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When is it treason

Obama and japan

Growing up during the Cold War era there were many very real threats to America and the American way of life.  It was a time between the United States and the USSR of intense tension.  We wondered about the threat that was posed of outside forces infiltrating America and corrupting society slowly eroding the way of life that Americans had become to take for granted.  I remember the threat of nuclear war and our being told to ‘take shelter under our desk’.  Knowing what we know now about nuclear war all hiding under out desk would accomplish might be easier identification of our remains.  Our nation survived the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam riots, civil unrest, various wars and international conflicts, recession, housing market crash, unemployment and more things than could be printed in this simple space.  But I believe that Barack Obama has done more to destroy the American way of life and to threaten the future existence of the Republic more than any foreign nation or foe.

Our nation has gone from a world leader to a global embarrassment.  National leaders refuse to shake the hand of the US President and no longer go out of their way in order to meet with him.  Our President stands in line to greet Rulers, Kings and Presidents chewing gum like a stand in for the movie Grease.  News headlines are no longer how America placed a man on the moon but rather how America now glorifies open genderless bathrooms permitting any male who claims to identify as a female to use the woman’s restroom.  A gorilla that gets shot in an effort to protect the life of a wondering child gets more air time than a juvenile delinquent who was caught driving through a military memorial.  News media do nothing regarding Obama’s refusal to attend a memorial service for the Normandy landing or the funerals of people like Nancy Reagan or Margaret Thatcher but makes big news of the Supreme Court promoting gay marriages.  Obama even lights up the White House in the colors of the Gay movement in support of this decision while doing nothing about the homeless veterans who line our city streets.  In some twisted belief system Obama seems to think he is doing America a favor by going from country to country saying how bad America is and apologizing for its very existence even to the point of calling the Atom Bomb an act of ‘evil’ even though it saved millions of lives by ending the Second World War.   During the Cold War the fear was that outside spies would infiltrate key positions of our government.  Under Obama members of the Muslim Brotherhood are placed in key positions purposely.  America is one of the few nations not listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  Obama shows off agreements with Iran regarding nuclear arms while admitting that some of the billions of dollars America is now pumping into Iran will be used to support the very forces that is murdering Americans world-wide as well on our own soil.  Obama consistently sends billions to Muslim nations knowing that those same nations support ISIS and threatens the lives of our military personnel.  He lies to the American people on a regular basis from issues regarding ‘Obamacare’ to the role of Islam in American history.  He stands in front of the United Nations saying how the future cannot belong to those who insult Islam.  Anyone other than the President of the United States would be simply considered as a charlatan and written off as nothing more than a common snake oil salesman who has no concept of history, American or otherwise.  But this, in my opinion, buffoon stands before the world as an example of what can be done in America with the right campaign and public relations resources with enough power to seal records and silence voices that are able to project questions and contrary light upon that candidate.

Members of Congress were supposed to be major factors in the checks and balances of our government.  But too many of these members of Congress appear as nothing more than bumbling ignorant mouthpieces for their particular political party.  Too many of these elected people while appearing to be dumber than a box of rocks makes millions off of their power and position.  These so called political leaders have the stupidity to publically proclaim as to how Guam is going to tip over because the US Navy is present on the island; the Declaration of Independence is racist even though there were people of color in leadership under that same Declaration; Senator Feinstein’s latest example of idiocy in her statement that all veterans were mentally ill; and the one statement which proves that Congress has not the most remote concept of business when Pelosi stated how a multi-billion dollar bill had to first be passed prior to them or the America people knowing what was in the bill.   These bastions of the superfluous are supposed to be standing guard between the people’s trust and tyranny.  Instead they stand in moronic silence as the dream of the new nation burns under the shadow of a 21st century Nero with a golf club in his hand.

Never has the Constitution and especially the First and Second Amendments been under such threat of extinction.  Christianity is under attack while anything to do with Islam is protected by federal watchdogs.  The right to own and bear firearms seems under constant attack and any opportunity where a nut job takes a gun and shoots an innocent unarmed person is taken and twisted as rational for disarming the general populous.  I believe the time is come a long time ago to ask the probing question regarding the future of America.  We have an election coming this year but has the stage been so set by radical elements promoting unrest in this nation that a peaceful change of leadership is no longer the goal?  It is becoming impossible to even have a peaceful political rally without foreign invaders and factions burning police cars, waving every flag except for the American flag, beating supporters of independent political ideology and forcing people to literally run a gauntlet in order for them to simply enjoy their Constitutional right of freedom of speech and the right to assemble.  These same radical factions receive support from the President in his accolades to ‘stay the course’ and how they are simply ‘expressing their right of free speech’.  The Attorney General makes public comments as to how they will prosecute those who speak ill of Islam or of the President’s pet project of global warming.  The President is silent against those who riot in the streets, attacking and murdering police officers and burning down cities yet is outraged because someone dares to stand in the way of an obvious male trying to gain access to the woman’s restroom.  On his own he is releasing known terrorists with the full reasonable expectation that they are going to return to attacking Americans.  Obama’s oath of office has been violated a long time ago.  He took this oath using a name that appears to have been changed with no documentation that it was ever formally changed back to Obama and uses the social security number of a dead man.  The list can continue.  But more important than all the additional things which might be written is the simple question:  When is it treason?




A look into my crystal ball



crystal ball


As the election comes closer and a real threat to the continued policies of Obama and his administration look like they might be overturned, there are some things that I can easily see happening within the next few months.

  1. Obama will try via executive order to create a ‘fast track’ or even so much as an immediate path to citizenship.  Once the new refugees and ‘immigrants’ are legal citizens then he would be able to stuff the ballot box with votes from people he would have been able to get into the voting booth.
  2. Obama will try via executive order to do everything to finalize his goal of gun confiscation and extreme gun restriction. There have been some trial balloons set up already regarding attempts for confiscation using the Department of Veteran Affairs and State governments.
  3. Obama will try to find a reason to enact a state of national emergency with the goal of delaying the election. The path has already been set through executive orders signed by Bill Clinton permitting the UN to be used on US soil in the case of a national emergency or crisis.
  4. Obama needs his thousands of refugees in this country to aid in creating the national crisis much like they have done in Europe.
  5. Do not be surprised as the radicals unit in anarchy. They are being paid by key people of the left and have been proven.  They have admitted and bragged about being paid to riot and protest.  These are going to be Obama’s army to create chaos in America.

Somethings that our Congress needs to keep in mind is that the general public and the silent majority are no longer silent.  We the people have just made it extremely clear that they want Donald Trump as the next Republican nominee.  There has never been such a landslide for any candidate and especially for one who was not a sitting politician.  Congress needs to wise up because if they try to permit Obama to pull his fast tricks during his remaining time in office then those politicians will be removed and unemployed.  The people are sick and tired of being played as fools.  We are awake and we are pissed!  Congress will never be able to stick the Genie back into the bottle.

Obama and his crew are going to fight for ever inch they believe they can still gain over these next few months.  Do not expect it to end after the election.  I do not trust Obama.  He has proven himself, in my humble personal opinion, to be nuttier than bat crap!  Do not be surprised if after the election, and if Trump wins, that there is some national emergency that Obama tries to use to stay in power.Keep in mind that ‘power’ is the key word.  Obama loves power.  He seems to have the idea that he is king and can rule.  He wants his ideas and his agenda rather than an American agenda.  This he has proven over the years.  Our nation is not out of the woods by any means.  Do not be surprised if over the next few months until January that the ‘doo doo does not fly into the windmill’.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Physician heal thyself

heal thyself


This is one of those posts that is going to have some liberal who living in the basement of his or her parent’s house writing opposition posts to anything conservative going bat crap crazy.  It is clear and obvious that America has a huge problem with minorities.  Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gay and Lesbian issues; these all are critical explosive points.  But one thing that most people are too afraid to say is that if there are to be resolutions where people live in peace these groups are going to have to start policing themselves better than they have in the past.  I watch young black college students going totally out of their minds because of a ‘wall’ that has pro-Trump writing on it.  I see university students being ‘afraid’ over chalk.  I see mass groups of blacks blocking freeways interrupting the life’s flow of everything from simply wanting to go either to work or home from work to emergency services trying to get someone to a hospital to save their lives.  I see Hispanic groups who are not here wanting a better life making it impossible for those who did simply come to America, legal or otherwise; just to have a fighting chance at a better life.  I see Muslims killing their children in the name of honor killings expecting the world to simply accept that their god approves of running their children over with a car because they looked at a non-Muslim male.  I see some Gay Lesbians who simply want to be left alone to live life and they choose while others are demanding to be allowed in the locker rooms of little girls simply because they ‘feel’ themselves to be a female in a male body.  This is totally ridiculous.  If there is ever to be answers it must come from inside these groups themselves.  If they cannot control their own people who is going to?  If the police get involved then they scream discrimination.  If others step up and speak out they whine about racism.  So if you do not want others to get involved they had better get off the dime and start doing something themselves!

When I owned my own security company I had a Hispanic who was my business partner.  We worked well together and watched out for each other.  In him I saw the meaning of family for a Hispanic person.  Yet as we worked the various clubs and parties I was disgusted at watching the celebration for their 15 year old daughters becoming nothing more than an excuse to get drunk, sell drugs and have gangs come in to start fights.  I was so tired of watching children in strollers being in a building at 1 AM where the music was so loud it hurt MY ears.  If people are going to claim to be family oriented then protect the family.  The ‘black lives matter’ group is another example of contradiction.  They scream how black lives matter yet they are doing nothing to stop black violence.  All they seem to want to do is protest anything that might ‘hurt their feelings’.  It is beyond time for these various groups to grow up!  They need to either put up or shut up.  I would begin by advising them that if black lives really mattered that they get off the freeway.  If black lives mattered then stop making black lives into road pizza.

In France it was determined that only 30% or less of the Muslim community would report violent extremist behavior of other Muslims to the authorities.  This means that 70% of the Muslim communities did not care if innocent people died at the hands of extremist as long as they were able to protect fellow Muslims regardless of their intent.  Is there any wonder why people do not trust Muslims?  Yet when you talk in this manner then you are ‘Islamophobic’ which really is not a word.  If they are not willing to control and change their own people then they have no room to complain when others step in to protect the innocent.  They have no room to complain when communities step up and say that they do not want Muslim populations.  They have created the problem and they need to either deal with the problem or get out of the way while others remove the threat.  This is equally as important for the Gay and Lesbian communities.  Now I do not believe that everyone who is Gay or Lesbian is a child molester.  That would be like saying everyone who wore a black hat was a villain.  But there are some common sense things which must be observed.  If you are a male with male parts, regardless what you might think yourself to be, you do not belong in the locker room of a 6 year old girl.  If you are a male with male parts most men are not going to sit idly by while you follow their wives into the bathroom.  This is just plain and simply common sense.  If these groups are not willing to keep those who very possible do have ulterior motives under control then they also have no basis to get upset when people step up to protect their loved ones.  If someone was protesting because he was not permitted into a child’s locker room or shower of the opposite sex, there probably is reason to deeply question that person’s motive.

What I am saying here is not radical.  It is just simple and practical.  It is reasonable and rational but that is the problem.  Today’s society is not reasonable and has no concept of rationality.  They want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’.  They do not want to control their own groups yet they want to reserve the right to get all upset when someone else steps up and says something.  Growing up if there was a brat child and the parents were standing by watching their little darling tear things up at someone else’s house or in public, it was not uncommon for someone else to step and say something to that child.  As a security office I often would have to tell a parent to take their child outside because they were misbehaving and being destructive.  Maybe that is a big part of the problem.  These groups that scream the loudest of family and community have forgotten that community includes discipline.


What does Obama really want?

obama sitting

It is clear from my previous writings that I do not like, appreciate or respect President Obama.  This is my personal opinion and right as an American.  While I doubt his motives and actions I still try to hope for the best somewhere along the line.  In my efforts to honestly try to give the best possible perspective on his actions I must admit that I am totally at a loss.  I look at those he has surrounding him, advising him, that he has placed in positions of significance and this other actions and continually get increasingly bewildered.  What does Obama really want?  What is his end game?  What is he really trying to create?  Where is he going?  Where ever he is going he is taking America so I believe that is a significant question.  What does Obama really want of and from America?  I admit that I am being stripped of every possible conclusion but that President Obama is purposely trying to create a major conflict within America.  I know that this will find harsh reactions from many but I truly cannot come to any other conclusion.  For me to accept any other possible outcome from his actions would mean that I would have to be purposely blind to his actions and decisions.

Obama immediately after entering office created one of the greatest and overwhelming national debts since the time of George Washington.  His stimulus packages placed the national debt into the double digit trillions.  I could possibly see some benefit but it takes a real stretch of the imagination.  He then passes, basically one pass passing, his sweeping health care plan.  Today Obamacare as it is called is being found to have many dark areas and costs that was not revealed at the time of its passing mainly due to the incompetence of our Congressional leaders to pass something they had neither read nor had any true concept of its contents.  We have seen issue after issue of ethic and possibly legal violation of this administration and/or of people within the administration from Fast and Furious with Eric Holder to Benghazi with Sect. Clinton, to the IRS and numerous unrevealed contacts.  They all could be written off as politics but there are too many questions remaining.  It is proven that the IRS was used as a political weapon which is an extreme violation of governmental trust and power to the highest extreme.  As ISIS raised its ugly head we saw a President who appeared to be more interested in golf than a beheaded American.  As ISIS increased what was evident between the President and his staff and the Pentagon was a struggle between destroying ISIS and not insulting Islam.  Case after case when the world would arise to deal with radical Islam our President either remained silent or was outspoken in his concern over not wanting to appear to be in conflict with Islam.  It is his outspoken rule to by no means refer to the terrorists as ‘radical Islamic’ even though they themselves as well as the rest of the world calls it Islam extremism.  Our President says that religion has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS while ISIS destroys priceless and irreplaceable antiquities simply because they conflicted with their religious beliefs.  We see our President under the guise of opening the borders to the ‘undocumented’ as a means of promoting America while Americans are unemployed and while the cost of his amnesty plan has never had a true cost calculation.  We see a President who is more antagonistic towards the Republican Party than he appears to be against ISIS and radical Islam.  We see a President who says he wants cooperation but then immediately goads this opposition.  We see a President who, after failing to get a gun ban, using his pen to strike ammunition under the appearance of wanting to protect law enforcement.  What we keep seeing is a President who repeatedly and consistently keeps chipping away at personal liberties and what appears to be, not only American safety, but at the American core of existence.  America has never been more at risk yet the statements coming from this administration is that America has never been safer.  Americans are unemployed and struggling to live day to day while the President and his family go off on vacation after vacation spending more money of the taxpayer than the average American can make in a lifetime.

There is a deeply disturbing question which arises when there appears to be such a major divide between the administration and seemingly reality.  It appears our President wants to create a major divide within America.  It appears the President is trying to create issues of conflict.  It appears that our President is determined to create crisis.  It appears that our President is purposely doing things and passing his agenda regardless of the will of the American people.  WHEN WILL IT END?  This is greatly disturbing.  If any one single citizen would create this much conflict and encouraging of crisis as the President did with his statements regarding Ferguson and Trayvon Martin he would be on every FBI radar for actions of insurrection.  Again, I do not want to believe that our President is actually trying to create a powder keg within America but the evidence keeps on mounting.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic camps in America.  It has been stated that there are radical Islamic personal in every one of the 50 states.  I am left with the nagging question;  Is Barack Obama setting America up for civil war?  If anyone has another answer I would love to hear.

Do not go to political sleep

flag and eagle

I know that there are many things that I write which probably go straight into the ‘round file’.  It is clear that I am neither a fan of Barack Obama nor any of his agenda.  I have no problem with those who might be any of his supporters since America is based upon an exchange of thought.  One of the greatest concerns I have regarding this man is his ability to bend the truth and his ability to do so with such a straight face.  There has been so many times that he has been caught in lies.  But let us for the sake of argument say that he did not know many of the later facts as they became known.  Should this be true, many of those around him as advisors should be fired immediately.  But there is a trend that I truly find alarming and concerning.

Obama truly sees right wingers as a greater threat than ISIS.  Keep in mind that there was recently the summit on extremism.  This was not about Islamic extremism so what other types of extremism are there to discuss.  According to Biden, Christians are part of the extremism which must be of a concern.  With right-winged extremists now verbally expressed as a greater threat than ISIS what actions are being planned to curb or restrain those with what might be considered as right-winged extremism.  Keep in mind that this administration has also stated that veterans are part of the right-winged extremists.  What is the definition of ‘right-winged extremism’?  Since there truly is no definition available then it is up to this administration to define it as desired.  This should present a major sense of concern to anyone who is not in the pocket of this administration.

There is the new czar regarding anti-ISIS and anti-Islamic talk.  What are the duties of this person?  Considering that this new czar has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups which have connections to radical Islam, this appointment should raise levels of concern.  Our President has and will be adamant in his position that basically there is no radical Islam.  ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  If there is no radical Islam, who is he expecting to send our troops over to fight?  What will be their objective?  When would their efforts be met or ended?  How will they measure success?  On one hand the President wants to appear to be pro-active against the terrorist who are slaughtering innocent people.  Personally I believe that is because he is being humiliated by other nation’s kings and leaders who are in direct harm’s way and are actively combatting ISIS.  On the other hand our President and his administration are pushing a major agenda of protecting Islam.  Now with the pro-Islam czar who is to monitor the anti-Islam speech, where do our personal liberties fit?  Obama and his administration have been quietly forcing Islam and their Islamic agenda upon America.  He made the statement that America is an Islamic country and has been doing everything in his power to make it so.  We have a problem.  I am critical of hard core Islamic beliefs and believe anyone with at least two neurons should also be critical.  I listened to one of their leaders express how the world does not rotate around the sun.  I was his to next say that the world was flat.  Hard core Islam punishes any woman caught not being ‘properly dresses’.  What does ‘properly dressed’ even mean?  Women are less that property under hard core Islam.  Actually the writings of Mohammad encourage the drinking of camel pee!

I want to be wrong.  If I am right then there are only two ways things can end.  Either there will be a place where personal liberties are dictated and handed rather than see as God given, or there will be rebellion for freedom.  I will not expand on this second alternative because I do not want uncivilized people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  People need to not fall into political sleep.  There is a problem.  We are being manipulated in the worst way.  I know every politician manipulates and lies.  But, this is to an extreme level.  Do not fall into political slumber.  You will not like the America you wake up to.  w that there are many things taht

Time to demand an explanation


Anyone who worked for an employer knew there would be periodic reviews of service and employment.  These crucibles were even worse if the employee was more than questionable in their performance.  It also gave an opportunity for the employee to explain their actions if not fully understood by the employer.  Our government forgets that they work for the American people.  Our President has forgotten that we are not his piggy bank.  We are his employer.  It is time to demand an explanation of actions that are either purposely withheld from the people on one end or purposely destructive on the other.  Either way it is time to demand an explanation.

America has always been a land of opportunity.  It has always been a beacon for the oppressed to find refuge.  It has and will always stand for a place of freedom and personal liberty.  But it is always a land of law and order set in place to protect the liberties of all and not just a few.  Our laws have always be set so that the ‘liberties’ of a few were not able to distract from the liberties of the masses.  Our laws have been usurped by people of power for the sake of a few to the harm of the masses.  Never before has the Border Patrol or ICE been as limited and handcuffed as under the present administration regarding our southern border.  We have always known that our southern border was weak and that people have been coming illegally into this country in droves.  But recently it has become a joke to even discuss the southern border and the huge waves of illegals coming across the border unhindered.  Now this administration is opening the doors of the border.  America has not have many of the health concerns of second and third world countries because of careful immigration regulations.  Now with the uncontrolled flood of people across the border there has been a major increase in diseases that otherwise were relatively minor.  As the liberals are reading this and having a hemorrhage screaming racism I would like another explanation if the noted increases in various diseases are not directly associated with the open border of this administration.

America has seen critical and bloody violence at the hands of radical Islam on our soil.  Innocent Americans shot, beheaded, ran over, and killed in numerous ways in the name of Islam.  Muslims who have fled persecution of groups like ISIS and have fled to America has and will continue to welcome those who fear for their lives.  These people have come carrying messages and warnings of things they have heard and seen that the radical Islamic followers are doing and planning to do to America.  Our nation and the world have watched as Americans and others have been brutally executed by radicals in the name of Islam.  The horrors as to what ISIS has openly been doing across the lands that they infest are mind boggling.  Radical Islam is a cancer and must be irradiated before it is able to carry out its promises to destroy the very heartland of America.  Yet our administration and many places of our local governments have done nothing.  They have given into demands of the more radical Islamic groups by forcing signs to be removed, processes in schools changed, and the list is as long as the demands of the radicals can imagine.  All the demands protected by the government as ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of speech’.  It seems like Islam is quite capable of transitioning from an ideology to a religion at will whenever the need arises.

It is time to demand an explanation from our present administration.  You actions as our employee have been more than questionable.  It has all the appearance as being destructive to the institution of our nation.  This administration and our President have protected Islam at all cost.  It has done everything within its power to ignore the essence of radical Islam and thus has allowed them to not only enter out country but to take hold of many regions of our nation.  By refusing to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam they have placed Americans in jeopardy and have been, at best, indirectly responsible for the deaths of many Americans.  They have with willful reckless disregard freed prisoners who have been held as combatant terrorists simply to allow them to return to the battle and resume attacking Americans.  Our Presidents has not only ignored the presence of radical Islamist but is having closed door meetings with many members of Islam in the White House which is supposed to be the ‘People’s House’.  This President has made a mockery of the roll of his office and has been completely irresponsible in spending the people’s money often for his own pleasures and whims.  It is time the people demanded an accounting.  It is time the people demanded an explanation.  It is time the people demanded that something is done regarding this complete and utter disregard for the office of President and those in office at the expense of the taxpayers.  The Muslim Brotherhood is deemed by many Muslim countries to be a terrorist organization with terrorist ties yet this administration has many of them in its employment at taxpayer expense.  Why is this administration harboring those who many deem to be part of radical Islamic organization?  Is this why the President refuses to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam because he knows it would bring his own administration into question?  This administration continues to flood billions of taxpayer dollars into countries where it is known that the money funds the very forces our military is trying to combat.  This makes this administration guilty of funding American enemies.

If this was a regular corporation this administration would be beyond worthy of being fired and investigated for embezzlement of corporate funds.  Yet no media is exploring and demanding answers.  The media which have questioned this administration has been met with force by the administration to be quiet.  People who have questioned this administration have been met with the financial terrorism of the power of the IRS.  The checks and balance system has been corrupted with the Department of Justice signing off on many of the more than questionable actions of this administration yet when questioned it seems easy for the ‘buck to be passed’ so that no one is held responsible and no one seems to know where it originated.  Records have been lost or destroyed to the point that it rivals the grade school explanation when asked about the student’s homework the response being that the dog ate the homework.  Investigations have been little more than window dressing in that instead of the two parties trying to find what is best for America one party seems to want answers while the other party simply circles the wagons to protect the party and not America.  IT IS TIME TO DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!!!!

Wolf at the door

wolf at the door

With my rather outspoken disapproval of Barack Obama I am sure that I am on various lists.  They also know all the organizations I have been part of from the Boy Scouts at an early age up to the NRA and the Sons of the American Revolution.  I know that my work with veterans probably has me labeled somewhere somehow.  So I wanted to set all records straight.  I do not believe that Americans will ever be at war with America or the American government.  What I do unfortunately see happening, and I pray to God that I am wrong, is that factions within the government which has some power associated with government very likely may someday be at war with the American people and the rest of the American government.  The American government has been infiltrated with the very people that we have fought wars to prevent from taking power.  We have numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that many Islamic countries have deemed as a terrorist organization, holding offices within our government.  We have members of Marxist, socialist and even communist parties either holding offices or as close consultants and associates of this administration.  These are all simple facts.  No one is making absurd claims out of thin air here.  These people have also made no secret of their associations with our government and government leaders.  This is also very disturbing.

Our present government has a foundation through its key people with a history of violent protests, armed take overs, and even domestic terrorism.   Eric Holder took part in an armed takeover of an ROTC building while at Columbia.  William Ayers and the Weather Underground’s history of bombing buildings is simple fact.  It is very difficult to disassociation William Ayers and Barack Obama when they both served on the same board of directors for nine years in Chicago.  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold offices as high as within the Department of National Security.  These people evidentially have had no vetting.  I am a volunteer with the local police department and if these people would have undergone even that simple of a vetting as I went through they never could have been appointed to their positions.

I am not anti any group.  I do highly oppose the actions of many of the Muslim groups in America who have been demanding their rights to the level of imposing their opinions.  No one should be able to do so but it appears as if under this administration these people are more protected than the average citizen.  Radical black groups such as those who burned down much of Ferguson MO have been protected by this administration as they were encouraged in their actions as ‘expressing their freedom of speech’ and the words of Obama of ‘stay the course’.  Then he tries to distance himself by saying how actions of destruction are not condoned.  What does he think they were doing prior to him telling them to keep the course?  Obama has opened the flood gates for illegals from Mexico and Latin America.  It is simply a fact that included in the ‘poor little children needing to be protected’ were members of radical Mexican gangs whose only agenda is to kill anyone who gets in their way.  MS-13 has a reputation of doing this very thing with no regard except to watch people die.  Cartels have also infiltrated along with the ‘poor innocent children’ as the Democrats and Liberals like to refer to those who have come across the borders in droves.  As ranchers who live on the border has referred to the border as a war zone with frequent firefights our nation is not safe.

Obama has made it clear, as has been confirmed by numerous military leaders, that his priority is protecting the image of Islam.  His various actions have also demonstrated that he is willing to do anything that might mean future votes for the Democrat party regardless what it might cost America or individual Americans.  Even an introductory economic examination of the nation’s financial situation is clear that his actions has financially critically injured future generations and has made the national debt a permanent fixture as it increases by millions each minute.  A man like Barack Obama is a dangerous man not to be trusted.  He says one thing while immediately doing another which has been his practice throughout his terms in office.

I fear for my country.  I fear for my nation.  I fear for my people.  I do not necessarily fear my government.  But I do fear or highly distrust many who hold government offices.  Do not be deceived.  There is a wolf at the door.  The house may still be sound but be careful as to who is acting as the doorkeeper.