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War on police

Peoria police volunteer

There is an obvious targeting going on against our uniformed police forces across the nation.  Right now there are many idiotic smug anarchists who are snickering.  But who do these morons believe are going to be coming to their aid after the racist thugs finish shooting the police?  It is beyond comprehension that there might be people out there so stupid as to honestly believe that after the murdering racist baiters are willing to kill armed uniformed officials that they are not going to come after anyone and everyone who disagrees with them as well.  People need to wake up!  If there is to be a war on police officers then it better needs to be seen as a war on humanity in general.  These animals are not going to stop with killing police officers.  If they are willing to murder armed trained individuals they will see unarmed common citizens as sitting ducks.  It is time for the common person to start carrying a concealed weapon and start having the backs of the law enforcement.  There must be a line drawn in the sand for these idiots to know that if you take on the police you take on all law abiding citizens!

It is hard to understand a mentality out there that is able to twist this animalistic behavior into something that they try to defend.  These savages who freely murder police officers have a mentality where life is meaningless.  Don’t bother with the ‘black lives matter’ BS because these racist anarchists are killing police of all colors.  The only color that matters to them is ‘blue’.  As long as they are wearing blue then they are open game.  Well, for the record:  Blue lives matter!  The race baiters are doing everything they possibly can to justify this warped behavior being carried out my murderous thugs who have no respect for any life.  People need to get it through their thick heads that these animals WILL NOT STOP WITH SIMPLY KILLILNG POLICE.  THEY WILL BE COMING AFTER YOU NEXT!  This is why there must be an alliance between the common law abiding citizens and the law enforcement communities.  Take on one of us and you take on ALL of us.

My fellow Americans

every blade of grass
I know I date myself in that I cannot use that expression without first envisioning Richard Nixon.  But at times that is just the right expression because it does remind us that we are all in this together as fellow Americans.  It does not matter your race, creed, color or religion as along as we are all Americans fighting and striving for a better America.  This is a call out for all fellow Americans.  The slimes of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists have been dishing out their threats again.  This is a call for all properly licensed concealed carry Americans to exercise their right.  I want to make sure that I dot all the right legal ‘I’ and cross all the correct legal ‘t’ so that I do not have unwanted visitors (and that is not paranoia, but a reality that was confirmed when I had one of my clients get visits from monitoring government agencies).  The terrorist group obviously does not fear our government and with really no reason to fear them since our government seems extremely supportive of them even to the point of protecting them.   I know that our government has also been working hard to limit the second amendment but recently we have been seeing evidence as to why we must keep our second amendment.

The Muslim nut-job groups such as ISIS are threatening to attack Americans at malls and shopping centers.  I call upon all who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  If the radical Islamic groups want to attack America then we will defend America.  We as Americans will not show neither mercy nor leniency if any group wants to try and slaughter Americans like they did in the mall in Africa.  We will not sit idly by and see our fellow Americans killed by blood lusting animals.  We will fight back.  We will fire upon the enemy.  We will kill the enemy with total disregard for the enemy.  If ISIS wants to attack Americans on American soil then they will face the historic wrath of Americans.  Our President is unfortunately weak in dealing with this murderous bunch of vermin.  But we will not be so apathetic.  We will kill the enemy and then take their weapons and continue to use them against our enemy.  If ISIS wants to declare war upon Americans by attacking Americans we do not need anything from our government to return the attack.  We will fight and kill all attackers.

I would encourage ISIS to learn from the Japanese during WWII.  They thought better about attacking American mainland.  They knew Americans would be armed.  Just the number of hunters alone in America far outnumbers most third world armies.  Our children have grown up with firearms and many are a better shot than many found in foreign militaries.  To all Islamic radical groups I would advise you that your connections with our President have not endeared you to us.  Rather just the opposite is true.  We have watched as our President has coddled and protected you not wanting to offend Islam.  We have watched as our President would rather play golf than address the problems you have created around the globe.  We have watched as our President would play silly word games as to not offend Islam.  Now we are fed up!  We do not care what our President as to say any more and will take matters into our own hands should you be so stupid as to attack our homeland.  We know you have your sleeper cells in America and we would advise you to allow them to continue to sleep.  Should you disregard all commonsense because you are so stupid, it will not bode well for you.  YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!

Do not go to political sleep

flag and eagle

I know that there are many things that I write which probably go straight into the ‘round file’.  It is clear that I am neither a fan of Barack Obama nor any of his agenda.  I have no problem with those who might be any of his supporters since America is based upon an exchange of thought.  One of the greatest concerns I have regarding this man is his ability to bend the truth and his ability to do so with such a straight face.  There has been so many times that he has been caught in lies.  But let us for the sake of argument say that he did not know many of the later facts as they became known.  Should this be true, many of those around him as advisors should be fired immediately.  But there is a trend that I truly find alarming and concerning.

Obama truly sees right wingers as a greater threat than ISIS.  Keep in mind that there was recently the summit on extremism.  This was not about Islamic extremism so what other types of extremism are there to discuss.  According to Biden, Christians are part of the extremism which must be of a concern.  With right-winged extremists now verbally expressed as a greater threat than ISIS what actions are being planned to curb or restrain those with what might be considered as right-winged extremism.  Keep in mind that this administration has also stated that veterans are part of the right-winged extremists.  What is the definition of ‘right-winged extremism’?  Since there truly is no definition available then it is up to this administration to define it as desired.  This should present a major sense of concern to anyone who is not in the pocket of this administration.

There is the new czar regarding anti-ISIS and anti-Islamic talk.  What are the duties of this person?  Considering that this new czar has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups which have connections to radical Islam, this appointment should raise levels of concern.  Our President has and will be adamant in his position that basically there is no radical Islam.  ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  If there is no radical Islam, who is he expecting to send our troops over to fight?  What will be their objective?  When would their efforts be met or ended?  How will they measure success?  On one hand the President wants to appear to be pro-active against the terrorist who are slaughtering innocent people.  Personally I believe that is because he is being humiliated by other nation’s kings and leaders who are in direct harm’s way and are actively combatting ISIS.  On the other hand our President and his administration are pushing a major agenda of protecting Islam.  Now with the pro-Islam czar who is to monitor the anti-Islam speech, where do our personal liberties fit?  Obama and his administration have been quietly forcing Islam and their Islamic agenda upon America.  He made the statement that America is an Islamic country and has been doing everything in his power to make it so.  We have a problem.  I am critical of hard core Islamic beliefs and believe anyone with at least two neurons should also be critical.  I listened to one of their leaders express how the world does not rotate around the sun.  I was his to next say that the world was flat.  Hard core Islam punishes any woman caught not being ‘properly dresses’.  What does ‘properly dressed’ even mean?  Women are less that property under hard core Islam.  Actually the writings of Mohammad encourage the drinking of camel pee!

I want to be wrong.  If I am right then there are only two ways things can end.  Either there will be a place where personal liberties are dictated and handed rather than see as God given, or there will be rebellion for freedom.  I will not expand on this second alternative because I do not want uncivilized people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  People need to not fall into political sleep.  There is a problem.  We are being manipulated in the worst way.  I know every politician manipulates and lies.  But, this is to an extreme level.  Do not fall into political slumber.  You will not like the America you wake up to.  w that there are many things taht

Sleeper Cells Beware

Dirty Harry

It is known that there are training camps in the US for radical Islamist.  It is known that ISIS and other radical Islamist have come across the southern border into America.  It is also known that ISIS and other radical Islamist groups have threatened to attack America on American soil.  This is neither new nor anything unusual.  Our President has been soft on Islam at home and abroad and has made it clear where he stands regarding radical Islam.  Our military has been micromanaged by this administration in what appears to be every effort neither to insult Islam nor to appear that we are at war with Islam.  Obama has had every appearance of being more concerned with Islam than he is with our nation and our national security.  Now there is increased word that ISIS and other radical Islamic groups have now gotten ready to attack America from within.  This places everything in a different category and position.

I understand why foreign enemies of America are not afraid of America.  We have a leadership that is more concerned about being under par than it is about being a Commander and Chief.  Our leadership and administration is bending and coddling the enemy more than it is bombing the enemy.  You cannot bomb an enemy while at the same time meeting with leaders who promote the same ideology of the enemy.  Before I get labels ‘Islamophobic’ I would like to point out that one of the main topics of the secret meeting that Obama had with members of Islam in America was the joys of Sharia Law.  It is this same Sharia Law that is used as justification of the slaughter of innocent men, women and children who are refusing to convert to Islam.  It is the same twisted Sharia Law that ISIS is claiming as it mantra.  It is Sharia Law that gives the radical Islamic groups the idea that they are justified to attack America on American soil.  But there is one thing they do not recognize nor take into consideration.  That one thing is the American citizen.

Japan was a great power during WWII.  They refused to attack America because they realized the power of the armed American citizen.  Now ISIS may not fear the administration or our President but they would be wise to fear the American citizen.  Just like during WWII, Americans are armed.  I can assure any potential foe that we will not regard any orders given by our President to be soft on radical Islam.  We do not care if we insult Islam.  We do not care if we eliminate radical Islam.  We will completely and without regard disobey any order by our government not to completely blow at member of any radical Islamic group directly to Hell.  Not only will be without any consideration destroy any attacking radical Islamic force killing each and every one choosing to try and attack Americans on American soil, but we will stop and have a ham sandwich in the smoldering rubble of your compounds.

The mere American hunter outnumbers many military forces found within second and third world countries.  These people have quite often grown up in the woods and are highly proficient with firearms.  Now we have the numbers of trained veterans who have been given military training.  These numbers are staggering.  These people have highly specialized skills which will be found most useful in dispatching any ISIS member or member of any radical Islamic group.  In the past the only way you have been able to kill a member of our military was because you in your cowardly miserable manner had them hogtied but was afraid to take them on man to man.  Now in addition to these numbers are outlaw groups that have made a profession of doing whatever was needed to either fulfill contracts or to do the bidding of their mob bosses.  This group will also be a foe ISIS or any Islamic radical group will face because they represent an interference with business as usual.  And finally there is the average person.  The average person might not have any special training, gear, or history but have just had enough of the talk and threats.  The average American is also a major force with which to be reckoned because ISIS and the other radical Islamic groups have simply pissed us off and we are tired of them.  The average American ranges from construction workers to bankers who would just as gladly exterminate the ISIS and radical Islamic threat and then go out and share a beer.

In other words, sleeper cells beware. Whether you are ISIS, Al-qadea, Taliban, or some other radical Islamic group, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I’m not saying we will not get a few scars in the process but in the words of another great American hero: YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK?

Time to demand an explanation


Anyone who worked for an employer knew there would be periodic reviews of service and employment.  These crucibles were even worse if the employee was more than questionable in their performance.  It also gave an opportunity for the employee to explain their actions if not fully understood by the employer.  Our government forgets that they work for the American people.  Our President has forgotten that we are not his piggy bank.  We are his employer.  It is time to demand an explanation of actions that are either purposely withheld from the people on one end or purposely destructive on the other.  Either way it is time to demand an explanation.

America has always been a land of opportunity.  It has always been a beacon for the oppressed to find refuge.  It has and will always stand for a place of freedom and personal liberty.  But it is always a land of law and order set in place to protect the liberties of all and not just a few.  Our laws have always be set so that the ‘liberties’ of a few were not able to distract from the liberties of the masses.  Our laws have been usurped by people of power for the sake of a few to the harm of the masses.  Never before has the Border Patrol or ICE been as limited and handcuffed as under the present administration regarding our southern border.  We have always known that our southern border was weak and that people have been coming illegally into this country in droves.  But recently it has become a joke to even discuss the southern border and the huge waves of illegals coming across the border unhindered.  Now this administration is opening the doors of the border.  America has not have many of the health concerns of second and third world countries because of careful immigration regulations.  Now with the uncontrolled flood of people across the border there has been a major increase in diseases that otherwise were relatively minor.  As the liberals are reading this and having a hemorrhage screaming racism I would like another explanation if the noted increases in various diseases are not directly associated with the open border of this administration.

America has seen critical and bloody violence at the hands of radical Islam on our soil.  Innocent Americans shot, beheaded, ran over, and killed in numerous ways in the name of Islam.  Muslims who have fled persecution of groups like ISIS and have fled to America has and will continue to welcome those who fear for their lives.  These people have come carrying messages and warnings of things they have heard and seen that the radical Islamic followers are doing and planning to do to America.  Our nation and the world have watched as Americans and others have been brutally executed by radicals in the name of Islam.  The horrors as to what ISIS has openly been doing across the lands that they infest are mind boggling.  Radical Islam is a cancer and must be irradiated before it is able to carry out its promises to destroy the very heartland of America.  Yet our administration and many places of our local governments have done nothing.  They have given into demands of the more radical Islamic groups by forcing signs to be removed, processes in schools changed, and the list is as long as the demands of the radicals can imagine.  All the demands protected by the government as ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of speech’.  It seems like Islam is quite capable of transitioning from an ideology to a religion at will whenever the need arises.

It is time to demand an explanation from our present administration.  You actions as our employee have been more than questionable.  It has all the appearance as being destructive to the institution of our nation.  This administration and our President have protected Islam at all cost.  It has done everything within its power to ignore the essence of radical Islam and thus has allowed them to not only enter out country but to take hold of many regions of our nation.  By refusing to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam they have placed Americans in jeopardy and have been, at best, indirectly responsible for the deaths of many Americans.  They have with willful reckless disregard freed prisoners who have been held as combatant terrorists simply to allow them to return to the battle and resume attacking Americans.  Our Presidents has not only ignored the presence of radical Islamist but is having closed door meetings with many members of Islam in the White House which is supposed to be the ‘People’s House’.  This President has made a mockery of the roll of his office and has been completely irresponsible in spending the people’s money often for his own pleasures and whims.  It is time the people demanded an accounting.  It is time the people demanded an explanation.  It is time the people demanded that something is done regarding this complete and utter disregard for the office of President and those in office at the expense of the taxpayers.  The Muslim Brotherhood is deemed by many Muslim countries to be a terrorist organization with terrorist ties yet this administration has many of them in its employment at taxpayer expense.  Why is this administration harboring those who many deem to be part of radical Islamic organization?  Is this why the President refuses to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam because he knows it would bring his own administration into question?  This administration continues to flood billions of taxpayer dollars into countries where it is known that the money funds the very forces our military is trying to combat.  This makes this administration guilty of funding American enemies.

If this was a regular corporation this administration would be beyond worthy of being fired and investigated for embezzlement of corporate funds.  Yet no media is exploring and demanding answers.  The media which have questioned this administration has been met with force by the administration to be quiet.  People who have questioned this administration have been met with the financial terrorism of the power of the IRS.  The checks and balance system has been corrupted with the Department of Justice signing off on many of the more than questionable actions of this administration yet when questioned it seems easy for the ‘buck to be passed’ so that no one is held responsible and no one seems to know where it originated.  Records have been lost or destroyed to the point that it rivals the grade school explanation when asked about the student’s homework the response being that the dog ate the homework.  Investigations have been little more than window dressing in that instead of the two parties trying to find what is best for America one party seems to want answers while the other party simply circles the wagons to protect the party and not America.  IT IS TIME TO DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!!!!

Who is a Patriot?


Who are these people referring to themselves as Patriots?  Who are these people who keep insisting on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Liberals present them as people who are just interested in their own twisted priorities.  Media portrays them as deranged gun nuts only interested in the Second Amendment.  Progressives present them as radicals who need to be watched.  But who really are these people who call themselves Patriots?  If more people would be willing to ask this simple question maybe there would be more peace and productivity in our nation.  A Patriot is a person who looks at pictures of Auschwitz and remembers that good people can be lead to do bad things.  A Patriot is a person who looks at the early 13 colonies which existed under England and realize that a good idea can become twisted whenever power precedes people.  A Patriot is a person who understands that there are things more important than life and profit.  A Patriot is a person who looks at history and sees where good governments can become bad governments leading leaders to be tyrants.  A Patriot looks at the precepts set forth by our Founding Fathers and realizes that there was a system set in place allowing the individual to become anything the individual had the drive and desire to become.  A Patriot does not look at barriers but possibilities.

A nation cannot exist without Patriots.  Without the Patriot who has their eyes on what can be and what should be is essential to keep a balance by reminding people what might be should good men become bad.  Patriots are not pessimists but realists.  Throughout history there have been Patriots, not only in the 1700’s but in the 1800’s, 1900’s and still today.  Patriotism is not earned by slogans quoted but by principles believed.  All races, creeds, colors and religions may be Patriots.  Patriots place the freedoms of others ahead of self and one’s preferences.  A Patriot believes in accountability for one’s self, one’s actions, and one’s future.

One Patriot is a threat to 100 tyrants because that one Patriot knows the desire and power of 10,000 free men and women.  A Patriot hears the shouts of those who have gone on before in the striving for freedom and personal liberty.  A Patriot is one who is willing to pick up the mantel of a fallen fellow Patriot that the message and dreams of the individual right to exist may continue to be heard.  The tyrant and those who oppose personal individual liberty cannot stop the Patriot therefore they feel they must discredit the Patriot.  If the Patriot can be presented to the rest of society as a lunatic, a radical without focus or purpose, a selfish detractor, or a cancer wanting to infect the rest of a workable body with their destruction; then the Patriot has been made null and void.

Who is a Patriot?  A Patriot is anyone who believes that the individual is the greatest number and the most unlimited source.  A Patriot is a person who never underestimates the power of one individual and who believes in the right to exist combined with the drive to fulfill their dreams in spite of consequences.  A Patriot has no minimum or maximum age.  A Patriot must have the heart of a dragon and the gentleness of a dove, plus the wisdom to know which is best to be used.  Who is a Patriot?  I am a Patriot.

Anti-gun and treason

gunfreezone (1)

America is under threat.  There are places like ‘Islamberg’ in New York where the radical Muslims think they own the town and that it is only for Muslims.  Last count there was more Muslims in Michigan than anywhere else in the US.  Areas of Arizona are off limits to American citizens due to cartel and human trafficking.  Ranchers have described areas of the southern border as a war zone where firefights between ranchers and illegals are not uncommon.  ISIS and other Islamic nut-jobs have training camps throughout the US.  Mexican gangs terrorize many areas along the West coast and the southwestern portions of the US.  Radical blacks such as the Black Panthers are claiming to patrol their streets with fully automatic weapons.  Our nation has been permitted to descend into a state where good people are threatened in their own homes.  More rights seem to be granted to the criminal.  The President wants terrorists tried in civilian court where the lenient criminal laws would apply.  Terrorists who go to fight for ISIS are permitted to return back to the States thanks to the Democrats who refused to vote to revoke their passports.  Police are under threat thanks to people such as this administration, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Bill De Blasio.

Now more than ever America needs its second amendment and the right to bear arms.  People such as ISIS evidently do not fear our government.  Our government has been a major international joke when it comes to groups such as the radical Islamic terrorists.  I do not know too many who would fear our present administration except for law abiding citizens.  But these groups which want to threaten America and the American way of life should fear the people of America.  This administration has proven itself to be as beneficial in protecting the American citizen as a rained on potato chip.  It was the armed citizen that made Japan think twice before attacking the mainland.  It will be the armed citizen that will protect America again.  Anyone who wants to get on their soap box and scream how evil guns are and how they need to be regulated, registered and removed have not only shown their total ignorance but should be investigated for treason.  Any movement to disarm the American citizen in this present age and time is an act against the safety and security of the nation.  This, last I knew, was a definition of treason.  It does not matter if they are a so called movie star or some hypocritical billionaire with their own armed security force; they are guilty of treason against the American people.  What do these idiots think they are going to do when these negative forces actually try to take America?  If they think that it will never happen they need to first read history and then pull their heads out of their proverbial butts.  Nation after nation historically has had the view of everything is fine, the government will protect you and there is no need to fear.  This utopic view of naivety never ended well for that nation nor its people.  It is an armed populous that will be the final protecting line for a nation.  Regardless who the assault is by, it will be the good patriots of his nation that will defend it.  Any government that promises to take care of all your needs can also remove all your privileges.  It does not take much to remember the slaughter in France by the Islamic terrorist.  These are the same Islamic radicals we have in our country in spite as to what our government wants to call them.  Everyday there is an increasing list of homegrown terrorists who are having their plans thwarted.  Keep in mind that the police agencies have to be lucky every time but it only takes a terrorists being able to be lucky one time for there to be blood in our streets.

Anti-gun laws and proponents need to be opposed and revoked.  Anti-gun spokespersons need to be silenced by the masses that are sitting back and, while disagreeing, are saying nothing.  The voices of these people who want to strip the ability and the right for self-protection out of the hands of the common person will lead this nation into ruin.  This is not the ramblings of a conspiracy nut.  This is simply fact based in history.  If we do not learn from history we will be doomed to repeat it.