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Liberal Left


I am confident that there are those read my blogs and think that I must be the biggest conservative dillweed (keeping it family friendly) that ever lived.  I know that there are some on Facebook who hold that opinion.  But I have my reasons as to my opinions as they pertain to various liberal agendas.  Now I know that there are those who are more on the left than I who simply have a different opinion of life.  I have no problem accepting that concept.  I would recommend that if they did not want to be painted with the same brush that they speak out against the wackos just as they would expect me to do the same regarding some of the far right-wingers who might be living in homemade bomb shelters in their backyards and try to force it upon others.  My problem with the liberal left is mainly with those who refuse to actually use the commonsense the Good Lord gave a duck and simply run on emotion.  There is a plethora of areas where this is the rule of law:

Deportation of illegals:

I have no problem with a person who simply wants a better life for themselves and their families.  I would probably do the exact same thing if I was living in Mexico and my family was seeing people beheaded on a daily basis.  I have no problem with someone here who may have gotten here illegally but who are trying to make a safe living.  I truly do not believe our government has any problem with them either.  What we are seeing are those who have committed felonies AND are here illegally getting deported.  If they came here and did what they were supposed to do there would not be an issue.  It is not the smartest person in the world go be somewhere illegally AND go out and draw attention to themselves by committing acts of violence.  You must really question just how much of a better life they were serious about having.  I hear people scream about ‘breaking up the family’.  I do not hear those same people complain about when a citizen breaks the law and goes to jail.  What about their family?  If someone commits a felony then they are not serious about a better life.

Planned Parenthood:

Oh how the masses moan about this one.  Everyone screams about freedom of choice.  Where does maturity come in to play?  I you want to enjoy one of the most mature acts of life, the act of procreation, you better have already made up your choice.  The time for choice is before the pregnancy, not afterwards.  If you want choice then choose between which forms of birth control you wish to use and do not use abortion as your birth control option.  I hear people talk about abortion in the case of incest and rape.  I would also love to know just how many cases Planned Parenthood addresses regarding incest and rape.  It is my understanding that many if not most Planned Parenthood clinics do not provide prenatal care, only abortions.  Planned Parenthood loves to brainwash people into thinking that they are the savior of young girls who are approaching the age of child bearing and are there to protect them.  Get the facts.  You can get sex education and birth control from numerous agencies.  Planned Parenthood is known for ONE thing and that is abortions.  Planned Parenthood’s founder was also known for ONE thing and that was to kill off as many black babies as possible because she viewed them as weeds (her words not mine).  Please do basic research before wishing to protest and sing the praised of Planned Parenthood.

Protests and riots:

This seems to be the area for which the liberal left is best known.  Growing up in the 60’s this is a sensitive subject for me.  I watched the riots over Vietnam knowing that there were young men and women dying, my cousin included, while there were self-righteous people protesting in the streets against them and spitting upon those lucky enough to return home in an upright position.  I watched as these people were doing everything in their power to disrupt a country I was raised to love.  I watched as these people burned universities.  I lived in DeKalb, Illinois during the Northern Illinois University riots where buildings were taken over, damaged and the city businesses threated for total destruction.  I watched as the small groups would come in and rally up a larger group of weak minded people who could be whipped up emotionally and then the small group quietly leave while the damage is being done to the city.  I had no respect for anarchist then and less now.  I was raised to have respect for other people’s property.  Today I see spoiled brats burning the businesses and life savings of innocent people for the sake of something that the protesters honestly could not describe.  They just want to destroy.  Now the protesters are supposedly doing their damage in the name of social justice.  They are just looking for an excuse to destroy.  Going back to the riots over Vietnam it was the riots which later was proven to have given aid and support to an enemy who was all but defeated in 1969 but the riots gave them encouragement and thus the war was extended for years.  During those years thousands of young people died and Prisoners of War were tortured.  This was all because of the protesters felt it was their RIGHT to protest with no thought about consequences.  The protesters then and of today are nothing but cowards who want a reason to destroy.  If this was not true then they would be able to express why there were protesting and would not be destroying other people’s things.  Then these cowards get all bent whenever the police use force to stop them.  If you are going to throw a brick at a police officer expect to be shot!  Today the protesters cry racism and fascism.  I would love them to define either of these words.  I would also love them to explain why when a Democrat was doing the exact same thing no one protested.  These morons today are screaming about Trump and how he is ruining the nation.  He has been in office only ONE MONTH.  These protesters have never given the man a chance to do anything.  Their minds were made up before he ever got into office.  They are not opposed to policy.  These people do not like the man and are too cowardly to admit that fact.  I know there are probably some left liberals who do not stand with the protesters but if they are not standing against them then they stand with them.

I do not understand today’s society and neither do I really want to either.  I am proud to be a dinosaur.  I am proud to stand for respect of others, other’s property, and other’s rights.  We all have our rights.  We all have a right to freedom of speech.  We all have a right to a deferring opinion.  But no one has a right for force their difference upon others nor to destroy what others have built.  If you break the law except consequences.  If you break into a home expect that the homeowner might take offense to that and hurt you.  You have given up your right to complain at that point.  I fly my flag.  I love my country.  I have not always liked my government but I have never destroyed other people’s property simply because I opposed what my government was doing.  If today’s society really wants to be taken seriously then start using your brains and less emotion.  Think things through and start doing your research before you start shooting off your mouth about matters.  Be informed.  Then, THEN, maybe have peaceful protests if you do not feel you are being heard.

Personally I believe that all the riots and protests today are nothing more than a smokescreen propped up by weak minded people who are easily lead.  The goal is not ‘social reform’ or ‘social justice’.  The goal is government change in a manner that is not heathy for this country.  Liberals love to talk about Sharia Law and how wonderful it is.  If liberals are as caring and loving about their gay and lesbian friends as they say they would be fighting every aspect of Sharia Law because Sharia law calls for the death of all homosexuals.  No one who fights for woman’s rights would ever stand for Sharia Law in that Sharia Law calls for men to beat their women and supports the stoning of women who have been raped.  There are high stakes on the table today.  The liberal left of today needs to do their homework before protesting.  If their protests are successful they will NOT like the outcomes.


When is it treason

Obama and japan

Growing up during the Cold War era there were many very real threats to America and the American way of life.  It was a time between the United States and the USSR of intense tension.  We wondered about the threat that was posed of outside forces infiltrating America and corrupting society slowly eroding the way of life that Americans had become to take for granted.  I remember the threat of nuclear war and our being told to ‘take shelter under our desk’.  Knowing what we know now about nuclear war all hiding under out desk would accomplish might be easier identification of our remains.  Our nation survived the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam riots, civil unrest, various wars and international conflicts, recession, housing market crash, unemployment and more things than could be printed in this simple space.  But I believe that Barack Obama has done more to destroy the American way of life and to threaten the future existence of the Republic more than any foreign nation or foe.

Our nation has gone from a world leader to a global embarrassment.  National leaders refuse to shake the hand of the US President and no longer go out of their way in order to meet with him.  Our President stands in line to greet Rulers, Kings and Presidents chewing gum like a stand in for the movie Grease.  News headlines are no longer how America placed a man on the moon but rather how America now glorifies open genderless bathrooms permitting any male who claims to identify as a female to use the woman’s restroom.  A gorilla that gets shot in an effort to protect the life of a wondering child gets more air time than a juvenile delinquent who was caught driving through a military memorial.  News media do nothing regarding Obama’s refusal to attend a memorial service for the Normandy landing or the funerals of people like Nancy Reagan or Margaret Thatcher but makes big news of the Supreme Court promoting gay marriages.  Obama even lights up the White House in the colors of the Gay movement in support of this decision while doing nothing about the homeless veterans who line our city streets.  In some twisted belief system Obama seems to think he is doing America a favor by going from country to country saying how bad America is and apologizing for its very existence even to the point of calling the Atom Bomb an act of ‘evil’ even though it saved millions of lives by ending the Second World War.   During the Cold War the fear was that outside spies would infiltrate key positions of our government.  Under Obama members of the Muslim Brotherhood are placed in key positions purposely.  America is one of the few nations not listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  Obama shows off agreements with Iran regarding nuclear arms while admitting that some of the billions of dollars America is now pumping into Iran will be used to support the very forces that is murdering Americans world-wide as well on our own soil.  Obama consistently sends billions to Muslim nations knowing that those same nations support ISIS and threatens the lives of our military personnel.  He lies to the American people on a regular basis from issues regarding ‘Obamacare’ to the role of Islam in American history.  He stands in front of the United Nations saying how the future cannot belong to those who insult Islam.  Anyone other than the President of the United States would be simply considered as a charlatan and written off as nothing more than a common snake oil salesman who has no concept of history, American or otherwise.  But this, in my opinion, buffoon stands before the world as an example of what can be done in America with the right campaign and public relations resources with enough power to seal records and silence voices that are able to project questions and contrary light upon that candidate.

Members of Congress were supposed to be major factors in the checks and balances of our government.  But too many of these members of Congress appear as nothing more than bumbling ignorant mouthpieces for their particular political party.  Too many of these elected people while appearing to be dumber than a box of rocks makes millions off of their power and position.  These so called political leaders have the stupidity to publically proclaim as to how Guam is going to tip over because the US Navy is present on the island; the Declaration of Independence is racist even though there were people of color in leadership under that same Declaration; Senator Feinstein’s latest example of idiocy in her statement that all veterans were mentally ill; and the one statement which proves that Congress has not the most remote concept of business when Pelosi stated how a multi-billion dollar bill had to first be passed prior to them or the America people knowing what was in the bill.   These bastions of the superfluous are supposed to be standing guard between the people’s trust and tyranny.  Instead they stand in moronic silence as the dream of the new nation burns under the shadow of a 21st century Nero with a golf club in his hand.

Never has the Constitution and especially the First and Second Amendments been under such threat of extinction.  Christianity is under attack while anything to do with Islam is protected by federal watchdogs.  The right to own and bear firearms seems under constant attack and any opportunity where a nut job takes a gun and shoots an innocent unarmed person is taken and twisted as rational for disarming the general populous.  I believe the time is come a long time ago to ask the probing question regarding the future of America.  We have an election coming this year but has the stage been so set by radical elements promoting unrest in this nation that a peaceful change of leadership is no longer the goal?  It is becoming impossible to even have a peaceful political rally without foreign invaders and factions burning police cars, waving every flag except for the American flag, beating supporters of independent political ideology and forcing people to literally run a gauntlet in order for them to simply enjoy their Constitutional right of freedom of speech and the right to assemble.  These same radical factions receive support from the President in his accolades to ‘stay the course’ and how they are simply ‘expressing their right of free speech’.  The Attorney General makes public comments as to how they will prosecute those who speak ill of Islam or of the President’s pet project of global warming.  The President is silent against those who riot in the streets, attacking and murdering police officers and burning down cities yet is outraged because someone dares to stand in the way of an obvious male trying to gain access to the woman’s restroom.  On his own he is releasing known terrorists with the full reasonable expectation that they are going to return to attacking Americans.  Obama’s oath of office has been violated a long time ago.  He took this oath using a name that appears to have been changed with no documentation that it was ever formally changed back to Obama and uses the social security number of a dead man.  The list can continue.  But more important than all the additional things which might be written is the simple question:  When is it treason?




Rousey is Right


I have never been a follower of the MMA, cage matches, or even boxing for that matter.  The most interested I have really ever been was after my cousin would post a few things on facebook of MMA fighter that he has done security around and knows personally.  But I must admit that Ronda Rousey has caught my attention.  As a retired shrink I find it interesting when a person is able to come to grips with all sides of themselves both soft and hard characteristics.  As a fighter I find her impressive as well.  But that is not what this blog is regarding.  I am writing because of her latest comments regarding transgender fighters.  She seemed to shock the liberal world after reminding them that just because you change a person’s outsides they are really still the same inside.  Muscle and bone mass is still the same even after you remove a penis and add breast tissue.

I do not understand this big uproar over transgender.  It used to not be a real problem as a kid knowing which bathroom you were supposed to use.  When you went pee you were either a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’.   Now everyone seems to be confused over the matter.  Things have gotten so out of hand that they border on child abuse in my opinion.  I read stories of lesbian parents who are transforming their boy into a girl.  Everyone seems to scream ‘rights’.  Well where is the right for this boy to decide to be a little boy.  Personally I believe it is just down right wrong to be pushing transgender anything on elementary children.  Our graduates are hardly able to give the correct change without looking at the computer first.  I think there are more important things for the school system to be teaching than getting the child to worry over whether they ‘feel’ more boy than girl or girl than boy.  Liberals, in my opinion, have ruined the American school system.  They have taken simply things like recess and have turned them into hostile activities that need to be avoided.  It is good for a child to get bumps and bruises from playing hard.  They will survive.

Jenner is labeled a hero because he stopped being a male.  If you want a hero, talk to some of the remaining World War II survivors.  Talk to survivors of Korea.  Talk to survivors of Vietnam.  Talk to survivors of the Middle East wars.  Talk to the battered wife who had the courage to leave her piece of dog poo husband and found a better life for her and her children.  Liberals today could not tell a hero if he or she came up and kicked them in the shin.  Liberals have got to be some of the biggest hypocrites I have seen.  They scream ‘rights’ yet they impose the ‘rights’ of one over the ‘rights’ of others.  If you are denying the rights of others and especially the masses, then do not scream about rights because you do not believe in rights.  Now if someone wants to cross-dress who am I to tell them they cannot do that because it is none of my business.   But to force a child to cross-dress because the parents want them to feel ‘free’ is child abuse.  To force elementary children to listen to stories of gay and lesbian families is, in my opinion, also child abuse because that child is going through enough already.  There is no need to add something into the mix that is simply the product of an agenda and not directed by the expressed needs of the children.

In my opinion, this whole transgender thing is nothing but a big farce created because a few want to be ‘different’.  Go for it but do not drag the rest of society into the mix.  If a person wants to pay for a surgery to stop having a penis and to have and ‘innie’ instead of an ‘outie’ then that is their business.  But do not call them a hero and do not begin to think that internally they are no longer a male or female.  The bone structure is still the same.  The muscle mass is still the same structure.  Psychologically they are still the same regardless of their ‘counseling’.  Men and women are made up differently regardless as to what the liberals scream.  Brain structure and sizes differ between the sexes and do not change with a surgery on a person’s genitals.  Brain and emotional make-up are different and surgery does not change the way a person is ‘hardwired’.  In my opinion, when you start changing things to this level you create more problems than before.   A female made from a male body will never have children and the mothering instinct will never be there.  A male made out of a female body will never father a child (unless there have been ‘major’ changes in medical science).  The more all of these changes are forced on to society the only thing that truly increases is the risk of having emotionally stunted people and medical experiments running around claiming to be something they never were and some later wanting to change back.  We think that society is messed up now.  Give this trend a few more years and we will be looking back to today with longing in our eyes.

San Francisco is a liberal failure

san fran

The recent murder in San Francisco has created a firestorm of political dodging.  The mayor is blaming the sheriff.   The sheriff is blaming the Department of Homeland Security.  I am waiting to see who the DHS is going to blame.  The bottom line is that the murder in San Francisco is proof that liberalism does not work.  All the rhetoric this comes out of this city tends to be nauseating at best.  San Francisco is an example for many other liberal cities that want to throw laws, rules, and restrictions out the window except for when it is able to promote the liberal agenda.  The murder in this city is evidence that these cities need to stop believing in unicorns and start dealing in reality.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city.  This means if a person is able to make it to this city after entering the nation illegally has an extremely low threat of being deported.  It is like playing tag when you are a kid and can make it to home base where you are safe.  The simple problem with this mentality is that the blanket approach does not work.  You have good people who want to flee the cartels of Mexico since Mexico is incapable of proving security for its citizens, but you also have many of those same cartels finding these cities fertile ground to set up shop.  This then provides the seeds for a corrupt and vile structure that rest just below the visible level of the city.  Like with so many other large cities what people swoon over the appearance and posh, do not go digging too deep or venture too far from the main streets because the ugly undercurrent is not far away.

This murder is also a slap down to the ant-gun movement.  The person who committed the murder was carrying a stolen weapon from a federal agent.  So much of the anti-gun line is how there must be tighter background checks which would keep the bad people from getting guns.  Common sense has always said that illegal people will always get illegal guns.  The only ones affected by any and all gun laws are those who abide by the law and are not a concern for law enforcement.  After so many murders where a firearm is used the anti-gun people are out in droves using it to as much political agenda is able to be stacked upon the dead involved.  No one even wants to touch the murder in San Francisco because it proves that, in one of the tightest areas to own and carry a firearm, the bad people can still get a firearm.  The hypocrisy of Obama rings loud and clear in this murder.  He had something to say at the recent murders as an opportunity to blast gun ownership and the need for tighter gun restrictions.  But with the victim being a white woman murdered with a weapon obtained illegally by an illegal alien, the President is notable silent.  This represents everything he seems to want to avoid.

Over the past few years the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, Border Patrol and other agencies with the responsibility to deal with deportation and regulation of illegals in this county has been hamstrung.  Orders have been given from higher ups to basically not do their jobs.  Emails and other forms of official communications have been revealed indicating how the officer on the street who has the main interaction with offenders is kept from doing that which they are sworn to do.   The soft approach that this administration wants to force upon law enforcement with kinder gentler uniforms, more sensitive approach to communications, and what might as well as tulips in their holsters rather than their firearm, has been the goal of this administration and DOES NOT WORK.

People want to know who is to be blamed for the death of Kathryn Steinle the young woman who was cut down at a young age of 32.  That answer is found in an extremely huge blanket.  This blanket covers all who adhere to the liberal mentality.  It is a blanket that covers everyone who believes that anything negative and punitive restricts the productive imagination of the angelic.  It is a blanket that covers all those who believe that rules are a downer and should never be allowed to restrict anything.  It is a blanket that covers all those who believe that law enforcement should be kept under tight and extreme control because it just hinders people’s expression.  It is a blanket that covers from the mayor’s office of the city, through the law enforcement offices that did not arrest a known felon, to the Department of Homeland Security, over to Washington D.C. and eventually the White House because the ‘buck stops there’.  It is a blanket that has been woven with the emails and communications restricting law enforcement from doing their jobs.  It is a blanket on the loom of the mentality that everyone is permitted and no one should be deported.  It is a blanket with the thread of a mentality that votes permits everything and should be restricted by nothing.  It is a blanket that starts with every citizen in San Francisco who could have stood up against the sanctuary city idea and did not do so.  It is a blanket that ends with every official who knew what their oath was but chose an elevated office in a political system over the law.  Who is to blame?  Look in the mirror and if you see someone who has chosen silence over speaking out regarding political over reach; if you see a person who has chosen to patronize places that demands rather than tries to earn respect; if you see a person who chooses to look the other way rather than get involved in issues that might leave you unpopular; if you see a person who has adopted the ‘live and let live’ mentality of the progressive; if you see a person who believes that the only answer to the criminal element is tighter gun laws against the law abiding; I am afraid that the blanket also covers you.