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Got your six

thin blue line

Our politicians have thrown our police under the bus for the sake of votes.  Many have abandoned the very people who protect them for the sake of power and position.  The war on law enforcement continues with the blessing of groups like Black Lives Matter as they make the chants against law enforcement and people such as the various race baiters who would go broke if race ever ceased to exist continue to fan the flames of hate against the police.  There is something that these people have failed to take into consideration.  That is the common citizen.  There are many of us who are armed, trained, willing and ready to watch the backs of those who risk everything every day.  If a person thinks this war on the police is a race thing they are a fool.  If they think that it is just a police thing then they are more stupid than a box of rocks.  Let us get one things very clear.  Anyone who is willing to attack an armed and trained uniformed police officer will not hesitate one second to kill and unarmed untrained citizen who happens to get in their way.  This is why this war on the police must stop.  The only way any war stops is when the enemy fears their opponent.  Only then will this war cease.  Those who want to harm law enforcement must be made to fear those of us who will back our law enforcement.

This is a call for all citizens who love life and being able to live without fear from some moron who wants to demand his or her way through threats and intimation to step up and be noted.  If you can carry legally then do so.  If you see a law enforcement officer gassing his rig, out to eat or doing something that might pose a threat, pause and make sure they are safe.  If someone tries to hurt them, help them.  If that officer does not go home that night and you had an opportunity to aid him or her and you did not, then the harm that came upon that officer and their family is on YOUR head.  I do not tell anyone to do anything illegal because I do not want someone in an ugly suit knocking on my door.  What I will say is that whatever it takes for that officer to be able to go home at the end of their shift is fine by me.

The only thing that stands between anarchy and you is that officer.  If that line is breeched, the citizen will feel its effects.  If you do not care about yourself then realize that your parents, siblings and children will feel the ramifications.  Anyone willing to harm a police officer will harm a civilian.  There is no honor in harming a police officer.  There is no nobility in the riots.  There is no dignity in the protest that attack innocent people and destroys their property.  If a person wanted truly to simply protest something they can do so without destroy of property or threats to others.  I call upon every law abiding citizen to be the unseen eyes and ears for law enforcement.  I call upon everyone who loves to live in peace to be vigilant for those who are there to protect you.

I get so irritated at the critics of law enforcement.  Now I am not naive.  I know there are some bad officers because I carry some emotional scars from them.  But while I have never been a commissioned law officer I have been behind a badge and a warehouse at zero dark thirty looking for people who had not regard for others.  I have had positions where my cargo made my life not even worth the papers my name was written upon.  I know what it is like to know that the only thing standing between you coming home and not coming home is being a little crazier than your opposition and those who would do your harm.  I would love to stick some of these nitwit politicians who have no greater threat during the day than possible heartburn from eating too rich of foods, out with a target on their chest in the middle of the concrete jungle to see how long they would last.

I do not care if you are democrat, republican, white, black, brown or pink; the bullet that the thug will send the direction of a police officer would be just as easily sent in your direction.  It is time that the enemy feared good people again.  It is time that a line is drawn and this time when a line is drawn it means NO MORE.  We WILL have the backs of law enforcement.  We WILL watch out for them.  We WILL attack those who seek to do them harm.  We WILL with full vengeance and rightful anger be the unseen guardians for those who risk everything for an ungrateful people.  The politicians have made it so that the criminals do not fear the law so it is time that the criminals feared the people.  WE WILL STRIKE BACK!   We are armed; we are trained; we are willing; we are capable; we WILL HAVE THE BACK OF ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT.  ANY AND ALL WHO SEEK TO HARM LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE!

Insulting our Forefathers



Our Forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  They fought, sacrifices everything they had and many died to give birth to a new nation where people could be free, live free, and government themselves freely.  Our present system is not only a joke but an insult.  Our two parties have taken things to the point where our Forefathers would be rallying the troops if George Washington would still be in charge.  I am ashamed of our present system and the image we portray.  We pride ourselves on the freedom of the voting booth yet when that process does not go according to the plans of the big two parties then they have to maneuver and change things in order to keep things going their way.  Our political party leaders are nothing different from the whining crybabies found at the universities wanting their safe spaces because someone looked at them wrongly.  I am so tired of my country being run by spoiled brats.  Hillary loses state after state yet somehow still is ahead in ‘delegates’.  Trump is crushing things in the popular vote yet trickery seems to be done in efforts to keep the voice of the people from being heard at the national convention.  If the caucus does not mean anything anymore then why have it?  Do the DNC and the RNC simply think they are going to anoint someone to be the candidate apart from the will of the people?  I would advise these two groups to do a quick lesson in history.  Do not think that the will of the people to make major changes in this country is over.

The biggest thing that I see happening in this country is that the government leaders and political leaders have been pushing the people more and more over time and the people are sick and tired of being played for a bunch of idiots.  The political power houses think that the people will simply continue to be manipulated and never do anything about it.  These same political powerhouses feel that if the people ever got out of line that they have the law enforcement, IRS, and the military to arrest, intimidate and terrorize the people back into submission.  I think the people are tired of being threatened.  Law enforcement has increasingly been seeing where the government has been using them as a bully force and has started declaring where they will refuse to inforce any laws which are unconstitutional.  The IRS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar so many times that even the politicians are realizing that they either have to abandon the IRS or start taking flack themselves.  Now one corrupt politician is being caught shedding light on other corrupt politicians making it harder for them to keep their stories straight.  Hopefully, the house of cards that the politicians have been building will begin to tumble allowing for freedom of speech and the will of the people to again become a ruling force.

I have always viewed this election to be critical for the future of our nation.  It is hanging on with little more than tape and gum.  But this election is beginning to be much more than expected.  This election also represents a removing of the mask off of both parties.  The realities of the parties are being seen.  Both parties are no longer the parties for the people but rather BOTH PARTIES are being little more than a stage and window dressing for their own manipulated will to be imposed upon the people.  No wonder people have no trust nor faith in politics or politicians.  No wonder Congress is a joke.  Our Supreme Court is being seen as nothing more than a legal hit squad which could be stacked and packed by whoever is in the Oval Office.  The Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land but our politicians evidently see the Constitution as a barrier to be removed or skirted.  No longer is the action of our government measured by the letter or even the spirit of the Constitution and the will of our Foundering Fathers.

There is a strong inference due to the actions of both parties that neither is innocent.  Both parties appear to be in bed with each other trying to create a pseudo-Constitution.  Both parties are guilty of allowing the present mess our country faces.  Both parties are guilty of treason.  There is an influx of illegals into this country, many of whom are entering at the invitation of our political leaders, with the sole intent to destroy the vote.   The Constitution calls for the vote to be done by citizens of this nation.  Both parties are guilty in allowing situations to get so far out of hand that people have been permitted to skirt proper protocol regarding citizenship.  I have truly tried not to say anything which would permit the powers that be that monitors our freedom of speech to come knocking on my door.  I have tried not to give any reason for those who scrutinize the written word to consider me to be anything more than a patriot loyal to my country and to my Constitution.  I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution with ancestors who helped found this great nation.  I hope to continue to be free from censors and those who would prefer to limit freedom of speech.  But I cannot help but fear what is going to happen should our political talking heads not pull their own heads out of their own butts.  The people are sick and tired of people trying to change this country into something it is not and never was supposed to be as per our Founding Fathers.  The will of the people must come back and will return one way or another and I hope that those in political power take a reality check.  You will be able to stop some of us but you will never be able to stop all of us.  ALL WE WANT IS OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY BACK AND WE WILL GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!






Our Forefathers knew what was important.  They did not start the Constitution with a discourse promoting political parties; they did not rave about the virtues of an established protocol of leaders; they did not even expound the importance of experience; they started the Constitution with ‘we the people’.  We the people was seen as such a foundation to the birth of the new nation that it was the beginning phrase to the greatest document ever written by man and the key concept which runs as a primary thread throughout its entirety.  Where did we as a nation slide off the rails?

We have ‘super delegates’ now that does not have to answer to the will of the people as to whom they support for election.  It appears as if the RNC was making the asinine statement that all delegates are super delegates and does not have to answer to the will of the people.  We have two people running on for the nomination of the Democrats who, being outspoken socialists, are promoting everything contrary to the capitalism which built out nation.  These people proclaim themselves as educated yet do not understand how socialism has never, can never and will never succeed.  It simply does not work.  You run out of other people’s money and then things must be rationed.  We have a society of spoiled brats who have never been told to go out and work for something if they want something new merely to expect someone else to hand it to them.  If it is not freely handed over then they scream racism or some other mantra crying how under privileged they are and demand that things be given and quickly.  What is even more amazing is that people continue to support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Continuing on the idea of being entitled to things Hillary seems to feel that she is entitled to votes from the women because she has a vagina.  With that logic Sanders should expect to be supported by males because he has a penis.

I listen to people, media and various talking heads discuss this election with the same sense of urgency needed to decide between a cheeseburger verses the chicken.  While 3rd party candidates are always on the ticket, the elections normally come down to a Democrat or Republican.  As mentioned on the side of the Democrats who two people who either do not appear to be rooted in any realm of reality or have a chronic history as a pathological liar.  Either way, Clinton or Sanders represents the death to what is remaining of the Republic.  On the Republican side is what is rapidly closing in to either Trump or Cruz with Cruz needing nothing short of a miracle in the realm needed for Sainthood for him to secure the nomination.  With this being said, as the talking heads slam Trump they are in essence promoting one of the remaining two who will destroy what is left struggling for air of our great nation.

It is beyond time for people to wake up.  It is almost too late for people get actually care about the future of America.  Now with the rhetoric of how delegates do not need to represent the will of the people the very fiber of our nation is being shredded even more.  I know it is a foolish question to ask but:  Do people not care about America anymore?   Do people not realize what will happen if Clinton or Sanders get the Oval Office?  Have people had their liberties and freedoms for so long that they just assume that they will always be there?  Are our elected officials so arrogant and stupid as to think that the people will simply remain quiet as they kill off the remaining right of the ballot box through end runs and political fast maneuvers?

Obama stated that he wanted to radically transform America.  He has done everything but destroy America.  It does not take much of a look to Europe to see just how well the ‘refugee’ issue has done over there.  Rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed.  It is foolish to offer a ‘class’ on how not to rape someone.  As long as the radical realms of Islam see women as property and nothing more than something to be used for their sexual enjoyment then there will continue to be sexual assault.  This is going to be America’s future under Obama and then if continued with Sanders or Clinton.  The difference is that Americans will not tolerate this behavior and will start eliminating the problem.  The final ‘radical transformation’ will be completed with a second American Revolution.  It is beyond time that the talking headers shut up long enough to listen to what the will of the people is trying to say.





I read a lot regarding politics, the election, candidates, Obama and where he is going to live after the election, and who said what about whom.  The majority of what I read amounts to nothing more than people scurrying around to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or being over concerned whether or not their nice Roman pot looks good on the mantel while Nero is fiddling and the flames are gathering all around.  Do people live in a different reality than most of us or did somehow a parallel universe suddenly develop and envelope most of the talking heads out there.  Let’s cut through all the fat and get into the reality zone.  We have now basically two people running for the next Presidential election.  On the Democrat side unless Hillary gets her well-deserved striped pantsuit from the FBI she will be the Democrat nominee.  On the Republican side, unless Cruz gets a major miracle Trump will be the nominee.  This is the reality of the situation.  I hear people who are supposed to be strong Americans and stanch conservatives blasting Trump.  Wake up people!  If you turn the populous against Trump you are helping Hillary get elected.  I do not know about the rest of the world but I do not see that as a great future for my country.  Whatever Trump might be he is probably better for America than Hillary.  I do not care if it is the lesser of two evils or that people see Trump as the greatest thing since the invention of white bread, the alternative is that Hillary gets the White House.  People need to get off of their high horse and look at the simple reality of the matter.

Hillary has lied so many times to the people that she has become basically synonymous with not being truthful.  Her husband has got on her bandwagon with the same routine of one lie after another.  Listening to him talk about Benghazi he calls the grieving families liars and that his wife suffered as much as the men did during the attack.  I do not remember her being tortured and killed but maybe that happened during the time she ‘run while under sniper fire’.  In my opinion, the only reason the FBI has not arrested her yet for her extremely inappropriate handling of highly sensitive matters is because of her last name.  I honestly do not know how anyone could remotely support this woman.  Obama has done more to shred the Constitution than anyone else prior.  In my opinion, he has done more to destroy America than any previous power foreign or domestic.  Now Hillary waits in the wings to finish the job.

I wonder when these people are so adamant against Trump if their real issue is Trump or their real issue is that the people are revolting against the political machine.  The people are behind Trump, I believe, not so much because he is a great politician but because he is not a politician.  He is not politically correct and the people are sick and tired of having political correctness shoved down their throats.  The people have seen political correctness kill this country.  Now we have men who because they think they are women are going into the woman’s locker rooms.  We have children who have not even yet begun to discover their own sexuality saying how they are transgender.  These kids are so young they cannot even spell ‘transgender’. Like the proverbial Rome America is burning.  These talking heads need to deal with the issue of saving what is left of America and not worrying about whether Trump has offended a former President of Mexico.  It is simple.  It is black and white (no that is not a racist expression).  It is not rocket science.  America is hurting and bleeding to death.  Our talking heads need to either get behind the people and help heal America or shut up.  I have not figured out how they think by blasting Trump they are helping America.  If they worked as hard revealing the truths about Hillary as they do trying to destroy Trump there would not be an issue in this election.  But just like the media did in the Obama election by not dealing with the real issues surrounding Obama they are not dealing with the real issues surrounding Hillary.  Now the media is all in arms over an illusion Trump made between his hands and supposedly his penis yet most of Hillary’s campaign has been about her vagina and nary a word is spoken.

I am not a blindly loyal Trump supporter.  But I do see only two choices for America.  I do not see a future for America under Hillary Clinton.  I do see a very bleak future for our nation and the final death of the Constitution under her.  She is a dangerous woman and is not to be trusted.  She has proven how little she truly cares for the common person and is more than willing to allow people to die to protect her reputation as she did in the Benghazi situation to keep the secret gun running quite.  I found it interesting how about a year prior to Fast and Furious coming to light how she was saying how 90% of the guns going to Mexico were coming from the US and so America must have tighter gun laws.  She was right about guns coming from America because they were the ones sending them.

Wake up people.  America’s future is a stake.  Our future is at stake.  These talking heads in this country need to put their egos aside and actually start getting behind the country.  If the election is going to be Trump versus Hillary then stop supporting Hillary if you really claim to be pro-America and pro-Constitution.  People need to set aside egos and agendas and actually start supporting this country again.  If America goes away, personally I doubt if it will ever fully be regained.  We are at a severe crossroads in our nation.  Wake up America.  It is time to set everything else aside and take a strong stand for our nation.  I know Trump may not be the best thing that ever came our way but he will a far cry better than putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.  Stop worrying about the deck chairs.  We are sinking fast and need a miracle if we are to survive.

Myth of gun loopholes

gun control

I have been purchasing firearms for many years.  I have also sold many firearms over the years so I am familiar with present changes in the laws as well as the realities of firearm purchasing.  I am a federally licensed firearms dealer and have sat down with ATF to discuss the laws regarding gun purchasing.  I do not know where the government comes off on saying there are gun loopholes.  They do not exist.  Too many times there is the pushback by the anti-gun community that if you are speaking out against additional gun laws then you promote gun violence.  The family members of those who are going to bury their children in Roseburg Or are speaking out against gun control laws.  My family has experienced gun violence when my Aunt was murdered by her second husband in a murder/suicide crime.  I would venture a more accurate statement that if you are for more gun control then you are not and probably have never been a gun enthusiast, hunter, in to self-protection, or have even seriously studied the American Forefathers and the Constitution.

I have heard the opposition scream about how a person can go on to and purchase a firearm.  Yes, this is true, but you have to have that gun shipped to a FFL holder who must by law do a background check on the buyer before granting them their firearm.  In Washington State it has even gotten to the place where two friends or family members cannot give a gun without first going through a FFL holder and have a background check done on the person who is to be the new owner.  This also technically means that I could not give a gun to my son without first going through a background check.

Now before the anti-gun people start singing the praises of these laws there is a major problem.  We are law abiding people.  Therefore we would obey the law.  But people who are not interested in obeying the law, those who probably needing to keep gun out of their hands, are not going to obey the law and will not get their guns through a local FFL dealer.  What does this mean?  It means that all these additional gun laws are nothing but foolish additions to the already reams of gun laws that are on the books and not being enforced.  Additional background checks, waiting periods, fingerprints, etc. will not stop the bulk of the criminal element from not getting a firearm.  It might find the periodic person who at some time in their lives did something stupid and now has a record.  But these laws will not ever stop the criminal from getting a gun.  I do not know how many times it needs to be said but the anti-gun group does not care about common sense.  They have one agenda and that is to disarm the common person.  This idea has worked so wonderfully for Great Britain and Australia.  Crime rate in these countries have skyrocketed since the common person has been disarmed.

It is totally unimaginable how stupid people must be to believe that gun laws will stop the criminal from getting a gun.  It is right up there with the idea that gun free zones will stop people from entering to shoot up innocent bystanders.  It is equal in stupidity as to think that if cars were more heavily regulated that DUI deaths would stop.  It is equal to thinking that making guns illegal to criminals would keep them off the streets (that idea has worked so well with heroin and cocaine).  The real crime regarding all these gun laws are the imposition it forces upon the officers who are trying to enforce the laws.  Politicians who have no concept of what they are voting upon vote to pass bills which are supposed to give them more of a voter, and therefore power, base.  Most of these politicians never even read the bills.  If I had an employee who constantly keep signing contracts for my business without reading the contract they would be fired.

There are not too many more laws that can be forced upon a legal gun owning community.  As politicians continue to try to dream up new gun control laws there will be change.  That change will probably come in the form of the people seeing how the politicians do not care for the Constitution and therefore are not going to care about the politicians.  The politicians might pass all the laws they want but they will be ignored.  All that the anti-gun politicians will accomplish would be finally making the law abiding gun owning citizen a criminal.  As the politician ignores the people so will the people ignore the politician.

We the people have some demands

angra eagle 2

The election field is getting crowded and everyone has an eye towards the Oval Office.  Some of these people are good prospects, some are an absolute joke.  Every possible party imaginable is going to have a runner for the office of President.  It is time that those who are running for offices stopped long enough to listen to the people.  We are fed up and sick of politicians who are just classic politicians.  We have some demands and we will be heard.

  • We demand a President who does not see the people as a huge piggy bank
  • Our President seems to think that the tax payer is there to fund his projects. We are supposed to pay
  • We demand a President who knows the difference between an ally and an enemy
  • We demand a President who puts America as his top priority and not America et el
  • We demand a President who takes seriously the part of protecting American homeland
  • We demand a President who is accountable to the people
  • We demand to stop being lied to by our elected officials
  • We demand a government we can again be proud of and not ashamed
  • We demand a media system that is not a propaganda force but which actually delivers truth

We the people are NOT stupid.  We see a government that is so far out of control that our Forefathers would have been in the streets at this point.  We the people are fed up with being played as a bunch of fools.  Do not even begin to tell us how much a politician understands the struggles of everyday people when those same politicians make more money in one week than most people do not make in a year.  We the people are tired of paying for vacations and elaborate expenses that most people could not even imagine.  We the people are tired of watching our elected officials forget that they work for the people.  They are not elite.  They are not royalty.  They are not untouchables.  They are not above the law.  They are SERVANTS!  We the people are tired of being lied to by elected officials who act like they can do as they wish regardless of who dies and how much it cost the people.  We are tired of a President who is so bigoted regarding his own religious slant that he refuses to see the enemy of radical Islam and the threat they pose to national security.  The people are so tired of listening to the daily rants and threats of radical Islam that should they ever make the mistake of attack America’s homeland that they will not be shown any mercy and will be eliminated on sight.  There will be no consideration under the guise of freedom of religion once they pick up arms against Americans on American soil.  It is beyond irritating when the American people have to listen to some of the utterings from elected leaders that are so ridiculous that they demonstrate more the intelligence of a 2nd grader than that of a member of Congress or White House public relations office.

America has lost its place in the world.  For Obama to say that America has a greater presence in the world than it held prior to his election is nothing less than delusional.  This man has demonstrated so many examples of being absent from reality that it is scary to actually think that he represents the free world and one of the most powerful militaries.  There should never be a time where there are constant battles to keep protecting the US Constitution because there should never be a time where the Constitution is under attack by American elected officials.  Yet our American way of life as outlined by the freedoms of the Constitution have been under attack more recently than ever before.  This adds to one more of the demands of the American people.  WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT OUR ELECTED LEADERS OBEY, SUPPORT AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OR GET OFF OF THE PUBLIC SECURED PAYROLL!

We the people are long on patience but there is an end to our patience.  It is time that our leadership understands that they need to heed the people.