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Insulting our Forefathers



Our Forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  They fought, sacrifices everything they had and many died to give birth to a new nation where people could be free, live free, and government themselves freely.  Our present system is not only a joke but an insult.  Our two parties have taken things to the point where our Forefathers would be rallying the troops if George Washington would still be in charge.  I am ashamed of our present system and the image we portray.  We pride ourselves on the freedom of the voting booth yet when that process does not go according to the plans of the big two parties then they have to maneuver and change things in order to keep things going their way.  Our political party leaders are nothing different from the whining crybabies found at the universities wanting their safe spaces because someone looked at them wrongly.  I am so tired of my country being run by spoiled brats.  Hillary loses state after state yet somehow still is ahead in ‘delegates’.  Trump is crushing things in the popular vote yet trickery seems to be done in efforts to keep the voice of the people from being heard at the national convention.  If the caucus does not mean anything anymore then why have it?  Do the DNC and the RNC simply think they are going to anoint someone to be the candidate apart from the will of the people?  I would advise these two groups to do a quick lesson in history.  Do not think that the will of the people to make major changes in this country is over.

The biggest thing that I see happening in this country is that the government leaders and political leaders have been pushing the people more and more over time and the people are sick and tired of being played for a bunch of idiots.  The political power houses think that the people will simply continue to be manipulated and never do anything about it.  These same political powerhouses feel that if the people ever got out of line that they have the law enforcement, IRS, and the military to arrest, intimidate and terrorize the people back into submission.  I think the people are tired of being threatened.  Law enforcement has increasingly been seeing where the government has been using them as a bully force and has started declaring where they will refuse to inforce any laws which are unconstitutional.  The IRS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar so many times that even the politicians are realizing that they either have to abandon the IRS or start taking flack themselves.  Now one corrupt politician is being caught shedding light on other corrupt politicians making it harder for them to keep their stories straight.  Hopefully, the house of cards that the politicians have been building will begin to tumble allowing for freedom of speech and the will of the people to again become a ruling force.

I have always viewed this election to be critical for the future of our nation.  It is hanging on with little more than tape and gum.  But this election is beginning to be much more than expected.  This election also represents a removing of the mask off of both parties.  The realities of the parties are being seen.  Both parties are no longer the parties for the people but rather BOTH PARTIES are being little more than a stage and window dressing for their own manipulated will to be imposed upon the people.  No wonder people have no trust nor faith in politics or politicians.  No wonder Congress is a joke.  Our Supreme Court is being seen as nothing more than a legal hit squad which could be stacked and packed by whoever is in the Oval Office.  The Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land but our politicians evidently see the Constitution as a barrier to be removed or skirted.  No longer is the action of our government measured by the letter or even the spirit of the Constitution and the will of our Foundering Fathers.

There is a strong inference due to the actions of both parties that neither is innocent.  Both parties appear to be in bed with each other trying to create a pseudo-Constitution.  Both parties are guilty of allowing the present mess our country faces.  Both parties are guilty of treason.  There is an influx of illegals into this country, many of whom are entering at the invitation of our political leaders, with the sole intent to destroy the vote.   The Constitution calls for the vote to be done by citizens of this nation.  Both parties are guilty in allowing situations to get so far out of hand that people have been permitted to skirt proper protocol regarding citizenship.  I have truly tried not to say anything which would permit the powers that be that monitors our freedom of speech to come knocking on my door.  I have tried not to give any reason for those who scrutinize the written word to consider me to be anything more than a patriot loyal to my country and to my Constitution.  I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution with ancestors who helped found this great nation.  I hope to continue to be free from censors and those who would prefer to limit freedom of speech.  But I cannot help but fear what is going to happen should our political talking heads not pull their own heads out of their own butts.  The people are sick and tired of people trying to change this country into something it is not and never was supposed to be as per our Founding Fathers.  The will of the people must come back and will return one way or another and I hope that those in political power take a reality check.  You will be able to stop some of us but you will never be able to stop all of us.  ALL WE WANT IS OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY BACK AND WE WILL GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!






Our Forefathers knew what was important.  They did not start the Constitution with a discourse promoting political parties; they did not rave about the virtues of an established protocol of leaders; they did not even expound the importance of experience; they started the Constitution with ‘we the people’.  We the people was seen as such a foundation to the birth of the new nation that it was the beginning phrase to the greatest document ever written by man and the key concept which runs as a primary thread throughout its entirety.  Where did we as a nation slide off the rails?

We have ‘super delegates’ now that does not have to answer to the will of the people as to whom they support for election.  It appears as if the RNC was making the asinine statement that all delegates are super delegates and does not have to answer to the will of the people.  We have two people running on for the nomination of the Democrats who, being outspoken socialists, are promoting everything contrary to the capitalism which built out nation.  These people proclaim themselves as educated yet do not understand how socialism has never, can never and will never succeed.  It simply does not work.  You run out of other people’s money and then things must be rationed.  We have a society of spoiled brats who have never been told to go out and work for something if they want something new merely to expect someone else to hand it to them.  If it is not freely handed over then they scream racism or some other mantra crying how under privileged they are and demand that things be given and quickly.  What is even more amazing is that people continue to support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Continuing on the idea of being entitled to things Hillary seems to feel that she is entitled to votes from the women because she has a vagina.  With that logic Sanders should expect to be supported by males because he has a penis.

I listen to people, media and various talking heads discuss this election with the same sense of urgency needed to decide between a cheeseburger verses the chicken.  While 3rd party candidates are always on the ticket, the elections normally come down to a Democrat or Republican.  As mentioned on the side of the Democrats who two people who either do not appear to be rooted in any realm of reality or have a chronic history as a pathological liar.  Either way, Clinton or Sanders represents the death to what is remaining of the Republic.  On the Republican side is what is rapidly closing in to either Trump or Cruz with Cruz needing nothing short of a miracle in the realm needed for Sainthood for him to secure the nomination.  With this being said, as the talking heads slam Trump they are in essence promoting one of the remaining two who will destroy what is left struggling for air of our great nation.

It is beyond time for people to wake up.  It is almost too late for people get actually care about the future of America.  Now with the rhetoric of how delegates do not need to represent the will of the people the very fiber of our nation is being shredded even more.  I know it is a foolish question to ask but:  Do people not care about America anymore?   Do people not realize what will happen if Clinton or Sanders get the Oval Office?  Have people had their liberties and freedoms for so long that they just assume that they will always be there?  Are our elected officials so arrogant and stupid as to think that the people will simply remain quiet as they kill off the remaining right of the ballot box through end runs and political fast maneuvers?

Obama stated that he wanted to radically transform America.  He has done everything but destroy America.  It does not take much of a look to Europe to see just how well the ‘refugee’ issue has done over there.  Rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed.  It is foolish to offer a ‘class’ on how not to rape someone.  As long as the radical realms of Islam see women as property and nothing more than something to be used for their sexual enjoyment then there will continue to be sexual assault.  This is going to be America’s future under Obama and then if continued with Sanders or Clinton.  The difference is that Americans will not tolerate this behavior and will start eliminating the problem.  The final ‘radical transformation’ will be completed with a second American Revolution.  It is beyond time that the talking headers shut up long enough to listen to what the will of the people is trying to say.

The emperor is naked!

naked emperer

There comes a time when the truth is revealed.  Periodically it comes through the most unusual sources.  Many people knew that Obama likes to rather stretch the truth to fit his needs.  But when it is noticed by one of Obama’s leading protectorates the MSNBC then it seems to have extreme clarity.  Now I missed the SOTU address.  I had some pressing matters such as a couple birds that needed to be bathed and my cat needed its teeth flossed.  But I was able to read some of the comments regarding the matter today.  There were the expected comments about the address from those you would expect to hold a skeptical point of view.  When I came to the MSNBC I was expect the same tickling good feelings and the Obama worship for which they are famous.  I was shocked when I read where they are revealing how the President might have been in error in some of his statements.  I do not know for sure but I think the Hell might have just frozen over!

One clip that I did manage to watch prior to eating of the address was how Obama was saying that one pipeline was too small and that we needed bi-partisan bills for a larger program.  My question is:  I always thought the old saying of a march of 100 miles begins with one step.  Maybe the old sayings are out of fashion and we need to just jump right into a 100 mile leap.  Some of the other statements by Obama were the same fancy rhetoric for which he is known.  It is nice to say that the 21st century businesses need a 21st century infrastructure.  But how does he plan to do this?  With the amnesty plan the government and states will not have the money because the new amnesty plan is going to cost at least 40 billion per year.  It does not take a financial wizard to see the cost of the amnesty plan.  All the illegals now in American, and the open door which this plan represents are going to bring additional cost on education, law enforcement, medical services, IRS refunds because they will be eligible if they are paying taxes, social services, government assistance and so many other branches of spending that it make the mind dizzy.  Yet somehow we are going to have a 21st century system.  After reading what all he was saying we needed I am surprised that the Jetsons’ were not named as the new Infrastructure Czar.  Obama is great at coming up with wonderful ideas but rather slow in coming up with idea that also include how they are going to be funded and implemented.  I guess this is the typical play of action for many community organizers.  They come up with great ideas that get people all pumped up and are off cashing their check while the rest of the people are left to try and figure out how all those ideas are supposed to be funded.  If Obama is against one pipeline how is anyone supposed to remotely think he would be for a larger group of pipelines?

Obama loves to keep saying how America is out of the recession and pulling ahead.  I would love for him to take one of his many vacations and tour America’s little towns and cities.  I don’t know about other places but I loose count of the closed businesses and empty building in my area as I drive around.  Maybe the emperor needs to stop simply hanging around Hollywierd and actually start seeing real people who are not his donors.  He does not want to talk to the average person like the other politicians are forced to do with their town meetings.  He does not seem to want a gathering that has not been prepared with the correct visuals.  If it is not a photo op I doubt most highly this man would ever be seen.

Obama seems to think that America has been greatly transformed to something better than it was prior to his being elected.  If having a town burned basically to the ground by rioters whom he encouraged to ‘keep the course’; an Ambassador tortured and murdered where no one has yet been brought to justice; the NYPD and the Mayor having a major feud due to the Mayor’s liberal and anti-police views and comments; police officers gunned down in cold blooded execution; American’s beheaded in the streets OF AMERICA; If he thinks this is an improvement I would hate to see what he would call going backwards.

I love reading body language.  I do not know if Maxine Waters was having a medical emergency or not and when did we elect Walter as our vice-president?  There were many aspects of the address that probably left many people dazed and confused.  The President stood in front of all America making statements that had more holes than Swiss cheese and the workability of a pygmy trying to give an elephant in heat an enema.   All I know personally is one thing:  I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!!

Anti-police protests have now just become plain stupid

anti-police protests

No one would deny anyone their right to protest or free speech.  Those who believe that the police are not warm and fuzzy have made their opinions known.  They have been protesting for so long it is hard to recall when they actually began.  It has gone from simply exercising a right of free speech to where it is just ridiculous and stupid.  What do these people want to accomplish?  If you are going to protest you need to have a desired goal.  Protests simply for the sake of protest is meaningless and an act of futility.  Protests for the sake of protest equate to nothing more than an excuse to inconvenience others for your own selfish motives.  It is clear that the protesters now really have no agenda except to be a nuisance.

What do these people want from the police?  Do they even have any idea as to why they are protesting except for the excuse for anarchy?  Enough is enough and now they have just moved into the realm of the stupid.  You really express nothing more than ignorance to be against something when you have no idea as to what you want to change or how you want change to look.  If these people want there to be no police force then they prove that they are not against the police but against order and law.  It is already clear they are against order and law as they are disrupting the flow of traffic and good people trying to get to and from work or emergency services.  Who are these people going to call if someone retaliates against them?  Are they going to call upon the same police force they are protesting against?

As long as the media will give these whiners a stage upon which to act like the spoiled little children that they truly are they will continue to whine and through a fit over things not going their way.  As long as there are those such as the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Eric Holders of the world who are willing to egg them on then the brat children of society who have nothing better to do than to make the lives of innocent people miserable will continue.  I watched this happen during the university riots of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  There would be a small group that would come into a university and stir people up with some cause.  After they were able to get them all in a fuss the small group would sit back and watch what they felt was the fun.  They would watch as towns were destroyed, businesses disintegrated, educational institutions burned and people die.  They did not care about the consequences.  They were having sick and demented enjoyment at the expense of weak minded followers.

The anti-police movement has gone on long enough.  But in our country they are allowed free speech and the right to protest AS LONG AS it does not trample upon the rights of others.  They have exceeded their welcome.  They are now trampling upon the rights of good people wanting to take care of their families.  If these people are so against the police the answer is simple.  All they need to do is to not break the law and they will not have encounters with the police and when someone tries to rob them not to call upon the police and the police will not arrive.  CASE CLOSED!

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up


I try not to critical of Obama just for the sake of being critical. I read many articles and do not simply take things at face value. If there is any possible way to make sense of the things he does I try to give the benefit of the doubt to Obama. I admit that it is getting increasingly harder to see anything positive or to give a positive twist to things without sounding like Obama’s media talking head. It is no secret that Obama loves his golf. There is even a real question as to what Obama loves more; his golf or his office as President. Recently he spent one of his golf games with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I admit there is nothing unusual for one head of State to have a relaxed time with another head of State. For many people it is just like getting together over a cup of coffee to build relations and discussion business. But there is a problem with appearance that our President seems to be totally ignorant regarding. I cannot truly think he is totally stupid therefore I am left with the conclusion that he simply does not care about appearance. Based upon other behaviors such as casually chewing gum while calmly strolling into the dinner hosted by Japanese dignitaries it is clear that he does not regard public opinion as important.

Normally this would not be an issue. For the average person on the street there are more things between Heaven and Hell to worry about than what someone else thinks about you. But the President of the United States cannot be completely disconnected from this issue. He cannot be complete disconnected because he represents a nation. He represents us, the United States citizenry. As he is chewing his gum while standing in line to meet with dignitaries during a World War II ceremony at Normandy, he makes America and Americans look sloppy and rather ignorant. The image portrayed is more than simply making Americans look like a bunch of doofs who would incapable to putting a simple sentence together with proper grammar. He actually insults the image of America. But, then again, this does go right along with his message from the beginning of how America is an arrogant nation needing to humble itself in the eyes of the world. Personally I vehemently disagree with this concept but at least he is being true to his perception.

I also wonder what his deep and abiding love for all things Islam says to the men and women killed or crippled while fighting against Islamic dictators and terrorism. As he sends billions of US dollars over to these countries which for decades have made hating all things America its mission, I cannot help but feel a sense of total betrayal. It would take a fool to think that all this money actually goes to the poor and hungry in these countries and not into the same pockets as those who support those killing Americans. As he meets with those on extreme friendly terms with those who are pushing for Sharia Law which promotes the extreme physical abuse and sexual exploitation of women, I cannot help but see a man who is denouncing the very people he claims to want to protect and serve as President.

I have always believed that the truth of a person is not seen in what they say but in what they do. I hear a great deal of talk from this man. I hear all the right words. I hear all the right phrases. I hear all the right verbiage. I see totally hypocrisy. I see a man who has turned his back on the very people who pay his salary. I see a man who supports the enemies of America and those who have killed American military and civilians. I see a man who spends an extreme amount of time making excuses for those who butcher innocent people in the name of Islam. I see a man who gets more upset over the possibility that someone might be insulting Islam than over those who are slaughtering Christians by the score as well as beheading innocent women and children. I hear a man who says he supports America yet I see a man who betrays America.


Chirstmas tree 2014

As I look over this passing year there are things that I must admit I never thought I would ever see in my country. I wish I could have a different analysis of the year as it end but facts stand. I see a nation more divided than ever in my life. I grew up with the idea of zebra wars. A ‘zebra war’ was a war specifically between whites and blacks. While the wars never broke out the tensions were clearly seen and felt. But what I see today makes those days look like a Sunday School picnic. I see a nation on a powder keg while the Presidents claim that the nation has never been more racially united. I do not know which rock he must be living under in order to be able to make that type of claim. If there is any uniting in the races it is in the cases where whites and blacks are protesting and stopping traffic together. Having racially united anarchists does not make me look positive towards a united nation.

I see a President who thinks that Africa is as much his responsibility as America. Last I knew Africa was not paying his salary. I see a President more interested in playing golf than in leading this nation into prosperity. I see a nation where the President is more concerned with the feelings of Islam than he is of Americans in general. I see a President who is more concerned with fighting Republicans and making sure that anything passed is something he likes rather than being willing to adjust what he likes to find a better plan. I see a President who thinks he has the ultimate answer and that he is always right. This is not a President, this is a dictator. I see a President who has abandoned American safety such as the southern border for the sake of politics and more Democrat voters. I see a level of corruption in politics never before public or seen as commonplace. I see a President who has finally come out of the closet regarding his own religious beliefs. He has denied being a Muslim but his actions and his companions state otherwise. Personally I typically could not care less what a person’s religious beliefs may be because that freedom of religion is what America is based upon. But it is clear that this man’s religious beliefs place protecting Islam above protecting the nation. Based upon reports from interactions with the President and military leaders as the ‘war’ on ISIS continues and his hostility towards anything that might put Islam in a bad light; his reactions to Islamic radicals who have murdered American servicemen and women upon their own base; his reaction to radical Muslims who have butchered innocent people by cutting their heads off because they would not change to Islam; his apologized to the mosques where the murdering radical attended while ignoring the suffering family of the murdered; his continued insistence upon sending billions of dollars in aid to countries dedicated to Islam and the very principles against which our service men and women are going to war; all these make a stout argument that our President is clearly a dedicated follower of Islam to the point that Islam is the baseline of what is really important to this man and not the country which had elected him as President. I have never seen a man so dedicated to the removal of firearms from the general populous, attacks upon individual freedoms and liberties through the use of IRS and NSA to track and attack people with different political opinions from him. I have never seen a man so open to protect his political cronies and to reward their allegiance through tax payer grants. I have always known unfortunately that politics were corrupt but I have never seen a level of corruption so blatant as this administration.

I have never seen a year where our men and women in blue were so openly and viciously attacked by politicians. I never would have dreamed of a time where people could openly call for ‘dead cops’ and not be arrested. I never thought I would ever see a time where someone like Al Sharpton and his demonizing of our police officers would be given any credence. I was raised to respect the police. I have two brothers who are retired police officers. I cannot express how deeply this matter sickens my soul as I see our officers made the enemy by the media. I call for all good Americans to stand with our police officers. I call for all good Americans to rise to assist our police officers any time we see one in need. It is time for all good Americans to stand up and rise against the tyranny of the low life good for nothing idiots who are calling for harm to come to our police officers. I know there are those who point out the few bad officers. To those people I call out and I dare you to put on the badge. You go out there with the officers and see how well you fair. You go out in the middle of the night against invisible enemies and see how long you last. You go out knowing how little you are paid to put your life on the line to bring in those who make many times over what you make with little to not risk. Just see how long you remain so righteous.

I want my country back. I hope that 2015 returns America to me. My ancestors helped form this country. I miss it. I want my America back.

Racism and atheist


I believe it is possible to tell weak arguments by their level of desperation. When a person starts to intellectually flay like a boxer caught in a windstorm the weakness in their position become evident. Racism has become a catch all for those who really have nothing else to say. When someone is caught having no further basis for defending their stance they simple scream racism. We have seen it recently in politic to the point where if a person disagrees with President Obama the Democrats scream racism and that the only reason why a person dislikes the actions of the President is because he is black. This is the defense of an intellectual empty well; No contents, just a hole in which their logic sinks. It is truly amazing how many people turn to racism as their last, if not only, defense. From politicians to supposedly educated television icons, racism is their fallback defense mode. Of course, it is also their seeming contention that the only people capable of racism are white people. The absurdity of the racism cry is being seen in what all is now being called racism. The song and television special White Christmas is now seen as racism. Children nursery rhymes are seen as racists. Even white bread is seen as racist. When will this all end? I have wondered by White Christmas is seen now as racists but Black Friday is not? When people start becoming so removed from any level of rational in their arguments it is really difficult to take them seriously. It is when they really have nothing else to say that they call out the race card. At this point you begin to feel like you are trying to duel with an unarmed opponent. It reminds you of kindergarten when the final argument is ‘oh yeah..well so are you’.

Atheists are another group who seems to lose the contest of wits based upon their true lack of rational. First of all, why spend so much energy defending themselves against something they do not believe exist? I have never understood that one! Their position really shows weakness as they seem to banish all rational behavior around Christmas time. Anything that supports Christmas is seen as a target for their wrath. Unfortunately they do not have enough ammunition for the fight they are trying to pick. They are opposed to Christmas trees because it represents Christmas and Christmas represents the birth of Christ. They are opposed to Christmas decorations because Christmas decorations represent Christmas which represents the birth of Christ. This goes on and on and on. I do not see them as getting upset with Christmas gifts which represent Christmas. The stores to not have ‘holiday sales’ they have Christmas sales. The stores do not have holiday music they play Christmas music because it gets people in the mood to buy ‘CHRISTMAS’ gifts. I do not see them getting upset at Santa or reindeer. Santa would be unemployed if it was not for Christmas. Santa is not there for any other festivity but Christmas. Reindeer would be nothing more than something to be made into jerky if it was not for Santa, which is only there because of Christmas. Sleigh bells are there because of their connection to Christmas. This can go on infinitum.

When you take a person’s argument and extend it to the fullness that it represents, such as the atheist opposition to Christmas not including Santa and his reindeer, there real argument becomes clearer. The same thing can be applied to the race card as it includes White Christmas but not Black Friday. The argument of the atheist is not with Christmas. Their argument is not even with Christ. Their argument is with the concept that there might be a Supreme Being. If there is a Supreme Being then they are accountable. So many people do not want to be held accountable to anyone or anything. Be it the legal system or a Supreme Being, there are those who feel that they are above all accountability and are a law unto themselves. They resent the idea that they cannot do as they please and that they are not fully in control of all aspects of their lives. They opposed any idea of needing to answer for their actions. They reject any concept of morality or rules of behavior and basically demand the rule of ‘if it feels good, do it’. They reject the concept of consequences. They opposed the idea that there are things in this world they cannot see, understand or make captive in a test tube. They are offended by any idea that they are finite. Their argument is not with Christmas but is with God. Stop taking it out on everything else. The problem is not with Christmas but with themselves and the idea that there might be a God to whom they are accountable for their actions. But sense they refuse to admit that they may be held responsible for their actions someday, they proceed to make the lives of everyone they contact in this life as miserable as possible directing any twinge in their conscience away from their own mortality and to attack everything else that is within range.

The racist does the same thing. As the target for their wrath seem to all have one thing in common the basis for their argument becomes clear. The list as to what the race baiter opposes includes: White Christmas, white bread, anything commonly associated with white people. These people are not against racism. They are against the color white. During the Ferguson riots whenever white people would join in the riots on the side of the black rioters they were given specific rules. These rules stated that they were not to ever talk to the media; they were never to take the limelight from a black person, etc. The rules made it clear that it was not a morality issue but rather a media moment. If the race card holders really were interested in race relations then they would be calling out other races which also were biased against a person regardless of color. The race argument has nothing to do with race. It is solely against white people. When a celebrity makes the statement that the only way racism is going to end is when particular generations of white people die off clearly rejects the idea that anyone other than a white person can be racist. That is a clear beacon of their own racism. Those who love to attack white people over racism always seem to go to slavery. This is getting old and tiring because of the insanity of the argument yet people still buy into it. This argument makes as much sense as trying to buy ocean front property in Iowa. There were black slave owners in the south! The Native Americans held slaves. There were even white slaves in the south. You never hear about these things because the argument really is not even about slavery. The argument is against white people. There are those who hate white people. There are those who are so bigoted against white people because, like with racism, they are different from the ones hating them. Yet if there can be anything to mask their own racial hatred then it becomes less obvious that they, too, are nothing more than bigot racists deserving of the label. They use the mask of slavery to cover their own hypocrisy. They cannot accept the reality of their own hatred toward another race. They refuse to admit that they are nothing more than just another racist.

Everyone has faults. Everyone has bias. I would even go so far as to say that everyone has some levels of racism. It is not the existence of these things that is the problem. It is the refusal to admit that we are not perfect and that we have flaws. I would rather be an imperfect person who is trying to deal with my issues than someone who must live every day lying to myself, wearing a mask, and living in utmost hypocrisy. I am not a perfect human being but I at least try to be a honest one.