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Black lives matter


Allow me to be blunt.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing but a joke created by what appears to be nothing more than race baiters and anarchists.  If the Black Lives Matter people really gave a rat’s left butt cheek about black lives that are dying then they would be protesting in the streets of Chicago in the black neighborhoods where blacks are slaughtering blacks on a daily if not hourly basis.  Instead of doing something that might actually impact black deaths they do stupid things like trying to shutdown Graceland because of ‘income inequality’.  Please describe income inequality while standing at the mansions of Prince, Michael Jackson or some of the currently living black entertainers.  Maybe the person they are saying was poor did nothing to change his status in life where Elvis did something.  Do not complain of being poor if all you really want to do is to sit on your butt and expect life to get better.  If you are not out there making a better life, then being poor is your fault and the responsibility falls upon no one else.

All the Black Lives Matter movement has been able to do is to push the race relations back decades.  When people see Black Lives Matter people blocking freeways where people are trying to get to and from work, to fire and other emergencies or trying to get to a hospital, you are not helping your cause.  All people are seeing anymore now are a bunch of radical blacks who are using their blackness as an excuse to be a pain in the butt to society.  They know that they have most of the politicians who are afraid to do anything that might cost them votes and so many law officials who have been bullied into being afraid of the media will not really do anything of consequence for their illegal blockades.  Good black people who are proud of this country must be so embarrassed at the jackasses who keep trying to group all blacks as nothing more than a bunch of America hating radicals.

The Black Lives Matter movement has descended into nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization that has the President’s blessing.  He has encouraged them to ‘keep the course’ as they burned down Ferguson MO.  These radicals have targeted police officers and have murdered them as they have tried to do their jobs.  Do not have any question in your mind.  If these radicals are willing to murder an armed, trained and commissioned police officer they will have no reservation to kill anyone and anything that stands in their way.  These low life morons have no importance today and simply want to kill and destroy.  They are a joke to the black community because they only have been hurting the black community.  The hypocrisy of this movement is outstanding.  Where are they when blacks are slaughtering blacks?  One answer is that they are as far away from any real danger as possible.  They are not willing to place themselves on the line where real change might happen.  These cowards do not care about making real change.  These domestic terrorists only are interested in creating as much chaos as possible.  These people want civil war.  They seem to want race war.  I grew up with the fear of the ‘zebra’ wars that were being pushed by the Black Panthers in Chicago.  Now the difference is that they have the blessing of this administration.  Obama has done nothing positive for America.  His goal seems to have always been civil war so he can ‘radically transform America’.  The media has been stupid enough to follow Black Lives Matter because there is a ‘story’.  There is no story.  There is only irritation of the rest of the nation and the media is fueling it.  I believe that if the media would stop following Black Lives Matter protests that the ‘movement’ would die out as quickly as it formed.  It only wants the limelight.

Every time the Black Lives Matter people are blocking a freeway or protesting it should be a call from the mountain tops that something in our political arena must change.  We must get back to a rule of law.  The Black Lives Matter now has people run through their lines on the streets as they try to form their little blockades.  People are realizing that they cannot stop a car or truck.  Of course the Black Lives Matter people are screaming racism as they are getting ran over.  First of all, if you do not want to get hit by a car do not stand in the middle of the road.  Secondly, they have created this problem.  People have stopped just to have their cars attacked.  Remember during the Rodney King protest where a trucker stopped due to one of their little road blocks and he was beaten to death.  I do not blame people for running their blockades and not wanting to stop.  They created this atmosphere of fear to where people are afraid to stop.  They want to call everything racism.  All they have done is be the proverbial boy who cried wolf to where no one will listen to them if there really is racism.  It is not racism to eat black jelly beans.  It is not racism to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I expect them to cry racism when people separate the colored clothes from the whites in order to do laundry.

Our nation is a powder keg.  These people know it.  Personally I believe this is all part of the plan.  Civil war would mean a national crisis which would mean martial law.  There is one problem with this plan.  The average person, who out numbers the radicals, are fed up.  I would not bode well for the radicals should they succeed in pushing armed conflict the way they seem to be going.  With the Black Panthers running around their neighborhoods with semi-auto rifles trying to look all badass, all they are doing are making the calm people irritated.  They are pushing for armed conflict.  Obama and his administration are encouraging these black groups by saying how they are just ‘expressing their First Amendment rights’.  I easily see armed conflict.  This administration has pushed for extremists to enter this country by the droves.  ‘Refugees’ have flooded our nation with the blessing of this administration and the Democrat Party.  They know included in the refugees are un-vetted Islamic extremists looking to attack America and Americans.  This is treason in the highest form.  The back room deals being made between this administration and the UN ‘peacekeepers’ will not prevent a bloodbath.  It is beyond time that this administration pulled their heads out of their backsides and stopped the full ahead of steam towards race war.

Black Lives Matter is its own hypocrisy.  Black lives do not matter to them.  Media coverage and however much money they must be getting from somewhere seems to be their goal.  You know that it cost a lot to keep their protests going.  These people obviously do not have jobs because they seem to have all the free time they want to allow them to protest.  If Black Lives Matter people really cared about black lives then they would do something to clean up Chicago.  I am sure the police of Chicago would welcome their assistance.  Instead the Black Lives Matter people are nothing but cowards staying as far away from danger under the protection of the same police they are trying to kill.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than a dangerous hypocritical JOKE!

Chinese proverb


There is supposed to be an old Chinese proverb which says something along the line of ‘he who lay with dog get up with flea’.  This adage has been modified in the Western society as we tell our children that they need to be careful of their associates because they will be judged by the company they keep.  If this advice is good enough for my son then it is good enough for our President.  President Obama has not been doing that good of a job in being careful with whom he associates.  He wants us to trust him.  He wants us to have faith in his decisions.  He wants us to believe he has the best interest of our nation at heart but the people with whom he keeps associating keeps chipping away at that trust.

I do not believe that a person should be judged by their family but I admit to have a beginning of my concerns about Mr. Obama with his half-brother who is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa.  Then there was Rev. Wright and his good friend Louis Farrakhan who sang his praises to the point of calling Obama the new Messiah.  Obama has repeatedly made choices where race was a strong consideration as to whom he favored.  Now I do not blame a person who might even have a preference of racial associates.  It is Pollyanna to believe that people do not have preferences.  But if you are to be the leader of a nation then race must take a back seat to the nation.  Obama has proven to make very poor choices.  His choice to make comments against a white police officer who had a confrontation with an unknown individual who was black; choose to go to the funeral of Mandela during a time when America was supposed to be ‘broke’ instead of the funeral of an American astronaut and hero; his comments regarding Travon Martin as if he had a son this is what he would be like which just added fire on to an already volatile situation; his comment of ‘stay the course’ to the rioters in Ferguson; his consistent habit of when the going gets tough the President goes golfing; the recent summit on extremism where the only people permitted to be part of the summit were those representing the extremists; and his consistent attitude that seems more like defending radical Islam more than wanting to defeat it;  all these things chip away at any sense of Obama having the back of America and Americans.

When I hear the King of Jordan make comments such as the events with ISIS is the beginning of World War III I tend to listen.  The King of Jordan knows the Muslim community directly and has an impression of the situation that is quite serious.  Obama seems to blow off any sense of seriousness where ISIS is concerned.  People want to make a big deal over the air strikes which Obama have approved against ISIS as being a significant assault.  It needs to be kept into perspective that Obama has basically approved a total amount of air strikes in total equal to the number of air strikes made during the opening days of the Iraq War in one day.  Obama’s main concern seems to remain not to insult Islam as opposed to eradicating ISIS and radical Islam.  Obama cannot even consider eradicating radical Islam since he refuses to acknowledge radical Islam.  Unfortunately Obama also seems to give all appearance of being part of radical Islam by his choices.  There is never ‘reasonable grievances’ when the one who is supposed to be the offended burns people alive and seems to make a party out of cutting off people’s heads.  That is equal to saying that Adolf Hitler had a reasonable grievance against the Jews which is why he had the gas chambers.  It is an insult to humanity.

There is something no quite right regarding Barack Obama.  The media betrayed America by never asking hard questions.  The Democrat party has betrayed America by blindly following him regardless of his actions.  And personally I have no idea where the GOP stands in all of this mess.  Barack Obama has every appearance of purposely trying to create a national crisis of civil war by pitting race against race and by being purposely blind to the actions of radical Islam within this nation.  Is this his desired outcome?  If there is a national crisis then FEMA takes control.  Even the most basic of all research inquiries pertaining to the powers of FEMA and the various executive orders granting them power during a time of national emergency would shock more Americans who love to believe that they are safe and protected by the Constitution.

I am not one to scream conspiracy at every shadow.  But I do try to be a realist.  I do not want to believe that there is anyone in an elected position or office who is purposely planning the destruction or compromise of the American way of life.  But apart from going completely blind to the behaviors around us and the actions of people in political power there is nothing left but an increasing nagging feeling that something just is not right in ‘Whoville’.

Racial Reality Check

black protest

It seems like everything today is racists.  So I thought a little racial reality check was in order.  Black licorice is not racists.  Black gummy bears are not racists.  Have not been called racists yet but allow me to be pro-active, are not racists.  The terms white, red, black, brown, green, yellow; are not racists they are verbs to describe colors.  So for those who want to say that anything called black is racists my advice is to get off your dang high horse because you are no more special than anyone else out there!  If you really want to know what is the most racist thing out there today it is the federal government.  Have you noticed while filling out any paperwork for the government the questions?  It asks if a person is African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and then ask ‘white’.  Now why is it okay for them to use a color for all light skinned people of European decent but it is not to describe everyone else?  And then they continue on to ask if you are or are not Latin American.  What difference does it make!

I hear some of the radical black groups rant.  I do not really know what other word to describe them would be since everything else has been deemed racists.  I can’t use Negro since that is racists.  I cannot use African-American because not all of them are African-American.  Actually many of them do not even have ancestors from Africa.  Remember that there are many other nations with dark skinned people.  They rant about wanting reparations from slavery.  Many of their ancestors were never slaves!  I am a whited skinned person but my lineage can be traced to this land as far back as the 1600’s.  I have American Indian heritage and I have some who, according to the data so far, are of slave decent.  Because I look white do I not get any reparations?  How about what was done to the American Indian.  Do they get any reparations?  Most of these people screaming about slavery probably know nothing about slavery except for watching ‘Roots’.  And we all know just how good Hollywood is in teaching history.

While my family lived in East Chicago, IN we had a wonderful lady who worked for the company with which my father was associated.  Her mother was a ‘nanny’.  The only goal her mother had for her was a better life.  She did everything she could so that her daughter could go to college.  She did not whine about slavery or reparations.  She knew that hard work and determination would determine her future, not the government.  She was a beautiful person and probably even saved my life without me knowing it back then.  She respected people rather than these people who keep protesting and blocking emergency vehicles from getting through like what happened recently causing the death of the person inside.

People who keep screaming racism have no idea as to what racism is in reality.  They need to get off their high horse and get a job to where they have to work for a living and maybe they would learn some respect for the other person.  Maybe then they would know what it feels like to have some moron blocking traffic so that you cannot get to work and be afraid of being fired and not having a means to take care of family.  I have no beginning of sympathy for these idiots who chain themselves to barrels of concrete and then expect the police to either be gentle with them or get them out of their predicament after realizing they are stuck.  My advice to the police officer is to get the Jaws of Life and cut their arm off as far as I care.    If you are blocking traffic don’t come whining if someone runs you over either!

Growing up my parents filled out a student grant form for me when I wanted to go to college.  They had the form returned to them because the person looking over the form could not believe that someone actually made as little income as my parents stated they made on the form.  I found student grants and later student loans.  I now have a doctorate.  I have another doctorate waiting if I am ever able to find the grant money to be able to return and finish my dissertation.  Don’t come whining to me about not having educational opportunities.  My parents taught us kids that hard work, determination, effort, respect, and a little bit of prayer was what made the difference in a person’s life.  They never once talked about sitting back and whining.   That is one thing that I love about doing my genealogy.   Some of my ancestors were Pilgrims who came across the ocean in boats that were far from luxury liners.  Some of them were Huguenots who suffered such religious persecution that in one day over 50,000 were slaughtered in Europe after the established church declared war upon that sect.  Many of my people were in the American Revolution and lost everything for the dream of a new nation where a person could be free.  Whenever I want to whine I think about what those people experienced.  I have no room left to whine.

These people who want to protest everything really should be ashamed of themselves but they have no pride.  They had no personal respect and they have no respect for others.  They are nothing but egotistical morons who think that the world evolves around them and everyone needs to bow to their whimpers.  Get a life!  If they want to make a difference then get their dag burn butts in gear and make a difference.  Martin Luther King did not whine and made a difference.  Martin Luther (not King) did not whine and made a difference.  People who have made a difference did so not by whining about reparations but by sacrifice and hard work.  If you want to make a difference in this world then work for it, don’t waste the time of the rest of the world by sitting back and whining about how bad you have life.

Anti-police protests have now just become plain stupid

anti-police protests

No one would deny anyone their right to protest or free speech.  Those who believe that the police are not warm and fuzzy have made their opinions known.  They have been protesting for so long it is hard to recall when they actually began.  It has gone from simply exercising a right of free speech to where it is just ridiculous and stupid.  What do these people want to accomplish?  If you are going to protest you need to have a desired goal.  Protests simply for the sake of protest is meaningless and an act of futility.  Protests for the sake of protest equate to nothing more than an excuse to inconvenience others for your own selfish motives.  It is clear that the protesters now really have no agenda except to be a nuisance.

What do these people want from the police?  Do they even have any idea as to why they are protesting except for the excuse for anarchy?  Enough is enough and now they have just moved into the realm of the stupid.  You really express nothing more than ignorance to be against something when you have no idea as to what you want to change or how you want change to look.  If these people want there to be no police force then they prove that they are not against the police but against order and law.  It is already clear they are against order and law as they are disrupting the flow of traffic and good people trying to get to and from work or emergency services.  Who are these people going to call if someone retaliates against them?  Are they going to call upon the same police force they are protesting against?

As long as the media will give these whiners a stage upon which to act like the spoiled little children that they truly are they will continue to whine and through a fit over things not going their way.  As long as there are those such as the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Eric Holders of the world who are willing to egg them on then the brat children of society who have nothing better to do than to make the lives of innocent people miserable will continue.  I watched this happen during the university riots of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  There would be a small group that would come into a university and stir people up with some cause.  After they were able to get them all in a fuss the small group would sit back and watch what they felt was the fun.  They would watch as towns were destroyed, businesses disintegrated, educational institutions burned and people die.  They did not care about the consequences.  They were having sick and demented enjoyment at the expense of weak minded followers.

The anti-police movement has gone on long enough.  But in our country they are allowed free speech and the right to protest AS LONG AS it does not trample upon the rights of others.  They have exceeded their welcome.  They are now trampling upon the rights of good people wanting to take care of their families.  If these people are so against the police the answer is simple.  All they need to do is to not break the law and they will not have encounters with the police and when someone tries to rob them not to call upon the police and the police will not arrive.  CASE CLOSED!

The powder keg of liberalism

powder keg

I believe many white people are getting really tired of being told how they are the only race capable of racism. I am also so sick of the expression ‘white privilege’. What a stupid concept. White privilege consists of being privileged to get fired of saying anything about any race of life style when you are just expressing your freedom of speech. White privilege consists of being called a racist when you disagree with any member of a ‘minority’. White privilege consists of being judged because you look white regardless of your complete lineage. White privilege consists of being arrested for a hate crime when you speak out in public against the hatred of a black group being poured out in public about you when you did nothing against them. White privilege consist of listening to morons like Al Sharpton and watching him walk freely when you know if a white man made those same statement about a black man he would be arrested and locked away. White privilege consists of being a white cop and knowing that if you kill a black criminal you would be tried and convicted in the court of the media regardless of the facts of the event. White privilege consists of watching people of color treat you like crap for something that white people died to end such as slavery. White privilege consists of not being promoted because they needed to hire or promote a person of ‘color’ yet there is nothing wrong with being overlooked because of your color. People who believe in white privilege must be some of the dumbest people on the planet!

Liberals are feeding a powder keg and the liberals who are the mouthpieces for the minorities are eating it up. There is no way on God’s green earth where a white person would not be crucified for saying in public that he did not want a business in their neighborhood because it would draw too many black people. Yet a group in Portland was able to oppose a business because it might draw too many white people. I am personally fed up with the garbage the liberals are trying to shove down the throats of the American people. I am also fed up of the total and complete stupidity of those who echo those same ideas in public with some sense of self righteous indignation.

I am predominantly European in my lineage. I look ‘white’. I am also a card carrying Cherokee. I have people in my lineage with the last name of Chin whom I doubt were English. I have people in my lineage with no last name which highly indicates that I have a strong probability of having had slaves or former slaves intermarry into my family. I am tired of the stupid people who say anytime there was a slave or former slave in the line it was because of rape. In many cases the slaves were part of the family and treated like family. This is why so many slaves did not want to be freed of emancipated because THEY LIKED WHERE THERE WHERE AND THEIR LOT IN LIFE!!!!! It shows inconceivable ignorance of history to believe that every slave was beaten to within an inch of their life every hour of every day. But then again I am surprised of the absolute ignorance needed to believe the twisted thinking of the liberal.

If I was part of the majority of the black race who work hard for a living, care about their neighbor regardless of race, creed, or color and just wanted to be productive in life, I would be unspeakably angry at people the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I would be fuming at the likes of Barack Obama and Eric Holder and some of the comments they have made over the years. But people like the race baiters do not care. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame people to murder police officers. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame hatred. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame wars. They will always have their followers and followers mean power. I am so sick of people who sell their soul and the souls of the weak minded who blindly follow them just for the sake of power.

I do not know what it is going to take for the powder keg to defuse. One thing for sure it will take the media to stop fueling the stupidity by promoting them. Stop giving a microphone to every moron who has an axe to grind. Stop following every word of people like the race baiters. Start being honest in reporting and journalism. And stop being an insult to those who got into journalism because they wanted to find out the truth about things and people.

The people are now pissed

angry eagle

I plan to be rather blunt. I am truly tired of hearing people whine about how bad the police are and how mean they are being mistreated. There are consequences. If you do not want to be mistreated stop acting like a fool. These groups that are running around with their hands flaying in the air like someone running away from a beehive have become nothing more than an insult to the rest of their race. These people complain about how bad they are being treated by the government while most of them are running all the way to the bank with their government check. I am not against social support for people who need it but I am opposed to social support to those who are taking it with one hand and throwing a brick at a police officer with the other. Idiots like Al Sharpton seem to be sucking ego off of this chaos like a baby with a new bottle. All he seems to be doing is to feed the insanity. Mr. Barack Obama who seems to like to snuggle up to Sharpton is equally to blame for this mess and he has the gall to say that race relations have never been better under his watch. If this is better I would hate to see his idea of bad! These people love to complain about the police but do not have the courage to take the badge for one week. I dare them to try the job of a cop for even one month, one week. They could not do it! These morons would not even make it past the academy.

I know that there are some officers who do not deserve the badge. I have had contact with some so I know it first-hand. But I also know that most of them are good officers who I want on my side during a crisis. These idiots want to continue to harass the police and interfere with the lives of the average day person there will be consequence. I am not to make any threats and I am not doing it here. I do easily see that if these idiots continue to block traffic that good people are going to start simply driving through their lines at a slow yet determined pace. If they want to interfere with good people going to work to take care of their families then do not be surprised if you start getting real negative reactions to the average people. These idiots love to take on police because the police have to be really careful what they do because the upper brass is usually more interested in politics than the officers. Mayor De Blasio has proven this concept. The police also have Maranda Rights that they have to abide by while the average person does not. The Maranda Rights for the average person to anyone being an idiot is simple: they have the right to remain silent; they have the right to remain conscious. The use of their second rights depends solely upon their use of their first right!

Patience is wearing thin. The average person of any race is getting real tired of the noise of the idiots. All the threats and riots were bad enough. But as the murderous morons now have started attacking officers while on lunch, the line has been crossed. There are a group of people that we as Americans are getting sick of watching. Radical muslims and radical blacks seem to have grouped together to form a boil on the backside of Americans. We are tired and we are sick of them. I do not care if they are supported by a mayor or the president himself, which personally I believe he does, we the people will not tolerate your behavior. If you want to attack and start killing our police officers then be prepared to face the wrath of all good Americans. There will not be a federal police force as Obama seems to want because the people will take care of matters. Any federal police force formed by Obama will simply be seen as his effort to create a form of the old German SS in order to control the people under his hand. Americans will start defending America and our police officers. America, bottom line, is a family. You morons are outsiders who think you can come in here and start killing off our police officers. You have touched a member of our family. You have pissed off the people. Obama has pissed off the people by his total disregard to the fallen officers and their families. He supports Islam more than he seems to support the country he is paid by to be President. He has insulted the military. He has insulted the police. As he snuggles up to people like Sharpton he insults the very core of good in this country.

It is time that the people stood up for our police officers. It is time that the people stood up for our military. It is time the people stood up for our nation. The welcome mat is no longer out for those who have disrespected this land and its values. Those who want a free check from this country yet also to disregard all laws are no longer welcomed.

Our President is a puss


Those who have followed my writing know that I do not tend to worry about being politically incorrect. Actually I am proud of that fact of my writing. But there is one thing that I truly hate to admit openly. I truly hate to admit that our President is a puss. He is supposed to be the leader of the greatest country in the world. No insult intended to our friends in Great Britain but it was the intervention by the US in WWII that made the difference in the outcome. America is known historically as the one country where there is a definite line NOT to cross. Our President has taken that line and has moved it so many times it has its own moving van waiting on retainer.

While he says how he ‘unconditionally condemns’ the act he also does not want anyone to say anything that might make people mad. His response to North Korea threatening to create ‘worse than 9/11’ to any theater that would show a movie that it disapproves of was to call it ‘vandalism’. If North Korea had written graffiti on the theater I could understand calling it vandalism. He is freeing terrorist which we know go right back into the fight against American because Gitmo ‘offends’ the jihadist. He calls a beheading by a radical Muslim at a food processing plant ‘work place violence’. He calls a mass shooting at a military base by a radical Muslim ‘work place violence’. In dealing with ISIS he wavered from calling them the ‘JV’ team to wanting to control them to some other terms that get totally lost in the mud of his actions. He says how he wants to stop ISIS but gets upset if the military insults Islam.

Maybe there are aspects of being in the public that his advisors have told him not to show emotions. But his man seems to have no emotions except when it comes to Islam as he made it clear at the UN how the world has not place for those who insults Islam or when he is bashing the Republicans. Americans are being beheaded in foreign countries and he stops long enough to say how terrible it was and then is back on the golf course before the media has the microphone system packed back up from the interview. It is really tiring to listen to this man. I really would like a President who would stand up for America and for things like the police. Obama seems more concerned about the feelings of those who were calling for dead cops than he is about the mourning of the families who just lost a son, father, and husband less than a week before Christmas.

Obama seems to forget that he is supposed to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With that title comes responsibilities other than golfing. He is supposed to support America. But I believe personally he sees himself as the President of the Black States of America and of the Islamic States of America but not the United States of America. If anyone would have told me we would ever have a President such as Obama and all the total disregard he has shown for the officer, Congress, the Constitution, and for America’s image abroad I would have thought they were mad. He has made America and Americans a target by being weak and ineffective. America is presently no longer seen as a powerhouse. Obama has made America a laughing stock amongst foreign powers. I truly hate to say it; but our President is a puss.