these people were doing everything in their power to disrupt a country I was raised to love.  I watched as these people burned universities.  I lived in DeKalb, Illinois during the Northern Illinois University riots where buildings were taken over, damaged and the city businesses threated for total destruction.  I watched as the small groups would come in and rally up a larger group of weak minded people who could be whipped up emotionally and then the small group quietly leave while the damage is being done to the city.  I had no respect for anarchist then and less now.  I was raised to have respect for other people’s property.  Today I see spoiled brats burning the businesses and life savings of innocent people for the sake of something that the protesters honestly could not describe.  They just want to destroy.  Now the protesters are supposedly doing their damage in the name of social justice.  They are just looking for an excuse to destroy.  Going back to the riots over Vietnam it was the riots which later was proven to have given aid and support to an enemy who was all but defeated in 1969 but the riots gave them encouragement and thus the war was extended for years.  During those years thousands of young people died and Prisoners of War were tortured.  This was all because of the protesters felt it was their RIGHT to protest with no thought about consequences.  The protesters then and of today are nothing but cowards who want a reason to destroy.  If this was not true then they would be able to express why there were protesting and would not be destroying other people’s things.  Then these cowards get all bent whenever the police use force to stop them.  If you are going to throw a brick at a police officer expect to be shot!  Today the protesters cry racism and fascism.  I would love them to define either of these words.  I would also love them to explain why when a Democrat was doing the exact same thing no one protested.  These morons today are screaming about Trump and how he is ruining the nation.  He has been in office only ONE MONTH.  These protesters have never given the man a chance to do anything.  Their minds were made up before he ever got into office.  They are not opposed to policy.  These people do not like the man and are too cowardly to admit that fact.  I know there are probably some left liberals who do not stand with the protesters but if they are not standing against them then they stand with them.

I do not understand today’s society and neither do I really want to either.  I am proud to be a dinosaur.  I am proud to stand for respect of others, other’s property, and other’s rights.  We all have our rights.  We all have a right to freedom of speech.  We all have a right to a deferring opinion.  But no one has a right for force their difference upon others nor to destroy what others have built.  If you break the law except consequences.  If you break into a home expect that the homeowner might take offense to that and hurt you.  You have given up your right to complain at that point.  I fly my flag.  I love my country.  I have not always liked my government but I have never destroyed other people’s property simply because I opposed what my government was doing.  If today’s society really wants to be taken seriously then start using your brains and less emotion.  Think things through and start doing your research before you start shooting off your mouth about matters.  Be informed.  Then, THEN, maybe have peaceful protests if you do not feel you are being heard.

Personally I believe that all the riots and protests today are nothing more than a smokescreen propped up by weak minded people who are easily lead.  The goal is not ‘social reform’ or ‘social justice’.  The goal is government change in a manner that is not heathy for this country.  Liberals love to talk about Sharia Law and how wonderful it is.  If liberals are as caring and loving about their gay and lesbian friends as they say they would be fighting every aspect of Sharia Law because Sharia law calls for the death of all homosexuals.  No one who fights for woman’s rights would ever stand for Sharia Law in that Sharia Law calls for men to beat their women and supports the stoning of women who have been raped.  There are high stakes on the table today.  The liberal left of today needs to do their homework before protesting.  If their protests are successful they will NOT like the outcomes.




I was at a local café waiting for a friend of mine the other day and could not help but over hear a conversation going on at a table filled with some of the great college minds of our day.  Part of a statement was on the lines of ‘being able to choose one’s gender’.  I am surprised how many ‘great minds’ really believe you can choose your gender.  I know that we are in an age where people do not want to accept that there is anything out of their control and will do anything and everything to deny that there is a Higher Power greater than they are since they do not desire to be accountable to anyone or anything.  But the reality is that you CANNOT choose your gender.  You can choose your cosmetic appearance and whether or not you have an ‘inner or an outie’ but you cannot choose your gender.  In spite of all their screams, cries and the gnashing of teeth done by the liberal left they will NEVER be able to choose their gender because they will NEVER be able to alter their chromosomes.  It does not matter if you have a transgender operation or not you will always have the same amount of ‘X’ or ‘Y’ chromosomes.  A female athlete who does not want to compete against a transgender male to female is correct.  The transgender now female is still a ‘male’ in muscle mass and bone density.  Just because that now female athlete has an ‘innie’ versus ‘an outies’ and struts a pair of breasts does not change that she is a male internally on the structural level.

I remember as a young man there were ‘kit cars’ which were really popular.  You could get a kit where you could take your VW frame and chasse and with the right set of additions and cosmetic parts you could make it ‘look’ like a Rolls Royse.   It never did make much sense to me.  Just because you now could be driving down the street in a car mocked up to look like a Rolls you were actually doing nothing more than driving in a mocked up VW.  And if that VW was so that you wanted to put a kit car on the frame it probably was not a really good VW in the beginning.  It does not matter how many breasts, and other cosmetics (you really cannot call them a vagina since a vagina has more working parts than simply being an ‘internal pocket’ inside the body) this transgender thing is nothing more than a version of playing ‘dress-up’.  Now everyone likes playing dress-up at some time in their lives.  But do not try to tell the rest of society that it is normal and natural to continual playing dress-up as an adult.  You are not going to change your ‘gender’ by putting on a dress.  Remember, you are stuck with your DNA and you will NEVER change that fact (maybe instead of putting ‘men’ and ‘women’ on restrooms we should put ‘XX’ and ‘XY’).  Personally, it is none of my business is you want to dress up like a glow worm.  Just do not expect me to believe that it is a natural act on your part to do so.  People might accept that someone is a little odd in their mannerism.  But that does not make it a normal behavior.  As a retired mental health counselor I have worked with many odd people.  Just because I was accepting of them as a person does not mean that I did not also look at their behavior as rather odd and an indicator of a significant mental health issue.  (At this point I am confident that the hate mail and mental death threats will flow).

I am truly tired of having people who know nothing about medicine, science or psychology trying to tell me and the rest of society what is ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ behavior.  Please keep in mind that the majority of people who promote this as natural and normal behavior are also the same people wearing vagina hats, dressing up as a vagina to protest people seeing them as a vagina, protesting in the name of free speech speeches made by people who have an opposing political and sociological point of view, and people who in the name of free expression have been burning and destroying millions of dollars in private as well as public buildings opposing the government and then turn around and expect the government to rebuild what they had destroyed.

So straight out if you are an adult and like playing dress-up that is fine but do not expect the world to accept it as a normal behavior.  Maybe it is time that people grew up and simply started to accept themselves.  Professionally I have found that anyone who refused to accept themselves personally had a much deeper issue at hand.  Personal rejection is a red flag for so many issues it is hard to count them all.  Everyone has both male and female characteristics and true emotional health comes from being able to accept the totality of one’s self.  Maybe it is time people stopped playing dress-up and decided to actually grow-up.



Ever wonder


Our nation seems to be going totally crackers over anything and everything Trump is doing.  Do other people think this odd?  Let’s stop for a minute and consider a few things.  The people protesting are made up of a large number of paid protesters and anarchists.  These are people who must have protesting as their job since they are out day and night.  These are people who, regardless of the ‘reason’ for the protests, have proven a total disregard for law and order through property destruction, arson and assault.  The others who are ‘demonstrating’ against Trump are the elite such as Hollywood and the high priced fashion designers, etc.  These are also a class of people who have no regard for the average person because they have no concept of the average person.  The people who do not seem to be part of the protests are the blue collar workers who go to work every day just hoping to make a better life.  There is another group of protesters which include people who may not be professional protesters nor are the upper class elite but are good hearted people who simply do not do their own research.  Case in point on the latter are those who are all up in arms over the ‘deportations’ but did not also read where those who are being deported have also committed felonies.  It is not simply a roundup of illegals.  It is a roundup of illegals who have committed felony crimes AND are here illegally.  Point of consideration:  If you are just here to build a better life and are fleeing a dangerous situation you do not draw attention to yourself by committing felonious acts.

There has to be a deeper reason for the protest rather than they think Trump is a bad President.  They have not given him enough time to be either good or bad.  They have been protesting even before he took the oath of office.  I believe they fear Donald Trump.  They fear him because he actually wants to put America ahead of anything else going on in this country.  They fear him because he might actually return power to the people and out of the hands of the elite.  They fear him because he might actually start holding people accountable for their actions.  They fear him because he might actually start demanding those who are paid by tax payer money to represent the people to start actually representing the people and not just a party.  They fear him because he might actually defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see a particular agenda showing by those who love to protest.  Trump has not done anything that has not already had some sort of precedence already existing.  So the protests are not about the particular actions being taken since they have happened in the past by basically all Presidents with no rioting in the streets.

I am a fan of Clint Eastwood.  There are so many one liners in his movies which stand out it is hard to find a favorite, but there was one in his movie “High Planes Drifter” where the damsel says to the character being played by Mr. Eastwood that he ‘makes people afraid’.  Eastwood’s reply was that ‘it is what lies inside of a man which makes him afraid’.  President Trump is not hiding behind polished words and phrased which are eloquent but without any real meaning or substance.  President Trump simply speaks the truth apart from any political correctness.  He makes people afraid because he reveals what is lying inside of people and the corruption of the system.  As a retired psychotherapist I remember having parents send the teenage children for me to fix.  For example I would have a 15 year old totally out of control child and somehow I was supposed to work miracles.  I would tell the parents that what was lacking was any form of disciple and that disciple should have started pretty close to 15 years ago.  We have a spoiled brat society who has not had any disciple for too long.  Police were handcuffed from being able to enforce the law.  Politicians and lawyers were contacted before the police were able to establish any consequence for breaking the law.  Now those brats are fighting, not against Trump, but against authority that is saying ‘enough’.  These spoiled brats are thinking that if they whine and fuss enough, if they burn and break enough, if they riot and protest enough that things are going to go away and the mean old Mr. Trump who is enforcing consequences will fade away.  I would highly recommend that those of this mindset reconsider things themselves.  There is no small army of citizens who back President Trump.  There is no small army who has had enough of their garbage.  There is no small army who has had enough of their whining and destruction of property.  We the people are fed up with their antics.  We will support our President because for once again we have a President who loves America.  We have a President who wants to do his job in protecting America from enemies both foreign and domestic.  We have a President who actually wants to put America first.  There is a massive army of support standing behind President Trump.  We have spoken and we will not be removed.  These silly little protesters are really, for the most part, too dumb to realize that what they are fighting is nothing else but their own demons.  They are not getting their way and they are blowing up inside.

Tempest in a Teapot



I have always thought that expression was interesting.  Can’t you just imagine all that happens in that tiny little teapot when it starts to boil?  The water churns and steam rises.  I guess if you are sitting inside that teapot in a little tiny rowboat it would be a major issue and huge matter.  But since we are not inside the teapot all the hustle and turmoil happening inside there is really not big matter.  I see all these protesters today.  Now I want to differentiate between the morons who are organized by a Marxist and funded by a Nazi simply to cause total chaos in an effort to destroy the nation verses a lawful, peaceful standing up for simply what a person believes is morally or ethically wrong.  I am speaking here about the former who simply have an agenda to try and break this nation.  Regarding those protesters, basically I see a bunch of spoiled brat children who have never been told no nor made to pay for anything they broke.  I remember when my son got mad and slammed the doorknob through the drywall.  I had him get is money and he and I went down to the hardware store and he bought what was needed to fix the matter.  Then when we got back home I gave him the tools and watched him fix the wall.  I don’t think he ever did that again.  Maybe if these protesters were ever made to pay for what they broke they might think twice before throwing a brick through a window.

What I see in these protesters are people who want an excuse to destroy.  They are nothing but domestic terrorists as they burn things, break things and beat upon innocent people.  People need to start being made to pay for bad behavior.  Then some idiots in Congress say that the protests were a beautiful thing.  I would love to see their opinion if it was their private property the protesters were destroying.  And now there are some of these morons who are calling for armed revolt.  Please keep in mind that many of these people are the same ones marching in the gay pride parades wearing tutus and pink hair….and those are the guys.  These are also some of the same people who protest against firearms so I would love to see what they were going to use as weapons in that armed uprising.  I know that some of the same fruitcakes protest guns with dildos so maybe they are going to somehow use them as their weapon of choice.

These people have gotten away with their behavior because they have not met real resistance.  But the patience of the masses is growing thin.  Keep in mind that if you remove the illegal votes cast Trump won majority vote.  This is not even worth arguing because voter fraud in favor of Clinton has been proven and documented.  All that the recounts accomplished was shining more light on voter fraud.  That means that before the fruitcakes of this nation want to try and pick up arms and start an overthrow of our nation they need to remember that not only is the military greatly in favor of a President who actually supports them but there are also millions of people who supported him because he supported the right to keep and bear arms.  The domestic terrorists need to keep two things in mind.  First is that we will without hesitation protest ourselves, our families and our nation.  The second thing is that we will without hesitation meet any efforts to harm or overthrow our President, a man who actually loves this country, or our nation with unrelenting power.  We will defend our home, land, and President with such force that they cannot even comprehend.  Should they be so stupid as to push things to this level we will take no prisoners, show no mercy and give no quarter to the enemy.  Maybe it is time that we actually did clean house and got rid of the infiltrators and traitors.  I hope that it does not come to this but if it does, I think I know which side is going to win.

The ‘purging’ of the South


One of the more despicable things that happened during 2016 was the movement to ‘purge’ America of the Confederacy.  There were those who were so righteous in their stance against the ‘evils’ of slavery and the idea that Confederacy equated slavery.  We can thank the liberal left, media and countless spineless brainless politicians for this lie being spread throughout many of the unthinking youth.  This misconception proves nothing if but our present generation has not be taught to think but merely to regurgitate that which their ‘educators’, or more properly their indoctrinators, have placed before them.  It appears we need a small lesson in history.

First I want to ask what is the difference between the liberal left, NAAACP and many of the Democrat party who promote this purge and the Nazi party of Germany?  The problem is that there is no difference.  The Nazi party burned books by the hundreds to eradicate anything and everything that was deemed unacceptable and opposed Nazi ideology.  This book burning to protect the minds and hearts of sensitive Nazis included works of Hemmingway and Helen Keller because she supported the rights of the disabled.  The liberal left wants any and all reference to the Confederacy removed from history because they find it offensive.  What I find so ironic is the number of Democrats who are part of this movement.  They find ‘racism’ under every rock except for in their own party.  The Democrat party was solidified in the middle 1800’s as a party to oppose the Republicans and their effort in abolitionism.  So according to their own rational the NAACP, liberal left, media and Democrat party must remove any and all references to any and all Democrat presidents or political figures, especially those prior to 1910 when I keep getting informed that the Democrat party change its ideology making it more in favor of the newly freed black person.  Unfortunately people such as Lyndon B. Johnson did not get that memo in that he was wildly racist.

Confederate statues and memorials are a part of American history.  Anyone who thinks that the Civil War was all about slavery has drank from the pool of liberal cool-aid and has yet to resurface.  There were free black Confederates fighting alongside white Confederates against what was seen as Northern invaders who were trying to take away State’s rights.  The North was not as noble in their cause as the left wants to present.  The North had to create an emotional issue in order to get the people behind a war action therefore created Uncle Tom and the horrors of slavery.  Now I am not here to say that there were not some things that were wrong but I am here to say that the North had no room in which to talk.  People of all ages who were put to work in the North in manufacturing businesses had as many risk if not more than the slaves of the South.  At least a slave had a value.  A child in the mills of the North had no value except for what he could produce.  If he or she got killed the owner simply went out and got another worker.  Irish slaves had no value.  Chinese were thought to be so worthless that they were not even included in census counts.  But those of the North who fears that the South would cut off the sea ports and the flow of raw materials knew that the people would not support war based solely on economics.  Therefore the ‘great evils of slavery’ became the scapegoat.  Do keep in mind that ‘slavery’ had been a part of all history and American history in both the North and the South for over 100 years prior to the Civil War when it suddenly because the great evil.  I find it interesting that the same people who are so self righteous against slavery say nothing about groups such as ISIS and areas of Islam around the world which practice slavery to this day.

Being a retired shrink I find people’s actions verses their words quite interesting.  The left and NAACP scream about slavery yet promote the Democrat cause.  Many of the radicals within the black movement are part of the Nation of Islam yet say nothing about the Islamic practice of slavery.  Those of the Democrat party who are so self righteous against slavery also sing the praises of the party totally overlooking how the party voted against the freed black person to have the right to vote or to become a citizen.  According to the actions of those who are so against anything to do with the Confederacy their issue is not with the South, Confederacy or even slavery.  Their issue is with demanding their own way and to impose their will upon others.  In the actions of the liberal left, many of the Democrat party and NAACP there is no difference between their actions and those of the Third Reich.  They want to control the hearts and minds of the youth and find the easiest way is to demonize anything which stand in opposition to a very narrow mindset.  The Third Reich did not want people to think independently and executed those who dared to speak out.  Today we have the ‘educators’ of the left who appear wise but are nothing but fools trying to infest the minds of the young with an ideology that is not based in fact nor history.