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Be careful for what you wish


I have never been one to promote or call for violence.  One reason is that it is not my nature.  The other reason is that I know that until our present judicial system is changed people like Lynch and Soros will get by without a question but some little person like me would have people in ugly suits beating down my door.  I have taken some time away from blogging for a while but things are at a point where something needs to be said.  I read and listen to the idiots of our day no longer just being satisfied with riots and burning of innocent people’s businesses.  Now they are calling for ‘blood’ and ‘death’.  Various groups such as the Nation of Islam and Black Panthers have been calling for the deaths of all white people for as long as I can remember.   Now Ms. ‘Has been’ Loretta Lynch is chiming in.  One of the problems is that most of the left anarchists are rather too stupid to realize that the same people calling for death, blood and more intense riots are the same people with protection details and are safely behind closed doors and their quiet homes.  They send others out to the danger zones.  As I view many of the protesters who are nothing but paid puppets you quickly realized that most of these people would not be able to tie their own shoes.  I would love to see someone tell them that there was some ‘major damming evidence against Trump in the corner of a round room and see how long they keep looking for the corner.

I do not consider myself to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can see what these people are attempting.  We have a President who is none conformist.  Politicians hate someone who will not conform and who thinks independently.  They especially hate someone who cannot be bought.  Before someone starts trying to attack me for my ideas please ask yourself if these people were so opposed to Trump and his policies why were they rioting BEFORE he was ever President?  These yahoos do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about his policies.  These people do not like an independent thinker who might just return the power to the people and apply consequences to bad behavior.  Now I can just hear some of the advocates of the left ask ‘what is bad behavior’, ‘is there good behavior’, ‘aren’t you just being moralistic’.  Bad behavior is when you burn down the property of innocent people, beat people because they have a difference of opinion, and destroy thousands if not millions of dollars in property simply because you want to ‘make a statement’.  These people think that if they keep enough pressure on society that society will crack and they will get their way.  First of all these people have no idea what they are going to do with society if it cracks.  Secondly these people have the wrong idea of Americans.  In other countries bad behavior has been allowed to grow unhindered.  In America we are different.  Our country was built upon people standing for their own rights and liberty.  Why do you think the left works so hard to remove the Second Amendment?  They know that as long as Americans are able to defend themselves that their little government overthrow will never happen.

It does not take someone with a degree in counter terrorism to also see where radical Islam is playing in all of this mess.  Lynch has not be quiet of her support of Islam as with most of Obama’s administration.  Numerous people in the riots have their little signs promoting Sharia Law while obviously not having the smallest of understanding regarding it.  (Dear idiot, under Sharia Law you would be publically stoned or thrown off of a rooftop just for your little riots).  Under Obama Islam was given a pass.  His loyalty to Islam was never a real question.  Normally I would not give a rat’s butt about a person’s religion except when it starts to invade my country with a rule of law that openly promotes death, slavery and abuse of women.  People have cows over the idea that 150 years ago there was slavery in the south yet close their eyes to the fact that Islam promotes slavery today with active slave trade.  These women who are marching for their rights need to shut up a minute and listen to the fact that Islam promotes as an essential demand that men beat their wives.  It is listed in the koran as a command that ‘men beat your wives softly’.  Somehow ‘beat’ and ‘softly’ does not seem to blend.

It is time for a simple reality check.  IF the left and promoters of Islam think they are going to overthrow our government they need to go back to whatever country from which they came because they are going to be disappointed.  We will fight them in manners in which they have no concept regarding.  Millions of Americans supported Trump as President.  We still support him.  We love our country.  We are proud Americans.  We represent the largest standing armed populace in the world.  Do you even think that we are going to sit idly by and let you take our country?  I do not want blood in the streets.  I do not want revolution.  But it these people think they are going to be able to walking in and just take over with their demands they are going to be in for a major surprise.

There was a quiet revolution in America this last election.  The people took a stand against corruption in politics, favoritism in the rule of law, and passivity regarding terrorism.  Americans are fed up with watching the terrorist wackos butcher people, cut off their heads, burn them alive and all the other ways they find to kill innocent people who want their own religion and way of life.  We are tired of wondering when the next time would be that we go to the mall with our family and some nut-job starts yelling something about allah while shooting up the store.  I personally think one thing that has kept a great deal of that at bay is that most of them know Americans are carrying a concealed weapon more these days.  Their low life minions who could not out think a box of rocks are the ones who follow orders and become moving targets.

Let me be totally blunt.  We, or maybe I should just say I, would not worry about taking out a radical Islamic terrorist who is trying to kill me, my family or those around me any more than I would worry about killing a rabid dog trying to attack me.  I have the feeling that most Americans share that same feeling.  If Lynch wants ‘blood in the streets’ then they should demand that she lead them in their armed march against Americans.  Soros should put his money where his mouth is and get out of his mansion and take point.  These people who are calling for armed resistance and violence need to be careful what they wish for because they might just get it.


Storms are coming


There are storms heading the direction of our nation and our political leaders are more concerned with the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Are leadership have lost all vision of what it meant to be a leader in America.  With the recent declaration of an upcoming opening in Congress there are many who are instead of wondering who can best lead are licking their lips wondering how they can best use the opening for the most power.  I am so tired of these traitors.  But these people are also too stupid to realize that if they do not get their acts together that the coming storm, which is of their own making, will remove the need for their leadership.  Obama’s goals from the beginning included having a civilian army equal to the military in equipment.  He has been in the process of ‘radically transforming America’.  Now we have an amnesty plan which would open the gates for millions of undocumented aliens into the systems if they have not been there already.  There are plans to bring tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  Many of these people are turned away by their own Muslim countries.  The question begs to be asked then why is Obama throwing open the doors of America.  Look at Denmark and Germany and you begin to get an idea what these so called refugees are about.  Look at France and you get to see a good idea of the world of Islam as it invades your shores.  Obama does not want freedom for the world, he want Islam for America.

Anyone who thinks that once these people get to America that they are going to be passive new immigrants is a fool.  Anyone who thinks that Obama has the best interest in mind for the American way of life is also a fool.  It does not take much to realize that there is a major band of storms heading our way.  Our political leaders seem too stupid to realize this concern.  They are sure that giving Iran an open nuclear program that the world is going to be safer.  They think that Islam is a religion of peace and that if only more people had jobs then they would not want to become suicide bombers.  I cannot believe how many idiots we have running this country.  Back in the day we used to call these people Communist because it was the Communist were trying to over throw our nation.  I know that term is not popular but it is true and the best one I can think of to describe the actions and goals of these people.

People need to keep in mind that Americans are different from most all other countries.  We were born out of revolution and we have kept our freedoms through fighting for them.  The only way the government will be able to not have total rebellion as these masses hit our streets with the same mayhem shown in other countries would be for them to round up the conservative citizens who will not idly by and allow chaos to consume our nation.  I truly do not believe our governmental leadership is taking these matters seriously.  I, personally, think they are more interested in how much power they are able to grab and their next unearned pay raise.  It is not a matter of if there will be total chaos but when it will happen.  If the government is permitted to bring these so called refugees into this nation and they begin their riots because Islam is not seen as important enough, then there will be pushback.  In this country all religions are permitted but all religions are seen as equal and no religion is permitted to attack another physically.  No religion is permitted to riot making demands.  America has its holidays and if you do not like them then simply do not come to America.  We have Christmas here.  If you have a problem with Christmas either do not come here or keep you dang mouth shut from October through January.

Once the doodoo hits the proverbial fan things will be in survival mode.  There will be no funding for Planned Parenthood because there probably would no longer be a Planned Parenthood.  The conservative people are tired of watching this liberal chop shop continue with tax payer money.  There will no longer be interest in Democrat or Republicans because they both have abandoned their reasons for existence.  There will only be people who want to enslave and people who want to be free.  There will be no talking over beer sessions because the ones who want to enslave will never give up their goal of enslaving and those who want to be free will never give up their desire to live free.  Our leadership has permitted snakes to invade the house.  Once they start laying eggs or having life births the only thing left is to burn the house and rebuild.  Congress is full of snakes.  The White House is full of snakes.  States congresses have too many snakes.  Liberal cities are spawning grounds for snakes.  Now before I get people in ugly suits knocking on my door I want to stress that I do not want to see anything negative happening in my homeland.  I am just saying what I see coming because of the goals and directions of our leadership.  It is happening.  We see it in every other country where these masses have been able to group.  Our present substructures are already overwhelmed.  It is obvious that the goal of our present leadership is to crack our substructures.  If this is the case and our leadership is wanting to lead America into becoming nothing more than just another Islamic state where people are forced to become Muslim or die, where rioting in the streets are commonplace because Islam is just making another demand because something somewhere insulted them, then I am hoping that there is enough American spirit remaining in this country to possibly bring it back home one more time.

A place to destroy

Baltimore riots

The Mayor of Baltimore made it clear that one of the ways she was going to handle the riots in Baltimore was to allow the protesters a safe place to destroy.  This is insane!  But this is also a carbon copy of Obama’s administration.  This is an echo of Obama’s comment to business owners and those who have built companies when he stated that they did not build that company.  This administration seems to love to take credit for the hard work of those in society who try to build society.  The Mayor took ownership of every car and every business that was in her ‘safe’ zone which was destroyed.  As she took ownership permitting their total destruction she also needs to pay the people who once owned those items and businesses.  She usurped title over private property.  But another thing she did which is also an echo of this administration was that she told the police which laws they were and were not permitted to enforce.  Obama has handcuffed the Border Patrol and ICE.  He has made it clear to his minions as to which laws he wants to see enforced and which laws he wants to see ignored.  According to testimony by Saldana she instructs her officers to follow orders from the White House over Congress regarding not enforcing various immigration laws.  Baltimore is simply a microcosm of Washington D.C.

People are shocked at scenes like Baltimore and Ferguson.  But the political leaders of these communities are following the lead of the other Democrats in power.  The Governor of Missouri during the Ferguson riots could have called in the National Guard much earlier but instead allowed the riots to continue night after night placing the police in constant domestic war zones showing utter contempt for their safety.  The Mayor of Baltimore made it clear and obvious her stand regarding the riots as she gave total permission and safety for the rioting thugs.  It is also clear that in America today race makes the difference.  Right is wrong and wrong is right IF you are of the correct race.  When a person is elected into public officer their race is supposed to be left outside the door.  It is obvious that again Baltimore is simply a reflection of DC.  Standing behind the Mayor was Carlos Muhammad, a local leader in the Nation of Islam.  Nation of Islam may not seem too important to the uninformed but for many who have lived in cities they know that the Nation of Islam IS Louis Farrakhan.  Farrakhan has not made any secret of his desire to see all whites destroyed by the blacks.  His hatred is legendary.  Alone with Farrakhan can normally also be found the Black Panthers who have one goal and that is to kill whites in the name of racial equality.  A person must ask why does the Mayor if Baltimore has these people standing behind her.

The Nation of Islam, ISIS, radical Islam, Black Panthers, MEChA and other such groups are not the friends of America.  This is total insanity.  As long as our elected officials continue to make alliances with those who have sworn to kill as many whites as possible and have racial civil war as their agenda America will never see the end to the Fergusons and the Baltimores.  As long as this mentality is permitted to grow, and blessed by our elected officials, there will continue to be blacks shot by police in self-defense.  As long as there will be black thugs shot by police and this racial divide is the agenda of our political leaders there will be riots.  Baltimore just seemed to make clear many things that until now have been covered.  Obama has advanced racial divide under secret.  The Mayor of Baltimore just took off the covers to show the world the agenda.

The groups such as those listed in the previous paragraph have nothing to do with racial equality or cultural growth.  They have only the agenda of racial conquest and separating the races even further.  As long as the White House and this administration continue to send representatives to the funerals of people killed after creating a police encounters, these groups will only be emboldened.  As long as the riots such as Ferguson and Baltimore are seen as a form of freedom of speech they will only continue to increase.  As long as those destroying and burning private property without any regard to those who sacrificed to build those businesses are seen as poor minorities who have been suppressed by the police and are just expressing their anger, they will only continue and get worse.  These actions are not those of poor little children who are angry and oppressed.  These actions are the actions of brats who should have been disciple as young children but were permitted to get away with murder.  These actions have nothing to do with social protest but are the actions of social deviants who are going to be on the list of future assaults against the police and of those shot and killed by the police.  These actions are not an expression of speech, these actions are the total disregard for the rights of others because they have been told that THEIR rights come above all else.

The only way the Fergusons and Baltimores are going to stop is as negative actions are met with severe consequence.  Only as it is clear that it is wrong to destroy private property and that there will be consequences for those actions will the destruction ever stop.  Only as it is clear that a RIGHT and a WRONG does exist will the destruction ever cease.  This will not be taught by the government throwing money into the communities.  This will not be taught by the government feeling sorry for those who want to whine and complain about their lives.  This will only be taught by those who are supposed to enforce consequences are permitted to do their jobs and enforce REGARDLESS OF RACE.