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The ‘purging’ of the South


One of the more despicable things that happened during 2016 was the movement to ‘purge’ America of the Confederacy.  There were those who were so righteous in their stance against the ‘evils’ of slavery and the idea that Confederacy equated slavery.  We can thank the liberal left, media and countless spineless brainless politicians for this lie being spread throughout many of the unthinking youth.  This misconception proves nothing if but our present generation has not be taught to think but merely to regurgitate that which their ‘educators’, or more properly their indoctrinators, have placed before them.  It appears we need a small lesson in history.

First I want to ask what is the difference between the liberal left, NAAACP and many of the Democrat party who promote this purge and the Nazi party of Germany?  The problem is that there is no difference.  The Nazi party burned books by the hundreds to eradicate anything and everything that was deemed unacceptable and opposed Nazi ideology.  This book burning to protect the minds and hearts of sensitive Nazis included works of Hemmingway and Helen Keller because she supported the rights of the disabled.  The liberal left wants any and all reference to the Confederacy removed from history because they find it offensive.  What I find so ironic is the number of Democrats who are part of this movement.  They find ‘racism’ under every rock except for in their own party.  The Democrat party was solidified in the middle 1800’s as a party to oppose the Republicans and their effort in abolitionism.  So according to their own rational the NAACP, liberal left, media and Democrat party must remove any and all references to any and all Democrat presidents or political figures, especially those prior to 1910 when I keep getting informed that the Democrat party change its ideology making it more in favor of the newly freed black person.  Unfortunately people such as Lyndon B. Johnson did not get that memo in that he was wildly racist.

Confederate statues and memorials are a part of American history.  Anyone who thinks that the Civil War was all about slavery has drank from the pool of liberal cool-aid and has yet to resurface.  There were free black Confederates fighting alongside white Confederates against what was seen as Northern invaders who were trying to take away State’s rights.  The North was not as noble in their cause as the left wants to present.  The North had to create an emotional issue in order to get the people behind a war action therefore created Uncle Tom and the horrors of slavery.  Now I am not here to say that there were not some things that were wrong but I am here to say that the North had no room in which to talk.  People of all ages who were put to work in the North in manufacturing businesses had as many risk if not more than the slaves of the South.  At least a slave had a value.  A child in the mills of the North had no value except for what he could produce.  If he or she got killed the owner simply went out and got another worker.  Irish slaves had no value.  Chinese were thought to be so worthless that they were not even included in census counts.  But those of the North who fears that the South would cut off the sea ports and the flow of raw materials knew that the people would not support war based solely on economics.  Therefore the ‘great evils of slavery’ became the scapegoat.  Do keep in mind that ‘slavery’ had been a part of all history and American history in both the North and the South for over 100 years prior to the Civil War when it suddenly because the great evil.  I find it interesting that the same people who are so self righteous against slavery say nothing about groups such as ISIS and areas of Islam around the world which practice slavery to this day.

Being a retired shrink I find people’s actions verses their words quite interesting.  The left and NAACP scream about slavery yet promote the Democrat cause.  Many of the radicals within the black movement are part of the Nation of Islam yet say nothing about the Islamic practice of slavery.  Those of the Democrat party who are so self righteous against slavery also sing the praises of the party totally overlooking how the party voted against the freed black person to have the right to vote or to become a citizen.  According to the actions of those who are so against anything to do with the Confederacy their issue is not with the South, Confederacy or even slavery.  Their issue is with demanding their own way and to impose their will upon others.  In the actions of the liberal left, many of the Democrat party and NAACP there is no difference between their actions and those of the Third Reich.  They want to control the hearts and minds of the youth and find the easiest way is to demonize anything which stand in opposition to a very narrow mindset.  The Third Reich did not want people to think independently and executed those who dared to speak out.  Today we have the ‘educators’ of the left who appear wise but are nothing but fools trying to infest the minds of the young with an ideology that is not based in fact nor history.


ISIS destroying history

Let me begin by assuring people that I do not believe the NAACP is beheading innocent people.  But there are aspects of NAACP that is exactly like the general mentality of ISIS.  ISIS goes into areas and anything that does not agree with the beliefs of ISIS and radical Islam they destroy it.  This means untold value of history is smashed, blown up, bulldozed and hammered into oblivion.  They cannot stand anything that does not agree with their agenda to survive.  NAACP is doing the same thing regarding the Civil War.  This was a part of history and has been so corrupted by liberal mentality.  What is being taught about the Civil War and the South is not true.  Yet the liberal mentality and NAACP does not seem to care about truth.

There is a close affiliate of the NAACP that brings this organization a little too close to ISIS for most people’s comfort.  I do not believe anyone will believe that the NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are totally and completely separate without influence between the two groups.  The mentality of radical Islam, Nation of Islam, and radical black anarchist seems to infiltrate all these particular exclusive black groups.  People like Louis Farrakhan have yet to be rebutted by the NAACP and his call for all blacks to start killing all whites.  Farrakhan and his call for the 10.10.15 demand for ‘justice’ and his repeated call for violence has never been rebutted by NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are proven to be leaded and greatly influenced by the Nation of Islam and radical Islam.

I know that what I am saying is probably going to be attacked as being racists.  I am not a racist.  I am a realist.  I speak that other people are thinking.  I am simply putting down in writing what is obvious to anyone who wants to listen and truly watch what is happening in our world.   One huge problem that American is facing is that our present administration and governmental leadership has all appearance as being totally engulfed in the beliefs of radical Islam.  Our president has been referred to as a close friend of Louis Farrakhan and pictured with him.  He has also been referred to as the Messiah by Farrakhan.  Please keep in mind that this is a man who calls for the destruction and elimination of all white people.  He has been calling for race wars for years.  Farrakhan, being a strong muslim, would never have those words for anyone who was not a brother muslim.  I highly doubt that he would ever have those words for people like Ben Carson or Herman Cain.  We have a president and his primary advisor who is outspoken in their love for Islam.  We are watching a group of radical Islamist called ISIS that started as a small flea on the back of the world and it grew.  America needs to be careful.  America, under the protection of this administration, a group that is bent upon the total eradication of history that does not fit its agenda and a radical group calling for total violence and racial wars which gets fueled by this anti-white mentality.

The real insult of what is happening is that it is a complete insult to the black people on this nation who simply want to live, let live, be left alone, and build a good family and nation by building good people.  It is an insult to their hard efforts to teach and do the right things in life.  There are probably more black people in this nation who have no intention to harm anyone than there are those who are planning race wars.  Yes, I use the term ‘black people’ not because I am racist but because not all darker skinned people are from Africa.  There are many from the islands who are offended if you refer to them as African-Americans because they are NOT from Africa.  It is rather stupid to assume that everyone who is dark skinned is from Africa.  I guess if you want to be literal than everyone has roots in the Macedonian valley.  Not everyone wants to be referred to as African.  Likewise not every black person in America has roots in slavery.  It would be interesting to do genealogy studies on many of those who are screaming about slavery to see if they have roots in America and slavery.

The bottom line is that America has sown some seeds.  Just like ISIS started as a small seed of radical Islam and was allowed to grow, so does America have some seeds of extreme radicalism that is being permitted to grow and protected from being pulled up.  It is time to wake up and stop thinking that everything is rosy and being politically correct is the plan for the future.   People, mentalities, organizations, and agendas which were previously untouchables need to be examined with a critical mind and people need to start speaking the truths regarding what is really happening within these groups.